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Updated Characters of the story!!

Our celebrity guests, Ted and Luke the football jocks, stayed until about 11 or so before leaving.  They said they had fun and left us.  Colt was beaming with the biggest smile ever.

“See Colt… they’re just like us,” Kris commented.

“They were really cool, especially Ted,” Bryson said.  “That dude is fucking huge.”

“Did you see the arms on Luke?” Corey said. “Those were some guns.”

Sitting next to Corey, I squeezed his arms, “These aren’t bad though.”

“Still nothing like his or Ted’s,” Corey commented but I could beg to differ since Corey’s arms were great size.

“Chase will really shit his pants when he hears that Ted Wilcox came down too.  That dude was Freshman All-American last year, All Conference and should have won Newcomer of the Year in the conference,” Colt said with enthusiasm in his voice. “I didn’t gush over them too much, did I?”

“Nah… not after Kris laid down the law,” Scott laughed.

“I had to or else they’d have left after five minutes,” Kris said.

About ten minutes later, it was down to just the four of us.  Colt had to have me download the pictures I had taken.  I did with the three looking over my shoulder.  After I finished, I had to email a few to Chase’s phone.  I posted a few on Facebook while Corey and Kris picked up the trash.  It wasn’t long after I emailed them Colt’s phone was ringing.  We had to laugh hearing Colt go on and on about his night. 

Kris was shaking his growing blond hair, “I knew who Ted was but I didn’t want to act like he was a big deal.  He was like the rest of us really.”

I smiled, “He liked you and thought you were funny, bro.”

Kris threw out his arms, “Well… who doesn’t?”

“Maybe Jacee,” Corey said.

“Fuck! I was supposed to have called her tonight,” Kris screamed.  He ran off to get on his phone. 

Monday, it was back to the reason we were here.  I wanted to get into a routine and have things settle down in my studies and especially in the room.  It had been a blast so far but the semester had really just started.  It was nice having people I knew in all three classes on Mondays and now I only had one class where I didn’t know anyone.  It does make it more enjoyable. 

Tuesday, my day started with my class with Alex in Econ, which promised to be rough.  Barely seated, Ted came and patted me on the shoulder along with telling me what a great time he had.  Alex was looking at me the entire time.  After class, Ted walked up and started talked to me again before running off with one of his friends.

“Matt, do you know who that was?” Alex asked.

“Yes or else he wouldn’t have been talking to me,” I replied.

“The dude is fucking awesome!”

“In case you didn’t hear, he and Luke came to the room Sunday night.”

“I thought Drew and Brennan were pulling my leg.  Shit, I missed it!”

“They live on our hall so surely you’ll see them sometime,” I said.

“I hope so.  They must be some kickin dudes,” Alex commented.

“They are,” I said.  I said goodbye and headed to my next and last class of the day.  I loved Tuesdays and Thursdays with only two classes even though they were long.  A bonus about those two days was also that Corey was off.  I found him after my class for us to grab something to eat before we headed off to the dorm. 

That night, Corey and I were enjoying a quiet evening with Kris and Colt gone to be with their girls.  We were interrupted by Toni but didn’t mind at all.  Then came Scott, Shawn, Alex and Drew.  We were cutting it up like we normally did when we heard a knock.  I opened it and saw Ted and Luke standing there in their tees and shorts.

“Come on in,” I greeted them.  I introduced them to the rest of us. 

“What happened to Kris?” Ted asked.

“He’s out with this girl,” Scott replied. “Now don’t leave just because the life of the room isn’t here.”

Luke laughed, “We won’t. We had to get away from our roommates for a minute.”

“That bad, huh?” Corey said with the two grabbing a chair.

“The roommates from hell is how we see it.  It’s nothing for us to walk in on them banging a girl.  You think both would have learned by now but no they haven’t.  Both their sorry asses have a kid already,” Ted said. “They both smell like shit too.”

“Do y’all not have a shower?” Toni asked.

“Oh, they think it’s cool to come back to the room after practice and not shower,” Luke said. “Makes me sick.”

