Posted:  Feb 27, 2012

Wednesday, now in February and feeling like most Februaries do around here, it was downright cold with a stiff breeze blowing all day. That night, I was meeting Dad and Gloria for our usual meal once a month. Dad gave me a nice hug and was dressed in one of the shirts I had gave him at Christmas.  We joked a minute about before being seated at our usual restaurant.

“Matthew, I’m glad to see how well things are going for you and Corey…” Dad commented before the meal arrived.

“Really or are you just saying that?” I asked.

“You are happy and can just tell it.  In hindsight, maybe I should have been more accepting.  You are growing up to be a model son who will make his old man so proud.  I love you no matter what,” Dad stated.

“Thanks,” I said yet happy to be accepted.  The meal arrived with us digging in.  It was always good home cooked food like fried chicken or chicken fried steak with real mash potatoes.  I know it was in the usual healthy eating fare but I could handle it.

“Matthew, this change didn’t come easy for Larry but we’ve had a long talk about it.  He finally saw you and not sexuality,” Gloria stated eating.

“I did and sorry if it caused you any trouble.  I should love you unconditionally but it wasn’t easy on my system.  From now on, you will just be my son and not my gay son like I have referred to you in the past,” Dad said.

We continued about my classes and grades.  Dad always smiled when hearing how well I was doing.  I’d casually mention my friends and see how interested he’d become.  Dad talked about his job at the plant and how settled he was now after years of searching for the elusive pot of gold.  I do have to think Gloria was a big stabilizing factor for him despite a major set back.  It was easy to see Dad on the right track.  

We hugged at the end with Dad saying he always ate way too much and patting his stomach.  I got in my car and was thrilled with the everything at the dinner. 

I came back to the room with just Colt and Andrea sitting naked. The smell of sex filled my nostrils and on seeing Colt’s weird smile along with spotting the lube and condom wrapper on the floor, I smiled knowing they knew. 

“I take it no one else has been around,” I stated and took a seat.

“Nope,” Colt said.

“No sir,” Andrea said and leaned over on Colt’s bare chest.

“How was your dinner?” Colt asked.

“Very good,” I replied. “It was maybe the best so far.”

“Pops is accepting you, now?” Colt asked.

“I think one hundred percent. The only mention of it was when he asked how my boyfriend was doing,” I replied.

“Do you think it will be a blizzard like they’re talking about?” Andrea asked.

“You never know. I’m expecting somewhere in between,” I replied.

We talked about the weather for a while. Andrea stated she was leaving tomorrow night to beat the forecasted snow on Friday to run home for her father’s birthday. I did mention that is was Colt’s birthday as well. I found out they had begun celebrating earlier, with more celebration planned that night. She did gift him a very nice shirt and jeans. The jeans were needed since Colt’s were getting a little worn in spots.

The door opened with Corey coming through it. I looked all around behind him but no sign of Kris.

“Where’s Kris?” Colt asked.

“He said he’d be here later,” Corey replied and moved to sit with me. He threw his arm around my shoulder and kissed me.

“Please tell me he’s found a girl,” Colt said. “That boy needs some pussy in the worst way.”

“Actually I think he was helping Trey with something. I really didn’t ask,” Corey said.

“Next time, ask,” Colt said.

We watched some TV before Kris came in the door about ten. He saw Colt and Andrea were naked and stripped off his clothes, whereas Corey and I stayed as we were. 

“Where have you been?” Colt asked.

“Working,” Kris replied. “Okay, Mike and some of his friends came in late and demanded I help them. It wasn’t a big deal.”

“You’re right,” I said. “His big heart took over.”

“Kris, you are too sweet,” Andrea commented. “You can see how much he thinks of you each time he sees you. His eyes light up.”

“Thanks a lot, but I love the fuck out of it,” Kris said. “I know… I know I need to throw some coins in the canister. So what’s the count over there?”

I walked over and did some quick adding, “Just shy of fourteen bucks. You know I have noticed a little improvement with y’all.”

“I suppose,” Colt said. “It’s not killing us and does make me think a little before I say something.”

