Posted:  Feb 4, 2012

We returned to the suite with none of us being what I called drunk on this Thursday night. Yeah, the others were buzzed and feeling good, but they hated the morning after feel. It was about midnight as I saw the time on the clock. Corey grabbed me by the hand and led me to our room. We did our thing and were about to retire for the night when the door opened with Kris and Colt standing there naked and looking so damn hot.

“Dammit, don’t just come in and go straight to bed without a logical explanation,” Kris stated.

“I told you in the car it was pure luck,” I said. I was the big winner for the night and pocketed close to two hundred bucks.

“That’s some shit,” Colt said and sat on one bed with Kris while Corey and I sat on the other. That didn’t seem close enough for them so they moved us over and sat with us on the small twin bed.

“Matt, I know you’re smart,” Corey said. “I think he was reading every one of us.”

I smiled, “It was easy, except for Myles and Mitch. I’ll be honest, I had no idea Mitch had that pair when we laid it down at the end. Then it was the luck of the draw that I won.”

“I knew it… I knew it…” Kris said. “Tell us what the signs are of Ted, like that time he bluffed my ass out on that hand.”

“I can’t tell ya. Part of the fun is figuring out the one sign that someone is bluffing. You three need to practice a little. Kris, raising your eyebrows each time you have a good hand is not good,” I said.

“What’s mine?” Colt asked.

“Ummm…” I said with a debate ringing in my head. “I’ve said all I’m going to say.”

“Fine with me,” Corey stated. “Sex is no longer a part of my plans tonight.”

“Dude, it’d take more than that to stop your ass,” Colt laughed.

“He knows that I’ll spend the money on him anyway,” I said and kissed his cheek.

“No, I have a better plan,” Kris said. “Save it up and we can go somewhere sweet for Spring Break.”

“Well… okay,” I said. “Tell me your definition of sweet.”

“Oh, maybe a short cruise…” Kris said. “Hell, three of us work so we can afford it.”

“Okay, the three of you can go,” I said. “It’ll take more than my little winnings tonight to go anywhere these days. And… would the rest of the guys be able to go?”

“We could ask,” Colt said. 

“Kris, I doubt they’d go to any nude beaches,” I laughed.

“If they did, my ass would be on that ship. Better yet, a cruise where they allow the passengers to sit around the pool naked,” Kris said and smiled.

Colt shook his growing flipped up brown hair, “I swear you’d live nude now if you could.”

“I think I’m sitting on a bed with three other naked fuckers,” Kris said.

“I love it, I’ll admit,” Corey said.

“Me too,” I said.

“Speaking of fuckers, my sorry ass still hasn’t been laid all semester,” Kris stated.

“Yes, you have,” Colt said.

“Oh yeah, I have,” Kris laughed.

“Alright, when did y’all fuck?” Corey asked while the revelation didn’t shock me that much.

“Ummm… we had another threesome with Andrea the other night when the power went off,” Colt said. “God, she loves seeing me and Kris fuck. It gets her off so much, and me too.”

“Was it love or just plain sex?” I asked.

Kris looked at Colt, “I love this guy, but we know it just ain’t happening as far as a romance like you two so I guess it was just sex. We’re embracing that we’re bisexual like Andrea, Liz, Scott…”

“Yeah, it is a growing number,” Corey stated.

Colt laughed, “You know it is fun being bi. Never thought I’d say that but hell it is. Sex is fun and so enjoyable.”

“Just as long as it doesn’t control your life like anything else,” I stated.

They laughed. “How great is this shit?” Kris said. “Walk the hall here and find four other people who are as open as us.”

“Or who have as much fun,” Colt added.

“Or who love each other,” I said.

“Yeah, we do love each other in our own special way,” Kris stated. “Colt, are you bout ready to head to our room?”

“I guess, and we can let these two go at it,” Colt replied.

We got off the bed. Kris grabbed me for a sweet kiss while Colt grabbed Corey. “Bro, I love you,” Kris said to me.

“I love you too,” I said back to him.

We switched. Colt was rather passionate with me. I glanced over and could see Kris going at it with Corey. I didn’t mind at all and thought it was hot.

“One day, I want you to fuck me,” Colt said softly to me.

I didn’t reply but knew inside what a thrill that would be. Kris grabbed Colt for a really scorching kiss. “Bro, I want you tonight,” Kris said to Colt.

“I’m all yours,” Colt stated before they left, their dicks hard as ever.

