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Posted:   August 28, 2011

After my classes, Corey and I walked back to the dorm.  Once in the clear of a
majority of the student body, Corey reached down to grab my hand.  I turned and
smiled as big as ever.

“You know why shouldn’t we hold hands?” he asked.

“I don’t have a problem with it since I don’t think anyone will mess with you.”

We walked holding hands.  We did pass a few others but didn’t get a second look. 
My gay pride was beaming like it should.  I should have the privilege of acting
like a straight couple.  We climbed the stairs and saw our neighbors, Dave and

“Hey, what’s the plans for this weekend?” Dave the stocky one asked.

“I don’t have a clue but I’m sure Kris has something planned,” I replied.

Keith laughed, “Yeah that Kris is something else.  Never has meet a stranger in
his life, huh?”

“Nope,” Corey stated.

“I’m sure we’ll see you two later,” Dave said.

Corey and I entered our room.  As soon as the door was closed, I grabbed him for
a long kiss. 

“Matt thanks but I know you are my boyfriend and love me to death.”

“I’m sorry but I felt like it.”

“No, you’re trying to prove to me you still love me.  Hell, I grabbed your hand
walking back.  That should prove I love you just as much.”

“Okay but… yesterday is hanging with me.  I know you approved but it is just
hanging there.”

“Tonight, we’ll fuck our brains out til early morning if that’s what it takes…
well we might any way.  You shouldn’t worry a bit.  I’m good with it.  Kris is
good with it.”

I dropped my head, “Okay, I’m good with it.”

Corey smiled, “You can’t tell me that Kris’s tight ass didn’t feel so great
wrapped around your big dick.”

“It did,” I smiled. “I should enjoy casual sex.”

“Yes, you should.  Now I better go change,” Corey said. “Remember tonight it is
you and me.”

Before he could go change, Kris and Colt came in the door.  “Bros, we’re fucking
set tonight.  If I can’t buy, then Bryson’s cool ass brother is gonna buy all we
want.  How much alcohol do you want Corey?” Kris said as excited as ever.

“Ummm… a 24 pack will be good for me and Matt.  Let me give you some money,”
Corey said.

Colt patted me on the shoulder, “We’re fucking partying all weekend come hell or
high water.”

“Let me go post that on Facebook,” I said. “That’s really big news that shocks
the living piss out of me.”

Kris walked over to me and put his arm around me, “Bro, we’re getting your ass
Scott’s house drunk again.”

“Never again.  I made an ass out of myself,” I said.

Colt laughed, “Yeah that’s exactly why we wanna get your ass drunk.  You were
fucking hilarious!”

Corey handed Kris a twenty, kissed me goodbye and headed for the door. “See ya

“Yeah, once your ass is gone, it is my turn except I’m fucking Matt,” Colt said.

Corey laughed, “Yeah right!”

“Dude, I told your ass to stop joking about that shit.  It is over and done
with,” Kris said.

“Before you explode again on me, I was just joking.  Matt and Corey knew I was,

“I did,” I replied.

“Still stop it now or we’ll make damn sure your ass gets fucked,” Kris stated.

“I don’t see what the big deal is.  You are best friends and fucked.  Hell, you
and Matt have wanted to do it for years…”

“True but just stop talking about it.  You know our goal this weekend is to get
some real pussy.  Hell, we’ve been here a week and not fucked one girl.”

I smiled and loved hearing this.  “Yeah, what’s up with that?”

Colt’s eyes got really big, “Better yet, we’re finding a girl for Matt’s big
dick, too.”

“Hell yeah, let’s do that shit!” Kris said. “Matt, would you do it if we found

“I don’t know,” I said. “Let me get over you and me first.  Then later on, I’ll
consider it since you’ve done your part.”

The planning was started once Bryson and Shawn appeared in our room.  Bryson was
writing down the orders to text to his brother.  Kris said he’d let Brett,
Bryson’s brother, do all the buying to avoid a citation like he got this summer
for possession of alcohol by a minor. 

