Posted:  4/15/12


With our sacks in hand, we walked to the shaded picnic tables. Approaching, we saw one was occupied by what appeared to be two guys and three girls around our age who were eating as well. We saw they were still clothed.

“Mind if we grab this table?” Kris asked, gesturing to the concrete table where we could enjoy our lunch and get out of the sun just for a few moments. 

“No, go ahead,” a dark haired guy said, looking at us and trying not to stare too much.

We set down a towel so as not to sit on the rough concrete seats with our bare asses. So far, the nude beach, which was actually more of a park, was rather cool. I had enjoyed it, but would have even more with Corey’s hot ass if no one was here… just a dream…   

“See Paul, it’s not that big of a deal,” one girl said.

“I know that, Jennifer, or else I wouldn’t have come,” the guy said. “Look at them and look at me and Zeke here. Big difference, huh?”

“Yeah, those dudes live in a fucking gym or are athletes,” the other guy said.

“I bet I know two guys that are ashamed of their dicks,” one bigger girl stated.

“Nope, I’m not at all, but I don’t want any damn pervs looking at my shit,” Paul said, eating.

“Say, did any one look at your shit like Paul said?” the first girl asking turning to Kris.

“Well… we are naked, but I haven’t seen any pervs,” Kris said. “I might kick some ass if we did.”

“As well as you and your friends look like you could,” Paul said.

“We’ve been known to fight,” Kris laughed. “By the way, I’m Kris…” He went around pointing and calling out our names. “So, where y’all from?”

“We were from State, just south of here,” the bigger girl said. “I’m Lacey…” she said and began pointing out her friends in rapid fire action like Kris had done.

Colt spoke up and told them where we were from. We chatted a little while we continued to eat. 

“Please don’t tell me we could have brought beer,” Kris stated seeing they were having one each.

Zeke laughed, “Just don’t tell anyone. So dude, how is it? You running around here bare ass naked?”

“Cool to me,” Kris said, with me, Colt, Corey and Myles smiling since he directed the question to the wrong person. “Once you get used to it, you might enjoy it. We’ve been swimming like kids. You remember skinny dipping as a kid?”

“Oh hell yeah,” Paul said. Paul had dark hair with a stubbly beard. “So dude, are you athletes or what? All of you are so fit.”

“Ah, we just like working out,” Corey spoke up. “It’s sort of a good habit we’ve adopted since last year.”

“A damn good one I’ll say,” Lacey said. “Don’t you think so, Lori?”

“Since you said something, they are smoking fine guys,” Lori said, with the classic long blond hair. 

“If you want, we can find room around us so you can join us,” Kris stated.

“We might as well. They always say there’s strength in numbers,” Paul stated.

We finished eating and tossed our waste in the trash. We headed back with the new group of five occupying a spot near us. Kris was smiling and was enjoying this to no end with the others joining us. 

“Okay, we came here to sun in the nude. You better not laugh at me or I’ll kick some ass,” Lacey stated. She took off her clothes and was a bigger girl but didn’t seem too shy about it. The others took off their clothes after seeing their friend strip down to nothing. Zeke had a regular body with a tattoo on his chest. His cock was uncut and about average. Paul was a little taller than his friends. He had a small gut but nothing too big. He had a lot of body hair and a smallish cut cock. 

“Hmmm, I’m beginning to think they are nothing but a bunch of gay boys,” Zeke commented to Paul, but loud enough for us to hear.

Kris whipped his head around, “There are a few.”

“Are you?” Paul asked.

“Nope,” Kris replied.

“Guys, it’s not that big of a deal,” Lacey stated while putting on sunscreen. “Actually, who cares if they are? So far, they have been really nice to us.”

“I know that, but I told you before we came to this park it would be nothing but a bunch of fags and old people,” Zeke stated.

“Damn Zeke,” Jennifer said. “I’m with Lacey. Who cares? We have them at our school.”

“I know that shit,” Zeke said. “Only faggots want see other people’s dicks.”

