Posted:   January 15, 2011

With Kris telling us how much he enjoyed his work we got to hear all about it with
Kris talking over Corey so much it wasn’t even funny. It was nice to hear how much
Kris enjoyed it. 

“Colt, you should really think about seeing about a job over there,” Kris said.

“I will if it comes to that,” Colt said.

“Why are you being so fucking stubborn about it?” Kris asked.

“Yeah Colt, I don’t see any harm whatsoever,” Corey said with his arm around me.

“Dudes, I said I’d find something! Fuck, Kris and I don’t have to do every goddamn
thing together!” Colt angrily stated.

“Excuse me, but I was trying to help a bro out,” Kris said.

“I know you were but I’ll find something on my own. I’m really glad that you’ll enjoy
it,” Colt stated.

“So, Kris, are you working tomorrow?” I asked.

“Yeah, I go in at 10 again, but poor Corey goes in at 8,” Kris stated. “Bros, with my
new cash flow, maybe we can go somewhere nice either this spring break or this

“First, let me find a job before we even discuss either one of them. Dad’s about sick
of me going here and there,” Colt stated.

“We really haven’t gone that many places. Sure Vegas was on our own buck,” Corey said.

“I know but you tell him that shit. I swear the dude is fucking jealous of me and
worse of me and Chase. You’d think he’d be happy to see us getting along so well now,”
Colt said. “He’d think up some shit for me to do just so Chase and I wouldn’t be
together. He did comment how bad of an influence I was on Chase.”

“So he knows that Chase drinks here with us?” Corey asked.

“Well yeah… Chase can’t keep his mouth shut or off that damn phone of his,” Colt said.
“Speaking of, my parents shit a brick when I suggested that it would be nice to have a
nice iPhone. I got the lame ass excuse bout Chase having to have one too.”

“Once you get a job, you can get one,” Corey said. “Matt, Kris was showing me all the
sweet apps so I was thinking maybe you and I could get out of here and find me one. It
can even be one of the old ones.”

“Colt, surely Chase didn’t mention a word about us, did he?” Kris asked while Corey
and I stood.

“He best not or his ass will never see this room again!” Colt said.

“I was wondering…” Kris said with us leaving to find Corey a new phone. Before we
could get out the door, Colt was handing money to us saying he needed condoms with his
supply running low. 

Corey and I got out of the car and began walking to the door of Walmart. 

“Hey, would you care…” I heard a female voice. “Excuse me for asking,” she said,
noticing I was a male. I saw in her hand the calendar.

I looked around and didn’t see Corey. “Yes, I would love to buy one.”

“Yeah, but it’s just guys,” she stated. “However it is for a good cause.”

“I happen to know those guys on the cover,” I said with a smile. “Matter of fact, one
was just here a minute ago.”

“Where?” A really cute girl blurted out. “I’d love to see him for real, especially if
it’s that hot blonde guy.”

I looked around and saw Corey standing away from us and trying to blend in with the
other shoppers. I walked over to him. “Don’t you dare,” Corey said as I approached.

“Why? They want to see you,” I said. “I know they do. Besides what’s to be embarrassed

“I’ll do it for you,” he said and lowered his head.

We walked over. The three girls selling the calendars began gushing over Corey the
second he walked up. I stood back and watched Corey begin to enjoy the attention. He
stood around and did help the sale for a few minutes.

“Corey, you should be proud,” I said while we entered the doors and were greeted by an
elderly woman.

“I know, but I’m not used to the attention,” he stated.

We walked around to find where they were selling the phones. While Corey was signing
the papers, I walked around and was browsing. In one section, I noticed the inflatable
mattresses like they had at Noah’s over spring break, but better than the one we used
for camping. My only worry was if they could hold up. I returned just as Corey
finished with his phone. He loved the idea of the mattress, thus the best one was in
our buggie along with sheets and a cheap blanket to fit it. We didn’t forget Colt’s
request of condoms along with Corey stocking up on other necessities such as
toothpaste, razors and shower gel, along with a lot of paper and plastic ware for our

We returned to the dorm while carrying in our packages and saw Ted, Luke and the new
guy, Myles. We said hello, placed our packages in the room and returned with the smell
of sweat hitting my nose, but I knew Ted, Luke and the other guy had just finished
their workouts.

“Matt, Luke and I have informed Myles about you and Corey,” Ted said.

“That’s cool,” I said.

