Posted:  Feb 22, 2012

Kris and I dozed back off before we woke again at nearly the same time.  Kris got
out of bed and headed out the door.  He came back a few minutes later with shaving
cream in his hand.

“Follow me,” Kris said, motioning with his hand.  I got up and followed him.  Colt
was sleeping in the sofa bed alone.  Kris leaned over and quietly put some shaving
cream on Colt’s fingers.  He smiled back at me and found a pen.  He moved back and
touched Colt’s nose with the pen.  Still asleep, Colt rubbed his nose with the
fingers where the shaving cream was.  It was all Kris and I could do to not laugh. 

Colt’s hand came back down again with shaving cream all over his nose.  Kris
squirted out more cream before moving to touch Colt’s lips with the tip of the pen. 
Colt moved his hand to his lips.  Kris and I had our hands over our mouths before
seeing the whites of Colt’s eyes.  Colt rubbed his eyes and got just a little on
his eyes.

“Damn!” Colt yelled.  “How the hell did I get this shit in my mouth?”

“I don’t know…” Kris said barely able to withhold the laughter.

Colt looked to see us about to die.  He lunged forward and caught Kris at the
waist.  Kris was laughing but so was I.  The force knocked Kris onto the couch to
break his fall. 

“You sorry son of a bitch!” Colt yelled. “Fucking with me while I was sleeping!”

“Chill bro.  It’s just a prank,” Kris said.

“Fuck you!” Colt stormed off.  He turned with a full tube of toothpaste and calmed
down.  “Let’s get Chase and Tabor now.”  Kris explained the prank to Colt.  Colt
said he’d heard of it before.

We walked quietly into my room where the four teens were sleeping.   No one moved
an inch with the door opening.  Colt moved over and put toothpaste in Chase and
Tabor’s hand.  Rather than touch their facial parts, Kris touched Tabor’s hair
while Colt did the same to Chase.  They rubbed their heads and smeared the
toothpaste in their messy mops.  Chase woke first and squinted his eyes followed by
Tabor rubbing his eyes. 

“What the hell is going on?” Tabor asked.

“It’s after 11,” Colt replied and was doing a great job of not laughing. “Let’s get
up and grab something to eat before you leave.”

“Okay but let us shower,” Chase said, still half asleep.

“Bro, we need to get a move on it.  Just throw something on and let’s go,” Kris
said and was holding it in.

The two sat up from the air mattress.  The talking woke up Paul and Quinn.   They
didn’t get up and sat there a second.

“Bros, get up.  Who cares if you have boners?  We all fucking get em in the
morning,” Kris stated.

Paul and Quinn began laughing while I was holding off my laughter.  “Tabor, what’s
that in your hair?” Quinn asked.

“How the fuck would I know?” Tabor said and rubbed the spot of the toothpaste.

Chase reached up and pulled the toothpaste out of his hair.  “What the hell?”

The three of us busted out laughing.  Paul and Quinn started laughing as well. 

“We gotcha!” Kris yelled.

“That’s nasty,” Chase said.

“Hey, Kris got me earlier with shaving cream.  Welcome to the party!” Colt said.

“Alright, it’ll wash out but I don’t think it is funny,” Tabor said.

“Me either,” Chase said.

“I do,” Paul spoke up.  “Y’all have to tell me how to do it.  I wanna do that to my
brother sometime.”

“Hey, let’s hang and then we’ll grab something to eat,” Colt said.

“Ummm… do we have to naked like y’all?” Quinn asked.

“Nah, you can do what ya want.  We like it,” Kris said.

“Because he’s gay,” Tabor joked.

Kris and Colt looked at each other and jumped down wrestle with Tabor.  I thought
the mattress was going to pop.  Chase moved aside while Kris and Colt had a little
fun with Tabor. 

“Aight… aight, I give!” Tabor yelled. 

“Your punishment is you have to be naked until you leave this joint,” Kris said.

“Damn!” Tabor exclaimed.

Kris and Colt were reaching for his boxers.  I heard a rip before the boxers came
off of him.

“We’re in this together,” Tabor said. “Shuck em, guys!”

“Oh no,” Quinn said. “I’m not showing my shit!”

“I don’t care,” Paul said. “You won’t do it because you’ve got a little dick.”

“You’re right there, cuz,” Quinn said. “It is gay, don’t ya think?”

“Nope,” Kris replied. “Then I guess it is gay for guys to shower together after gym
class or a game.  It’s just being natural and enjoying the freedom.”

