We all sat back, with Corey dropping to the floor, panting for breath. The smell of sweet sex filled the air in our living area of our suite.  The foursome between us was so intense and left me extremely happy and satisfied. Corey had filled me from one end while Kris and Colt filled me from the other.

The front door opened and we all looked up to see Scott. “Fuck I missed it again,” Scott stated in his hoodie and low rise jeans.  “Every fucking time I miss the good shit.  I can smell the cum.”

“Yes and lots of it too.  You missed it, alright,” Kris commented still breathing hard with sweat glistening on his hot naked body and his arm around Colt. “We felt bad that Matt was not being appreciated that much.”

“So we gave him a night to remember,” Corey commented, still breathing hard.  He leaned over and kissed me on the lips.  We shared a long kiss with lots of touching and groping.

“Damn was it that good?” Scott asked.

“Fuck yeah it was!” I replied with emphasis with them snickering at my comment.

Colt got up with his nice cock swinging to get everybody a beer.  With beer in his hand, “Dude, your timing sucks ass.  You need to work on it.”

“Matt and Kris got new phones… duh?” Scott stated before removing his hoodie and exposing his tight swimmer’s body. “Call my ass next time.”

Kris walked up and put his veiny big arm around Scott’s shoulder, “Maybe some other day, besides you got Hayden.” 

“Fuck that shit!” Scott said and took a drink.  He removed his jeans and low rise blue briefs.  “Hayden knows my shit is open to all especially to you four ultra hotties.”

We laughed and continued to enjoy the beer. 

During the early morning hours that night, I woke up startled. Corey must have felt me moving.

“You okay babe?” he asked.

“I had weirdest dream…I was Kris and worrying about my sexuality and over the course of the Christmas holidays I was getting so undone because of these confusing imagery.  Then I as Kris got with you and Colt along with giving me the best sexual experience I had in a while.”

Corey nodded. “Did anything else occur?”

“I tell you this was most realistic dream I ever encounter. I even remember you dressing as Colt and me getting all depressed as shit on the Las Vegas trip. Then as I got back to college I moved the beds together so you and I could be together more. All of this being Kris. It was so weird being in Kris’s mind and downright scary.”

Corey laughed out loud, “Matt look around, none of that was dream. I did dress as Colt for Kris’s amusement, Kris did get depressed on the trip and all holiday, Kris was frustrated about his sexuality, and as you can see Matt, we’re sleeping together in our own room.”

Thinking back Corey was right, “Corey, last afternoon when we all came and you guys made me so happy with that sexual pleasuring. I cannot thank you enough.”

“That was all Kris’s idea.” Corey kissed me sweetly. “Babe, let’s get some sleep. I’ve got to be at work in morning.”

Waking, with Corey off to the Rec Center, I lie in my bed with my arms tucked behind my head. I knew Corey and I could make it very well rooming together. It could really cement our relationship if it wasn’t already on very solid ground. I did worry as usual about Kris and Colt rooming together. They’re just so much alike with a quick temper and the strength to do a lot of damage to each other. Selfishly, I’d miss chatting with Kris most nights and sharing our feelings with each other. The temptation to do anything with him would be lessened by him moving in with Colt, even though I should be well beyond that by now. I worried a little that Corey and I were signaling to our horny hot roomies that we were open to sex with them at any time.  There’s a time and place for everything in life and last night was great timing for us to do have sex but I didn’t want it to be a habit and possibly injure my relationship with Corey.  It did spark new excitement but just not every time.

My door opened with a naked Kris walking in. He pulled the bed away and jumped on his old bed.  “Bro, it’ll work. I can see you over there thinking about it. You and Corey need this.”

“No, we don’t need it necessarily. Things were working just fine as they were. However…” I said and let it linger a second, “I do enjoy waking up with Corey, wrapped in his strong arms.”

“The way I kinda see it is that you and him can see if you can live together… you know, a trial run before making that big leap.”

“True bro…”

“You can have great amazing sex every night and have me so jealous,” Kris said and swept the hair from his face.

“So is Kris’s great experiment over?”

“We’ll see about that. Damn, sex is so much fun.”

“Oh I agree, but with guys, is it really what you want?”

He rubbed his chin, “Dammit bro, stop confusing me. I don’t know how many times I have to say I’ve loved every fucking minute I’ve had sex with a guy. It is my way of making people feel good… that is with guys.”

“Kris, the main thing in life is to be happy.  Are you happy now?”

He smiled back at me, “Never better.  The break ended up being great but it was a journey.  Last night solidified the fact I’m bi.  Bro, I love it too.  Scott said the possibilities are endless.”

