Posted:  March 6, 2012

Saturday here in February, I came out after Corey was called in to work for a few hours. Colt was sitting on the couch watching TV. 

“Hey, sleepy head bout time you got up,” Colt commented.

“Well… Corey and I didn’t get to sleep until really late,” I said and sat next to him.

“Dawg, tore that ass up last night,” Colt said grabbing my bare knee. “No wonder your big dick is soft.”

“Well… what can I say? Kris was talking about love and then us not wanting to stop.”

“Not a thang wrong with showing your boyfriend some good lovin’. Trust me if Andrea had been here, she wouldn’t be walking. That Kris is something else.”

“He is, but expect the unexpected…”

“Telling her he was bi,” Colt laughed. “That took some big balls, but hey, he’s garnering no secrets.”

“I was stunned but proud. Put it all out there and let her decide before getting hurt.”

“I agree. Kris won’t be holding his breath around her, that is if she comes back around. Do ya think she will?”

I rubbed the stubble on my chin, “Ummm… I don’t know. Kris does have a lot to offer…”

“I really hope she does. I sorta liked her,” Colt said. “Hey, do ya wanna get dressed and go grab something to eat? Those sandwiches last night are slap gone now.”

“I guess I could do that,” I replied.

After gathering a few who were willing and not asleep, we ventured out into the cold and snow to grab something to eat. Looking around as we walked, I was amazed at how little traffic there was and how few were outside. Even in the eating area, there weren’t that many who had braved the cold which made me wonder how busy Corey and Kris were working. We finished and grabbed enough to make do until the next day, more than the day before, plus extra for Corey and Kris since Colt and I had enough credits on our meal card to afford it, even though Colt stated he would be getting paid back. In the three semesters before, I had never used up all my meal credits while some finished their credits a few weeks earlier.

While waiting and being told not to go outside before Kris and Corey returned, I multitasked. Multitasking to me was talking to Mom while downloading many pictures and being on Facebook. Nothing new was occurring in Mom’s world with her relationship with Vince being the same. While I had her on the line, I did send her a few pictures so she could see what I had been doing. Naturally, all the pictures with beer were excluded though she knows and doesn’t mind. Still, I didn’t feel it was necessary to flaunt it in her face. All she cared about was seeing me and staying connected in a small way with my activities.

It seemed Colt was doing about the same with calls to Andrea and then to his brother, Chase. I got to hear all about everything Chase and Tabor did in the snow with their friends. No doubt the visits were really having a positive effect on the two brothers. I also felt Colt and I were really bonding and becoming closer as well with our time alone together.

Corey and Kris came in the door with Colt and me waiting on the couch.

“Bros, let’s get after it out there,” Kris said energized.

“Just count me out,” Corey said. Even before he spoke I could see he looked tired. “Yesterday wore my ass out!”

“I heard you and Matt couldn’t stop last night either,” Colt said with a big smile.

“How was I to know I would be needed today? Still, I’d do it all over again,” Corey said and kissed my cheek. “I love this hot man.”

“Any word yet?” Colt asked Kris.

“Word?... Nope, nothing yet. I’m waiting, but what I can do now? You know I like her and all. I guess in hindsight…” Kris said.

“You gave her the truth,” I said. “However, you could have done it in private, but that’s you.”

“Maybe I should have, but I didn’t want to get attached then have Megan find out I’m bi. Hopefully she saw I’m straight-bi like Colt here,” Kris said.

“So have we heard the end of Kris and Jordy?” I asked.

“You have…” Kris said. “Alright… I was going to keep this a little secret but remember earlier in the week when I was late…”

“I knew it!” Colt said.

“Well… I left out the part about going to his room.   Bros, I had every intention of asking him out.   Get this shit!  He denied me.”

“Dude, shot you down?” Colt said.

“He did and tried to tell me we just weren’t right for each other.  I was determined to make it work but he wasn’t.  I think he really has eyes for Scott,” Kris stated.

“Nice story,” Corey joked.

“It’s fucking true!” Kris raised his voice. 

“Hmmm… I think I see why you didn’t tell us now.  You got rejected,” I said.

“Exactly.  I was embarrassed but he was right though I would have tried,” Kris stated. “Besides maybe… just maybe Megan will be the one and end all that shit for now.  I’m not writing off dating a guy in case things don’t work out for Megan and me.”

“Keep your options open,” Colt said.

