NEW YEAR'S.... Posted Jan 1, 2012

Nothing looked better than finally seeing the lights of Las Vegas as we entered the city in the Stanton’s larger SUV. We had been on the road for over 19 hours and were cranky to say the least. Each of us took our turn at the wheel during the long, boring drive, with Kris getting pulled over though he got away with just a warning. The smell of dip permeated throughout the vehicle with Colt and Kris having countless dips when they weren’t sleeping. 

“About fucking time!” Kris said seeing the neon lights.

“Wow!  Look at that shit!” Scott stated from his back seat.

“This is really something… Look at all the lights,” Corey said in amazement. “Damn, I’ve never seen such…”

“Dudes, they are so lucky that not a one of us is 21…” Colt said driving.

“No, we’re lucky we’re not,” Corey laughed. “We’d come home broke as joke.”

“Fuck that,” Kris said. “My ass is lucky and proved it by not getting a ticket back there.”

“No, I think he was looking for something, and not that you were speeding,” I stated and did feel a twinge of excitement.

“Now, we have to find our motel,” Colt said on this day before New Year’s Eve and Juan’s wedding.

Kris used his iPhone and got the directions. We continued to comment about the lights with Corey showing more excitement than the others, making a slight detour down the main strip to see the massive casinos at this late hour, just after one. After a few turns, we pulled in to the motel and were at least glad to exit the vehicle. Kris checked us in with Scott calling to find Juan, who was staying there as well for this one night.

After Kris returned with our keys, we parked and emptied the vehicle. Juan was standing at the door in his shorts. His broad smile told us how happy he was to see us.

“No pussy for your ass tonight, huh?” Colt stated and laughed.

“Not tonight,” Juan laughed. “It’s getting less all the time with one in the oven so to speak.”

“Is Felicia getting big?” Scott asked.

“She’s just now starting to show. Every day I get that much more excited,” Juan stated. “Man, y’all look exhausted as shit!”

“No kidding!” Colt shouted. “We drove like hell to get here.”

“You don’t know how much I truly appreciate it. It means the world to me that you’re here for me…” Juan said.

“Dude, don’t kid yourself. It was a great excuse to come here and party,” Scott said. 

We stayed out just a few more minutes. We entered our average room and threw our bags on the floor. I did notice there was a door between our room and Juan and Scott’s room.

“Damn, I’m tired,” Corey said. “That was pretty sweet seeing all those lights.”

“Yeah it was. I think we’re all pretty tired but we made it in one piece,” I said.

“We did. Matt, whatever you do, don’t you dare wake us up in the morning,” Kris said stripping off his clothes as we were all doing. “We know you’re an earlier riser.”

“Okay, I’ll be quiet as I can,” I said.   

It wasn’t long before we were in bed. No sooner than the lights were out I began to hear an array of heavy breathing associated with sleeping and not sex. Corey was holding me close and was fast asleep. I was able to see Kris and Colt almost snuggling in the bed next to us. It wasn’t long before my eyes closed and I was off to dreamland.

The next sound I heard was my new iPhone ringing. I didn’t answer it fast enough but immediately heard Kris’s phone ringing. Kris grabbed it and began talking. He didn’t talk long before hanging up.

“We need to get up. It’s already noon and Juan’s getting married in two hours!” Kris stated.

A mad scrabble ensued to shower and dress. Juan had told us earlier to dress in jeans for the occasion which was right up our alley. Naturally, I showered with Corey to make things go faster. It was a struggle but Kris and Colt jumped in the shower together too. We finished in record time and were dressed. Scott came to the room in his low rise jeans and blue Polo shirt while the four of us sported new clothes. He grabbed my phone and snapped a few pictures of us before we headed out the door.

We found something to fill our guts and then proceeded to find the “Little White Chapel”. We were twenty minutes early but found Juan dressed in his tuxedo and looking very handsome. We grabbed a few more pictures with Kris wanting to use his new iPhone.  Now, Colt and Corey were envious of us with all the sweet apps we had downloaded.   Kris went all out and got one of naked girls that Colt loved.

