Posted:   4/18/12

We were all sitting around joking and having such a great time after Jess and Brad had to leave. Time was passing by so quickly. I stood and almost lost my balance. It happens when you sit and drink a few of Bishop’s Jungle Juices.

“Are you okay?” Corey asked.

“I’m all good,” I said and headed to the bathroom. As I was about to open the door, Corey was on my heels. “I said I’m good.”

“You’re not good,” Corey stated. “You can barely walk.”

“Thanks, boyfriend,” I said and kissed him. “You can hold this motherfucker if you want.” I said with my hand on my big cock.

“I just don’t want you to fall. I love holding it,” Corey said.

I pushed him away and shut the door in his face. I did my thing and opened the door with Corey waiting for me. “I’m made it just fine.”

“Okay, but I worry about you,” Corey said. “Just admit you’re drunk. You’re speech is a little off.”

“I’m drunk,” I said. I walked out and announced it, “Guys, I’m fucking drunk!”

“Oh boy, here we go again,” Scott lamented.

“Bro, we can see that, but try to keep it cool,” Kris stated.

“Well finally I get to see Matt drunk. Ted would love this shit,” Myles stated.

I walked over and put my arm around Myles, “Just don’t tell him. This is rare.”

He pushed my arm away, “I won’t.”

“Thanks,” I said and kissed Myles on the lips. 

“He’s drunk alright,” Colt said. “Matt needs it.”

“Damn right I do,” I said.

“Just sit down before you fall,” Corey said and grabbed me by the waist.

“Only if I can sit on your great fucking dick,” I said. “It feels so good when you fuck me.”

I heard laughter and felt Corey pull me away. He had to drag me to our bedroom and put me on the bed. “I’m stopping this right here and now. You get crazy in the head when you’re drunk like this.”

“Crazy horny as fuck too,” I said. “Corey, please fuck me.”

I woke the next morning with the sun hitting my face and Corey’s big arms wrapped around my chest. I turned my head to see he was awake.

“How ya feelin’?”

“My head hurts… I did it again… fuck!”

“It’s okay. I stopped you before you went too far.”

“I’m sorry Corey for what I may have done. I know kissed Myles. Did I do anything else?”

“No, that was it before I dragged your drunken ass back here,” he said and started laughing. “You get crazy in the head when you’re drunk.”

I smiled back at him and kissed him with my stale nasty breath. “I love you for all you do for me. Thanks for taking care of me. I know you did.”

We got out of bed and went out of the bedroom to find most of the others sitting. Kris was sitting on the couch and turned his head around when he heard us walking their way. He held up his two fingers close together, “You were this close to another Scott’s house episode.”

“I guess I was,” I said. “Guys, I’m sorry.”

“Oh you weren’t the only one,” Scott stated. “Jordy gave us a little dance…”

“A little my ass,” Colt said. “You should have seen it.”

“I’m sorry I missed it,” I said.

“Bro, you better thank the best boyfriend ever for watching out for you,” Kris said. “He took your ass away before you really got going.”

“I know he did,” I said.

Jordy came out of the bathroom, shaking his dark hair. He walked up and put his arm around my shoulder. “Funny” was all I was able to make out that he signed to me.

“Remind me to make it just as strong tonight,” Bishop spoke up.

“Fuck that,” I said and laughed. “Where’s the aspirin?”

Bishop pointed until I found them in the kitchen. I nearly gagged taking them with the water. Jordy was right behind me and took 3 while I had the bottle out.

After about an hour, we headed back to the beach to enjoy another bright sunny day with temperatures supposedly reaching in the low 80’s. We did stop to eat, plus grab some brews, which didn’t sound good at the time, with my stomach not feeling so great.

Once parked, we walked to the entrance with our things in our hands. I was on the phone and calling Parker to see where he was. He had called earlier and told me that he and Yancey were already there and waiting. He gave directions to the general area which was a little further down the paved walkway. Once past the sign, we ceremoniously stripped and started to make our way back. We encountered an older guy who was tan all over but had leathery looking skin. He waved as we passed him. Before we could get to our destination Colt and Shawn veered off. 

