"Spring Chapter 3"

Posted:  Jan 18, 2012

Monday I woke in Corey’s arms. Our lovemaking the night before was so perfect.  It was
slow and very loving with both of us so fulfilled. He leaned over and kissed my cheek
before attempting to get up for work. 

“You can do better than that,” I whispered.

He smiled and moved to kiss me. I pulled him down and wanted more than a sweet little
good morning kiss. We made out like crazy before he stopped.

“Since I’m fully awake now, I wanna join you in the shower,” I said.

He smiled and grabbed my hand. We gathered our towels before heading to the shower.
Once inside, we cleansed each other’s bodies. We were getting excited by the touching
with Corey really playing with my cock. I moved over and leaned over against the tiled
wall with water hitting my back. My ass was out and ready. He slid a wet finger inside
me and then he slid his thick cock along my ass to tease me and make me beg to be
fucked.  He went inside finally with a nice gentle push. 

OOO fuck it feels so good to have your thick dick in my ass… fuck me, Corey!”

“OOO babe, your ass feels so good wrapped around my dick,” he moaned. He lifted up my
leg and began fucking me harder. I was moaning with each push and felt his lips on my
back. He was kissing my neck while thrusting his thick cock in me. His arms engulfed
me with my head tilted back with running water hitting me in the chest. 

OOOO fuck yeah… fuck yeah, Corey! Fuck your boyfriend’s hot ass!” I screamed and
moaned while feeling the ultimate pleasure.  

He pulled out to the tip and rammed it inside me. “OOO Matt, take my dick!”

“Give it to me! Give it fucking to me!” I moaned and could feel him obeying me. I was
pushing my ass back as well to enhance our sex.

We continue to enjoy our encounter with lots of moaning and grunting that bounced off
the tiled shower walls. After some intense fast pounding, his cock left my body. I
wheeled around and dropped to my knees. He grabbed my wet hair while I took his
throbbing thick cock in my mouth. His precious juices began flowing into my mouth and
down my throat. I had every drop of his load in my belly when I stood to share the
last remains with him. He grabbed my long cock and soon had me blasting my morning
load all over his hot body. We were weak in the knees when we left. It was all I could
do to towel off after the encounter. He was in the same condition.

We went to our bedroom where I collapsed on the bed so fulfilled and feeling
incredible love for my boyfriend with my cock resting softly against my left leg. I
watched him dress and enjoyed every second of it especially seeing him poured into
some sexy low rise brief. He finished up and came to me. His lips pressed against
mine. I didn’t want him to leave and kept kissing him.

I dosed off after Corey left. I woke again and saw it after ten. I threw on some
shorts for a change and exited the room. I had no more come out than Colt was coming
out of his bedroom. He was dressed in track pants and tee with a hat turned around

“Hey Matt,” he greeted me.

“Hold on a second and I’ll go work out with ya,” I said.

He smiled, “No, Ted called and wants me to come to the athletic facility to see about
that job.”

“Oh I see. Good luck. I know you’ll love it.”

“I hope so. It beats flipping burgers or bussing tables.”

“It does,” I said with Colt leaving the room.

I sat for a moment and gathered my thoughts about my day. I knew I wanted to try and
see about the possibility of me moving off campus with my scholarship. I dressed and
left the room.

The meeting went well with some encouraging news but I didn’t want to tell them in
case something happened. The lady was very nice and explained it all to me in great
detail. Basically if my grades continued as they were, I would be given a stipend for
housing. While there, she presented me with other scholarship possibilities as well. 

After that, and after doing a few more things around campus, I was back to an empty
room. The urge to workout hit me so I texted Scott to see if he was around and wanted
to join me. He fired back a text saying he was busy but would ask if Shawn wanted to
go. Within a few minutes, Shawn was at my door and was ready.

“Where were y’all last night? We were waiting around for ya,” Shawn commented as I
locked the door.

“Ted asked if we wanted to hang out with him,” I replied.

“I see… that’s exactly what Scott and Alex figured. You know, Kris mentioned something
about the usual last night.”

“Sorry about that.”

“Scott and Alex weren’t happy at all, but they survived,” Shawn stated.

We journeyed to the Rec Center and entered. Corey was manning the front desk and waved
us back. 

“Where’s Kris?” I asked.

“Oh he’s around doing something,” Corey replied. “I’m sure you’ll run into him

We left and went to the locker room to store our things. As we were walking out to
start, Kris spotted us and threw up his hand. We assumed he was busy and couldn’t
talk. Shawn was great and a lot of fun to work out with. He was making incredible
strides and it was showing as well in his body. Once we finished with sweat running
down our faces, Kris walked up to us.

“Where’s the rest of the crew?” Kris asked.

“Busy or being lazy,” Shawn replied.

“How’s it going?” I asked.