“Ummm… maybe they come to enjoy it since this is such a rarity,” Jennifer said. 

Myles stood, “I think I need to hit the water again.”

“Bro, I’m with ya there,” Kris said.

“Hey, is it cold?” Paul asked.

“There’s only one way to find out. Jump in,” Kris stated with the smile now gone from his face. Paul and Zeke jumped up to join Kris and Myles, with Shawn joining them.

“You’ll have to excuse our friends,” Lacey stated.

“It’s cool,” Corey stated.

“Zeke just says whatever he thinks,” Jennifer said.

“He should get along just fine with Kris then,” Scott joked. 

“So, who are the gay ones here?” Lacey asked.

Us gay ones held up our hands. “Nothing to be ashamed of,” Corey commented.

“Built like you I would say not,” Lori said. “I think it is so awesome that you are here with straight guys. None of the straight guys I know would do come here, of all places, with some gay dudes.”

“We’re all friends and have been since the beginning of our freshman year,” Scott stated.

“That’s awesome too,” Lacey said. “We’re lucky if we can get five people together to do a thing unless it involves some heavy drinking.”

“This is just part of them,” Kwan spoke up and was increasingly getting more comfortable with this experience. “I’m an outsider really, but Kris asked me to join them today so I jumped at the chance. Everyone at our dorm really looks up to these guys. Their room always has stuff happening.”

“Really? You look up to us?” Colt asked.

“We do. Just about everyone on the floor would die to be a part of your clique,” Kwan said. 

“Wow, I had no idea, but don’t you dare tell Kris that or else he’d have the entire floor in our room,” Colt said.

“I like this one. He’s so cute, built perfectly and that accent,” Lori said pointing at Colt. “So, do you got a girl?”

“Sorry but I do,” Colt said. “I appreciate the compliment.”

“Nice too,” Lacey said. 

We were talking and saw Kris and the others coming up soaking wet. Kris was laughing and carrying on with the new guys. “So who else is ready to jump in?”

“Yeah, come on,” Zeke said. “It ain’t that cold.”

“We might in a second but we were enjoying talking to these nice guys,” Jennifer said.

Jordy and Brad got up and headed out with Kris and the others. 

“I didn’t even notice that one guy was deaf,” Lori laughed. “He’s really cute, but hell, they all are.”

“It is one big advantage of a nude beach,” Lacey said. “It’s like window shopping. You look all you want but never buy a thing.”

“This is damn good window shopping here though,” Jennifer said.

One by one we headed to the water with the girls being the last to jump in. We were all having a great time. The girls did their best to flirt, but generally it was all of us enjoying the water and fine sunny day.  

The time did seem to fly by. I was taking a few pictures of us, but trying to concentrate on shots above the waist. Kwan was the first to leave us and thanked us for inviting him. He said he’d try to make it Thursday and would have some explaining to do to his parents on the sun he received.

We sat around a little longer with our new friends and got a few more pictures with them before they said they should be on their way. We said goodbye to them and watched them leave. It signalled it was our time to start gathering up our things and heading back to Bishop’s house. 

While heading out, two couples together passed on the paved walkway. They looked to be in their mid to late twenties. The girls were very nice looking, but what really caught our eye was one guy that had the biggest flaccid cock I had ever laid eyes on.

Once in the clear of them, I heard Myles just ahead of me, “Goddamn, he put Luke to shame.”

“Bro, I know, but those girls…” Kris stated.

“They were fucking hot as hell,” Shawn said. “Boner material right there. Tomorrow we need to check out the other part.”

“I agree,” Myles stated.

Just before the exit, we donned our shorts. Kris came up and threw his big arm around my shoulder while we walked to my car. “It was just perfect.”

“The smile never left your face today,” I said.

“I’d hate it if you lived close by. You’d be here every day,” Corey said.

“Someway somehow, I’ll figure out a way to come back here this summer, even if I have to come alone,” Kris stated while we walked to the car.

“Tomorrow we’re fucking bringing beer,” Colt said.

“I know that’s right,” Shawn said.