“Dudes, call Parker and let’s park it here today,” Colt said.

I looked to see some women in the area, thus I knew their motive. Since a majority agreed and it was near the dirty sandy beach, we decided to grab a sunny spot and claim it. I called Parker to tell him where we were. He said he and Yancey would grab their things and find us. 

We administered the sunscreen and began to soak in the sun. There were a few more people around so the people watching was better under my shades. The area was larger than it looked at first sight with a volleyball area on the far end.  

Kris nudged me and gestured with his head towards the edge. I looked over and saw a man of about 40ish standing there fully clothed and scoping things out. “Sickening,” Kris commented.

“It’s a shame they allow him in this place,” I said quietly.

“Yeah, I’m sure he goes home and beats off his old dick with all the hot flesh around,” Kris said.

Myles interrupted, “Are you talking about that old guy up there?”

“Yeah,” I said.

“Come on, Kris. Let’s go see what his motives are,” Myles said and stood.

Kris stood, “Colt, get your ass up. We’ve got business to tend to.”

“I know what it is… now look at that shit! He has binoculars… oh fuckin’ nasty! He has his hand down his pants,” Colt said with his anger showing with each word.

The three marched off in the direction of the older guy. Corey and I watched, but as the three neared the older man sensed what they were doing. He moved and disappeared out of sight. Just as we were watching, Parker and Yancey came hauling their things over for the day. Both looked great nude. I could see Parker eyeing all of us while he set his stuff down.

“Where were Kris, Colt and Myles off to?” Yancey asked. 

“Taking care of business,” I replied.

“I’m glad they were,” Corey said. “I agree it is sickening.”

We told Parker and Yancey what was occurring. They agreed that there was no place for it here. 

We sat and waited until the three came back with smiles on their faces. 

“Fuck…” Parker breathed. “Un-fucking-real.”

“I totally agree, boyfriend,” Yancey said.

Scott stood and asked the trio, “So what happened?”

“The chicken shit ran off, but we found a park guy who caught the dude and hauled his ass out of here. He said it is clothing optional, but the kicker was having the binoculars and using them for the wrong reasons,” Colt replied while Kris and Myles took their spots.

“Thank you,” a guy of maybe thirty turned and said to our guys.

“No problem, sir,” Myles said. 

“We need more like you three so maybe those assholes would get the message. It ruins a great time for all of us,” he said. “I hate to say this but I’m impressed to see you young guys out here.”

“We came yesterday and loved it so we’re back again,” Kris stated.

The guy was friendly and seemed to get a kick out of talking with us and finding out we were college friends. As he was chatting, a woman about his age came to join him. His body was average with lots of chest hair and an average cock. His woman was about the same and was no great beauty to me with smallish breasts but she was shaved. Slowly the area was beginning to fill up with even more our age. No doubt my friends were the show and caught everyone’s eye. 

Kris was getting antsy and headed for the water with Colt, Shawn, Bishop, Myles and Jordy on his heels. I watched them go in and start splashing each other like little kids. The sight of it was too much and had Corey leaving to join them.

“Matt, how do you and Scott handle it with so much hotness around you?” Parker asked lying on his stomach.

“I handle it well because to me the hottest one is mine,” I replied.

“That Myles is incredibly hot,” Yancey stated. “Look at him. You can see muscle in that hot jock body.”

“Tell me about it,” Parker said. “Scott, Jordy is damn hot too.”

Scott smiled, “I think so too.”

“I couldn’t handle myself around all those guys. I’m just saying…” Parker stated.

“I look out there and see my friends. I know they are hot, but they’re more than a sexual object of my lust. Corey satisfies that very well. When I was down, those guys out there were there for me and Gloria,” I said and flipped over to my stomach.

