Posted:   4/9/12


Monday of our spring break, I woke with Corey stroking my face. I turned over and kissed him. 

“Can I make love to your hot body again before we get up? I wanna take it slow and easy… showing my love for you,” Corey asked.

I turned and smiled. I grabbed his hard cock and moved it to my ass. He applied some lube, pushed forward and entered me. I reached back and grabbed him by the neck for a kiss while on my side and having his thick hard cock going deeper. I shut my eyes to relish this moment. He kissed my lips and continued to go deeper until I felt his prickly pubes against my ass. I began moaning softly while being taken by my boyfriend. It never grew old to me for us to engage in sex. We fucked the night before and yet this was fresh and exciting to me. 

“OOO yes Corey,” I moaned feeling his thrusts. I pushed back as well for us to meet. I could feel his hot throbbing cock in me while he slowly fucked, no, made love to me. 

“OOO Matt babe,” Corey said, pushing hard. “Feel me in you.”

“I feel your love,” I said.

He reached his hand down. His finger traced my abs before his hand wrapped around my hard cock. We kissed while he continued to fill me with such joy and ecstasy. My mind was going crazy with love for this stud inside of me. 

We kept grunting, groaning and fucking. Once his pace quickened, it was a signal he was close to completion. He pulled out quickly and showered my back with his morning load. I reached back and inserted his cock in me to feel one final pulsating stream. His last shot did it for me and had me busting my load. 

We lie next to each other lifeless for a moment until he leaned over and kissed me. He grabbed my hand and pulled me from our mess. We kissed again before starting to pack up things in our tent for our departure.

Exiting the tent in our shorts, there was life all around with all of us beginning to break down our tents. 

“Really?” I heard Kris say loudly with Brennan standing next to him. I walked over to see what was going on while Corey was taking down our tent. 

“Yeah, Garrett and I are not going with ya,” Brennan replied. “We really wanna do something alone. You know how Garrett is.”

“Bro, you’re really gonna miss it but I do know Garrett,” Kris said.

“So you’re not going to Bishop’s with us?” I asked after walking up closer to him, Kris and Garrett.

“Right,” Brennan replied. “There are plenty of you as it is. We just wanna be alone together and enjoy this. I want to cement our relationship together without interference… I know everyone has been so great and supportive and we’ve had an amazing time but we decided we need this for a few days. I know we’ll miss a great time.”

“I understand completely,” I said.

“Me too,” Kris said slapping Brennan’s bare arm. “We’ll miss seeing Garrett’s big dick and yours as well”.

I walked back over to help Corey but the tent was down and rolled up.

“Man, I should have bought one of these years ago,” Corey commented.

“Where’d you get it?” Jess asked.

“At the sporting goods store, it wasn’t really cheap…” Corey stated.

“But worth it and it looked roomy,” Jess said just as the rain began falling lightly.  

We scurried about to get our things loaded in our vehicles and were thankful we weren’t staying another day in the rain. The sad part was that our goodbyes to those who weren’t making the journey to Bishop’s house were rather short and hurried. Ted did his best to thank us before leaving to ride back with Cody and Ethan.  

After a nerve wrecking drive in the rain, and dealing with the narrow and curvy roads, we arrived at Bishop’s lake house and scampered inside. There was a slight problem. Kris and those he rode with hadn’t arrived. Colt grabbed his phone and finally got Scott to answer. It seemed they were lost and were doing whatever they could to make it back to us. We laughed at their expense once Colt told us they were lost, with Scott and Kris directing Jess via their GPS systems on their phones. 

Once settled, we headed for groceries since it sounded as though Kris and his group would be a while. The best thing about the trip was grabbing some food and enjoying the inside for a change. I didn’t mind being outdoors but I grew tired of dealing with the elements.

Even though it was raining, Myles had a big smile on his face.

“Will ya miss Ted?” Shawn asked while we sat around waiting.

“I will. Now that big dude is like the brother I never had…” he replied.

“So what’s the deal with Luke these days?” Colt asked while packing his can of Skoal and making a loud noise.

“I don’t have a clue. I want to think it’s the realization and pressure of becoming the starting QB for a major college team…” Myles replied.

“Yeah, but he handled it with such ease last year when he went in,” Bishop stated.

“He did, but now he has time to sit and think about it. He overanalyzes shit way too much if you ask me. Take this girl he says he’s dating. He comes back and questions Ted and me about everything that happened and if there’s a deeper meaning to it. Hell, just go with it and don’t worry about that shit,” Myles said and reached for Colt’s can.