With them gone, Corey grabbed me and led me to our mattress. After a long kiss, he looked at me, “I think it’s hot as hell that Colt and Kris are embracing their sexuality.”

“I do too, but I don’t wanna hear when Kris regrets the stuff he’s done.”

“I really think he’s over the confusion stage and now will go with it.”

“I hope it doesn’t get out of hand,” I said with Corey still perched on top of me.

“Knowing them like I think I do, I don’t see that. They may have sex more frequently now but I think they enjoy girls too much. Matt, I do want you to fuck Colt sometime. I know he wants you to.”

“I know that too and guess you heard him tell me that?”

“Oh yeah, and I thought it was hot as fuck that one of our best friends is so turned on he wants you to fuck him.”

“Either that or he was drunker than I thought,” I said.

Friday, my class began with Scott and Garrett. We talked and confirmed we would hit the pool that day. When my day was finished, including my class with Corey, I headed back to the dorm. I kept a lookout for that guy but pretty much kept my head lowered and didn’t make eye contact with many along the way. I wasn’t alone in the room very long before Kris and Colt came through the door.

“Lucky, what’s your plan for today?” Kris asked me.

“I guess Scott and I will swim,” I replied.

“After I get back, will you run with me to get a new phone? Get this shit. Dad said it was okay since it was my own money,” Colt stated.

“He should,” I said.

“That’s what I meant. He agreed since it was coming out of my own pocket,” Colt said. 

The two were soon out the door to their jobs. Colt said he’d only be a few hours since usually Friday was a short day for him. Soon Scott was at my door and waiting on me along with Shawn, Garrett, Bryson, Alex, Antonio and Joe.

“Hey, Jordy’s meeting us again, as is Yancey,” Scott said.

It took me a minute for it to register that Jordy was the deaf guy Scott had encountered the week before. We saw Corey upon entering the Rec Center. He said hi and waved us back with the others heading to the weight area. Scott and I headed over to find Yancey and Jordy waiting on us. Scott talked away to Jordy while Yancey and I stood by.

“He wants to know if both of you are gay,” Scott asked.

“I don’t mind,” I said as well as Yancey. “Is he?”

“Yes and thinks we are very hot,” Scott said.

“Tell him he is too but we’re both taken,” Yancey said.

Scott told Jordy what he said. A big smile lit up on Jordy’s face before we headed for our swim. 

“Just imagine how hard it is to find a boyfriend when you’re deaf,” Yancey said to me.

“I can’t imagine,” I stated before we began our laps. Nothing doing, Scott wanted to race the two. I stood back and watched the competitive race with Yancey just beating Scott and Jordy. Jordy was a little slower but came up smiling. We finished and headed off to shower. By now, it had struck me the guy with him last time was absent. I asked Scott to ask him about it. He said he wanted to come alone and give the guy a break.

In the shower, the three were nothing but eye candy for me.  It was hard as hell not popping a boner while we showered.  I had always thought Scott was hot but Yancey and Jordy were hot as well with Jordy having the cutest little bubble butt.   We exited and saw two guys looking us over.  I didn't mind at all and took it as a compliment.

As we were walking to the front with the understanding we’d leave before the others, I spotted Kris with his arm around another guy walking in to one of the exercise rooms.

Scott looked at me, “Did you see that?”

“I did,” I said.

“Kris is really stepping out these days,” Scott commented.

We walked to the room where Kris had entered. A big smile came across my face seeing Kris with Mike, our friend from the tailgating. He was with a few other kids in his same condition.

“Look who I found,” Kris said.

“I found you first,” Mike stated.

“I see,” Scott said. “So what’s going on here?”

“Oh, I’m going to help them out with some exercises to get them moving and active,” Kris stated and winked at us. “They wanna look like me.”

“I do,” one kid said who looked to be worse than Mike.

“Kevin, you will if you work hard,” Kris said to him.

“Hey, we’ll see ya later,” I said.

Before we could leave, Kris walked over to us, “Hey Scott, we’re gonna practice tonight at 9. Is that cool?”

“Fine by me,” Scott replied.

“Matt, tell Colt and have him bring me some shorts when he comes,” Kris said. 

Scott and I walked out of the Rec Center. “That Kris is something else,” Scott said.

“I know. Now there’s another thing I couldn’t handle,” I said.

“Oh you could if you put your mind to it,” Scott said.

“Scott, you’re amazing with Jordy,” I said.

“It’s fun trying to communicate with him,” Scott said. “You know we should invite him over sometime.”

“It would be nice, but are you sure?”

