Posted:   March 26, 2012

Sunday, I was in my room and was up early. I woke when Corey did and went to shower with him. The night before, I made great hot love to this stud for quite some time until we fell asleep completely satisfied. In the shower, he returned the favor after I suggested he begin his work day right. He always was so gentle and made me feel so good when his thick cock was inside me. 

In my room, I organized all my school stuff and checked online to see what the week held for me. While staying with Dad, I had my laptop and was able to keep up with my work when he drifted off to sleep. It helped get my mind off what was right in front of me.

Exiting the room to grab some water, I heard a female groan and saw Colt look at me while he was fucking Andrea. I shut the door and knew it could wait, plus I could enjoy some tap water from our sink instead. 

Colt came to the door with his limp cock visible to me, “We’re done if you needed something.”

“I just thought you were still asleep, but I’m good now and got a drink from the sink.”

“Just checking,” Colt said and shut the door. 

I got up and went to see him and Andrea heading off to the bathroom. I stripped the bed and did see fresh stains, but my bed was in the exact same shape. With the bed back as a couch, Kris opened his door. “It’s only Matt,” Kris said, turning his head.

Megan walked out naked and was stunningly beautiful. She had a great body with great female curves similar to Andrea. She was a little thinner than Andrea. 

“Kris, don’t make her do this,” I said.

“I do want to, but it may take me a minute to get comfortable,” Megan said and sat down with Kris.

“If it makes it any easier Megan, I’ll put on some shorts,” I stated.

“Bro, let her see what Corey gets. So how are you doing this morning?”

“I’m making it and don’t think about it until someone mentions it. I know Dad will be with me forever, like Nathan is with you,” I said.

“Your ass is next for a tattoo,” Kris said and hit his tattoo on his chest.

“Maybe…” I commented.

“I think it is so sweet of Kris to do it. I think tattoos are really hot,” Megan said.

“Your brother thinks they are too,” Kris laughed with Colt and Andrea walking out to join us. 

“Megan, welcome to the group. How are you making it over there?” Andrea asked sitting with Colt.

“I’m all good over here. Nothing wrong with seeing hot guys naked,” Megan said.

“Tell me about it. Are their friends hot or what?” Andrea asked.

“Very hot if you ask me, but I scored the hottest guy around,” Megan said.

“Think again,” Colt joked. “Andrea knows who the hottest is.”

“Matt,” Andrea said and pointed at me. “His dick is the biggest and really just puts the punctuation point on his cute body over there.”

“You don’t have to say that to make Matty feel good,” Kris said.

“Kris, I have to agree with Andrea. Some of the hottest guys nowadays are hot since they care how they look. Once most straight guys get what they want they just let themselves go,” Megan said.

“Babe, you don’t have to worry about that shit happenin to me. Looking this great is my life,” Kris said.

“He knows it too,” Colt joked.

“So there’s no way we can talk you girls into coming with us at least for the weekend?” Kris asked.

“I told you I would but I have something planned,” Megan said.

“Me too, but I want to hear all the stories,” Andrea stated. “I really wanna hear if you and Colt hookup again.”

“So do I,” Megan said and looked at Kris.

“You don’t have to worry,” Kris said and pulled her close. 

“Well… I’m starting to see that you two are different,” Megan said. “Well, all four of you. These past two weeks I saw guys who were there for each other and really showed love for each other.”

“I think I saw more than four,” I said. “Everyone was beyond great to me and it’s why I wanted to do what I did last night.”

“Colt, you know one night were getting Matt’s little ass hammered again,” Kris stated.

“I know that’s right,” Colt said. “He deserves it, and probably needs it.”

I shrugged my shoulders, “Maybe. We’ll see what happens.”

We didn’t sit around much longer and soon dressed to eat. After eating, we headed to the Rec Center to work out with our crew and even the girls joining us. Everyone continued to ask how I was doing while we walked over. Corey let us in while manning the front desk and pulled me aside.

“After I get off, I want you and I to do a little shopping for the trip,” he said.

“Sounds great to me,” I said and walked briskly to catch up with the others. We did our thing with Kris as the leader showing us new exercises to break the monotony of the usual workout while the girls did their own thing. After a tough workout, a few that were on the basketball team went to shoot some hoops in preparation for the tournament that followed Spring Break. The team ended up having an easy run through the round robin part but knew they’d be tested in the tournament rounds forthcoming. 

