"Spring 6"

Posted:  Jan 26, 2012

Waking Saturday here in January, I had a deep admiration for Corey. We had made it to bed about 3, if not after, but he was up and gone to work with the promise he’d back around 2 instead of his regular 4. 

I did a quick check on the big room we had used the night before to make double sure it was back just like I had found it. It was just after noon before I got my first glimpse of Kris, who was naked as usual and looking hot as ever.  Sometimes it escapes me just how damn hot my roommates are and how great they always look in my eyes. He came and flopped down right next to me while I was watching the weather.

“It’s not looking so great right now. Here we had a big bunch going,” I said feeling a little down over the fact the weather was going to curtail my planned trip to the casinos.

Kris grabbed the knee of my sweatpants, “Hey, there’s plenty more weekends for us to go. Bro, now that was a fucking party last night if you ask me!”

“It was nice.”

“Bro, I had the best time…”

“I’m surprised you can even talk…”

Kris laughed, “My throat is a little sore, but hey, I know so many more people now.”

“Like you didn’t know them before.”

“No, I knew their names but that was about it. Take when Lamichael was talking about his brother…”

“Yeah, I think Ted felt bad when he asked how he was doing only to find out he was killed over the summer,” I said.

“Ted had no idea that Lamichael’s brother had died,” Kris said. “I really felt for the dude though. I’ve been there, in his shoes.”

“You have,” I said, solemnly. “Bro, I seriously thought you’d be waking up this morning with one of those girls…”

“Dick teases are all they are in my book,” Kris stated.  “Matt, you know the best part was that no one was really that fucked up.”

“Ummm… Ethan and Cody were, but you did really well,” I said concerning the first two guys I met at the party. 

“I think that’s a regular occurrence for those two and a few more on our floor,” Kris said. “I shouldn’t be one to talk.”

“Kris, you’re about middle of the road as far as I can tell by now. College boys and girls like their booze and don’t know when to stop. You haven’t ever been on many binges, thank goodness.”

“Yeah, like Thursday night,” Kris said. “That’s one reason I didn’t drink that much. Matt, tell me Ted, Luke and Myles aren’t the best guys on the floor.”

“Not even close,” I said. “I live with the three best guys in my book. I wouldn’t trade a one of you for any one of them. Yeah they are great but we have that special bond.”

“I guess you’re so right since you put it like that. We are more like brothers than anything now. We do have some kick ass friends here and more maybe to come down the road before this journey is finished. I’ve always said you can’t have too many friends.”

“You’re right, but close friends like us are hard to find. Our close friends are so special to me,” I said. “Five years ago, I’d have been happy with one or two. Now if I need something, there are at least ten people, if not more, I wouldn’t be scared to call to ask a favor of.”

“So true,” Kris said and looked at the TV where they were giving our forecast and showing the radar. “Bro, by the look of things, we could be in for some real icy weather, which sucks. Snow is awesome. We can have snowball fights like we did last year whereas with ice we’re grounded here.”

“I guess I can write off us going this weekend to the casino,” I said.

“Hey, you and Corey can go Valentine’s Day weekend to make up for it. It’ll give you a break from fucking each other.”

“Who said I even wanted a break?” I laughed.

“Bro, don’t ever say anything to me about liking sex. Your ass is in that room and getting all you can handle. To think you’re the one getting ass every night.”

“Your day is coming…”

“I hope so, but I am beginning to feel the need for a nice roll in the hay with some hot girl,” Kris stated. “Maybe even a guy.”

“Really?” I said.

“Sure, it’s sex in my book and the end result is the same.  I feel great and bust a great load,” Kris chuckled.

The bedroom door opened with Colt walking out. He was rubbing his eyes and said hello before journeying to the bathroom.

“Kris, are we really going to room together on Monday and Wednesday nights?”

“We are, if not sooner. Colt was snoring so loud last night that it was unreal, bro,” Kris stated with Colt coming to join us. He made a detour to grab some water with Kris yelling to bring him some as well.

