Posted:  Feb 10, 2012

Sunday, I was sitting in the living area. I did know however Kris was asleep by checking in on him in his room. I’m not sure he would have thought much about Colt not being in his bed since he was often with Andrea, but instead spent last night with me and Corey. I know I shouldn’t check on Kris in case he was with a girl or something but I do worry about him.

First to join me was Colt. He came in and sat right next to me. He leaned over and kissed me while pulling me to him. He reached down and grabbed my cock. He broke the long kiss, which was nice, but we did have stale morning breath. “Last night was the best ever. This big fucker is the best dick I’ve ever had in my ass. However, I’m a tad sore this morning,” he said while stroking my sides.

“It happens,” I said with a smile. “It was a great time between guys who really love and enjoy being with each other.”

“Wasn’t it? Man, now I can mark getting fucked by you off my list.”

"Colt, do you and Kris ever just fuck for the hell of it?"

He smiled at me, "Not really but I lied out my ass the other night." (Read Just for Fun)

"That's no surprise at all.  You were both horny."

"Was I ever," Colt said. "Kris can't compare to you though."

Corey came out of the bedroom with his hair a mess yet looking hot as ever. I stood and walked over to him. I grabbed him for a kiss. It seemed he wanted the same thing. We stopped, looked at each other and continued.

“There’s true love right there. I’m really digging seeing you two being so affectionate,” Colt said and walked over to us.  Corey leaned over and kissed Colt on the lips before returning to me.

Corey’s hands were all over my ass but mine were on his too. “You wanna shower with me?”

“I was waiting for you,” I replied.

Corey grabbed my hand and led me to the bathroom. We kissed while the water warmed up. Stepping inside, we soaped each other’s bodies with great attention and affection.

After washing our hair, I stuck out my ass, “Now fuck me, Corey.”

“I will… but you don’t have to worry your little heart. You’re still my boyfriend.”

I wheeled around, “What the fuck?”

“You don’t have to worry about Colt and me. You’re still my boyfriend.”

“I wasn’t worried one second about you and Colt. You should be the one worrying. I fucked him, not you!” I said and turned off the water.

“Be an asshole, but I know you’re jealous.”

“Goddammit, I’m not. I know last night was just for sex and nothing more. If you’re going to think I’m jealous after a hot threesome then that’s the end of that.”

“Give me fucking break!” Corey said and snatched his towel. “You clung to me last night like I was going to run away.”

“I clung to you because you’re my boyfriend! You want me to be jealous,” I said, drying off in a hurry.

“I don’t want you to be jealous but I know how you are.”

“Oh really?” I said. “Finish with your shit! We’re going for a walk!”

“Yes, we are, and long ass walk at that!”

I came out to see Kris and Colt sitting with the TV on. I marched to my room with Corey trailing behind me. We threw on our clothes and walked out with our hair still damp. 

“Oh no, I think someone is fucking pissed!” Colt said.

“We’ll talk about it later,” Corey said harshly.

Out the door we went. We headed down the stairs and into the cold, overcast day. 

“Just admit you’re jealous of me and Colt and this can all be settled,” Corey said.

“What makes you think I’m jealous of you and Colt? You’re probably more jealous of me and Kris…”

“Damn right I am! I know you’ve fucked him more than one time.”

It took everything I had not to slap his face. I gritted my teeth, “Corey, it was just once, for your information, and you know that. I don’t how many times we’ve discussed that shit. I’m rather happy you and Colt are becoming close like Kris and I and honestly don’t care how many times you two have had sex.”

“We’ve never had anal sex without you there just sucked each other a few times.  So why exactly are you happy that I’m getting close to Colt?” Corey asked as we were walking. We found a bench and took a seat.

“We need someone other than each other at times. Yes, we are lovers but we need balance. You have always needed to be away from me occasionally and take a break from worrying that you aren’t paying me enough attention.”

“I am insanely jealous of your friendship with Kris and have been from day one. You see how I’ve bent over backwards to rekindle a friendship with the guys back home so I could try to be like you and Kris. I missed not having someone to help me through the rough times,” he said and paused for a minute or two while staring across at the buildings. “I now see I’m a jackass, too. You’re almost pushing me to Colt so I can have my own Kris in my life.”

