Posted:  Jan 21, 2012

Wednesday, our first day of the spring semester for already my sophomore year, I was sitting in class after bidding Corey farewell. I scanned the faces with a few being vaguely familiar to me but sometimes they do start to run together. My wish was I could associate names with faces as well as Kris. Finally, I spotted Scott entering the door in his hoodie and jeans with Garrett trailing behind him. They sat down next to me.

“How’s it going?” I asked both.

“Good! How are you?” Garrett replied.

“Doing good here too. Hey, we’re throwing Corey a birthday party Friday,” I stated with more coming in the class.

“So?” Scott replied.

My head jerked around with his comment, “So? I know you’ll be there.”

“Don’t count on it,” Scott said.

“Why not?”

“Hayden and I have plans,” Scott said with the instructor arriving at the front of the large classroom. 

I sat and listened to him go over things while he did most of it from his computer. He adjourned class about ten minutes early. Scott shoved his laptop in his backpack quickly.

“Hold on,” I said.

Scott stopped. “Why?”

His short blunt questions were getting on my nerves. “Is there a problem?” I asked as the three of us walked out.

“I’m surprised you’re even talking to me,” Scott stated.

What the fuck?” I asked loudly and did catch a little undue attention.

“Don’t give me that! We’re not good enough for you and Kris anymore. Don’t count on any of us showing up at your lame ass party,” Scott said and walked away. 

I stood there in utter amazement. I exited the building into the cold January weather. Overnight the weather had turned from nice and mild to cold and bone-chilling. I spotted Corey, who was waiting on me where we said we’d met. 

“Matt, you don’t look so happy,” Corey noticed.

“Actually, I’m perplexed. Scott was in my last class. I told him about your party and he said don’t expect any of them to come…”

“What’s up with that?”

“I think they are jealous that we’ve been hanging around Ted and Luke. That’s all I can figure out,” I replied.

“They know they’re welcome as well. I don’t get those dudes. They’re acting like some high school kids. Sure, I knew I wasn’t welcome in the big clique at my high school but damn, a few nights…”

“Scott said they weren’t good enough for us anymore,” I said.

“Wait ‘til Kris hears about this.”

“Yeah, I can only imagine,” I said.

After my day of classes that went fairly well, I spotted Colt and Kris walking back. I raced to catch up with them.

“Wassup?” Colt asked.

“Get this. Scott was in my first class…” I said and went on to tell them what was said.

“What some fucking shit!” Kris screamed. “So that’s why we haven’t seen their sorry asses around? It pisses me the fuck off!”

“Me too,” Colt said.

“We can either make peace or tell them where to go,” I said.

“Fuck that,” Kris said. “We didn’t do a thing wrong.”

“Yeah, let’s wait for them to come begging on their hands and knees. I don’t get them at all!” Colt said.

We entered the dorm and went upstairs. Corey had a short day and was gone to work as he had planned.  

“Matt, don’t say a word until we’re off work,” Kris stated once inside the door. 

“Yeah, I should be back here at 6,” Colt said.

“I think I work until Corey gets off,” Kris said. “By then, I’ll have a plan.”

After rolling my eyes and watching the two leave for their new jobs, I debated on whether to take Kris’s advice and wait or head down there to avoid what could be a nasty fight. After a few minutes, I decided to wait and head over to work out. I texted Shawn to see if he was interested in going and he replied back he’d be down in a few minutes.

Shawn was at the door in his sweats and tee with a big coat thrown over the top. I was just in my sweats and my ragged work out shirt. Once we exited the dorm, Shawn was the smarter one of us. I sprinted to the Rec Center with Shawn in the cold weather.  

“Alright, what’s this about we’re too good for Scott and the rest?” I asked.

“I know. I’m caught in the middle and tried to rationalize with them. They are dead set that you and the others are too good now for them with Ted and Luke around,” he replied.

“Tonight we’re getting to the bottom of this or we may be out some friends. There’s no way,” I said entering the Rec Center, “that we’d do that intentionally.”

“Tell me about it,” Shawn stated while we showed our ID’s to enter with Corey and Kris nowhere to be seen. Passing by the weight room, I did glance inside to see Kris walking around. Once he saw me, we nodded at each other.  

Once we finished, we raced back to the dorm. I did see Corey for a moment but he was busy so I didn’t want to bother him. Shawn entered the room with me. We downed the mix of whey and protein after a really great workout. 

“Matt, don’t you just love how all the work we’ve put in is really showing?” Shawn said.

“I do. Before you met me, I was pretty thin.”