Corey and I left them and went to rest. We stripped down to our underwear with me curling up next to him. We shared a brief kiss before we were asleep.

I woke first after a nice two hour nap. I exited the room to find Kris on the couch asleep with his clothes thrown in every direction. He looked so cute curled up naked. I got a bar and returned to sit quietly at my desk. I started researching for a paper that was ahead thanks to my online syllabus. While reviewing a few things, Corey woke, stretched and left without saying a word. He came in the room with a big smile across his adorable face.

“I don’t guess I wasn’t the only tired person here.”

“I noticed that earlier. We go and go until it just zaps us completely,” I said.

“Matt, do you really believe Kris about Jordy?” Corey asked.

“Actually I do.  He had that spark in his eyes and I think he wanted to see how it would have gone.  He did say he wasn’t writing things off.”

“I still can’t see Kris dating a guy.”

“I would have like to have seen it and see what would have happened,” I said with a big smile.

That night started out rather easy going. The usual ones, Shawn, Scott, Alex, Brennan, Garrett and Bishop, were in our room and kicked back. Soon we had Hayden join us after texting Scott and being ready to get out of his room. He didn’t look so great. Alex broke out his wrestling game to add a little excitement to the night. Corey and I watched the others compete in the video. It did bring out a little competition between them. A few of the girls along with Toni and Bryson came by to join in the mix before Ted and Myles graced us with their presence.

About midnight, a few were gone, including all the girls. So far not much had been drunk as far as beer and alcohol were concerned. 

Bishop spoke up, “Shawn, do you regret breaking up with Terra?”

Shawn laughed, “Are you kidding me? I haven’t really missed her that much. There are bigger regrets in my life.”

“Like what?” Kris asked with us gathered around and sitting in a big circle.

“Ummm… not having my dad around when I needed him,” Shawn replied.

“That’s not a regret,” Scott stated. “A regret is something you had control over in my book.”

“Mine would be not saying something to Nathan earlier. I think I had the chance but stayed quiet,” Kris said honestly. “Alright, what’s y’all’s?”

“Not standing up for myself in high school,” Corey replied.

“That’s worked out okay, don’t ya think?” Colt asked.

“It has, but there was a lot of pain before now,” Corey said. “I don’t know if things would be any different today if not for the people I’m looking at, especially Matt here.”

“Ah, ain’t that so sweet?” Brennan said.

“My biggest regret is still cowering down to my parents. It’s a lot better but still I don’t know if they full accept me,” Hayden stated.

“One of my biggest regrets is not telling Mom and Pops how much I really did love them,” Ted stated. “I didn’t realize how much I’d really miss them until they were gone. My brother helps out but he’s not my parents.”

“I guess mine is not meeting y’all last year,” Bishop laughed.

“Yeah dude, your roomies are fucking weird,” Scott stated with his arm around Hayden and shirtless like most were.

“I know that’s the truth,” Bishop said. “God, I’m so thankful to find y’all.”

“Okay now that I’ve thought about it a little my biggest regret in life to date is giving Mom the hell I did when I was in high school. I was a hellion I tell ya…” Shawn said.

“Still are,” Colt said. “My regret… is waiting ‘til just recently to really be a friend to Chase. Y’all know how it is with siblings, just a pain in the ass.”

“Dude, he tries everything he can to emulate you,” Scott said. “I know Trevor is his own person, but damn he’s still a pain in the ass.”

“It takes some a while longer to grow up,” I said. “Give him time. I know growing up and being gay isn’t the easiest thing in the world, but all y’all know how easy Kris made it for me…”

“And still does today,” Colt said.

“Oh I agree, but it’s not easy. I know Corey had it so much tougher than I ever did,” I said. “I’d say my biggest regret is being an asshole to my Dad. Now it is great but…”

“Bro, he shit on you so much!” Kris said. “No telling how many times he left you hanging. He’s lucky now you even have a relationship with him.”

“Ummm… I don’t know if I should tell mine…” Brennan stuttered.

“Now you have ta,” Colt said.

Brennan lowered his head, “When I was dating this girl my Junior year…”

“You dated a girl?” Scott asked in mock surprise.

“Asshole, you’re one to talk,” Brennan shot back. “As I was saying, I was dating this really cute girl in high school. Well, I was coming home late for some reason or another and there was my fucking dad on top of my girlfriend…”

“Fucking her?” Alex asked.

