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We headed off early to the canoeing area but got there thirty minutes or so ahead of schedule. We paid our fees and dropped off our valuables for safekeeping rather than risk losing them in the river. Just a little ways up from the area was a swimming zone. We stood around and looked at each other to see who would be the first to test the water. 

“Geronimo!” Colt yelled and darted to the water. He jumped really high and plunged into the water creating a massive splash with his head going under. He came up shaking his long brown hair. 

“Is it cold?” Ted asked from the shore and looking big as ever in his board shorts which was the dress of the day for all of us.

“Yes, but you’ll get used to it after a minute,” Colt yelled back. Next to try were Ethan and Cody. They emerged with Ethan shaking in the water.

“Fuck it, bros,” Kris said and ran off to get in the water. 

The rest of us ventured closer and put a foot in the water. Saying it was cool was an understatement. It was damn cold. The next thing I knew I was in the water. I emerged and looked around to see who looked the guiltiest of the rest. I knew since he was bent over at the waist, laughing, the guilty party was my boyfriend. Kris swam up to me and tried to get me to go under. I got a good laugh when Myles and Ted pushed Corey in the water. Each passing moment, my body adjusted to the temperature and I was making it. Corey came swimming up before I dunked him under the water. He let me and knew I owed it to him. We swam around until one of the attendants said it was time for us to start our small venture.

We exited the water but didn’t have a towel, which in hindsight was stupid of us. There was no time to run back and grab any so we were just going to rough it. 

Since we were wet and adjusted, getting in the water was no biggie. Bishop and Shawn were first to get settled and then the rest of us followed suit. 

Corey and I were in our canoe with me in the front. I began paddling away down the slow moving river.

“Dammit, you’re doing it wrong!” Corey yelled at me.

“How in the hell do you do it wrong?”

“Don’t paddle on the same side as me!”

“I don’t have eyes in the back of my fucking head!”

“Fine, I’ll just paddle opposite of you,” Corey said.

“Hey, are you two fighting? You’re barely in the canoe.” Kris yelled at us with his life jacket open and hanging on his shoulders.

“He thinks I can see which side he’s paddling on,” I yelled back.

“Just stop paddling and drift,” Colt said. “Kick back and enjoy it. This is not a race.”

Corey and I stopped paddling and turned to see if the others were in their canoes. Just as the last two, Garrett and Brennan, were getting in their canoes, the canoe turned over with Brennan standing up and causing it to flip. We had a nice hearty laughed about it once we saw they were okay. 

We drifted downstream in sort of a group with Shawn, Bishop, Cody and Ethan far ahead. I sat looking around and seeing the beauty of nature. The day was so perfect with the sun shining brightly above. We were told to keep our life jackets on but some decided it was an early chance to start working on their tans. 

Our first stop was a flat rock bed where most of us pulled up. We stopped and got out for a few minutes to catch some sun and take a piss off in the nearby woods. After splashing around for a while and having a great time, we jumped back in our canoes to continue downstream. 

The water rate increased and gave us more fun while going through some small rapids. We drifted along until Kris decided to stand up in the canoe. He didn’t tip the canoe over but lost his balance and went into the water. The water was just head high but he came up holding his shin. Looking down there was a nice bloody scrape. I could hear him and Colt arguing about it with Colt saying he got what he deserved. 

We arrived at the end and were probably out on the river about two and half hours. It was great with us making it a really fun time. Near the end, it was a game of seeing who could splash the others the most. I did well and soaked Myles while they got Corey soaked. Also it was a game to see who could flip the canoes while getting out. Since we were wet, it didn’t matter. Jess sent their canoe over and flying with Brad caught underneath it for a second. 

We were back at the campsite and started changing into something dry, along with grabbing whatever food we could get our hands on before tonight’s main course, which would be sandwiches and chips since it was easy to make. Most of us commented on the sun we got on our bodies with Shawn and Ethan pretty red. 

It was time for a few pictures for the first time on the trip. I loved snapping pictures of all my friends as they sat casually. Some would mug for the camera while others were natural. 

After we snacked, Corey grabbed my hand and lifted me out of my comfy chair. He said he wanted us to take a walk. I didn’t mind and left out to go explore the woods. Just as we made it to the road, Garrett and Brennan came running up to us. 

“Hey, care if we join ya?” Brennan asked.