“I know what you mean there. Damn now I have a chest, shoulders and abs. It feels so good.”

“It does,” I smiled at him. “Hate to change the subject but I was wondering if you’ve heard from or even seen Terra?”

“I ran in to her yesterday matter of fact. It was friendly, but we’re done. She really needs to find someone that can live with her ways. Not that they are bad, but they aren’t for me at this time in my life. You know that college is for spreading your wings and exploring life,” he said.

“It is that. Honestly, I’ve drank more than ever imagined I would.”

Shawn laughed, “Not me. Seriously, I haven’t but a little bit of that was Terra’s doing. I was a hellion in school. Get this shit… One day, a few of my buddies and I thought it would be funny if we came to school just blasted. Well let me tell you my mom didn’t find it funny at all. It wasn’t enough my sister was causing her hell but I was right there with her.”

I laughed at his tale, “Surely not you Shawn.”

“Hell yeah, we all got so busted. They threatened to not let us graduate, but it soon passed. Our punishment was to do a full weekend of community service at this nursing home. Dude, I thought I was going to throw up in there. One of buddies, Brad, had the privilege of cleaning up someone’s shit.” 

“How’s your mom now?”

“She’s good and was thrilled I enjoyed myself here at college. Really I give her way more hell than she ever deserves but I can’t hold a candle to my sister. She came Christmas Eve to the house so strung out. She’s in it so deep now that it really worries me at times.”

“I hate to hear that. I know it stresses your mom out.”

“After Jenna left, Mom told me she had done all she could. No telling how much money Mom has spent to get her cleaned up but it ain’t done a lick of good. You get to the point where you’ve done all you can. If my dad was still here, things would be so different. He didn’t put up with shit!”

“A military dad, huh?”

“No, he was in the reserve when he got called away. It tore me up to have him leave. Then you get the call he’s not returning… Man, it was hard!” Shawn said and tapped the tattoo that was in memory of his Dad on his arm.

“I bet,” I said. “My dad wasn’t around in my teen years but I do see him now.  It was weird that he saw me here at a game one day.  I was shocked!”

We talked a little longer before Shawn left the room. I cleaned up our suite since I now felt more obligated than ever with the three having jobs. I did a little laundry to help them out and to pass the time. Just as I was leaving, Toni came down with a load of her own. As soon as she saw me, she gave me a nice hug. We talked about her holiday before I left. She and Bryson were still going strong as ever including spending New Year’s together at his house.

Just after seven, Kris and Corey came through the door. I was sitting and waiting for them in the living room. I did make my way to Corey for a welcome home kiss.

“Where’s mine?” Kris laughed and pointed to his cheek.

I smiled and Corey and I both kissed his cheek. “What’s the plan?” I asked.

“Well… I think we should get to the bottom of this,” Kris replied. “How fun of a year is it gonna be if we’re at odds with them? I know we didn’t do a thing wrong but we can prove we’re the better people here.”

Colt came in the door and didn’t look as tired. He asked what the plan was. “Give me a fucking break, dudes! We aren’t the ones who think this lame ass shit!”

“Colt, do you really want to go this year and be enemies with them?” Kris asked.

“We didn’t do shit wrong! Let them fucking see they were wrong. You can go but I’m staying here,” Colt said and sat down on the couch.

“No, we’re all doing this together,” Kris said.

“I hate to say it but Kris is right,” I said.

“I don’t care if he is right. I’m not apologizing for shit I didn’t do!” Colt stated.

“Be hard headed if you want,” Kris said. “Come on bros, we can let Colt be at odds with them.”

“Fuck it! Why do you always have to win, Kris?” Colt said and stood. “Let’s get this over and done with. It has been almost boring around here.”

“You’re telling me,” I said.

“Of all people, I figured you’d enjoy it,” Kris said.

“No, they are my friends too. Sure it has been nice for a change but I don’t like this,” I stated.

We exited our room and went next door. Scott answered the door in his shorts that were sagging low. “What the hell do y’all want?” he asked.

“We’re getting to the bottom of this right here and now. Where’s everyone else?” Kris asked since it was only Shawn in the room. 

“Maybe we don’t wanna get to the bottom of this, bitch! We see how y’all really are now,” Scott said.

“Dammit Scott, just listen!” I said and didn’t like his attitude.

“Fuck you, Matt! You should be happy we’re not interfering with you so you can fuck all of them!” Scott said.

Corey stepped up and grabbed Scott, “Listen to me, you fucking dipshit! We’re here to make peace and not have you berate my boyfriend! You’re one to talk around here. You’ve been with every one of us, motherfucker!”