We sat around chatting like normal. It still amazed me how comfortable Andrea was sitting around naked with us, but now I suppose she was used to seeing Kris and Colt’s hot bodies without getting too turned on. 

When we said goodnight, Kris came up and threw his arm around my shoulder. I looked at him oddly and wondered what he was doing.

“Bro, it’s Wednesday night,” Kris said.

“Oh I slap forgot all about it,” I said with Colt now pulling out the sofa bed. “Ummm… what about Corey?”

“He’s a big boy and can sleep in the room by himself… but if he wants, we three can shack up in the room together,” Kris replied. “Yeah, come on Corey.”

“I’m good,” Corey said before seeing the sad look on my face. “Alright… alright, I’m coming, but be quiet when you get up in the morning.”

“Yeah, don’t slam the door going out either,” Colt interjected.

We did our thing before Corey and I got on the air mattress. Kris got on top of his old bed. “You know… I don’t see why the four of us…,” he stopped and laughed. “No, it wouldn’t work at all.”

“You’re damn right it wouldn’t,” Corey said quickly. “We need our privacy.”

“I know what you do and have even seen this weekend,” Kris said.

“Still… you and Colt are fine right where you are,” I said. “Imagine the snoring every night.”

“Yeah, you snore sometimes too,” Corey said.

“So Matt, how did it go with your dad tonight?” Kris asked.

“It went really well. I sense he’s beginning to fully accept me…” I replied.

“About time,” Kris said. “He saw you ain’t changing.”

I asked Kris if he ever spoke to his mom or dad.  He laughed and said when he remembered or one of them called. Kris asked about JJ and when we could expect him again. Corey said he wasn’t sure but knew JJ wanted to come visit for a full weekend rather than one day. 

It was bone chilling cold in our suite when my alarm went off the next morning. I showered and shaved before waking Kris. He didn’t want to get up but did so in the end. I tried my best to dress quietly but Corey was wide awake. He didn’t complain and said he’d get an early start on his day with the possibility of eating before class. We saw Colt was awake as well with Andrea gone to her classes.

Stepping out in my jacket, it was still frigid. Even Kris commented on the temperature but didn’t gripe seeing the gray snowy looking clouds beginning to move our way. My class tested my ability to focus with the instructor being so monotonous. I could look around and see I wasn’t the only one who struggled to pay attention. My next class, accounting, with Ted, was easier and more interactive with Mr. Jackson demanding attention and keeping us interested in what could be another boring class. 

After class, Kris and I headed to grab something to eat. Kris headed off to grab something while I waited. Just before I ordered, I felt a strong hand grab my shoulder. Panic raced through my body until turning to see Juan’s smiling face.

“It’s just me,” he said.

“I was just startled a little. How’s it going?”

“Great. Man, I miss seeing y’all,” Juan said.

“If you have time, Kris would love to see you as well.”

“Okay, I was hoping to catch y’all around. I look constantly for ya every time I’m in here,” Juan said and waited. It did give us a moment to talk. We carried our food and found Kris in our usual spot. Kris saw Juan and stood quickly to embrace him. We had to ask about his wife and expecting child. Juan reported everything with them were fine so far with no complications. We relived our Vegas trip before hating to say goodbye. We reiterated to him that he was more than welcome any time to stop by. Juan said he would when he had the time.

With a game that night, we headed to work out. Kris informed us since he wasn’t playing he could go all out. Colt was hesitant at first and pointed at his knee, along with saying how it hurt him working out at the Athletic Complex. Most of the players on the team didn’t go and hung back, but Corey was right there with us and so was Shawn. Kris had ideas from reading his magazines that he had purchased earlier, with Colt throwing in ideas from his job. Usually I wasn’t sore or tired but Kris put us through a lot of hard work, especially on our core.

After working out, Kris, Colt and Shawn left together. There was little doubt what they were going to do with the predicted snow on the horizon. Corey left as well to get his hair cut and ended up doing a little shopping as well. I too headed out to grab a few things for our party making sure to pick up a small cake for Colt’s birthday. My hope was Kris and his group would do the same since I did ask that they pick up something other than beer and alcohol.

