Posted:  Feb 13, 2012

Tuesday after my class with Ted, he did wait with me until we saw Kris and Corey
heading in our direction. We walked back to the dorm without incident with me
feeling okay but not great. I still had a runny nose but it wasn’t anything I
couldn’t deal with. 

Once at the dorm, they were in game mode with Kris grabbing Bryson to formulate the
plan for the night’s game. It was the same as last year, to press the other team
full court unless the other team was really bad.

Corey was still not excited about the game like he should have been. That afternoon,
I found him sitting at his desk and staring off into space. “Are you okay?” I asked,
putting my arms around him from behind.

“I don’t know about tonight,” he replied.

“Just go and see what happens. You volunteered to play, so at least give it a try
before you quit.”

“I am going, but I don’t know how well I’ll do. I know I’m not as good as the rest
of them.”

“Maybe you’re not, but give it your best when you’re out there. That’s all they can
ask for. I knew last year in softball I was the worst one but I stuck with it and
really enjoyed it,” I said.

“I’ll be the basketball team’s Matt this time,” Corey stated. “It sucks knowing
you’re the worst one out there and really don’t help the team that much.”

“Go and see, then decide if you wanna continue,” I said.

At five thirty, we headed over for the game. I walked around the Rec Center some
with Shawn to kill time before it started. We watched a few try the rock climbing
wall before heading to the courts to see our friends in their first intramural game
of the season. Seeing them dressed in their yellow basketball tank tops was such a
joy. If nothing else in comparing us to the other team, we had some really well
built males. 

Before tip-off, Kris was in his coaching mode in a tee and shorts. I wasn’t sure
that he had even donned a uniform. Shawn and I looked up to see Hayden coming our
way followed by a herd of girls from the hall to check out their men.

“Next game, we’ll wear our cheerleader uniforms and do some old high school cheers
for the guys,” Holly joked.

“That would be exciting and distracting to them though,” Toni said.

“How funny would that be?” Andrea asked.

With the ball in the air, Garrett won the tip. We pushed the ball down the court and
Antonio hit a nice jumper to start the scoring. The other team tried to get the ball
inbounds but Bryson stepped right in front and scored an easy basket. 

Shawn leaned over to me, “This is not even going be funny. They can’t even get the
ball past mid court.”

“I noticed. They don’t look so hot, whereas our team looks like a team,” I said.

By the end of the first quarter, our team led 20 to 2. Kris gathered the guys around
him. Coming to start the next quarter were five new guys with Corey getting his
chance, along with Scott and Alex, while Colt waited on the bench with his knee
wrapped. The other team scored a quick basket. Scott took the ball out and passed it
to Corey. Corey was heading up the court and was stopped. He was surrounded by two
and passed the ball right to the other team. His hands went on his face quickly
realizing the mistake. He didn’t let it bother him and ran down to defend his guy.
It was almost comical in a way to see my big muscular Corey guarding a guy who was
so skinny. Corey covered him well and stole the ball. He looked up to find a
streaking Scott down court for an easy basket. Kris was patting Corey on the
backside as they raced down court. Colt did get in the game but didn’t play very
long. It appeared as though his knee was bothering him worse than he would ever want
us to know.

At half, we were up by 24. Kris put the starters back in but there was no pressing.
From then on it wasn’t much of game. We showed mercy and allowed them easy shots.
Corey did score a basket by bullying his way in the lane and scoring. Finally the
game was over with an easy 20 point victory. 

After the handshakes, the shirts began coming off left and right. It had to be my
favorite part of the game to see so many hot sweaty guys in nothing but shorts. I
found Corey and loved seeing his big smile on his face while the others found their

“I did okay, other than one big mistake,” Corey said.

“It was our fault. We left you alone,” Alex stated with his sweaty arm around Elise.
“You made up for it with that nice steal. You have some quick hands.”

“Thanks, Alex. I had to redeem myself,” Corey said.

We left the gym and headed outdoors into the cool night. A few like Corey left his
shirt off. As we just got outside, I felt someone push me aside. I turned and saw
Joe and Antonio. They ran up with a bucket of water and threw it over Kris’s head. 

