Posted:   Jan 29, 2012

Sunday with us iced in was a real test for us. Kris was going crazy but soon left with Colt to roam the halls and see what everyone else was doing. Corey and I left as well and went to Parker’s room to see how they were making it. They were doing fine with Eric cuddled close to Garrett. They were bored like us and were just sitting around passing the time with the hope the power would be on soon.

Finished visiting with them, we exited and saw Kris, Colt and Shawn coming out of the stairwell.

“Bros, let me tell you it is some kind of slick out there,” Kris stated to us.

“It’s all you can do to walk. We thought we’d have some fun, but hell, all you’ll do is bust your ass,” Colt stated with his hair flipping out from under his toboggan.

“Makes sense,” Corey said with us entering our room.

“I’d be fine if we had something to eat,” Shawn said taking off his jacket.

“Tell me about it,” I said. “Those bars aren’t much.”

“Hey, they are something,” Kris stated, now out of his jacket with his sweatshirt coming off. He threw off his toboggan and flung back his long blond hair. “The nice thing is it’s not that bad in here.”

“If it’s not so bad, then get naked,” Colt said.

“I might just do that,” Kris said. I knew any seconds his jeans would be on the floor. “Anyone else with me?” he asked with the top button unfastened.

“Fuck it, I will,” Shawn said and stood to come out his clothes. “I’m kinda hot in all these clothes.”

“You won’t be after you lose ‘em,” Corey snickered.

“Maybe,” Shawn said, pulling at his cock to adjust it more than anything I suppose.

“Dude, it ain’t gonna get any bigger,” Colt joked.

“I know that,” Shawn laughed. “I have penis envy of y’all.”

“Damn right, I do of Matt’s big dick,” Kris laughed. “Colt, lose ‘em, bro.”

“Alright… alright, I will,” Colt stated and got rid of his clothes. Corey saw them and was pulling his off. Not to be left out, mine were coming off as well. 

Just as soon as my jeans hit the floor, we had a knock at the door. Kris stood and went to answer it.

“I see having no power doesn’t affect the nudist colony one iota…” Rick stated, entering and shaking his head.

“Nope,” Colt said. “So what brings you down this end of the hall?”

“First, I wanted to thank y’all for the party. I believe it was a big hit…” Rick said.

“Just exactly how did that many people know about it?” Corey asked.

Kris slipped up his hand, “I sent him a text earlier Friday and asked him to send out an email to everyone on the hall.”

“Corey, like you really had to ask,” I commented.

“Anyway, it was great and I was thinking maybe we should do it more often. It has brought some life around here, plus people got to know each other a little better,” Rick said, taking a seat.

“Yeah, some of those people I had never even seen around here,” Shawn said.

“It’s because they use the stairs on the other end of the hall and some just aren’t that sociable,” Rick stated. “Also I was making sure everyone was doing okay and there were no candles burning. The last thing we need around here is a little fire.”

“What’s the latest on when we’ll get power?” Colt asked, thumping his can.

“The last I heard was maybe late tonight for some parts of campus,” Rick replied.

“Bro, I don’t know how much more of this shit I can handle,” Kris said.

“You’re not alone there,” Rick said. “I think quite a few are getting cabin fever after just one day. It wouldn’t be so bad but we have no power coupled with nowhere to get something to eat.”

“I’m about sick of health food,” Colt said and spit into a bottle.

“Oh, by the way, I wanted y’all to know this semester is the end for me. I’ll graduate in the spring,” Rick stated.

“Hmmm… we may need to start looking for somewhere else then,” Kris said. “Bro, thanks for everything and not being a dick. We hear all the time how other people’s RAs are just dicks.”

“I could be a major dick, but why have people hate me? College is supposed to be the best time of your life,” Rick said.

“Yes it is,” Shawn said. “We all love you for the fact you turn a blind eye.”

“Shawn, everyone on this hall would be in so much trouble if I didn’t, plus I can’t stop those that are of age. I could stop you that aren’t but you’d still do it. There are lots of worse things you could be doing,” Rick said.

We agreed and talked a little while longer with Rick until he stood to leave us and continue checking on other people on the floor. Not long after Rick was gone, it began to get dark outside and it was just after five. 

