Posted:   August 31, 2011


When Garrett said it was just him, I entered and shut the door.  Here was my opportunity to speak to him alone and see for myself what the problem really was.  “Garrett, do you care if we talk for a minute?”

“Nah, have a seat,” he said in his shorts and tank top with his dark hair flipping up. 

“Garrett… I don’t know how exactly to put this…”

“I’m glad you’re here.  I need someone to talk with that can really understand me,” he said.

I smiled, “Great.  So what’s the deal with you?  Honestly, all I’ve heard is Scott, Shawn and Bryson complaining.”

Garrett looked at me and took a deep breath, “Matt, I want Scott so fucking bad I’m hurtin’.  He has to be the biggest dick tease there is.  He comes in and struts his hot ass all over the room yet won’t even give me a chance.”

My eyes lit up, “Really?  You want you and Scott to be together?”

“Yes, more than anything in this world.  He’d be so perfect for me,” Garrett replied. 

“So have you asked him?”

“Yes and all he did was laugh in my face.  Every time I ask us to try I get the same response while he is so hung up on Brennan and some girl too.  Matt…” Garrett moved his hands to his face.

I moved over and sat next to him.  “Garrett, I’m beginning to understand this more.”

“I did something I shouldn’t have… last night…” Garrett sobbed.

“What’s that?”

“I went…” he stopped and took another breath. “I went to that adult bookstore last night when all of y’all were drinking…”

“Oh Garrett,” I moaned.

“I had so much fucking sexual frustration built up between Scott and not getting any all summer.  I needed to do something.  Please don’t think badly of me for what I did.”

“I’ve done close to the same in my life.  Lord knows I’m not perfect,” I said. “I bet you’ve never met a guy on the internet for sex, have you?”


“I did and I was young.  The worst experience of my life,” I said.

Garrett stopped sobbing.  “Actually mine wasn’t that bad.  You know how I said I like older guys?”

I smiled, “I bet if you were willing you’d get lots of attention by what I’ve heard about those places.”

“I shouldn’t laugh but yeah I did.  Needless to say, I’m no longer frustrated.”

“It solved the problem for a moment but you have to live with Scott.”

“I know.  I suppose I’m barking up the wrong tree.  I realized that last night along the way.”

“So will we see a different Garrett now?”

“I guess so,” he said. “I’ll try harder since it sucks being alone all the time.”

“Okay Garrett, let’s get to some other things… those pills…”

“What about them?  My knee hurts so I take them,” he firmly stated.

“Are you addicted to them?” I had to ask.

“Ummm… hell no!  Trust me, I’m not!” he said and got defensive.

“Say, you wanna go catch some rays with me? Maybe we can scope out the hotties together,” I asked since I could see he wasn’t willing or able to admit what the others suspected at the time.


“I can look all I want just not touch.  You can touch but be sure to not touch the wrong one,” I snickered.

“Ain’t that the truth?  Thanks for hearing me out and being a friend.  I do feel better,” he said.  He stood and went to the counter to grab a bottle and drew some water.  “My knee is killing me today,” he commented before taking a pill.

We headed out with Garrett asking me to not say a word about what he told me.  We found our friends in the mass of students that had the same idea we did.  To start off right, Garrett was being friendly as ever by speaking to the others. I stretched out and began to enjoy the sun.  My eyes began to wander over the vast of array of students gathered on this bright warm sunny Saturday.  Upon comparison, my friends didn’t have to take a back seat to any of the other guys.  I’m prejudice that way but there were a few others that could compare when I sized them up against the likes of Kris, Colt and Scott.

We called it a day and headed back to our dorm just before Corey walked in the door.  He quickly said seeing our sun drenched bodies, “I’m cool with it so don’t anyone worry.  I’d be doing the same thing.”

I sat next to him, “You really are?”

“Yes, I am.  Now is it a repeat of last night?” Corey asked.

“I sure hope I get my ass laid again,” Bishop said.  In the short time I was around this auburn haired guy, I could see why he was quick friends with Kris and Colt.  I think he lived on the other side of Scott but wasn’t real sure about that.  He was taller, hairy chest, a decent body without much definition but had the same attitude.

“We sure hope so, too.  That reminds me I need to call what’s her name,” Colt stated with his boxer briefs showing and his shorts barely on his cut hips.

“Bro, you don’t even remember her name?” Kris asked.

“Ummm… Andrea,” Colt said and slapped his forehead.