“Yeah, they did come to your side,” Parker stated. “I see where you’re coming from.”

“We’re just tight,” Scott said. “I agree with Matt. Those are my friends. Yeah, I’ve got with some of them and would a few more, but at this moment I see guys who I love as friends and would do anything for.”

“So how’s your trip been so far?” I asked them.

“Pretty good I guess,” Yancey replied. “Just chilling and we’ve not done what you call a whole lot. I bet y’all tore it up.”

“Matt did last night, but actually, it’s been pretty calm, relatively speaking, for us. The camping was cool as hell and so is coming here,” Scott said with Jordy approaching us. He was dripping wet, naturally, but was smiling like he was really enjoying himself. I’m sure without Scott he was struggling to communicate with the others. “I guess I better go.”

It wasn’t long before it looked like they were having too much fun. Parker, Yancey and I decided to join them, plus we could cool off with the sun beating down on our naked bodies. We did get splashed and almost drowned entering the water, however it felt so good. We continued to mess around until Corey grabbed my hand and led me out, with Colt and Myles behind us, to take a break. We dried off and could see we had a few who enjoyed the sight. 

“Matt, you wanna go take a walk and see what else is around here?” Corey asked.

“Sure,” I replied. He took my hand.

“Y’all have fun,” Colt said and waved to us.

We headed up in our flip flops and took the paved walkway, which was shaded and offered relief from the glaring sun. We were holding hands and enjoying the different scenery.

The further down we went, we couldn’t help but notice more gay couples on this end, as we had been told. It was a nice mix of older and younger men enjoying the day. 

“I sorta wish our friends weren’t here so we could come down to this part,” Corey stated.

“I know, but I’m happy where we are.”

“Me too, I was just saying to be down and enjoy this without worrying what they think would be awesome.”

“True, but no one has said a word to us. I really love it here for that.”

“I do too,” Corey said while we kept watching. We did see two men kissing in the distance.  It did look hot to see them doing it.

We walked just a little further when I stopped and did a double take.  I thought to myself that this was so unreal.  The closer we got, I tried my best to look away.

“Hi, how’s it going?” Mr. Jackson asked with his arm around another guy in his late forties.

“Good and you?” I asked.

“Great actually.  Nice seeing you here,” Mr. Jackson said.  “Have a good time, Matthew.”

“I will and you too,” I said.

Mr. Jackson and his partner continued passed us.  Actually he didn’t look that bad for a professor but damn just the thought of seeing someone I knew was scary much less a professor I’d have to face after the break.  I just knew in my accounting class I would have a strong mental picture of his hairy cut cock walking with a guy whose cock was pretty big and thick.

“Who was that?” Corey asked as we continued walking.

“My accounting professor is who that was.”

“No shit!  How funny is that?”

“Real funny,” I said smartly.

“Now you will ace the class after he got a load of your big dick,” Corey said.   We walked to the nature trail and decided to check it out.  

Barely inside, we passed by another gay couple who were our age. They said hi and smiled at us. They were both rather average looking, with one being rather hairy. The hairy guy had a nice cock while the other looked rather small.  We continued on down the shaded dirt path, holding hands and enjoying the chance to be alone together. We walked around a curve and saw two men, maybe mid thirties, fucking in the woods. One guy was holding on to a tree while the other was giving it to him.

We turned around after going a little ways more and started heading back.

We stopped in an opening and grabbed some lip time. No one saw us, but then again I wouldn’t have cared in the least if they had. I was enjoying my time with Corey. 

We returned to find our stuff sitting alone. Corey pointed to the volleyball area where our guys were playing, along with some others. We walked over to check things out while I had my camera to take a few pictures. We watched and enjoyed seeing them play. They were having the best time with the others. Watching them play it struck me that the nudity part wasn’t such a big deal anymore. Of course I noticed some of the strangers, but other than that it was like almost any other beach volleyball game going. I did my best not to get any of the other players in the shots I was taking. I was trying to capture my friends enjoying our break.