“Yeah dude, fucking nailing her,” Brennan said. “You talk about wanting to kick my dad’s ass. Since then, things have never been the same.”

“No shit,” Myles stated.

“My regret is not turning his ass in to the police,” Brennan stated. “I can’t say for sure but the girl went crazy ass wild after that.”

“I regret fucking around in high school behind my girlfriend’s back. Oh my Lord was she hot, but no, I had to be stupid and see how many girls I could nail,” Myles said.

“Did she catch ya?” Colt asked and spit.

“Of course, and embarrassed the living shit out of me at the prom,” Myles stated.

Shawn suddenly stood and yelled, “Oh my God, someone shit their pants!” 

Kris curled up his nose, “Oh fuck! That’s nasty!”

Now my face was glowing red. 

Colt pointed at me, “Matt, did you shit?”

“I had a little gas and just eased it out,” I quietly said and was so embarrassed. The room erupted with laughter. It did give us a break to stretch our legs and use the restroom along with throwing in dips.

We sat back down. “I think you know my biggest regret. I still can’t believe I resorted to stealing,” Garrett stated.

“Are things still good?” Kris asked.

“So far,” Garrett replied.

“If they aren’t, then he’s hiding it well,” Scott said. “Not really my biggest, but I hate that I actually thought y’all were dissing us earlier and the fact I’m really good friends with Corey over there. Dudes, don’t ever get him pissed at you. I know Kris is strong as hell but damn!”

Corey smiled, “Yeah now I’d hate to see an outsider starting shit with us.”

“Y’all say the word,” Ted said. “Matt, you let me know if that guy causes you one ounce of trouble again. He just thinks he got an ass whooping by you.”

“Hey, since this is telling our secrets, I have a big one I’ve never told anyone,” Colt said. “I came home from school my senior year earlier than normal after checking out and saying I was sick, but I really wasn’t I just wanted out. I got home about eleven and saw my Dad’s car and another car in the drive. I thought it was odd for my Dad to be home so I walked up and looked in the window. My old man was fucking some lady. Some of y’all have seen my Dad… damn it was the shit of nightmares. I mean, c’mon woman, are you that fucking desperate for some dick?”

“So you didn’t tell anyone?” Corey asked.

“I thought about it but I didn’t want my folks to divorce,” Colt said. “It will be something I’ll have to live with for my Mom’s sake. I know my Mom is a little heavy but not really enough to fuck around on her.”

“Oh God have y’all ever walked in on your parents fucking? I have and did this past summer,” Alex said.

Garrett raised his hand, “I have too but I was about fourteen and went into shock.”

“Bro, we all have,” Kris said. “I did it, but hey, now I see when I’m in my forties I will still have the desire to fuck.”

“Yeah, but your parents?” Alex said.

“Have they ever walked in on you jacking off?” Kris asked.

There were numerous laughs. “Oh shit, I had just blown the biggest damn load and in walked my mom,” Scott laughed. “I was so busted.”

“How old were you?” I asked.

“Oh I was fifteen,” Scott laughed. “From then on, I locked the door.”

“Well, my mom found my cum rag under my bed,” Bishop said with us laughing.

“So has anyone been caught in the act by your parents?” Kris asked.

Ted laughed, “My dad had the uncanny act of walking in on me. He did it twice. One time I was really nailing this girl and the other I was standing with this girl giving me head when I was eye to eye with him.”

“Hell, I wish my mom could catch me now,” Shawn laughed. 

“Your day will come, bro,” Kris stated.

“I hate to hear the scream when he does get some pussy again,” Alex laughed.

We kept talking and laughing. The night was great fun even though we really didn’t do a lot. Everyone started leaving. Ted and Myles hung around until the room was clear.

“Thanks for not saying anything,” Ted said. “I was worried it would slip.”

“What?” Kris asked.

“He made that girl get an abortion,” Colt replied.

“Ted, there are some things that don’t need to be told,” I said. “I too was worried Kris would slip up.”

“How could I since I forgot?” Kris laughed.

“Another great night and really a lot of fun. Matt, I was serious about what I said earlier with that guy,” Ted said and grabbed the door handle with Myles right behind him. “We’ll see ya around.”

“Next time drag Luke’s ass down here,” Kris said as they were leaving. They waved and closed the door. “Colt, were you telling the truth about catching your dad fucking around?”

“Hell yes, I was. That’s not shit you’d make up!” Colt replied.