That night to combat boredom, Corey and I went to our room for some old fashioned loving. We did show it to each other often but this time we got to spend lots of time showing it to each other. It wasn’t boring at all with two gay guys who were crazy in love with each other. We didn’t have anal sex but the focus was on other areas. We were asleep maybe the earliest all year.

After a long night of sleep, I was up early Monday on what was scheduled as a holiday. After checking my handy iPhone to see it was just after 8, I got out of bed and headed to shower, thankful the hot water was powered by gas. The warm water felt great hitting my body. I wanted to stay in there forever and was thankful for it. 

With a growling stomach, I combed around to see what was left. There were still some bars left. After I bit into the bar, the television, lights and heat came on. I wanted to scream ‘hallelujah’ for this event. Instead, I sat down and watched the Weather Channel for an update. The temperature was below freezing with little chance it would get above freezing. The nicest part was warmer weather was on the way. After seeing the forecast, I went to recharge my phone. I saw the whites of Corey’s eyes.

“What are you doing?” he asked, rubbing his eyes.

“Charging my phone. Yours probably needs it too,” I replied.

He sat up in his bed. I think the magical light went off in his head, “Boy, I’m never so glad to hear the heat running. I thought you’d lost your mind for a second there charging your phone.”

I grabbed my phone and took a quick picture of Corey stretching. He laughed and rose out of bed to see the picture of his gorgeous self. Now, after a week of rooming together, I was beginning to see how well we might make it as a couple, but still knew the others were such a big part of our lives as well. 

Soon the excitement of having electricity rang throughout our suite. Kris was excited but that wasn’t unusual. We took for granted a few things and never realized how much we were affected by the power outage. 

Just before three, Corey received a call from the Rec Center requesting him and possibly Kris to come in for a while. Both agreed since they were aching to get out since they were offering food as well. They were dressed warmly and exited.

Colt laughed in his athletic shorts, “Finally something to make Kris wear clothes.”

“I know. He’s obsessed with it. Actually, I’m so used to it now that it really doesn’t matter,” I said.

“Oh, I am too but damn he was nude for over 24 hours,” Colt chuckled. “Hell I just about was too.”

“No one is shocked any more to see us naked. Now they’re more shocked to see us with even underwear on.”

“In all honesty, Matt, do you really think Kris was in love with me?”

“Well… a little… but he was so confused…”

“Oh, I love that dude to death but us being like you and Corey is out of the question. I think it was just this really fucked up phase he was going through. I guess if something happened to Chase I’d be so torn up it wouldn’t even be funny. Yeah, we still argue just like Kris and I do but in the end, he’s the only real brother I’ll ever have.”

I smiled, “You’re lucky. I know Andrea might not think so, with all her brothers and sisters, but she is too. I can see growing up in a large family can be a pain but I’d love to have a sibling.”

“Yeah, they are something else. I have gone and met them. Man, they are all different in a way but so alike too. Andrea has a sister that is just like her,” Colt stated.

My phone was ringing. I saw it was Reese, Ted’s nephew. I sat there and talked to him while Colt ran off to do something. I think Reese was having a bad day with a few people at his school giving him a rough time. I did my best to keep it positive. I hung up with Colt returning with his hat on backwards and a tee that hugged his fit body.

“I know that was Reese. I was thinking of running down to see how his uncle and his roommates were doing. You wanna go with me?” Colt asked.

“Sure,” I replied and went to grab my shoes.

We walked down the hall and saw people stirring. We knocked on Ted’s door. He opened it in his sweatpants and welcomed us inside. He did have to move a bag so we could have a seat, with Myles in his athletic shorts showing his hot body. As hard as I tried, I couldn’t keep my eyes off Myles or Ted showing off their nice torsos.  You’d think I’d be used to it with Corey, Kris and Colt’s bodies but the jocks were a little different.

“What’s up?” Ted asked. “Were you bored, like us?”

“Were we ever,” Colt stated. “My fucking lip is about to rot off with all the dips I’ve had.”

“Me too,” Myles said with one in his lip.

“Ted, I just got a call from Reese,” I said.

“Yeah, he called me as well. I may need to take a visit to his school one day if some shit doesn’t change,” Ted said. “He was doing great until Friday.”

