Posted:  Feb 7, 2012

Saturday here in January, I was sitting naked and enjoyed watching the weather with a hope of maybe snow in the near future. There was a slight chance for later in the next week. My head turned to see Kris walking to the bathroom. He came back out with his cock hanging between his muscular legs and sat next to me.

“How’s my boy doing?” he asked and slung his big arm around my shoulder.

“Very good. I have no complaints.”

“Your idea of going for a walk seems to work perfect for you and Corey. I’m glad for that.”

“It lets us cool down just a bit and talk without any interference,” I said. “Hey, it was awesome to see Mike yesterday.”

Kris’s face lit up, “Boy was it ever. The second he spotted me he came running. He started something so I had to hug most of them. They are so loving.”

“You’re sweet. So did you find out what happened to him for the last game?”

“Yeah, he was sick. I saw his dad later and he told me Mike has multiple health problems but is doing okay now,” Kris stated.

“I hate to hear that. So any plans…”

“Well… I promised him I’d be at the game tonight,” Kris said. “Hell, we can all go and might enjoy it. They are pretty good from what I’ve heard.”

“I don’t know about going. Last year, we were bored to death.”

“True, but it is what you make it,” Kris said. We turned hearing his bedroom door open. Brennan walked out naked and went to the bathroom. “It’s not what you think. Alex wanted the room alone with Elise so I told him he could sleep in Colt’s bed.”

“Do whatever you want,” I said. “I really don’t care. Brennan is hot.”

Kris smiled, “He is.”

Brennan walked out and came to sit next to us. “Wassup?”

“Nothing,” I replied. “So how’s the new roomies working for you and Alex?”

“They’re cool and don’t nose around in our business,” Brennan replied.

We hung around and chatted before heading out. Once Colt and Corey were back, Kris rounded the guys up for another practice. I stayed behind and did some calling. First, I had to see how my mom was doing. Everything with her was great, plus I could hear how serious her and Vince were getting. Next I tried to call my dad but he didn’t answer. Just as I hung up, Reese called to chat. He sounded better and had a fairly good week.

Once they were back from practice, we dressed to go to the basketball game and see how that was. When he wanted to look stunning and hot, Kris could pull it off. He had nice jeans and a tight v neck tee along with a necklace. His blond hair was tucked behind his ears. 

“Bros, next weekend I’m blowing a wad of cash,” Kris stated to the three of us while we waited. “I know for damn sure I’m getting a tattoo and I’m thinking of getting my ears pierced.”

“They would look nice on these little ears,” I commented while tugging on his ear.

“Dude, are you sure you want your ears pierced?” Colt asked in his Polo shirt and jeans.

“I said I was thinking bout it. It could look hot,” Kris replied.

We heard a knock at the door. I was closest and opened it. Scott was standing there.

“Is something the matter?” I asked.

“Nothing really is the matter,” Scott said. “For some reason, I’m not in the mood to go to the game tonight.”

“Well, don’t! We’ll have fun without you!” Kris said.

“Actually… I’m not either,” I said. “You can go without me.”

“Me either,” Corey said.

“Another threesome happening?” Kris asked.

Scott laughed, “Nah, but I wouldn’t turn ‘em down. You know how damn hot these two are.”

We talked just a few minutes before the others came to the door. Kris and the rest of the gang were out the door. “Scott, is there something bothering you?”

“No, I just didn’t feel like going is all. I like basketball and look forward to our team kicking ass next week… when is it by the way?”

“Tuesday night now,” Corey said.

“Oh okay,” Scott said.

“I’m sorta glad you spoke up. I really didn’t wanna go,” Corey said. “Kris went on and on about how fun it could be. In reality, he was going to appease Mike.”

“Scott, there’s nothing going on between you and Hayden is there?” I asked.

“Nothing at all. Things have been going great between us,” Scott said with his phone going off. “Hold on just a second.” He looked down and sent off a text. “That was Jordy texting me to see what I was doing.”

“Who’s Jordy?” Corey asked.

“He’s this deaf guy Scott met at the pool,” I replied with Scott texting away.

“Hey, would you care if he stopped by in about an hour?” Scott asked looking up.

“No problem, Scott,” Corey said with me nodding in agreement.