We loaded up my car and headed to the exit.  Kris didn’t shut up the entire way home. Once we made it to the house, Kris was barely inside the door when he came back out of his shorts. “Alright, let’s compare and see who got the most sun.”

“Yeah, like that’s even fair with the two dark lovers over there,” Myles stated and pointing at Scott and Jordy.

We held out our arms. I was shocked to see how much sun I had gotten. It was close between Myles and I who had gotten the most sun, minus Jordy and Scott, who were comparing nude to see how much their tan lines had faded. We knew we had to shower and wash away the lotion and sweat from the day. We drew numbers to see the orders. To make it faster, the couples would shower together with Kris and Colt agreeing to go together. Out of generosity, we did allow Bishop first shower. 

Corey and I were in the middle of the pack after some fast showering was done. Once in the shower, Corey grabbed me for a long kiss with the water hitting my head. “I just love you so much, Matt. You looked so incredible out there today. It was all I could do to keep my hands off you.”

“I love you too and feel the same way,” I said.

We finished up and let the next person, Shawn, have the shower. We went to dress to go eat and found Jordy and Scott lip locked in the bedroom. It was great to see such passion between them. To me, they seemed great for each other. They stopped once they saw Corey and me entering the room. Jordy was all smiles and practically was clinging on to Scott.

Again, we headed to a place Bishop wanted us to go. This time it was barbeque at what looked to be a dump. Once inside, the smell of smoked meat filled my nostrils with the plates looking so delicious. We decided on family style dining at our large table where we would share food, and lots of it. Bishop and Shawn were nice and didn’t have a beer. Instead we had water after a long day in the sun. With us talking and laughing, our meal slowly began arriving. I dove into the beef brisket, ribs, slaw and beans. Bishop was spot on in bragging how good it was. With our mouths chomping away, the conversation halted other than asking to pass this or that. With eleven college boys, some food was put away in short fashion. By the end, I was stuffed, yet very happy. 

Once we returned, and nearing dark, Corey grabbed my hand while Myles asked for volunteers to hit the road running with him. Quietly, Myles stayed true to his fitness with him and Ted running while we camped. Kris and Colt were up for the run and wanted to test their endurance with Myles. 

Corey and I headed out to walk along the narrow paved roads just after Kris, Myles and Colt began their evening run.  

“Boy, I needed to walk off our supper after all that food,” Corey stated.

“Me too. I’m so full,” I said while we walked away from Bishop’s to view the other lake houses.

“Ummm… I’ve been thinking that maybe I shouldn’t go with JJ and Teague this weekend.”

“Why’s that?”

“I don’t know. Just a feeling.”

“Corey, if you’re worried about us, I think we’re on very solid ground. You were so right when you said that Mom and I needed the time alone. We could use a short break from each other to recharge our batteries. However, if you really don’t wanna go, you are welcome to come with me.”

“Thanks. I just know I’ll do something I really shouldn’t.”

“You should go and have a good time while you can with them. I know you restrict your drinking around me, but every so often I don’t see what it would really hurt. It would be great for you to keep the momentum going with them. I know you’ve always wanted that.”

Corey chuckled, “You read my mind. So you honestly don’t care?”

“Of course not. I’ll enjoy my time, plus Mom is really looking forward to me coming home. Vince and VJ are going out of town for the weekend so she’s counting on it being just me and her. I hate to say this but boy I’m glad it wasn’t her…”

“I know what you mean. Losing your Dad was tough.”

“It was, but having this break really helps. He’d have got a big kick out of hearing about this trip. I’ll miss him more than I realize.”

“You will, but you had great quality time with him before he passed on. That cancer just ate him up.”

We continued to talk and made it back in the dark. Opening the door, the pungent smell of marijuana hit my nose. There were some smiling faces among the six. 

“How was the walk?” Scott asked.

“It was great,” Corey replied. “Smells like y’all lit it up in here.”

“Damn right we did,” Jess said. 

“Scott?” I asked looking at him.