“Not pushing but helping. I think the best thing ever to happen was last semester when we didn’t sleep together. However, two nights now will be great for all of us, Kris and Colt included. It helps us maintain that closeness and talk to another person as well about deep things.  We are really close now. Actually I feel closer to Colt than ever…”

“He felt it last night for sure…”

“No, we’ve been able to be alone and talk. He’s the last person I imagined would be so open and not care what someone is. It probably was a challenge for him at the beginning, last year, but now he’s as open as Kris, if not more.”

“Yes, Colt really is. He’s such a cool guy. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed seeing my hot ass boyfriend fuck him last night…”

“I actually enjoyed it so much… it was pure sex between three incredibly hot guys who enjoy exploring and having great sex.”

“I’m sorry I said you’re jealous of me and Colt. I always open my big mouth before I think…”

“It happens. I’m sorry I got pissed at you too.”

“Boy, I could kiss you right now.”

I leaned over and kissed him. I didn’t care who saw it. I could see out of the corner of my eye two guys really giving us the eye as they walked by. 

We rose and saw the two looking over their shoulder back at us. They stopped and began walking towards us. Fear ran through my veins as they approached.

“Thanks for not being afraid to show a little affection between two guys,” one said. “It did my heart good to see you two hotties kiss.”

I breathed a sigh of relief and smiled, “You’re welcome. We had a small disagreement earlier.”

“Don’t we all? Have a great day,” he said.

“You too,” Corey said as they walked away. “I don’t know what it is about getting out for a walk but it works like a charm.”

“We get away and settle it before we really blow up.”

“Thanks. I love you.”

I smiled back at him before reaching for his hand. “I love you too.”

We entered the room with Kris now dressed in shorts and sitting on the couch. “Is everything okay?”

“It is now. Just a little tiff but we’re fine,” I said.

“I bet I know what it was about. Colt filled me in on the hotness that occurred while I was gone. You sly dawgs!”

“It was a little bit about that, but it doesn’t matter now,” Corey said with his arm draped over my shoulder. “So what you do last night?”

“We all went out… you know that. We did some crazy shit and danced our asses off, or some of us did. That Joe is a trip.  Say… I don’t know if should ask this or not…” Kris said and stopped.

“Go ahead since you started,” I said.

“Did you know some guys give blowjobs in the bathroom at the club?”

Corey and I laughed. “Don’t tell us…” Corey said.

“I fucking won’t then,” Kris said and laughed. “Damn it was too hot not to tell. This guy was eyeing my ass all night. So I headed to take a very overdue leak and he followed me in there and was eyeing my shit. This bro had the nerve to ask if I needed that taken care of…”

“We get the picture, but really in the bathroom? That’s risky,” I said.

“No, go ahead. I wanna hear this,” Corey said.

“I said ‘I guess so’. He took me to a stall and got on his fucking knees right in front of me, I thought he was joking until he reached up and started undoing my pants. Let me tell ya he could suck a dick,” Kris stated, rubbing his crotch.

“Were you that drunk?” I asked.

“No, since leaving here I didn’t have another drink,” Kris said.

“Nice story though,” I said.

Kris stood and went to his room. He came back holding his phone. He almost threw it in our faces. Sure enough there was a guy who looked Asian sucking what looked to be Kris’s cock. “I knew no one would believe me so I snagged a quick picture. I sent it to him too since he wanted it.”

“I suppose it happened since you have evidence,” I said.

As we were sitting and talking for a little while, Scott barged in the door without even knocking. He had his phone in his hand. “Kris, what the fuck?” Scott asked and held his phone to Kris.

Kris’s face turned so red. He gave a very nervous. “Ummm… I didn’t mean to send that to you. Actually I was sending it to Colt and must have hit your name instead.”

“Dudes, check this shit out. I think it’s some dude sucking Kris’s dick,” Scott said, holding out his phone. “What a dumbass?”

“Yeah Kris, sending shit like that from your phone, and worse, where did you get that?” Corey asked, playing it off so well.

“Well, some guy sent me that as a joke this week. I was really sending it to Colt as joke too,” Kris said.

“Bullshit,” Scott said. “Give it up. I know what your dick looks like hard remember. Who’s the lucky guy?”

“I don’t know. I told you the honest truth. Some guy from one of my classes sent it to me,” Kris said.

“Whatever, Kris,” Scott said.