Scott finished texting and put his phone aside. “I think he’s excited about coming over.”

“I’m sure it’s rough on him,” I said.

“Just imagine,” Corey said. “What we take for granted like our hearing the poor guy is missing out.”

“Sometimes I wish I was deaf,” I joked.

Scott laughed and stated. “Damn, I need a beer or something.”

“Oh I’m sure there are a few left,” I said.

“I’ll grab three,” Corey said and went over to the fridge. “I will say we won’t be getting drunk. There’s three more left.”

Corey handed off the beers. While we had Scott alone, we formulated a plan for Shawn’s birthday. He was unaware that it was coming up and even more so that Shawn was turning 21. Scott seemed to liven up and especially when Jordy text him to say he was downstairs. Scott left in a rush and soon returned.

Jordy came walking in our room with his dark hair falling in face. He was dressed nicely in a sweater and tight jeans. 

Corey walked up to him, “Nice to meet ya. I’m Corey.”

I laughed, “He’s deaf.”

“Damn, how fucking stupid am I?” Corey said.

Scott signed what Corey had said. Jordy laughed and patted Corey on the shoulder. “He knows you’re Matt’s boyfriend and thinks Matt is lucky.”

“I am,” I said slowly with Jordy nodding and smiling.

Corey held up his beer and pointed. Jordy nodded yes so Corey walked over to grab him one. Jordy came prepared and pulled out his phone. Corey and I found ours and took his number so we could text him if we had something to say. At first, it was awkward communicating but we soon got the hang of it by talking slow so he could read our lips and Scott signing the best he could.  

We knew shortly Kris and the others would be returning so we had a plan to mess with Kris and the others. About 9:30, everyone came back to the room. Kris was first in the door and spotted Jordy. He walked up to him, “Hey bro, I’m Kris, Matt and Corey’s roommate, nice to meet ya.”

From the background, Colt yelled, “Bishop, we need to make a beer run. There’s none here.”

Jordy did great. He shook Kris’s hand before Shawn and Bryson came over to say hello. 

“Cash, fucker!” Colt yelled with his hand out. 

“Alright… alright,” Kris said and reached in his pocket. Colt grabbed the money along with Shawn and Alex’s money as well. Kris leaned over to me, “He’s quieter than Garrett.”

“He’s just shy,” I said.

“So, how do you know these guys?” Kris asked with Joe and Antonio coming in the door.

“I met him at the pool swimming,” Scott said with Jordy nodding.

“What, has the cat got his fucking tongue?” Alex asked with Elise.

Jordy smiled and shook his head no. “Say something for God’s sake,” Kris said.

Jordy smiled and turned to Scott while Corey and I were about to bust out laughing. He signed something to Scott. “He said it was nice to meet all of you.”

Kris stood, “What the fuck is going on here?”

Corey and I laughed while the others still didn’t know what was happening. “Dude, he’s deaf,” Corey said.

“Thanks a lot for making me look stupid,” Kris said while Scott signed to Jordy. “You know, Colt still doesn’t know.”

“We can mess with him too,” Antonio said.

“So how was the game?” I finally asked.

“Oh it was sweet as hell,” Joe stated. “We kicked some ass.”

“Yeah, it was a blast,” Shawn said. “We sat in the student section and had a great time.”

“They’re good, too,” Kris stated with Scott talking away with Jordy. “Scott, first off how the hell do you know sign language…”

“Yeah, the only sign language I thought you’d know is the middle finger,” Joe joked.

Scott threw up the bird, “I know that shit too…” Scott told them about having a friend back home that was deaf and learning that way, plus taking classes. He told all of it while signing it to Jordy.

Colt and Bishop came in the door with the supply that looked to be for the week. Colt sat down the beer and opened it quickly. He walked over with a beer in his hand. “Hey, who’s the new guy?”

“His name is Jordy,” Scott said.

Colt extended his hand. “I’m Colt, nice to meet ya.”

“Bro, you’re rude as fuck,” Kris said. “You didn’t offer him a beer.”

“My bad, you wanna a brew, dude?” Colt asked.

Jordy nodded yes with the rest going over to grab some as well. Kris came back with his beer and one for Jordy. “Here you go,” Kris said and put it in Jordy’s hand.

