Posted:  March 18, 2012

Seeing the very nice ring, I let out all my emotions. I was crying harder than ever before while Corey was doing his best to slip the ring on my finger. 

“I love you…” I wailed out.

“I love you too,” Corey said and then turned to Kris, “I take it he likes it?”

Once the ring was on my middle finger since it was too large for my ring finger, I bolted to my room crying louder than I thought possible. Corey, Kris, Scott and Shawn were right behind me, I think. Corey grabbed me and held me close.

“Bro, what’s the deal?” Kris asked.

I let out the loudest cry. I continued to cry on Corey’s shoulder. I knew I had to get a grip on things. I finally stopped crying and looked at Corey, “The ring is just way too much.”

“I knew you’d say that. It’s my promise to you, but not an actual engagement ring, you know? You can thank Colt for the idea,” Corey said.

“It’s just so beautiful,” I said with tears still running down my face, seeing the beautiful metallic ring. Scott handed me a tissue to wipe and blow my nose along with wiping my eyes. “I got horrible…” I couldn’t say it.

“Oh hell!” Kris said and almost knocked Corey over to grab me. “Bro, what is it?”

“My dad…” I said and shut my eyes. “My dad is eaten up with cancer.”

Kris and Corey gave me the biggest hug ever. I looked at both of them and saw tears running down their faces. Scott came over and gave me a hug too. We shared a big hug together and it barely registered that Shawn had walked out of the room.

“So how long?” Scott asked.

I tilted up one shoulder, “Maybe six months if we’re lucky.”

Shawn came back in the room, “I’m sorry but I had to step out. I hate this. I did call Colt since I knew he’d wanna know.”

The words were barely out of his mouth when the door opened quickly. Colt came running in the bedroom. 

“His dad has terminal cancer,” Scott said to Colt. 

Colt reached over and gave me a hug with a kiss on the cheek. “We will be here for you. You let us all know what we can do for you.”

Valentine’s night wasn’t as I had planned. I’m sure Corey had other things in mind as well but word spread until the room was filled. Ted gave me the biggest hug and said he could feel my pain. Needless to say, I didn’t sleep a wink that night and kept Kris up all night too. Dad wasn’t told, with Gloria wanting to wait. Actually she took the news very well, as did I at the time. I lost it for the first time calling Mom to tell her. Then I had gathered myself before entering the room.  My emotions were wrecked and over the edge when Corey presented me the ring.  I wish I could have enjoyed it more but knew I would when things settled down.   

During the night, I made a promise to myself that I would be at Dad’s side every chance I could no matter what was going on here. The guys would be here but it sounded as though my Dad wouldn’t.  Gloria did say Dad’s stubbornness didn’t help matters if it had been detected earlier but she and I knew how some people hated going for regular doctor’s visits.

Concentrating in my two Tuesday classes wasn’t easy. It was a slight diversion but the news was ever present in the back of my mind.  Ted did his best in our accounting class to take the best notes of his life for he knew my mind was elsewhere. Every time I felt bad I’d glance down to my left hand and see the ring.  I did find time to call Mom and tell about the ring.  The tough part arrived when I went to see Dad and did show him and Gloria my present. They smiled and enjoyed hearing our slight commitment.  I did very well around him but lost it when Gloria started crying when we left.  

“We’re gonna make it,” I said. “It’s gonna be hard, but we will.”

“I know Matthew,” Gloria spoke after wiping her face.

We moved out and sat quietly in the waiting room when I saw Corey and Alex coming. Corey asked about Dad before we sat down. It was nice seeing Alex come over with Corey. 

“Matt, we’re all going to be here for ya,” Alex said. “Together we’re gonna stick together and pull through this. We may not be a real family but to me we are.”

“Thanks, Alex, it means a lot to me knowing I have everyone’s support,” I said.

“Matthew, you might wanna keep these guys, especially Corey, around for a while. In times like this, you’ll need them,” Gloria stated.

