Posted:  4/6/12

After getting out of the tent for a much needed piss, I couldn’t help but notice that Kris was sitting on the ground. I did my thing in the woods and walked up to him. He was still naked and staring off in the distance out into the woods.

“Bro, you okay?” I said lightly, touching his shoulder.

“I’m fine,” Kris replied but didn’t sound it. “I’m just worn the fuck out.”

“It happens.  You know maybe you should get some clothes on.”

He shrugged, “Fuck ‘em if they don’t like it. They’ve all seen my white ass before.”

“What’s the matter? I know something happened and it has to be between you and Colt. Everything was just fine last night, if not too fine since you did get naked and begged the rest of us to join you.”

“Sorry, but I was a little drunk… oh well,” he paused. “Colt thinks things are fucking same between us now.”

“I see now…”

“Last night he wouldn’t shut up about us fucking. He said he needed a hole to fuck and wanted my ass. I told him I wasn’t in the mood.”

“That happens. Could it be because of Megan?”

“Yes, it is a little but I wasn’t in the mood last night. Bro, he sucked my dick and expected I’d return the favor, but I didn’t. I said maybe later and we came really close to fighting in that tent. Needless to say I didn’t sleep worth a shit. Usually when I’ve had a few I sleep like a baby but I couldn’t. Damn, I hate fighting with that guy.”

“I wondered when this would happen…”

“What the fuck is that supposed to mean?”

“Since you two have had sex and really enjoyed it, I wondered when the first time one of you would be willing and ready when the other one wasn’t.”

“It has happened before, remember? I fucked him in the shower when he really didn’t want to, not that he said no.”

“Oh yeah, but now it is the other way around and you see how Colt felt that time,” I said.

“I guess I’m making too big of a deal of it. It just went all over me. I do love Colt to death…”

“And I love you too,” Colt said walking up from behind. We jerked our heads around to see him in his shorts and showing the growth on his face just as we all were now. “Kris, I fucked up last night. I’m sorry.”

“Bro, thanks. I see how it feels now to be forced to do something you don’t want,” Kris said.


“The time we fucked in the shower when you didn’t really want to. It has to be mutual. You were like I was that night but you didn’t fuck me just sucked.”

“I forgot all about that, but it was cool, I might not have wanted it at first but I enjoyed it. You see it didn’t affect me that much. We nearly had it out in there. I was about ready to tear your head off,” Colt stated. He grabbed Kris and hugged him. Kris was satisfied with the hug and kissed Colt on the lips.

“Whoa, I think Bishop is right,” Ethan said out of the blue. “Damn!”

“Hey, it’s cool,” Kris said wiping his mouth.

“Dude, you and your nudity… No wonder you’re aching to hit that nude beach,” Ethan stated.

“It is how we are,” I commented.

“I guess if my body was that kick ass I would wanna show it instead of this little gut of mine,” Ethan joked.

“Dude, we were fighting last night after we went to our tent…” Colt said.

“I heard it. I thought y’all were about to go at it,” Ethan said, grabbing a bottle of water.

“We’re cool now and we kiss every now and then to show our affection. You can think it is gay but I’m just that way,” Kris said.

“Whatever melts your butter there, Kris,” Ethan said.

Kris walked to the tent and did grab some shorts. One by one the camp livened up. Today, Scott was relegated to cooking duties with Jordy by his side manning the sausage. We sat and waited until the pair announced it was time. Hungry mouths dug in with little chatting. 

“So we’re hiking today?” Jess asked.

“We are,” Kris responded. 

“I’m wearing sunscreen for damn sure,” Ethan said. “My back is so red, but it always is. Y’all don’t know how lucky you are to not be so fair skinned, especially Scott over there.”

Scott smiled, “Just wait ‘til you see me next week.”

“Man, I wish I didn’t promise my folks I’d be home,” Cody stated. “Anyway… who wants to see my fat ass naked?”

“Dude, not everyone will be buff and toned,” Bishop said. “We’ll be the exception for damn sure.”