“Fuck dude, I had some and have been looking for the right time. I haven’t done that shit in forever,” Scott defended himself with three sweaty guys coming in the door.

“Damn!” Kris yelled with sweat running down his taut body. “No doubt what y’all were doing while we were gone.”

“We had to do it without Myles around,” Shawn said smiling.

“Thanks for that,” Myles said. “It smells like shit in here.”

“It could be that Brad’s stomach is upset, plus Scott’s fine shit,” Jess said.

“I’m not alone,” Brad stated.

“Bishop, what’s the drink of the night?” Colt asked and dropped his shorts in the floor. “I know you’ve got something in mind.”

“Well… Jungle Juice,” Bishop replied.

“Bring it on then,” Kris stated. 

“Don’t make it real strong,” Scott stated. 

“Pussy,” Colt said. “Really we haven’t got fucked up on this trip.”

“Jordy agrees with Colt,” Brad said laughing.

“Hey Jordy, what do your folks think about you coming with this group?” Colt asked while wiping the sweat from his body. You’d think Kris, Colt and Myles would want a shower but none did. Kris had stripped off as well now.

“He says they are happy for him and trust his judgment,” Brad replied. “He’s really enjoyed the trip so far and especially today. He loves showing off his great body.”

“As well he should,” Corey said.

“Jordy, was it hard coming out for you?” Jess asked.

“He says it was, but his parents have been great. They love him for who he is and always have,” Brad interrupted.

“What age?” Kris asked.

“He says his senior year he told his parents but his classmates at school knew already.”

“Jordy, are your parents well off?” Myles asked.

“They are middle class like most of you,” Brad said after the two talked rapidly. “He says he has an older sister as well.”

“Is she deaf, too?” Colt asked.

Jordy shook his head no after Brad signed it to him. “Jordy say she’s a big lesbian. They fucked up and have their roles all reversed. He loves dick and she loves pussy.”

“How funny,” Shawn stated and turned to yell. “Bishop, I’m thirsty!”

“Hold your horses,” Bishop said from the kitchen. “I was trying to listen in on this conversation too.”

“Hey, before we start, I have a major request,” Kris said.

“What’s that?” Shawn asked.

“I need someone to shave me,” he replied and pointed to his bush. “I think it is in fashion from what I saw from the other guys. Even that guy that was hung like a donkey had his shit shaved.” He turned and looked at me.

I rolled my eyes, “Kris, just do it yourself.”

“So did y’all think the shaved look is good or not?” Kris asked us.

Jordy held up his hand. “He likes it.”

“I like it too,” Scott said. “Kris, I’ll do it if Matt won’t.”

“Myles, you’re next,” Shawn laughed.

“Yeah, right. I’d catch all kinds of hell from the guys in the locker room. It’s gonna be bad enough as it is explaining how I got my ass tanned,” Myles laughed.

“He’s right. They would give him hell,” Colt stated.

Bishop came out and had our drinks. I took a quick taste and saw he didn’t pour too much alcohol in it. Myles still refused to even try it, which we respected.  

After a quick drink, Kris left with Scott to shave while we turned on the TV. Kris returned and was proud of the great job Scott had done. 

“Fuck it. Shave me too,” Colt said.

Scott laughed, “Just like before.”

“You sorry ass motherfucker,” Colt laughed. “I’ve always wondered who shaved me. Last year, I got totally drunk and passed out after this fight with… hell I don’t even remember her name now.”

“Monica was the bitch’s name,” Kris said. 

“Yeah it was… anyway, I woke up the next morning and my shit was shaved. Finally someone confesses,” Colt said with Jess about to lose it.

“Dude, I shaved you fucking bald while Scott took pictures and help me out,” Jess said. “It was the perfect prank.”

Colt left with Scott to shave him. He returned and proudly showed off his bald groin. 

“Damn,” Shawn said. “I want to but… ah fuck it.”

“Really?” Scott asked.

“Why not? No one will see me after this trip anyway,” Shawn replied.

“You can still count me out of this,” Myles said. 

“Bishop?” Scott said and pointed.