“So did you and Jordy hook-up last night?” Kris asked to change the subject.

“What do you think I am? Some kind of man whore?” Scott asked.

“Ummm… well, I wouldn’t put it past you since Hayden was gone,” Kris said. 

“Give me a little credit here. I was just being nice to Jordy,” Scott stated. “I know he had such a great time around all of us.”

“Hey, let’s gather everyone up and head over to work out,” Kris said.

“Sounds good to me,” Scott said. He headed to the door, “Kris, I still don’t believe a word you said. Just admit that you took a picture of some dude sucking your dick.”

“I’ll see ya in a few,” Kris said. Scott shut the door laughing. “Boy, am I a fucking dumbass or what?”

Corey laughed, “I couldn’t agree with you more. How epic is that? You send your picture to Scott of all people, probably the one person who has the image of your hard dick burned into his memory for use on lonely nights.”

“Tell me about it,” Kris said, shaking his head. “It could have been worse. How? I don’t know.”

We gathered most of the guys up, including Colt. Colt nearly died laughing when he heard what Kris had done. I thought they were going to fight but they were just having fun with each other. We did our thing with some hitting the courts while Shawn and I did more cardio work. 

That Sunday night, Corey and I were in our room and watching TV for a change. We were next to each other when we heard a knock at our door. We said it was open. 

Colt opened it slowly, “I was wondering where you were. Where’s Kris?”

“I don’t know, probably roaming the halls,” I replied.

“Yeah, I guess he is,” Colt said with Andrea perched behind him.

“I heard about last night,” she spoke up. “I know you treated my boyfriend well.”

“The best we could,” Corey said, while I was surprised Colt had actually told her.

“That’s great, as long as it’s you guys he’s messing with and not another girl. It’s fine with me,” she said.

“Thanks,” Colt said and kissed her. “I’ll leave y’all alone.”  He shut the door.

“Tell me another girl on this planet that doesn’t care if her boyfriend fucks with other guys,” Corey commented.

“I wish there was another one out there for Kris,” I said.

“Still, that’s pretty tight how great and open-minded she is, knowing he got fucked last night by a nice big cock.”

“It is, but more than likely she’s messing around with girls too,” I said.

“It works like a charm for them,” Corey said. 

About nine, Kris came in the door. By then, Corey and I had moved out to the living area before we fell asleep. Colt was with Andrea along with Alex and Elise. 

“Where have you been?” Colt asked with a dip in his lip.

“Oh here and there, plus I did a little shopping,” Kris replied and held up two plastic sacks. “I got us some really kick ass mags that look to have some great work outs and I replenished our protein mix and bars.”

“We were wondering where you went,” I stated.

“If you were that worried, I had my phone with me,” Kris stated. “It was nice to get away.”

Colt did a dramatic head snap, “Are you feeling okay?”

“Yeah Kris, it’s not like you not to have at least five people with ya,” Alex stated.

“Hey, I can do it but I don’t see me making a habit of it,” Kris stated.

Monday morning came far too quickly for me even though Corey and I retired early by our standards. It was a night of love and showing it to each other. 

After my classes, I headed back to the dorm and didn’t see Kris and Colt. As I stopped to retie my shoe laces, I noticed out of the corner of my eye that another person had stopped as well. The thought hit me that maybe this was the frat boy after revenge. My pace picked up and continued the long trek back to the dorm. Then I felt a hand on my shoulder.

“Fucker, you can run but you can’t hide,” he said.

My eyes got big as saucers while his grip became stronger on my shirt. I looked up and saw Myles walking my direction. “Hey Matt, wassup?”

The grip was released with the guy walking away. I gathered myself. “Not much. How’s it going?”

“Ummm… was that dude giving you shit?” Myles asked.

“Nah, he was in one of my classes and asked me a question,” I replied.

“Are you sure? You look scared.”

“He startled me is all. He grabbed me from behind,” I said and gave a nervous laugh.

“Yeah, that would startle me as well,” Myles said.

We continued to walk to the dorm. The benefit of knowing so many people was now evident. I was scared and afraid since it was the guy I decked at the frat party. Now he knew my schedule so I’d need to be on watch like never before.

I entered the room and waited on Kris and Colt. I stood when they entered. “Bros, if not for Myles, I might not be here,” I stated.

Kris gave me a confused look, as did Colt, “Why’s that?”