“See if you get any tonight,” Bishop laughed with Colt leaving to grab his phone. “Is there any beer left?”

“There better be,” Kris said and stood to go to the fridge.  He started back with two until Corey held up his hand. 

Bishop took the beer and was looking at Corey and me.  “Seriously, you two are fags… I mean gay?  Kris jumped my ass last night for saying that but it’s just out of habit.”

“Yes, we are gay but not fags,” Corey replied.

“That’s cool but you sure don’t look the part,” Bishop said.

“What am I suppose to look like, then?” Corey asked.

“He’s means… hell, neither one of you look gay.  You know what he means,” Kris said. “Besides, Matt and I go way back.”

“Yes, we do,” I said.

“Hey, they must be good guys to give your sorry ass the room with that girl you had,” Bishop said.

“Look who’s talking,” Kris said with Colt re-entering. “Any luck, big boy?”

Colt smiled, “She wants to see me in an hour if that answers your question?”

“I guess I better call and see if Jacee wants to go out…”

“Hell, then I best be calling Heather.  I can’t let those two sorry fuckers show my ass up,” Bishop said. “See ya later then.”

Bishop left with Kris on the phone.  I turned on the TV with Corey next to me.  “So are we doing anything?” he asked.

“Not that I’m aware of,” I replied.

“Great, then we have some make up work to do tonight,” he smiled and kissed me.

We watched TV before I was asked for advice from both Kris and Colt on how they looked before going out with their girls.  Both looked very nice with Kris wearing a nice shirt that looked great on him since it showed off his nice chest and arms.   Colt had on a tee that was a little loose and khaki shorts.  When they wanted to look nice, they could really pull it off.

Corey and I weren’t alone very long before Scott, Brennan, Drew, Shawn and his girlfriend Terra came in the door.

“Matt, I don’t know what you did or said but damn it has worked.  Garrett’s been as nice as he could be,” Scott stated.

“Oh I really didn’t do much. I just listened.  Garrett wanted someone to hear him out so I did.”

“Thanks anyway!” Shawn said.

“Now we’ll see how long it lasts,” Scott said.

“Terra and I are out of here.  I wanted to say thanks,” Shawn said.

“No problem.  Have fun,” I said.

“They will,” Brennan said with Shawn and Terra leaving.

“Alright Matt, did you lay the law down?” Scott asked with Brennan walking to the fridge.

“No, I really…”

“Can we have some beer, dude?” Brennan asked, bent over in our fridge with his boxers showing and shorts off his ass.

“Hell yeah, bring me one too,” Corey said.


“Of course,” Drew replied.

“As I was saying… he needed… well the real reason was… he wants you, Scott.”

“Yeah, no fucking shit,” Scott stated.  “Where’s mine, fucker?”

“Excuse me but you didn’t say you wanted one,” Brennan said handing out beer and heading back over.

“While you’re there, look in the cabinet and put some more in to chill,” Corey said before taking a drink.

“Matt, you want one while I’m up?” Brennan asked.

“Sure, bring me one,” I replied. “Scott, so what’s up with that?”

“Well, the first or second night, he said he wanted us to hook up but I told him no.  He got pissed as hell.  I like him but didn’t want to start the year out messing around with him,” Scott said.

“I heard he’s hung,” Drew said.

“You heard right,” Corey said. “What do you care, Drew?”

“Hey, we all compare right?  I heard about Matt and Brennan comparing,” Drew answered.

“Yeah, he beat my ass but just barely,” Brennan said taking a seat.

“Damn, all of you are fucking horses then?  Remind me never to get in a contest with you guys,” Drew laughed.

“Yeah, because you have a little boy dick,” Brennan laughed.

“So what if I do?  Can’t do a thing about it,” Drew said.

“Now back to Garrett for a second.  Scott, talk to him and explain things.  The way he tells it you’ve teased him ever since,” I said.

Scott laughed, “I guess I have, but he was being such a dick. If you ask me, I think it has to do with all those pills he’s taking.”

“A bunch, huh?” Brennan asked.

“At least four a day that I know of,” Scott replied.

“What are they?” Corey asked.


“Damn, no wonder he’s moody,” Drew stated. “I’ve taken those and they kicked my ass.”

It was really the first time I had been around Drew and I really liked him.  He fit right in just as Alex said he would.  This time he was without his glasses since he said he wore contacts but didn’t the first time I met him.  Drew did look cuter without his glasses and his dark hair combed to his face but had some of the skinniest legs around.  We continued to talk and have a few beers while doing so.  I rather liked the smaller and in control crowd more than our room being filled with people. 

