Posted:   Jan 23, 2012

I reached as we were drawing to see who was going to play cards with Ted, Luke and a few more jocks. Opening the paper, I saw ‘6’, thus I knew I was out. 

“2,” Corey said.

“3,” Scott stated.

“Hell yeah, 1, baby,” Bryson said and was excited.

With that the others didn’t need to draw. Scott reached over and handed his number to Alex. “Here, you’ll enjoy it more than I would.”

“Dude, thanks. Are you sure?” Alex said gratefully. Scott nodded.

“Well, I’m not going either since Matt’s not,” Corey stated.

“No, I’ll be fine,” I said. “You’ll have a great time.”

“Here Shawn,” Corey stuck out the paper.

“No, Matt said he’d be fine. You go,” Shawn said.

“So we have Corey, Alex and Bryson,” Kris stated.

“Damn, the dude is sharp,” Joe laughed.

“Yeah, really smart,” Antonio said.

It was settled with the five that were going to the card game. They dispersed until it was time to eat. Kris grabbed his laptop after they were gone and sat down on the couch. He stated he was getting a head start this semester. Corey took the hint and went to our room to study as well. 

Colt came in the door a little later than expected and was shocked to hear we drew numbers to see who was going. We informed him that the weather looked bleak for the weekend but we still had plans since it rarely materialized as the forecasters predicted.

“Wanna know why I’m late?” Colt asked.

“You were in a circle jerk?” Kris joked.

Colt raised his middle finger, “Fuck you, asshole.” He turned to me and Corey. “I got a new position. I’m assistant to the weight trainer. He noticed how at ease I was around the weights, and my guns, of course.”

“Bros, you see once again the benefits of weight training,” Kris said.

“I wasn’t talking to you,” Colt laughed.

“You’re damn lucky I didn’t get that job too. Your puny ass arms aren’t shit upside these fuckers,” Kris laughed and flexed to show off his arms.

“Before we get pissed, we should have to carry licenses for our guns,” I joked.

“I know you’re talking about us and not you,” Colt said. “Show us then…”

I rolled up my sleeve and popped a nice pose. I wasn’t too bad but nothing compared to them, with their really cut triceps as well.

“Not bad considering his arms were toothpicks in high school.  You keep working though,” Kris joked.

“They do possess great power and some asshole frat boy knows it best,” Corey joked.

“We need to see Matt in action again one day,” Colt said. “That was a vicious right hook you nailed that asshole with.”

I smiled before we gathered everyone up to grab something to eat. Once back, the three dressed to head out. Ted, Luke and Myles were at our door right on time. Ted asked how come I wasn’t going, so I told him. He did his best to encourage me but I knew they had enough as it was. The funny thing was eight of them were going to do their best to cram into a car. I did cram Ted’s camera in Corey’s pocket with instructions for lots of pictures.

As soon as they were gone, I ventured down the hall and remembered seeing a large room. It was next to our kitchen and laundry room. I passed to see Parker doing his laundry. He said things were going great between him and Yancey, so much so they had taken a little vacation after Christmas together to going skiing not 5 hours from Parker’s home. We talked for a while before I checked out the room. The door was closed and the lights were off. It looked plenty big so I continued to find Rick’s room to ask permission to us it. He was there with his girl who I had caught him in the shower with.  

“Rick, is there any way we could use the big room tomorrow night to throw Corey a birthday party?”

“The room no one uses or barely knows about?” he chuckled. “Sure, you can, but I beg you not to have alcohol out in the open. Say someone reported it then I’d be in big trouble. You get my drift about not being in the open…”

“Like have punch,” I replied with a smile.

“Exactly. I can always use the excuse I didn’t know it was spiked. I will warn you though that it will be my duty to check in on y’all.”

“Of course. I will tell ya that it’s an underwear party.”

Rick and his girl laughed. He said, “Well it is more than you normally wear but you’re not alone in that regard. There’s an epidemic around here. A few of you seem allergic to clothes.  What’s worse is they think it’s okay to roam the halls naked, but you know no one hardly sees them.”

“Wow, I thought Kris was the only nudist on the hall?”

“Go to the other end and you’ll see he’s not alone, but it usually happens when they get wasted and carry the party outside the room,” Rick stated.

I smiled, “Hey, I’ll expect to see you whether it’s your duty or not. We’re gonna start about 8.” I waved goodbye and stopped at Scott’s room to see what was going on there.  

“Dude, Shawn, Garrett and I were just about to come down to your room,” Scott said.

“Okay, but I can stay here,” I said.