“What the fuck?!” Kris yelled and spun around with water running all over him.

“We had to do that to the winning coach,” Joe said, laughing as we all were.

Kris laughed, “Alright, but damn that shit was cold! Party in my room after we get

“Where else?!” Bryson said, holding Toni’s hand.

Entering our room, it was only natural that Kris stripped down. I pulled Corey close
for a long kiss while Colt limped into the room with Andrea.

“It looks like my basketball season is over with,” Colt said.

“I hate that,” Corey said. 

“Just sit out a few games and then give it another try,” Kris stated.

“Nah, I’ll just watch and enjoy rather than risking it,” Colt said.

“Okay,” Kris said. “So, who’s joining me in the shower?  We need to do it fast
before the others get here.”

“Damn dude!” Colt said.

“Go ahead,” Andrea said. “It will make it faster that way.”

Colt shook his head and stripped off his clothes while Corey did the same. Kris put
his big arms around them. I quickly grabbed my phone and got a picture of the three
standing naked together. 

“Colt is one lucky guy to have you,” I said to Andrea and sneezed.  The little cold
wasn’t much now.

“I’m lucky to have him as well. He doesn’t hold me back while I don’t hold him

“I guess that’s what makes it work so well for you two.”

“It does. One day we hope we can be like you and Corey, but we’re getting there. I
just love him to death,” she said.

“I’d say you’re there.”

“Matt, you should be proud. Colt brags on you often for showing him that two guys
can love each other like any guy and girl. I knew that already but he saw a prime
example of it before his own eyes.”

“Ahh, it’s nothing. He may have known it before he met me but didn’t want to admit
it… anyway, I was wondering if you two would like to go with Corey, Toni, Bryson and
I to the casino Valentine’s weekend.”

Andrea smiled, “I would enjoy that. A nice couple’s weekend away would be great.”

“It would, but you know Kris will be aching to go, plus his birthday falls on that
weekend too.”

“We’ll figure something out for sure,” she said with Scott and Hayden being the
first to come in the door. Soon the three finished showering and came out of the

The night turned out to be great fun with the team going over the win on an easy
opponent. It did give us a chance to get to know Lamichael, who we met at Corey’s
birthday party earlier, a little better since he was starting and was very good. The
excitement was over the prospect of a highly promising season.

Wednesday after my class, I grew nervous waiting until I finally saw Kris and Colt
walking my way. We walked back to the dorm without incident with Colt walking
gingerly on his bum knee. Now he was more disgusted than ever after hearing how
great the team could be.

After the two were off to work, it gave me time to clean. Yeah, I was the only
person who seemed that cared that our suite was decent. There was no telling how
much trash I threw away with fast food bags from the night before and nasty spit
bottles Kris, Colt and the other dippers used. Cleaning our toilets wasn’t fun
either since no one seemed to able to hit the target. Next I cleaned the showers
before moving to tidy up Corey’s and my room. I did some laundry including our
crusty sheets that showed great evidence of our nights of sex. While waiting,
Garrett came down and threw his things in the washer.

“Good game last night,” I said to him.

“Yeah, thanks. It was a lot of fun hanging with y’all last night.”

“So where’s Eric been lately?”

Garrett cleared his throat. “I think we’re done. You know how it is.”

“I really hate hearing that, but Scott hinted it to me earlier,” I said. “You’ll
find someone else.”

“I will… but not anytime soon.”

“I’ve got to ask, how’s your rehab thing going?”

“Well… still clean,” he replied. “I have to keep it up and not let y’all down again.
Every day I regret letting myself get that deep into it. Part of the reason I’m not
with Eric any more is he’s no good for me. The guy saw the shit I did but won’t stop
his habits.”

“Maybe it is best you’re not with him anymore then,” I said.

We continued talking until my stuff was finished. I said goodbye and hauled my stuff
to the room. As I was walking down the hall, I missed a call and couldn’t get in my
pocket to answer it. Back inside our room, I saw I had missed Reese’s call. I
returned it and chatted with him while putting things away. He called to say he’d be
coming to visit next weekend to finalize his decision on coming to school here. He
assured me it was almost a done deal but wanted to make sure for certain this was
the place for him. His best news was he thought there was a chance he may start
dating a guy. He talked with great joy about the guy and made me feel so good when
he compared the guy to me.