Bishop came over and introduced himself as well while we sat quietly and watching. 

“Hmmm… he don’t say much. Just nods and smiles,” Colt commented.

“He hasn’t said a word since he got here,” Kris said.

We pushed back the furniture a little so everyone could gather around. 

“Dudes, you missed the game. It was pretty tight,” Colt said. 

“I heard it was,” Corey said. “We’ll go next time.”

“So how do y’all know this dude?” Colt asked quietly.

“You don’t have to whisper,” Kris said.

“Why? Is the dude fucking deaf or something?” Colt asked.

“Actually he is,” I said and started laughing. I looked over and saw a big smile come across Jordy’s face. 

“Bro, they pulled the same shit on us,” Kris stated laughing with Scott signing. “Scott, do they have cuss words in sign language?”

“Fuck yeah!” Scott said. He proceeded to give us a demonstration with Jordy helping out. Kris was very interested and took the brief lesson. Now I could see Jordy was extremely good at reading lips with us amazed he could so well. We each made an effort to communicate with him. Kris was enamored with Scott’s ability and kept a close watch.

“So are we going out or what?” Shawn asked.

Kris looked around, “I guess we can since we sorta planned on it. We don’t have to stay out all night.”

“We know that,” Antonio said.

They gathered the willing ones. Kris and the others said goodbye and left with Colt staying put.  

“How come you’re not going?” Corey asked.

“All I’d do is end up in trouble with Andrea,” Colt replied. “No sense in fucking up a good thing. Besides they’re all single or with their girlfriends.”

“Where is Andrea tonight?” I asked while Scott was still signing away to Jordy.

“Oh, she went out with her girls for the night since I was out with the guys for the game,” Colt replied and took a drink. “Besides, you can’t drink…”

“Whatcha wanna bet?” Scott commented.

“Knowing Kris he’ll force his way in somewhere and have a few,” I commented.

We continued with just the five of us and enjoyed doing our best to communicate with Jordy. About midnight, he stood and waved goodbye. He thanked us before heading out the door with Scott.

“Man, how hard would that suck if you were deaf?” Colt asked.

“Actually he seemed to make it just fine,” I said.

“It still must be hard,” Corey said. “I take it he’s gay.”

“He is, or I think he is,” I said. “You talk about a very limited field.”

“You’re right there,” Colt said. “Damn, we have an assload of beer to kill.”

“We sure do,” Corey stated.

“You know we could save it for Shawn’s birthday…” I said.

“Are we back in the big room again?” Colt asked.

“We could, but it could be tricky. We talked with Scott about both scenarios of having him bring Shawn here or to the big room. If we decided on the big room, then Shawn would know for sure what was going on,” I said.

We discussed it a while longer but nothing was set in stone. Corey stood and kissed me on the cheek before heading off. Before he left, he did whisper he was going to clean up for our night. We always did that beforehand to insure a nice clean encounter. Occasionally, shit does get on your dick but normally didn’t. 

I bid Colt goodnight and went to wait on Corey. He came in and proceeded to remove his shirt. Still, after over a year, I was mesmerized by his hot body. He came with jeans on and lay next to me. I crawl on top of him still clothed so he could have the joy of undressing me. Piece by piece our clothes hit the floor until we were naked. Perched on top, I began kissing and licking his body while whispering ‘I love you’. He was taking it all in with his big veiny arms tucked behind his head. I heard our door open.

“Damn Colt,” Corey said in disgust.

“Excuse the fuck out of me then,” Colt said.

I stopped. “You know this our alone time…”

“I’m sorry…” Colt said.

“This better be of great importance,” Corey said.

“I’m ready…” Colt mumbled.

“Ready for what?”

“This is a nice chance…”

“Colt, please,” I said.

“What? You’ll give Kris and Scott that big dick but not me…? I wanna see what it’s like,” Colt said. “Maybe I’m asking at the wrong time but I’ve been thinking about it since I was with Kris and Scott at New Year and I thought since Kris was gone maybe we could mess around a little. I’ll be honest with both of you studs. I enjoyed the hell out of that night last semester, just the three of us.”

I was looking at Corey. I was thinking it would be hot to get with Colt and fuck him. “Ummm… I’m okay with it.”