“I’m not going anywhere, Miss Gloria. I’ll be right here with Matt,” Corey stated.

“Corey, the ring was very nice gesture,” Gloria stated.

Corey smiled, “Thanks but it took a backseat last night with the terrible news Matt delivered to us.”

We turned to see Kris, Megan, Colt and Andrea coming our way carrying a nice arrangement of flowers. We began laughing seeing a big heart in the center saying ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’.

“Hey, they were on sale,” Colt laughed and grabbed the heart from the center and tossed it on a table cluttered with old magazines. “Here Gloria, these are for you, Matt and Larry.”

Kris walked up and hugged Gloria. “I was just telling Matthew he needed to keep y’all,” Gloria said and wiped her face.

“He couldn’t run us off if he wanted to,” Kris stated. 

“Gloria, Kris had the misfortune of being in my room last night,” I said.

“Tell me about it, but I would do it all over again. Matt needed me,” Kris said. “Crazy but I’m not the least bit tired now.”

“Cause you took a two hour nap,” Colt joked.

“Where was Corey?” she asked.

“I didn’t sleep much either,” Corey replied and went on to tell her our arrangement for Tuesday and Thursday classes.  Gloria chuckled and had a slight understanding of how hard teen guys could be to wake in the morning.

It didn’t take very long before Kris began wandering around the big hospital with Megan. We kept talking and keeping things positive. An hour or so later, Kris and Megan came walking back.

“Kris has the biggest heart ever,” Megan stated while holding hands with Kris.  More and more, I could see something good happening between them.

“We know,” Alex said.

“He spotted this kid, he was maybe fifteen and just started talking to him like he’d known him all his life,” Megan said.

“That’s Kris alright,” I said. “Bet he knows his life history just like he did our first day here last year.  He came back and told me Scott and Juan’s life history.”

“Bro, I felt sorry for the guy…” Kris said.

“Y’all, he promised he’d get Ted up to see him once Kris found out the boy liked football.  You should have seen the smile on that kid’s face,” Megan said.

“He’ll do it for sure,” Colt stated.

The words were barely out of Colt’s mouth when we saw Ted and Luke walking in our direction. They greeted us before Kris pulled them both aside. Both agreed to visit the boy later and bring a few items they kept on hand to brighten the patients’ days.

After the next visit, which again was hard but I made it; I was worn out with no sleep the night before. Gloria understood and said she’d keep me informed if anything changed. Thankfully for all of us there wasn’t a scheduled basketball game that evening either. I wasn’t back very long before calling it a night with Corey.  Corey held me while I drifted off to sleep. 

Wednesday and Thursday I was back at the hospital. Ted, Myles and Luke had followed through on their promise to visit the boy on Thursday. They came with lots of hats and tees to spread a little cheer. I went and took my camera to see the excitement on their faces though I was sure some didn’t know them but enjoyed the small gifts. The boy, Justin, was fifteen and knew exactly who they were. His mom was in tears seeing how excited Justin was. They didn’t stop with Justin and continued to visit the patients, old and young, until they were empty handed.

The game Thursday night was another beat down, but it was great to get away and be somewhat normal. The usual congregating happened in our room with video games being played and the normal bullshit flying around to keep me amused. All the time, Corey was next to me, being there for me. 

Friday, after my classes, I found out Dad had been moved back into a room, but a floor higher than he originally was. Now I could visit and stay by his side as long as I wanted. When I entered the room, with the flowers sitting by his side along with another arrangement from his work, Dad smiled at me. He was still very weak and had just begun walking a little. 

About five, Gloria left to grab something to eat but I stayed to visit alone with him.  

She was barely out the door when Dad spoke up, “Matthew, I know what is going on here. I can see it in your face every time I see you. So how long do they give me, son?”

I summoned up all my internal strength not to burst out in tears. “Dad, don’t talk like that.”

“Matthew, you didn’t answer me.”

“Dad…” I stopped with tears filling my eyes. “Not nearly as long as I want, but that would be forever.”