“Get your goddamn hands off me!” Scott said in terror with Corey showing great force and pissed off.

“What has gotten into you, Scott?” I screamed with Shawn moving and in a daze.

“Dammit Scott, stop it right now! You’re been a fucking asshole all week! These guys are our friends! You’re fucking jealous as hell since they did something with Ted and Luke!” Shawn had had enough.

Scott ran to his room after Corey released him. Shawn did knock on Bryson’s door and asked him to come out. Then he went to grab Alex, Brennan and Bishop with Joe and Antonio trailing behind them. Garrett emerged from his room with his boyfriend, Eric. 

“Scott’s a wreck,” Garrett stated.

Kris and I knocked before we entered. Scott was sitting on his bed and staring into the distance. “Bro, we love you,” Kris stated. “So what’s the deal that you go all ballistic on us?”

Scott looked up with his big blue eyes, “I’m embarrassed as fuck now. I had it in my head that y’all would diss us for those jocks.”

“Bro, we’re like brothers here now after a year and half. Yeah, we did go out with them Sunday night…”

“We were supposed to hang out in your room that night, remember?” Scott asked.

“Okay, I fucked up, but it was nothing against y’all. It’s my fault but I forgot I even mentioned it to you. It wasn’t on purpose at all,” Kris said.

“Alright then,” Scott said. “It has sucked not being around y’all. We tried to make it but that spark wasn’t there. I was too stubborn to give in.” He walked over and threw his arms around me. “Dude, I’m really sorry for what I said. Here I’m one to talk.”

“It’s cool, Scott. So are we good now?” I asked.

“You bet we are,” Scott said.

“Now, can I count on you Friday night for Corey’s party?” I asked.

“Of course you can and it won’t be lame either. It’ll be fucking tight as hell. I know exactly the underwear I’m wearing too,” Scott said with Bryson at the door.

“Dude, is everything okay in here?” he asked.

“Yeah, we’ll be out in just a second,” Scott said. Bryson shut the door. “I owe you two for being such a fucking prick. What the hell was I thinking?”

“You don’t owe us a thing,” Kris said.

“Damn,” Scott laughed and snapped his fingers. “Here I was hoping to get some more of Kris here.”

Kris smiled, “Thanks but I’ll take a rain check. Catch me in a weak moment…”

“I will,” Scott said. We exited with Scott’s arm around both of us. I don’t think the two new guys knew what to think. We did hash out in just a few words before it was back to normal.

After grabbing something quick and healthy, we were back in the dorm. Scott was the first one back and again apologized to me and Corey for what he said. He laughed in saying he was like Kris and didn’t think before he spoke and saw Corey’s real strength.  

The night was great. Alex brought a game for our rarely used Playstation. It was some wrestling game, WWE Smackdown vs Raw. It was fun to sit and watch them play the game. Kris gave it a try and picked John Cena as his character. Alex, the pro, used Chris Jericho and schooled him like I used to do Scott in Street Fighter. If nothing else, the crew was back together and enjoyed being around each other. We all agreed it was rather stupid and childish, but it happened and was now over with.

As Corey and I were laying on our mattress, the kissing became intense.  Our hands were all over each other.  Still after a year, we enjoyed being with each other sexually.  Corey broke the kiss and grabbed the lube.  He squirted some on my hand and his.  He returned to the kissing while we jacked each other off.  My hand slid up and down his hard cock while he was doing the same.  We stopped kissing and were next to each other while continuing to jack each other's hard dripping cocks. 

Corey stopped and put his thick cock on my chin.  My eyes were closed.  He grunted loudly with the feeling of jizz hitting my cheek and hair.  He stopped and licked all the warm cum from my face.  When it was my turn to cum, Corey opened his mouth and extended his tongue.  My intense orgasm hit his tongue with some going down his throat.  Finished he cleaned my cock.  Now it was easy to fall asleep.

Thursday morning, I woke up with my eight inches hard as hell.  I entered the bathroom naked with a towel and showered to begin my day.  I knew I needed to check on Kris and make sure he was awake. I opened their door with the towel around my waist to see Kris sound asleep and showing his great naked body with very little covers. I nudged him to wake him.

“What the fuck?” he said loudly and startled from his sleep.

“Class, remember?” I said quietly.

“Yeah… yeah,” he said rubbing his eyes with Colt waking up as well. I left so Kris could get started and returned to dress. He must have done the quick shower thing and was ready in his sweatshirt and jeans with his wet hair tucked behind his ears. Just as we were about to leave, I saw Colt’s naked ass come out and slam the door as he went to the bathroom.