“Bro, I’ll tell ya later, but this is the bomb,” Kris said with excitement in his

“Great. I hope Colt likes his job as well,” I said.

“Me too,” Kris said. “I gotta run but I’ll see ya at around 5 or 6 after Corey and I
workout. Don’t go eat without us.”

“We won’t,” Shawn said with Kris walking away in a rush. “This is perfect for him.”

“I know it is. You can see it in his face how much he’s enjoying it. I hope it lasts.”

After I returned with Shawn going to his room, I grabbed my iPhone to further explore
it. The apps were amazing and so varied. Looking them over, I realized I may have
chosen a growing field with endless possibilities. Originally, my thinking was web
programming and websites but it was clear with the popularity of smart phones that my
choices would be varied and numerous. I then double checked my classes and liked that
my schedule was quite similar to last semesters. My hardest class I shared with Corey
so we could both succeed, while having another one with Scott. If I remembered
correctly, Kris and Colt had two classes together, while Kris and Corey also had a
class together for this spring semester.

After 5, Kris and Corey came to the room. It was a little later than normal for Corey
but I could see by the redness in his face they had been pumping the iron. 

“Bro, I fucking love it!” Kris said before I could even ask.

Corey was shaking his head, “Get this. He knows just about all the staff now…”

“Hey, I wanted to get on their good side. Kissing a little ass never hurt. I’m meeting
lots of cool people too. Again, Corey and I were recognized as calendar boys.”

“Wait ‘til class,” I stated.

“I hope something really good comes of it,” Kris said.

“I thought you and Melissa were an item again?” I stated.

“Well… we’ll see how that works out. Bro, it’ll be so fucking hard with her not here,”
Kris said.

“If you want it to work, you’ll survive or else call her and end it right now. You
can’t be out banging different girls with Melissa thinking you’re not. It wouldn’t be
right,” I said.

“Fine,” Kris said. “Way to ruin a great night.”

The door opened with Colt dragging in. He threw up a hand to wave and flopped down on
the couch. 

“How was it?” Kris asked and sat next to him.

“I really liked it and have the job if I want it. They worked my fucking ass off,”
Colt said.

“It’s a job, right?” Corey asked. “Welcome to the real world.”

“I know. It was cool and all but I’m exhausted right now,” Colt stated. “Man, I need a
dip in the worst way.”

Kris reached in his pocket and handed him the can. Colt packed with the loud thumping
and stuffed it in his lip. He did stand to find a bottle.

With Colt returning, Kris asked, “So what did ya do?”

“Oh I washed some towels and folded them all nice and neat just how they like ‘em. I
ran a few errands then helped them in the weight room. I will say this. Kris, I just
thought you and I were strong. Those dudes make us look so weak,” Colt replied and

“They are there for a purpose. Between the two of us, we can get tips to get that much
bigger,” Kris said.

“I guess so. I will say this too. Ted, Luke and Myles are by far the coolest guys on
the team. We got damn lucky. Some of ‘em were just plain rude,” Colt said.

“I don’t know about y’all but I’m ready to eat,” I stated.

“Me too,” Corey said.

“Let’s gather up the crew and head out,” Kris stated.

“Yeah, everything is back open again around campus now,” I said. 

Kris pulled out his phone and called next door. He talked for a minute before hanging
up. “They have already gone so I guess it’s just us then.”

We headed out. On the way, we passed the others. Shawn made a point to stop and talk
while Scott, Bryson, Toni, Bishop, Alex and Brennan stood idly by. We continued on to
find something to eat. Once finished with our healthy meal as dictated by Kris and
Colt, we returned to our dorm. Colt left out to be with Andrea while the three of us
sat to watch TV. 

After an hour or so, no one had even come to the door. Instead, Kris left Corey and me
alone. I didn’t mind at all. With a little time on our hands, we blew up our mattress,
pushed the beds further apart and put the sheets on the new bed. We tested it out to
determine more air was needed but liked that it really didn’t sit directly on the
floor with a little elevation. 

Our only visitors were Dave and Keith, next door neighbors. They didn’t hang around
much and left us alone since Kris and Colt weren’t around. We were bored with TV and
adjourned for our first night on the new mattress. Corey spent a lot of time in the
bathroom but I knew what he might be doing. We lie naked together and facing each
other still with some room since it was queen size.  

“Corey, I’ll go ahead and tell ya but I did check into seeing about my chances of
moving off campus…”


“I think I may be able to,” I said and got a sweet kiss from him. “Also, I got
information and forms for more aid for us. We’ve missed out on some money.”

“Don’t tell me that.”

“We have, but we’ll see what comes of it. Kris could really rake it in if he applied,
since he’s going in the direction of a coach or teacher, especially teacher.”