“Not since you ran up to catch us,” Corey commented.

We hit the first trail and set off. This surely wasn’t what Corey had in mind when he grabbed my hand. We took a turn off the dirt trail and found a nice open spot with a few large rocks to sit on.

“Okay what is it?” Corey asked Garrett and Brennan.

“I’m ready to come out,” Brennan replied. “No more bullshit about being bi. Dudes, I am… I am gay.”

“See that wasn’t so hard,” Garrett said to Brennan and pulled him close.

We sat there for a second. “I wanted to tell you first and see if you think I’ll catch flack over my announcement. Garrett and I have been dating for the past two weeks, but hell, I knew way before then I wasn’t any more bi than you two. It was a cop out. First I had to admit to myself I was gay before I could tell anyone else. Now, I’m ready for everyone to know.”

I smiled, “Garrett, does that sound familiar to you?”

“Yes. Except I didn’t say I was bi,” Garrett replied.

“Do you feel better now?” Corey asked.

“I do and I’m ready to tell everyone tonight,” Brennan said. “No more bi shit for me. I’m gonna admit who I really am…”

“You think Scott will too?” Corey asked.

Brennan shrugged his shoulders, “I don’t know if he is gay. I’ve seen how he looks at women. There’s still a desire I think for him.”

“He says he is bi but you couldn’t prove it by me other than his computer does have pictures of both,” Garrett added.

“Saying is one thing,” Corey commented. “He’s the one going from one guy to another.”

“What about Jess?” Brennan pondered. “He’s the last one I expected to show up with a guy.”

“I guess he’s leaning more toward gay these days too,” I said.

“Scott said he still gets with women and did a bunch over the summer,” Garrett said.

“So do you think things will change at all?” Brennan asked.

“I don’t think so,” I replied. “You are coming out to a bunch of accepting guys. Does Alex know?”

“He does. I told him before we left I was doing this…”

“And…” Corey said.

“He’s cool with it and sees how happy I’ve been with Garrett here,” Brennan said. “He said he was just waiting for me to tell him. Joe and Antonio don’t know, but I don’t care as much about them. You know Alex is one cool dude. It shocked the hell out of me when he and Bryson almost threw down that night, but he was drunk. I can mess with him…”

“So have you ever really messed with him?” Corey asked.

“I’ve tried like hell but he’s not going there again after he let me blow him last year on Spring Break. I don’t try now and respect his decision,” Brennan responded. “I’m really very happy now.”

“I have noticed Garrett has his smile back,” I said.

“I do, with nothing but love in me now,” Garrett said.

“I felt it last night too… all nine fucking inches of it,” Brennan said and kissed Garrett. “We’ll let you two be alone for a little while and thanks for hearing me out. I’ve been looking for the chance to tell the two that I really look to as a shining example of how gay guys should be.”

“Thanks, dude,” Corey said.

Brennan and Garrett stood and walked away with their arms around each other.

“They do look happy,” I said.

“I don’t know if you noticed but that Brennan is ripped. Did you see those cuts at his waist?” Corey asked.

“I did,” I said and felt his arm go around mine.

“Now to the reason I got your ass out here,” Corey said and covered my lips with his. 

We made out and enjoyed our time together. I could see Brennan and Garrett in the distance. No doubt Brennan was on his knees and sucking Garrett’s long cock. Corey saw it as well and slid his hand down my shorts. “You wanna?” he asked.

I pushed down my shorts and low rise briefs to expose my semi hard cock. I glanced over to see Brennan still sucking Garrett. Corey’s warm mouth and soft lips covered my cock. I put my hand on his head while he began sucking me. There was nothing better than the sun close to sunset and having my boyfriend suck my cock. I pulled him off for a kiss and didn’t have to push down his shorts for he had them around his ankles stroking his cock while sucking me. I got on my knees and began sucking Corey’s thick cock.

“OOO fuck yeah,” Corey moaned. “Garrett is now sucking Brennan’s dick.”

“MMMM,” I moaned and continued to bob up and down. I pulled off, caught a glimpse of the other two in action and continued to service him. He grabbed my head and pushed me down further. His cock was stretching my mouth to the fullest, like always, I loved it. He gently face fucked me. 

“OOOO fuck,” Corey said and pulled out. He turned and shot his load on the rocks. I kissed him while he finished and felt his hand on my cock. I grunted and blasted my load over the same rocks, letting my seed mix with his. We sat down and waited for Brennan and Garrett to reappear. 