“So?? How many times have you been?” Corey asked.

“Twice,” Bishop said. “If you live close, it’s like the rite of passage, sort of like hitting a bar when you’re 21.”

“Not for some hitting the bars it ain’t,” Shawn laughed.

“Bro, your dumb ass didn’t wanna go,” Kris stated.

“Just how fun would it have been with all of you? I can see me and Bishop sitting there…” Shawn laughed.

“Me too. I’ll admit things are different without all of you. We saw that a few weeks ago with Matt. We thought it would be just like normal but it takes all of us to be as a crew,” Bishop stated.

“True, but you have roomies,” Colt commented.

“I do but it’s totally different. It’s more like what can they get from my ass,” Bishop stated. “Never once has a one of you asked me for anything…”

“Except to buy liquor,” Brennan said.

“I’m talking like borrow money. The only problem is they never give it back,” Bishop said with Brad signing the entire time to Jordy.

“Say, Ted, what happened to your first roommates?” Scott asked.

“Nothing really. They did their thing and Luke and I did ours. They found a few guys they liked hanging with and moved in with them…”

“Nasty ass dudes from what I hear. I’m messy but nowhere near on their level,” Myles continued for Ted.

“It was just one of those things, you know?” Ted said.

“Okay, enough bullshitting, let’s get a move on it,” Kris stated and stood. Like good soldiers we followed Kris’s lead to prepare for our day of hiking and what nature had in store for us. I stuffed the pockets of my shorts with water and my camera while the others took the clue and did the same. The shirtless ones put on a little sunscreen before we hiked out of our camp. 

We walked up the main road and observed all the other campers. A few took a look at us. I’m sure the sight of a bunch of hot college guys excited some of the older women we encountered. Most were friendly and threw up a hand to wave as we passed. We commented on how nice some of the camping trailers were, along with how they had it made with their easy going life.

At the trail head, we broke into smaller groups rather than trying to stay together as one. Corey and I teamed with Kris, Colt, Shawn and Bishop to explore a two mile trail. The nice part was the three loops intersected according to a map at the beginning, thus we had a meeting point to gather again.

My group started out with Colt leading the way. The weather was about as nice as it gets for mid-March so those of us who wore shirts came out of them. 

Just getting started, Kris commented, “Boring as hell if you ask me. Whose bright idea was this in the first place?”

“All of us,” Shawn replied.

“Chill, Kris, and enjoy nature,” Colt stated and pointed to a tree. He started on about the various characteristics.

“Excuse me but how the hell did you know that?” Bishop asked.

“You live where I do you learn things,” Colt replied while Corey and I were looking around and taking it all in. 

“Alright, tour guide lead on,” Kris smartly stated.

Colt snapped his head around, “Fuck you! I was doing my best to make this enjoyable but some asshole is dead set on just making it a stroll through the woods!”

“That’s what this shit is!” Kris said with his voice raised.

Shawn walked up and stood between the two, “Let’s just turn around. Kris, just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean the rest of us don’t either?”

“Fine motherfuckers, I’ll go back to camp!” Kris screamed.

“Whoa,” Corey said under his breath.

“Damn Kris,” I said. “You make it what it is. We agreed to do this, with you being the most vocal about getting out in nature.”

Kris stopped and sat down on a fallen log. “Y’all go on. I see I’m ruining this for everyone.”

My hand hit his bare shoulder, “Bro, go back if you want. Even I enjoy this for a change. There promises to be a nice waterfall at the juncture.”

Kris motioned us on with his hand while Colt packed his lip and shared his can with Shawn. Colt spit on the ground, “Kris, I’ll keep quiet from here to the end.”

“No, you were okay. It’s me. This entire day has fucking sucked,” Kris said. “I guess it’s just one of those days. I’ll go and keep my mouth shut.”

Kris stood, wiped the seat of his shorts and trailed us. Corey and I were holding hands and enjoying the scenery with me taking a few pictures along the way when I saw the chance. 