“I won’t lie but I’m a tad nervous about this,” Juan stated after we finished taking pictures.

“It’s a big step, bro,” I said. 

“I know and should be a snap but it ain’t,” Juan stated.

“We’re proud of you and to be here,” Kris stated.

At the time, we entered the chapel and took a seat with Scott being Juan’s best man I looked to see a woman sitting alone on the other side. The traditional wedding song began with Felicia starting down the aisle on what I assumed was her father’s arm. Juan had a big smile, with the minister taking his position.

“That will be you in five years,” Kris whispered to me.

“No, I’m not wearing a dress,” I said. We laughed and had the others staring at us. 

It was her father that gave her away. It was a little sad she didn’t have anyone standing with her until Felicia gestured to her mom to join her. The vows were short, simple and sweet. The entire wedding ceremony took all of five minutes.   

We exited out the chapel and into the small reception area. There we did meet and greet her parents, who were near in age to our parents. As we were waiting to congratulate the new couple, we were summoned back inside. Juan wanted a professional picture done with all of us. 

Finished with the pictures, we went to the reception area and found two bottles of champagne. The bubbly was poured and we toasted the newlyweds. We stood around drinking and getting to know the bride a little more. Juan didn’t lie as there was a small baby bump beneath her simple wedding dress. It was easy to see Kris, Colt and Corey taking advantage of the champagne, whereas Scott and I didn’t have but one glass. It just wasn’t my thing.  

We stayed probably an hour before a limo came to take Juan and Felicia away for their honeymoon. We left the chapel and headed back to the room to ‘game plan’ as Kris called it.

At the motel, Scott got out and announced, “Juan has bought two cases of beer as his way of saying thanks to us.”

“Well hell yeah,” Colt said. “Bring it on.”

Scott brought the beer and sat it in our room. We sat on the bed to talk and start drinking a little.

“Remind me not to come here for a wedding,” Scott said. “It was sad that it was just us and her parents.”

“I agree,” I said. 

“You and Corey’s ass can’t get married here just yet,” Colt said. “Gay marriage isn’t legal.”

“Still, I wouldn’t want it that way,” Corey said. “The reality of the matter is that Matt and I may have to travel if that day ever comes.”

“When,” Kris said, “not if, but when. I don’t know if I’d want it like this either. I wanna have a big blowout…”

“Me too, and get so fucking wasted I can’t even fuck my bride,” Colt laughed. “How funny would that shit be?”

“Or be like Juan where the bride is already pregnant,” Scott said. “I do admire him for marrying her though. He could have just been the daddy and not married her. There are tons out there that do that shit.”

“I know,” Corey said. “Mom said my biological father was long gone once I was born.”

“I forgot that, Corey. Sorry I brought that up,” Scott said.

“No, I’m glad Juan did marry her. Larry was a fine father to me nonetheless,” Corey stated.

“Alright, what’s the plan?” Colt said. “I’m itching to go and check things out on the strip.”

“I guess that’s the plan then,” Kris said.

“Yeah, I wanna see it all while I have the chance,” Corey stated. “Everything is so damn big here.  It’s unreal.”

“We’re getting in a casino today and dropping some coins in a few slot machines,” Scott said.

“We will, but what if we win big?” Corey asked.

“Then we’re fucked,” Kris said. Kris for some reason was not as energetic as I imagined he would be. That pep was gone when he talked.

We headed out the door and decided to walk down to the strip. We were all dressed nicely and looked like five average college boys who took pride in how we looked but couldn’t afford to dress expensively.  We took a beer or two along with us to drink along the way. 

I walked along and caught up with Kris. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I guess so,” he replied.

“No, you’re not,” I said.

“You read me like a fucking book and always have. What if I never get that chance to get married?” Kris pined.

“Get real,” Colt said.

“No, what if that special someone never comes my way. It could happen,” Kris stated.