“You know… some hear bi and think gay.”

“Fuck em if they do.  I know who I am or at least I think I do,” Kris stated with Colt opening the door.  Walking towards me, I noticed Colt in a different light.  His body too was a work of art with just a few sprouts of hair now between his pecs and one defined treasure trail down his ripped abs.  Kris got up and left saying nature was calling.

“So, is it gonna work for you and Corey?” Colt asked.

“It is. Is it gonna work for you and Kris?”

Colt laughed, “I hope we don’t kill each other before the year is up.”

“That’s exactly what worries me.”

Colt walked over and rubbed my head, “Don’t worry a bit. I expect a few fireworks but hell it won’t be anything new.”

“Colt, are you bi now and not afraid to say so?”

He got back on the bed. “Yes, I am bi. Why stop something you enjoy doing?”

“Yeah, but you still have Andrea.”

“I do. I’m not saying I’ll go out of my way to fuck Kris or any shit like that, but if the opportunity arises, I won’t back away. The way I see it, now is the time to have fun while I can.”

“Married men still fuck around,” I stated.

“With both too… Thanks to you, Kris and Corey, I see no real reason we have to attach labels to people such as gay, straight and so forth. We’re people with sexual desires. I do enjoy women more though just like Kris. Now if only some people could see there shouldn’t be labels.”

“Like your dad?” I questioned.

“Exactly, and mom too. She just doesn’t say it.”

Kris came back in the room with the new clothes I had bought him for Christmas, clinging to his hot body. “Get up. We’re going to work out. Matt when was the last time you hit the gym?”

I pinched my stomach the best I could, “I haven’t since before the break but I haven’t gained a pound.”

“Okay, but you’re making some amazing progress since you’ve been working out. You actually have pecs, shoulders and biceps,” Kris commented.

I got out of bed and stood, looking down. I heard Kris’s phone click and take a picture of me in all my glory. “Thanks. Do you need some jack off material?”

Colt burst out laughing. Kris stood, looking at the picture. “Fuck you. I was gonna send it to Corey.”

Kris walked over and showed me the picture he had taken. “Hmmm… I do look good, huh?”

“Kris thinks so,” Colt said still laughing.

Kris didn’t say a word and marched out of the room. Colt got up and went to dress as I did. We knew a few had returned on this Saturday and gathered up Scott, Brennan and Alex to join us at the Rec Center. 

“Bros, how’s the new roomies?” Kris asked Brennan and Alex while we were walking to leave.

“I don’t know. Joe is cool but I can’t get a read on Antonio yet,” Alex stated. 

“That accent of Antonio’s is thick and he’s a prick at times,” Brennan said.

“Who says they have to be part of our group?” I asked.

“Matt’s so dead on,” Scott said. “Hell Justin and Drew weren’t ever a part of our great group.”

We entered the Rec Center and had to wait to check in, a first for us. Finally Corey appeared and checked us in. He looked very tired.

Kris leaned over and patted Corey’s shoulder, “Too much for ya last night, huh?”

“No! We’re shorthanded today like crazy,” Corey replied.

“Good luck,” Colt said.

We went back to stow away our things before we started working out. Kris had his gloves and went with Colt, Brennan and Alex to hit the big stuff whereas Scott and I went to do our circuits on the machines.

I sat to do some presses, “Scott, I meant to ask you last night but how’s Jess doing?”  I knew Jess had been attacked with Scott going to his aide even though Scott was in a relationship with Hayden.

“He was doing fine and I talked to him this morning.  He’ll be fine.”

“What does Hayden think about you going to see Jess?” I asked straining with my final set.

“He understands or better.  I really hope it works this time for us, Matt.  I would like a relationship and someone to call my own.”

“I hope it does for you and him. I’ll enjoy seeing him more,” I stated and got up with sweat running down my face. We talked more than usual while we worked out but had the time to do so.

Entering our dorm building, Ted, Luke and another guy were exiting. I could see Ted wasn’t walking so great.

“Bro, are you going be okay?” Kris asked.

“I will,” Ted replied in his tee and sweat pants. “By the way, this is Myles. He’s our new roomie this semester.” We all shook the hand of the brown headed guy who was about six one and looked to be rather nicely built but not bulky at all. 

“What happened to the other guys?” Colt asked.

“Let’s just say they’re staying elsewhere,” Luke replied. 

“What position do you play Myles?” Kris asked.

“Safety when I do play,” Myles replied.

“He’ll get his chance next year,” Ted said. “We’ll stop by later. We’ve gotta run to the field house and do a few things.”