“I can see why you wouldn’t tell,” Corey said. “So did you have any idea he was fucking around?”

“Well… just that dad was acting weird and shit but I never dreamed he’d be fucking around on my Mom.”

“Do ya think he’s still doing it?” Kris asked.

“I hope not. If he is, I’ll beat his ass,” Colt stated. “Just thinking about it pisses me off. Another thing, if he says shit about me rooming with gay guys again, I may just throw it in his face and see how he likes that.”

“There you go. You have ammo if he ever starts anything with you,” Kris stated.

“I sure do,” Colt said. “You know I really enjoyed tonight.”

“I did, too. Just a bunch of friends chilling,” Corey stated. “No one really drank that much either. Matter of fact mine got warm before I finished it.”

“Yeah, the last two nights have been enough,” Kris said and yawned. It was our signal to separate for the night.

The next day, Sunday, the sun was out for the first time in a few days. If nothing else, it would help melt all the snow we had. We were hanging as we usually did when we got a knock at the door. 

“It’s open!” Kris yelled.

The door opened with Megan walking inside. We were all as embarrassed as we could be, including Megan. “OOPPS, I’m sorry,” she said. “Is this a bad time?”

“No, but I know four guys that need to get dressed in a big hurry,” Kris said. “Cover your eyes…”

“She’s seen us,” Colt laughed.

Megan put her hand over her eyes while we departed to cover up a little. We returned in our shorts. “Kris, can we talk privately for a minute?”

“For sure, but you’ll need to excuse the mess in my room,” Kris replied. “Hey, you should have called me first though.”

“I tried but didn’t get an answer,” Megan replied with Kris standing.

“Remember last night you put it on silent so no one would wake you up,” Colt stated before the two left for Kris’s room.  They shut the door. “There’s a positive sign.”

“I’ll say to come up here,” Corey stated.

“I have a really good feeling about this,” I said. “If she didn’t want any part of him, she’d never have shown up.”

Colt laughed, “She did get to see our good parts. That should go a long ways with her.”

“Or it killed it,” Corey stated.

“She was cool about it and was as embarrassed as we were,” I said. “I knew one day we’d be caught by someone that we didn’t wanna be caught by.”

“Actually… I don’t care. It’s another great example of what I’ve grown to enjoy and never thought I would. Hell, there’s not a thang wrong with us sitting around naked. It’s more of a shock if we’re not. I’m really looking forward to this summer. I can see me by the lake every chance and getting so damn dark all over,” Colt stated.

“Kris will be so jealous,” I said.

“Jealous? He’s already said he’ll have an all over tan this summer, if not before. That dude loves being nude so damn much, but I’m one to talk,” Colt said.

“Me too,” Corey said.

“I love it too. I just wish there were more places where we could go nude,” I said.

“We’ll see how much we love it on spring break,” Colt said.

We continued to talk. As the time passed, I began wondering and worrying about what was really going on. The door opened with our three heads turning around.

“Well?” Colt asked.

“We were only talking,” Kris said. “She’s agreed to see how it goes.”

“So like a trial run?” Corey asked.

“Not so much, but I wanna give this great guy a chance. I’ll admit it was hard to hear that he was bi, but he explained things to me in there,” Megan said with the two grabbing the couch.

“I’m prejudice, but Kris is one great guy,” I stated. “We all have our faults but his good points out weigh those by so much.”

“I can see that already,” Megan said. “He’ll see I’m not perfect by any stretch of the imagination.”

We talked just a short while longer before Corey and I stood to head to our room. While doing so, I motioned with my eyes for Colt to do the same so Kris could have time with Megan alone. 

Sitting on the unused beds, Corey asked, “Alright, what do you think of Kris and Megan? I know you have an opinion.”

“Actually, I like her. I’m really not the one that has to like her though…”

“I know Kris has to.”

“I just wonder if, since she’s the first one to show him interest in a while, Kris is jumping on the opportunity too quickly.”

“Matt, we both know how many chances he’s had. I think he’s ready for another try at love and romance.”

“I guess all we can do is wait and see how it turns out,” I said while thinking it was Kris’s way out of following through with the idea of dating Jordy or any guy for that matter.

Corey and I talked a while before heading out to see how much snow had melted and assess the possibilities of class the next day. We grabbed our coats and left. The snow had done a lot of melting, but there was still a lot of it. Together we guessed the chances were about 50/50 for class the next day, with our hope being some decision would be made soon. We returned with Kris gone and Colt sitting in the living area. Colt reminded us of the Super Bowl party in an hour. Kris had gone to scope things out while Megan returned to her room for a while.