“Your room is cleaner, and it doesn’t smell like shit either,” Shawn said.

I didn’t want to say anything, but yes, their room didn’t have the most pleasing smell to it. They followed me to my room. Occasionally I would buy those little cones and sit them around to rid our space of our foul sweaty odor, plus cleaning the bathroom never hurt either.  

We kicked in my room and turned on the TV. Scott was texting away for the first few minutes. We weren’t alone for very long before Brennan came down, with Joe and Antonio trailing behind them. They made themselves at home but I expected that. Bishop was next, bringing refreshments, thanks to one of Scott’s text messages. Then the other appeared at the door, Hayden. I couldn’t help but notice the lip ring he had now, but it didn’t look half bad and no worse than my eyebrow ring which I rarely even thought about now. 

We sat around with no one really watching TV, instead having a few cold ones since Scott was buying. We discussed the party which I informed them had been moved to the larger room. Most were like me and didn’t know it was there or its purpose. We glared at Bishop who got the message to supply the hard liquor for the punch.

All the time we were talking, I couldn’t help but notice Antonio staring at Shawn’s tattoo. Shawn was baring it all to see in his sleeveless shirt. Antonio finally spoke up, “Man, I don’t wanna be rude, but what’s the meaning behind the dog tags?”

“It’s for my dad,” Shawn stated.

“That’s so sweet. I’ve got a brother serving right now. He’s in Germany waiting to hear where he’s going next,” Antonio stated in his strong accent.

“That’s pretty awesome,” Shawn stated.

“Can you picture any of us in the military?” Brennan asked.

“Fuck no!” Scott replied.

“Hey, it’s done my brother the world of good. It’s something I’d never do but I’m glad there are some willing to serve…” Antonio said.

“I thought you were one of those rich dudes,” Scott said with a beer in one hand and holding Hayden’s hand with the other.

“Maybe,” Antonio said.

“He is a rich bitch,” Joe stated.

“Yeah, but my ass is here right,” Antonio said.

“How in the hell did you end up here of all places in the country?” Bishop asked. It was the same thought I had.

Antonio shrugged his shoulders, “They offered me a scholarship, so I accepted. It was my way of getting out and being my own person. My rents didn’t give a shit about me, my sister or my brother and were more interested in other things, just not us most of the time. It came back to bite them in the ass though when my brother went fucking crazy as hell.”

“I know what you mean there. My sister is fucking so deep in drugs it ain’t even funny,” Shawn said.

“Dude, the shit my brother did in high school made me look like a goddamn angel,” Antonio said. “It was nothing for me to find him passed out in the hall. I’d have to drag his big ass to his room. Now you see why the military did some good…”

“He fucks up they shoot his ass right on the spot,” Joe said with his great sense of humor.

“Last time I saw him he was a new person though,” Antonio said.

“That’s cool,” I said. “It’s good he’s able to make something out of himself.”

We continued to talk and did get in a game on the PlayStation before most had gone. I sat and talked with Scott, Hayden and Shawn before they called it a night about midnight. Together we wondered when they’d be home.

My answer came about one when three pretty wasted guys came through the door. 

“Damn, you’re still up?” Kris asked with what looked like Corey holding both him and Colt upright.

“Yeah, actually Scott and them left not too long ago,” I replied. “By the look and smell of you three I take it you had a good time?”

“Oh fuck yeah! The best!” Colt yelled.

“I’m dragging his ass to bed before he passes out or worse,” Corey said. “You think he’s bad you should see Alex and Bryson. You talk about hammered.”

“I feel sorry for Myles,” I stated.

“Fuck, I need to piss really bad,” Kris yelled.

“Alright, come on. I’ll help you while Corey gets Colt in bed,” I said. I took Kris and felt his bodyweight. He smelled like cigarettes and beer. It took all I had to drag him to the bathroom. I barely got his pants unzipped before he started pissing. He was using me to steady himself. I think he may have hit the toilet one time with most of the piss on his jeans and a few drops on me as well. “Let’s go, Kris.”

“Man, I love you,” Kris slurred and kissed me on the lips. Corey was back in the nick of time to help me get Kris in bed. We stripped off his jean but I knew he wasn’t wearing underwear, he rarely did these days. We got him into bed with Colt already asleep in his bed. 

“Well, happy birthday,” I said and kissed Corey. I didn’t mind the taste of beer.

“Yeah, what a way to start, huh?”

“You aren’t too drunk,” I noticed.

“Ted and I stopped when I saw it was going to be hell with the others.”

