Since you enjoyed things from Colt's POV, I've written one from Corey's POV.  Hope
you will like this just as well.


Matt and I left the room holding hands after a quick short tiff. I was thankful he
understood. I knew the second I invited them I had done something wrong but it was
great to see how excited Parker and Yancey were to go along with us. We saw Kris and
Colt sitting in the nude. I looked at Matt. He smiled back at me while we lost our
clothes.  For me, I had always enjoyed being naked like when I was a kid back home. 
Now with my sculpted body it was a thrill to show off my hard work and dedication.
Even though my cock wasn’t that big, it still wasn’t bad and did the job quite well
with Matt.  We took a seat while I threw my arm around Matt’s shoulder.  I remember
his shoulders being so boney but now it was replaced by hard muscle.

“Bros, what happened just then?” Kris asked.

“Oh I opened my mouth and invited Parker and Yancey on our trip this weekend,” I

“Damn dude,” Colt commented packing his can of Skoal. 

“It just went all over me but I’m good,” Matt said and laughed. “Who did he sound
like inviting people just for the heck of it?”

We all pointed at Kris. He laughed and was a good sport but we knew he would have
done the same thing. 

“Okay, I’m tired of waiting and ready to hear all about Megan,” Colt stated and spit. 
I was ready too to hear Kris’s point.  I still wasn’t sold on him dating a guy.  Yeah
Jordy is fucking hot but it really wasn’t how I saw Kris.  I would accept it if that
had been his decision the same way he’s always accepted me.

Kris packed his can, stuffed his lip and spit.  I still didn’t quite understand the
appeal to dipping. “Bros, maybe she’s the one. I really do like her…”

“What did she say when she saw us earlier?” I asked with my arm around Matt.

“Nothing really,” Kris replied. “Check this shit out… she said once she’s comfortable
around us she may join us…”

“Marry her right now!” Colt said quickly while I was thinking the same thing.

“After you and Andrea get hitched I will,” Kris laughed. “She does have a twin
brother and a sister who is expecting about the same time as Juan and his wife.”

“So what did she say about the bi thing?” Matt asked.

Kris spit in his bottle, “She said she was really caught off guard by my boldness but
understands. She didn’t come out and say it but I think her brother may be as well.
It seems like a growing trend these days.”

Colt’s phone started going off. He answered it quickly. “Yeah, babe… alright… cool,
you be careful and take it slow out there. I’ll see you tomorrow… I love you.”

“Missing her, huh?” Kris asked.

“You bet, but I’ve been making it,” Colt smiled.  I know he was making after Kris and
Scott tag teamed his ass the day before.  Really for me the best part was seeing Matt
getting fucked by Kris.  Something about seeing my boyfriend enjoy others really
turned me the fuck on.

We got more details on Megan. She was double majoring in art and history with hopes
of going to law school. Kris seemed to think she was very smart but then she must be
for even thinking about law school. I could tell Matt was very well pleased with
everything he heard.

“Kris, just don’t rush in to things. We know how you are,” Matt stated once Kris

“I won’t and plan on taking it slow and easy,” Kris said. “Bros, this may be the one!
I can feel it!”

“The one for a month or so,” Colt laughed.

“Hey, let’s give him the benefit of the doubt here. I was lucky as hell and found
Matt right off the bat. Colt, it took you a year to find Andrea,” I said. “Kris, I
really hope things work for you.”

Kris smiled, “Thanks. You’re not the only one. We do have an understanding about my
friends. She actually thinks it’s great that I’m so loyal to all of y’all. Oh by the
way, count me out on the trip. I had no business going with all the couples in the
first place. I know y’all have a great time…”

“While you’re here getting to really know Megan,” Colt stated.

“Damn I hope so, but Liz didn’t put out for a while. If not, I still have you three
and Scott to satisfy me,” Kris joked. “Seriously, it will test how really bi I am.
Here I taught about really dating a guy. See Matt, I told you once I started thinking
about it a girl would come along.