“Count me out as well,” Bishop replied.

We sat around with the TV on and were enjoying this as we usually did until Shawn and Scott returned.  Shawn grabbed a beer and returned to sit with his legs spread wide. 

“Bro, looks good,” Kris stated.

“He wanted to be just like us,” Colt said.

“Bro, he is,” Kris said.

“Well, in some ways,” Shawn said.

We were kicked back now with the crew down to nothing. We agreed the day was a blast with Shawn admitting he was nervous about it but really enjoyed the experience. 

As we were talking and drinking, Kris asked, “So who hasn’t jacked off since we started this trip?”

“Come on, Kris!” I yelled.

“Damn boy!” Colt said at the same time I did.

“I was just wondering. You remember last year on spring break…”

“We do, and they’ve heard about it. I see where this is going,” I said.

“Where?” Kris asked pointedly.

“You wanna see if with a few drinks in them they wanna see what you experienced. If you ask me, you’re barking up the wrong tree here. I think you’d respect them more than that.  Just because you enjoy sex with guys doesn’t mean everyone will,” I said.

“I’m sorry I even brought it. I was just going to offer to help a bro out,” Kris said.

“I have to agree with Matt,” Colt said. “I like it, but I don’t expect everyone to like it.”

“Thanks Matt, so I didn’t have to tell him no fucking way,” Myles said. “I get that you like it but I don’t ever think I could get into some dude sucking on my dick.”

“I’m with ya,” Shawn said. “I don’t care how long a dry spell it has been for me, nothing about a guy does it for me. Now those girls today… that’s a different story.”

“Alright… I apologize to you,” Kris said. “I’m sorry, but I was just wondering…”

“Kris, last year was different. If you remember, I didn’t have to do much talking to get you and Colt to go for it. The shock was Bryson joining in,” Jess stated.

“Well you won’t hear me mention it again,” Kris conceded. “Besides, I don’t wanna ruin this fucking awesome trip. I don’t care what you say, but this is better than last year.”

“Cause your ass is naked,” Scott said.

“No, last year, y’all were separated from us,” Kris said.

“It was cool though,” Corey stated. “I’m not sure Garrett would have come out then otherwise. So it worked for us.”

While we were talking, my phone began ringing. It was Parker calling to see that we were still going tomorrow. I had to mess with him a little and tell him how much we hated it today before breaking out in laughter and telling him the truth. He said he’d see us tomorrow and was looking forward to it.

Just as I hung up, Jess’s phone began ringing. He walked away and eventually went outside. He returned and slammed the door. “Asshole wants me back. It seems my uncle fucked up his back today,” Jess said in great disgust.

“So are we leaving now?” Brad asked pushing his blue hair out of his eyes.

Jess slumped his shoulders, “Well, I think we should. Fuck!” He reared back with his phone in his hand. Brad reached up and stopped him.

“Bro, at least you were able to come for a few days,” Kris stated.

“Oh, thanks for putting a positive spin on it,” Jess said. “Next time see if I open my mouth and say if he needs me holler.”

“I hate it too, but things happen,” Brad said.

“We better go and get our stuff,” Jess stated. “Guys, it was epic as always.”

“What did you expect?” Scott said. “Brad, I can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done and taught me in a short time.”

“It was a blast,” Brad stated. “Maybe we’ll catch you again?”

As Brad was leaving, Jordy stood and reached out. The two shared a nice long hug with Jordy kissing Brad on the cheek. Brad walked away and wiped a tear from his face. It was easy to see how the two had connected over the short time. Now I was thankful Brad hadn’t drank much and would be able to drive. Jess had drunk a little but was smart enough to hand the keys to Brad even before they left to pack.

The two returned after a quick pack. We stood and gave sincere hugs with Jess very unhappy at this turn of events. Kris gave Brad a big hug and I was glad the two had reconnected over the few days.  


Hope you enjoyed this chapter as the guys' Spring Break continues along now at the nude beach.  Sorry for the delay in posting this chapter but was away and couldn't do it then.  

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