Once the party started, the big room was pretty full with lots of chatter about the big game that was about to take place. I really had no interest in the game whatsoever and was just there to be with my friends. Rick entered just before kickoff and was greeted by Kris’s warm welcome. Rick was pretty lax about the few that had beer since there wasn’t much to be had. All the while, Kris was doing the balancing act between Megan and the rest of us. During breaks for commercials he’d walk around to talk and return to be with Megan.  

The best part of the game was hearing Ted, Luke and Myles’s analysis of what was going on. They kept a sharp eye on the game and were able to tell us exactly what happened and why. Luke was in amazement over the play of the Packer’s quarterback with some giving him hell that he could never be that good. 

When the game was over, Bryson was in a very joyous mood after betting on the Packers to cover. 

Rick stood, “I hate to tell you this but there will be classes tomorrow. I just got a text saying there would be classes starting at 10.”

“Fucking great!” Kris said. “Way to ruin a great night, Rick!”

“You know there was discussion about extending the semester a few days if the conditions didn’t improve…” Rick said.

“It still sucks ass!” Colt said. “I guess I better call Andrea and let her know.” He pulled out his phone and walked away.

I was about to leave but saw Corey talking with Parker and Yancey. They came in near the end of the first half to watch the game with us.

“I hope you weren’t as bored as I was,” I said walking up to them.

They laughed. “Nah, we were curious as to what was going on and hate to miss a good party,” Parker said. “I’m really looking forward going with you and Corey this weekend.”

I tried my hardest to remain expressionless. “Yeah, we’ll have a good time,” I said and faked a smile even though I was about to come unglued inside.

“Yeah, it’ll be great,” Corey said. 

“I can’t wait to see Matt at the slot machines,” Yancey said. “Hey we need to run but we’ll holler at ya later and get all the plans squared away.”

“We will,” Corey said.

Parker and Yancey walked away, as did I. I headed to our room and didn’t care if Corey was behind me or not. I slammed the door and heard it open back up. 

“Just listen to me one minute…” Corey said.

“Without even fucking asking me?! What the fuck are you thinking?!” I yelled.

“Just sit down and I’ll explain it,” Corey said calmly.

“No! I don’t wanna sit down! You ruined our weekend! Thanks a lot!” I screamed and stormed off to my room. No explanation would suffice at that moment. I was furious at him. He invited someone to join us on our special weekend together. I wanted to cry but was so damn mad.

The door opened. “I’m sorry and was caught in a pickle. Just listen to me for God’s sake. You blow up before hearing my reason,” Corey said and sat next to me. He attempted to put his arm around me but I pushed it away.

I looked at him, “You’d be just as pissed.”

“Damn right I would, but listen to me for one fucking minute alright? Shit!”

“This better be fucking good or your ass is sleeping out there tonight,” I said and pointed to the living area.

Corey stood, “I’m extremely disappointed in you, Matt, right at this moment.”

“Think how I feel! You invited someone with us!”

Corey paced around a little and sat back down. “I went to say hi to them. Then Parker asked what our plans were for this Valentine’s weekend. I said a few of us were going to the casino for the night. Parker said it sounded like such fun and would love to go. Then Yancey said how he’d love to go. What could I say?”

“How about, ‘sorry but there’s no room’?” I said, smartly.

“I know I should have but I said ‘sure we’d love to have you’,” Corey said. “I’m sorry. Really I am. I opened my big mouth.”

“So I assume they’re staying with us too?”

Corey lowered his head, “I guess, since the others are straight. They are going to try to get a room though.”

“Let’s hope they do,” I said. I leaned over and kissed him. “I probably would have said the same thing now that I think about it. That damn Kris is rubbing off on us big time.”

Corey smiled, “He is. I just knew we’d be out walking by now.”

“Me too. I should apologize too. I’m sorry I blew up but it just went all over me…”

“I completely understand. I knew you weren’t happy. You did a great job of acting in front of them.”

“Well… if they do room with us, it won’t be the first time we’ve had sex in the same room with someone,” I snickered.

“I know that’s right. Now, let’s go see how the new romance is going. I know you’re about to have a fit inside on how things are progressing and see exactly what Kris thinks,” Corey said. We stood and shared a long kiss before walking out holding hands.  


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