“Great party last night,” Colt commented and now made me feel out of place in my sweats and tee, but it was a little cool in the room whereas he and Kris were natural.

“Bro, it wasn’t too wild and damn near perfect to me,” Kris said.

“I just knew you’d be out of our boxers by the end of the night,” Colt said.

“If someone would have suggested it, I would have,” Kris stated. “Now that would have been a party!”

“Colt, it looks like our trip is being postponed. By the looks of things, I don’t think we’d make it too far by what they’ve been saying on the TV,” I commented.

“It’s cool and will save me a little money,” Colt said. “Dad is really excited I have a job. Chase loves it too that I’m around the team.”

“Has it sunk in yet that they’re just students?” I asked.

“It did a while back, once you get to know them a little…” Colt replied with a knock at our door. Colt answered it and did cover up with his hands. 

“Hell fire, Colt, it’s not like I don’t see guys naked all the time,” Ted said in his deep voice. Myles was right behind him. Both were sporting gray tees and athletic shorts with flip flops. Kris and Colt darted off to grab some boxers.

“Nice party last night, Matt,” Myles stated, “Ummm… do y’all usually run around here naked?”

“We do,” Kris stated, returning with his boxers low on his cut hips.

“We’re used to it,” Ted said and laughed. “Myles is the same way in our room…”

“So are you, big boy,” Myles shot back. “Who was it that dropped his boxers once we hit the door last night?”

“Luke, so he could wave that big schlong of his around and make us jealous,” Ted replied with a laugh.

“Matt, you did a great job last night. I really came down to thank you and tell you what a great time I had, despite putting my foot in my mouth that one time,” Ted said.

“Thanks, I thought it went really well,” I said.

“Ted was just saying how nice it was to feel like a regular student without someone wanting his attention,” Myles stated.

“He’s just one of us,” Kris said. “We give him hell just like everyone else.”

“I’m thankful for that. Besides being great guys, you do treat me like anyone else around here,” Ted said, kicked back.

“All of y’all deserve mad props. You treat everyone the exact same. I know there were a few that felt out of place coming in but y’all just greeted and accepted them like your own. I’ve really been so impressed by the way you treat Matt and Corey…”

“Why’s that? They are just students like Kris and I,” Colt said.

“Get real, Colt. Any other guys would push them aside or ignore them just because they’re gay. I know I’ve been one of those that don’t want a thing to do with someone once I found out they are gay. You’ve really opened my eyes to show me how stupid that is. Like the other night, we said a few things to Corey, but once that was over, he was just like the rest of us. I must say I so admire you, and I’m learning a lot too,” Myles stated. “Hey Colt, can I bum a dip off you?”

“Sure,” Colt said, getting up. “I need one as well.”

“Bring my can, too,” Kris stated. “Myles, it is just how we are and now we don’t think anything about it. I see others when they find out and never give them a chance…”

“Kris has a big heart,” I said.

“He sure does. He has a buddy from the games that Kris made sure I met. Last night, it didn’t matter who walked through that door, they were welcomed…” Ted said.

“Stop it before I start blushing,” Kris laughed with Colt returning with their cans. They put the tobacco in their front lips and scoured for something to spit in. “Speaking of, I still wonder where Mike was that last game.”

“Just call him,” Ted stated.

Kris shook his head, “I wish I could but I never thought to grab his number.  I just hope it was nothing major.”

We sat talking and sharing a few laughs about the party.  Kris enjoyed mocking some his own dance moves.  We all agreed Scott had the moves.  We heard the door open and in walk my boyfriend.

“Bro, you’re back early,” Kris commented.

“They’re shutting things down around here before the storm hits,” Corey commented and throwing his coat in the floor. He grabbed a chair to join us but Kris moved so he could sit next to me. He slung his big arm around me.

“What did I miss?” Corey asked.

“Nothing really. We were telling Matt how great your party went off. You know everyone had a blast since no one wanted to leave,” Ted replied. “That’s a good sign of a great party.”