Corey and I were watching and saw Jordy take one off the face. He did grab his face quickly. 

“Buddy, are you okay?” the guy who hit the ball asked and walked under the net to check on Jordy.

Scott signed to him. “He’s fine, but it stung he said.”

“Sorry about that,” the guy said.

Jordy held up the okay sign and continued on like it never happened. The smile was still plastered across his tanning face. Once the games finished, it was back in the water to cool off for the players.

They returned to dry off and take a seat. Bishop and Shawn reached in the cooler for beer and handed them out for refreshments. 

“This is the life if you ask me,” Kris stated holding up his can. “Good friends and a cold one.”

“You bet it is,” Colt said. 

The others who had played volleyball, maybe six of them, gathered around us. We sat talking with these strangers who were older than us but who were extremely friendly. They did have to get our story and asked where we went to college.

One older guy, who was gray and bald, said, “We need the younger ones to see just how great a place this is. It thrills me to see young men and women coming here to enjoy this place naturally. So no one sees anything wrong with this, huh?”

“Oh hell no!” Kris said. “This is a blast.”

“That’s great, sweetie,” a woman said. “It’s nice to know you are comfortable in this unique environment.”

“Ma’am, he would live here if he could. Kris loves being a naturist,” Colt said.

“Look who’s talking over there,” Kris said.

“I think all of you do,” the man stated. 

We continued talking until the others left us. It was later than we stayed the day before. We gathered our things and started making our way to our vehicles. This time Kris, Colt and Myles didn’t even put their shorts back on to head to the car.

Back at Bishop’s house, the Skoal cans were out in force. So far on this leg, I hadn’t noticed them dipping as much, except for at night. Even Colt had tapered off his growing habit that now was showing up in his rear jean’s pocket with the distinctive ring. We decided on grilling out on the grill on the deck since no one was really in the mood to dress and head out to eat. Instead, Bishop and Shawn headed to the store to buy what was needed. Myles again was off running with Kris, Colt and Corey this time. 

“Having fun?” I asked Jordy slowly.

He nodded yes with a big smile. 

“He and I both love it. Don’t say a word to Kris but I’m enjoying this as much as he is,” Scott said and tried to sign it to Jordy.

“I think we all are,” I said. “It’s not like we haven’t seen each other naked before. I know Parker and Yancey loved it.”

“Don’t it feel great?” Jordy asked through Scott.

I nodded yes. We turned on the TV to watch it. Scott and I were paying attention to the screen when we noticed Jordy wasn’t in the room. We looked around and found him on the deck just taking it all in. “Pretty,” he signed.

“It is peaceful,” I said.

We took a seat and sat out there to enjoy the peace and quiet, with Scott wrapping his arm around Jordy. Soon, Myles and his fellow runners returned just ahead of Bishop and Shawn. We paid what little they said we owed and I helped Bishop out while the others showered and began drinking.     

“Are you going home on Friday?” I asked Bishop while making the patties.

“Nah, I’m gonna chill here.”


“My parents left yesterday on a cruise.”

“I see.”

“I may see if any of the others wanna kick it here this weekend. Myles might since his ‘rents are fighting.”

“Don’t say it too loud or else we’ll never leave,” I laughed. “I have to since I’ve promised Mom I’d be home Saturday.”

“She misses her boy?”

“She may, but I miss her too. Now with only one parent I want to make the most of it,” I replied.

“I feel for ya. You really held up well. No telling how I’d have acted if it had been my dad...”

“Actually, I hated him before he saw at a game last year. It took him the longest time to accept me but eventually he did. It was almost as though he knew something was wrong and wanted things to end on a good note,” I said.

“At least you did reconnect.”

“Bishop, thanks for putting up with us here. I for one really appreciate you letting us stay here,” I said.

“No sweat. I love being around all the guys. It is the best group I’ll ever be associated with. I know I’m just on the edge but I really do love it. I don’t ever wanna seem like I’m trying to push my way into the group...”