We made it to the juncture with Scott, Jordy, Brennan, Garrett, Brad and Jess waiting. 

“Dude, what’s up?” Jess asked.

“It’s just one of those days,” Kris replied and took a seat. 

“This is pretty tight,” Scott said. “Matt, we definitely have to have a picture of all us by the waterfall.”

“For sure,” I said. 

While waiting on the rest, various ones of us posed near the waterfall. After Kris, Shawn and Colt posed, I looked over the camera to see Shawn tumbling into the water. It wasn’t deep at all and he came up with the maddest expression on his face ever. “Bitch, just because you’re in the fucking dumps don’t mean you have to be a fucking asshole!”

“I thought it would be funny! And it was!” Kris said in Shawn’s face. 

Shawn walked away in anger. I walked up to Kris and pulled him aside.

“Look I know you’re having a piss poor day. Pushing Shawn in the water was completely uncalled for,” I said looking at Kris. I threw out my arms, “Just tell me what it is.”

“I’m having a suck ass day! It happens! I wanna just go back to the camp and chill,” Kris stated.

“Go ahead then,” I said. “Actually, you are making us all miserable.”

“Well excuse me then, bro! I’m fucking out of here!” Kris yelled. He walked past our group just as the last ones were arriving. “Y’all have fun!”

The look on the other’s faces was one of mystery. We informed them of the events.

“I don’t guess I’ve ever seen Kris like this,” Cody stated.

“I sure have,” Colt piped up.

We posed for a few more pictures before agreeing to go back as a group. Kris’s mood sure had changed everyone’s mood in general. Walking back, it was easy to see how much Myles enjoyed this. He and Colt talked back and forth about various things they saw and really enjoyed it when we scared up a covey of quail or just watching the squirrels play in the trees above. 

All the while, Cody and Ethan were still messing with Ted. It was quite funny to watch Ted take it and act like a kid for a while before he would tear out after one of them. Myles didn’t help matters by joining in with them when he and Colt weren’t talking about nature. 

I heard both Ted and Myles laughing loudly. “Very fucking funny,” Cody said pulling up his shorts.

“I got you good,” Ted said laughing.

“I’ll get ya when you least expect it,” Cody said. 

“Come on,” Ted said motioning with his hands. He threw out his chest. “You think you can handle this?”

“Oh every day of the fucking week,” Cody said.

“Boy, what a mouth for the son of a preacher,” Ethan said laughing.

“Hell yeah motherfucker,” Cody laughed. “I’m their worst nightmare.”

“Stop kidding,” Brennan said. “There’s no way you are a preacher’s son.”

“I am,” Cody said, “Hated every second of it. Besides, Dad has stopped preaching to a congregation and saves it for me instead.”

I was stunned and left speechless at this moment. 

“Last night, you said something about your sister dragging your drunk ass home. What did they say?” Scott said with his arm around Jordy. Jordy was soaking it all in with Brad and Scott helping.

“I got to hear Dad’s best sermon…” Cody stated.

“And it did a lot of good we all see,” Ted laughed.

“You take the cake, Cody,” Colt stated. “You’re the last one here I suspected to be a preacher’s son.”

Cody shrugged his bare shoulders, “Oh well, but if you want I can recite some bible verses for ya.”

We laughed and couldn’t imagine anything religious coming from him. Ethan did tell us his family was about as average as they get with an older sister and younger sister as well. He just finished talking when Myles snuck behind him and yanked his athletic shorts to the ground. 

“Faggot!” Ethan yelled at Myles.

“You started the shit,” Ted said. “You deserve worse for using the ‘f’ word.”

“Sorry but it just came out,” Ethan stated.

We made it to the end of trail and headed down the road back to our campsite. When we arrived, Kris was gone. 

“He took my truck,” Colt stated and pointed to the vacant parking spot.

My breathing increased but Corey’s arm of comfort helped. I took a seat and began rationally thinking of where he could have gone.