“I see. I’ll ask Gloria then, but I’d hope I could hear it from my only son.”

“Not very long, Dad… you’re eaten up with…” I couldn’t continue. His hand hit my shoulder.

“Son, it’s okay. We all have to go at some time,” Dad stated, being strong mentally while weak otherwise.

“It’s not okay, Dad. Finally we are what I call a father and son. Now this!” I sobbed.

“It sucks, but what can you do, Matthew? I knew something was wrong and had been for the last four months. I was just too stubborn to do shit about it.”

“Dad, you had no idea what it was.”

“Maybe,” Dad said. “Matthew, I’m very sorry I wasn’t the best Dad in the world. I was pretty close to being the worst.”

“You weren’t close to the worst by any means. None of that matters right now, Dad. I will promise you for however long you’re here that you’ll see my face each day no matter what.”

“Matthew, I love you, and I always have since the day you were born. I hated the way things worked out. I should have manned up and been the father I should have been. I was selfish as hell, son.”

“I love you too, Dad. We can’t change the past…”

“No son, we can’t.”

“Dad, from this point forward, we won’t talk about this…”

“Okay, fine with me.”

“I’ll be here for you.”

“I know you will,” Dad said. “So what are we going to talk about?”

“I don’t know, but surely we’ll come up something,” I said shrugging my shoulders. “If nothing else, I’ll just be here for support.”

“Matthew, every day I want you to tell me everything I’ve missed in your life, especially in college. I just wish I would have gone and every time we see each other I want to hear about how much I missed out on.”

I was finally able to crack a smile, “I can keep you entertained for hour upon hour with all the stuff I’ve done since coming here.”

When Gloria came back to the room, Dad informed her he knew he didn’t have long. We had a nice cry over it with Dad shedding tears. It was hard to witness and be a part of. 

When I left at about seven, I was emotionally spent. The room was a welcome sight as it always had been each night after being at the dreary hospital. In the back of my mind, I knew I was forgetting something major until it hit me that Reese and Trevor were both visiting. I cleaned up but before I could leave Ted came knocking at the door. It was great to see Reese again.

“Reese, I’m very sorry…”

“Ted has told me all about it. Don’t worry about it. I totally understand,” Reese stated.

“So have you met Trevor yet?” I asked.

Reese smiled as wide as ever. “He has. Tell Matt what you said,” Ted stated.

“He’s really cute,” Reese said. “We hit it off really well since we have so much in common.”

“That’s awesome,” I said. “Finally some good news in this world.”

Once Corey and Kris came to the room, things really livened up. Finally I got to see Trevor and noticed how much he had grown. I did have to agree with Reese and complimented how cute he was. It was great having this distraction from all that was going on. I took it all in and enjoyed being around my friends.      

Once everyone had left just before one, I grabbed Corey’s hand and led him to our room. I locked the door behind us and pulled him close for a very affectionate kiss. “I owe you big time.”

“You don’t owe me one thing.”

“I do, and I need you, Corey. Matter of fact, I really want you tonight.”

“Are you sure?”

“Trust me; we need a little make up time.”

He smiled and kissed me. Not being with him sexually since our little time in the classroom had me excited. I knew I had to continue my life despite Dad’s trouble. Slowly Corey and I undressed each other. He was so wonderful and loving while I made sure he felt loved and attended to. It was strange but having his thick hard cock in my mouth made things seem so right and I lost myself in the moment. 

After his loving and wet blowjob, he laid me on our air mattress and began giving me one hot rim job. I lay there lost in the feeling and started moaning with such joy and sexual pleasure. 

“Damn, just fuck me,” I moaned.

“I’m making hot love to the greatest boyfriend ever.”

I leaned up to kiss him and grabbed his hard throbbing cock. It felt great in my hand. Guiding it to my ass, I surrendered and allowed him to enter me. The initial penetration felt so fucking good and had me tingling all over. He smiled and leaned over to kiss me while pushing his thick cock deeper in my ass.