They came back with smiles on their faces. “Nothing like this shit, huh?” Brennan said with his shorts very low now.

“Hell no,” I said.

“Perfect for me,” Garrett said. “I saw you two sucking as well.”

“Fuck yeah, after we saw y’all sucking each other,” Corey laughed.

“Are we ready to head back?” Brennan asked.

“I wanna explore just a little more, then we can,” Corey said.

We found the trail again. Corey took my hand while Brennan took Garrett’s in his. We continued along talking until making the short loop in this very nice setting. We exited the nice trail and headed across toward our site. The camp was vacant so we took a seat and waited. I did notice clothes scattered here and there with their wet shorts gone.  

We saw them coming back in force. Kris was leading the way and was still wet. 

The loudest in the group were Ted and Myles. I don’t believe I had ever seen Ted smiling as brightly as he was or laughing like he was. They were acting like kids who were having the best time. 

“Bro, y’all missed it,” Kris said. “Ethan and Cody started saying how Ted and Myles weren’t shit and they could out do them any day…”

“We still can,” Ethan said, dripping wet.

“You don’t want any more of me,” Ted said.

“Bring it, bitch,” Ethan said before running off with Ted right behind him.

“It looks like we did miss it, but why is everyone wet?” Brennan asked.

“Oh, those two pricks said they could hold their own, especially in the water, like some dynamic duo. So it was fucking on,” Myles said.

“Man, you should have seen them go at it down in the river,” Brad said.

“Damn,” Corey said. “I think we did miss it.”

“It’s a shame Bishop’s place doesn’t have more room,” Shawn said.

“We can fit everyone who wants to go. Hell we had eight before,” Bishop said.

“Ted has promised Reese, plus I heard Ethan and Cody say they had something going on this week as well,” Myles stated.

“Thirteen of us is pushing it,” I said. 

“Hey, it is a lake house. We’ve had more than that on the Fourth before,” Bishop said.

Ted came walking back with Ethan in a strong hold under his arm.

“Mr. Fucking All American is fast as hell, even bare footed, plus the dude is strong as I don’t know what,” Ethan said with Ted holding him.

“Damn right I am. I didn’t get that honor by being slow as molasses like your stupid ass,” Ted joked and released Ethan. 

“I see why these dudes clamor to be around you. You’re cool as fuck though,” Ethan said and shook his reddish hair. “You may be dumb as shit but still cool.”

Ted acted like he was going to back hand Ethan before laughing. We broke out the fixings for sandwiches and began eating. This time we crammed in the two concrete picnic tables. Everyone seemed happy and excited, especially Ted, Myles, Ethan and Cody. They were soaking it all in.

As we were eating, the ranger pulled back up and started walking our way with a young guy trailing him. “Come on, Alex. He won’t care,” the ranger said. I suppose it was his son. He was tall, dark haired with a nice build in his high school team sleeveless shirt with Spartans written on it. 

“Hey, wassup?” Kris stood and said.

“Oh Alex didn’t believe me,” the ranger said. 

“I take it you’re here to see our rock star?” Kris said.

“No, just Ted,” the ranger said.

Ted stood from the table, “How’s it going?”

Alex’s eyes got big, “Dang, you’re a big dude.”

“Thanks. You aren’t no small thing yourself. What grade are you in?”

The ranger spoke up, “He’ll be a sophomore later this year and started at outside linebacker this year. You got any tips for my boy?”

“Stay dedicated and never stop believing you can do it. I was about your size when I was in the tenth grade, maybe even a little smaller,” Ted said.

“My forty time sucks,” Alex said.

“Keep working at it and it will improve,” Ted said.

“I hate to ask, but would you care to sign our hats for us?” the ranger asked.

“Nick,” Kris said to the ranger. “Myles here will be starting safety next year.”

“I hope so,” Myles said from the table.

“Okay, will you both sign it?” the ranger asked. “Boy, do you play too?” he asked Corey.

“No sir, I don’t. Just those two,” Corey laughed.

The ranger pulled out a pen for Ted and Myles to sign the two caps. Alex pulled out his phone and asked for a picture as well. Ted was hesitant since he was shirtless but Alex didn’t care. They posed for pictures for both of them. They talked a little while longer. Finally the ranger asked how Kris knew his name. Kris pointed to his badge with the rest of us laughing. 