“You know where we stay,” Colt said.

We left them and entered our dorm. Alex commented, “You know I told one of my high school friends how great a guy Ted and Luke are but he didn’t believe me. He said all the athletes where he goes are pure pricks and don’t think their shit stinks.”

“I hope you told him Ted and Luke weren’t like that,” Colt said.

“Of course and I had the stuff to prove it,” Alex said as we climbed the stairs.

“We are pretty lucky. I’m sure some on the team are like that,” Kris stated.

“Maybe, but the biggest star on the team isn’t. I guess you saw where he was second team All American this year,” Colt said.

“No shit,” Scott said.

“Colt sent out an all points bulletin when he saw it,” Kris joked.

“Fuck you, asswipes,” Colt stated while we entered the room. “I was proud of him.”

“I was kidding. I’m proud he’s our friend,” Kris said, shucking his shirt. “Damn Matt, from now on turn down the fucking heat in here.”

“I think it was Corey when he got up,” I stated.

“Dude, it’s not that bad. You’re looking for an excuse to show off your body as always,” Brennan stated. “Not that I really blame you either. It is a work of fucking art.”

With lots of after work mixes, we downed them to replenish our bodies. We were kicked back when Shawn came in the room. With a sleeveless shirt on, we could see Shawn had acquired more ink in the form of a sizable one on his right arm.

“Damn bro, your tatt looks fucking kicking,” Kris said.

“Any meaning to that big joker?” Colt asked with a dip in his lip.

“Actually… it’s in memory of my dad,” Shawn replied. “He was killed in Desert Storm near the end.”

“Hmmm… I don’t guess I remember your dad being killed in the line of duty,” Kris said.

“I probably haven’t mentioned it much,” Shawn stated while I did remember him mentioning something when I saw it.

I moved to inspect the Army star with his father’s initials and dates. “It’s really nice.”

“Thanks,” Shawn said.

“Damn, I may have to get another one myself,” Kris said. “I might get one in memory of my brother. Nathan would be proud.”

“He really would,” I stated. 

They all inspected the tattoo before asking Shawn about his holiday. He said he didn’t do a lot. We told him about our adventure to Vegas while Alex and Brennan explained what they did as well. While we were talking, Toni and Bryson came in the room. It was nice to see they were still going strong as ever. Scott was first to leave and said he was heading to see Hayden for a while but said he’d return with Hayden to eat with us.  

After we ate, the ones that had returned were in our room. Bishop had yet to make it back, nor had Garrett. Bryson did state how well he thought Garrett was doing in his ongoing rehab.  

As we were sitting around and catching up with all the guys and girls, Corey came walking in the door. He looked about as exhausted as I had ever seen him. 

“Fucking shit,” were his first words so I knew he wasn’t happy.

“What’s the problem?” Kris asked.

“I worked my ass off today. It seems no one wants to work this semester and about five people aren’t returning by what I was told, and maybe a shit load more,” Corey replied. He went to the fridge and snatched a beer.

“Bro, I’d work there,” Kris stated.

Heads snapped around with Corey about dropping his cold one. “Seriously?” Corey questioned.

“Before I agree, what kind of hours are we talking here?” Kris asked.

“Right now, as many or as few as you want. If you’re serious about this, I’ll call right now and have you working tomorrow,” Corey replied and then took a long swig.

“Actually I was thinking of getting a job this semester…” Kris said.

“Me too,” Colt said quickly. “My dad said anything I could do would be a big help. If Kris hadn’t spoken up first, I’d have asked too but I don’t think it would work out so well with the three of us working together. I’ll find something else.”

“Corey, I do not wanna work weekends. Say fifteen to twenty hours a week would be nice,” Kris said while I was in complete amazement at this revelation.

“Kris, are you sure about this?” Corey asked.

“Well…” he said and seemed to be backtracking. “How about I go and see how I like it.”

“Like it, hell,” Scott said. “I think it’d be perfect for you and Colt.”

Corey walked away on his phone to talk. While he was talking, I walked with him. I didn’t go to be nosey but saw he might welcome a kiss from his boyfriend. I could hear the conversation clearly and knew Kris was about to find out what it was like. Corey hung up his phone and smiled. I pulled him by the back of neck and gave him a long kiss. I could taste the beer fresh on his breath while we kissed.

He pulled away with a smile, “I needed that.”

“I could see you did. So Kris is gonna get to see what it’s like, huh?”

“He is. I hope he can be there tomorrow at 10.”

“He said no weekends,” I reminded him.