“Hold on just a fucking minute! You were thinking of dating a guy?” Colt asked in
shock and looking at Kris.

“He was thinking of asking out Jordy,” Matt replied.

“I really was at one time. You know, to see what that was really like,” Kris said.

“There’s no way in hell I could see you sitting with a guy like those two,” Colt

“That’s why I chickened out. I fucking love sex with guys but not the other shit like
dating,” Kris said. “Now I’d say everything is pretty much back to normal.”

“About as normal as it’s gonna get,” I commented. “I don’t know what normal is any
more around here.”

Kris and Colt both laughed. We continued to sit around and talk with no
interruptions. All of us but Matt groaned about having class the next day with snow
still on the ground but it was better than adding days at the end when we would be so
ready to get out.

In our room that night, Matt was on his phone.  He was laughing and talking with his
mom.  I envied the relationship they had and wished I could talk to my mom like that. 
I did call her but it was brief and to let her know I was making it.  I really don’t
think she cared if I was or not.  Sometimes now I wonder since I’ve found Matt if she
isn’t jealous but then again I’m out of her hair where she can do whatever the hell
she wants.  I respect her since she did raise me against strong odds.  We were never
hungry but I didn’t have nice clothes or nice electronics.  That makes me appreciate
things more now and strive to get them on my own.

We did get to sleep in an extra hour with classes beginning at 10. We all saw what a
circus it would be if we all had to get up at the same time. The showering was made
easier since Kris and Colt did shower together but it was still crazy. 

Matt and I could see fewer students than normal with Colt a tad worried if Andrea
would make it back okay. I finished up my next class and headed off to work my normal
schedule. Now, I had grown to absolutely love working at the Rec Center. I loved
Trey, who was the manager over me. He treated me with great respect. I had no doubt
Kris would take to this as well. Just a month there and he knew just about everything
about the place. He was able to fill in when needed, along with helping out in the
big free weight room.  My favorite part was manning the front desk.  It offered me
the opportunity to be sociable with the other students.  I never minded that some
girls flirted with me but if they only knew. 

Usually at break, I would find Kris or another guy Will to get in a few quick sets. 
It did get my blood pumping to hit the weights.  The part I didn’t like was having to
stop and return to my job.  When I first went there, they literally gave me the shit
jobs, like cleaning toilets, mopping and sweeping.  I did catch one in a compromising
spot once while stroking his cock.  I was as embarrassed as he was at the time.  I
was still waiting on the moment when I could walk in on someone having full out sex
like a couple said they had seen.   

Entering the suite with Kris, I sensed something was up just by the look on
everyone’s face. I found out it was now over between Scott and Hayden. Scott said
they tried but that something was just missing between them. I didn’t want to stir
things up, but since Jordy had been around Scott had changed. I don’t know if
anything was going on between the two but something was definitely different. Scott
was down about it since it was Hayden who broke up with him. As any good friends do,
we did our very best to cheer him up. Kris stayed around for a little while before
leaving to see Megan but did return before the end of the night. By then, Scott was
doing okay but did state how great toking on a joint would be. I hate to admit it but
every now and then a joint was nice and something different.

Being Monday night, I was with Colt who just came in the door before Scott left.

“It really sucks about Scott,” Colt said after we stripped down.

“It does but he’ll be fine. Between us, I think he already has eyes on the next one,”
I said.

“Jordy, huh? He is cute, plus Scott can talk to him. To think Kris was actually
thinking of dating that dude,” Colt said.

“I know what you mean, Colt. I just didn’t see Kris dating a guy but would have given
him the chance to see what it was like.”

“So do you think it will work for y’all this weekend since Yancey and Parker are
rooming with you and Matt?”

“I hope so or my ass will never hear the end of it. So how was Andrea tonight?”