“He told me a few had been posting mean shit on his Facebook,” I said.

“Just go beat the living shit out of them,” Colt said.

“I may but I want him to work through it,” Ted said. “I’ve told him to stay off Facebook.”

“My ex’s brother got tossed in jail for beating the shit out of some gay guy,” Myles stated. “Knowing him he did it for the hell of it.” 

“I didn’t know you had an ex,” Colt said.

“Yeah, that’s why he’s here. He was living with this girl…” Ted said.

“I was. I came to the bowl game in a foul mood. Ted said his old roommates were leaving and got an apartment so he had space,” Myles said. “Actually, I couldn’t be happier. Colt, just a word from the wise, you really better love them before you move in with them and be able to take a lot of shit.”

“I’ll remember that,” Colt said. “The thought hasn’t crossed my mind yet. I see Matt and Corey doing it soon.”

“Those two would make it,” Ted commented. “Reese goes on and on about wanting to find a boyfriend like Matt or Corey.”

“I’m really lucky. One day we may move out…”

“Kris will be right there with them… hell I will be too for that matter,” Colt joked.

“Where are Kris and Corey?” Myles asked.

“Working,” I replied.

“Wow, they opened the Rec Center? That’s pretty awesome,” Ted stated. “I don’t think I’ve been there more than three times.”

“Me either,” Myles stated.

“Well, get your shit and we’ll give you the grand tour,” Colt said.

“You know I think we’ll do that,” Ted stated with Myles agreeing. “It’ll be nice to get out.”

“By the way, where’s Luke?” Colt asked.

Ted shook his head, “Dude says he’s in love and over with this gal.”

“He’s in love alright… with that pussy he’s getting. He’ll soon see there’s more to it than that. I found that out the hard way,” Myles stated.

We left to show Ted and Myles the Rec Center. Exiting the dorm, we could see the streets were still ice covered with very little, if any, traffic on them. Opening the door to the Rec Center, we could see the place was packed with many others like us aching to get out of their room. We saw Corey entering and spoke to him for a minute. We could see he was really busy and headed back. We did spot Kris running around. He did stop to say hi but didn’t hang around very long.

After seeing the rec center, we had one thing on our mind, good hot food. While at the rec center, we got an email from the university saying certain areas would be open, plus the cancellation of classes for Tuesday. Both made us happy. However, when we arrived at the main center to eat, it was a zoo. We found the shortest line but even that was long.  Finally after forty five minutes, we had food, though it wasn’t what we really wanted. The four of us found a spot to stand to devour the hot food in record time with those three having their food gone in a matter of seconds.

At nine or thereafter, two hot guys came walking in the room and looked exhausted. They saw it was me, Colt, Scott, Hayden and Shawn just chilling.

“Fuck!” Kris screamed before removing his shirt.

“Oh great, the nature boy is back,” Colt said.

“Damn right he fucking is, and worse, I’m so tired I don’t give a rat’s ass either,” Kris stated with Corey moving to sit next to me. Kris lost the rest of his clothes and went over to throw them in his room.

“It was crazy today,” Corey stated with me putting my arm around him and kissing him on the lips.

“Bros, they better be happy, I love it there or else I’d say fuck it after today,” Kris said.

“I guess everyone wanted to get out,” Shawn said.

“No shit,” Corey said. “What’s worse is we both agreed to work tomorrow…”

“I told them straight up I wasn’t working ‘til close like tonight,” Kris said. “Is there any fucking beer left in the fridge?”

“I think so,” Colt said. “Grab me one while you’re at it there.”

“Me too,” Corey said. “Matter of fact bring me two to get started.”

“Same here,” Shawn said.

Kris returned with what was left of a twenty four pack and sat it in the center. 

“I just love coming down here. I always know I can see some skin,” Hayden laughed while four hands were reaching for a beer.

“If you like it so much, we’ll all get butt ass naked,” Shawn said.

“That’s nothing new,” Scott said, standing to take off his clothes. “Y’all need a box of something by the door so we can throw our clothes in there when we walk in.”

“Are we that bad now?” I asked, stripped down.