“I’m sorry, but this is not like Kris at all,” Ted said.

“Guys, any ideas? This is not good,” Bishop asked.

“There’s no telling with him,” Colt said. “I just worry he’ll wreck my truck.”

“Ummm… why don’t we call him?” Ethan asked.

Colt pulled out his phone. He hit Kris’s number only for us to hear it ringing in the tent. Colt went to the tent and came back out, “He’s left his wallet too.”

“Surely he’s not that stupid just to up and leave,” Brennan said.

The rest took a seat. Some grabbed some water while others grabbed some sodas we had. About ten minutes later, we heard a truck, with Colt saying that was Kris. Kris parked it and got out. He reached in the back and came over hauling charcoal and ice. 

“What?” Kris asked with his hands full. We were all staring. “Hey, we need this shit to cook burgers tonight.”

“Next time tell us where you’re going…” I said.

“You had Matt, and for that matter all of us, worried,” Corey said.

Kris sat down his items. “So are you better?” Colt asked.

“Yeah,” Kris answered while filling up his cooler with ice, “Took a short nap. Then it hit me we need shit before the little store at the entrance closed. I just took the money I needed and drove off to get it.”

“We’re glad you’re better,” Myles said.

“Hey, I’m sorry I was a little cranky,” Kris stated.

“Cranky? More like fucking bitchy,” Colt said.

“Sorry about that, but I’m good now. As in Vegas, I saw I was ruining everyone else’s good time. This time it really wasn’t anything other than I was in a horrible mood,” Kris stated.

We started prepping for our hamburger feast. We were thankful for Scott’s good thinking in bringing a little seasoning to add to the burgers. After cleaning the grill and getting it started, Scott manned it. He was doing a great job, along with working up a good sweat, while we sat back and enjoyed the nice late afternoon. A few commented on the amount of sun they were getting. Kris seemed perkier and back to himself.

We sat around while Cody brought out his guitar to entertain us as it turned dark. With the fire going, he played some songs that most of us knew. I glanced over to see Kris had moved next to Jordy and Scott. Most, like myself, were drinking and enjoying the cloudy night. We stopped badgering Myles and respected his decision not to partake in our drinking. Cody would play a few songs and stop to have a cold one. I did happen to notice as well that Ted was starting to really put them away, with Colt and Ethan doing their best to keep up with him. Corey left me and went to join them. 

As the night progressed, it was easy to see we were going to have a few drunk guys on our hands. Cody once again started playing his ‘gettar’ as Colt referred to it. Ted made his way over and pulled me out of my chair. 

“Let dance,” he said. I knew he was drunk but a fun one at that.

We danced to Cody’s playing the best we could while the others had a good laugh about it. When we got close, I motioned for Corey and Colt to join since they were feeling no pain at the time. They jumped up and joined us. 

While we were dancing, Brennan and Garrett were getting hot and heavy with each other on a blanket they had been sitting on for the trip. Brennan had his shorts pushed down and showing his nice ass with Garrett’s hands all over them.  Brennan had been drinking while Garrett didn’t so it was a good sign of love in the works and a great night for them.

At ten, the music stopped for the night, plus Cody stated he didn’t know too many more songs. 

“Guys, we have a first tonight,” Kris pointed at Garrett and Brennan sitting naked on their blanket. 

“We’re getting ready for the beach next week,” Brennan joked.

“Plus making the rest of us feel damn inferior,” Ethan stated. “Damn Garrett!”

“Kris is not alone. I enjoy this,” Garrett said with Brennan’s arm around him.

“Alright then,” Kris said and stood. He pushed his shorts off and sat back down. “I do feel better now.”

“Dude, you’ll be a fucking spastic next week,” Cody joked. “I regret that I have to go home.”

“Me too,” Ted stated.

“Reese would be very disappointed,” I said.

“I know and why I haven’t even thought about it. Take lots of pictures,” Ted said to me.

“You know he will,” Corey said.

