Posted:   Feb 1, 2012

Tuesday, I was sitting around in my shorts and tee after Corey, Kris and Colt had left for work. Colt was actually excited when Ted called to tell him he was needed. A knock came to the door, so I went to answer it. Shawn was standing there in his sleeveless tee and sweatpants with a coat thrown over his shoulder.

“Where is everyone?” Shawn asked.

“Working,” I replied. 

“About last night, I appreciate what you did and got Kris…” Shawn said, taking a seat.

“Actually it was Kris’s idea,” I cut him off. “I think once it was over he regretted getting you involved.”

“Wow, I’m really impressed and it shows what kind of friends I have here,” Shawn stated. “The best thing to happen to me is running in to you last year. My life has really changed for the better.”

“Thanks a lot.”

“No one can believe how great friends we are here. My two best buddies back home, Ronnie and Benji, think I’m kidding when I go on and on about all the great things we do around here.”

“Yeah, JJ had to come see for himself,” I said. “Honestly, before I met Kris, I was a loner and was happy with it. It was nothing for me to play video games all day.”

“Now you barely touch them. Say you wanna run over to the Rec Center with me? I’m so addicted to that place now and love how I look. My buddies couldn’t believe how ripped I was now when they had put on a few pounds.”

I smiled and replied, “Sure I’ll go. It is a good addiction.”

“Unlike that damn Skoal Colt has me hooked on,” Shawn laughed.

I changed in my room and returned with my phone for a change. We asked around but everyone else wanted to be lazy. We stepped outside to feel the sun and see the ice beginning to melt. 

“Matt, I appreciate you coming with me,” Shawn said as we walked.

“I’m glad you asked and aren’t mad at us for last night.”

“It’s no big deal. I know Kris wants me to be a part of everything…”

“He wants everyone to, but there are some areas he shouldn’t go…”

“I know, but it feels good to have great friends. Yeah, I have good friends back home but everyone here is different. Oh, let me tell ya how they laughed when I told ‘em I had gay friends,” Shawn said. “I’d do anything for you or Corey. You just like guys where I like girls. That’s the only really big difference I see and should see.”

“I appreciate that. I understand some people will never accept us no matter what we do…”

“Which is a crying shame,” Shawn said. “We’re all just so close now. Every day I wake up and look forward to seeing what will happen next. We drink, but nothing too bad like I hear about. The best part is everyone is so fucking real. No one is fake or tries to be something they’re not.”

“Yeah, we’re as real as it gets,” I said.

“I’ve got this one dude in my class that can’t understand why I won’t even think about a frat. To me, we’re a fraternity of brothers in our own way and don’t have to fork over the cash either. We don’t decide who can or can’t be in our group. Everyone is so welcome and made to feel like they belong.”

We entered and saw Kris working the front desk for a change. He waved us back but did ask where everyone else was. We told him and continued on back to do our work. Shawn and I continued to talk while we worked up a great sweat. We really enjoyed pushing each other to the limit.

Not a lot happened that night around our place, which was rather nice. We knew the streets had cleared so our four day weekend was over. It would be back to really starting our spring semester.

Wednesday, things were back to normal. It was rough getting up for classes but Corey and I managed it together. The weather was still cool but nowhere near as cold as the weekend had been. Walking to class, we could see the tree limbs that had been broken by the weight of the ice.

That night we were splitting off as normal. Corey was walking with me until we heard Kris. “Hey bro, Matt’s mine for tonight.”

“Damn, I forgot all about that,” Corey laughed. “My ass could use a break…”

I laughed, “We don’t have sex every night.”

“I know that,” Corey said. “I was only joking. Have a good night, and remember who loves you.”

Kris grabbed me, “Me, fucker!”

I kissed Corey goodnight. “Alright Kris, kiss Colt goodnight as well.”

They both laughed and then started macking hard. They were really laughing when they finished, as it was just in jest. Kris and I shut the door. We had agreed to this after Kris struggled last Thursday to get up, plus us waking Colt, and probably Corey, in the process. I would miss Corey and had grown accustomed to us sleeping together.

Kris stripped down and jumped on the air mattress in the center of the room while I crawled up on my old bed. “Aww, I was hoping…”

“Let’s do it this way so there’s no funny business,” I said.