Corey was barely seated before Scott, Hayden and Shawn came in the room. 

“No doubt our ass is here for the night,” Scott stated.

“Colt, we really need to make a beer run and quick,” Kris stated.

“Yeah, we’re down to nothing. It’d suck hard if we get iced in without a few beers on hand,” Colt stated. 

The two jumped up and raced to dress. They were gone in a flash. We kept talking with the group. Kris and Colt scored big time and came back sporting a lot of beer and a bottle of whiskey to boot, along with snacks but healthy ones. 

Ted saw the haul and chuckled. “You know you have good friends when they will buy for you.”

“Hell yeah. I grabbed Phil and had him buy for us,” Kris stated.

“Who’s Phil?” Corey asked.

“The dude with all the ink. Ted, you need some ink there, bro, and so do you Myles,” Kris replied.

“I’ve thought about it if I wanna keep up with y’all,” Ted laughed. “I might do that, but I don’t know what the hell I’d get.”

“Do like Shawn and get something to commemorate your parents,” Colt stated.

“Hmmm… I might just do that,” Ted stated. “Myles, it’s your duty to design one for me.”

“After I figure out what the hell I’m getting,” Myles joked. “I wouldn’t mind getting some to be part of the crowd and the team.  Every day it seems like someone on the team gets one and has to show it off.”

“Myles, are you an artist?” Kris asked.

“Dude, you should see some of his stuff. It’s amazing,” Ted said.

“Ahh, I just dabble with it,” Myles replied.

The door opened with Andrea walking in. “I can see I’m really out of place here but it’s starting to come down out there.”

You would’ve thought they were giving away money or beer the way everyone scrambled out the door to see and feel the ice. It was weird though to see what looked like rain falling and freezing when it hit the ground. No doubt we would soon need skates to get around if it was going to do what they predicted. Seeing it falling we bolted back inside and quickly ran to grab something to eat before they closed down the eateries on campus.

Coming out after eating something quick, as they were about to shut down even the food courts, we exited in our jackets, coats and hats. One step onto the sidewalk told us things could be slippery. Corey grabbed me by the hand and moved me to the once grassy area. 

“OOOO shit!” I heard not four steps out the door. We tried to hold our laughter and did so until seeing Shawn picking himself off the sidewalk. We burst out with loud laughter, especially when Kris re-enacted the scene in slow motion. Shawn did everything possible to stop from falling with his hands moving at warp speed. 

We did get another laugh on the way back seeing a girl really bust it. We checked to make sure she was alright before we laughed. She now knew why we weren’t on the sidewalk. 

It was just after five with our room packed. We talked about going to the bigger room but stayed where we were. The TV was on the Weather Channel with us monitoring the situation and seeing we were in for a long night with the temperatures not getting above freezing over the next few days. Once bored with the weather, our TV became game central with the wrestling game. It was amazing how a bunch of college kids could sit and watch the others play and get so into it. A little had to do with the fact there was alcohol involved. 

At just before eleven, everything went dark. “You’ve got to be kidding me!” Kris screamed.

“They usually come right back on,” a female commented. I think it was Holly or Jill. 

Soon the glow of phones was seen around the room. Kris, Corey and I didn’t know what it was but soon found it was an app that transmitted light. We downloaded it as quick as possible. 

“I’ll run to my truck and get my flashlight,” Colt said.

“I got one in mine too,” Shawn said. “I never took it out after we went huntin’ that time.”

We knew just as soon as they had the flashlights our electricity would be back on. They were back and commented that the entire campus was dark. Everyone began to leave our room and headed to theirs after it was evident that the lights weren’t coming right back on.

“What sucks is I need to piss in the worst way right now,” Kris commented.

“Go ahead. The toilet will work,” I commented.

“Yeah dumbass, the toilet doesn’t run on electricity,” Colt said.