When game time rolled around, it was strange to have Colt with Shawn and me to watch. Shawn knew the game but stated he knew he sucked. At half time the game was tied, with our guys making a lot of mistakes. All that did was get Kris to pace back and forth along the sidelines. Colt and Shawn both commented on how Kris was born to be a coach and already had down all the moves. 

After the break, we got things together. The half started with Garrett scoring on a slam dunk. Not long after that Joe stole the ball at mid court and nearly tore the rim down with his two handed slam dunk. It did get the team fired up, as well as those of us watching. Bryson’s strategy worked to perfection, with the pressing style, for by the end, our guys were doing whatever they wanted, with other team gasping for breath. Corey did get in the game a few times but didn’t do anything noteworthy other than grab a few rebounds.

Back in our dorm, it was Corey, Colt and I for a short while with Kris gone to speak with Rick about the big room for the Super Bowl. Scott and Shawn were first to appear.

“Dude, I don’t what is up but Alex and Elise were having it out,” Scott said before shutting door with his shorts sagged low and showing his tattoo at his waist. Shawn was dressed in shorts with a torn up tee with a beer in his hand.

“It happens. It happens between Andrea and I and it happens with Matt and Corey,” Colt stated in his shorts.

“They have been tight for a while. I think they are the only ones to make it from Liz’s help,” Scott snickered. “Damn what a ton of beer y’all have.”

“You’d think we were a bunch of drunks and expected to be snowed in for weeks,” I stated.

“They wanted beer so I supplied them,” Shawn said.

“Kris thinks he’s the dorm supplier. You’d think that dude was made of money,” Colt stated.

Bishop and then Garrett were next to arrive in the room. Bishop did chuckle seeing the collection of beer. They were barely in the room when Alex and Brennan came in. 

“I think someone is pissed off,” Colt said.

“Damn right I am. Fucking looking at my phone and accusing my ass of fucking around on her. Give me a fucking break!” Alex said. Without asking, he grabbed a beer and took a big swig.

“So, were you?” Bishop asked.

“Fuck no! I was texting this girl in my class about some notes. The girl ain’t even fucking cute either,” Alex said in disgust. “Then she went on about the calendar and how cocky I’ve been. Maybe we need to take some time off.”

“I know what you mean, Alex,” Shawn said.

Kris came in the door and was pleased to see everyone. “We’re set for Sunday night.”

“You know I don’t recall seeing a TV in there,” Scott commented from the floor.

“There is on the front wall,” Kris stated. “I had to check myself but we’re cool with Rick. He’s even said he’d be there with us like last year.”

“Sweet,” Shawn said. “Bryson is betting the house on the Packers…”

“I wanna be there and see it if they lose,” Scott said. “The dude gets so pissed when he loses.”

“He’s been like that since high school. He was always betting on games with a few friends,” Garrett spoke up.

Kris walked over and put his arm around Garrett, “Bros, this big guy came to play tonight.”

“Fuck yeah he did. We saw the real Garrett in action,” Scott said. “Joe really threw down too.”

“Bros, I won’t lie to ya but we’re pretty good,” Kris stated.

We were talking just a few minutes before Ted, Myles and Luke came walking in the room. Kris had told them we’d be hanging out, so they decided to join us since little else was happening. They had barely closed the door before Keith and Seth arrived, our roommates next door to us in the first room on the hall.

“Ummm… Kris, you think we could move this down to the big room?” Bishop asked.

“I don’t see why not. It is a lot bigger,” Kris replied. “I think Rick was leaving as it was to be with his girl but no one is supposed to know that.”

Off we went down the hall to the bigger room with the beer in tow. Sure enough there was a big flat screen TV in the room. There again a bathroom was the only thing missing. Colt found a trash can for the empties. 

“Man, this will be perfect for the game,” Luke said. “We can kick back and cheer on the Steelers.”

“Fuck that,” Myles said. “You know the Packers are hot and will smoke them.”

“We’ll do like last year and have a betting game before the game starts. This will be better since Rick doesn’t care if we have a few. He just said he didn’t want things to get out of hand,” Kris stated with the door opening.