“That’s awesome. In the back of my head, I was thinking of sticking around here this
summer. I could take a few hours and lessen the load during the year.”

“I’m sure if you did that you wouldn’t be alone.”

“Yeah, but that’s getting so far ahead right now,” he said. 

I smiled and kissed him, “I haven’t forgotten this year that Friday is your birthday.”

“Please, no party this year. I understand why you did it and I enjoyed Scott’s little
dance. A nice quiet evening with you would be off the charts.”

“I was actually thinking… what’s your schedule look like this weekend?”

“Don’t go spending Linda’s money. We can do the exact same thing right here. I work
Saturday ‘til four to answer your question.”

“I want to since you treated me so well on my birthday. Sure, we didn’t do much, but I
loved it. It was just me and you enjoying our time together.”

“Okay what’s your plan?”

I inhaled, “I was thinking about me and you taking a trip to an Indian casino and
staying the weekend there.”

“Alone or with the crew?”

“I was thinking alone, but if they wanted to come along we can’t stop them. It would
be just us in a room together.”

“I’m good either way. I’m sure it would be thrilling if a few went with us, especially
if one of us won something. I just don’t want 15 of us going.”

“I don’t either,” I said. “Between us, how’s Kris at work?”

Corey chuckled, “He eats it up but I knew he would. My friend, Trey, said he’s never
seen someone so excited about working. He needs to learn it is work and not play

“He spoke to me just briefly and said he needed to run.”

“He gets in the big weight room helping people and we can’t pull him out of there.
He’s always spotting someone or helping someone with their technique.”

“Maybe they want him to help. I’m sure everyone doesn’t come with a spotter like us.”

Corey rubbed the stubble on his chin, “Fucking brilliant. I’ll mention that to them. I
guess it would be nice to have someone in there.”

“I’m sure it would be and might prevent a big mishap.”

“You are so right,” Corey said with a knock at our door.

Corey walked over to open it with me admiring his great ass and back. I had a small
feeling it would be Kris.

“Am I interrupting y’all?” Kris asked politely. “If I am, it’s no biggie.”

“Nah, we were just talking about you,” I said and watched Kris strip down. 

“Fucking sweet bed. I know you two will love going at it on this baby,” Kris said and
forced his way on it at the end.  Corey and I tried to prop up a little. “So what were
you talking about that I need to know about?”

“Corey said you were staying a while in the weight room…” I said.

“Is that a problem, Corey?” Kris asked and stretched out at the end.

“Well… Matt did bring up something,” Corey replied.

“I said maybe there were people that needed your help, plus you may prevent a big
mishap,” I stated.

“Like some dumbass getting too much weight on the bar and nearly crushing his chest
today?” Kris said. “It was a good thing I was close and saw his arms about give way.”

“If that’s the case…” Corey said.

“Bro, it is.”

“I believe you. I have a little pull now and will mention it to Trey and the others.
They were pissed today because you were nowhere to be found.”

“Excuse me, then. I was helping out where I thought I was needed,” Kris said

“No, you keep doing that. Like I said, I’ll mention it to them and tell them one of us
is needed at all time in there. We are in and out of there, but someone really needs
to be in there full time. It may get boring…”

“Never did today. I got in lots of reps showing people the correct form and shit
today,” Kris said.

“Wednesday, I’ll take care of it,” Corey stated.

“Ummm… I mentioned to Corey about us going to the Indian Casino this weekend for his
birthday,” I said and hoped I wouldn’t regret it. 

“Sweet, bro,” Kris said, “unless you don’t want me there?”

“We don’t mind at all, but you need a separate room,” Corey said.

“That hasn’t stopped you before. I’m sure Colt will go… oh God if Andrea goes…”

“Another threesome,” I smiled and winked.

“I doubt it. I’m sure someone will go. I may ask Ted, Luke and Myles if they can go,”
Kris said.

“We need to ask Scott, Shawn and especially Bryson as well. Maybe we could talk
Garrett into it as well unless he can’t,” I said.

“I noticed they were nowhere in sight today. What’s up with that?” Kris asked.

“I don’t know,” Corey said.

We asked what Kris did and found he was down at Ted and Luke’s room. We talked about
our classes forthcoming on Wednesday. Corey had two on Wednesday with his bigger load
on Tuesday and Thursday to accommodate his working. I did mention to Kris the
scholarship possibilities but he didn’t seem to care. 

Waking on Tuesday with classes starting the next day, I had moved away from Corey in
our bed. Much to our surprise, we didn’t break the bed in. We just held each other
before falling asleep. It was a slight adjustment to a new bed but it was pretty

I exited and saw Kris coming out of the bathroom. He smiled and wasn’t a bear like
some mornings. I came out with Kris sitting on the couch in his usual nothing. 

“Between us, I miss you,” he said while I was sitting down next to him.

“Miss me already…?”

