Posted:  Feb 17, 2012

Walking back with Kris and Colt after my Friday classes, I did see my tormenter.   He walked past us and gave me the eye.  I don’t know that Kris or Colt even noticed but now I was aware that he was stalking me.

“Bros, last night was the last night my ass gets hammered when we have class the next day…” Kris stated while we were walking.

Colt held his hand to his big chest, “Dude, are you serious?”

“Yes I’m serious.  It sucks ass being hung over and trying to pay attention in class,” Kris said.

“I think we have been extending the weekend an extra day so far,” I said.

“We have but there’s always been something happening on Thursday night,” Colt said.  “I handled it okay.”

“Still bro, it’s been hell,” Kris said.  “So when’s Chase coming?”

“I think about 5 or so,” Colt said. 

“Damn, I’ll miss em then with me at work.  Don’t do a thing without me,” Kris said. “Now I see why Corey hated missing shit.”

“We won’t,” I said. “So are you getting your tatt?”

“You bet I am,” Kris stated with a big smile.  “Colt, are you getting anything?”

“Nah, I have enough already,” Colt said.  “I can’t wait to see what Myles designed for Ted.  I know it’ll be tight.”

“Chase and Tabor will be in heaven knowing Ted and Myles are going with us,” Kris said.

“Won’t they?” Colt stated.

After a busy day which included getting my cut shorter than it had been in years, I was studying since I knew there wouldn’t be much time this weekend.   My phone was ringing with my Dad.  He apologized for not getting back with me sooner and had seen where I had called.  We made plans for the next week.  Just as I hung up, Colt called me.  He asked if I could bring Chase, Tabor and their two friends to the room.   He informed me he would be here in about 30 minutes or so.

I exited the building and saw Chase and Tabor with two other guys who looked to be twins.  Chase promptly introduced me to Quinn and Paul.  They were both thin and short with Paul having his dark brown hair a little longer than Quinn’s. 

“Matt, so you know they aren’t twins.  They are cousins,” Tabor stated.

“I was wondering,” I commented while we headed inside.

“Our dads are twin brothers.  Everybody thinks we’re twins,” Quinn said.

“I bet ya ten bucks one of your dads fucked your mothers and get their asses knocked up,” Tabor joked.

“No butthead.  We’ve been through this a hundred times,” Quinn said. “You know the facts.”

“I was just fucking with ya,” Tabor stated, climbing the stairs. “Dudes, their room is tight.”

“It is.  All their friends are so cool,” Chase said.

“We’ve heard you and Tabor brag so much about them” Quinn asked.

“Make yourself at home,” I said after letting them inside the room.

Tabor walked to the fridge and opened the door, “Hot damn!  I told ya there would be beer.”

“Dude, wait.  We can’t be drinking already,” Chase stated, shaking his flipped up brown hair. 

“Ummm… too late now,” Tabor said. “Besides I’m thirsty.”

“Leave it to Tabor to grab a beer just inside the door,” Paul stated.

I showed them where to put their things.  We had arranged it where they could all stay in my room whereas Corey and I would take the sofa.  They put away their things and were quickly on their phones, either talking or texting.  I handed the remote to Chase and let him find whatever they wanted to watch.  I got to listen to the usual high school chatter after they finished talking and texting while wondering if Kris and I were like them just two years ago.  I did have to say we were pretty close hearing them talk about their friends.

Colt entered the room carrying a box.  He closed the door with his face red and sat down the box.  He said hello to Chase and the others.   Naturally they were curious what was in the box.  Inside were a few team tees and hats that Colt got.  Chase and Tabor were excited about them while Quinn and Paul didn’t show that much emotion. 

While they were talking, I went to my room since they were talking about their hometown and things surrounding it.   We had a few visitors like Scott, Hayden and Shawn.

Scott came to my door and entered.  “Are you okay?” he asked.

“Yeah, I was letting them talk,” I replied.

“I was wondering.  Colt said you were in here.”