Ethan and Cody were coming in. They had been to Corey’s birthday party but how they knew we were in here I had no clue. 

“Dude, I know what would be perfect in here. We got a beer pong table in our room,” Cody said with almost a beard grown out.

“Yeah, I see there’s lots of beer so let’s do this shit,” Ethan said. 

Cody left out the door. “Bro, how did ya know we were here?” Kris said.

“We saw him walking in the door and knew something was up,” Ethan said and pushed back his red hair from his face while pointing at Alex.

“I went to get my phone. Check this shit out. Elise sent me a text saying we’re finished,” Alex said. There was a slight confusion so he had to tell his story to those who didn’t know after Cody had returned with the beer pong table. I had heard about this but didn’t really understand much other than it was a drinking game with a bunch of plastic cups. 

The game started and brought out the competitive side of many of my friends. I stayed back and watched the guys try to sink a ping pong ball in cups. If nothing else, it offered some great photo opps.

After Kris and Colt were eliminated, Shawn spoke up, “You know I think this is by far the longest we’ve seen Kris with clothes on.”

“Yeah, the dude is waiting on his certified nudist papers,” Scott said laughing.

“You’re right there with me,” Kris stated. Kris dropped his shorts, “There is your ass happy now.”

“I swear he doesn’t care who sees his dick,” Brennan said.

“You’ve seen and enjoyed it too,” Kris laughed.

“Damn right I have,” Brennan said.

Kris stood with his hands on his hips. “We’re all guys here…”

“Some of us we wonder about,” Alex said.

“Alex, I hope you weren’t talking about us,” Corey said.

“No, I was just joking,” Alex said. 

“So is anyone else brave enough or doesn’t care?” Kris asked. No one seemed bold enough so Kris grabbed his short and put them back on.

I walked over to Kris, “Hey this just isn’t the place or time. There will be one day. Besides, not everyone here is as unashamed as you.”

Kris smiled, “I know. It would have been really odd…”

“It would have been hot as fuck,” Brennan said.

“Hey, we don’t wanna scare anyone off or pressure those you don’t wanna, like Ted…” Kris said with Myles walking our way.

“Dude, you’re a trip,” Myles said and patted Kris’s back.

“Myles, you don’t drink?” Brennan asked with a beer in his hand.

“Nah, I don’t need it to have fun. Don’t like the shit,” Myles stated.

“Oh well…” Brennan stated.

“At least he’s not hung over,” Kris stated. “Bro, one time we are getting your ass wasted.”

“Good luck there,” Myles stated.

I walked over to join Scott and Corey. While we were sitting there we planned Sunday night for the Super Bowl. It would be about the same with more snacks if we were able to get out with the predicted snow on the horizon. Ted came walking over and joined us. Scott asked about the teams while Corey and I listened to him go over the two. 

Later, Bishop came back in the room after going to use the restroom. He was barely inside when the door opened. So far there weren’t any females until now. A few girls were at the door and getting their eyes filled with hot college guys who were now loosing shirts left and right. They laughed, looked around and left out the door. It opened again with a guy I didn’t know. Kris welcomed him inside. The guy laughed and looked to be Asian. His name was Kwan and said he lived at the end of the hall. It still amazed me I could see new people but the hall was rather long. Next Morgan and Holly came down with their roommates along with a few more girls to add some females to the mix.   

They continued to play beer pong while the rest of us watched TV or watched the competitive games. I did get my turn with Corey and had a heated match against Colt and Kris. I was horrible and couldn’t hit a cup for nothing. Corey and I lost and had to drink a lot. Kris thought it was the downside that he couldn’t drink. 

After Scott had returned from a bathroom run, he said, “Dudes, look out the window. It is really coming down out there.”

It was a race to the window like we had never seen snow. In the night light, we could see the snow was falling and lots of it. 

Walking away from the window, Kris pulled me aside. He was well on his way to being wasted. “Ummm… it is past midnight. You know what that means, right?”

“It’s Friday… oh yeah, Colt’s birthday…”

“Let’s sneak out and grab the cake. Beer and birthday cake, how classic is that?” Kris laughed.