“Dude, it’s rubbing off on us, too,” Scott laughed. “We aren’t to this point yet but we all run around naked in the morning.”

Now we were all down to nothing. “I feel really out of place right now,” Shawn said.

“Why’s that?” Colt asked before taking a big drink.

“I’m the only real straight guy here,” Shawn replied. “I was actually kidding.”

“So what guy took your guy virginity?” Kris asked with his arm on the back of the couch.

“No, about feeling out of place, I never feel out of place with y’all,” Shawn said.

“Cause we’re fucking family, dude,” Colt said.

“Shawn, you wouldn’t let a guy suck your dick?” Scott asked.

“Dude, you’ve asked me so fucking much and the answer is still no. What is not to get? I don’t want some guy sucking my dick!”

“Bro, it ain’t that bad,” Kris said. “Guys give great head.”

“Just shut the fuck up about it, alright? You’re not going to put peer pressure on me to get my dick sucked. I feel like I’m in high school when they wanted me to try weed,” Shawn said.

“You tried that and liked it,” Scott stated.

“Scott, speaking of weed, how’s that going for you?” I asked.

“I haven’t smoked one joint or blunt since I came back. I did get high at home a few times but nothing like I used to do,” Scott said. “Garrett’s little ordeal has really opened my eyes.”

“How is that going for him?” Kris asked.

“All we know is he’s still going to his rehab and is doing well. He’s been talking with an attorney to see what kind of deal he can get so it doesn’t go to trial,” Scott stated.

We sat around talking and drinking for a while. Kris spoke up, “You know something we really haven’t done together.”

“What is that?” Colt asked on his third or fourth beer.

“Shawn, I know you’ll throw a fit, but a nice circle jerk would be smoking hot,” Kris replied.

“Damn, that is perverted,” Shawn said.

“No worse than jerking off to porn on your computer or phone,” Scott said.

“My brother has said he’s even done it,” Colt said.

“I did it in high school with my buddies a few times,” Scott said. “There’s nothing wrong with it.”

“We really gonna sit around and jerk each other off without a hot porn to watch?” Shawn asked.

“Well… I have one or two in my room we could watch,” Kris stated. “I found them looking for some shit. I actually think they may be one of Jess’s old porns.”

“Damn, holding out on me? Plus we can actually use the DVD player,” Colt said.

“I know it is straight shit, too,” Kris said. “I’ll run and get it.”

“It still doesn’t mean I’ll do it,” Shawn said.

“Guys we really shouldn’t pressure Shawn like this,” Corey said. “We know we’ll do it but we need to respect Shawn a little.”

“I’ll throw a beer or two back and then I may not give a fuck,” Shawn laughed.

“Or be able to get it up either,” Hayden said.

“Dude, when you haven’t had sex in as long as I have, it don’t take a whole lot to get this dick of mine hard, especially seeing a girl getting slammed,” Shawn said. He grabbed a beer. With one quick drink, he had it downed with beer running out the sides of his mouth.

“I got it,” Kris said. “College Sluts and Big Dick Men.”

“Sounds like a good one,” I joked.

“Watch and learn,” Kris said.

“One more,” Shawn said and downed another one. I know if that had been me my stomach would hurt, or worse, I’d be bowing down at the throne. Shawn shook his dark hair and relaxed. “Fuck, I can feel it.”

Kris grabbed the remote and forwarded the video to the sex scene. My eyes were focused on the actor’s big cock as the girl sucked it. “Fuck yeah, suck that cock!” Kris said.

“Kris, the commentary isn’t necessary,” I said.

“The fuck it ain’t. I’m forwarding it to where the guy eats her pussy,” Kris said. He did so and stopped it at the exact spot. He stood with his cock semi hard and went to his room. He returned with a bottle of lube.

“Damn, this is hot!” Shawn said.

“Are ya feeling it?” Kris asked while lubing his hard cock. He finished and put some in his hand. He reached over and slid his hand up and down Colt’s hard cock, making sure there was lube all over the head and shaft as they looked into each other’s eyes. Then Kris turned to Shawn, “Want me to do that for ya?”

“No,” Shawn said and stuck out his hand. “I can manage.”

I walked over to grab the bottle. Instead of handing it to me Kris poured some lube on his hand and began rubbing it on my hard cock. “This is one big dick!”