“How many times in the past have you and I shared a bed without fucking around? Huh, bro?”

“Things are different now.”

“Fine then, plus this is even bigger than mine or your bed,” Kris said. “Come on and at least lay with me to talk. You know I’ve really missed our chats.”

Smiling, I said, “I have too.”

Kris patted the vacant side and summoned me down. “I promise not to even touch you.”

“Well, I guess it would make it easier talking,” I said against my better judgment. I jumped down and got on my regular side.

We talked in general to begin with before Kris said, “I really shouldn’t be involved with Melissa right now. It really ain’t fair to either one of us. She’s three hundred miles away.”

“That’s entirely your call, but I agree with you. I didn’t see it working in the first place.”

“I don’t have any one lined up either if that’s what you’re thinking. In case I was then I’d feel guilty as hell.”

“Then we’d be fighting again because you were mad at yourself.”

“Exactly, bro. I’ll just call her and tell her tomorrow,” Kris said.

“Have you even talked to her since you’ve been back?”

“Oh yeah, but not much this last week, it seems every time I call I catch her at a bad time.”

On my side, I said, “Yeah, maybe now is not the time for a long distance relationship.”

“True,” Kris said on his side. “I don’t have to tell ya but I love working at the Rec Center. Bro, I see so many people…”

“Like who?”

“Well… oh shit, I saw Michael, Corey’s old roommate, just yesterday…”

“How was he?”

“Fucking fat,” Kris laughed. “He said he needs to trim down. Get this shit; he’s still dating Bethany…”

“You mean Brianna…”

“Yeah… yeah… whatever her name is. Then today I saw Liz…”

“Wow, you are seeing all the oldies,” I joked.

“She was looking great as ever but she was with some really manly looking girl. I wanted to ask if that was her girlfriend but I got busy and missed her going out,” Kris said.

“I knew you’d love it from the social aspect,” I said.

“I wish I could spend more time talking but I can’t. Man, I’m so needed there,” Kris laughed. “How in the hell did they manage before I started?”

“They had Corey,” I replied. “So do they still point you out from being on the calendar?”

“Oh yeah,” Kris said. “I thought I was going to have to kick one dude’s ass… mmmm… yesterday. He called it the fag calendar with the five fags on the cover. I know he was talking about me cause I saw his ass looking at me. I had to get out of there.”

“I was asking because Scott said he had two very cute girls ask him today. Alex mentioned something as well.”

“That’s what sucks about working. I miss those dudes.”

“Kris, we saw plenty of them over the weekend. How can you date someone and not miss us?”

“I never said I was going to date for sure, it’s just in case the opportunity arises. You have Corey and Colt has Andrea. I’m fucking jealous.”

“Kris, the only part of you that is jealous is your dick,” I said and pointed.

Kris grabbed it, “Yeah, he is missing in action here lately.  He needs to be inside a nice warm hole or mouth. Speaking of, I still feel like shit for what we did to Shawn.”

“He’s well over it,” I said. “We, or should I say you, never touched him. But you wanted to, didn’t ya?”

“I did, just so he could enjoy it and see that being with a guy ain’t that bad.”

“No matter how hard you try, you won’t turn him or make him try it. I would feel the exact same way if I got pressured to be a girl. I know who I am and nothing could change me. Hell, I like being with guys and can’t imagine a girl is any better.”

“I guess you’re right… well I know you’re right. Bro, this weekend we, or should I say I, need to get our basketball team together. With all that’s been going on it never has struck me until Corey mentioned it today. He and I are going to manipulate the schedule so we only play Tuesday or Thursday like he did with football,” Kris said.

I yawned, “Well, I think Joe and Antonio have beat you to the punch. They talked about it tonight with Bryson.”

“Fuck that shit! I’m the coach!” Kris said.

“Bryson has informed them of that fact so just simmer down. They know you are working and wanna help out.”

“Okay, but I don’t really care for Antonio.”

“He’s okay and doesn’t cause trouble,” I said. “He is rather interesting to talk to.”

“I’ll take your word for it. I really haven’t been around him that much,” Kris stated.