“Dudes, I just ask you to bear with me. It’ll take some adjusting. I can honestly say
I don’t have any gay friends,” Myles stated in his sleeveless tee showing his nice
arms. They weren’t huge like Teds but so very nice. “Kris has laid the law down for

“Don’t worry. After you’re around them a little while, you’ll forget all about it, or
at least I do…” Ted said.

“Yeah because Matt helped your ass so much last semester,” Kris stated.

“Hell yeah he did,” Ted said. “Thanks to you I got a B out of Econ and Accounting.”

“Good, maybe someone can help me. Coach was on my ass just yesterday about my grades,”
Myles said and spit. 

“Y’all wanna hear some kickass news?” Colt asked.

“Nope, not interested,” Corey said.

“Fuck you then,” Colt said with Myles bursting out laughing. “Ted’s gonna see about
getting me a job at the athletic department for the semester.”

“These bitches are killer,” Myles said laughing. “Ted and Luke were right. You guys
are pretty damn cool.”

“Dude, we told ya not everyone will gloat over Ted… well except maybe Colt’s brother
and his friends,” Luke said.

“Hey, tell them I really had a great time speaking at their banquet,” Ted stated.

“What the fuck? Colt, you didn’t say a word about that,” Kris said.

“Hey, I didn’t wanna brag, but Ted has a whole new legion of fans back home. Dude, I
can’t tell you what a high you gave Chase and Tabor. They wouldn’t stop talking about
how you called out their names in your little speech,” Colt said.

“It was nothing,” Ted stated. “Hey, holler at me during turkey season this spring. I
need a kick ass place to hunt.”

“Dude, all I have to do is mention it and your ass will be set,” Colt said and spit.

“Hey, what about us?” Myles said also pointing at Luke.

“Find your own spot, dude,” Ted said and laughed.

“Bro, I’m sure you’d be more than welcome, even though you and Luke are nobodies right
now,” Kris laughed.

“Come next year, see if I’m a nobody,” Luke joked.

“Me too,” Myles said. “Finally I’ll get to start and show my stuff.”

“Yeah, how you can’t hold to a ball worth shit,” Luke said. “That’s why you’re a
safety now and not a receiver.”

“Fuck you, asshole. One day in practice, I’m leveling your ass,” Myles joked.

I really enjoyed listening to them talk and go at each other in such a fun way. I
could see Myles really fit in with Ted and Luke as well as our guys. We continued to
talk but about other things like our trip and what they did for Christmas.  

Just as they were about to leave, Ted pulled me aside. “Follow me to the room. I have
something for you.”

I left with him and walked to their room. It was still a mess but not quite as trashy.
He came out holding a box. He shoved it in my hand. I opened it to see a really nice
digital camera.

“Ted, I appreciate the gesture, but…”

“You’re not saying no under any circumstances. They gave it to us for a gift at the
Bowl game. My brother bought me a really nice one for Christmas, even though I rarely
use one. I’ve seen you taking pictures, plus this one has a great zoom lens and
everything. Please accept it as my way of saying thanks again for all you’ve done for
me and for Reese.”

I saw this big guy wasn’t taking no for an answer. “Thanks, I really do appreciate it.
Mine is almost 2 years old now. So when’s Reese coming to visit again?”

“The first chance he gets. Matt, I can see what a nice difference you’ve made in him.
He has such a positive outlook now on life. He’s starting to make a few friends here
and there that will accept him. It’s not all roses but it is better.”

“Yeah he’s called a few times. Tell him to keep calling me. I’m horrible about the
phone,” I said looking over the camera. “Thanks again.” I reached up and gave him a
hug. “I know Colt is excited if you can get him a job.”

“I’ll do everything I can,” Ted stated. “I told him I couldn’t promise but was pretty
sure. We always need someone.”

We went back down to the room. “So Matt gives great head, huh?” Kris asked.

Ted walked over to Kris and grabbed the front of his shirt, “Asshole, you should

“I was just joking, bro,” Kris said with a scared look on his face.

Ted cracked a smiled and released his hold of Kris’s shirt. “Matt, do you and Corey
let him get away with that shit?”

“They do ‘cause they love me,” Kris replied.

“We’d be black and blue all the time if we got upset over comments like that,” Corey
said. “And we know Kris gives the best head here.”

I swear Kris turned so red with the rest of us laughing. We talked a while longer
before we headed off to find something to eat off campus. We asked the three to join
us but they had a very strict diet dictated by the staff of the athletic department. 