Corey leaned up and kissed me, “I’d love to see you fuck Colt and let him feel what I feel all the time.”

I turned and smiled at Colt. We waved him down to join us. He was already shirtless. “Colt, if it goes too far, you let us know,” I said.

“I will,” Colt said and kissed Corey first and then me. Both were quick.

Corey took one side of Colt’s hot body which was different to Corey and Kris’s. Colt wasn’t as bulky, thus making him look slimmer, but still he was blessed with hard muscles in all the right places. I was kissing Colt’s neck and running my hand over his abs as Corey focused his attention on Colt’s pecs, licking and sucking on his nipple.

While working over Colt’s body, my hand slipped down to undo his jeans. Colt rose up to allow me to slide them off of him while Corey began kissing Colt passionately with their tongues fighting for dominance as they ran their hands over each other’s hard body. I took off Colt’s jeans and boxers and tossed them on the floor.

Colt’s cock was rock hard as I bent down toward it, avoiding it completely as my mouth worked around it. I ran my tongue along the v shape at Colt’s waist, kissed his thighs and then gently started tonguing his balls. As I sucked his balls I felt as kiss on my cheek. Corey and I switched positions and I moved back but Corey wasn’t playing around and went straight for Colt’s cock, sucking it deep into my mouth.

“Matt, I wanna suck your big dick,” Colt whispered to me with Corey working away on Colt’s cock.

I got on my knees and presented my 8 inches to him. Colt grabbed it and stroked it with his rough hands.  

“Yeah, suck his dick,” Corey said, catching a breath.

Colt slid his mouth a few inches down with one hand at the base. I could see Corey really getting into Colt, using his lips, tongue and both hands, while Colt was doing his best on my big dick. Corey stopped and moved up to kiss me. I grabbed him by the back of the neck for a longer kiss rather than a little soft kiss. 

Colt stopped, “You two are so damn hot together.” He reached over and grabbed Corey’s thick cock, pulling it toward his mouth so he could suck it while I moved down to suck on Colt’s wet hard cock. While taking all of it, Colt jumped. “Fuck!”

I kept his cock in my mouth. Corey said, “He can suck a mean dick.”

“He sure can,” Colt said and went back down on Corey.

The sound of loud slurping was heard along with Corey’s soft moans. It was Corey and I enjoying our time with what was now one of our best friends. 

“Matt, I think he’s ready,” Corey stated.

“Damn right I am. I’m horny as a motherfucker right now.  Yeah I get boned up with Andrea but damn it’s usually fucking her when I get this damn hard,” Colt stated.

I moved up and kissed Corey with Colt intervening to be a part of the action. Colt had his hand wrapped around my cock the entire time and was stroking me lightly. I moved to locate my condoms. I found them with the bottle of lube near our bed. Colt moved around to get on his knees with his ass in the air. Corey got into position and began licking and kissing Colt’s ass. I pushed Corey aside and saw Colt’s puckered hole waiting. My tongue moved down and could tell he was clean. Colt was moaning and getting louder by the second as I pushed my tongue further into his arse and really started fucking him with it. 

Corey ripped open the condom and unrolled it on my hard, throbbing cock. He poured the lube on my dick before working it in and all over Colt’s ass. He finished by kissing me. 

I ran my hard cock up and down Colt’s ass crack. “Just relax the best you can,” I said.

Colt turned his head, “Dude, I know, but I’m scared it’s gonna hurt.”

“It will just a little,” Corey said. “Then you know you have the greatest feeling ever.” He gave him a kiss of affirmation.

My cock was hard as ever knowing it was about to enter new territory. My hands grabbed Colt’s hips. Our first attempt was unsuccessful. More lube was applied before my cock was at his hot hole. I pushed and felt him pushing out. My cock slid past his tight sphincter and the first two inches slipped inside him. I heard a whimper and didn’t go any further. I pushed down on his muscular lower back and moved slowly.

“OOOO fuck!” Colt screamed.

Corey moved to kiss him, trying to take his mind off the pain and discomfort as their tongues started to duel. The kissing was hot as ever while my cock slowly went deeper in Colt’s tight ass. I saw a few inches remaining and began slowly moving in and out. His ass was incredibly tight and had a strangle-hold grip around my hard cock. I could hear him whimper, along with seeing his firm grip on the mattress sheets. 