We walked over and fell onto our bed. 

“Tell me you had a blast,” I said.

“Man, it was the best. They were again the greatest guys ever. Yeah I got a few little jokes slung my way, but other than that I was one of the guys…”

“Did ya win?”

He chuckled, “Not hardly… Alex was the luckiest dog alive tonight. He won it all.”

“Babe, I’d love to give you a present,” I said in a sexy tone.

“I’d love to get one but can it wait ‘til tomorrow night?”

“Of course it can and will be that much bigger.”

“Hot damn then.” 

“Oh, did you get any pictures?” I asked.

“I may have filled up the memory card. I’m not responsible for some of them and I have specific instructions they are not to be posted on Facebook or anywhere on the internet.”

“I can’t wait to see them then,” I said. “Again, Happy 20th Birthday! I love you so much!”

“Dude, I love you just as much!”

We ended our night with an extended makeout session with lots of hands and lips. How it didn’t lead to the greatest sex in the world between two lovers I’ll never know. Maybe it was because as soon as I stopped kissing him he was nearly asleep.

Intentionally I woke up before Corey did on this Friday. His morning wood was strong and there for my taking just like he had done for me on my birthday. I moved around and bent over to start licking his thick cock. My lips parted with his hard cock sliding in between them as it had done so many times. Still I loved it. My mouth and tongue began doing its job with great pleasure and excitement. His blue eyes opened and he smiled in acknowledgment. I stopped briefly to kiss him and continued to give him a Happy Birthday morning blow job. I went slow to allow him to enjoy it to the utmost. He did do that with light moans coming out of his mouth. Soon he was leaking and giving my tongue the taste of his droplets. My mouth went in to overdrive with my hands caressing his lower abs and thighs. He groaned and emitted his cum down my throat. I clamped on tight and didn’t want to miss a drop. Nothing felt better than to feel his cock pulsating in my mouth while filling it with his cum. He pulled me off to taste the last remnants of his morning load. 

It was a struggle for us to hit the shower and get ready that morning. He was in decent shape but said he had a slight ringing in his head. I could only imagine how Kris and Colt would feel.

We left the room and caught Scott and Garrett as they were walking to the class I shared with them.

“How was Bryson?” Corey asked.

“Oh my God, he was torn up last night. He puked just as soon as Ted dropped him off,” Scott replied. “It must have been some kind of fun.”

“It was,” Corey said. “Bryson and Alex were a trip though, but were so drunk by the end. Todd put on some music and to hear those two sing was something else.”

“Yeah, Bryson can’t sing at all,” Garrett chuckled.

“You’re not telling me anything I don’t know. It wouldn’t have been so bad if Mitch, Todd’s roommate, hadn’t wanted to do shots. Naturally, they were all for it. It was a good thing Myles and Ted went or else they’d all still be there,” Corey stated.

“The best part is he has pictures,” I said.

“I bet those are some dandies,” Scott said. “Tonight ought to be killer.”

“Oh yeah, we’re moving down to the big room,” I said.

“What big room?” Corey asked.

“The one next to the kitchen that no one knows exists,” I replied.

“Yeah I thought it was a dorm room until Matt said something about it last night,” Scott said.

“Garrett, I expect you to be there,” I said.

“Okay,” he said and nodded.

Once my day was complete, I was about to head back until I saw Kris and Colt coming around a building. They looked okay and better than I expected. 

“You were the last two I expected to see,” I said.

“Tell us about it,” Colt said. “We fucking tore it up last night!”

“Hell yeah we did!” Kris said. “How drunk were we?”

“Let me say that I had to help you take a piss and Corey dragged Colt to bed,” I replied.

“Dammmnnnn!” Colt said. “It was worth it though. I bet Bryson and Alex haven’t even woke up yet, or Luke for that matter. You talk about putting some booze away. That Luke put some away…”

“Yeah Todd and Mitch did too…” Kris said as we walked back. “Colt, you know what sucks ass? We both have to work soon.”

“I know, but fuck it. I’ll make it,” Colt stated. “Matt, Alex took all our money. How? I’ll never know.”

“Luckiest shit alive,” Kris said. “Hey Jessie!”

“Hey Kris!” the guy waved back.

No longer was I amazed at his recognition of people. “Bro, he had a two and ace in the hole with Todd having a Queen and a King. To end it, Alex said he was all in so Todd said he was too. Get this shit, first came a Queen…”

“Yeah with a little two along with a six,” Colt said. “Then came a King so Todd was feeling really good.”