Paul stood and tossed off his plaid boxers.  “Well hell, no wonder Paul wants to
show off his monster.  Damn boy!” Colt said.  He did have a nice big thick long
cock with very little hair. 

“Fucking shit, dude!  You’re fucking hung and the same size as Matt,” Tabor said.
“No wonder you’ve been dating Angelica so long.”

Paul smiled, “What can I say?”

“You’ve been getting some major pussy with that big dick,” Kris said.

“I’ll never tell,” Paul said.

“He has!” Quinn yelled.  “I get to hear about it every time he fucks her.”

“Thanks a lot,” Paul said with his hands on his hips.

Quinn stood and removed his blue boxer briefs, “Now don’t ya feel sorry for my
little boy?”

“Nope, I’m no bigger than you yet still get some,” Tabor said.

“Alright, we’ve heard enough bullshit,” Colt said. “I think we all know the guy
getting the most pussy around here.”

“Stop bragging, brother.  You’ll see my ass will have a girlfriend by the time I’m
a sophomore here,” Chase said.

“So Tabor, are you any closer to getting in here?” I asked while we all moved to
sit down.

“Dude, I don’t know.  It’s gonna kill me if I don’t.  We brought Paul and Quinn
here so they can get a good taste of things around here,” Tabor replied.

“Bros, don’t go by what you’ve seen here this weekend,” Kris said. “We’re beyond
fortunate to have the best group of friends on campus.  I wouldn’t trade places
with anyone.  We’re tighter than family here.  One of us has a problem, then we all
have a problem.”

“Say, Paul and I were thinking of rushing a frat like our dads did,” Quinn said.

“Well… there are good points to those but we don’t have a need for one.  Hell
they’re all a bunch of pussies, right Matt?” Colt said.

“I guess,” I said and got to hear them relive me fight.  It was never going to die
and worse he was stalking me now.

We sat and talked forever with them.  It was very nice but made me feel old.  We
sounded like parents giving advice on college and other things that were brought
up.  I did see Quinn and Paul open up a little bit whereas before they had stayed
in the background.

We finally dressed and showered to treat them to lunch on campus along with giving
Paul and Quinn a brief tour of our school.  Returning, the four packed their
things.  They really didn’t want to leave and hung around the longer.   Corey came
in the door and did get to see them before everyone left to say goodbye.

When they returned, we spent time getting our place back to normal.   Then Kris
said he was getting down to business before we went to eat.  We all studied for
over an hour before Scott and Shawn came wondering what had happened to us.  We
finished up and left to gather up all of our friends.  Kris said we were having a
meeting to decide our spring break trip.

While eating, we found that Andrea had plans with her family so Colt was a free
man.  Both Joe and Antonio stated they were returning home to see family even
though they were invited to join us.

So we had us four, Scott, Hayden, Shawn, Brennan, Bishop and even Garrett with the
slight possibility of including Ted, Luke and Myles. 

Kris stood, “Here’s my idea and see what you think of it.  I was thinking of us
driving down and taking a short four or five day cruise.”

“Ummm… okay but how much is one of those?” Shawn asked.

Scott had his phone and was busy.  “It looks here like they start at about three
hundred for a four day… four hundred for a five or six hundred for a seven day.”

“Sounds good to me,” Brennan said.

Kris smiled, “I think we can swing four hundred.”

“Maybe but what about other costs?” I asked.

“Let me tell ya,” Bishop said. “Drinks aren’t free.  Then you have to add about a
hundred for tips.  That’s not including what you do off the boat.”

“So we’re talking maybe seven hundred,” Kris said.

“Wow that’s expensive,” Hayden said while I was thinking the exact same thing.

“Everyone hold your horses,” Scott said. “It says here that we have to be 21 or
have a guardian to board.”

“So much for that idea but y’all plan on it next year,” Kris said.

“Now what?” Colt asked.

“You know you’re more than welcome to stay at my lake house,” Bishop said. “I’ve
already spoken for it.”

“Yeah Kris, we can check out the nude beach,” Brennan said.

“Hmmm… that is a nice plan and wouldn’t cost much other than what we eat or drink. 
Let’s see how much that would run us,” Kris said.

I quickly did a few figures in my head, “Say $25 a day for food like last year and
then another five or ten on drinks.  I’d say that’s about two fifty a person for a
week or less.”

Colt was rubbing his chin, “Hey it’s way better than us going home and doing
nothing for a week.  Going to Bishop’s was fun last time.”

“Why does this have to be so hard?” Corey said.