“Matt does it too,” Corey spoke up.

“No I don’t,” I said quickly.

“Yes Matt, you worry about everything, especially Kris. You think you were assigned to oversee that dude,” Colt stated. “I bet now you’re over there tripping balls since they’re lost.”

I smiled, “Maybe a little, but I’d be doing the same with Corey and you… for that fact all of you here.”

“Not me,” Myles said.

“Trust me, if you had a problem Matt would worry about it,” Corey said and kissed me on the cheek.

“I do have a problem,” Myles said. “A big fucking problem…”

“Have you talked to them?” I asked.

“I have, but nothing has changed one bit. Both my parents are being hard asses about this shit,” Myles said.

“From experience, though, it was a while back. There are two ways to look at it. One is do you want them to be together and be unhappy? Two, I saw just the short time my folks were together before Dad died it was best they went their separate ways. Dad really scored a gem with Gloria. No telling what she had to put with.”

“That is a good point…” Myles said.

“Dude, does being adopted play into the equation?” Colt asked.

Myles thought about it a minute and spit, “Maybe it does. I just remember when I was young how much I wanted a mom and dad. I was extremely lucky and was adopted by a really great family.”

“I had no idea,” Shawn said.

“Me either. This is news to me,” Bishop stated.

“I think you might want them to be together because you want the family unit,” I said.

“Yeah Myles, you’re practically grown now. They gave you a family growing up,” Colt said. “I know that’s easy for me to say sitting here with my folks still married, but just barely.”

“They did give me a great home growing up. I really couldn’t have asked for any more now that I think about it,” Myles said.

Finally, about four, Kris came marching in the door with the others trailing in behind him. He didn’t appear extremely happy at the moment.

“Dude’s pissed ‘cause Jess got their ass lost,” Shawn commented.

“No, it’s not that at all,” Kris said and headed straight to the fridge. 

“He and Brad got into a little tiff…” Scott stated.

“He deserted me after his brother died. I had no idea what was going on,” Brad said in defense while setting down his bag. “I was clueless until I came here.”

Kris returned, “Bro, I don’t how many fucking times I have to say I’m sorry. It was the worst time of my life when Nathan was killed. I didn’t know what to do…”

“You could have turned to me and given me an explanation,” Brad said, pushing back his blue hair.

“You know you were both fairly young,” I said. 

“Not an excuse,” Brad said and was signing to Jordy.

“I don’t know the full situation but at that age you’re not equipped to handle such grief and pain. Kris still aches over it somewhat today,” I said. 

“Give him a break. He was young,” Colt said.

“Now I see I’m getting his best buddies to gang up on me,” Brad stated.

Kris walked over and sat with Brad. “Bro, they are right about me not being mature enough at the time. I had no earthly idea it affected you how it did. You know you could have called me. We did have phones.”

Brad lowered his head, “I guess so. I was just too stubborn to call. I just knew it was me…”

“No, it wasn’t about you at all. I was young and was lost as all get out. I had lost my brother who I looked up to so much. I went fucking crazy as hell and tried to kick Derek’s ass,” Kris said. “Please forgive me. I meant no harm to you. Seeing you did bring out painful memories though, as it reminded me of the great times we enjoyed together.”

“Brad, I know Kris, and I don’t think it was intentional,” Jess stated.

Brad scanned the room with his blue eyes, “Alright. I shouldn’t have brought it up.”

“No, you should have, and now have that off your chest,” Kris stated. “We’re going to have the best time ever.”

“I hope we do now that is over and done with. I’m about to fucking starve here, and so is Jordy,” Scott said.

“I do know a great place not too far from here that has some really great TexMex,” Bishop stated.

“Sounds like a plan to me, even though we ate about three hours ago,” Myles said.

It took some doing but we dressed, with some of us finding a razor and ridding our faces of our camping beards. I hated mine since it was so spotty, while I thought Corey looked great as ever so he just shaved a little bit. Kris, Colt, Myles and Shawn were in agreement and would let their beards grow while the rest of us shaved or trimmed up nicely. We were all dressed in our vacation shorts except for Bishop who wore jeans.