“They’re always on the damn phone, either talking or texting someone.  Here I thought I was on mine a lot but I’m nothing compared to Vic and Simone,” Ted said in his deep voice.  He pulled out his can and put in a dip.  He did have the courtesy to ask if we cared.  We laughed and said we were used to it.

By now, I could see Alex squirming, not quite as excited as Colt was he was but still in awe.

The two jocks sat there with us and joined right in our conversation.  We brought up our parents and started talking about them.  I noticed how quiet Ted had become. 

“So Ted, are your parents at every game like Luke’s?” Alex asked since we talked a little about football but only in passing.

“No, my mom passed away when I was fourteen.  Dad came last year when he could,” Ted said. “My brother and sister don’t miss a game.”

“His dad passed away this summer,” Luke said with Ted teary eyed.

“You don’t know how hard that is,” Ted stated.  “He got sick this past winter but I was sure he would pull through it like he always did.  You see I was a mistake and my parents had me late in life after having two other kids.”

Luke said, “He has a nephew that is a senior this year.”

“That must be weird,” Drew said.

“No weirder than finding out he was gay,” Ted said.  I knew all eyes were on me and Corey then.

“How did you take that?” Scott asked.

“Better than I did my dad passing away.  I don’t have a problem with it,” Ted said. “Found out last week one of my best friends in high school just came out too.”

“They are everywhere,” Luke said.

“Yes, they are,” Scott said.

“Yeah but who cares?  They are who they are,” Ted stated.   Now, I really liked this big guy.

Everyone stayed around until about eleven or so. Neither Corey nor I told them we were gay though we had a great opening to do so.  I knew in time they would find out or figure it out.  Everyone was barely gone when Kris came in.

“So did you just sit here or what?” he asked.

“Yeah we just sat here and made out all night,” Corey said.

“No one came down, huh?”

“Nope,” I replied. “Since you’re not here, why would they come down?”

Kris smiled, “That’s what I thought.”

Colt came in while Kris and I were talking in our bed.  He had to come join us.  By now, I had told Kris we had visitors and who they were.  Colt talked along with us but mostly about his time with Andrea.  He said he didn’t get laid but got in a lot of making out just as Kris said as well.

As the week progressed, we began making plans for Chase’s arrival along with the first football game of the year.  We asked about Kris’s parents coming in for the game but they weren’t going to make it this weekend but would be in later. 

Also, at every chance, the guys were out practicing for the upcoming flag football year.  While they were away, it allowed me to get things organized plus talk on the phone with Mom.  I was still waiting on Dad’s call so we could continue our visits like last semester.

Friday afternoon of our Labor Day weekend, Kris and Colt came back into the room covered in sweat from practicing.  Both were excited for they had found a quarterback in the mix.  It was some guy I didn’t know but naturally Kris had met him along the way.

“Colt, when’s Chase and Tabor coming?” I asked.

“Oh I figure about ten or after.  They had some practice game tonight,” Colt said.

“I had no idea Chase played football,” I stated.

“He is this year and didn’t wanna feel left out.  I reckon he is getting a little playing time.  I hate to admit this but he’s a better athlete than I am.  He can run like a deer,” Colt said.

“We’ll have to catch a game of his sometime,” Kris said.

“Definitely,” Colt said and left to shower. 

“Damn Matt, this has been awesome so far,” Kris said and put his sweaty arm around me.  “I really can’t thank you enough.”

I smiled, “It has, hasn’t it?  I don’t think one person can say a word about us staying in the dorms.”

“I know that’s so right, bro,” Kris said.  “You wanna have a little fun?”

“Kris!” I shouted.

“No, not that shit!  We need to fuck with Colt in the shower,” Kris said.

He told me the plan.  It was rather juvenile but it couldn’t hurt Colt.  We quietly walked and eased open the bathroom door.  Steam was filling the bathroom.  Kris moved over and yanked opened the door.  We both started pissing with Kris covering Colt’s naked body with his urine.  I hit Colt’s feet.

“GODDAMN!” Colt screamed.  “It’s not fucking funny!”