We did leave saying a bathroom call was necessary. We walked down the hall in our shorts. 

“It’s amazing but the best times are unplanned. How fucking sweet is that shit?” he commented.

“Another classic episode in our college life but you’re so dead on. Nothing planned and then wham… a sweet fun party,” I said. “So did you get him a present?”

Kris laughed, “I may give him one later tonight. We all should.”

“We’ll see if any of us are standing by then,” I said.

We grabbed the cake along with lots of plastic forks and plates. We returned and saw Colt laughing. Before cutting into the cake, we did sing ‘Happy Birthday’. Scott snagged my camera and took a shot of the four of us with Colt in the middle holding his cake.

Corey and I were sitting eating our cake when Kwan came over and sat near us.

“Having fun?” Corey asked.

“Oh yes, this is killer. Where have you been all this semester?” Kwan said.

Corey and I laughed. “We’ve been right here,” I said. The combo of beer and cake weren’t the best I thought after taking a bite and chasing it with beer.

“Y’all are a damn trip. My roomies are so into their studies and rarely get out of the room. They’d rather play video games or talk on the phone, but I’m one to talk,” Kwan said. “I was just getting back from the library and saw some guy come in here. Curiosity got the best of me.”

Kris walked up and patted Kwan’s back, “Bro, how’s it going?”

“Great. Everyone is real friendly I must say,” Kwan replied.

“Bro, you wanna play some beer pong here shortly?” Kris asked Kwan.

“I’m good for now. I’m enjoying this so much right now. To find people who enjoy something other than sitting in the room and playing games or on the computer. There is more to life than that shit,” Kwan stated.

“Boy, there is,” Corey agreed.

“Bro, we’re in Room 204. Get your ass down there any time you want. Everybody is fucking welcome,” Kris stated with the beer beginning to affect him. He stood and went to join Ethan and Cody.

“That guy is something else, huh?” Kwan commented.

“We’re used to it. Kris is our roommate,” I said. I reintroduced ourselves even though we had done it quickly earlier for him.

“Ummm… I don’t wanna be rude or anything but I noticed you two holding hands…” Kwan said.

“We’re boyfriends…” Corey said.

“Surely not everyone here is gay,” he commented and laughed.

“Nah, but very accepting,” I said. “We are the only gay ones here, with a few bi ones as well… wait there is another one here.” 

“That’s really awesome,” Kwan stated and stood. “I think I’ll go grab some more cake. It’s pretty good. See ya around.” 

We continued to talk and mostly drink. It was well past 2 when we exited the room. Most had stuck around until the bitter end. The only ones to barf were Keith’s roommate Seth, and Garrett, who let go and had a great time in the end. We cleaned up the big stuff before exiting the room. 

“We killed it tonight,” Kris stated loudly.

“Hell yeah we did,” Corey said and was pretty wasted.

“Dude, thanks for a killer birthday,” Colt said.

“It just so happened that it turned midnight or else your fucking ass would be waiting ‘til tonight,” Kris said.

“Yeah, wait ‘til next year,” I said.

“Bros that shit right there will be child’s play compared to next year,” Kris said and sprinted off holding his cock. Colt was right behind him.

“That was something else,” Corey said. “I think you said no more Thursday night drinking but damn!”

“There wasn’t any way around it,” I said. “Surely there won’t be class tomorrow.”

“I know a hall full of drunk ass dudes that better hope so,” Corey said. “Me included.”

Corey and I waited until the bathroom was clear. We did our thing and returned to find the sofa bed pulled out with Colt and Kris in it, snuggled together and already sound asleep. Once Corey and I entered our room, it wasn’t long before we both were long gone with Corey setting his alarm just in case.

Thanks for all the great response to the last chapter.  I wasn't sure how it go over but seeing how it did watch for more.  I've read your suggestions and will keep among the main other 3 (Kris, Colt and Corey).   Hope you enjoyed this latest chapter.

You can comment as you normally do below.  I enjoy reading everyone's take/ideas on the chapters plus it lets me know you're still interested.
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