We exited the dorm to make our way to our classes. Kris’s class was in the general direction of mine so we could at least talk.

“It’s cold as fuck out here,” Kris stated.

“That’s why I’m wearing a coat,” I said. “Bro, it sucks that Noah and Kendall transferred.”

“What?” Kris looked at me.

“Yeah, Scott said he called them like Monday or Tuesday to see what was up. I think Noah is changing majors and went to a school better suited for it.”

“That does suck. See what happens when you split up and move off campus?”

I wanted to tell him about checking into moving off campus but now wasn’t the time, plus I wanted to make certain. “You know very well if we move there will be about ten others in the complex.”

“There better be. We’re doing it as one. Matt, I’ll say it right now. There’s no way you and I won’t be living together for the next two and half years. Shit would happen and I’d never graduate. I don’t care how much you are in love with Corey, I won’t let it happen, even if I have to sleep on a sofa,” Kris said with a guy passing us “Hey Benji, how’s it going?”

“Not bad,” the guy replied and continued walking past us.

“I don’t know how in the world you can remember everyone’s name,” I stated.

Kris pointed to his head, “I have that gift, bro.”

My first class was rather normal and to the point, except the professor kept us the entire time. Again, I knew some faces but that was about it. I headed to my next class and threw down my backpack. My eyes darted to the door each time it opened. Finally, a big guy came walking through the door. Ted’s face lit up when he spotted me. He walked over and sat right next to me.

“This is freaking awesome,” Ted stated in his deep husky voice.

“Yeah, now we can help each other in accounting,” I said.

“I doubt that. You’ll be helping me,” he laughed. 

“Oh by the way, we’re throwing Corey a birthday party Friday night if you wanna come.”

“Dude, I’ll be there for sure. Any time?”

“I figure about 8 after he and Kris gets off work. By the way, it’s an underwear party,” I said.

He pushed my shoulder and nearly had me out of my seat. He chuckled, “Sorry. Only you could come up with that, but it’s cool by me and should be something different. Say y’all aren’t running the halls naked like you did before Thanksgiving are you?”

“Only if Kris gets blasted out of his mind…”

“Great,” Ted laughed. “Then we are.”

“Tell Luke and Myles they are invited as well,” I whispered now that the professor was at the front and ready to start. Ted nodded his head in acknowledgement.

At the end of the class, Ted was finished with his day since he started early. We waited where Kris wanted me to. Kris came around the corner and was happy to see Ted despite being cold.

“Ted, we’re having a party…” Kris started to say while we walked back.

“He knows. I told him,” I said.

“I’ll be there,” Ted said. “Like I have shit else to do. Hey, Todd wants us to come tonight and play cards if y’all wanna do that?”

“I know I do,” Kris said with excitement.

“I guess so, but is it high stakes?” I asked.

“Dude, we’re some broke ass football players. The only ones that have money are those with rich parents, so does that answer your question?” Ted replied. “The limit is twenty bucks you can lose. After that, you’re out.”

“Sounds good to me,” Kris stated. “Oh by the way, would you care if some of the other guys went along? They got a little jealous the other night…”

“Nah, that just means more money I can take off you suckers,” Ted said. “Just don’t make it too many. So they really got jealous?”

“Bro, like a bunch of fifteen year old girls,” Kris replied.

“I can see that,” Ted said. “Every day someone is wantin’ a piece of me for this and that.”

“Bro, you’re fucking All American!” Kris said.

“It don’t mean shit if I don’t make it to the next level…”

“So is that your goal?” I asked.

“Matt, it is all I’ve ever dreamed of since I was ten years old, but then it was to score the winning touchdown in the Super Bowl. I know making All American counts for squat if I don’t improve my 40 time and pass coverage. You have to be really special to make it on a roster, much less get playing time in the NFL. Those dudes are freaks.”

“You got in the bag,” Kris said. “In three years, you’ll be looking up in the stands wondering who the hell are those idiots screaming your name. You’ll turn around and it’ll be our crazy asses.”

Ted laughed, “I can hope, but we’ll see. There’s still two more years. A lot can happen between now and then, which is why I working towards a degree. Even if I do make it, the average time spent in the pros is less than four years.”

We entered the dorm and said goodbye to Ted. After one or so, Colt and Corey came back to the room. 

“I know somebody that needs to be a little quieter in the morning,” Colt stated emphatically.

“Bro, I’m sorry. I’ll try to be a little quieter next time,” Kris said.