“I’m beginning to think he and Joe really want to be around us, seeing how tight knit we are…”

“Yeah, people are fucking jealous of us. We do have that something special among us. I’ll level with ya. I knew I’d make friends, but not as many as I have. Nathan told me I had it in me but I never believed him,” Kris stated.

“He was so right. Bro, he’d be really proud of you today,” I said.

“Yes, he would… now let’s stop talking about him before I start crying,” Kris said.

We talked a little longer about our classes and whatever else Kris wanted. He gave me a big, sincere hug and kissed my cheek before he said goodnight. My full intention was to sleep in my old bed but before I knew it I was sound asleep with Kris.

Thursday, I was up with my alarm. It was easy to see why Kris was with me and needed my assistance. He was back to being tough to wake up, and when he did, he was a bear. He said very few words before we threw our backpacks over our shoulders and headed out the door.

Seeing Ted in my accounting class was always nice. He sat down next to me and patted me on the back. “Matt, Todd is having another poker night and your ass is going,” Ted stated.

“I guess I will,” I said.

“Matter of fact, Luke is going as well, so it can be just you four tonight. I hope the others understand.”

“I think they will since we’ve seen them so much here lately.”

Our professor, Mr. Jackson, took his spot and quickly started in on our class. Since we missed a day, he seemed to pile it on. Ted kept looking at me and shaking his head while I was trying to understand things. In the end, we had an assignment to do together.  

I found Corey and Kris after their class together and walked back with them. “Ted said there’s another poker night at Todd’s, but it’s just us four roomies,” I stated.

“They’ll survive,” Kris said.

I saw a group of guys approaching, which wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. One stopped for a brief moment and stared hard. I swear he was looking straight at me. He continued along and said as loud as he could, “Fucking fag motherfucker!”

Kris wheeled around. Corey reached out and grabbed Kris’s arm. “Fuck you, bitch!” Kris screamed.

“Come on, Kris,” Corey said pulling at Kris’s sleeve.

The guy who was staring at us and yelled turned around and threw up his middle finger. 

“Just ignore them,” I commented.

“You know who that was, don’t ya?” Kris asked.

“No,” I replied.

“If I’m not mistaken, that was the dude that caught your wrath that night,” Kris said. “You know I think I’ve seen him at the Rec Center too.”

“You know, that’s where I know him from. He came in Tuesday. I think his name is Jason or something like that,” Corey stated as we were walking.

“Great,” I lamented. “I thought I’d never see that dude again.”

“Trust me, bro. He fucks with you he’ll have about ten others all over his ass. I betcha Ted could recruit a few to fuck him up,” Kris stated.

“Leave Ted out of this. I know he’d do it but I don’t want to bring him in to it. Maybe I won’t see him again,” I said.

Once in the room, I did something I should have already done. I downloaded a ton of pictures on to my computer. I logged on to Facebook with Kris and Corey waiting on Colt. While I was posting a few select pictures on Facebook, I began tagging people. I tagged all of us since we were all on Facebook but rarely logged on. I clicked on Shawn’s profile and saw a few of his pictures from Christmas with his friends. Then something caught my eye, his birthday was next Thursday. I saw the year as well and did the math in my head. He and I were born the same year, thus he’d be turning 21. “Hey did y’all know Shawn will be 21 next week?”

“Get out of here, bro,” Kris stated.

“Unless it’s an error, he will be,” I said and turned to show them the date. 

“Perfect time for another party! How about a surprise party?” Kris asked.

“First we need confirmation that it is before we plan anything,” Corey said.

I clicked over to see Colt’s birthday was the following week, just a few days after Chase’s birthday which was next weekend. “You know I didn’t know Colt’s was fast approaching either. His is right after Chase and Shawn’s.”

“He mentioned something the other night about turning 20 right before me. Won’t next year be the fucking bomb?” Kris asked.

“Yeah and we’ll be hitting the bars while your ass is having to wait,” Corey laughed.

“Fuck that!” Kris screamed.

Colt came in the door and threw down his backpack. 

“Bro, we know when our next party is,” Kris stated.

“When?” Colt asked.

“I think we’ll have two in a row,” Kris said. “We had no idea your birthday was so soon.”