Kris and I were about doubled over laughing with the look of utter surprise with our urine covering his body.  Colt bolted from the shower and raced after us soaking wet.  He caught me and tackled me to the ground.  I was laughing so hard.  I felt a warm stream hit my shirt.  Kris came over and pulled Colt off of me.  He turned and pissed all down Kris’s leg. 

“Got you sorry fuckers back!” Colt laughed.   I was soaking wet with Kris still laughing but had piss running down his leg.

“Damn you drowned Matt’s ass,” Kris said laughing.

With the piss smell getting to me, I stripped off my clothes.  “Now I need a shower.”

Kris laughed, “We both need one.”

“Okay, I guess we can shower together then,” I said without thinking.

“OOO Corey will be jealous as hell,” Colt commented still wet.  “First though, let me grab a towel.”

Kris and I let him grab his towel.  We stepped into the running water together after locking the door.  Quickly I wondered what I was doing showering with Kris.  He grabbed the soap and began lathering up my front side first before I turned around to let him wash my back.  He was washing my back and reached around to grab my cock.  I turned and looked at him with his hand leaving my cock. 

“I couldn’t resist,” he blurted out and knew why I had turned around.

“Just stop it right now,” I said with water hitting my back.  “I was going to wash you but not after that stunt.”

“I’m sorry.  Please… at least wash my back and get all the dirt off of it,” Kris stated in the sweetest tone.  “If you want, you can play with my dick all you want.”

“I really don’t think so but I will wash your back.  No funny business.”

“Alright,” he said.  Scrubbing his very taut body was a thrill but I didn’t want him to know.  Turning around and seeing his well defined back and hot ass was a huge turn-on.  It took self control to do my duty despite laying the law down just minutes ago. 

We finished and turned off the water.  “Kris, you are unbelievable.”

“I’m sorry.  I really am.  The temptation was far too great.”

“Fool yourself all you want but you’re bi,” I stated.

Kris lowered his head, “I’m starting to realize it more and more.  If I was so fucking straight like I think I am, I’d never have touched your dick.”

Drying off, I said, “Kris, it’s okay with me if you are bi.  We can keep it between us.  Plus I don’t want Corey to know I even showered with you.”

“Okay,” he said. “I do love you like a brother.”

“I love you like a brother too.  Let’s keep it that way,” I said.

After we dressed, it was decided we would still tailgate even though Kris’s parents wouldn’t be coming.  We agreed we could tailgate in Kris’s SUV and Colt’s truck, thus we headed out to buy things needed.  It is always an adventure in a grocery store with those two.  It seemed nothing was off limits and they didn’t care who heard them.  We headed out with our basket filled with easy stuff to prepare before Kris headed to his store to purchase beer for the night.  He was successful again with three thirty packs in his big arms.

“Damn,” Colt commented.

“I know, bro, and she asked for ID too,” Kris said.

“You still were able to buy?” I asked.

“With a small tip, I was,” Kris laughed.  “Hell, I had to. I couldn’t let my boys down, could I?”

“I’d say we have plenty for a while,” I stated.

“For the three day weekend at least,” Kris laughed.

Once back with our food stored in my room to keep the scavengers away, we slowly had visitors.  The nicest part was everyone bringing their own drinks with Bryson making a haul again.  Soon our room was almost filled to capacity. 

“Seriously, we need to play some drinking games or something,” Brennan said. “Surely someone knows a fun one we can all enjoy.”

A few random ideas were thrown out for us.  Bishop spoke up at the end, “This may be too much but how about ‘Flip, Sip or Strip’?”

“What the hell is that?” Colt asked.

Bishop gave the rules.  It sounded simple enough for us with the girls agreeing to play as well.  The rules were calling a flipped coin in the air.  You call right, you pass the coin right.  You miss; you either drink or strip one article off but never the same twice in a row plus pass the coin to the left.  We laughed yet agreed the game could be fun.  We waited patiently for Corey until he arrived toting a 24 pack in a big paper sack. 

“Dude, where’d you score the brews?” Colt asked.

Corey smiled, “Hell I figured Kris could buy so why not give it a try?  It was as easy as buying at home.”