Once Corey was off work, he and I headed out with Shawn, who wanted to go as well. Just outside the door, Corey said, “Mom and Larry send their condolences, but trust me I gave them an ear full for not showing up even one time.”

“It was fine,” I said.

“Hell no it wasn’t. They should have come once, but no they had other shit to do such as getting fucking plastered probably,” Corey said with great disgust. “Then she went on about me not coming home for Spring Break. I was going to, since we said we’d leave Friday and all go home, but not now, if that’s okay with you.”

“Of course it’s okay with me,” I said while getting in Corey’s car.

“Yeah, my Mom isn’t real happy either, but she understands now and is tickled to death how things are going,” Shawn said in the back seat.

“How are your grades holding up?” Corey asked, backing out.

“They are actually good so far,” Shawn replied. “So what are we getting?”

“For one, I’m getting a new tent. I know mine has seen better days and it smells like shit,” Corey stated with me nodding in agreement. “We could run to the mall and grab some new shorts too.”

“Fine with me. My tent will have to do and smells like shit too,” Shawn stated.

“Shawn, is anything going on between Jordy and Scott?” I asked.

“Ummm… if there is I don’t know about it. I’m not sure but I think Garrett may be giving Scott everything he needs,” Shawn replied.

“That guy…” Corey said.

We headed to a large sporting goods store and headed back to the outdoor section. Shawn quickly grabbed a large cooler and said his had seen better days. I about passed out seeing one brand of cooler was over three hundred bucks. Corey was searching around and found a nice six man tent, but we laughed, saying it would have to be six little kids to fit. It did look nice and big. We bought a few folding chairs and a light as well to end our time. Next we headed to the mall.  Corey wanted to grab a few nicer pairs of shorts. While there, Shawn tried on a few shirts. They were fitted and had Shawn tugging at them for room. Corey and I complimented how he looked so he grabbed one to see how he would like it. Corey bought some shorts while I grabbed a couple of tees that were on sale to complete our shopping experience. On the drive home, Ted called my phone and asked if I could spare some time to help him out. I agreed and said I would once we got back.

Ted was waiting on me and talking with Kris, Colt, Cody and Ethan when we walked in the door. Ted and I headed to my room to get down to business. Thankfully, his Econ class was at the same point as mine so I didn’t have much trouble helping him where he needed it. 

“Matt, you seem to be making it okay,” Ted said after we finished.

“I am, but I have been surrounded by everyone.”

“Yeah, y’all have something special going here…”

I pushed his big shoulder, “No, we… you’re a part of our group.”

Ted chuckled, “I guess I am. Hey, Myles and I are really looking forward to the trip.”

“I am too. Say, you should come with us to Bishop’s house too.”

“I don’t think so,” Ted said. “Going to a nude beach isn’t my type of fun. Now I can see Kris and the rest of you eating it up. Also, I promised Reese I’d hang around with him for the week.”

“Is there any reason Luke isn’t going?” I asked since Luke said earlier he was backing out.

“I wish I knew but that dude has been acting weird lately. He’s been in his own little world,” Ted said. “Also, don’t say anything but Myles’ parents have separated. He’s really tore up about it, you know, and really hates it.”

“Oh God, I’m sure he does,” I said.

We stood and left the room. Now Scott and Myles were a part of the group. “Bro, we’ve talked Myles in to going with us to Bishop’s house,” Kris said to us when he saw us entering the room.

“Dude!” Ted said and laughed while holding out his arms.

“Hey, what’s it gonna hurt?” Myles said. “I told ‘em my reason and they all know why.”

“I just hate it, Myles,” I said. “If you need anything let us know.”

“I will, but there’s not shit I can do about it,” Myles said. “I’m just thankful that I have somewhere to go over Spring Break. I’m not speaking to either one of them right now until something is resolved. They are acting like kids right now.”

“Bro, I’m with Matt. We’re all here for each other…” Kris said.

“Without a doubt. I saw how really great you were with Matt so I know if I need anything I have lots of fucking great guys I can turn to,” Myles stated. “Enough about the bad shit, I’m pumped up about the trip.”

“Hell yeah, dude. It’ll be a blast,” Colt said.

Before everyone left, we had decided that we could again drop our vehicles off at Colt’s rather than having all of us drive. Sure it would be out of the way on the return trip but we had no other choice. Colt did bring up that Chase and Tabor would be aching to go. We agreed they shouldn’t go, even though we knew they were no problem and had blended in well with our group. Everyone wanted it to be just us college guys with Jess joining us with a friend of his.