“Holler when you get back and we’ll all go out,” Ted stated.

“For damn sure we will,” Kris said.

“Matt, you and Corey are coming with us as well. You got that?” Ted said.

“Okay, if you insist,” Corey stated before they left. 

“So exactly where are we going?” I asked after they were gone.

“Oh probably to Todd’s place to kick it there for a while,” Colt replied. “Ted was the
one doing the asking.”

“Ummm… okay,” I said.

“So what did you and Corey buy?” Kris asked.

Corey pulled out his new iPhone and proudly displayed it. “Now I’m up with you.”

“Rub it in why don’t ya?” Colt said. “If I do get that job, I’m getting one too. Fuck

“Now that wouldn’t be a pretty sight at all and rather nasty if you ask me,” Kris

“Boy, what a hell of way to tell him about me though,” Colt laughed.

“We did buy a blow up mattress where we can actually sleep together in comfort,” I
spoke up.

“Bro, that is so sweet!” Kris yelled. “Now we can have that many more people visit!”

I threw up my hands, “That wasn’t my thinking at all.”

“Now, I’ll tell Chase he can bring a couple more of his friends for his birthday,”
Colt stated and laughed.

After getting something to eat off campus, we returned with Kris texting Ted to say we
were back. Ted said to be ready in 30 minutes in his reply. We were and were waiting.
While waiting, I took out the new camera and showed it to them. They weren’t jealous
and knew I’d put it to good use. It did fit nicely in my pocket so I did so hoping to
take a few pictures on our outing. I was anxious to see what the night held but had a
strong feeling I knew when Kris told me I was driving.

With Ted and Myles at our door, we left. Ted commented that Luke was going to spend
time with a girl. I snapped a picture of all the gang with the new camera. Ted
commented he knew I’d make good use of it and that’s why he gave it to me. Kris
decided he could drive us over but would not probably be able to drive us home. We
drove the short distance and arrived at Todd Barnes’s house. He had moved away from
the apartment and was now renting a nice little house just off campus with another
guy, Mitch Cavanaugh. We entered the house with Ted introducing us to them. I knew
already Todd was the kicker but found that Mitch was on the baseball team as a
pitcher. Todd offered beer which they easily accepted. Now with the jocks, I felt a
little out of my element. Corey on the other hand was right there with them and
blended in seamlessly. I did notice Myles wasn’t drinking and wasn’t asked.

“Matt, you can drink if you want. Myles doesn’t and won’t drink,” Ted stated with an
extra beer in his hand.

“Go ahead if you want,” Myles stated. “I can’t stand the shit!”

“Wow, there’s a first,” Colt commented, opening the bottle.  

I took the cold brew in my hand for something to quench my thirst. I began to see the
purpose. It wasn’t only to drink but to watch a little pro football, which didn’t
interest me since I didn’t know either team playing.  

When halftime came, the guys took a break with Colt and Kris busting out their cans.
Mitch and Ted had their hands out and wanted one as well. Before I noticed, it was
just Myles and I in the room with others outside. 

“You’re bored to death, huh?” Myles asked me.

“I am, but it’s fine. I really enjoy the college game though,” I said.

“I see,” Myles stated.

“Does your family come to the games like Ted and Luke’s do?” I asked.

“My parents are there every game with the hope I get in. I did get in a few times this
year,” Myles replied.

“That’s great. I didn’t miss a game this year. It helped a lot that I knew a few on
the team,” I said with the guys returning from outside.

“Bro, you should see Mitch’s hot cycle,” Kris said. “It is fucking killer.”

“There’s something you’d never see me on. I hate those things,” Myles stated.

We started watching the game. Todd spoke up, “Just imagine in three years we’ll be
watching Ted out there.”

“Hell yeah, you will,” Myles stated.

“I hope so, but I’m not getting my hopes up too high,” Ted stated.

“What the fuck?” Mitch blurted out. “You’re a fucking All American both years. Give me
a break!”

“If I listened to what everyone said, I’d have the biggest head around. I do aspire to
give it a shot…”

“After next year?” Colt asked.

“Colt, I don’t know. I know I’m eligible. Let me cross that bridge when I get there,”
Ted replied.

“Bro, you can go next year after your junior year?” Kris asked.

“Fuck yeah he can,” Colt said. “You don’t know shit about pro sports.”