“Yeah, I could talk to him. If nothing else, I can text him stuff as well,” Scott replied.

We parted ways at our rooms. I played around on my computer until Colt came walking in the door. He changed quickly before we were on our way to grab his new phone.

“Colt, I have to ask but how’d it go last night?”

He smiled, “The short walk across to our room changed our minds. All we did was jack each other off. Actually, I wanted to do more but Kris backed off, which was fine with me. It was still blazin hot!”

“I see… Jacking each other off can be hot,” I stated while getting in his truck.

“I know, and accomplishes the same shit,” Colt said.

“Any reason why you didn’t have sex?”

“I don’t know, but it was cool still,” Colt replied, driving off.

We did our thing with Colt being a little excited about his new iPhone to join us. We purchased a few more things before coming back. I did remember to tell him about basketball practice before we got back but he knew already. Once back in the room, I showed him all I knew about the phone.

Before Colt left, Shawn came down, followed by Parker and Yancey. Shawn commented on how he felt outnumbered but he said he didn’t mind hanging out with three gay guys and it gave him someone to drink with. 

It was almost eleven before the guys came to the room that night. When Colt entered the room, he was noticeably limping.

“My knee fucked up again,” Colt said.

“Same knee?” Shawn asked.

“Yes. I don’t know what the deal is,” Colt replied.

“Maybe it was still weak,” I commented with Corey coming to sit next to me.

“I guess you’re right…”

“Nothing a few beers and a night of sex won’t solve,” Kris stated.

Colt smiled, “Yeah there’s very little those two wouldn’t cure. I guess I need to find Andrea but I know she better be in the mood to ride my shit tonight.”

“She will,” Kris stated and patted Colt’s bare shoulder. “Now get the hell out of here and give that girl sum lovin’.”

Colt exited but was hobbling a little with 2 beers in his hand. Kris removed his shirt and threw it on the floor.

“So how’s the team shaping up?” Parker asked.

“Awesome, right Corey?” Kris replied.

“Yeah,” Corey replied, but didn’t seem in the best of moods. “All I know is I’m the worst one out there.”

“Corey, you’re not. That honor belongs to my ass and is why I’m coaching again,” Kris laughed. “So what y’all been doing?”

“Just kicking it,” Shawn stated. “I felt so outnumbered.”

“Yeah, but he liked it,” I said. “Parker has been giving him tips on dressing to score the girls.”

Kris smiled, “If that doesn’t work, you’ll be scoring with the guys.”

“Fuck that,” Shawn said.

We talked a little bit more before our visitors exited the room. Corey had said very little and looked very tired. “Corey, do you feel okay?” I asked.

“I feel alright, but I think I just went to my last practice,” Corey said.

“Why’s that?” Kris asked.

“Come off it, Kris,” Corey stated. “I fucking suck, dude. All I’d be doing is taking playing time from some of the others.”

“No you wouldn’t,” Kris said. “We need fresh bodies. You’re a great defender and rebounder for your size.”

“Thanks, but I think I’ll just watch from the stands once the games start,” Corey said.

“Corey, I thought you enjoyed being a part of the team,” I said.

“I do, but I don’t see your ass out there!” Corey said raising his voice.

“You won’t either,” I said.

“That’s what I thought! Just don’t start in on me tonight!” Corey stated.

“I wasn’t,” I said defensively and was pissed at him a little.

“I know you far too well! I can see I’m of no use to the team!”

“Kris just said how good you were on defense…” I fired back.

“Fuck it! I’m not playing and I’m not arguing about it anymore! My ass is fucking tired as shit tonight!”

“Good, now I know!” I said with the tension between us high as ever.

“Dammit, stop it right now!” Kris screamed. “You’re both arguing over really stupid shit!”

I stood and went to my room to grab my jacket. “Corey, let’s go.”

“Fuck no! I said I was tired!”

“We said any time we argue we were taking a walk and settling this,” I said.

“Fine!” Corey said.

Before leaving, I said to Kris, “Hey, it was good to see Mike today.”

“Yes it was,” Kris smiled. “Now go settle your shit and I’ll tell ya all about him.”

Corey and I left the room. He didn’t say a word as we walked down the stairs and exited into the chilly outside. “What’s the deal?” I asked.

“Nothing. I didn’t want you jumping my ass.”

“I wasn’t going to. It’s your decision to play or not,” I said as we walked and were about to cross the street. “I know there’s something other than what I said.”

“I just had a really bad day.”