“Say Scott, Ted said Reese was coming next weekend.  It would be a nice time if Trevor wanted to visit,” I said.

Scott rubbed his chin, “Man that would be a great time.  He and Landon are fighting but still together.  It could be gay boy weekend here.”

“They both might enjoy it since they have something in common,” I said.

Soon Hayden came to join Scott.  They sat on one bed together with Scott’s arm around Hayden’s waist.  We talked while waiting on Kris and Corey to finish their work day.

With the door slightly cracked, I knew the instant Kris walked in the door.  Things got louder plus there was that electricity Kris provided to any setting.  Corey found me and kissed me on the lips. 

“Matt, I love the haircut.  It looks great,” he stated after our long kiss.

“I knew something was different about ya Matt but I couldn’t put my finger on it,” Hayden said.  “It looks great.”

“Thanks,” I said and got another compliment from Kris.  He said he liked it but had no intention cutting his growing blond hair.  It is strange though last year he loved his hair short.

Colt left and returned with Ted and Myles along with Alex, who was single this weekend due to Elise going home.  We had our plans in place to go grab something to eat before heading to the tattoo parlor.  Once Ted entered the room, I saw the first signs of emotion from Quinn and Paul.

“Hey Ted, can we ride with you?” Chase asked.

Ted smiled, “I don’t see why not.”

“Fucking sweet!” Tabor yelled. 

We were shaking our heads while exiting the room.  We headed to a pizza buffet, Chase’s choice and parked.  Ted was laughing and carrying on with them as he got out the car.

“Damn Chase, get over it,” Colt said.

“They’re fine, Colt,” Ted said. “I was laughing at them telling about all their buddies.”

“Yeah but you’d think they could get the stars out of their eyes,” Colt said as we entered.

“Dude, he’s eating this shit up,” Myles commented.

We could see the place was packed.  We pulled a few tables together and gave our drink orders.  As we were walking to the buffet, a guy maybe 50 walked up and spoke to Ted.  Ted was very cordial to the man before two teen boys wearing team caps walked up to shake Ted’s hand.  We looked and watched Ted sign both of their caps before he began grabbing pizza.  

Sitting down, Kris said, “Bro, you don’t realize how popular he really is…”

“Or how nice he is,” I said. 

Ted arrived at the table with his plate stacked high of pizza.  Colt patted him on the shoulder, “Dude, how you stand it?”

Ted shrugged, “I’m getting used to it.  It comes with the territory.  They were very nice.”

We sat and ate.  It was astonishing to see how much food Ted and Myles could put away.   We finished and loaded back up to head for the main purpose of the night.   I knew already Myles had drawn something very nice for Ted along with one for himself.   Chase was still nervous about it but did want one.

We went to our regular place and entered the empty parlor.

“Hold on guys,” the man at the front said. “You have to be 18 to enter.”

“Ummm… everyone I think is but one and he’s not getting anything,” Kris said.

“He has to leave then,” the tattooed man said.

“If he can’t stay and watch, then none of us are.  It’s your choice whether you get the business from four of us for sure.  I’m sure we can find some other place,” Kris said.

“Alright but if he causes trouble…”

“Let’s get the fuck out of here.  He really doesn’t want our business,” Colt said.

“I’m sorry, okay.  I’d love your business,” the guy perked up and saw we were about to leave.  “So who’s first?”

We shoved Chase to the front.  “He just turned 18 and is here for his first tattoo,” Colt said.

Another tattooed guy walked up, “Well hot damn a virgin.  So I take he’s getting a sleeve.”

“Not hardly,” Chase said. “I was thinking something simple like a deer head outline on my shoulder.”

“I can do that,” the guy said and walked away with Chase.  They were discussing the location while Chase was rolling up his sleeve and pointing. 

Kris was talking with a girl and knew exactly what he had in mind for his tattoo.  Ted found an artist and presented them with his idea he wanted while Myles was doing the same. 