“Damn, I forgot about that,” Kris laughed. He returned to just Colt, Andrea, Corey and I and commented, “Y’all were right. Here I was thinking I was either going outside or couldn’t flush. That was pretty stupid of me.”

“How do you make it?” Colt commented. “Kris, you’re actually pretty smart but I swear you have blonde moments.”

“I guess I do,” Kris laughed. 

“Now we’ll really see how well this building is insulated if the power doesn’t come back on,” Corey said.

“Bro, if the lights don’t come back on soon, I’ll go crazy,” Kris said.

“I hope they don’t,” I said. “I have a nice warm body to cuddle up against tonight. I feel for you though, Kris.”

“Hell, I may go down the hall and find the first warm body that wants to snuggle. I’d say by midnight we’ll have power again.”

“I’m not counting on it,” Colt said. “With all the ice, I betcha power lines are getting snapped out yonder left and right.”

“It is gonna really suck if we are without power for days…” Kris said.

“Worse is the holiday for Monday… Martin Luther King Day,” Corey said.

“Why do all the fucking holidays fall at the worst time? Worse yet, there’s really not shit we can do. If it were snow, we’d have a ball like we did last year,” Kris said.

We agreed and sat with relatively little light. We gave up hope about midnight and separated. Corey and I went to our room with Corey removing his shirt. 

“Tonight will test whether we are true nude sleepers or not,” I stated.

“I know that’s right but I’m not sure if I can wear boxers now I’m so used to sleeping in the nude with nothing restraining me,” Corey stated while I slipped off my shirt. It was still not bad in our room so I dropped my jeans and underwear to test it out while Corey was doing the same.

After getting in bed, I snuggled close to his warm body with my eyes adjusting to the darkness. “Maybe we can make it,” I stated.

“We will make it just fine. Matter of fact, I’d enjoy getting heated up with you.”

“Let’s try,” I said.

We started kissing with the thought of no heat escaping my brain while doing so. He was heating me up with his finger probing my ass while we enjoyed some great kissing and petting. After swapping blow jobs, I spread my legs and had my ass high in the air on a pillow. His warm tongue and breath excited me while he rimmed my clean ass, which was due to some earlier planning just in case. He was sending waves of delight throughout my body and now knew the art of rimming. Hell, we should since we did it quite often to excite each other before fucking. He greased up his thick cock and my ass. I felt the pressure and opened up to allow my boyfriend access. The look in his eyes was pure love and lust. 

It was great to have the connection Corey and I had after a year and half of being together. His thick cock always felt so good inside of me. We usually just made love to each other with tonight being no exception. Sure we’ve got rough at times and enjoyed that but there was something special each time we made love. It wasn’t just fucking but feeling deep in me his love for me. He always made sure I was comfortable and listened to my desires. I hope he could feel my love for him when I topped him. My eyes always feasted on his incredible body while he drove his cock deep in me. My ears loved hearing the sound of our moans of joy and skin slapping together. His scent drove me insane at times even when he did sweat a little while inside of me. The feeling of being made love to was so incredible and always brought me great pleasure. 

He shot his hot creamy load on my nuts and ass before sticking his thick dick back inside and giving my ass the final few shots. I busted my load while his cock was inside of me just after his ejaculation. I pulled him down to me with my head spinning. Our lips touched with him pulling my head up. 

“I fucking love you so much it hurts,” I stated.

“Matt, I love you so much too.”

He pulled out of me and moved next to me. We lie on our air mattress looking at each other with cum drying on my skin.  I didn’t care that it was at all.

“I hope the power comes back on soon,” I said.

“Me too, but what can we do? It happens from time to time. I was thinking, you know, how great sex is between us, but we need some variety in it to keep it fresh.”

“I thought last semester was enough variety for both of us,” I commented.

“No, I’m talking about a little adventure like the time you pulled over in that new development and gave me head… shit like that instead of just here.”

I smiled, “We could, but there are risks involved.”

“I’m not talking about doing it in the main aisle at Walmart…”

“I know that…”

“Say taking little walks and finding that secluded place where we can just maybe suck each other,” Corey said.