“Dude that pussy was so fucking wet for me. Damn, I fucked her so good,” Colt said,
lightly stroking his cock. “You know how it is after you haven’t seen Matt. You’re
happy to see them and then wanna fuck their brains out.”

“I know exactly where you’re coming from. This summer, I couldn’t wait to get Matt’s
big fucking dick back inside me. You know there’s something special about fucking the
one you really love and care about, especially after you haven’t seen them in a few

Colt and I talked about various things. He didn’t mind telling me all about his night
with Andrea and what they had done sexually. We discussed the weekend, which was
basically an overnight stay, and how much money to risk gambling. Colt was pretty
tight with his money and was lucky enough to have his parents transfer money into his
account every so often, whereas I was on my own now. So far through working, I had
accumulated enough funds where I could do whatever I wanted within reason.

“So what are you getting Matt for Valentine’s Day?” he asked.

“Nothing,” I replied.

“Dude, you got to get him something…”

“We agreed this trip would be enough.”

“I know what would be fucking perfect.”


“Go on the internet and order a ring to give to him. You know like a commitment ring
if you’re ready for that,” Colt stated.

Giving it a quick thought I said, “Man that would be so perfect. It would be my way
of saying I’m committed to him for the long haul.” I found my computer and did a
search with Colt perched over my shoulder. I found a few that I liked and had a
slight idea about his ring size since one time he tried on someone’s ring and stated
his size. The biggest problem was not having a credit card. Colt told me I could get
one that was prepaid at Walmart. My mind was clicking away and knew how I could pull
this off.

After my classes the next day, Tuesday, I headed back to the room with a plan in
mind. I would need a good excuse to leave alone so I could buy the card Colt had
mentioned while calling Trey to see if I could ship something to his address. My plan
worked to perfection and I was able to get away without much argument from Matt. He
understood once I said about going to find a nice Valentine’s card. I did grab the
prepaid credit card along with some soap and more health bars. While I was out, I ran
by to get my hair trimmed as well so I could continue to have it spiked up like I had
always worn it.

That night was our next game. As usual, I was on the bench and hoping to play.
Quickly I saw that the other team wasn’t very good and seem uninterested. With Kris
at the helm, we mimicked his attitude in that we took the game serious. I did
understand the part about having fun, but getting your ass kicked is no fun like the
other team was doing. I got in early that game and felt as though I contributed. My
skills were limited but I tried my best to hustle to make up for my lack of skills
unlike Joe, Bryson, Garrett and Antonio. Those guys could ball and might end up
taking us far once this league was over.

Matt and I walked back to the room. I informed him that I had to study. He smiled
back and fully understands what is needed. I was beginning to feel a little pressure
now in my classes and couldn’t let him or myself down after a great Fall semester in
the class. After three semesters, I was starting to see what was needed to make it

Matt, Kris and Colt didn’t bother me while I studied for a test. Before I got deep
into it, I did order the ring for a surprise. I wanted to tell Kris but knew he’d be
surprised as well.

After work Wednesday, Kris and I left after a normal day at the Rec Center. We had
worked out a little before heading back to the room.

“Say, how’s it really going between you and Megan?” I asked while we walked back in
the chilly night.

“As well as can be expected,” Kris replied. “This weekend though she wants me to hang
out with her friends since y’all are leaving.”

“That’s great,” I said. “You’ll love meeting new people.”

“I will, but don’t wanna do it. I know something will happen where I’ll miss
something. Shawn and Bishop will wanna go out and I’ll be fucking stuck with her.”

“Kris… I think you should bite the bullet and do it no matter what comes up. You owe
it to her. Besides, she probably wants to show you off to her friends like you have
shown her off to us. She’s probably excited to be dating someone as hot as you.”

“Really?” Kris questioned me as we were walking. “I never thought of it that way. I
guess I am a prize catch.” He started laughing.

“Bigger than you can imagine. There are lots of girls that just fall over themselves
to be near you. I’m actually surprised you’ve stayed single as long as you have. I
get asked all the time to intervene and put in a good word but I haven’t run across
one yet I’d do it for.”