“Dude, think of me,” Scott said. “Better yet, think of Corey and Matt. They may never have the opportunity to get married. I can see all of us hitched one day though.”

“Scott, what will the sex of yours be?” Kris asked as we crossed a street.

“I hope a girl, but you never know,” Scott replied, crossing the street.

“Fucker!” Colt yelled and was almost hit in the intersection. “Rude motherfucker!”

Passing a small casino, Scott stopped us. “Y’all wanna give it a try?”

“Hell yeah, I wanna try it. I’m aching to see inside one of these bad boys,” Corey replied.

We entered the hotel to the sound of the slots. Quickly we were told we couldn’t bring alcohol in to the building. We drank up and finished them off. That was all that was said to us with no mention of an ID. We walked around before Scott was first to put a quarter in a machine. He lost it in his first attempt. We pulled out our money and found a machine to change our bills into quarters. I started with ten and that would be my limit.

Corey and I walked around a little bit with the smell of stale cigarette smoke lingering in the air. We found some slots that looked fine and took a seat. Kris, Colt and Scott found us and grabbed a seat as well. 

“Let’s see who can win the most with ten bucks,” Colt said.

“Wow, we’re really big spenders,” Scott joked with us laughing.  

We deposited our money and saw there was no need to exchange our bills, but oh well. We started hitting the buttons and watching the wheels spin around with great hope. Corey was the first winner, if you call winning five bucks a winner. Then Colt hit a winner for ten dollars.

“Now I know what a rush Bryson gets,” Scott stated. “This is pretty sweet.”

The cocktail waitress came around and took our drink orders. Scott and I ordered water while the other three took a beer. After she was gone, I finally hit a small winner followed by Kris. We got our drinks just in time before our money was starting to run out. Scott was first to lose his ten, then it was me. Kris was next and still wasn’t feeling it. We stood around with Colt and Corey actually winning money. Corey got to his original investment and cashed out. Colt was hitting the buttons like crazy.

“Hurry up, bro,” Kris said.

“This shit is fun!” Colt stated and was up to thirty five dollars.

“It’s not when you’re losing,” Kris said.

“Stop being such an asshole,” Colt said.

Kris walked away with a scowl on his face. I walked over to him with him leaning on a machine. “Kris, whatever is bothering you, put it behind you for now. We’re here to have fun. When our leader is having a down day, it brings us all down with him.”

“I’m trying, but I’m dog ass tired,” Kris said.

“Then let’s go back to the room for a nap,” I stated.

“I’ll be a trooper and tough it out. I really do hate feeling like this. I just knew I’d be bouncing off the walls but I’m not.”

“It happens,” I said. “Try and put on a good face for all of us. You’re ruining what promises to be a great time.”

Kris managed a smile, “I will.” He walked over and saw Colt, Corey and Scott walking our way. “So how much did the lucky bro win?”

“Twenty two and quarter,” Colt replied. “So what’s your fucking deal today?”

“I don’t know but from this point we’re enjoying this place or else,” Kris replied.

We headed out of the casino with Colt being richer for the experience. I could see Kris mumbling to himself and shaking his big veiny arms while we walked.  We walked a few more blocks until coming up the strip. We five college guys were in complete awe of our surroundings. The casinos were massive and screamed untold amounts of money. Corey was looking all around and still in awe of being there. Truth was I was too but didn’t show it like he did.

“Guys, you do know we can gamble in those Indian casinos just across the border?” Corey said.

“We can?” Kris said and was showing more life.

“Whatever you do, don’t tell Bryson. He’d live there,” Scott stated. 

“Hell, I might if I keep winning,” Colt stated. 

We were among a mass of people doing the exact same thing as we were. We walked a few long blocks to the Planet Hollywood Casino and took a seat just off the sidewalk. The people-watching was incredible. We were nudging each other when a weird person, or, in Kris and Colt’s case, a hot girl. I swear we were getting looks as well. The array of people was astounding with every shape, size, age and nationality walking by us. We did get up after a short rest and walked into the mall housed behind us. All we could do was look at the items, though I was aching to spend cash on some nice looking clothes.  