“Mr. Frat Boy followed me from my classes…”

“You’re paranoid. I wouldn’t worry…” Kris said.

“He grabbed me by the shoulder…”

“Oh shit!” Colt yelled. “I feel a fight about to go down here.”

Kris slammed his fist into his hand, “He touches your ass again I’ll find him…”

“We’ll both find him,” Colt said. “He’s trying to save face that he got jacked up by a gay boy in front of his frat brothers but that shit ain’t happenin’.”

“From now, I want to wait for you two,” I said with a plan.

“For sure, bro. See if he has the balls then. It fuckin’ pisses me off that he’s now terrorizing you!” Kris screamed. “This is one cause I will lose my temper over and pull out the biggest can of whoop ass that boy has ever seen!”

Colt patted me on the shoulder, “Don’t you worry. With all of us, you’ll be protected even though I’m pretty sure you could do another number on him.”

“I know he’s gonna sucker punch me to get me on the defense…” I said.

“He does and he’ll have more visitors than he can handle. I bet Ted wouldn’t mind calling up a few guys either. So Myles saved the day?” Kris stated.

“Yeah, he did and was just in the nick of time. I could see the rage in the guy’s eyes and was a little frightened,” I stated. “I know I shouldn’t be, but in today’s world he could have weapons.”

“The dude needs to get over the fact he got his ass kicked!” Colt said.

“Damn right he does!” Kris stated. “Colt, we need to get a move on.”

They scurried around to get ready for their jobs. I, on the other hand, wasn’t feeling so hot. Besides the scare, my nose had begun running with a slight sinus headache. I waved goodbye and combed the cabinets until finding some left over cold medicine from their illness last semester. Soon, Shawn, Scott, Bishop and others were down to see if I wanted to journey to the Rec Center. I agreed rather than just sit and feel sick. 

Just as soon as I hit the door, Corey walked up to me. “Matt, I heard about your encounter. Are you okay?”

“I will if I don’t think about it. I was a little scared since he caught me off guard.”

“Well… have your phone ready at all times. I’ll come running no matter what. Kris said he’d kick his ass but he’s not seen shit if he touches you.”

“Thanks. I know I can count on you and the rest of guys,” I said.

We did our workout before I watched the basketball guys shoot around a little.  It was quite the joy to see them shirtless with sweat running down their taut bodies. Times like this made me realize just how hot all my friends were.  Kris found me and reiterated what Corey had told me. It did feel great knowing I would have a full back up if needed. 

I was reviewing notes and studying when Toni came to the door. She didn’t want anything in particular, just to catch up. I told her about our planned surprise party for Shawn. She gave me the update on her and Bryson as well. She did say if Corey and I were going to the casino for Valentine’s Day weekend to let her know for Bryson was itching to go. Since she mentioned it, we grabbed my laptop and reserved three rooms for the weekend on her parent’s card. The rooms could be cancelled if we decided against it or if there was bad weather again.

Just as she was heading out, Ted came to do a little work for our upcoming class dressed in a tee that showed his big arms and shorts. We were able to finish it and submit it via email without a worry or problem to our professor, Mr. Jackson.  So far, the work hadn’t been that hard but I could feel it could get rough before the semester ended. 

“Now that is finished fill me in on what happened today. Myles thought something was up. He told me the line you gave him,” Ted said.

“Remember the little fight I had at the frat house?”

“Oh yeah… don’t tell me this asshole is after you?”

“He is,” I stated. 

Ted shook his short brown hair, “He doesn’t know who he’s messing with. Not only with your three roomies fuck him up but then he’ll have me and half the team to deal with. I won’t stand for it.”

“I appreciate that. Hopefully nothing will happen so there won’t be a need,” I said.

“Any other guy he may have wrote it off as a drunken fight but we know why he’s so set on getting back at you…” Ted said.

“Because I’m gay.”

“Exactly. I don’t know why people are so against gay people in this world. You see the news where guys just kill a person because they’re gay. That’s what worries me about this guy and about Reese too,” Ted said with Colt walking in the door. 

We talked a little while longer before Ted left. Colt and I gathered up the others to grab something to eat. Now, everyone was eating healthier and avoiding the fried fatty foods to keep up our nice regime we had going. The others were pleased with the progress in the weight room with Shawn really showing great results. It was a friendly competition and a good one between friends.   