“I don’t have to even guess what was next,” I said with us walking.

“Smartass, which one was it, an Ace or a two?” Kris asked.

“Hmmm… I forgot an Ace would win as well,” I said. “My guess is an Ace then.”

“Damn, you’re smart. It was an Ace,” Colt said. “The funny part was Alex didn’t think he’d won until Todd started screaming how only two cards could have beat him.”

“It did sound like a fun night,” I stated.

“Bro, let me tell ya. Ted is one strong dude. He put my ass down in a heartbeat arm wrestling,” Kris said. “You’d have been proud though. Corey hung right in there with him. Ted even complimented Corey of his strength.”

We entered the dorm and headed to our room. Kris and Colt appeared to be really well but did grab a few aspirin on their way out the door for work. My intentions were to head out and grab a cake and supplies until Scott text me about our ritual of swimming. I wanted to say no but knew there was time after we finished. 

We headed over with the others going along with us to hit the weights. The warm water did feel nice while I leisurely swam. Scott didn’t go all out either since Yancey was absent. We stayed in the water and enjoyed talking. As we were, I noticed a really cute guy that was signing to another guy who was watching.

“Man, I’d hate that,” I commented.

“Hate what?”

“Oh, turn around. There’s a deaf guy over there swimming,” I said.

Scott jumped out of the pool and walked right over. It was something I expected Kris would attempt. Scott began signing to the guy. He waved me over.

“I had no idea you know sign language,” I stated to Scott.

“I’m a little rusty,” he said and signed it as well. “Oh by the way, his name is Jordy. I think.” Scott signed it and the guy nodded yes.

“Tell him I said hi as well,” I said.

“He said hello and nice to meet you,” Scott said. Scott continued to converse with the guy. It was easy to see the guy smiling and appreciating the effort Scott was putting forth. Scott turned, “Oh he wants you to know he’s a good lip reader.”

I chuckled even though I hadn’t said much and watched in amazement. We did a few more laps with Scott encouraging the guy to swim with us while his interpreter watched and helped where Scott struggled.

When we finished Jordy followed us to the locker room with Scott talking to him. Jordy waved off his companion. Scott told me Jordy told him to wait. The three of us undressed. I now was beginning to wonder if all swimmers weren’t hung with Jordy sporting a nice, long uncut cock with very nice balls. His bubble ass was to die for as well. I wasn’t sure but I believe he was scanning us over as well. We showered with Scott signing a few things. 

We dressed with Scott’s taking Jordy’s number. He patted us both on the back and waved with his wet, dark hair hanging down to his eyes.

Once Jordy was gone, Scott commented, “Damn, he’s hot, and hung too.”

“I noticed.”

“Dude, I won’t lie but I was hoping he’d shower with us so I could see his cock,” Scott laughed. “Tell me you weren’t hoping the same?”

I smiled, “I sort of was… I noticed his bulge in his Speedo.”

“I was like ‘there’s a rock in that damn thing’,” Scott laughed as we took a seat to wait on the others who had come with us.

“Scott, how did you learn to sign?”

“Well… I had a neighbor growing up that was about my age who was deaf naturally. He was about the only kid my age at the time living near us so I took an interest thanks to a lot of help from his parents…”

“Oh, I see now.”

“He did have to go to different school, however, and moved away when I was in the eighth grade. But I did stay in contact with him, and even took a summer course or two to improve. It has been maybe three years since I’ve got to use it,” Scott said with the others finally appearing.

I told them about Scott. They too were amazed and didn’t know Scott’s skills. They told as well about seeing Kris and how he was running everywhere. Leaving, I finally spotted Corey. The group wished him a ‘Happy Birthday’ before we left.

Walking back, I was next to Scott.  "So how's Jess and Juan been doing lately?"

Scott smiled at me, "Juan is doing great.  That dude is so pumped about his baby and still thanks me every time for us coming to his wedding.  Jess is doing a lot better now."

I left as soon as I was back in search of a cake and other supplies for the night’s party. While out, I did find some nice underwear for Corey that would look utterly hot on him, even though he looked hot in just plain boxers. We were both adjusting to wearing skimpier underwear and enjoyed how they made us look and feel. 

Colt was first back with his face beet red. As soon as he spotted two balloons I had bought for the party, he began to back up. “Whatever you do, get those damn things out of here,” he stated, sounding panicked.


“I hate those things. Please get them out of my sight right now!”

“Okay… okay… I will,” I said and moved the balloons to my room.