Corey and I walked around and found Kris ready and waiting with his shirt off.  He pointed to the spot on his muscular pecs where his tattoo was going.  “Bro, I’ve waited for this moment and it is finally here.  Nathan is smiling and laughing I know for sure.”

“I know he is,” I said. “I can’t wait to see the finished product.”

We left Kris with Scott and Hayden to go see the largest gathering around Chase.  Chase was shirtless and showing his cute developing body which showed a nice very defined six pack. His eyes clamped shut while the artist was working on his design.  Tabor and Quinn were taking pictures with their phones while Chase was getting inked.   Even the sound was nauseating and made me wonder how I’d summoned the courage up to get mine.  We walked around to see Ted then to Myles. 

I looked over while we were seeing Myles to see Kris getting up.  He waved me over to see the well done ‘N’ on his chest with a heart centered.  It wasn’t too big but perfect size.  “Bro, what do you think?” Kris asked, looking down at his new tattoo.

“I think he’d be honored and proud,” I replied.

Kris walked to a nearby mirror.  He stood and continued to look at the tattoo.  A tear came to his eye.  He moved to wipe it before I took a picture with my phone.  “Fuck, Nathan would be proud.”  His big arms enveloped me with a sincere hug.  “Send that picture to my parents so they can see it as well.”

“I will do that for sure.  I know they will absolutely love it,” I said.

Chase was finished with his after that.  It was simple and on his upper arm.   He did get razed a little for how scared he was but took it well.  Ted and Myles were soon finished with their tatts.  Ted looked nice on his big arms while Myles was a little more detailed on his back shoulder blade.

It was about eleven before we returned to the room.  Opening our door, we found Bishop, Bryson, Toni and Brennan already there. 

“Seriously, you have to come here?” Kris asked.

“We wanted to be here to see your tattoos,” Bryson replied with his arm around Toni.  They proceeded to show them off.

“Kris, what’s the meaning of yours?” Toni asked.

“It is for my brother.  He passed several years ago…” Kris said and didn’t go into detail.

“Chase, rule one for tonight, 3 beers a piece…” Colt said.

“Damn dude,” Tabor stated.

“Fine, what’s the next rule?” Chase said.

“No pictures whatsoever if Ted has a beer in his hand,” Colt replied.

“Why?” Tabor asked.

“I don’t want my picture all over the internet with young guys having a beer,” Ted replied. “Thanks Colt for mentioning that.”

“No problem,” Chase said.

It was well after two before our night ended.   I think Chase and his friends stuck to the three beer limit while Kris and Shawn exceeded by a wide margin.  Paul wasn’t a drinker and didn’t have one.  I think they were caught up in all of our friends with Chase and Tabor being so at ease now around everyone.

Waking on the sofa bed the next morning, I looked over to see Corey staring back at me.

“Well one night down and another to go,” Corey commented.

“For sure…”

“How about we leave it with them for a while tonight?  Not that I don’t love being around them but I think you and I need to get out.”

I smiled and kissed him, “I agree.  It is a bit much at times.”

“It is,” Corey said. “It is nice to see how well Colt and Chase are getting along and bonding.  I don’t know who will be more hurt if Chase doesn’t come here next year.”

“Ummmm… Tabor?” I laughed.

“Tell me you don’t see another Kris in the making with him.”

“I guess in some ways but he doesn’t have the leadership qualities Kris has.  Kris says something and we all do it no matter what.”

“You’re so right.  Tabor does have that personality where everyone loves him.”

“Just not quite as much as Kris but he’s building towards it.  He does think the world of Kris,” I stated.

We turned hearing the door opening.  Chase and Tabor came out in their boxers and looking very hot. 

“I know the rules,” Tabor said with us looking at him.

“Don’t worry about it.  We have visitors so they can change,” I said.

“Dudes, that mattress is the deal.  It was really nice,” Chase said.

“Yeah if you didn’t pull the covers off me all night,” Tabor said.

“So how’s the tattoo doing?” Corey asked.

“Good I guess,” Chase said.