“Bro, stop holding out on me,” Kris joked and hit me in the shoulder. “So are you
excited about this weekend?”

“I guess I am. It could be interesting…”

“That’s true,” Kris said.

“I really wanna do something special for Matt even before. I feel as though I owe him

Kris smiled and soon had a perfect plan in place where I could do something special
and unique for Matt. We entered with Matt in the room with Yancey and Parker. Kris
went to his room and soon left to go be with Megan for a little time.  

I sat down and put my arm around Matt. Hearing Parker and Yancey go on and on about
the weekend made me feel great inside. Matt now had resided to the fact we were
sharing a room with Parker and Yancey. They left after a little while thus leaving
Matt and I a little alone time. We used it well and made out until Colt came in the
room. By now, we were down to our underwear, Matt in his hot sexy briefs and me in my
tight boxer briefs.

“Hell fire, just fuck,” Colt laughed.

“Ummm… we were doing okay,” I said. 

“Yeah, I was actually enjoying what we were doing,” Matt stated.

“Well, keep going. Corey, if Matt doesn’t put out, don’t count on me either. Andrea
was fucking fire tonight,” Colt stated.

“Thanks for the info, bro,” Matt said. “Every time we don’t have to know you got

“Dude, I’m proud to announce it. Corey don’t say shit if you get some dick,” Colt
said and left coming out of his shirt.

I didn’t get any dick and avoided getting nasty with Matt. I wanted to save up to
execute Kris’s great plan he had laid out for me.

Entering the room for my night with Colt, he was on his phone with his brother Chase. 
He was kicked back showing his nice body and his cock sitting limp between his
muscular legs.  I stripped down and did notice a wet spot on my briefs before tossing
them in a corner.  I grabbed my phone and used the chance to catch up with JJ.  He
sounded happy to hear from me even though we did try to talk at least once every two
weeks.  He asked all about the gang and especially Matt.  We had come a long ways in
a short time with JJ being at ease discussing my romantic involvement with a guy.  He
caught me up on the local gossip along with the progress of the new Walmart being
built in our hometown.  With Colt now finished, he was playing a game on his phone
while sat and talked.  I finished, hung up and found a charger for my phone.

“Sounds like you enjoy talking with JJ,” Colt commented.

“I do.”

“Was it really as bad as you made it sound at high school?”

“As bad if not worse.  They were fucking rude and did everything they could to make
me miserable,” I answered.

“At least, there is a happy ending to that,” Colt stated.

“There is and that is now in the past.   I see no reason dwelling on the past with
the future so bright.”

Colt smiled back at me, “For all of us the future is extremely bright.” 

The next day, Thursday, with Valentine’s fast approaching, Colt and I woke up a
little later than normal. We scrambled to get showered and dressed not to be late for
class. We almost sprinted to class and made it just in time.  

Once my day was complete, I found Matt waiting with Ted. Ted was such a nice guy to
Matt and to all of us. With Matt lodged between us, we headed for the room. Not a
hundred yards from the main area, Matt nudged me. I looked and saw a guy veer across
the street and nearly getting slammed by traffic. 

“That guy’s a fool,” Ted stated.

“That guy happens to be the one who’s after me. You saw how quickly he moved across
the street seeing you two,” Matt stated.

“He did,” Ted said. Ted stopped and yelled, “Hey! Hey!” My nemesis almost sprinted
off. “That confirms he’s up to no good. Matt, don’t you ever walk back alone. He
evidentially knows your schedule now.”

“We’ll make sure nothing happens to him,” I said. 

Once on our hall, we bid Ted goodbye and headed inside. I threw down my things just
before Colt and Kris came in the room.

“Alright, we know today is another game day but we’re still working out,” Kris

“Sounds good to me,” I said.

We went to change and a trip to the bathroom. As I was changing, I started my plan. I
began looking around the room frantically and sticking something in my pocket.