“Thanks, but as a kid I had these horrible nightmares about balloons and clowns. I’ve had the worst phobia about them ever since. Promise me you won’t mention a word of it to Kris. I know he’ll have them in my face all night.”

“I understand. I’m like that with mice and snakes…”

“That I can handle. I know I’m weird as hell about balloons, but it’s just me.”

“Now that you said something and I think one time Chase mentioned it. If I remember correctly Kris said his was spiders…”

“If he does fuck with me, there’ll be all kinds of spiders in his bed one night when he least expects it,” Colt stated and stripped off his sweaty shirt.

“So how’s work going for you?”

“Between us, I love it to death. Today all I did was help them lift. In the process, I did a ton of lifting. The guys are gettin’ a little better now that they know me. There are still a few that are total assholes. Even Ted and Luke say they are.”

Colt was great and helped me get all the stuff to the room. I didn’t have much to do other than move a few chairs against the wall. I did see Rick and showed him what I had done. He said it looked fine but reminded me to clean up afterwards. Colt and I laughed at him until Rick saw who he was talking to.

As the time neared, Colt and I were in the big room about fifteen minutes early. We smiled and got down to our undies. Colt was wearing a pair of his usual boxers and even though I had seen him in them a hundred times I still took a moment to admire his hot body. I almost blushed seeing him watching me too as I stripped down to reveal some of my new low rise briefs from Christmas. They were a little revealing but I liked them, although I wondered what the others would think.  

First Scott and Hayden arrived. Scott was wearing the smallest pair of underwear I had ever seen, his body looked so cut and hot, with Hayden sporting some colored boxer briefs. I had seen Hayden naked on rare occasions, notably when he and Scott fucked in the same room as me and Corey, but seeing him now in his boxer briefs made me realize just how hot he was, not quite as toned as some of us but naturally slim with just a little muscle. Scott had brought along his iPhone player so we could have a few tunes in the background.   

“Excuse me for saying this, but this could be really gay,” Colt stated.

“Not if the girls wear their bras and thongs,” Scott commented.

Colt smiled, “Man, I hope so.”

The door opened with two guys I didn’t know. One dark haired one said, “Hey, we heard there was a party here.”

“You’re in the right spot,” Colt stated and waved them over.

“Ummm… what’s with the undies though?” a red headed guy said.

“It’s our theme,” Scott replied.

“Oh, if that’s the case, my ass better run back to the room,” the dark haired one said.

“Dude never wears any underwear,” the red head said. “If that’s the rule then…” He shed his shirt and jeans. He had an average body with a slight gut and some hair on his chest. “Here Cody take my shit with ya.”

“Fine,” the dark haired one said with his hand extended while holding Cody’s clothes. “Dudes, there will be alcohol right?”

“There’s not supposed to be,” Colt winked. “It’s comin’ but Rick said we had to be discrete about it.”

“Gotcha. Be back in a flash,” Cody said.

“So who’s birthday is it? Oh, by the way, my name is Ethan,” he said.

“It’s his boyfriend’s birthday,” Colt said and pointed at me.

“So this is a gay party?” Ethan stated.

“No dude, it isn’t. If you don’t like it…”

“I’m cool with it, dude,” Ethan said.

With Cody gone, Bishop, Shawn, Alex and Elise entered the room. “Elise knows what kind of party this is right?” Colt asked

“I’m here aren’t I?” she replied. “It’ll be hot to see all the guys in their undies… Scott, those are hot!”

“Please! Those are so…” Alex stopped. 

“Hey, someone needed to liven up the party a little,” Scott said and could pull it off if anyone could. “So are y’all staying or going?”

“We’re staying,” Bishop stated and produced the liquor.

“That’s what I’m talking about right there,” Ethan stated. We said we’d introduce everyone once Cody was back. “So I finally get to meet the crazy ass dudes at the other end of the hall here? Y’all are fucking legends and that naked run was epic.”

“Wait ‘til you meet Kris,” Colt said. Now the other four were down to their undies, Alex and Shawn working out with us was really paying off for them and their muscles were starting to develop, with Elise looking very nice as well. Toni and Bryson were next to show up already down to their underwear, with Holly and Jill following behind. So far, no one objected to the theme. Ted, Luke and Myles came down in their boxers to be a part of the party. I knew Luke was cut and took a moment to admire his muscles, with just a tiny bit of bulk added. Ted on the other hand was built like a truck, there wasn’t much muscle definition as such but damn the guy was huge and it definitely wasn’t fat. I marvelled at Myles’s very nice and cut body. I had noticed his arms earlier but without a shirt he was stunning, he might even give Kris and Corey a run for their money. The three jocks were just one of us and blended right in. 