About ten or so, I drove us for something to eat since I had only drunk two.  We came back to our room with the others leaving after midnight. Corey and I headed to my room with romance on our minds.  He pulled me down in his strong arms and began kissing me.  The feel of his warm lips still excited me after all these months, like it should.  His hands were all over me while I ran my hands through his spiky blond hair.  I pulled his tee over his head and quickly commenced to kissing his incredible chest and small nipples.  He was running his hands up and down my back while I moved to run my tongue over his defined abs.  Reaching down, he lifted up and let me pull off his shorts and boxers.  I kissed his hips and licked around his pubes until circling his head with my tongue.

“I love you, Corey,” I said softly.

“I love you so much!”

After sucking each nut, I opened my mouth to take his hard thick cock.  I loved sucking his hard cock and loved hearing the soft moans of pleasure escape his lips.  His hands were on my head while I worked over his cock with my mouth and tongue. 

Glancing up at him with my mouth filled, he moaned, “Feels so fucking good!”

My fingers ran up his body while taking all of his cock.  His scent was heavenly with my nose to his pubes.  I bobbed up and down to hear the excitement in his moans and breathing.  He latched under my arms to pull me up for a kiss.  I pulled back my shorts and rubbed our cocks together while we kissed. 

I rose and lost my shorts, scooting up to his face.  He kissed my abs before licking my cock.  After opening his mouth, my hard eight inches slid inside.  My eyes rolled back feeling his warm mouth.  He started sucking me with his hands roaming my thighs.  Shortly, I started fucking his throat.  He was able to handle it thus nearly causing me to nut.  I had to pull out.

Fuck me, Matt!  I need you tonight!” Corey begged.

“I need you too.  I wanna fuck you and make hot love to your hot body,” I said.

I moved off him to grab our bottle of lube.  My lubed fingers found his inviting pink hole and slid in.  Leaning over, I kissed near his hole and slowly finger fucked him.  Once we slid a towel under him as well as a pillow, my cock was lined up.  He opened instantly and allowed me access.  We moaned together at the incredible feeling.  I adore the feeling of us being as one together.  He pulled me down and stared into my eyes while I slowly made love to him. 

OOO yes… OOO baby that feels so good,” Corey moaned with his head thrown back.  “I love my hot boyfriend’s big fucking dick inside me, fucking me.”

“I love my hot boyfriend’s great ass,” I said and kissed him.

There was no doubt not fucking every night made each time together special and exciting.  I continued to make love to him and relished in the sounds of sex we made naturally.  Once I began stroking him after we moved to our sides, I knew he was racing towards a wonderful explosive climax.  I hammered his ass with both of us breathing hard as ever.  His ass started tightening up.   His loud groan indicated he was releasing his load.  Feeling him pumping, I began shooting my load inside him. 

“Matt, stay in me as long as you can,” Corey said.

I did and kissed him with his head turned.  I slipped out and watched him go down to taste my slimy cock.  He finished and pulled me close.  Our door opened and startled us.

“Kris, the other fucking room!” Corey screamed.

“Yeah… yeah, my fault,” Kris stated.  Just by the few seconds he was there, I knew he was intoxicated or on something by his speech and the way he walked when leaving the room. 

Corey held me close and kissed me.  I wasn’t going to let a brief interruption deter my fun with Corey.  We came down off our sexual high and showered before retiring together.  Corey first thought about sleeping in Kris’s bed but I insisted we sleep next to each other after making great love to him.  I wanted to cling to him while we slept.  Instead he pulled the other bed close for more room.  Sure there was a gap but it suited our needs for the night.

Sunday, Corey and I were awakened by the sound of country music blaring from the living area.  Even though it was past ten, it wasn’t a welcome noise.  We headed out in our boxers to see Kris and Colt enjoying the music in their boxers as well.

“Excuse me, but turn it down a little,” I screamed over the music.

They whipped their heads back.  “Sorry, we assumed you lovers were awake by now,” Kris said with Colt turning it down.

“We were celebrating,” Colt said. “We both got laid both nights.”

“Matt and I got laid too,” Corey said.

“No shit, Sherlock!” Kris laughed.

“Found you some real nasty girls, huh?” I joked.

“I don’t give a fuck what you say about Andrea,” Colt laughed. “She spreads her fucking legs for me just like Jacee does for Kris.  My girl loves sex as much as I do.”