“Corey, what’s the matter?” Matt asked.

I stopped, “I think I left my damn jacket in my class. How fucking stupid is that?”

“Very. I guess you’ll miss the workout or be late,” Matt said.

“I will. Why don’t you go with me and hopefully we’ll find it?”

“I guess I could do that.”

We came out with Kris and Colt eager to go.

“Matt and I may be late. I think I left my jacket in one of my classes,” I said.

“What a fucking dumbass!” Kris laughed dressed in his cut up shirt and shorts. “I
hope you find it.”

“Me too,” I said.

Matt and I headed back to the main campus. Finally the weather was getting a little
warmer, thankfully, since I didn’t have a jacket with me. We talked about the weekend
trip with great excitement before entering the building where I believe I left my
jacket. Luck was with me when we got to a room and it was vacant and unlocked. I
opened the door and didn’t turn on a light. 

“You know we could see better if you were to hit the lights,” Matt stated.

“No sense in that,” I said. “I’ll grab my jacket and be out of here in a flash.”

To prevent him from standing at the door, I grabbed his hand and walked with him. I
came up to a desk in this classroom. “Oh fuck!” I screamed.  

“Maybe it’s in your other class,” Matt stated.

“Maybe it is or back in the room,” I said and kissed him passionately. While kissing
him, I reached down his pants and started feeling up his big cock.

“Damn Corey,” Matt said, breaking our kiss and breathing heavily.

“Can’t a guy show his boyfriend a little love?”

“Yeah, but I think you want more than a kiss.”

“Damn right I do,” I said. “I said we needed some adventure in our sex life.”


“I tricked you into this…”

“I love you to death but ain’t this a little risky… you know in a classroom?”

“It is, but so was the hill that night…”

Matt pulled me to his lips. “I just love your thinking, but think of how embarrassing
it will be if we are caught.”

I walked over and locked the door. Returning to him, I reached over and began
massaging his cock through his tight jeans. “I know this hot fucking dick wants to do
it. Tell me this won’t be ultra hot… fucking in a classroom.”

“Will it ever,” Matt said breathless. He reached down and undid his jeans. 

“Just pull your dick out and get hard as a rock. We can forgo the foreplay for now,”
I said.

“The stuff I do for you,” he smiled at me.

“I feel like I owe you a little something special for opening my mouth. Now I’m ready
to open my ass and let your dick deep in me.”

“I see why you didn’t wanna nut last night.”

“Exactly,” I said stroking his cock. He was getting very hard. I dropped to my knees
and started sucking his great cock. Damn, I loved taking all his long cock in my
mouth and hearing how much he loved me sucking this big fucking cock of his.  I
sucked and slurped on it to get it wet for its entrance up my ass. He pulled me up
for a long kiss.  

I pushed off my jeans and hadn’t worn underwear with this entire thing in mind. I
reached in my pocket and handed him some old lube we had. He kissed me before I bent
over a desk.

He grabbed my hips and slid his hard cock up and down my ass. It was exciting me more
than ever with this unfolding as planned in a classroom. He stuck the head at my ass
and broke past my sphincter. I gasped feeling his hard cock enter me. 

“Feels so good,” I turned to say and glance in the dark to see his cock in me.

“We’ll need to be quiet just in case, but this is pretty fuckin’ hot.”

“It is.”

Matt went deeper in me. My hands reached for the desk while he was pushing down on my
back. I wanted to scream but he was right about being quiet. Finally his cock
bottomed out inside of me. Every time, Matt fucked me I was in heaven.  Always his
eight inches felt so damn good in me.  He never hurt me and always delivered a great

He leaned over and grabbed my head for a kiss. Slowly his hard throbbing cock began
moving in me. My cock was rock hard as it usually was with him fucking my ass.  The
desk moved and caused a screeching noise on the floor. 

“OOO yes…” I moaned quietly, feeling so damn good and excited as well.