“Cause we don’t have Noah’s sweet place this year or ever again,” Kris replied. 
“So we can go to Bishop’s say for a few day or however long.  Really we’ll have fun
no matter where we end up.  Just remember this summer.  It didn’t take much for us
to have a fucking blast.”

We talked a little longer before everyone left about nine that night.  It seemed
they need to study for their classes whereas we had already done it.  

Once the last person was gone, I spoke up.  “Between us four, me included, your
mouths have gotten crazy…”

“Matt wants us to pay a dime for each cuss word we say,” Kris interrupted.  “I know
I’ll be broke by the end of the week.”

Colt gave me a weird look, “Matt’s right.  I can tell Chase and Tabor were
following our lead.”

“I’d say just for a week.  We’ll use the money for our health food supplies,” I

“So just us four are in on this, right?” Colt asked.

“Yeah and it doesn’t include when we have sex or not in the presence of each
other,” Corey stated. “We can do it.”

“I can see the look on the other’s faces now,” Kris laughed.

Corey spoke again, “While we’re improving things, I think no drinking except on
weekends.  We can do it.  I know for a fact I need to cut back just a little.”

“I kinda agree there too.  We do need to cut out the Thursday night shit…stuff for
sure,” Colt said. “I better get some cash too.  In all honesty, we’re not that bad
but cutting back won’t kill us.  We’re very lucky nothing has seriously happened to
us just yet like a minor or worse a DUI.”

Kris held up his hand, “I’ve got the minor in possession last summer.  We’re darn
lucky…see I can do it.  I just have to think now before I speak.”

“That’s not a bad way of thinking in the first place,” Colt laughed.

“Alright, the paying begins NOW!” I said.

Kris got up and returned with a dollar in his hand.  “Here my first ten cuss words. 
Where do we put it?”

I got up and walked over to our cabinet.  For some odd reason, we kept an empty
canister that used to have the mix inside it.   “This will be perfect.”  

“Well since it is early, I think I’ll run check on the little woman and see what
she’s up to,” Colt said.  He stood and exited out the door.

The door was barely shut when Kris said, “Corey, I told Matt this morning I’m going
to hold off on asking Jordy out and see what Dr. Roark thinks.”

“Kris, you had a chance to think about it too and see maybe you were doing
something you really didn’t wanna do,” Corey said.

“Maybe but I’m fuckin…”

“A dime,” I laughed.

“I’m freaking serious, bro.  I wanna see,” Kris continued.  “It’s something I wanna
get out of my system.”

“Corey before we judge we should support Kris.  He’s always been so supportive of
me.  I owe it to him to let him try,” I said.

“I’m supportive too but I have my concerns for both you and Jordy.  Your freaking
heart is so big that you may be confusing your desire to help him with wanting a
mate.  Of all people here, Kris, you’re the one most comfortable being in a crowd. 
Having someone does make your focus turn to that person and not the others.  It
could be a main cause of your failed relationships.  You want to be around everyone
else so much that it overrules your desire and drive for a relationship to succeed. 
Every time you leave, the first thing out of your mouth is what did I miss.”

Kris moved over and kissed Corey’s cheek, “Damn bro, you’re a genius.”

I held up a finger.  “Corey, you might just have it.  Kris, you’ve satisfied your
sexual desires by getting with us and your occasional one nighter.  The only real
time you want someone is at night and alone in bed.”

“I’ll just wait and see if the desire is still there.  I think Corey is right in
that I want to help out Jordy so much.  However, I am attracted to him,” Kris said.

“He is fucking cute…” Corey said and realized. “This could be harder than I think. 
Kris, just keep asking to hang with us.  If you keep feeling the desire, then by
all means ask him out.  I’m sure he’d be thrilled.”

Kris lowered his head, “I know he would.  We practically made out last night before
he walked over back.”

“Oh boy that could change things.  I really wish you’d told us in the beginning
about making out with him,” I said. 

“Now I wish I could take it back,” Kris said. “It was a hot kiss though.”

“Ummm..” Corey stuttered. “Just backtrack a little and maybe nothing will come of

“I sure hope so,” Kris said.  “You see now why I’m a little conflicted here.”

“I do,” I said.

“Hey if nothing else we have some plans for spring break.  At least we accomplished
that,” Kris said more upbeat.

“Way to change the subject,” Corey laughed. “You know we could go camping for a few
days too.  That way if a bunch wanted to join us, we could accommodate everyone.”

“Again genius Corey.  I really like that idea.  We could have Bryson and Alex join
us then say for the first few days and then head to Bishop’s…” Kris said.