Monday, I was back in the room and watched Kris and Colt leave for their jobs. I waited for Shawn and Scott to go work out when I began playing with my phone. I looked and saw a really nice picture of Mom, Dad and I when she was here. I didn’t want to cry but the emotions overcame me at that moment. Shawn, Scott, Garrett and Brennan came to the door and saw my eyes blood red from crying. They knew I had been crying and comforted me. I just thought I was okay but I hadn’t really been alone that much.

Arriving at the Rec Center we found Jordy waiting for us. He was eager to join us. Through Scott, we did find out he had worked out before and wanted to get back to doing so. I was amazed still at how well Scott was able to communicate with Jordy. We worked hard as ever and showed Jordy we meant serious business. 

That night, I had lots of studying to get done. I had a test the next day and another the day after that. I holed up in my room and was able to concentrate, despite Mom calling me to check up on me. I hated being short with her but I had to and said I’d call later. 

I finished up about midnight just before Kris came in the room. He stripped down and did his thing before jumping on the mattress. I did the same and joined him.

“Are you okay? You were in here all night,” Kris said.

“I was studying, but I did have a brief moment earlier today.”

“I still have those,” Kris said and hit his chest. “I think everyone is fucking pumped for this weekend.”

“I’ll be glad when it gets here.”

“Me too. We thought last year was crazy…”

“Kris, I hope things don’t get that crazy. Remember you and Colt…” I said.

“Fuck yeah, I remember it with such fond memories, but this year is gonna be a different kind of crazy.”

“Please don’t tell me you plan on getting hammered every night,” I said.

“Well… it could happen, but you know me. If I get to horsing around, drinking takes a back seat. I’ll tell you who I’m really concerned about…”

“Ethan and Cody?” I asked.

“Those two, and Shawn. Have you noticed how drunk he’s been lately? Every time we drink he goes balls to the wall,” Kris replied.

“I have, but it hasn’t been that bad. Even when he does get drunk, he’s not wild or wants to fight like Bryson and Alex did.”

“I know that’s right, bro. I can’t wait to hit that nude beach and bronze this white hide,” Kris said pointing at his body.

“It’ll be different for sure, but we better take lots of sunscreen.”

“Hell yeah, bro, it would suck burning your ass, or worse, your dick,” Kris said.

“Yes, that would suck big time,” I laughed at him.

“Are you and Corey making it okay?”

“We are. Why do you even ask?”

“I was just checking and seeing how things were… you know, with your Dad passing away,” Kris said.

“Just so you know, it did interfere a little with our sex life but things are back on track and going great now. He’s coming home with me after we leave Bishop’s house and is pissed at his mom for not making an appearance when Dad died.”

“I wondered where they were. Do I have to even ask how come?”

“Corey thinks they were probably drinking and in no condition to come. I take it they really drink a lot now that he’s gone.”

“That’s sad. I like to drink but hope I never ever get in that condition where it interferes with life. Then you’re nothing but a fucking alcoholic,” Kris said.

“I agree, and hope none of us do,” I said. “Alright, now I wanna hear all about Megan and what you think.”

“Bro, things are going so great it is un-fucking-real. You saw how down she is with everything. So far, she hasn’t really dominated me or my time. I think she really enjoys being around all of us, especially Andrea, thanks to us being together a lot at the hospital.”

“So, has the desire diminished to be with guys?”

Kris laughed, “It has when she puts out. I will say it is not behind me or something I won’t do given the chance. Just here lately the chances have been nil.”

“Next week will be a big test,” I said.

“It will, but hey, she won’t be around,” Kris said. “That reminds me, I need to ask her to stay with me Thursday night.”

I laughed, “So you can hit that shit, huh?”

“Damn straight, bro. I need some pussy before I leave…”

“Then on to boy pussy for the next week,” I said smiling.

“Fuck yeah!” Kris said and pushed me in the chest. 

We talked just a little while longer before calling it a night. Kris slept on his side of the bed while I was on my side. I did miss someone to curl up next to, even if it was my best friend.

With my test being first thing, I was up early to go back over my notes before getting ready. After I finished showering, I woke Kris, who was in his zombie state. I had to hurry him up to dress so we wouldn’t be late. He dressed in his Polo shirt and jeans with a necklace he wore. I was casual as well with a long sleeve tee and jeans. 