“Nope, I really don’t,” Kris laughed.

“See Matt, you’re not alone,” Myles nudged me.

“He’s not the only one either,” Corey said. “We don’t watch it all.”

“Yeah, you’re too damn hung over to watch,” Todd stated. 

“Do y’all ever bet on the games?” Colt asked. “We got a friend that does like crazy.”

“Not me,” Ted said. “If Coach found out we did, he’d be all over my ass. I know there
are some on the team that do.”

“I do some,” Mitch said. “It ain’t nothing big though. I do play the shit out of some
fantasy football.”

“Me too. I sucked this year,” Todd said with a beer in his hand. “Every good player I
had got hurt.”

We continued to watch the game while we talked back and forth. When the game finished,
we kept talking.

“Let me ask this. How would y’all feel if you had a gay teammate?” Kris asked.

“Mitch, Todd, so you know Matt and Corey are gay and are boyfriends,” Ted stated.

“No shit!” Mitch yelled. “I can’t believe that!”

“I can’t either,” Todd said.

“I’ll answer you though,” Ted stated. “If they were like Matt and Corey, they are more
than welcome on my team any day. What one does outside the locker room sexually is
none of my damn business.”

“Yeah, but wouldn’t you feel weird showering with the dude?” Mitch asked.

“No. I mean come on, like they’re gonna do shit to ya in the shower…” Ted said.

“You know they’re checking your shit out,” Mitch said.

“Okay then, who has the biggest dick on the baseball team?” Ted asked.

“I guess it’s between Felix Montero or Alex Watson. For a white boy, Alex is fucking
hung,” Mitch replied.

“Dude, how the fuck would you know if you weren’t checking them out? Huh?” Ted asked
to prove his point.

“It’s right there in front me. What the fuck am I supposed to do? Close my eyes?”
Mitch asked in defense.

“Ted made a point, and a valid one,” Todd said. “I don’t have a drop of gay in me but
I know who has the biggest dick on our team. Myles and Ted will both tell you it’s is
Luke without a doubt. Even the black guys brag on him. Ted is so right in that it’s
really none of our business what they do, as long as they keep it outside the locker
room as well as busting it on the field.”

“Still, a fucking gay teammate? Give me a break here,” Mitch stated.

“How would you know if they didn’t tell ya? You were out there talking to Corey and
welcomed Matt in,” Ted said. “I have a gay nephew and see the struggle he has. Now
Matt and Corey have it made compared to him. Hell, they room with Kris and Colt here.
They are gay but I’d do anything in the world for them.”

“Thanks,” Corey said.

“I see your point,” Mitch said. “I’m sure there are a few in college sports. I guess
as long as they did their job I could live with it.”

“Me too,” Myles said. “Hey, I met them Saturday for a minute. When Ted told me I
thought he was kidding. I hung around them today and they were really cool guys.”

“They are. Matt’s my best friend from high school,” Kris stated.

“He protected you, huh?” Mitch asked.

“Not much, but no one was going to fuck with him because he’s gay,” Kris said as I was
beaming with such pride.

“I can see. You are built,” Mitch stated. “So is Corey for that matter. Y’all don’t
play sports, huh?”

“Nope. We work out…” Corey said.

“We like how it makes us look and feel,” Kris stated.

“That’s cool,” Todd said. 

We continued to talk for quite some time. They did drink a little but nothing in
excess. By the end, not another word was spoken concerning our sexuality. It was just
a few guys having a great time. It did feel nice when both Todd and Mitch told Corey
and I we were more than welcome anytime and they enjoyed having us there. As we were
leaving, Todd invited us back over to play cards sometime. 

Once we were back, I fully expected Ted and Myles to head to their room. Instead they
went with us to ours. We sat around with Ted having another dip with Kris and Colt and
talking about Luke and his quest for the night.

“Ted, how come you’re not out after some women?” Colt asked.

“Ah, there will be time for that later,” Ted replied.

“Bro, you could get about any girl you want on campus,” Kris said.

“Are you gay?” Myles asked.

Ted turned to Myles, “Asshole, I’m not gay!”

“Just because he accepts gay people doesn’t mean he’s gay,” Kris said.

“Why then?”

“None of your fucking business,” Ted stated in a huff and took a seat.

“Sorry I asked,” Myles said.

“He’ll get one when he’s ready. Besides, he has to find the right one that’s not after
the potential to marry a pro football player,” Colt said.