“If the weather looks bad, we could do it in reverse,” I spoke up.  “We all enjoy
camping and we can have as many as have tents.”

“Matt, before we go, I am buying us a new one.  I getting one that’s a little
bigger this time,” Corey said.

I grabbed my laptop and began searching for us a park with campsites with Corey and
Kris looking over my shoulder.  “Bro, find us one that won’t be that crowded and
where we can be sort of isolated,” Kris said.

“I will.  Like I would wanna go where there’s a ton of people,” I said and began
checking out various parks.  I knew the general area that would be convenient for
all of us.  I clicked over and saw two great possibilities.   Colt came in the door
and joined us after finding out our latest plan.  He liked the idea of camping to
allow more to go.  “This looks perfect.”

“It is,” Colt said with enthusiasm. “I’ve been there and it’s fucking tight ass.”

“Two dimes,” Kris laughed and pushed on Colt.

“I forgot.  I bet you’ve used up that dollar already,” Colt said.

“Not yet,” I said.  “Colt is it pretty nice?”

“For a park, I think it’d be perfect.   We could camp say here,” Colt said and
leaned over to touch the screen.  “If I remember right, it’s a pretty good size
area there.”

“Okay then, I guess we have plan.  The others will have to like it or fucking…
crap… kiss my white butt…” Kris said.

“Or tan one if it is after Bishop’s,” Corey laughed.

“How tight will that be to have a great overall tan,” Kris stated.

“Then we’ll have to explain it to our folks,” Colt laughed.

“Mine know and will laugh about it.  My neighbors better close their curtains this
summer cause my butt is tanning nude all the time this f’in summer,” Kris said.
“Bros, I wish I could get as dark as Scott.”

“I know that’s right,” I commented.

There was great excitement among the four of us.  Our plans were complete barring
that the others wouldn’t agree.  We did say that the others would follow behind
like always with Kris’s persuasive personality.  I couldn’t remember one time when
the others didn’t go along with Kris.  The amazing part of the night was we were
still dressed minus shirts that is. 

We were about to part ways for the night.  “Hey, can we call an end to the no
cussing when we’re in our own rooms?” Kris asked.

“That’s part of it.  We can practice around each other,” I replied.

“Kris, we better have a few dollars out and ready,” Colt laughed.

“I know that’s right.  It’s so automatic…” Kris said.

“Think before you speak,” I said with a big smile. 

Corey wrapped his arm around my waist and led me in our room.  We did our thing
before stripping down to get back on our mattress.  We shared a long kiss with
fresh breath.  “You were worried we’d be cruising,” Corey said.

“Damn… see it’s not gonna be that easy,” I laughed. “I was.  I would have some way
somehow came up with the money.”

“I would be more than happy to help out.”

“Corey, how many times do I have to tell ya…”

“Are we not past that yet?  We’re partners or at least I hope we are.  That means
we share stuff including my money.  Say five years from now when we are out on our
own and we find something we want.  You’ll have a sweet… job whereas I won’t. 
You’ll be returning the favors then.”

I reached over and kissed him, “Yes we are partners in this.”

Corey smiled back at me, “I’m glad that is settled.  Actually, I like the idea of
us going camping and going to Bishop’s house.   It will give everyone a chance. 
Maybe JJ and Teague… no wait, I don’t know if their spring break is the same time.”

“Have you even talked to JJ?” I asked.

“I have say like going to work.  He calls me at the oddest times.”

“And your mom?”

“Not much which worries me. Hey I haven’t heard you say a word about your dad or
mom for that matter,” Corey said.

“Dad and I are meeting on Wednesday this week so I can go to your games…”

“We have just one on Thursday,” Corey said.

“Mom is really doing great.  I'm so happy for her…”

“Is there wedding bells in the future?”

“I think there really could be but I don’t know when.  She’s worried about me,” I

“Say they do get hitched then you can be here with me for the summer that is if the
apartment deal works out.”

“I could but I’d have to find a job for sure.  There’s no way in hell… oops… she’d
allow me to stay here all summer on her dime.”

Corey smiled, “It won’t kill ya to work.”

“I’m very well aware of that.  If I am here, I’ll for sure have something lined up
beforehand,” I said with Corey yawning. 

“I’m really tired but I could make through one nice love making session with you,”
Corey stated.

“I’ll just make love to you by holding you and kissing your hot body while you
drift off to sleep.”

“Sounds great to me,” Corey said and grabbed me for a long kiss.  “I love you.”

“I love you too,” I said.  He rolled over to his side.  My arms draped across him
to hold him.


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