Corey returned to kiss me. “So damn hot!”

“Fuck!!” Colt screamed after I pushed in harder than intended.

“Do you want to stop?” I asked.

“No, take it easy on me. I’ll adjust and love the hell out of this fuck!”

I slowly fucked his tight ass and loved the wonderful feeling. Leaning over, I wrapped my arms around his chest and fucked him slowly, taking long strokes into his ass. Colt began moaning with each push and then started rocking back and forth slightly so that if I stopped moving he would still be fucking himself on my big cock. Corey moved around with his thick dick dripping and hard. Colt reached up and guided it to his mouth.  Seeing that Colt was no totally in to it and was no longer feeling any pain I leaned back up and slammed his ass.

“Fuck him,” Corey said.

“Yeah, fuck my ass, Matt! Give me that big fucking dick!” Colt pleaded.

I moved at a nice steady pace while Colt was slobbering on Corey’s cock. Corey leaned over and kissed me while I was fucking. The image of Corey and I spit roasting Colt and pretty much being balls deep in him at both ends was incredible. My hands moved all over Colt’s back and sides, as I continued to fuck, moving my hips back and forth and rotating them, moving in circles as I thrust harder in to Colt.

OOO fuck yeah,” Colt said with his mouth empty. “OOOO fuck me, Matt… feels so fucking good…”

“Don’t it?” Corey commented.

“You lucky fuck!” Colt yelled. “OOO yes, keep fucking me!”

Colt was now pushing back on my cock hard with each thrust. I was breathing hard yet loving this experience. It seemed Colt and Corey were enjoying it just as much. 

Colt stopped me and pulled off my cock, flipping over to his back. His legs went high in the air as he presented his ass to me. I moved to put them on my shoulders. Corey lubed my cock some more and guided it back in to Colt’s ass.

After fucking him in the other position my dick quickly sank inside him with almost no resistance. Seeing the smile on Colt’s face and his rock hard cock leaking precum onto his abs I knew he was ready and started moving my hips, thrusting back and forth inside his tight ass, picking up the pace quickly until I was really fucking him hard.

He began tossing his head back and forth while I fucked his hot ass. Our skin was popping together while I fucked him as hard as ever. His screams and moans were loud as he took each hard push. 

“Fuck me harder! Make me cum!” Colt screamed. I continued to pound my hard eight inches in his hot tight ass. “YES! YES! YES! Goddammm, I’m cummmming!”

I could feel his ass clamp tighter than ever around my cock. His entire body tensed up with cum exploding from his untouched cock. I couldn’t take it anymore and filled the condom up with my load. 

“Damn was that intense or what?” Colt said. “Matt, pull out very slowly.”

“I will,” I said and exited his hot ass. I patted his inflamed hole and shed my condom. 

“Fuck!” Corey exclaimed. “I’m usually the first to get off.”

“Get your ass over here and I’ll finish that thick motherfucker off,” Colt said.

Corey moved close and stuck his hard cock in Colt’s mouth. I watched and loved witnessing Colt sucking Corey. “I’m cumming…” Corey said but Colt didn’t move. Corey groaned with his muscles contracting. 

Colt took Corey’s entire load in his mouth and let Corey’s cock slip out from between his lips as he moved to find my own lips to share part of Corey’s tasty load with me. 

“Man, I just love both of you,” Colt said now laid out with his cock limp. Our room reeked of sex and sweat.

“We love you too,” Corey stated.

“You know I really don’t care if Kris finds out. Matter of fact, I may brag to him,” Colt said.

“So what would Andrea think?” I asked.

Colt laughed, “Hell she’s gonna be pissed we don’t have a video of that shit. She really doesn’t care if I mess with guys since she messes with girls.”

“Have you ever been with her when she does?” Corey asked.

Colt smiled, “I have, and it was fucking hot.”

Before we knew it, they were sound asleep next to me with Corey squeezed in between Colt and I. I gathered my thoughts and did enjoy fucking Colt. I think he had this plan all along or else he’d have gone with Kris. Now, I’d have to deal with Kris and his reaction. Anyway, it was another great and unique experience for Corey and me.


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