“That’s not the reason either,” Ted stated. “What I’m about to tell ya better not
leave this fucking room either. No one here knows this.” 

“What?” Kris asked.

I could see Ted was struggling with something. “Guys, I’m telling ya right this minute
if this shit gets out I’ll hunt your ass down.”

“Okay,” Corey said. “You can trust us.”

“Guys, when I was a senior, I got a girl pregnant,” he said in his deep voice, but
rather quietly. He inhaled loudly. “I did the worst possible thing. I made her get an
abor…” The word couldn’t come out.

Kris stood and wrapped his arms around the upset and distraught big guy. Tears were
trickling down his face. “I have to live with it every day that I made her do it. I
had a scholarship here…”

“It’s okay, Ted,” I said and moved to hug him. I looked to see Myles wiping his eyes.
He gave Ted a big hug followed by Colt and Corey. He took his seat and wiped his eyes.

“Colt… Kris… Myles, please don’t make the same mistake I did,” Ted stated very
solemnly. “I was stupid. I said it would never happen to me. Yeah I fucked her
unprotected, and more than once. You know how it is when you feel it won’t happen to
you. It did. I was so selfish and made her get an abortion. We didn’t seek other
options at all.”

“Dude, I see your point. I see both sides of the fence. I was adopted, but it was
after my parents abandoned me and probably didn’t want me. I was damn lucky and was
chosen by two great people who I love to death,” Myles said.

“You see. I could have let her go full term and give it up for adoption. The only
solution I saw was abortion at the time,” Ted said.

“We can sit here and argue all night whether abortion is right or wrong,” Myles
stated. “Hell, our country is still fighting about it.”

“So, do you know your real parents?” Corey asked.

“No and I don’t care to either. If they didn’t want me when I was younger then I don’t
want them now,” Myles said.

“Yeah, Corey doesn’t know who his father is,” I said.

“That’s your own personal decision, but for me, I don’t give a fuck who my real
parents are. I have two right now that love me to death,” Myles said.

“Dude, I had no idea you were adopted,” Ted said to Myles.

“I had no idea about you either. We learned a little more about each other tonight,”
Myles said.

“Yeah, so you can quit asking me why I don’t date. I will when I’m ready to and not
before,” Ted said.

“I won’t ask if you are gay again either,” Myles stated.

We sat around talking until about two in the morning. Since it was late, Corey and I
left the mattress in the box. We were both tired but did make out before we moved to
separate beds.

Corey leaned over, “You know Myles is right. I don’t really care who my real dad is.
He didn’t care enough about me to stick around when Mom was pregnant so why should I
give a fuck?”

“Yeah, but aren’t you a little curious?” I asked and was leaning over as well across
from him.

“I am, but not enough to do anything about it now. Larry wasn’t a great father by no
stretch of the imagination but he did provide a home for me.”

“Were you as shocked as I was about Ted?”

“Dude, I was really shocked. It explains a lot don’t ya think?”

“It does.”

“Did you ever wonder maybe if he was gay?”

“Never! Corey, I don’t do that anymore around here. Colt said to me today, or
yesterday, it is just a label. We of all people should realize that.”

“Yeah, we should, but you can still wonder.”

“True, but Ted is just a really good guy. You know I don’t think he was so
understanding until Reese came out though.”

“That would change your attitude a little bit. Have you ever wondered what it would
have been like say Kris didn’t talk you in to coming here?”

“Oh just about every day. I know I’m very, very lucky and you are too. We have it
made. We can be affectionate with each other and no one says a word to us. I’m sure if
I’d gone somewhere else I probably would have hidden that I was gay until I got
comfortable. I really didn’t want Scott and Juan to know but Scott had me pegged.”

“Yeah ‘cause he may be as well.”

“You’re right there.”

“Damn, excuse me, but he is so fucking hot. Hell, all of our friends are fucking fine
as shit. I thought I’d slack off working out, but hanging around Kris I couldn’t. I
had to keep up with him. And you… damn. You were skin and bones with a big dick. Now
look at your hot ass over there. You know I wish I hadn’t bowed up so much…”

“I love it though and never thought I’d have a muscular boyfriend.”

“I wish I was still sleek like you. Fuck Scott, I’m looking at the hottest fucker I
know. You’re perfect and I love you so much.”

I moved over and showed how much I loved him. I just thought I wasn’t going to get any
ass tonight. 


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