The restaurant Bishop suggested was spot on and was just what I needed. It was a nice place where we could sit and enjoy some real food. Once Shawn and Bishop ordered margueritas and received their drinks, mouths began to water. Kris boldly gave it a shot but our cute waiter denied him, so the rest of us underage guys didn’t attempt it. We chatted like normal with Jordy centered between Brad and Scott so he could catch everything being spoken about. Scott was a keen observer and a fast learner by what I could see by picking up on key items he didn’t know in ASL. Finally the meal arrived to our great pleasure. The chatting stopped for the moment. I did have to slap away Kris’s fork while he tried to sample my tasty enchilada. We all enjoyed a big laugh when Colt bit into a hot pepper and began reaching for his water glass.

After we finished, Corey, Kris, Colt, Myles and I headed over to check out the outlet mall that wasn’t too far away. I hated driving since I didn’t know exactly where I was going. All I knew was I wasn’t going to listen to Kris’s directions after hearing how he got them turned around on the way there.

Once parked, we headed to check out the variety of stores offered. At the first stop, I grabbed some tees that were relatively cheap, as did Corey, before we headed over to check out a store that carried swimming stuff. Not that it would be used but Kris was aching to get a new pair of board shorts for the summer. While there, it was a dream to have not only Kris model a few pairs but Myles and Colt got in the action too. Even though I should be used to seeing them now, it still excited me to no end to see their flesh when they raised their shirts to show the fit. Kris and Myles walked out with a pair while Colt clung to his wallet. 

We were walking to the next store to scope on some shorts when Kris veered off. I looked to see he was chatting with Kwan.  Kwan was surrounded by his younger brother and sister along with his Mom. 

“Bro, since you’re here, you should join us,” Kris said.

“Ummm… I might,” Kwan said with his family walking away. “So where are you guys hanging?”

“At the nude beach for the rest of week,” Kris replied.

Kwan chuckled, “I should have guessed. I just don’t know about that.”

“We’re all going,” Colt added. “It’ll be a blast.”

“I’ll think about it. Call me tomorrow and I’ll see,” Kwan said.

“Bro, if you want, you can hang with us and shop,” Kris invited.

“I better not since Mom made the trip for me,” Kwan stated.

“Understood,” I said. “We’ll see ya hopefully tomorrow?”

“Maybe,” Kwan said, smiled and left to catch his family.

“Kris, you really need to realize the nude beach ain’t for everyone,” Myles said while we walked.

“I know, but I hate not asking,” Kris said before we entered the store.

We continued to shop while buying a few needed things, such as a new pair of shades. They would be essential so I didn’t appear to be a pervert while ogling at naked male bodies over the next few days. The highlight was heading to the Nike store and seeing the four acting like kids running around the place. The other shoppers had to think they were nuts. 

Leaving out the mall, Myles commented, “Even a trip to the mall is crazy for y’all.”

Kris patted Myles, “You bet. We have to make it fun.”

“I’m really glad I made the switch to room with Ted and Luke so I could meet y’all. Last year, my life revolved around nothing but football. I had to do it since I did walk on,” Myles stated.

“Excuse me but what do you mean by walk on?” I asked.

“Basically I came to college to play on the team without a scholarship,” Myles said. “I had offers from small schools but I wanted to go and give it a try at a bigger school. They offered to let me walk on and see how it went. I really wasn’t that big but I did have speed.”

“So you took a gamble?” Kris asked.

“I did, and almost left last year until another guy quit. Even then I had to hold my breath to see if I got the scholarship,” Myles answered. “I had added some weight and guess I showed promise so Coach gave me one.”

“I see all the time now it does take a special person to make it at the big level. It’s damn hard work,” Colt said while we got in my car. “Y’all should see Ted. He’s a different person around us…”

“He’s just so intense,” Myles stated. “First day of practice last year that dude was flying all over the place. Coach had to tell him to back off in practice or he’d really hurt someone. You should hear him at the game. It ain’t pretty, but he knows how to get your attention. One game last year, he got all in this dude’s face because he thought he wasn’t giving it his all out there…”

“Signs of a real leader,” Colt stated. “The guys all look up to him. You can see the ones that are so fucking jealous of him.”

“I’m jealous alright, since no guy his size should be able to move like he does. I’m telling ya Ted Wilcox will make it in the NFL. He has it all,” Myles said.

“The best part to me is his big heart,” Corey said while I was driving. “I can see where he could get in people’s faces. I’ve seen that look at a game, but once it’s over it is over and he’s the nicest guy.”

“My biggest worry though is he’s maybe too nice. I don’t think one time I have heard the guy say no. He needs to learn that or else next year he won’t know whether he’s coming or going,” Myles stated.

“I can see where people can take advantage of him. Boy, I hope he thinks we never have,” Colt stated.