“I fucking love you,” he said.

“I love you too. Give me that fucking hot dick, stud,” I moaned with my legs high in the air. He pushed hard and deep with my toes curling up. I wrapped my legs around him and felt for his body. He was delivering great love. I was lost in the emotion and love. It was only Corey and I at this heated moment showing our love to each other sexually. 

“OOO babe, fuck me harder… I wanna feel you in me,” I moaned.

He pushed harder and with great force. My arms wrapped around his neck and I stared in to his big blue eyes. I mouthed ‘fuck me’ and ‘I love you’ with each hard thrust.  

Once his hard wet cock escaped my hole, he threw me on my side. My leg was thrown over his while feeling him back inside of me. I turned to meet his lips while feeling his taut body against mine. Our breathing intensified greatly with sweat beads forming on Corey’s forehead. He began fucking me at warp speed until groaning very loud and shivering. 

I could feel his cock pulsating inside of me as he deposited his seeds of love. He leaned over and covered my mouth with his while his cock stayed deep in me. He broke the kiss, “Please Matt, don’t cum just yet. I need you as well.”

With my cock lubed up and raging hard I moved in to position, feeling Corey’s cum dripping from my well fucked ass, as I entered him and was determined to show him just as much love as he showed me. It felt so great being back inside of him and feeling his ass wrapped around my hard cock. I got so wrapped up in kissing him that I almost forgot I was fucking him as well. My head was spinning like crazy while we kissed and made love. Just his distinct smell drove me insane and hearing his soft moans was fucking awesome. I leaned up and fucked him with Corey pushing his ass back to add to the excitement. My pace increased with our skin slapping together. I leaned in to kiss him and groaned in his mouth while cumming in his ass.

After the bliss evaporated, I hated leaving him. We kissed for a while until I moved to his side. “Thanks so much for all you do,” I said.

“You’d do the same thing for me.”

“I know. Everyone has just been so fantastic. I feel really great inside just knowing what great friends I have and what a kick ass boyfriend I have. It sure wasn’t like last year at this time.”

“Nope, it wasn’t, but we have Valentine’s Day just about every time we’re together. It’s about showing your love to that special someone. I’d say we don’t need the flowers and candy…”

“Or this beautiful ring,” I stated and held it out.

“I know I didn’t have to do it but I wanted to.”

“I love it and look at it when I feel down, which has been quite often here lately.”

“So any word on how long they give him?” Corey asked.

“All I’ve heard is six months max,” I replied.

“Just make it the best six months ever,” Corey stated. “I know you will.”

I told him my plan for each visit. He said he’d be more than happy to add to my stories and inject more if that was what my Dad wanted. Finally I was asleep in Corey’s arm and felt so loved by not only him but all my friends that I had made over the course of my time here at college.

Saturday, I was up and at it fairly early by my standards. I saw Colt with Andrea on the couch with a box of condoms sitting in the middle of the floor. It was nice seeing Colt holding Andrea with very little covering their naked bodies. 

At the hospital, Dad was awake but still unable to eat solid foods. Gloria looked tired after staying the night by his side. I made the offer to stay with him to give Gloria some time away from the hospital. She was hesitant about accepting my offer but finally did so. They caught me up on Dad’s happenings before I gave them a nice run down of my night, but without the sexual part. 

Just before I was about to head for lunch, Corey came in the room with Shawn to see me and Dad. They had just closed the door when we heard a quiet knock. Corey opened the door since he was closest. He grabbed the lady and hugged her. With him blocking my view, I didn’t know who it was. Then I saw her face. It was Mom. I got up and ran over to hug her.

“Matt, Vince got you a phone but you still don’t keep it on,” Mom stated.

“I know, but it was dead,” I said.

I walked over and introduced Mom to Gloria. They hugged for a second.

“Linda, where’s my hug?” Dad asked.