We talked a few minutes before Kris and Colt made an appearance.  Surprisingly they had on boxers as well and didn’t want to shock the system of Quinn and Paul.   Once they were up, the younger ones headed to grab some food for all of us.

While they were gone, we talked about the night’s plan.  The night before Chase mentioned he would enjoy seeing a basketball game while Corey and I mentioned our plans as well. 

“See we can handle eight without any problem up in here,” Kris commented to us.

“We can but don’t get any ideas,” Colt said. “We made this exception for Chase.”

“Seriously, we really need to start planning for Spring Break,” Corey said. “By my calculations, it’s only seven weeks ahead and we don’t have Noah to lean on this year.”

We threw out ideas again.  Kris was very serious about us taking a cruise.  The biggest problem there was getting us all together on the ship.  A cruise would be sweet but could cost some cash.  The guys returned with our food.  They listened to our discussion but couldn’t join us since their spring break was a week later than ours.  That to me was good news.   We ended by saying we needed to get our crew together and come up with a solution as soon as we could.

Before we headed on our date, Corey came up with the idea of us asking Scott and Hayden along with Yancey and Parker to join us.  I like the idea of the three gay couples heading out together and enjoying ourselves. 

We left about the same time as the others did for the game.  With six of us, it wasn’t possible for us to all ride together.   We rode with Scott and met up with Yancey and Parker to eat.

We were waiting on our food to arrive.  Scott stated, “Man, I wish Trevor was like Chase and them.”

“Why’s that?” Parker asked.

“You know with a lot of friends and such.  They are really cool guys,” Scott replied.

“Scott are you implying that you wish he wasn’t gay?” I asked and was taken aback by what he had said.

“Ummm… no but Trevor is just fucking weird,” Scott replied. “He’s picked on at school still to this day.”

“It comes with the territory,” Yancey said.

“Scott, you can’t change him.  He’s gay like us.  Sure we wish things weren’t the way they were in high school but we all survived,” Corey commented.

“Man, it does suck admitting you are gay in high school,” Parker said.  “I hated to do it but I was tired of living the lie but no one was really shocked.”

We were served our food and continued to talk.  I knew Scott meant that he wished Trevor wasn’t gay but he couldn’t change that about him.  We finished up eating and then went to see a movie.

We returned and headed to our room.  Parker and Yancey headed off and knew we’d have a crowd.  I opened the door with about ten in our room.  Tonight, Colt was with Andrea whereas the night before we didn’t see her.  Colt said something about she was letting Colt and Chase have fun together.  Entering we saw Kris sitting next to all people, Jordy.  Scott saw him and went directly to Jordy.

“How was gay date night?” Kris asked.

“It was nice,” I replied and saw Chase and his friends snickering. “So how did Jordy end up here?”

“Kris saw him walking around at the game and asked if he wanted to join us,” Colt replied.

“Yeah, I’m learning all kind of neat shit too,” Kris said.

“I bet,” I said. “So how was the game?”

“It was okay, I guess,” Tabor said, sitting in the floor with a dip of Skoal and with his shirt gone. “It wasn’t anything close to the football games.  There were some really fucking sweet dunks.”

“Did we win?” Corey asked.

“You bet.  We kicked their ass,” Kris said and did his best to sign it to Jordy.  If nothing else, Kris was making an effort.  Jordy did smile and I think understood since Scott didn’t come to the rescue.

Our night ended earlier than night before.  It seemed the long Friday night had taken a toll on us.  Corey and I were nice and allowed Colt and Andrea to have the sofa bed while we would stay in the room with Kris.  Kris was almost giddy before he got into his bed.

“Damn Kris, did you get laid or something at the game that we don’t know about?  You’re smiling ear to ear over there,” Corey asked.

“No, I’m just happy and content,” Kris replied. “Bros, I don’t know about Paul and Quinn.  They’re nice guys but not like Chase and Tabor.”

“Why are they not hyper like those two?” I asked with Corey, holding me.
“They probably don’t know what to think of all of us.  It may be a shock to their system.”