“So how’s Garrett?” I asked.

“I hope he goes to the roof, jumps off and fucking kills himself,” Bryson
replied. “The three of us are sick of his shit.  I don’t know what is going on.”

“That bad, huh?” Kris asked.

“I hate to say it but yes,” Shawn replied. “He sits his tall ass in the room all
day and bitches when we move.  Scott is really about ready to kill him.”

We talked a little more until Scott came down and entered.  “It’s Friday, right? 
You know what that means?”

“Partying!” Colt said.

“No, Matt and I are hitting the pool while y’all work out,” Scott replied. “You
down with that Matt?”

“I guess I am,” I replied.

“Let’s get a move on it then,” Scott said.

Kris was excited to hear Scott initiating us to go workout.  It wasn’t long
before we were headed out.  Scott and I hit the pool as tradition on Fridays. 
We swam longer than I could ever remember.  We hit the showers to rinse off the
excessive chlorine from the pool.  It was so cool to shower and carry on a
conversation with Scott.  We were in no hurry with me scoping out a few really
hot naked guys but Scott is fucking hot with his dark trim body. 

We finished up.  I found Corey and spoke with him for a minute while we waited
on the others to finish their routines.  We headed back and passed a few sun
bathers.  Kris, Colt and a few of the others took their sweet time passing to
check out the bikini clad ladies. 

We piled into our room to chill with Scott going to his and saying he’d be right
back.  They were downing a protein mix when Scott came back in the room.

“Anyone wanna start the weekend out right?” Scott asked.

“No doubt he has weed,” Brennan commented.

“Fuck yeah!” Scott said and pulled his two fat joints.

“Bro, we can’t just light up a joint and smoke it in here.  Rick will bust our
ass in a heartbeat,” Kris said.

“That’s why you go to the bathroom and turn on the exhaust fan,” Scott said with
a smile. 

“Dude knows all the tricks,” Shawn laughed.

“Shawn, have you…” Alex asked.

“Fuck yeah, he has.  Every fucking chance he gets,” Bryson laughed.

“Look who’s talking,” Scott said. “Let’s do this shit!”

It was funny to see eight guys crammed in our bathroom and smoking a joint. 
With the exhaust fan running, we toked away until both joints were smoked. 
Afterwards, we were some lazy stoned guys sitting in our living room laughing
and eating whatever was in sight. 

WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! Was the loudest knock ever on our door.  My heart skipped a
beat and knew without a doubt Rick was knocking on the door.  Bryson stood and
headed to the door, “It’s just Brett.”

Bryson opened the door where his brother and a friend were carrying lots of
alcohol.  “Damn bro, you’re fucking stoned off your ass if I’m not mistaken,”
Brett stated.  Brett was a little taller than Bryson but not by much.  He was
chunkier as well.  His friend looked like the typical frat boy.

“Fuck yeah, we all are,” Bryson said while they put the beer in the floor.

“Why didn’t you wait?” Brett said. “You know I smoke.”

“I will next time,” Bryson said.

“I got a joint in the room if you want one,” Scott perked and stood.

“Dude, you’re a fucking weed whore!” Brennan stated.

“I didn’t hear you gripe earlier,” Scott said.

“Well yeah, we want one. Right, Matt?” Brett said.

I looked around for a second.  His friend’s name was Matt as well.  “Of course
we do,” Matt said.

Scott was out of the room in a flash and back even quicker.  Brett and Matt
commented how nice our place was and chilled with us for a while.  They were
really cool and enjoyed our antics.  They left after having a beer with the
joint in Brett’s pocket.  Once they were gone, it was decided we needed food in
our systems.  We debated for a minute about going off campus but choose to stay
on campus since we’d spent money on beer or at least they had. 

We were sitting around a table when I looked saw this guy walking my way.  I
really wanted to duck under the table so he wouldn’t see me.  I felt a jab in
the ribs from Kris’s elbow.  “Is that Jacob?”