“OOO babe…”

His arms wrapped around my chest. His cock was moving so nicely and feeling great.
Our breathing increased with his hands running up inside my shirt. Skin was slapping
against skin while Matt fucked me harder and harder. He tried not to speed up.

“OOOO fuck yeah,” I moaned. “Fuck me… fuck me, Matt… oh yes!”

“Damn, I love you so fucking much,” he said and kept pounding his long cock in me.
Ever since the first time I felt this big dick in me, I was addicted to it going deep
inside of me. 

“Fucking breed me, Matt,” I begged. 

“I would but your jeans would be soaked,” he said and kissed my neck. “Corey, I’m
fucking close.”

I pulled away and felt his cock slip out. I got on my knees and rammed his slimy cock
in my mouth. His head tilted back while cum flew down my throat. I took every drop of
his salty cum and loved the fuck out of it. I stood for a kiss and shared the last
droplets of cum with him.

He dropped to his knees to return the favor. I grunted and thrust forward. My nut
shot down his throat while I enjoyed the great feeling of the release. 

He stood. I pushed him up against another desk and kissed him with great passion. We
broke the long hot kiss and smiled at each other.

Matt started laughing, “You dawg you. Getting me over here to fuck you.”

“It was hot, huh?”

“Hell yeah it was hot. Just wished it would have lasted longer. Now where’s our next
fuck spot?”

I chuckled, “I’m sure we’ll find one.”

About half way back, Matt pushed me behind a building. He pushed me against a wall
and showed me great passion. I always loved his passion from day one. He actually
taught me to be a great kisser and the importance of it. I can’t help but wonder how
different things would be if not for that day in the bathroom where we first saw each
other. I know we would have run into each other sometime but the timing was so
perfect for me. Then I had to go and fuck things up by thinking I needed to
experience another guy while he was gone one weekend. I was very serious at the time
about leaving since the one thing holding me there no longer had a thing to do with
me. What was also bad was the fact I had alienated my friends as well by cheating on
him. I had learned my lesson very well and now I couldn’t see my life without Matt in

Matt and I were sitting together on the couch when the crew came back from the Rec
Center with Megan and Andrea with them. Kris kept looking at me and smiling while we
talked. I knew he was anxious to find out what happened. 

The minute after the girls exited, he stated, “Alright let me hear it.”

“Hear what?” Colt asked since I didn’t tell him the night before.

“Corey took Matt over to fuck in one of the classrooms… one of my more brilliant
ideas I must say,” Kris said.

Matt walked over and kissed Kris. “Thanks. It was so fucking hot.”

“Damn, it must have been,” Colt laughed.

“It was but quick,” I stated.

Matt sat back down, “Hey I got all worked up over just the idea of nailing Corey’s
hot ass in a classroom.”

We laughed. “Colt, you need to do that too. Drag Andrea over there,” I said. “It does
spice things up.”

“I would, but you know me. Maybe I need therapy so I can cum faster.”

“Fuck, I wish I didn’t. Consider it a gift,” Kris said.

“Trust me, Colt, you will cum faster. I know it is everyone’s fantasy…” Matt said.

“It’s mine for damn sure or else I wouldn’t have suggested it,” Kris said loudly. 

We did manage to get in our normal study time before my next game. Colt now appeared
to be over his knee ailment but wasn’t willing to test it out. He commented how good
the team was without him but he would be on stand by if needed.

The game that night was our closest so far but we pulled away in the last quarter.
The only problem was I didn’t make onto the court until the very end. I wasn’t mad at
all and understood, plus Kris had to keep the others happy as well. Just being a part
of the team was fun, though my contributions were slim. I’m glad I was sticking it

Matt and I were up the next morning, Friday. The night before was more love making
with me showing Matt everything I had, even though I knew this weekend there would be
more, I just didn’t know how we’d do it with Parker and Yancey in the room with us.

Matt’s phone began ringing. I saw him looking at the phone oddly before answering it.


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