My test was challenging and left me feeling uneasy leaving the room. I walked to my test class. I heard someone call my name and turned to see Jacob, my old boyfriend, standing there. We were only able to talk a brief moment before I headed to my next class with Ted.

I grabbed a bite after my class with Ted and headed to the room. I was still aware and on the lookout for my ‘stalker’ with Kris by my side. He threw up his hand numerous times to wave at various people he recognized.

“Tell me who you don’t know,” I said laughing.

“Bro, I didn’t know names but know their faces… the Rec Center,” Kris replied. “You found out you can’t have too many friends.”

“I’m with ya there,” I said.

We entered the room and dressed to head over to work out. Kris came out in his shorts and shredded tee. “You know some people just don’t get this addiction of ours. I have people ask me all the time how I stay so in shape,” Kris stated.

“We don’t sit around or eat junk food. It does make me feel great.”

“Plus look fucking hot as hell too,” Kris said. “All of Megan’s friends are amazed at me.”

“As well as they should be. We’ve worked hard over the past 2 years… damn it has been almost 2 years since we first started here. That’s hard to believe.”

“Bro, it sure is. Hasn’t this been the ride of your life? I’m not talking about riding Corey’s thick dick either.”

“Bro, it has been and I have you to thank,” I said and kissed his cheek.

“And I have you to thank as well for keeping me on track and grounded,” Kris said with Colt and Corey entering the room. Corey walked over and kissed me.

“Hey, where’s mine?” Colt asked.

I pointed at Kris. Kris laughed and walked over to give Colt a big kiss on the lips. “There are you happy?” Kris asked.

“I am,” Colt laughed.

The week was hectic for all of us. Everyone was busy with their classes with lots of work to be done before we adjourned for our Spring Break. The weather was cooperating, with no rain forecast for our camping week and slight chances for the reminder of the week. 

Thursday afternoon, Kris wanted everyone who was going to meet in the big room to coordinate things so we were on the same page. We had the following going with us: Me, Corey, Colt, Kris, Garrett, Scott, Shawn, Brennan, Ted, Myles, Cody, Ethan, Bishop, Jordy now, thanks to Scott asking, Jess, and his friend. Joe and Antonio were invited but had plans to return home for the break to be with their families since neither lived close. Luke had no explanation, however, other than he wanted to go home and enjoy the break. I really thought Toni, Bryson, Alex and Elise were going but they had backed out now, leaving a bunch of us guys to go and have fun.

Thanks to Scott and his great planning and mapping skills, we came up with a loose plan so we could be at the state park together, with a large group camp site reserved for the weekend. Scott printed out everyone’s cell numbers along with a map to the park. We made out a list of food so no one would have to fork over all the cash. There was a buzz with everyone excited about the trip and all the aspects it held, such as hiking, biking and even kayaking.  

“Guys… I won’t lie to ya. I’m rather excited about going with all of you,” Ted stated. “It sounds like it’s gonna be a blast.”

“Hell yeah, it will be,” Brennan said. “You should have been with us last year when our rich friends let stay at their beach house.”

“I’ll miss that, but this will be just as much fun,” Colt said.

“I’m telling ya next year we’re going on a cruise so you better have plans for that shit,” Kris stated.

“It’ll be our last one after we tear it up,” Shawn joked. “Just imagine all of us…”

“Stop talking about it,” Scott said. “We can worry about that next year. So does everyone have the plan of action?”

We all nodded and said yes before breaking up. “Everyone, thanks a million for letting us go,” Cody said. “Ethan and I do appreciate it.”

Jordy pointed at himself with Scott saying Jordy did as well.  

Kris walked over and put his arm around Jordy, “By the end of weekend, you can teach us more sign language. Bro, we’ll have a great time.”

Jordy smiled after Scott signed what Kris had said, but he was great at reading lips as well. I was happy that Jordy was going and liked how everyone treated Jordy as an equal, though it was rough to communicate with him. 

As we were heading out of the room, we saw Parker and Yancey coming down the hall. There was no avoiding them when they stopped Corey and me.

“So what was going on in there?” Parker asked.

“We were talking about our trip,” Corey said with me holding my breath.

“That’s cool. Yancey and I are heading to the lake for the week, after our trip to the beach got squashed, plus Yancey doesn’t live too far from there,” Parker said.