Under my breath, I said, “Yes.”

“Matt!” Jacob screamed.  “What the… are you doing here?”

All the guys were looking at me.   Now more than ever, I wanted to become
invisible.  I gathered myself for a moment as he walked around to me.  Now I
could see more tattoos on his body with his lip now pierced.

“Kris, how are you doing?” Jacob asked.


“Yeah, you’re hotter than ever now,” Jacob interrupted.  “Matt, I had no idea
you went here.”

“Yeah, I didn’t know you went here either,” I said.

“Oh I transferred just this semester,” Jacob said. “This is really a great
school, huh?”

“Yes it is.”

“Hey, you still have my number right?”  he asked.  I nodded. “Call me and let’s
get together some time.”

“Okay,” I said to be nice and hoping like hell he would leave.

“Hopefully, I’ll see ya around.  Great running into you,” he said and finally
walked away.

“Who the fuck was that?” Colt asked.

“Matt’s first boyfriend,” Kris said with a big smile.  “Matt fucked him all the

“No wonder he sounded a little desperate,” Brennan laughed.

“Something he will never experience again,” I stated.

“Is that the same guy that kissed you on Spring…” Scott began asking with his
mouth full of food.

“Yes, don’t mention it,” I said. “Corey was pissed.”

“He shouldn’t be,” Bryson said. “Corey’s much… ummm… you know… muscular, yeah

Colt laughed as most of us did and almost spit out his drink, “Dude, there’s no
crime in saying a guy is cute but nice recovery there.”

“Excuse me but for some of us it is still uncomfortable,” Alex said. “Slap my
ass silly if I ever say a guy is hot.”

“I’ll keep that in mind,” Kris laughed.

Shawn held up his hand, “Slap my ass silly too.  I don’t have one problem with
what any of you have done or are doing but I’m perfectly happy with totally

“Yeah cause your ass is getting some,” Colt joked.

“Whether I was or not, I don’t think I could ever bring myself to do it,” Shawn
stated.  “Sorry but that’s me.”

“I said the exact same thing.  Get a few in ya and you may think otherwise,”
Kris laughed.

“Remind me to stick close to you tonight.  I haven’t had sex in a few weeks,”
Brennan said.

“You’re sick, Brennan,” Kris said with Brennan throwing his arms in the air in
defense like he cared.

That night I swear our door should have been revolving with as many people that
came and went.  Rick came down, chilled with us and had a few beers with us.  He
stated this year was much easier on him with the suite arrangement.  The things
he had to worry with were fights, drugs and room damage.  He said there were
rules against alcohol but weren’t enforced unless there was trouble. 

About nine or after, Corey came in with the room filled.  He was friendly and
talked a few minutes before heading off to shower and not reek.  By now, some of
the guys were making in-roads with a few of the ladies, Kris and Colt in

After Corey showered and dressed, we sat on my bed and were joined by Scott and
Shawn.  “Has it been like this all night?” Corey asked.

“Yes,” Scott stated.

Corey shook his head, “I guess it’s alright.  Everyone seemed cool.”

“Yeah, Kris invited the entire floor to come I think,” Shawn said.

“No doubt,” I stated. 

“Hey Shawn, why aren’t you out with Terra tonight?” Corey asked him.

“Oh, she had other things to do plus we don’t see each other every night,” he
replied. “I guess that’s why we’ve been together as long as we have.”

“Plus she’s putting out,” Scott joked and pushed on Shawn’s shoulder.

“No, she’s not,” Shawn said.

“Then what the hell do you do in your room?” Scott asked.

“Mostly talk and kiss.  Neither one of us are virgins but we’re not driven by
sex.  At times I wish we were but what can I do?”

“Drop her,” Scott laughed.

“I admire you.  You know Corey and I do have a lot of sex…”

“No shit!” Scott said and took a drink of his beer.