“I just don’t get the nudity thing and wanting to hang out like that,” Cody said. “Maybe it’s the one thing that has stuck with me in my upbringing.”

“The only thing,” Colt joked and had stripped down as well. “To me, it is great. Once you get used to it, there’s such freedom.” 

Jordy stood and came out of his shorts. He looked great with a nice tan line above his limp hanging uncut cock. “It does,” Jordy signed to Brad. Kris slapped his bare ass before he sat down.

We followed suit with the last two being Ethan and Cody. It took razzing from Ted and Myles to get them out of their shorts. Neither one was big, with Ethan having ginger pubes from what I could tell by the light, while Cody had a big hairy bush going. We sat around and talked about whatever came up. Kris and Brad got to laughing about when they were kids and the stupid things they did. It still struck me as odd that Kris and Brad knew each other but it proved what a small world this really was.

We decided to call it a night just before one. By now, the heavy drinking had stopped. Ted stood, “Guys, I really want to thank you. I can’t think of ever having a better time. If any of you ever need shit from me, holler…”

“A blow job,” Kris joked.

“Fuck you, Kris. Colt can do that shit,” Ted joked. “As I was saying, thanks and I’ll always remember this trip. Hopefully we can do it again sometime.”

Cody stood, “I’m with Ted here. Ethan and I didn’t know really what to expect as outsiders to your little group. We can see why y’all hang together and why Jess is aching to get back. You’re really a fun bunch of guys. I just hope things don’t change back on campus… especially with Ted and Myles.”

“Hell dude, you’re welcome any time at our place,” Ted stated.

We broke up and headed to our tents carrying our shorts and underwear. The night was a tad cool but nothing unbearable. One advantage to being naked was we did not have to unzip to take a leak. The only problem was a few thought it was funny to just stand, walk a few feet and let it fly. Corey and I entered our tent with Corey seemingly not too drunk.

“Tell me if I was imagining shit but I swear Kris was doing his best to make a move on Jordy,” Corey said while we got comfortable.

“I noticed that too. Scott didn’t seem to care but I think Kris was doing his best to make Jordy part of the crowd.”

“I don’t. Jordy’s been part of the crowd. He had his chance.”

“I know that but he’s much happier with Megan. It is really who Kris is…”

“Yeah, it is, but he is rather weak and vulnerable.”

“Only when he wants to be,” I said. “The best part is I just knew earlier today we were going back to that questioning deal on whether he’s bi or not.”

“I just knew that was it too. I guess he was having a bad day,” Corey said. “The dude is really bi and so is Colt. Scott and Jess can say they are but they are in the same boat as Brennan… a gay guy using bi to cover it up.”

“However, I do think Scott and Jess are bi but have guys they enjoy being with. Both have said guys are easier to make that connection with. I will have to say Garrett and Brennan do look happy together. It has been a while since I’ve witnessed Garrett being so happy.”

“You know I really enjoy being gay cause I have such a great boyfriend. I don’t know if I would be so happy without you,” Corey said.

I pulled his mouth to mine and started making out. He pulled me around to where I was on top of him while we were really showing great affection for each other. “I’d say you’re fully gay like me.”

“Fuck yeah and love it,” Corey said.

“I really love you. Every day, I love you more,” I said.

“Same here,” Corey said and kissed me. “I wanna show you my deep love for you.”

“I wanna feel it. Actually seeing all the guys naked tonight for some reason has my ass horny as ever. Damn we have some hot ass friends.”

“Yes we do, but the hottest one is on top me with his big dick resting on my abs,” Corey said. I leaned over and kissed him. His hands were all over my ass while our cocks got excited. 

I stopped and sat up. “What was that?”

“Oh probably someone going to take a leak,” Corey stated.

I did hear someone walking outside. “Yeah, I’m a tad skittish still out here.”

“You know I would never allow anything or anyone to hurt you,” Corey said, “Including that frat asshole.”

“Thanks for reminding me,” I said.


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