“Alex, I guess we better leave them alone,” Nick said.

“Okay. It was nice meeting ya,” Alex said.

“If you want, you’re more than welcome to hang around with us while Mr. Nick goes on a few more patrols,” Kris said.

“Really? You’d let me hang with y’all?”

“Sure, if your Dad will let ya,” Kris said.

“Of course, maybe Ted’s talent will rub off on you, son. I’ll be back just after dark,” Nick said and headed off to patrol.

Alex joined us and seemed rather star struck at the moment. 

“This is just great, now Ted’s head will be that much bigger,” Ethan joked.

“Boy, you want some more of me?” Ted said.

“Fuck yeah, I can handle it,” Ethan commented with Alex laughing.

“Y’all are killer. I posted the picture on Facebook and have got five comments already,” Alex said and showed us. 

“Would someone explain to me what I’m missing here?” Brad asked.

We explained to him about Ted and Myles and the love of football in our area. Jordy didn’t understand either and just thought Ted and Myles were big guys like the others. He smiled and continued to talk with Scott and Brad. Alex was grinning ear to ear and started asking Ted and Myles question after question. They answered each one with us sitting around and listening. A few asked Alex a few questions about his life. Finally his dad came driving back up and honked. Alex shook their hands and went running off to go back with his dad.

“There goes Ted five years ago,” Colt said.

“Yes, it was,” Ted stated.

“Damn, you are just too fucking nice, you know that?” Kris said.

“Hey, I try to be. Now where were we?” Ted asked.

“I think we were finished eating and need to clean up,” I replied. We pitched in and had the place clean just as it was turning dark. Most of us decided to call home or send text messages to let our loved ones know how things were going. I called Mom to tell I was okay and doing fine while I assumed Kris and Colt were on the phones with their girls. Soon, can after can was being opened while we started another fire. 

Brennan stood up, “Hey, can I have everyone’s attention?”

“You got it, bro,” Kris said with a beer in his hand.

“Ummm… you know we are all such good friends here. I need to say that I haven’t been truthful with y’all. I’m… uuummm… gay. No bi shit,” Brennan said.

“So?” Colt asked and shrugged his bare shoulders.

“Well, I wanted you to know,” Brennan said.

“Seriously, who gives a fuck?” Kris asked us. “Brennan, you are what you are.”

“I was lying to all of you. Yes, I was with girls, but I knew I was gay. It was my way of…”

“Dude, you don’t have to explain it to us,” Colt said. 

“So is everyone cool?” Brennan asked.

“We’re cool, and that doesn’t change one thing,” Kris said. “Scott, are you next?”

“I’m still bi and not gay. I get what Brennan is saying though. It is brave of you to admit that you were living somewhat of a lie, but we pretty much knew,” Scott said.

“Ummm… that was easy,” Brennan said.

“So we take it you and Garrett are an item?” Shawn asked.

“We are,” Garrett said.

Kris laughed, “Okay, who is coming out next year on spring break? Garrett did it last year.”

Bishop laughed, “You Kris!” We all busted out laughing.

“Boy, there for a while I thought I was heading in that direction, but Megan turned my shit around,” Kris stated. 

“I’ll say,” Myles said. “Kris, you scored big time there.”

“We need to hook you and Ted up,” Colt said.

“Me too,” Shawn said.

“Me as well,” Cody said. “My ass hasn’t got laid in months.”

“We thought you and Ethan were getting last night,” Brennan joked.

“Bitch, that was you and Garrett… no, you probably heard Ethan snoring,” Cody said.

“Or Ted,” Myles said and pointed.

“You’re one to talk,” Ted joked. “Y’all know what we really need to do is get Myles and Matt here drunk off their asses.”

“I know that shit is right,” Shawn said. “I always hear about the epic night at Scott’s house.”

“Let me tell ya, Matt, my boy, was fucking plastered,” Scott said.

“I was, but never again,” I said.

“Myles, how come you don’t drink?” Bishop asked him.

“For one, I don’t like the taste. Two, I hate the feeling in the morning,” Myles said.

“So you have been drunk?” Ted asked.

“Dude, you don’t know,” Myles said. “I used to get so fucking hammered each weekend when I was about that kid Alex’s age. I saw quickly where that shit was going and stopped. I’ve had just as much fun, if not more, by not drinking.”