“He will be with me so he can tough it out one day.”

We returned to see Joe and Antonio, Alex and Brennan’s new roommates, had joined us. Corey had his arm around my waist and announced, “Kris, how’s tomorrow at 10 sound?”

“Sounds alright, just as long as they don’t get any crazy fucking ideas that I’ll work weekends,” Kris replied.

“What? Are you too good to work weekends?” Antonio asked in his thick Northern accent.

“No dude, he’ll be too hung over any other weekend,” Joe commented.

“I know that’s right,” Kris said. “So it looks like I’m a working guy.”

“I pity you,” Antonio said.

“Sorry, but someone of us need to work,” Colt said. 

“Okay then,” Antonio said. “So what’s the deal with these guys?” He was pointing at Corey and me along with Scott and Hayden who were sitting together and holding hands.

“We’re boyfriends…” Corey said.

“They’re boyfriends,” Kris stated firmly right behind Corey. “Are you cool with that?”

“Sure,” Antonio said. “I have gay friends. I see nothing wrong with it at all.”

“Me too. I love me some gays,” Joe said. 

“Are you gay?” Colt asked.

“Fuck no,” Joe laughed. “You’ll see. I love me some women.”

“All I’ve ever seen him with is white ones too,” Antonio commented.

“I’m not an ass guy so black girls don’t appeal to me,” Joe laughed. I did like his sense of humor.

“You guys care if I grab a beer?” Antonio asked.

“No treat yourself,” Colt said.

Antonio walked over and grabbed two out of the fridge. He returned to his spot. We sat around and tried our best to get to know these new guys. Joe was the only son of five children and was from California, whereas Antonio was from Long Island with an older brother and sister.

Once everyone was gone, except for Andrea, we were able to stretch out a little. Scott, the last to leave, was barely out the door when Kris removed his jeans. Corey and I looked at him. “Andrea doesn’t mind, do ya?” Kris asked.

“No, I love seeing naked guys,” she replied with a smile. Colt began removing her sweater and bra. She took off Colt’s jeans and boxers while Corey and I shed our clothes.

“I see you can’t help it,” Kris laughed.

“Nope,” Colt said. He now was naked, as was Andrea. His pubes were trimmed neatly with Andrea almost shaven. He leaned over to kiss her and ran his hand down to her pussy. They stopped but Colt’s cock was rock hard.

“Boy, I’m still not too fond of Antonio. I’m trying my best to like him,” Kris stated now with a dip in his lip.

“I know what you mean. He’s fucking cocky,” Colt said, reaching for his can.

“Hey, Joe’s pretty cool,” I stated. “I think you may have another player for the basketball team, Kris.”

“Awesome thinking there. Our luck is he is uncoordinated,” Kris stated.

“Dude, being from Cali I bet he can ball,” Corey said.

“He did have some big hands,” Andrea pointed out. “You know what that means?”

“He’s a typical black dude with a dick that hangs down to his knees,” Colt replied. “So Kris, are you serious about working at the Rec Center?”

“I said I’d go and check it out. I’m making no promises,” Kris replied.

“You’ll like it,” Corey said.

“I’m not working no fucked up schedule either,” Kris said.

“Kris, you can’t walk in and say I wanna work one to three Monday and Wednesday,” I said. “If that’s your thinking, don’t even bother going.”

“No I was talking about working ‘til close and on weekends,” Kris said. “I maybe could live with Friday nights since things sometimes don’t get kicking here ‘til after 10.”

“They’ll work with you if you are willing to work,” Corey said. “They have for me so far.”

We talked just a short while longer before Corey and I went to our room with Kris going to his while Andrea and Colt were on the pull out sofa.

As soon as we entered our room, the vibe from Corey told me that having sex may not be on the cards. We stripped down with him getting in bed first. I joined him and began kissing on him.

“Corey, how about another nice massage tonight?” I asked.

He smiled and kissed me, “I’d love it, especially my shoulders. They are so tensed up from all the stress. I just knew a few brews in me would cure that.”

He rolled over on his side exposing his nice muscular back. I kissed between his shoulder blades before running my fingers up and down his spine. Moving upward, my hands found his tense shoulders and neck. As I was gently massaging him he began breathing heavy. It appeared my light massage had done the trick and had him asleep. I kissed his neck before wrapping my arms around him. What a joy it is each time to hold him.

During the night or early morning, I moved to Kris’s old bed since Corey was like sleeping with a bear that night. He was moving all around and jerked the covers off of me more than once. We woke together and shared a quick kiss. Soon, he and Kris were out the door. Andrea was gone too, leaving Colt on the sofa bed.  