“You didn’t get carded?” Kris asked.

“Nope,” Corey replied.

“Fuck, I did earlier but I still bought,” Kris laughed.

We told Corey our game after he was settled in for a few minutes.  By now, Kris, Colt and a few others had gone to put on socks and shoes for our little game.   We said we’d get started since Chase and Tabor were still an hour away. 

Megan, a girl that had been hanging out with us with short blond hair but not the greatest figure ever, suggested, “How about a small modification to the rules?  How about two drinks in a row and then strip?”

“Damn,” Colt laughed.

“Yeah that sounds better,” Toni said. “We know guys don’t care about stripping down but girls are different.”

“Unless you’re around each other,” Kris said. “I know girls do too.  I’ve been around when a girl got a boob job.  All the girls around her just had to see.”

The four girls laughed. “Okay, he’s right there but knowing you guys this was the plan the entire time,” Toni said. “Nothing but a bunch of horny guys dying to see female flesh.”

“Yeah, all but Matt and Corey over there,” Colt laughed, then the others with Corey and I laughing as well.

“They’ll get to see more guy flesh than girls,” Megan said laughing.

“There are a few of the guys I wanna see butt naked,” Morgan stated.

“Hell, all of us wanna see you butt naked,” Kris stated loudly.

We pushed the furniture back to the walls to give us more room.  Twelve of us, eight guys and four girls, sat in a big circle with our drinks nearby in cups.  It was determined the loser would have to down a third of a cup in one swig.  Kris stood, went first and called heads.  The coin hit the floor and came up heads.  He passed it to Scott.  Scott called tails and got heads.  He grabbed his cup and downed it.  He passed the coin to Kris, who again called the correct side.

“You know the object is to get Matt fucking wasted again,” Colt said.

“Yeah, we all wanna see him drunk as hell,” Shawn said.  Shawn’s girl, Terra, had gone home for the weekend so Shawn was really enjoying his time with us as he always did.

By the time, it got around to me; Scott was the only one to have lost so the percentages weren’t on my side.  I called tails and saw heads.  They laughed while I downed the beer in one drink.  I had to pass it to my left where Toni called wrong, thus it was back to me.  I called wrong again but came out of my shirt.  I’ll be damned if she didn’t call wrong again so I finally called right and got to pass it to Corey. 

We were having such a great time when Colt’s phone began ringing.  We could hear him giving directions and said he’d met his brother and friend to let them inside.  We stopped and took a brief break with Bishop following Colt out for a smoke.   At the time, no one had lost more than one article of clothing so we were decent.  One nice thing about the game was it did deter some of the drinking with all eyes on the person flipping the coin.  Sure we were a little loud especially when one lost but our new walls were well insulated against sound, which was really nice.

With Colt, Bishop, Chase and Tabor walking in the room, Morgan spurted out, “They are so cute.”

“Thanks girl,” Colt said and laughed.

“No, your brother, I have no doubt which one that is, and his friend,” Morgan said.  If Chase and Tabor weren’t smiling big enough before, they really were now.   They sat their bags down in their stylish Polos shirts and shorts with Tabor in flip flops while Chase had on tennis shoes.  Both had on necklaces.

“Are we letting them play too?” Toni asked.

“Sure, unless they don’t want to,” Kris replied.

“I’m in,” Tabor said making his spot in the floor.  “Colt filled us in on the way up.”

“Yeah, we’re here to get wasted,” Chase said.

“No doubt he’s Colt’s brother,” Bishop stated.   We talked about our trip to their land before resuming our game.

As the game and night progressed, we were having a great time.  A few like Colt and Kris were cheating with extra beer but no one cared.  Kris so far had been the luckiest much to his dismay.   The guys were excited with Megan was the first to lose her bra.  She was just drunk enough not to care but had Tabor and Chase’s eyes bulging out of their heads.

“Damn dude, this is the college life alright,” Tabor commented.

“Trust me.  It’s not like this every night,” Colt laughed.  “Hell, I’m just as excited.”