Corey laughed, “Hell, we all do.”

“I know that shit’s right, huh Matt?” Kris asked.

“I’m the first to admit I love it as much, if not more than y’all do,” I said with a big smile.

“We’re just some horny motherfuckers!” Kris said.

“I just hope you’re both happy,” I said.  “So anything shaking today?”

“Yeah, first we’re going to eat and then I figure we’ll throw around the football awhile.  We need to start getting our team together for flag football,” Kris stated. “Corey, are you playing with us?”

“Well yeah, I’ll play.  I’ve always wanted to play,” Corey replied.

“Dude, you should have in high school,” Colt said.

“I was skinny and wasn’t well liked either,” Corey said.

We dressed and gathered Scott, Bryson and Garrett to go eat.  It was easy to see Garrett doing everything possible to be a nice guy.

Scott elbowed me when we were almost there to eat, “Now, he’s going overboard.”

“Just let him,” I said back.

Back at the dorm, Colt grabbed a football from his truck along with a fresh roll of Skoal before we headed up.  We headed back down in our shorts but there was no way I was getting involved with the team.  Bishop and Keith were with us and said they were playing as well.  I sat in the sun and watched them throw around the football in a grassy field near where we laid out yesterday.   The smile on Corey’s face told me how much he was enjoying it. 

Taking a break, they walked over to where I was.  “We have one problem…” Kris said.

“Yeah, no real quarterback,” Colt said and threw the ball to Bishop but it was way over his head.   A hunk of a guy tossed it back. 

Kris caught the ball. “Bro has a fucking cannon.”

“Let’s ask if he lives on our hall,” Bryson said.

Before they could walk over, the guy came over.  “If you want, I can throw the ball around with you,” he said wearing a sleeveless gray shirt with shortish blond hair.

“Kris, we can’t ask him to play.  That’s Luke McGee,” Colt said.

“Why not?” Kris asked.


“I’d love to play but I don’t think Coach would allow it. I can throw the ball around with ya though,” Luke said.

“Kris, you don’t have a fucking clue who he is, do ya?” Colt said.

“I’m really a nobody,” Luke laughed.

“Nobody, my ass!  He’s second string and will for sure start next year,” Colt said with excitement.

“Sorry without a number and jersey I had no earthly idea who he is,” Kris said. “It’d be sweet if you could throw the ball and maybe give us some pointers for our intramural team.”

“I could do that.  I’ve seen you around, roaming the halls,” Luke said and pointing the ball at Kris.

I still had no clue who he was but he was a nice guy.  He headed off with the others.  I did enjoy watching them while taking in the sun. Nothing better seeing a bunch of shirtless well fit college guys chasing after a football on a warm afternoon.

Finished with sweat all over their bodies, they came walking over to me.  All looked hot as ever with sweat running down the cuts of their muscles.  “Luke, you’re more than welcome to stop by our room anytime,” Kris said. “Do you know which one?”

Luke laughed now with his shirt tucked in his shirt and showing a big chest and arms, “The second one on the right.”

“How did you know?” Colt asked.

“Everyone knows where the party room is on the floor,” Luke laughed.

“Stop by like I said and have a beer with us sometime,” Kris said.

“May just do that,” Luke said.

We walked up into the dorm.  Once in our room, Colt was excited as ever.  “Fucking Luke McGee threw us passes today!”

“So?” Kris asked. “He’s a student like the rest of us.  He just happens to play on the team.”

“Seriously?  Luke was very highly recruited out of high school.  He set all kinds of records in high school,” Colt said.

“I’m sort of like Kris.  Big deal, Colt.  He was a nice guy,” Corey stated.

“Wait til Chase hears about it.  He’ll shit his pants,” Colt said and ran off to his room.

“Colt had stars in his eyes all day after Luke came up.  I get he quarterbacks but the dude is second string right now,” Kris said.

We could hear Colt on his phone with the three of us shaking our heads.  We headed off to shower and clean up. 

Colt finished his shower and found us in the living room.  He stood with a towel around his waist.

“Are you over seeing Luke?” Kris asked.

“No but I was going to ask if you minded if Chase and Tabor came this weekend to stay with us for the game Saturday night.  For your info, Chase was very excited,” Colt replied.

“Great.  We’ll look forward to seeing him again,” Kris said. “Y’all don’t mind, do ya?” he asked Corey and me.  We said no.

“Colt, bro, if Luke ever comes down here, you need to settle your ass down and stop being so in awe of him,” Kris stated.