“I see nothing wrong with that at all.  It’s just that she doesn’t wanna do it
all the time,” Shawn said. “We have fucked but just a few times.  Actually she’s
great but she’s rather religious as well.”

“That’s admirable,” I stated.

“So what’s the longest you two have went without fucking each other?” Scott
asked. “I’m not talking about this summer or your break up either.”

Corey looked at me, “I guess a week.  We enjoy it whereas Terra might enjoy it
she doesn’t feel right.”

“Exactly,” Shawn said and took a big swig of his beer. “I’m like any other
normal straight guy and would love to have sex with her all the time.  I’ve
stopped worrying about it really.  When we do, it is special though.”

“Here I thought you nailed her all the time,” Scott stated. “I guess if it works
for you then keep it up.  It wouldn’t work for me but that’s just me.”

“Reminds me of Michael, my roommate last year.  I talked to him I think
yesterday and he’s still with Brianna and as happy as ever.  He told me now they
are going to wait til marriage before having sex,” Corey stated.

Scott headed to get more beer while Corey and I kept talking with Shawn.  Scott
returned with beer and one for Bryson as well.  We began a long discussion about
Garrett.  Scott really thinks he’s taking too many pills whereas Bryson thinks
it could be not having anyone.

About midnight, Corey and I were getting ready to enjoy the rest of the night
with most of our visitors gone.  We were watching TV for a change and just
holding each other on my bed.  The door opened wide with Kris entering with a
girl around his arm.

“Dudes, I need this room,” Kris said and was pretty drunk.

First thing out of my mouth, “Why?”

“Colt is using the other.  Please!” Kris begged hanging on to the girl who was
cute I have to admit.

“Come on, Matt.  We can use the new pullout bed,” Corey stated.

“Ummm I think Bishop is testing it out,” Kris said.

“We’ll just find go something to eat then,” Corey said. “I’m kind of hungry.”

It was a good thing I had stopped drinking a while ago or else Corey and I would
have been walking the campus.  We exited the room and did see some hairy chested
yet hot guy getting his cock sucked by a girl.

I was just picking at my food, “If nothing else, I’m glad to see Kris with a

“Me too,” Corey said, eating his grilled chicken.

“Corey, at the time it seemed like such a good idea…”

“Don’t worry your heart over this.  It is done and over with.  You fucked Kris,
so what?  Actually I enjoyed watching him getting fucked.  To me, there was
nothing hotter on this planet than to see my hot boyfriend nailing a hot stud
like Kris.  I know you love me so much and I’m not in the least bit jealous.”

“I guess it was only an act that has building for years.  I’m glad it’s over
with now.  You and I can move on…”

“You bet we can with the best days still ahead of us,” Corey stated. “Now eat

We returned from eating with the guy and girl asleep on the sofa bed.  We
entered our room with Kris sleeping with his girl with a box of condoms and lube
on his nightstand.  We got into my bed to sleep.  The worst part was Corey
needed up early to go to work.

Corey was up with his alarm and eased out of bed.  I barely woke but just enough
to see Corey going to shower.  Finally about 10, I woke up and looked to see
Kris sleeping alone. After showering, Colt and his girl walked into the bathroom
while I was drying off.  I was embarrassed and quickly threw a towel around my

“Hey Matt,” Colt said. “This is Andrea.”

“Nice to meet you as awkward as this is,” I said extending my hand to the naked
girl.  She didn’t have a problem it seemed with me seeing her naked.  Andrea had
brown hair that hung nicely on her shoulders.  Her tits were average, I guess,
with big nipples.  Her body was nice and the type I imagined Colt would be with. 
Her privates were shaved even though I wasn’t trying to look at her.   A cute
naked girl did nothing for me at all.

“Nice to meet you, too,” she said and lightly shook my hand.  “Colt, all of your
friends are really cute and so hot.”