I walked out in my new sexy undies for a change. Colt sat up and smiled.

“I don’t know about Kris and Corey working together,” Colt commented.

“They’ll do just fine. I don’t think they’ll be side-by-side per se.”

“I’m dead serious about needing a job too. With Chase coming here next semester…”

“Is that a done deal?” I asked cutting him off.

“I think so unless Tabor can’t make the cut. If Tabor doesn’t all bets are off,” Colt said. “I was saying that Dad said it couldn’t hurt any if I did find a job.”

“Colt, deep down, do you want Chase coming here?”

“Without a doubt in this world, I do. I want him to experience everything I have so far. I know he won’t find friends like I have or anything close to it. I’ll keep saying this probably ‘til I die but I can’t thank you enough for being my friend. We’ve shared so much.”

I smiled, “Not as much as you and Kris have.”

Colt shook his head, “Dude, we’ve had one hell of an experience together. Seriously, I’d die for Kris… matter of fact for each one of you. My dad still can’t past the fact I’m friends with so many gay guys.”

“Well… it’s not like you really are with that many.”

“I’m with the two best gay dudes on this big ole’ earth. He needs to witness what I do every day. I now look at things so differently than I did when I moved in this joint with Bryan. I see people rather than skin color, religion and sexuality.”

“Glad I could be of some help, but Kris is the key.”

He smiled, “He does it with his mouth, but you do with your actions. Other than that little frat fight, you let it slide off you so many times. Now Matt, after going over my schedule, I really need you to be on my ass about studying. If I get pissed off, you remind me the real reason I’m here today.”

“I think we should keep our routine,” I stated. “Kris mentioned something to me about not waiting to the last minute. Now he will be very tested.”

“He will. I can’t wait to see how his day went,” Colt said.    

“Me either,” I said. We laughed at various scenarios that were possible. Colt decided to get out of the bed. Together we removed the sheets and would throw them in the laundry since they were stained with various fluids. 

After Colt showered, he mentioned going out the door that he was off to look and see what was out there for a job. I wished him luck and kicked back. I used the time to call both mom and dad. The conversation with Dad was rather quick since he was doing something at the time. I did get to talk to Mom for a little while. When I brought up that Colt and Kris were getting a job, she flat out told me I had my entire life to work, plus me being here was no worse hardship on her than I would be at home. I thanked her and told her how appreciative I was of her support.

Colt came back after an hour or so with applications in hand. “The market fucking sucks. All that are hiring is fucking shit jobs,” he said in disgust.

“Colt, if nothing appeases you, then go to the Rec Center and get one there.”

“I thought of that but they would think I was doing it to be around them.”

“Maybe some other job on campus will open up. I’d check the internet to see what jobs they had here too,” I said.

“Hmmm… I didn’t even think of that possibility. Surely something will be out there,” he said with the door opening. Together we whipped our head around.

“Bros, it fucking sucked ass,” Kris said.

“You think that sucks then you ought to try finding a job elsewhere,” Colt said and grabbed his applications.

By now, Corey had walked over to me. He leaned over and whispered in my ear, “He loved it.”

“So what sucked about it, Kris?” I asked and hoped he didn’t see Corey whispering in my ear.

“You name it, it sucked!” Kris said.

“Did you have clean shitty toilets?” Colt asked.

“Hell yeah, and worse, I think someone had diarrhea,” Kris said.

“Hmmm… maybe I’m glad I didn’t speak up first,” Colt said and winked at me. “So I guess you’re not going back then, huh?”

“Fuck no,” Kris said, removing his shirt. “Corey can have it!”

“Good then, I’ll go tomorrow and see what it’s like,” Colt said.

“The hell you will! I loved it! It was even better than my summer job!” Kris exclaimed.

“Dude, I knew you were shitting me. I know you too well now,” Colt laughed. 

“Get this. Corey was showing me how the computer system worked to check people in and this hot girl came and asked us if we were the two calendar guys,” Kris stated.

“Yeah, but tell him what one guy said to us,” Corey said. “Oh by the way the calendars are on sale everywhere around campus. They said something about a printing problem was why they weren’t out before. We have them at the Rec Center.”

“That’s awesome. So what did he say?” Colt asked.

“Bro, he asked if Corey and I were boyfriends…” Kris replied.

“I almost got to see Kris’s temper the first day,” Corey said. 

“I was pissed, but hey, we do look good on there. Corey and I even autographed a few,” Kris said.

“Yeah because he made damn sure the girls knew that was him,” Corey laughed.


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