“Dude, you’d suck his dick if he’d asked,” Kris said.

“Colt, he probably wants to be treated like everyone else around here.  I know I would if I was in his spot.  I’m sure he appreciates the attention but you’re acting like he’s some big superstar.  He’s really just a student who happens to play football here,” Corey said.

Colt took a breath, “I’m sorry.  Was I really acting that bad?”

I held up my hand, “Yes, you were.  You were acting like I would if I saw Lady Gaga.”

They laughed at my statement.  After eating, we returned and were chilling.  Colt and I were playing a game on his PS3 with Bishop, Bryson, Scott, Brennan and Drew with us, watching and talking.  We were in an epic battle when we heard a knock at the door. 

Kris headed to the door.  I could hear him speaking.  “Hey Luke, wassup?”

“Oh nothing.  You said stop and chill sometime.  Ted and I were bored off our asses,” Luke said in a grey tee shirt, loose gym shorts and flip flops.  I glanced up to see Luke was followed by a big guy.  I did a double take to realize I had the guy in a class that I had with Alex.

“Damn,” Colt said and spit.

I heard a deep voice, “Hey, can I grab a dip off somebody?”

Colt nonchalantly reached in his pocket and tossed his can skyward.  Ted reached for the can and missed.  Luke was laughing, “No wonder you’re a linebacker.”

“Fuck you,” Ted said.

“So this is where all the action is, huh?” Luke asked.

“Sure is most nights,” Kris replied. 

Colt and I finished our game and stood from the floor.  “So are we gonna kill em Saturday night or what?” he asked.

“I hope so,” Ted replied. “Maybe Luke will get off the bench.”

“Colt, dammit, two football questions and that’s it.  I’m sure they didn’t come down here to be badgered with a bunch of questions,” Kris said.

“I like this dude.  Speaks his mind,” Ted said, laughing.

“He does,” Corey said. 

“Sorry for asking!  Excuse the fuck out of me,” Colt exclaimed and spit.

“Dude, it’s cool.  Ask all you want.  Ted will tell you when enough’s enough,” Luke laughed. “Kris, you mentioned something about a beer?”

Kris laughed, “I did but we’re some cheap ass dudes around here.”

Ted laughed with him, “Hell… who can afford the expensive stuff?”

Kris stood, “I like this dude, too.  You both want one?”

“I will after I finish this dip.  Now I wish I’d waited,” Ted said.

Kris found the beer and handed one to Luke.  Luke laughed, “You weren’t joking about some cheap ass beer.”

“I told you,” Kris laughed. “Hey, beer is beer to me.”

“I could seriously hang with this dude for real,” Ted said.

“Colt, I know you’re dying to ask more questions, so go ahead,” Kris said.

“Oh hell no!  Not after what you said and made me look like an ass,” Colt said.

“It’s cool, Colt,” Luke said. “Ask away.”

“I will,” Scott said.  “Is it tough playing football and getting all your school stuff done?”

“Oh Lord is it ever in the fall,” Luke replied.  “We have to travel so much but they have tutors for us.”

Bishop laughed, “They can’t have you failing.”

Ted spit, “Exactly dude.”

Kris stood up.  “I’m rude as hell.  I need to introduce everyone.”  He went around the room.  The guys did ask a few more questions until we started talking and shooting the bull. 

I was coming back from my room to snag my camera at Colt’s insistence. Ted stopped me just outside my door.  “Hey dude, I think we have a class together, Econ?”

I smiled yet surprised he even noticed me in the class, “I think we do.  I saw you in there Thursday.  I don’t think I could miss you.”

Ted laughed, “Thank goodness.  We’ll have to study together sometime.  I can tell that class is really gonna kick my ass.”

“Mine too,” I said. “It could end up being some tough stuff.”

Scott interrupted us, “Ted, you picked the smartest one here.”

“Great!  I’ll need your help… mmmm,” Ted said.

“Matt,” I said to him.  “Kris just flew through the names.  We will definitely study if you’re around.”

“We’re not bothering you two too much are we?” Scott asked while the others were engaged in a game.

“No, it’s nice to be a regular guy.  After being around the same jocks all the time, it gets old,” Ted said. “I can tell y’all are some kicking dudes.”

“Thanks,” Scott said.

“If you can’t tell by now, Kris is rather sociable,” I stated.

Ted laughed and patted me on the back.  He almost knocked the breath out of me.  “I can tell he’s never met a stranger.”

“Tell me about it,” I commented.


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