“I can understand that,” I said and grabbed his hand. We walked until coming to my favorite spot that overlooked the soccer field. We sat down on the cold ground near a large oak tree. “You wanna tell me about it?”

“I guess. My boss jumped my ass today right after you left today. He said something about missing cash in the drawer.”

“I see, but you’d never do that.”

“That’s what I told him. My job is too important for me to be a dumbass. I’ve never stolen shit in my life… well maybe some gum when I was a kid.”

“We all do that. What did he say?”

“He has it in his head that I took forty fucking dollars out of the drawer. Then practicing I was pure shit. Matt, I’m terrible.”

“It’s okay with me if you don’t want to play. I’ll understand,” I said. “I just thought you enjoyed being on a team.”

“I really do but I’m useless…”

“You can still be on the team if you enjoy it. I was useless in softball but I actually enjoyed being part of a team,” I said.

He sat quietly while we stared into the dark sky. It was a clear night with very little activity around us. He eased his arm around my shoulder. “I love you. I’m sorry but I was having a really shitty day.”

“I understand. See, leaving the room we can hash things out and get it settled before it blows up,” I said. 

He leaned over and kissed me. He pulled back before I grabbed him and wanted a little more. My hand slid down to grope his crotch. He broke the kiss and smiled at me. I didn’t move my hand and loved feeling his cock under his jeans. My hand moved up to unbutton them and unzipped his jeans.  

“Corey, turn around and face the traffic.”


“Because I wanna suck your dick out here. I know someone that really needs it,” I replied.

“Damn I do,” Corey said. “Promise to let me suck your fucking dick too.”

“I will. This could be fun if we don’t get busted,” I said.

“I’ll just sit facing the road but we’re still a good ways off it,” Corey said. We moved around with my back to the street which was still a good 100 yards away. Corey pushed down his jeans and hot sexy underwear. 

I dropped my head down and began stroking his fat cock along with swirling my tongue around on the head. After pushing up his shirt, my lips kissed his lower abs while my tongue traced the deep cuts at his waist. 

“Feels great and I’m on the lookout,” Corey said.

My mouth returned to his cock. It was hard and ready to be devoured. My lips slipped down on it. My head was spinning with excitement for we were being a little risky. My mouth began sliding up and down his hard fat cock.

“Stop!” Corey said. I froze immediately. “It was nothing.  Keep going.”

“Don’t scare me like that,” I said before going back down on him. It was strange in the fact I wasn’t the least bit cold and was really getting into sucking his cock. My saliva made his cock slick so it was easy to slide my mouth and tongue along his cock. I could hear soft moans with his hands placed on my head. 

“Matt, I wanna suck your fucking dick now,” Corey stated.

I stopped and rose to kiss his lips. We reversed positions with my jeans and sexy briefs pushed down. He pulled out my cock and kissed it. His tongue bathed my cock in his spit while I kept an eye out. There was little traffic on the street plus we were behind a tree and it was so dark. Corey grabbed my balls and took my cock in his mouth. I tried my best watching out but was enjoying the feeling. 

He stopped and moved up to kiss me. “Feel good?” he asked.

“Fuck yeah it does,” I replied.

He smiled and ran his hand over my abs before returning to my hard throbbing cock. He continued to lick and suck me while I did my best to focus ahead. He was really bobbing up and down with lots of slurping noises. It felt so good. He kept sucking until I pushed him off. I leaned over and shot my load onto the ground. 

“OOOO yes,” I moaned with my cum firing out of my long cock.

Corey found my lips for a long kiss. We stood with my hand wrapped around his cock. I stroked it vigorously until he let his load fly. Just as he was cumming, he grabbed and kissed me. 

“Thanks,” he said. “That was fucking hot!”

“Yes it was,” I said.

We stood and began walking out. In the light, Corey began laughing. I looked down at my jeans to see a nice wet streak. 

“We can just enter the room and head straight to our room,” Corey said.

“It’ll be our luck it’ll be packed,” I commented, looking down to see the wet streak at my knee. Now I could feel it through my jeans.

We entered the dorm and climbed the stairs while I kept looking down at the spot. Corey opened the door with me behind him. Kris was playing a game with Shawn, Brennan and Alex. Kris looked up and smiled.

“How are you now?” Kris asked.

“We’re cool now,” Corey said.

“Dude, what’s the wet spot on your knee?” Brennan asked.

“We were just sitting on the leaves,” Corey responded quickly.

“Hmmm… that makes sense,” Kris said.

Corey and I went to our room. I smiled and kissed him for his quick thinking.


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