“Hell, fucking Tabor was never that way,” Kris stated.

“No, he wasn’t.  Both were really nice to me the first day I met them at Colt’s place,” Corey said. 

“Fuck yeah he was and cool as shit too,” Kris said.

“Kris, come on!” I said. “Does every other word out of your mouth have to be a cuss word?  Worse is Tabor is following right behind you.”

“Excuse me then,” Kris said in defense. “I can’t help the fact he wants to be just like me.”

“Matt, we’re all a little loose with our tongues but it happens when you’re out and away from home,” Corey said.

“I know the solution to this,” I said.

“What?” Kris said.

“After they leave, we’ll find a jar.  For every cuss word utter in the next week, you have to put a dime in the jar,” I said.

“Well fuck, I’ll be broke,” Kris laughed. “Hey, we can use the money for beer.”

“We could but we could use it for better stuff like our mixes and bars we all like,” I said.

“Great idea,” Corey said.

“Kris, are you up for the challenge?” I asked.

“I guess so but it’s gonna cost me… hey, you two will owe a fortune when you are having sex.  I’ve heard Corey and you spew em out while you fuck,” Kris said.

“Ummmm… we might make an exception for that,” Corey said. 

Kris was rubbing his chin.  “You know Jordy is a really cool guy.  I do feel sorry for him.”

“Don’t ever pity him.  I’m sure he hates it.  So far, you’ve done great in involving him with us.  I can see in his face how much he enjoys it.  Like Ted, he likes being a regular person,” I said.

“Chase and them didn’t know what to think at first when I brought him to seat with us at the game.  Ummmm… I think I may have found the right one, too.”

My eyes about came out of my head hearing that.  “Seriously?”

“Is she hot?” Corey asked.  “When can we meet her?”

“Bro, I’ve been thinking about dating a guy to see what that’s like…”

“Whoa!  Are you kidding me?” Corey asked.

“He’s not,” I replied.

“Kris, no offense but I really don’t see you dating a guy,” Corey said.

“Why not, Corey?  Scott’s bi and has a boyfriend.  Why can’t I?” Kris asked.

“Colt’s bi too but you don’t see him dating a guy.  I just don’t see you being in a relationship with a guy is all.  I get that you are bi but you’re nowhere close to being like Scott.  He’s leaning more towards being gay these days.  I used to not think that but tonight I saw he was,” Corey said.

“Who knows it may not be for me but I’ll only find out by dating one.  Hell, I’ve already but the cart before the horse and had sex with guys.  I never dreamed coming to college I would,” Kris said.

“Kris, I don’t know if Jordy is the one to start with though.  There’s a lot to overcome,” I said.

“I knew you’d say that shit,” Kris fired back at me.

“Yeah he’s a nice guy and really very cute.  You do have a very big heart.  Don’t dare do this because you think you’re doing him a favor or something…”

“Damn, I really like him.  Give me a fucking break over here!  Fuck!  I find someone I think I’d feel comfortable with and you shot me down.  I’m not doing him any goddamn favors!” Kris said with fire in his eyes.

“Fine.  Go for it,” I said.

“Kris if you think Jordy is the one then do it,” Corey said.

“I will to prove Matt’s fucking ass wrong.  It is pure fucking hell for me to admit that I’m attracted to him yet Matt thinks I’m doing it for other reasons,” Kris stated.

“Alright, I’m sorry.  If you like him and think he’s the one, then by all means do it.  Jordy will be one lucky guy to have you and make the rest of the single gay guys very envious,” I said. “More than anything, I want you to be happy.  If dating Jordy makes you happy, then I will be happy for you.”

“Hey he was very happy tonight being around him so I don’t see why not him.  So what does Colt think of this?”  Corey asked.

“He doesn’t know and I want to wait to tell him.  Please let me see first before saying a word to him,” Kris said.

“We’ll keep quiet,” I said.