That night after a surprising night of studying for all of us, Kris and I headed to
bed since it was a Wednesday night. He stripped off as usual and looked as stunning
as ever. There are times I forget just how built my three roomies are. Now it is
taken for granted what works of art they are. There is so much pride in their
fitness now, but also in mine as well. 

“Thanks for all you do. I know we never tell you but it is very much appreciated on
my part. Otherwise, our room would be a damn disaster zone like so many others. It’s
one of the reasons everyone comes here,” Kris said and leaned over to kiss my cheek
while we were lying on the mattress.

I smiled, “Thanks. I know it wouldn’t be done so why argue? Kris, I see you did a
lot of work tonight… well all three of you did. I’m proud of you for that.”

“Hell, it’s either study or start packing up.”

We talked a while about my so-called evil stalker before Kris changed the subject.
“I’m about sick to death of having no one to call my own. Someone I can hold and be
held by. I’m so jealous of you three it makes me hurt.”

“Of all people here, you can survive quite well without someone. The only time you
ache for someone is at night, like now…”

“True, but it would be nice.”

“All you need to do is ask. I bet you know ten girls right now that would go out
with you if you asked them to.”

“I know more than that, shit, but I don’t feel like dealing with female bullshit and
drama… oh how I wish girls were as easy as guys,” Kris said.

“Ummm… you are truly bisexual, right?”

“Yes and I’ve accepted that now and don’t even think about it much,” Kris replied on
his elbow.

“Have you… ever considered asking a guy out?” I asked and waited for a response.

Kris gave me an odd look, “Really? You expect me to up and ask a guy out on a date?”

“It was just a thought. You said…”

“I don’t know if I could bring myself to do that.”

“You could at least try it one time and see if that was what you were looking for.
However, it would have to be someone very special. I can’t see you with just any gay
guy either,” I stated.

“Can you see me dating someone like Stephan or even Parker? They’re cool guys but
not someone I could really date. Now someone like Corey, or even Scott, who is
masculine, I would have to consider. They would have to know and understand that I’m
bi with my first preference being girls.”

“You may have to look a while then.”

“Why? It would be just a date. You know I guess I could see what it’s like, but then
again I can’t see myself in it for the long haul,” Kris said.

“Say you did date a guy and fell madly in love with him, would you consider it for
the long haul?”

“I guess I could have a change of heart. Can you see me like you and Corey every
night?” Kris laughed.

“Actually, I can’t, but nothing else is working at the moment,” I answered with a
chuckle. “Kris, don’t even consider asking a guy out, or anyone for that matter, if
all you want from them is sex.”

“Look who’s talking.”

“Corey and I have been together a year and half now. If I recall correctly, your
longest relationship here didn’t start out with you having sex with them,” I said.

Kris smiled, “I never did think Liz was going to put out but you’re so right. I need
to think about it some more. Let’s just keep what we said here in this room for

“Just like Vegas,” I smiled.

“Damn, did Scott tell you about that shit?”

“I’ll never tell, but I knew someone was going to get fucked that night with you
three hot horny guys,” I replied with a smile.

“Matt, I just knew right then Colt and I would be lovers,” Kris said. “He fucked me
with so much love. I thought maybe there was something deeper there only to find out
he fucked Scott too. Bi motherfucker!”

“Three bi motherfuckers if you ask me,” I said.

“Damn right, and three I guess now that are happy with it. I know I am,” Kris said.

“That’s all that matters,” I said.

“So could I talk a gay motherfucker in to jacking off my bi motherfucking dick? Last
night, Colt shot me down for us even jacking each other off. So what do you say?”
Kris asked with his seductive blue eyes.

“I guess we could do that,” I replied.

Kris grabbed the lube. He began playing with my cock while I played with his. His
other hand moved and began rubbing my abs. “Nothing but steel right here. Fuck, I
love your body now,” he said.