I left and went to my room to quietly dress.  I went out to sit in the living
area but Bishop and his girl were still sleeping.  I made a u-turn and headed
back into my room after grabbing some juice.

Kris began to stir about 11.  He saw me on my computer and walked over to me. 
“You and Corey are the best ever.  I can’t thank you enough for letting me have
the room last night.”

“Kris, I was actually dumb when I asked why.  There’s no way I can deny you the
pleasure of being with a girl.”

“Especially after what we did…”

“Which was better?” I asked with a smile.

Kris laughed, “Bro, it is different it’s hard to compare.  Last night you saw
the real fucking Kris.”

“Actually I’m very happy for you and Colt.  I’m glad you are both back on track
even if they were one nighters.”

“I hope not.  Jacee is the bomb.  You saw her,” Kris said.

“I did…”

“She blended right in with everyone,” Kris stated.

“I hope it works for ya then,” I said. “The only problem I had with last night
was letting some dude use our sofa bed.”

“Bishop asked since his roommate wouldn’t approve,” Kris said. “He’s a cool ass
dude.  You’ve seen him around.”

“Yeah along with about twenty other people,” I laughed.

The door opened.  “Kris, thanks!  I owe you big time!  See ya around!” Bishop
said with his head in the door.

“Later, bro!” Kris said.  “He’s cool, huh?”

I shrugged, “I guess if you say so.”

Kris looked at me, “Are you over us fucking yet?”

“I’m trying but it is still with me.  Every time I see you the image flashes in
my head…”

“Damn, your old head must be cluttered when you see Corey,” Kris laughed.

“No but we are so different.  We’ve been friends way before I met him.  You’ve
been my life for so long now so for me it was special… you might say.”

“Oh it was special for me, too but it’s done and now history to me.”

“I guess it should be history to me seeing how great of a boyfriend I really

“Yes, Corey is special,” Kris said before leaving to shower.  I couldn’t help
but admire his great ass that I enjoyed fucking.  I shook the thoughts from head
and laid back on my bed to stare at the ceiling above.  I grabbed my computer
and went on Facebook to post a few pics from the previous night.  Without a
doubt, my favorite was one of me, Kris and Colt with our arms around each other. 

After showering, Kris came over and sat next to me in his wet towel.  He loved
my pictures and enjoyed reading what some of our friends had posted.  He got up
and left a nice wet spot.  I didn’t mind and knew it would dry.

Our door opened with Kris drying off.  Colt entered, “Kris, have you heard?”

“Ummm… what?  You’re not gay anymore,” Kris laughed.

“Fuck you dude.  I think you’re the last one to get fucked up the ass,” Colt
laughed. “No dude about the intramural flag football?”

Kris smiled putting on his plaid boxers, “Nope but it sounds like a plan to me. 
Just imagine!”

“I know.  We need to get everyone together so we can start practicing!”

“Hell yeah, we do,” Kris said and went over to get Colt in a head lock, “Now not
another word about me and Matt.  You got it.  If I’m not mistaken, we both got
laid last night.”

Kris released his grip.  Colt smiled, “And this morning!”

Kris looked over at me, “Matt, are you joining the team?”

“Which one?  For one, I didn’t get laid last night,” I joked.

“No dumbass, the football team,” Colt said and started laughing.  “Can you
imagine Matt playing football?”

I laughed, “I’ll answer that real quick like. NO!”

We kept laughing until Kris suggested we head out to partake in a little
sunbathing.  I agreed and hoped Corey wouldn’t be affected by it as he was the
last time. 

We gathered a towel and headed out the door in just our shorts and flip flops. 
Exiting, the thought hit me to go ask Shawn and Scott if they cared to join us. 
“Y’all go ahead.  I’m heading down and will catch you two later.”

Kris and Colt headed off while I went to knock next door.  After a brief wait,
Garrett opened the door.  “Ummm… is Scott and Shawn here too?”

“Nope, it’s just me,” Garrett replied.


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