“I was getting to you,” Mom replied and walked over. Mom leaned over and hugged Dad and kissed his cheek. She began crying and had me in tears as well. Corey grabbed me and held me with Shawn on the other side. 

Dad wiped his eyes, “So what brings you all this way?”

“Dad, please!” I said.

“Well… Matt needs me, plus I wanted to see you…” Mom said.

“Before I kicked the bucket, huh?” Dad said.

“Honey, don’t talk like that,” Gloria said. “I think it is so sweet she’d come for you.”

“She’s here for Matt,” Dad said.

“True, but you as well, Larry,” Mom stated.

“Thanks, I do appreciate it. Maybe we can end things on a high note,” Dad stated.

“I’m sure we can,” Mom stated. “I’m here for the weekend for both of you.”

“Mom, I appreciate it but I was doing great. All my friends, like Shawn here, have been so awesome,” I said. “I’m glad you’re here though.”

“I couldn’t stand it any longer and had to see both of you,” Mom stated.

“Everyone, if you don’t mind, I would like just a private moment with Linda here,” Dad stated.

We moved out into the hall. 

“Matt, are you worried what is going on in there?” Corey asked me while we stood in the hall.

“Not really but I suppose they need to say a few things in private. It’s Gloria I’m worried about,” I replied.

“I’m good. Besides they were married,” Gloria said.

It wasn’t that long before Mom came back and let us in the room.  She grabbed my hand and took a look at my ring.  She gave Corey a big hug of thanks. Shortly thereafter, we left Gloria alone with Dad while grabbing something to eat. Mom said the conversation was more or less closure for the both of them. She did state you couldn’t be married to someone for fifteen or so years and still not have a little feeling left for them, especially in this situation. 

Since Mom was with me, I suggested Corey and Shawn go back and enjoy the day. They did so but Corey said he’d call to check in every so often. At first, it was a little strange having Mom and Dad back together. Mom turned on the charm and delighted us with some stories from early on in their marriage, such as setting the stove on fire shortly after they were married while trying to make fried chicken. 

For dinner, Mom and I headed out of the hospital to enjoy a real meal together in a sit down restaurant. She saw a place that looked nice but I couldn’t bring myself to go since it was Dad and my place. Once I told her, she completely understood. Instead we found a nice steakhouse and enjoyed a great meal there.  We talked about Dad and things going in my world before Mom told me how well things were going with her and Vince.  I asked if wedding bells were in the future but she denied they were in the immediate future.

That night, I knew I was missing something that was going on in the room. There was always something happening either in our room or down the hall. It would have to wait with Mom in town. I delighted in being around both of them and began to wonder if this could be the last time I saw them together.  

When the hour got late, I insisted Gloria go home and enjoy a good night’s sleep in her bed. She didn’t want to since Mom was in town, but I stated that I wouldn’t be in her room any way.  
With Gloria gone, it was the three of us. 

“Linda, you did a really great job of raising our son. I’m ashamed I wasn’t there to help out,” Dad said.

“Oh Larry, it was alright. Matt was easy to handle,” Mom said.

“Matthew, I’m sorry what I said a while back about the reason you are gay is because Linda pampered you and made you that way,” Dad said. “I guess I should have realized that when I made you play Little League.”

I laughed, “Well… I didn’t know then.”

“It just took me a while to accept you son. I’m sorry I didn’t. You have a real keeper there in Corey…”

“I hope so,” I said.

“He’s really a great guy, Larry, and so respectful. I just knew when Matt said he had a boyfriend he’d be a freak,” Mom laughed.

“All I’ll say is I bet no one gives you shit with Corey around…”

“Hey, in case you didn’t notice, Matthew has put on some muscle and knows how to use it too. Don’t you?” Mom said.

“Well… I guess, but that is beginning to haunt me now. He stalks me now,” I said.

“Just sic Corey and Kris on him and that will be the end of that,” Dad said. “Actually, Matthew, you really do have a great set of friends here. Do you know how lucky you are?”

“Yes sir, I do and see it every day,” I replied with a smile.


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