“I love yours and the now eight pack,” I said and began stroking his cock.

Stroking my hard cock, he said, “Yeah, nothing but hard work. We both now have
eights, my abs and your fucking dick.”

“OOO Kris that feels so good,” I let out.

“Your hand is making me feel so good too. Damn, I could fuck your ass right now if
you’d let me,” Kris said.

“Ummm… no! Just enjoy this,” I said.

Kris leaned over and began nibbling on my neck. It was hard to jack his cock but I
managed. He stopped and just lay back while we enjoyed this, with our hands moving
up and down each other’s throbbing, dripping cocks. Kris moaned and leaned over to
blast his hot load on my body. Feeling the warmth of his cum that now plastered my
abs I knew I wasn’t going to make it much longer. I grunted and fired my load on
him. We lay there for a minute and smiled at each other with Kris’s hand running
over my body.

“Maybe I will consider asking a guy out. How bad could it really be?”

“Sleep on it, plus our weekend is jammed packed,” I said.

“Bro, it sure is. First we’ve got Shawn’s party and then the brats come to visit,”
Kris said.

“Please,” I laughed. “You love Chase and Tabor.”

“I know I do but at the same time it makes me sorta sad…”

“Yeah, but be happy for Colt,” I said. “Nathan would be proud of you the way you
treat them.”

“I know he would. I can’t wait to meet the other two friends of Chase…”

“I just hope they know what they’re in for,” I said with the hour getting so late.

“I’m sure they do,” Kris said. We rolled over. Kris grabbed my arm and threw it over
his body after scooting close to me. He turned his head for a goodnight kiss and
held my arm over his muscular body.

Thursday was another basketball game. The day was hectic with me running to grab
Shawn a cake for his 21st birthday and getting Bishop to buy a few cases of beer for
the party. With Shawn, Bishop and Hayden, along with the girls, I sat in the
makeshift stands to watch our guys win another game. Kris was up to his usual antics
by pacing back and forth when the game was close in the first half. He settled down
in the second half with us pulling far ahead.

“Matt, I wanna surprise the guys by going out and making my first purchase,” Shawn
said to me after the final buzzer.

“That’d be great.”

“Yeah, don’t let them know I’m going…”

“I won’t. Hey give ‘em a few minutes to shower then call before you come so they’ll
be in the room. Knowing Kris he may be gone roaming the halls,” I said.

“Sounds like a plan to me. They’ll be shocked,” Shawn stated.

“They will. I’ve kept quiet since you didn’t want anyone to know. Why? I have no

“Because I didn’t want to make a big deal out it. This will be perfect,” Shawn said
and left.

I congratulated the team. Corey didn’t get as much playing time this time but was
still happy he was a part of the team. Colt sat on the bench and helped Kris out,
more or less keeping him under control. As we left, I told everyone the plan was now

Everyone was coming raced back to shower their sweaty bodies. In the nick of time, I
got a call from Shawn saying he was on his way back. Everyone but Corey and I went
to the adjoining rooms. Shawn knocked on the door with two cases in his hand. 

“Where are Kris and Colt?” he asked.

“You know them. Colt went to Andrea’s while Kris said he’d be right back,” I

“Happy Birthday, but it looks like you brought the gifts,” Corey stated.

“Hey, since the rest can’t go out, I thought I’d bring it to them…” Shawn said. 

The doors opened up with the guys and girls flooding the living area. It was just
our good friends. We began singing ‘Happy Birthday’ with Shawn looking so
embarrassed and stunned.

“Damn you Matt,” Shawn stated.

“Bro, we had to do something,” Kris said. “Here you didn’t want anyone to know.”

“It looks like the entire fucking floor knows,” Shawn said. 

“How come you didn’t want us to know?” Alex asked.

“Well, I told Matt that I didn’t want to make a big deal out of it since most of you
aren’t 21. How fun would that have been with just me and Bishop…?” Shawn was saying
with Kris and Scott sneaking behind him. They emptied two cans of beer on Shawn’s
head. “Fuck that cold’s!” he screamed jumping away once the beer hit his head.

“And a good waste of beer,” Colt said.