“I can see that,” Shawn said.

Kris was enjoying it way more than he should have, especially with other guys in the room. We sat stroking our hard cocks with Corey and me kissing, just like Hayden and Scott after they saw us doing it. I did see Shawn was hard and really enjoying the porn.

“Before we bust, we need a game out of this,” Kris stated.

“The last one to bust has the rest sucking his dick,” Colt said.

“No way! You take forever,” Corey stated.

I tried not to watch the others but it was just so hot. Kris attempted to jack off Shawn but he pushed Kris’s hand away. Kris laughed and tried again but when Shawn still pushed his hand away he got the hint and gave up, returning his attention back to his own cock. I heard a groan and looked to see Hayden firing off his load on Scott’s abs. Next Corey leaned over and began shooting his load on me while Hayden was licking his cum from Scott’s body. 

“Oh fuck!” Kris screamed and leaned back with Colt stroking his hard cock. His load blasted from his cock and hit between his pecs, with one hitting his abs. “Felt so good.” He reached over to concentrate on Colt’s dripping cock.

Hayden was now between Scott’s legs and sucking his cock.  Scott held Hayden's head down while enjoying the blow job. Scott groaned with Hayden taking his load. “OOO fuck yeah!” Scott moaned in ecstasy.

Shawn was next and was more of a dribbler, with me shooting right about the same time. Mine coated Corey’s chest and shoulders. 

We watched while Colt was leaned back and enjoying Kris’s hand. His body tightened and shot his load onto his stomach. He grabbed Kris and gave him a hot kiss.

We all began cleaning up our messes after letting what happened soak in just a minute.  It was hot to now see all of us so satisfied after the jerk off.

“Now it smells like cum in here,” Kris laughed.

“It should,” Shawn said. “Guys, I’m sorry but that was just fucking weird to me.”

“Dude, don’t be sorry,” Colt said. “We’re all a little different.”

“Bro, you should just chill and go with it,” Kris stated.

“I was tense though…” Shawn said.

“Kris, lay off of him. No amount of pressure will make him enjoy it,” Colt stated.

“Colt is right,” Scott stated. “Shawn, you definitely proved to be straight as an arrow.”

“I guess so. Now I can say I’ve been there and done that,” Shawn said.

We talked a little longer before saying good night to our three visitors.

As soon as the door was closed, Kris spoke up, “In a way, I kinda feel bad about what happened here. I really made Shawn do something he was so uncomfortable with.”

“Thank you,” I said. “You could tell he wasn’t at ease.”

“I know and now realize that,” Kris said. “It’d be like someone forcing me to take a drug I didn’t want to take so I could experience their feeling.” He stood. “I’m going right now to apologize to him.”

“We all should,” Colt stated.

“Yeah, we should,” Corey said. “Let’s all get some shorts on and do this.”

We grabbed our shorts and made the short walk. Shawn answered the door and was surprised to see us. With just Scott and Hayden there, we took a seat. 

“Ummm… Shawn, I realize how wrong I was for making you do something you really didn’t want to do…” Kris stated.

“It wasn’t something I didn’t wanna do or else I would have walked out,” Shawn said. “I was just curious enough to see what it was like. I’ve heard Bryson say how he knows what the gay experience is like. Not that I had sex with a guy, but I know that nothing turned me on seeing a bunch of guys shoot their loads.”

“We’re sorry,” I said.

“I appreciate that and see that you are. That means a lot to me,” Shawn said.

“If there ever was a next time for anything like that, you’ll make the call,” Colt said. “We fucked up.”

“We did,” Corey said. “It won’t happen again.”

“Well… at least I know I have some great friends,” Shawn smiled at us. “Hey, I did try it.”

We left their room and went back to ours. We separated and went to our room. Corey and I did our thing before lying on our air mattress.

“I have to say I’m really proud of Kris.  I did notice he was subdued afterwards,” I said.

“I was shocked to say the least for him to admit how wrong it was. It felt so right at the time but then felt so wrong almost forcing Shawn to join us. No one actually touched him but you could see how awkward it was for him.”

“Yes you could tell it,” I said. “At least I’m glad we have power now.”


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