“Oh, don’t ever feel like that,” I said. “You are a part of us.”

“I appreciate that,” Bishop said. “Now let’s get these patties on the grill before the savages attack.”

After we finished eating the fine grilled burgers and some great chips, we sat around to watch what little there was on TV. The day in the sun, along with being full, had zapped some of the spark out of the group. We wanted to be lazy and just lay or sit around with beer flowing instead of one of Bishop’s fine mixed drinks. I needed some air and left the room to head out on the deck. The breeze felt great blowing across my sun drenched face. I set down the warm beer along the railing and looked across the lake from the deck. There was just peace and quiet all around with a few crickets doing their nightly thing. At the edge, the dock was there and made me think of how I never once went fishing or boating with my Dad. I think I had missed out on some of the simple pleasures of life. Dad never took an interest in fishing or hunting for he said they were boring.  

I felt hands go around my waist and slide into the front of my sagging loose shorts. A stubbly chin hit my bare shoulder. “Are you okay?” Corey asked.

“I’m good. I was out here getting some air.”

“It’s nice out here. It’s so calm,” he said. “I was just checking on you.”

“I’m good, but I appreciate that,” I said with his hands playing around in my shorts. It felt so good to feel his warm, bare chest on my back. He kissed my neck and shoulder while I gazed out across the dark lake.

“I love you,” he whispered.

“I love you so much, Corey. I was just here thinking about a few things I missed growing up since I didn’t get to do them with Dad. It’s hard not to reflect on small things now that he’s gone.”

“I missed a lot as well, but we’re making it quite well I think now. We’re so happy together and found just the one to ease a lot of the pain.”

I turned and smiled, “I’ve never been happier, despite my recent sorrow. I’ve found a great… no, the best boyfriend ever. I have so many friends that I never expected to have but I’m glad now that I do now. Just imagine how boring it would be without them.”

“I’m thankful for them as well. We have shared lots of good times together but mostly I’ve enjoyed my time with you more than you may realize. I’m able to come up and love on someone.”

I turned completely around and pulled his face towards mine. We kissed and kissed with our hands going all over each other. We stopped, smiled at each other and continued.

“They’re fine,” I heard Kris’s voice. “Out here just macking!”

“We’re good,” I said to Kris, who was dressed in his shorts, as we all were for a change this night.

“I can tell that,” Kris laughed. “I was just checking up on you two.”

“I think Matt was reflecting a little,” Corey said.

“That’s understandable. It hits me about Nathan at the oddest moments,” Kris said. “Matt, I’m proud how you’ve handled it so far.”

“Well, this break was at a perfect time, and last week I was too busy to think about Dad,” I said. I put my arm around Corey’s waist.

“Oh fuck…” Kris said and was backing up until running in the door.

There was terror in his voice like I hadn’t heard in a while.

“Bro, what is it?” I asked.

“The biggest, nastiest fucking spider I’ve ever seen,” Kris said, pressed against the door.

“Where?” Corey asked.

Kris pointed to what I called a granddaddy long leg spider. Corey leaned over and picked it up. 

“It’s not the bad ones,” I said.

“I don’t care! I hate ‘em!” Kris cried.

Corey tossed it off the deck and wiped his hand against each other. We headed inside with the others gathered around the table with cards out.

“What was the yelling about?” Colt asked.

“Oh, Kris saw a spider,” Corey replied. 

“They’re all over this place,” Bishop said.

“You’re damn lucky that’s the first one I’ve seen or else I’d be out of here,” Kris said and took his seat.

“Oh, poor baby is scared of spiders,” Colt taunted.

“Better than being scared of fucking balloons and clowns,” Kris shot back.

“Colt, you’re scared of them? How funny,” Myles said.

“Fuck yeah I am. It goes back to having nightmares as a kid. I know it’s stupid but I am,” Colt said and packed his can while Bishop shuffled the cards. “I bet we all have a fear or phobia.”