Little by little the room began to fill. There were others I didn’t know but soon met. Two found out what the party was about and left. It was no sweat off our backs if they couldn’t handle it. They didn’t make a big deal of it and left telling us to have fun.

I began to wonder where the birthday boy and Kris were until they came in the room about 8:20 or so. Kris’s face lit up seeing all the people, whereas Corey seemed a little embarrassed. 

If nothing else, it was a nice get together to meet others we never saw that lived on the hall. I did my best to count and came up with around 40 people in the room, but there were probably more. The nicest part was it wasn’t too crowded, but it was loud. Rick made his appearance with his girlfriend. We got on him until he was down to his boxers, but his girlfriend just lost her pants and kept her top on. We had a few guys that stayed in their shirts like Dave. It was quite interesting to see the variety of races and body types along with lots of tattoos.

Rick found me and Corey talking with Parker and Yancey, who were such a hot couple. Corey and I agreed that if we weren’t together we would probably try going after one or the other, in fact, since we’d opened our relationship up, maybe a little four-way playtime wasn’t out of the question. “Nice party, Matt. I’m glad you did it.”

“Why’s that?” Corey asked.

“I think everyone is having a great time. This should have been done sooner so you can get to know everyone that lives on this hall,” Rick said. “I think a few wondered in from the other halls though.”

“So we’re cool?” I asked.

“Of course you are,” Rick replied.

“When do we need to be out of here?” Corey asked.

“I’d say have things wind down by midnight. There is a quiet time here on weekends of midnight,” Rick replied with his girlfriend walking up to him. 

“We will try, but no one will hear us if we’re not…” I said.

“I know. That is the one nice thing about this place. It’s so well insulted against sound it’s unreal,” Rick stated.

“Thank goodness for that,” Parker said in his bikini underwear and laughed. “No one wants to hear our bed hitting up against the wall.”

“Good point, but I think they did it so people could study,” Rick smiled.

I really enjoyed the night and loved getting to see all of the bodies, especially those of the guys who took care of themselves, either by working out or by being athletes. I had to keep my dick in check though as I felt it plumping up a few times during the night, watching muscles flex and tense, seeing hot bubble butts straining against tight underwear and then of course there were the bulges. I had known Ted said Luke was hung, but damn, the bulge in his boxers was obscene.

About 9:30 or so, we gathered around for Corey to blow out the candles and cut the cake. The punch was flowing and it was a good thing I bought plenty. I really thought I had bought too much but soon saw it wasn’t going to last the night. We also had sodas and ice, even if they all ended up with alcohol in them with Bishop’s large bottles being poured in every time I looked. There was a slight design flaw in the room since there were no bathrooms.

Rick stayed around with us to watch over us. He didn’t say a word when a few decided to bring in beer and add it to the mix.

Scott turned up the music, “Let’s dance, motherfuckers! I know half of you are about shit faced now so let’s do this shit!”

It started with Scott and Hayden out in the center and started crazy dancing with Scott pulling his underwear up his crack and shaking his ass like crazy. Kris laughed and joined them with Jill. Colt found Andrea and got her out there as well. I wasn’t going to stand and watch so I grabbed Corey by the hand. Soon, we had most of the people dancing to a great mix of songs Scott had. 

We did stop and took a break to catch our breath and grab a drink. 

"Bro, switch with me," Kris said to Scott and pointing at his small briefs.

"Okay," Scott said.  Both turned around and exposing their hot naked ass to us.

"Damn!" Colt yelled with his arm around Andrea.

"I look fucking good, huh?" Kris said poured into Scott's underwear.

"If you say so," Shawn said.

Kris posed and flexed for us with us dieing laughing.  "Perfect posing thong if I ever decide to try for a body building contest."

Parker, who standing next to me, leaned over.  "Holy shit what I'd do to him."

"He'd fuck you up," Yancey said in his mesh trunk underwear that only hid his nice big cock but let his nice ass shine through.

"I could only hope," Parker laughed.

After fifteen minutes or so, Scott cranked the music back up with Kris staying in the little underwear.  We danced until about 11:30 with sweat adding to some great bodies. We began winding down the party at Rick’s request.  

At midnight we stopped, but most weren’t ready to end the night.  

I was about to start cleaning up when Kris came back through the door in a rush. “Bro, don’t start cleaning up just yet. Rick said if we kept the noise down we could hang out there. Besides there’s no fucking way we can get these folks in our room.”


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