Corey found a towel to dry Shawn off. Then the beer was being cracked open left and
right to celebrate Shawn’s birthday. I brought out the cake and pretzels to enjoy
for the festivity. While I was thinking about it as well, I grabbed the camera Ted
had given me to snap lots of pictures for us. While doing so, someone found Shawn a
really goofy looking hat to wear for the night as he was the birthday boy. I made
sure to get lots of pictures with Shawn and almost everyone there.

Everything was going so well. There was drinking, which was normal with me included.
Colt mentioned how we needed to start playing beer pong one day but it would have to
wait until we had a bigger space.

Corey elbowed me while I was taking a break. He pointed at Bryson and Alex. They
were having a loud heated discussion. The next thing I knew they were squared off.

“I’m not fucking scared of your ass!” Alex said.

“Biotch, fuck you!” Bryson yelled in Alex’s face.

Alex pushed him back. “You think you’re hot shit now!”

Bryson stood back and pounded his bare chest, “Fucking right I am. Better than your

Kris bolted into action and got between them. “Damn, what’s this shit about other
than you’re both wasted?”

“He keeps saying shit about my game,” Alex replied.

“Damn right. Your shot looks like shit!” Bryson said.

Alex attempted to swing a fist at Bryson. Corey now was on his feet. He pulled Alex
away while Kris manhandled Bryson with both of their girls trying to calm them down
as well.   

“This is the shit that gets our asses busted!” Kris said.

“I don’t give a fuck!” Bryson yelled.

“Bryson, sit your ass down!” Toni stood and had apparently seen enough. “This is
ridiculous and you know it! You know Alex was joking with you! I swear your temper
is worse than Kris’s!”

Kris turned his head, “Thanks, I appreciate that. Bros, we’re a team here and we
can’t have this shit either.”

“The hell we can’t. Don’t expect me to show up ever again if that jackass is on the
team!” Alex yelled with Corey still holding him back.

“Dudes, this is stupid,” Colt said. “Here my knee is fucked up.”

Ted leaned over to me, “They’re both drunk. That’s the problem here.”

I nodded in agreement.

“Alex, I’m horrible but… our team is gonna be special. Think about it. We could win
a ton of games. That’s when it’ll be fun,” Corey said.

It took a few more minutes but things did settle down. I could see the stares back
and forth until Alex stood and practically yanked Elise’s arm out of socket. The two
left with Bryson flipping the bird behind their backs. 

Soon our room was down to us four along with Shawn, Scott and Hayden. We were able
to kick back at this late hour.

“I can’t thank you enough. I won’t soon forget my 21st birthday,” Shawn said and was
feeling no pain.

“Bro, I still can’t believe you didn’t want anyone to know,” Kris stated.

“That’s now in the past, but I didn’t wanna make a big deal out of it. Hey, Colt,
pass your can this way,” Shawn said.

Colt reached in and threw his can. It hit Shawn’s hand with Skoal going everywhere
and the smell of it filling the room. “Fuck!” Colt said with the rest of us

“Damn!” Shawn said with tobacco all over his shirtless body. “I wanted a dip.”

Kris headed to grab his can and handed it to Shawn while Scott cleaned up the mess
and offered it off the ground to Shawn. Kris on the other hand took it and threw it
in his lip.  

“Dudes, just think about all of our 21st birthdays. Hell raising good time!” Colt

“Bro, won’t it be?!” Kris said and fist bumped Colt.

“Yeah, next year it’ll be party after party. Maybe by then I’ll be a drunk like the
rest of you,” Scott commented.

“Better than being a stoner,” Colt said, cutting his eyes at Scott.

“Less risky too,” Scott stated.

We talked a little longer while finishing off the beers.  Kris and Colt stripped
down like normal and wanted to feel comfortable.  In leaving, Shawn was very nice
and told us how much he appreciated what we had done even though he was close to
being wasted. They did point out that it was mostly my doing in getting things
organized with Shawn setting things up perfectly. We bid them good night.

“Now, are we ready for more with Chase and his buddies coming tomorrow?” Colt asked.

“I hope so,” Corey said.


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