“I know you don’t miss me, but I miss us talking every night. Last night, Colt came in
and just went straight to bed. The other nights we did talk but it wasn’t anything to
brag about. However, I know how much you enjoy sleeping with Corey so I’ll make do and
adjust,” Kris stated.

“Kris, I miss you as well, truth be known. I did have a nice talk with Corey last
night. If you want, surely we can figure something out.”

“No way! I can’t deny Corey getting this big fucker every night,” Kris said and
touched my flaccid cock.

“We didn’t have sex last night. We just held each other. Yeah, I love having sex with
him, but I don’t need it every night. Last semester when we did have sex, it was so
special. I really looked forward to it so much.”

“Forget I mentioned it. I was being selfish,” Kris said.

“You were expressing your true feelings, which I adore. Now, is it completely resolved
between you and Colt?”

“Matt, I’ll be very honest with you. I’m not writing off having sex with Colt or any
other guy if the moment is right… damn I sound like those fucking boner commercials.
As I’ve said a hundred times, I have had great pleasure so why deny myself the

“Because your mind fucks with you,” I boldly stated. “Kris, be happy and like you have
been for the past few days. I love the happy go lucky Kris a million times more than
the solemn doubting Kris, and so does everyone else.”

“You’re not the only one. It sucked balls being confused. I know who I am now, or at
least I think I do. I’m a guy who loves sex, mostly with girls, but can gain pleasure
with the right guy… mind you the right guy at the right time. Say, you wanna run to
the Rec Center later on?” Kris asked with Colt coming out naked and stretching his
taut body.


“I think your dick is,” Kris joked.

“Fuck yeah, it is. Good stiff morning wood,” Colt stated, giving it a quick stroke.
“It’s tough pissing like this, plus I need to and take a big ass shit.”

“Thanks for the info, Colt,” I said.

“Anytime, Matt. I’ll let y’all know how it comes out,” Colt said.

“Hope better than mine has here lately. I have had the drizzling shits. I can’t get my
shit together,” Kris laughed at himself.

“When have you ever had your shit together,” Colt said and finally entered the

Once Corey was awake, we sat around on our computers and checked our schedules for the
upcoming semester. It seemed everything was in place and there was no need to do much
else. We did shower and dress to grab something to eat before heading over to the Rec

Again, when we were ready to journey to the Rec Center, only Shawn was available or
willing to go with us. It really didn’t bother me that much but I did start to wonder
just a little about the others. I know it’s hard to get back into the routine and such
but they all stated they liked how they felt and looked. 

Once inside, we checked in as usual. We were heading back to the locker room when an
older guy who I knew was fairly important stopped Kris and asked to speak to him. 

“I’m going too,” Corey stated. “Y’all go on and we’ll catch up with you later.”

They left us. Colt asked, “What’s up with that?”

“I don’t really, but I have a slight feeling I do,” I replied before we threw our
things in a locker and prepared to work out.  

While we were warming up, Kris and Corey found us. 

Kris cracked a smile, “He wanted to talk to me just a second…”

“Yeah, I told him what nearly happened. Kris scored a new position here,” Corey

Kris was all smiles, “Yeah, Corey came through in the clutch for me. I think he was
going to lay down the law to me but Corey was there defending me.”

“Kind of like I did in high school,” I stated.

“Now that you mention it, it was, but what Corey said was all factual,” Kris said and
patted Corey on the shoulder.  

We did our thing and finished up with a nice warm shower. The collection of bodies at
times is stunning with a nice variety of hanging cocks to be seen. I try my best not
to obvious but do enjoy comparing and looking. It is great that we can shower together
and think nothing of it.  

We left, but not before Kris had to talk to three or four people on his way out. Just
as we were about to leave, two girls were really staring hard at us.

“Yeah that’s us on the cover of the calendar!” Kris said loudly. The girls stopped in
their tracks and turned around.

“See I told you it was. You guys look great,” one blond said. 

“Thanks, I appreciate that,” Kris said. “I work here if you are…”

“Come on big boy,” Colt said grabbing Kris’s arm with the two girls laughing. 

We exited with us shaking our heads. “Did you see the fine ass on that blond?” Kris

“Hell yeah, I did,” Shawn said. “Maybe I should have joined you on that calendar

“You should have, Shawn. You’ve got a nice body,” I stated.

“You hear that shit, Shawn,” Kris joked.

“I do,” Shawn laughed. 

“Bro, I know that cover will guarantee at least five hot fucks for me before the
semester is up,” Kris laughed.

“Get real,” Colt said.

“Just watch!” Kris shouted.

“Shawn, is there a reason why the others aren’t hanging around us?” I asked.

“Not that I’m aware of,” Shawn replied.

“There shouldn’t be for all the shit we’ve done with and for them,” Kris stated.


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