“So, what lake?” I asked.

He gave a name that had no meaning to me. “You know the one with the nude beach? I figure Yancey and I will be spending a little time there and checking things out,” Parker stated.

“We’re staying at Bishop’s lake house during the week. It has to be the same lake since there aren’t many with nude beaches,” Corey said.

“Dude, call us and we’ll meet you there for sure. I hate to say this but I love it there,” Yancey said.

“Since you’ve been there, fill us in on what to expect,” I said.

“Well… it’s just a bunch of rocks in this one part with a sandy beach right when you walk in,” Yancey said.

“You know I think they wanna know about the getting naked part,” Parker said.

“That’s cool as hell, dude. You park and once inside you strip, kind of like your room,” Yancey chuckled. “Seriously, everyone is pretty nice there and cool about shit. The gay part is on the far end.”

“Is there a bunch of old farts?” Corey asked.

“There usually is, but I think since it is spring break there will be some younger people. You just never know,” Yancey said and went on a little more about the nude beach and what we could expect. 

“Okay, so I guess we’ll see you there one day during the week next week,” I said.

“Don’t forget about us cause I’d love see all of them naked,” Parker said.

“Just come to our room and you might get lucky,” Corey laughed while we walked away. 

We entered the room to find Colt on his phone and walking back and forth as he talked. It was a quite animated conversation. Corey and I figured out he was talking to Chase and denying him the chance to go with us. He ended the call, “See your ass, bitch!”

“Ummm... that was Chase, huh?” Corey asked.

“Fuck yeah and he pissed me off. I told him there was no way he and Tabor could go and then he wanted to fucking argue with me,” Colt said.

“We knew that would happen,” I commented.

“I did too, but he has to understand this time I don’t want him around,” Colt said. “I love the dude to death but I want to have my time without him around. I was nice and told him that he and Tabor could come after we got back on Thursday at the end of their spring break.”

“He ought to be happy with that,” Corey said.

“Corey, you need to ask JJ to come back and see us again,” Colt said.

“I plan on it. I would have asked him to join us but his break is the following week. You know ours is really kind of early compared to everyone else’s,” Corey said.

“I noticed that last year but things won’t be so crowded,” Colt said.

“Yancey just gave us the run down on the nude beach…” Corey said.

“I just knew you’d opened your mouth and invited them to camp with us. If you had, it would be cool. They are cool dudes. Yancey’s a little crazy. He was giving those machines hell when they weren’t paying off. I still hate it you missed our trip. I tried to enjoy it but I really couldn’t, not knowing what was going on…”

“We’ll go sometime. Now that Kris is tight with Megan it could be just us,” I said.

“Good luck sneaking out without everyone else wanting to go, especially Bryson. That dude absolutely loves to gamble,” Colt said. “So what did Yancey say about the beach?”

“He said it was cool,” I replied.

“I know Kris is pumped as hell about it but I don’t know. I like being naked around people I know but not strangers! I just don’t want some old dude looking at my shit…”

“How about some hot guy?” Corey asked.

“Now I could go for that alright, as long as he’s hanging low…” Colt laughed. “Won’t Garrett be an attraction, not to mention the rest of us? I’m surprised Myles would even agree to go.”

“I am too,” Corey said. “We’ve seen him one time naked. The guy is built, but so are we.”

“Damn straight we are. Now that I think about it we will draw a crowd if nothing else to see how fucking cut up we are,” Colt said with Kris and Megan entering the room. “Here’s Mr. Nudist himself in the flesh.”

“I’m here,” Kris said. “So are you assholes talking behind my back?”

“We were and talking about how you don’t think your shit stinks anymore,” Colt joked.

“I know for a fact it does. It takes hard work to look this good, bros,” Kris said. 

“Kris, I’ve never heard you brag like this. Around my friends, when they said something about how built you were, you were almost embarrassed,” Megan said. “I wanted to show him off but he won’t let me pull up his shirt and show off his great abs.”

Kris came out of his shirt, shook his head with hair flying all around and laughed, “Is this better?”

“For me it is,” Megan said. “You’re different around these guys.”

“Normally Kris doesn’t brag unless it’s around us,” I said. “Corey and I got the low down on the beach.”

“And…” Kris perked up.

Corey and I told him all we knew with Kris sitting on the edge of the couch and hanging on every word. “Bros, I’m fucking stoked about it. It will be the highlight of the trip.”


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