“Corey and I have already discussed it. It won’t happen again. On Monday and Wednesday night if it’s okay with Matt, I suggest you and him sleep together, while Corey and I sleep together just like last semester,” Colt said. “It sucked balls being waked up.”

“Matt, it was Colt’s idea,” Corey said to me.

“Sounds okay to me,” I said.

“Hold on, one morning I’m just a little noisy and you want my ass out? For one, I think they enjoy sleeping together…” Kris said.

“I do, but I may have woken up Corey this morning too. If we wanna have sex, then we’ll do it beforehand. I can live two nights without him…”

“Yeah, my ass might need the break,” Corey joked.

“Bro, I bet it does,” Kris said. “So little buddy, I’ll hold you tight just like Corey does each Monday and Wednesday night…”

“After he fucks your ass,” Colt joked.

“Not hardly,” Kris said loudly.

Colt was off to work for a few hours but knew about the poker game. He wasn’t happy missing our work out but said he’d squeeze a little over at work. Kris called around and was happy to report everyone was on board. A herd of us walked in the cold to work out with even Antonio and Joe wanting to see what all the buzz was about. Entering, Kris acted as if he owned the place and more so seeing a few regulars he knew by name.

“Kris, who do you not know around here?” Joe asked.

“Probably the girls,” Antonio stated.

“I know a few of those,” Kris replied. “I can remember names like that.” He snapped his fingers.

“He can,” Corey said. “I can see them ten times and still not remember their names.”

We did a little workout but not too strenuous. We headed to the gym and decided to play some hoops. With just ten of us, it meant I had to play, but we decided on a half court game. While warming up, it was evident the two new guys could play. I realized what the meaning of this was after seeing Kris beaming. It was a test for the upcoming intramural season. Once the games started, I was of little use and got out of the way. Shawn and I guarded each other or should I say stood next to each other and watched. Joe and Antonio were very good, with Joe having some ‘ups’ as they called it. 

With the game finished, we headed to the locker room with all of us covered in sweat and smelling like it as well. Joe and Antonio were quite hesitant at undressing around us but did. Joe was about average with Antonio being uncut with lots of foreskin but nothing big along with a fairly hairy chest. We entered the large open shower and began washing. 

“Matt, tell me your mom got with a black guy,” Joe said.

“Nah,” I smiled.

“Then Joe tell us, your mom got with a white man,” Kris laughed. 

“Dude, I think she did. Here I’m the only black dude with a small dick. Matt or Brennan, we should swap,” Joe laughed.

We left the Rec Center going back into the cold. On the way back over, Kris told them about tonight and going over to Todd’s. We mutually agreed that all of us would be way too many.  

“Alright, let’s make it fair then…” Kris said.

“Dude, you and Colt are going for sure,” Scott said.

“Yeah, you were invited first,” Shawn stated. “I think five is plenty.”

“I agree,” Corey said while we entered. “Say exclude Kris and Colt then the rest of us draw numbers to see who is the lottery winner.”

“It damn sure hasn’t been me lately,” Bryson joked, climbing the stairs. “I’d do better bettin’ freaking hockey than hitting those damn scratch off games.”

“Hey, that reminds me as well,” I said at our door. “Corey and I are heading to the Indian Casinos this weekend. You’re all more than welcome to go but you have to get a different room.”

“Yeah,” Corey said as we all entered. “Matt and I don’t want people watching.”

“I know that shit’s right,” Joe said. “Two guys, please!”

“Hey, watch it now,” Brennan said. “Talking bad about gays is just wrong.”

“I wasn’t saying anything was wrong with it. I just don’t wanna see those two humping like dogs,” Joe said.

“So who’s with us?” Kris asked. “Bryson, we’re already counting you in.”

“Hell, I’ll go,” Shawn said. “I don’t have much money but it could be fun. Hang on… don’t you have to be 21?”

“No!” Bryson shouted. “That’s what’s so great about it.”

“Dudes, I hate to be a downer but they’re predicting either ice or snow, or both this weekend,” Scott said, using his phone. He showed us with the forecasted temperature being at or just below freezing.

“Bro, it will probably rain like it always does,” Kris said. “Now, how are we going to do this to see who goes tonight?”

“I guess draw numbers?” I stated.

“Count us out,” Antonio said in his accent and pointing at Joe. “It means nothing to us.”

I found some scrap paper and tore them up. I put the numbers 1 through 7 on them. We found one of Colt’s old hats and tossed the scraps in.  Numbers 1, 2 and 3 were the lucky winners. It was only fair that we do it this way.

I reached in…


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