“So? I don’t make a big deal of it, but I will damn sure next year,” Colt said.

We told him about Shawn but he had no idea either. We talked about having a surprise party for Shawn in one week but needed confirmation. We formulated a plan before texting our friends to go work out. 

As a bunch of us were going and with plans to practice for the basketball team, we headed over. We did a quick workout to get our blood pumping until Kris and the others left to head to the courts. 

“Shawn, since we’re not playing, do you wanna hit the bikes for a while?” I asked.

“I guess so since it would be boring just to watch,” Shawn said.

We said goodbye with the plan going well. We found the bikes and started riding them. Shawn and I talked about our classes, with me telling him about our night. He understood. I did mention that we had ran into my frat buddy, which got a nice laugh out of him.

“You know next year will be a blast,” I said. “Can you see the night Kris turns 21?”

“I know and want to be there,” Shawn stated while we rode.

“Corey, Colt and I will be 21 by that day and I think so will Scott,” I said. “When do you turn 21?”

“Ummm… in about a week,” Shawn said with a smile.

“Dawg, keepin it from us,” I said.

“Well… I know you’d find out sooner or later. Now, I don’t want a thing. No party… not shit. I can foresee my new duties as well,” Shawn stated.

“I can too. Is there any reason you’re a year behind?” I asked.

“Well… we moved a lot in my younger days,” Shawn replied. “I’m damn lucky I’m not two years behind. It was hard going to school after dad was killed. Luckily they understood at my school.”

“That makes sense,” I said. “So you don’t want a party?”

“Nah, I want the day to pass like any other since I can’t enjoy it with all of y’all. If I could get everyone in a bar, I’d damn sure do it in a heartbeat, but I know that’s not possible.”

“I see…”

“Just keep it quiet. I’ll say something that day though, like I can buy now.”

“You’re nothing like Kris will be. I can imagine he’ll be counting the days,” I laughed. “I’ll keep it under wraps.”

“Thanks.” We finished and were nothing but sweat. It was almost perfect timing with the others returning from the court. Shawn and I had just stepped out of the shower when I heard Kris’s booming voice coming in the locker room. It was nothing but a parade of hot shirtless guys with sweat running down them. A few commented, especially Garrett, how bad out of shape they were.

Our room was packed after we returned. Kris was in the center of them all with the discussion being about the basketball team. There were two I had seen at Corey’s party that wanted to play, but other than that, it was just our guys.

“Kris, no doubt you’re our couch again,” Bryson stated.

“Yeah, I doubt I’ll even play. I can’t hang with y’all,” Kris stated. “The trick will be making everyone happy.”

“It’ll work, you guys,” Antonio stated. 

“We’re pressing their asses again this year. Last year, we had about every team worn out by the start of the second half…” Bryson stated.

“Until we played a team that was just better,” Scott stated.

“Shit ain’t happenin’ this year, dudes,” Joe said. “We’re some ballers with my mad skills.”

“Don’t get too full of yourself there, Joe,” Antonio said with me listening and enjoying it.

“Any idea when the first game is?” Alex asked.

“Next Thursday, right Corey?” Kris replied.

“No I think it is Tuesday, but then it’ll be like two a week, then one and so on if Taylor gets the schedule just right,” Corey replied.

They hung around for a little while longer but finally left the four of us. “Now that everyone’s gone, how did it go with Shawn?” Kris asked.

I gave him the thumbs up, “He said it was and didn’t want a party.”

“We ain’t having that and here he thought it could just slide by us,” Colt said. “He gives us someone else that can buy too.”

“Less risk for us,” Corey said.

“Damn straight, though the fun will be gone out of it, but there are still bars to try to get into,” Kris stated. “Now I know a bunch of guys that need to hit the books.”

My mouth dropped open, “Hold on just a second. Kris, are you feeling okay?”

“Fuck you,” he laughed. “I promised I wasn’t waiting ‘til the last day again. There will be days when I don’t feel like it, but we need to start now.”

“Dudes, Coach has spoken, so it’s time to get down to business,” Colt stated.

We did study with me getting a head start on a lot of work. We finished with Kris being the last one to shut down his computer. We dressed for our night of playing cards at Todd’s house.  


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