One more round and we had our first guy naked, Brennan.  He too was just drunk enough not to care either and loved showing off his big uncut cock.  I think he impressed the girls.  After another round, we called it quits.  I was thankful for I was down to my boxers and had taken two drinks so my boxers would have been next.  We sat around and kept drinking with Kris and Colt downing them left and right with Bishop and Shawn. 

It was well after two thirty before everyone vacated our room.  Kris and Colt were pretty blitzed by the end but I was feeling no pain either.  We did our best to pull out the sofa bed for our two visitors.

“Chase, don’t fuck Tabor like Bishop did his girl on this last weekend,” Colt said and was holding on to Kris for balance.

“If he does, some dude’s getting his ass beat,” Tabor said.

“Colt, I thought you were friends with Luke and Ted.  Where are they?” Chase asked.

Colt laughed, “Bro, they have to be away the night before a game.  You can’t perform worth shit the next day drunk or after you fucked a girl.”

“I didn’t know that,” Kris said.

“Yeah, you can’t do well if you fuck the night before…”

“No, the part about them having to stay away.  Here I wanted to ask them to come down and join us,” Kris laughed.

We said good night with Corey and me heading to my room.  Corey didn’t drink that much and watched over me during our time.  I fell on the bed and was out before he turned out the lights. 

With my head pounding the next morning, Saturday, I grabbed my boxers and left to find some aspirin or something to relieve the pain.  I opened the door and found Chase and Tabor on the couch watching TV in their boxers and showing off their cute teen tanned bodies.

“Hey Matt,” Chase said.

“Dude, y’all are the coolest guys ever,” Tabor stated. “Maybe better than that weekend.”

“Well… thanks,” I said and found the aspirin.  I drew a glass of water and downed three aspirins.

“Matt, Tabor and I need to apologize to you and Corey about last night,” Chase said.

I turned and walked their way, “About what?”

“Dude, we have a really bad habit of saying fag or faggot,” Tabor replied. “We know it offends you two and are sorry about that.”

“Don’t worry about it but I do appreciate that you realize that it is offensive…”

“We know.  You and Corey aren’t faggots.  We can see that.  Heck, if I didn’t know, I’d have never guessed.  You really don’t show it that much,” Tabor said. “You’re different, in a good way, from this gay guy at our school…”

“I know what you’re talking about.  They want you to know they’re gay.  I’m proud of the fact but I don’t want people to know the second I enter a room or open my mouth.  Sure my piercing don’t help or this new tattoo but I enjoy them,” I explained.

“Hell, a bunch of guys have piercings nowadays.  I actually want a few myself once I get out of the house.  My dad is the type that thinks only gay guys get piercings,” Tabor laughed.

“I’m about to bust a gut to get some ink,” Chase stated.  “I don’t think Dad or Mom will care…”

“I think Colt set the precedent for you,” I smiled at him.  “It’s an expression and the fad now.”

“Tell us about it,” Tabor said. “Heck, there are a bunch of guys that have them already at our school, especially the black guys.  I don’t get that either.  You can barely see them…”

“Yeah one guy is so dark you can’t see his,” Chase laughed. “Any way, we’re sorry about saying fag.”

“It’s okay,” I said.  “Now are y’all excited about the game?”

“Well yeah,” Chase said with excitement.  “I really wanna meet Ted and Luke more than anything.  Do you think we will?”

“Yeah, me too.  Ted is really bad ass. We have to get our picture taken with them after how we bragged at school,” Tabor stated. “Are they as cool as Colt says they are?”

I smiled, “Actually they may be even cooler.  I have Ted in a class…”

“Wow! How cool is that?” Chase exclaimed.

“Guys, remember one thing.  They are students here just like Colt and the rest of us.  I’m sure they’ll love having you take a picture but don’t gush over them like Colt did,” I said.

“We’ll remember that and try not to but you don’t get how cool it is to know a real live college player,” Tabor said.  “It is every person’s dream who plays high school football to be like them.”

Thinking about what Tabor said, it clicked with me why Colt and Alex were in awe of them.  They had played football and had the same dream but their talent didn’t allow them to continue.  I suppose in their eyes the two were big stars.


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