Myles laughed, “No, he thinks the world of all of you. He says it keeps him grounded. He loved that Cody and Ethan messed with him camping. He ate that shit up.”

The next morning, after a great night of friends chilling and having a good time, the rain having finally stopped, allowing us to spend some time on the deck out back since we had been cooped up all day. I was sitting in my shorts and enjoying a fresh cup of coffee with Bishop. The view now was different than the time before with the trees beginning to show their leaves. The sun was out and shining brightly without a cloud in the sky.

“Well what do ya know? Kris is up,” Bishop stated.

I turned my head to see Kris making his way to us in his shorts. “Yeah, especially since he was pretty much the last one to go to bed. He was outside with Jess and Brad for ages after we went in.”

“Christmas day is finally here,” Kris said and wasn’t his usual bear like he was at school.

“I swear you think this is the shit, huh?” Bishop asked. “I just hope you’re not disappointed in Tanner Beach.”

“I can tell you right now if there is nothing but old farts I’ll still be happy. For me, just being outdoors naked with others of like mind will be so fucking awesome, bro,” Kris stated.

“Kris, you may wanna move here,” I joked.

“Maybe, but only if you, Corey and Colt live here too. Hell, you like it…”

“Just not as much as you,” I said.

“Kris, you’re a certified naturist,” Bishop said with a smile. “You’re one of a kind, but that’s what we love about you.”

Kris spread his big arms, “Yes I am. So, I need to go get the others awake. Daylight is burning.”

“Good luck, and cover your ears,” I said.

Kris shrugged, “Nothing I haven’t said to you waking me up for class.”

Soon Bishop and I heard the grumblings. Kris started in the living room where Corey and I had slept with him, Colt and Myles in the big room also. Last night wasn’t the time for Corey and me to get sexual with Myles in the room.

Before we left and all eleven of us were ready, Brad grabbed my camera and suggested we pose for a before picture. Those of us wearing shirts took them off for the shot. Kris naturally suggested a nude one but we decided against it at the time, though we would all be naked in a short time. Brad couldn’t help himself, he said and commented on what a fine group of male bodies we had. Once finished, I remembered to call Parker and Yancey to tell them our plans. They regretted having something to do but would be sure to catch us the next day. Kris called Kwan and he said he would be meeting us.

After making a stop on the way, which included grabbing sandwiches to eat at the beach, we arrived at the attendant’s booth. She smiled and gave us the price of $15. Kris stuffed a twenty in my hand before I could reach for my pocket.

“Have a fun day,” she said with a smile.

“Trust me, we will,” Kris said from the backseat since I was driving.

Driving away, Colt commented, “Can you believe that? Fifteen bucks?”

“Bro, who gives a flying fuck if it is fifty? Tell me this ain’t been one cheap ass trip so far,” Kris stated while I found a place to park next to Bishop. 

“Still dude…” Colt stated.

“Cheap ass,” Kris said and opened the door.  

It was a great day and not too warm. The sun was shining brightly overhead with a few lingering clouds. At first glance, it looked more like a regular park with lots of trees and no sign of a beach in sight. We gathered what we needed, with all of us donning shades for the day. We quickly came out of our shirts since it would be less to keep up with and stuff in a bag. 

We headed to the entrance. I saw a sign that read: “This is a clothing optional park. You may encounter nudity from this point forward.”

“Bro, we need to steal that sign and hang it on our door,” Kris stated. “Hold on. Matt, get a picture of me standing by it.” He came out of his shorts and put them in his bag.

“He’s been living for this exact moment,” Shawn said.

“Damn right I have,” Kris said and allowed two older ladies, maybe my mom’s age to pass. “How’s it going?” Kris had to ask. He did get a look and two big smiles. He didn’t want to be alone and encouraged more to join him. Colt dropped his shorts, as did Myles and Corey. The four well-built studs posed with the sign. 

“There’s some prime shit right there,” Scott said.

“I guess we can all drop ‘em now,” Bishop said.  

We lost our shorts and stuffed them in our bags. 

“Brad, you ought to love this,” Kris commented. Brad was well endowed to say the least, with a big cut cock and low hanging balls covered in hair. Brad just shrugged his shoulders and didn’t make a big deal out of it. Jordy and Scott did make a hot couple with their sleek bodies and their nice, newly shaved uncut cocks. Scott made us all envious by already being tanned from the weekend.