“I do,” Myles said quickly and took Colt’s can. “My biggest fear is I won’t get to play next year. I just know one of those hot shot freshmen will claim my spot and leave my ass on the bench again.”

“Bro, don’t think like that,” Kris said. “You’ll start and we’ll be there rooting your ass on.”

“My biggest fear is failing… and cats,” Shawn said.

Colt laughed, “I knew you were scared of pussy. I just knew it.”

Shawn held up his middle finger, “Fuck you, asshole. My day is coming.”

“And so will that little dick of yours,” Kris said. Colt fist bumped him while we were laughing.

“Jordy said he’s scared of pussy too,” Scott said. “That’s why he’s gay.”

“No shit!” Shawn yelled.

“I’ll say I’m a little claustrophobic,” Bishop said. “I get in tight spots and start freaking out.”

“I’ll admit I’m scared shitless of snakes,” Scott said. “Any kind too. I don’t care if they are harmless I still hate ‘em.”

“I’m with ya there,” I said. “I had a fear realized today.  Check this out.  I saw one of my professors today.”

“Oh my God!” Scott yelled. “How funny is that shit!”  Now they were all laughing.

“I can’t wait to tell Ted.  It was our professor in the class we have together,” I stated.

“Like he’ll care what his dick looks like,” Myles stated.

“So are you dealing or what?” Kris asked.

“I would, but what’s the game?” Bishop asked in reply.

“Screw Your Neighbor,” Colt said.

“How appropriate is that?” Shawn laughed.

“Shut the fuck up, asshole!” Colt said. I think they were just messing with each other and having a good time. 

To make it a game, the loser, having the lowest card, had to either take a drink or kiss the person on the lips that had the highest. We amended the rules since Scott and I wanted to stop drinking and Myles didn’t drink at all. 

I had a great time playing the game. They seemed to get a kick out of the faces Myles made each time he lost and had to kiss the highest player. I was there to capture the moment and see the look on the others faces. Kris made it comical with Myles and really got into the moment, actually slipping his tongue into Myles’s mouth at one point. 

“Damn, this is gayest game I’ve ever played,” Myles stated at the end.

“Hey, it is, but we had to do something to make it fun since we didn’t wanna drink,” Scott said.

Myles laughed, “I guess you’re right. There was no real harm done so it was cool, but it did test how straight I am.”

“Bro, don’t worry. The faces you made each time were priceless,” Kris joked.

Corey and I headed off and were lucky to have a bedroom again since Colt and Kris were out staying with Myles in the living room. We stripped down and jumped in bed. Our kisses were long and passionate with Corey feeling buzzed at the moment. He was just right for me and not crazy drunk like I was the night before. 

We sucked each other’s cock with passion as an extension of showing our love for each other. Corey had to have me back off at one point and said he was close to blowing his load. With a towel under me, I laid on my back and spread my legs wide after Corey rimmed me. He applied the lube to me and his rock hard thick cock. Just before he entered me, we heard a knocking up against the wall, meaning Jordy and Scott were fucking like they had so often during this trip. Scott says Jordy is one of the best fucks he’s had ever.

Corey entered me with the knocking still going. I looked into his eyes and felt him as well. After pulling him closer, we got into a great rhythm as one. I was moaning and groaning with each push and loved the feeling overtaking my body. The most enjoyable part was always us kissing while we were inside each other and truly feeling like lovers. It was more than a sexual act now. It was true love. 

We climaxed with the banging still going on. Corey wrapped his big arms around me after we cleaned up our sticky wet mess.  “Will they ever stop?” he asked.

“Maybe not,” I said. “You think by now they would have pulled the bed out just a few inches.”

“If you ask me, I think Scott wants us to know…”

“We know, however,” I smiled.

Finally the knocking stopped but not before some screams were heard through the walls. I was so thankful for our well insulted sound proof walls in our suite after hearing that.  


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