“Makes sense to me,” Jess stated. “So you had a problem and knew it?”

“Exactly, plus I knew I was disappointing my parents,” Myles said. “You think you’re getting away with it but you’re not.”

“Ain’t that the truth?” Cody stated. “It’s pretty obvious when your older sister has to drag your drunk ass in the house when you’re sixteen.”

Kris laughed, “I see that hasn’t stopped you.”

“Nope,” Cody laughed and turned up his can.

“Kris used to hide his stuff under his floorboards,” I said.

“I still do, bro,” Kris joked. “They know now since they’ve seen it in our fridge.”

“College is for learning to drink and to experience wild sex,” Colt said.

“Plus expanding your vocabulary as well,” I laughed.

“Fuck yeah,” Shawn laughed.

“So is Jordy getting all of this?” Kris asked Brad.

“We’re trying,” Brad said.

“Bro, you don’t know what a big help you are,” Kris said.

“I enjoy it,” Brad stated. 

“Ask Jordy if he drank in high school,” Colt said. 

Brad signed it to Jordy. Jordy held up his beer and smiled before signing to Brad. “He said he did, but nothing like he does now.”

“Bro, I don’t think I’ve heard you or Cody say what your major is,” Kris changed the subject, speaking to Ethan.

“Mine is EE and Cody’s is architecture,” Ethan said.

“EE as in electrical engineering?” I asked.

“Right on,” Ethan said.

“Fuck!” Kris screamed. “Bro, those are some hard ass majors.”

“Amen to that,” Bishop said. “So how are y’all faring?”

“I got 3.75 so,” Cody said. “Ethan just has a 3.25.”

I was stunned to say the least. “Goddamn!” Colt shouted and summed up what appeared to be everyone’s feelings by the look on our faces. Kris almost spit out his beer that he had just swallowed.

“What’s the matter?” Ethan asked with his hands up. “We study our asses off during the week then party our asses off when the studying is done.”

“You had me fooled,” Shawn said. “You two are Matt and Scott’s league.”

“Yeah, but I’m not in engineering or architecture. Those are tough and require some major smarts,” I stated.

“They are, but well worth the effort in the end,” Cody stated.

“Bro, no wonder you don’t have time for women,” Kris stated.

“I know I’d make time though,” Ethan said. “I envy y’all that have girls, and even guys for that matter. I haven’t had one in a while.”

“I think I hear someone needing to get laid,” Jess stated. “Or have you?”

“I have for sure,” Cody said. “Ethan said he has too.”

“Dude, I told you about that one girl I had. One freaky little thang. In high school, we fucked wherever we could find. Parking lots, storage buildings… top that.”

Corey nudged me in the side. “Classrooms?” Corey asked. Kris and Colt started laughing.

“Matt, don’t tell me…” Ted said.

“Alright, I won’t then,” I smiled and walked over to grab a cold one since I hadn’t enjoyed one yet.

“Back when I was straight, I fucked girl on a roof at her house. Damn near fell off but you talk about hot,” Brennan stated.

“What? Last month?” Colt joked. “Damn we’re some kinky ass dudes.”

“Count me as one. Nailed a girl in the locker room after practice one day,” Ted stated.

“Give me some,” Myles stated with his hand up. “I fucking hammered this cheerleader on the fifty yard line in the middle of the summer. You talk about working up a sweat.”

Jordy raised his hand and signed to Brad and Scott. 

“Are you shitting me?” Scott asked. Jordy shook his head no. “Stud here says he fucked a guy in a cemetery.”

“Holy shit!” Shawn yelled. “He’s got some balls.”

“Big ones,” Jess stated. “I guess I’d have to go with fucking this whore in a store last summer. Fucking slut!”

“Yeah, it came back to bite Jess in the ass since there were cameras in the store,” Brad laughed as we all enjoyed a nice laugh about that.

I have to hand to Jordy, his adventure took the prize. We continued to sit around the fire telling stories and having a great time. It would be something etched in my mind for a while. A few overdid it such as Shawn, Kris, Ethan and Bishop, with Corey having a drunken smile all over his cute little face.

We ended the night by talking about tomorrow. It would be hiking the various trails. I hoped Corey and I could sneak off again and have more fun. If we didn’t, the tent action sure satisfied us as well as a few others nearby.


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