“Okay, I trust you two,” Kris said. “I’m going get some sleep over here so y’all keep it down over there.”

“We may just fall asleep too…” I said.

“Fuck that!  After a great date, I want my boyfriend tonight and have been waiting to feel you in me,” Corey said and punctuated with a big wet kiss.

“Horny motherfucker but hey I don’t blame you one iota there Corey,” Kris said.  “Have fun.”

I started kissing all over Corey’s body to get us prepared for sex.  It took just a minute to adjust back to the small bed.  I did rather easily and was soon between Corey’s muscular legs sucking on his fat cock.  He was breathing hard while keeping the moaning to a minimum.  Spit streamed from my tongue after a hot blowjob as Corey pulled me for a long kiss.  I glanced to see two big blue eyes watching us.  Kris’s hand was down on his cock and playing with his semi hard cock.   

Corey kissed and licked my body before I got on my knees in the bed.  He lathered my hard cock with his tongue before taking it in his mouth.  My hands rested on his blond hair while receiving his wet mouth.  I closed my eyes to enjoy the sensation that was flooding my body.  I began lost in Corey’s action.  I pushed him down and rammed my tongue in his mouth. 

Kris was on his side with his eyes closed but his cock hard as ever.  Corey lifted up a little while I guided my wet cock in his waiting hole.  He let out a gasp when I slipped inside. I pushed his legs forward yet slipped out.  Kris got up and came with lube.  He smeared the lube on my hard cock.  

“Thanks,” I said.

“No problem,” Kris said and returned with his hard cock pointing the way.

I pushed Corey’s legs forward again and eased back in him.  He looked to enjoy being penetrated by my hard wet cock.  He reached up and grabbed me by the back of the neck.  I moved to kiss him while fucking his great hot ass. 

Give me that dick, Matt.  Fuck me, babe,” Corey moaned.

I began moving a little faster with my hands by his side.  He reached to hold my ass and pull me deeper.  We developed great timing with each other and became as one.  I leaned over and started kissing his neck and chest while pumping my hard cock in and out him.  Our breathing was frantic with his moaning growing louder.  I did look over to see Kris pumping away at his cock and smiling while he eyed us fucking. 

“I love you so much,” I said, looking into his eyes.

“God, I love you too.  Keep fucking me,” Corey said and pulled me down.  We shared short quick kisses for a while.   The feeling started inside of me.  I pulled out and exploded all over Corey’s abs and hard cock.  He stroked his cock when I heard a deep groan from Kris.  I looked over to see him leaned back with cum shooting out his cock.  Corey began erupting after that, leaving both of us a mess.   He didn’t care and pulled me for a kiss. 

While kissing, I felt a towel being placed on my back.  We stopped and sat up to clean up. 

“It is nice to see you two fuck,” Kris said. “I forgot what magic there is between you when you two go at it.  It does my heart good to see lovers like you two.”

“I appreciate you staying put basically,” I said.

“I knew if you wanted me to join in you would have said so.  I enjoyed watching two guys really into each other,” Kris said.

“Thanks Kris,” Corey said. “I’m really into Matt and happy to be his boyfriend.  I hope I die saying those words.”

“Me too,” I said.

It wasn’t long before we were all asleep.  Now I remembered why I enjoyed our new mattress but it was nice having Corey’s body heat to keep me warm.

Corey was up the next morning Sunday with his phone alarm.  It was just past seven when he climbed over me to get ready for work.  I looked over and saw Kris was wide awake too with the sheet off his body and showing his new tattoo on his chest.

“Matt, now that I’ve slept on it, I was thinking of conferring with Doc Roark before I acted.  I don’t want go backwards and see what he thinks,” Kris said.

“Kris, it sounds like a good idea.  It does help to sleep on a major decision before acting on it.”

“Say I did date Jordy and Miss Right comes along.  I would hate like hell to break his heart.  He’s such a great guy,” Kris stated.

“Mmmm… Kris, you’re right,” I said.  “I know you will do what is right.”


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