Kris was grinning ear to ear while we headed down the paved walkway. Barely twenty yards in and we encountered our first nude couple other than ourselves. Kris waved at the older man and woman while we were walking. We caught a glimpse of the dirty sand beach and continued along the shaded walkway. We encounter a younger woman who was stacked as they say. She said hello and continued on. I could see Kris and Colt talking. We walked past a restroom with Kris aching to stop and stretch out. We veered off the main path and headed to find a large open spot to be for the day. 

We couldn’t all line up and had to separate just a little on some large rocks just down from the beach, with a couple slightly older than us just a short distance away. So far from what I had seen, we had little competition in the way of fit bodies.

“All I’ll say is there better not be any gawkers around,” Kris stated.

“Ain’t that the truth?” Colt said. “We saw that one dude fully dressed. You know his ass is a pervert.”

“They do patrol here so they may run him off,” Bishop said. “So what does everyone think so far? Other than Kris that is…”

“It’s cool,” Myles stated. 

“Yeah, it’s not too bad so far,” Jess said. “All I’m saying is we don’t need to get red as a beet out here.”

“Good thinking, bro,” Kris said.  

We pulled out the sunscreen and began applying it to our bodies. I really enjoyed rubbing it on Corey’s back and ass. So far, there was nothing sexual about this place. From what I had seen it was just people enjoying the sun.  Just down from us I did see two guys about thirty enjoying the sun and displaying their nice cocks.  I knew then my new shades would be handy.

We were relaxing when Kris’s phone started ringing. He smiled answering. We knew it was Kwan by his talk. He stood and headed out to usher Kwan to our spot. 

“Actually a little surprised Kwan made it,” Colt stated.

“Maybe he’s curious,” Corey said.

“Ummm, who’s Kwan?” Jess asked.

We told him how we knew Kwan and waited. Soon Kris came back with Kwan, who was fully dressed in shorts and a tee with flip flops and a necklace. “You should have seen this boy’s eyes when he saw me.”

“I’ve heard about this place but wasn’t expecting this. Then wham Kris was there in my eyes fully naked,” Kwan said, setting down his things.

“This place is the best. Walking up there, I saw two guys and a girl. They all said what a great body I had,” Kris stated before sitting back down.

“Now he’ll never leave,” Colt said, shaking his head.

“I don’t know about the rest of the straight guys, but damn it is hard not to check out the women’s… you know… pussy,” Shawn commented.

“Because your ass hasn’t seen any of it in a long time,” Kris laughed.

“Hell yeah,” Shawn said. “What was weird was I thought I’d get a boner.”

“Same here,” Myles stated. “So far, I haven’t seen any boner material though.”

“Jordy says he has, all of us,” Brad stated with Jordy smiling and pointing at us. 

“Jordy is a hot guy for sure too,” Kris said. “So Kwan, are you just gonna sit there or are you going to join us?”

“Don’t pressure him,” I said. “I’m sure he will once he gets adjusted.”

“Thanks Matt,” Kwan said and did have off his shirt. “This is so foreign to me. I’m not like you and run around naked all the time.”

“Bro, if you got a small one, we really don’t give a fuck,” Kris said. “We’re just out here enjoying the sun like the day we were born.”

We sat and enjoyed the sun. Kwan stood and lifted off his shorts and boxers. He seemed rather shy showing off his junk and his thin dark body. His cock was cut and looked average with some hair. “Are you happy now, Kris?” he asked.

“I am if you are. Not a damn thing to be ashamed of,” Kris replied. “This is the life if you ask me.”

“No one was asking you but we get it,” Colt said. “The smile hasn’t left your face since we got here.”

“Excuse me then,” Kris said. “I know someone who is about to get thrown in the water, though.”

“Not hardly,” Colt said. He ran and jumped in the lake. He came up and swam around.

“Is it cold?” Shawn asked.

“No worse than while we were camping. Actually a little warmer,” Colt replied in the water.

“Is it deep?” Kris asked.

“I’m not touching bottom if that answers your question.”

Kris dove off head first and emerged. Myles was next to join them. I followed, since for a change I was about to burn up. Emerging, the water felt great. Even though I didn’t go skinny dipping in high school, but should have, this could be fun with no shorts getting in the way. Corey dove in behind me and came up to me. I knew he was up to no good but he didn’t send me under. 

After were all in in and enjoyed the swim, we exited and went for our towels. It was mentioned about lunch so we grabbed what we had brought with us. A few decided to stay put while Corey, Kris, Colt, Myles and I headed to a nearby picnic table. 


Hope you enjoyed this chapter as the guys' Spring Break continues along now at the nude beach. 

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