That night, I was sitting in our living area with Shawn, Scott and Brennan.  Scott caught us up on some of our old friends.  He stated how well Jess was adjusting with great hopes of returning next year to rejoin our group.  He stated how well Juan was adjusting to married life and was getting excited about having a kid but didn’t know the sex yet.  Corey and Kris came in the door at their normal time with Corey seeking me out and sitting next to me.  We talked about the incident with assurances from all I’d be safe.

Since it was Monday night, it meant Kris and I was rooming together. Kris threw off his stuff and jumped on the mattress. I was right behind him. He leaned over and hugged me. “Bro, you’re safe with me. You know that.”

“I found out tonight that I have a big support team no matter what,” I said. “Let’s just forget about it for now. Nothing may ever happen. He may have just wanted to scare me and he accomplished that.”

We talked a little more about it before Kris began talking about the basketball team with great enthusiasm. I too was excited to see the team in action.

Kris turned to me after we talked about the team, “Bro, I’m jealous as hell that you fucked Colt. I think he really enjoyed it.”

“Why are you jealous? I’ve fucked you.”

Kris shrugged his big rounded shoulders, “You know, jealous that he got to feel your big fucking dick and not me again.”

“Don’t start with me tonight,” I said. “I know where this is leading and you know I only will do it with Corey in the room and when the mood is just right. In case you haven’t noticed, I think I’m coming down with a cold.”

“I can tell. Hey bro, I want to talk to you about the tiff you had on Sunday, this was the second one in recent days. Are you and Corey okay?”

“Um…It was nothing really to be honest. He is really jealous of our friendship.”

“Why? Y'all have better relationship than we do. I love you like a brother. Corey is love with you romantically plus he gets to have sex with you every night.”

I looked at Kris. “Wait you're jealous of Corey?”

“Of course, bro. We both give you different kinds of friendship. Corey is you soul mate I believe, you can tell him everything. You can share an experience just through making love. You can communicate a certain type of closeness. I could never have with you.”

I thought it over, he was right. “When did you become so deep?”

“Colt! Also, during my session over Christmas break we talked about my relationship with you.”

I didn’t understand Kris, “What session?”

“Well you know how I was confused over the break, and I came to some revealations. I saw the school shrink here. Dr. Roark. He was able to tell me what was wrong, and how to fix it.”

“That is cool. I am happy you were back to Kris I know and love.”  I turned Kris’s head and kissed softly on the lips.

“Thanks bro. I was thinking, maybe you and Corey can go to him and discuss some of minor issues you guys have been having. That way the fighting can be at a minimum.”

I sneezed. “Maybe, I mean the walking helps, but with the cold weather I was fucking freezing.”  I turned and Kris was smiling and reaching for me.

“No, I just wanna experience it again. I can see your nose is running and you sound a little hoarse too. I’m not sure, but I think Colt had it planned all along.”

“I do too, but it was a good plan,” I said and sneezed. I got up to locate the night time cold medicine and should have taken it earlier. 

“It’s cool that you and Corey will fuck around with others. Being part of a threesome is great horny fun,” Kris stated.

“It is,” I said. “Now let’s try to go to sleep.”

“Alright then, where’s that fucking dildo?” Kris asked me.

“Ummm… on my closet floor,” I replied.

“I need so sort of sex,” Kris laughed.  Rather than have him go through my stuff, I went to find the dildo while Kris made a trip to the bathroom to cleanse.  I knew it was in his head that I’d fuck him after being so turned on seeing him with the big dildo. 

I couldn’t help but watch while Kris labored to get the big thing in his hot ass.  Once it was in, I could see the pain written all over Kris’s face. 

“OOO bro, this does feel so fucking good,” Kris moaned while slowly working the dildo in him.  Watching Kris, my cock grew insanely hard but I stayed my distance and enjoyed the sex show Kris was giving me.  He started ramming the dildo in his ass and almost screaming as he did so.  He was also stroking his hard cock.   Soon, his muscles contracted before he blew a nice load all over his ripped abs.  He turned and smiled at me while I was stroking my cock.  My cock erupted and sent volleys of cum in the air.  Kris found a towel to clean up our mess.

“See ya in the morning,” I said.

“For sure,” Kris said and rolled to his side.  


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