“I guess so, if that’s what you want. It could be exciting and different.”

“I know…” Corey said and kissed me. “Hey, Joni was in before we closed today and told me they had sold out of the calendars.”

“That was fast. Has anyone noticed it was you?”

He chuckled, “I get a few looks here and there, but yeah, they have…ummm… I did get propositioned?”

“Was that person cute?”

He laughed again, “Not for sex but… ummm… I had someone ask if we’d be willing to… bare it all for a photography class project for this guy.”

“Hmmm… interesting,” I said.

“I know Kris would do it in a heartbeat. I was really thinking of me, Kris, Colt and… you.”

“I’d really have to think about that, Corey. I know I look pretty good now but I don’t know if I want a total stranger taking pictures of me in the nude.”

“To me, you are fucking perfect. He said that they would be done with taste and more artsy than anything, which makes sense since it’s for a class project,” he said propped on his elbow.

“As with my ordeal with housing, let’s see if we can keep it between us for now. I guess though Kris could do it alone if we didn’t wanna?”

“He really wants friends doing it instead of just one, but he understands, I think, what he’s asking for. I think he has other motives too, like there’s little doubt he’s gay.”

“Why do you say that?”

“He’s not the most masculine guy in the world, but he does work out quite a bit. You know the more I’m out and about the more gay people I run in to…”

“That’s not a bad thing, though, and will make it that much easier for those who follow us here like Reese,” I commented.

“True, and here I was petrified last year about coming here.”

“Actually, I was too and just knew we’d encounter a ton of homophobes,” I said.

“We are damn lucky.”

“Yes we are,” I said. We kissed a little bit before I turned to snuggle close to his body. Tonight it was to keep each other warm, though so far it wasn’t so bad.

Waking on Sunday morning, there was a slight chill in the room, but it wasn’t that bad considering now we had been without power since the night before. Quickly checking my phone, I saw it was just after 10. After finding some sweatpants, I exited the room quietly to find Andrea asleep in Colt’s arms and exposing a boob. I did check and saw Kris was up and milling about. He waved me into his room where he was his usual self.

“Not too bad, huh?” Kris stated.

“Not really,” I replied.

“If the power doesn’t come on here shortly, I may go crazy.”

“Honestly, we don’t watch much TV. Any other time we manage.”

“It’s the fact you know it doesn’t work,” Kris stated. “I know you were nice and warm last night.”

“Body heat is a marvelous thing. I do wish it was snow out there so we could play in it some.”

“We’d have some epic snowball fights for sure. You know I’m actually a little hungry right now, but all we have is those bars and drinks.”

“I know. I was thinking the same thing,” I stated.

We talked a little while longer before Colt busted in the room. “Dude, you now see one of the benefits of having a girlfriend,” he said.

“I do, but there’s the downside as well. I’m making it just fine right now,” Kris stated. “Did Andrea leave?”

“She went to get some warmer clothes. You know how cold girls can be. Her damn feet were like icicles this morning,” Colt said sitting next to Kris. “You know it really isn’t that bad in here. I knew my dick would be about an inch long this morning with the cold.”

“I know,” I said.

“Matt would be less one boyfriend if his dick shriveled up to an inch,” Kris joked.

“Maybe,” I laughed.

“Don’t kid yourself, Matt. Corey is maybe yours for life, which ain’t a bad thang,” Colt stated.

“I can only hope,” I said.

“All I know is I don’t wanna be around you if it ever does end. I can hear the crying now,” Kris said. “I’m like Colt and don’t see that happening.”

The door opened with Corey entering in his shorts. “There y’all are. I was wondering where you were.”

“Where else could we be? We’re stuck inside for who knows how long,” Colt stated.

“Scott text me and said maybe by tonight the power would be on, but it was nothing but an ice rink out there with no hope of it melting today…” Corey said.

“Just our luck, it’ll melt just enough tomorrow so our ass will have class,” Kris said.


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