We walked around the strip a little longer before retreating back to our room just after dark. Kris was with Corey and me while Colt and Scott went to Scott’s room. Not long after we were in the door, Kris was asleep on top of his bed while Corey was about there too. I sat and watched them sleep but did step out to call Mom to inform her we were doing okay. I felt bad for not doing it earlier but I was caught up in what we were doing and it had escaped my mind. 

After each finished their naps, they appeared primed and ready for what this last night of the year held for us. There was a loud banging on the door between our rooms. Kris opened it to see Colt standing there with his turned backwards and a beer in his hand with Scott standing behind him. Kris grabbed one and announced they were shotgunning them. Corey grabbed one as well and was right there with them. Scott was like me and this wasn’t his idea of drinking. So far, Scott hadn’t even mentioned weed, so maybe he was really cutting back. Scott gave the signal while I watched the three turn up the beer. Half of Colt’s was running down the side of his mouth. Kris nudged out Corey in pounding them on the small table in our room.

“Whew that felt good,” Kris said. “Colt, you know what you and I need to do to get the New Year started off right, don’t ya?”

“Yeah, get really fucked up,” Colt replied and finally wiped his mouth.

“You got part of it right. We need to fuck some real pussy,” Kris said loudly.

“Not on your life,” Colt said.

“Bro, we would never tell,” Kris said and threw his arm around Colt. 

“Yeah, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,” Corey said.

“We’ll see, but don’t count on it. We are fixin’ to get drunk though,” Colt said.

“We will,” Kris said. “And get laid if I have anything to do with it.”

“Kris, what about me over here? I’m not opposed to picking up girls for sex,” Scott stated.

“Hmmm… bro, you might have something there. Stick by me just in case, since Colt’s ass won’t do it,” Kris stated, rubbing the stubble on his chin.

We put our heads together with Kris using his phone to map out our route for the night. We knew if nothing else we would be on the strip at the stroke of midnight and go from there.  

We left our room and began walking towards the strip. I was thankful I was among three very well built guys as protection. We walked along and could see the vast number of people ascending on the strip to enjoy this night. Once on the strip we crossed over to go down the side we hadn’t strolled along before.

Reaching the Bellagio, we stood and gazed as the magical waters did their thing. While watching, I felt an arm go over my shoulder. I turned and smiled at Corey. I couldn’t resist and leaned over for a short sweet kiss. Among the multitude of people, we were just two in the crowd. Our friends saw us kiss and smiled back at us. We did snap a few pictures while we were there.

Our next destination was finding food that wasn’t overpriced or crowded. It became quite the journey to do so this night. We did find somewhere but had to wait for a few minutes. It gave us a break to get off our feet. 

After we ate, which did take some time, we ventured back out on the street. When we came out, the street was closed to vehicular traffic to accommodate all the visitors like ourselves.

“Bros, I’m aching to drink out here. Everywhere I turn people are toting beers or frozen drinks,” Kris stated as we were walking.

“Let’s give it a try,” Corey said.

“First place y’all find, buy it,” Colt stated.

It wasn’t long before Kris had spotted a place that sold beer. Without a thought, he stepped inside with Corey while the three of us waited outside among the crowds. Soon the two returned and had scored. We laughed at the big smiles on their faces. 

We proceeded down and now were part of the crowd with Colt, Corey and Kris drinking like so many others. They did look older than some we encounter toting drinks so I had no fear of the repercussions. We walked a little further down and found a spot to stop and enjoy the view. I saw a nice benefit to my phone and was taking tons of pictures that looked to be of decent quality.

As the hour grew near, we walked closer to our hotel so our walk back wouldn’t be as long. We ducked in a few shops but gave up with so many people. Kris did grab more drinks and had his jean pockets filled. We found a nice spot while we had the chance with an hour to go before the big show. Scott and I now were beginning to partake in the drinking. After a little while, Kris pulled out a pack of smokes. He, Colt and Scott lit them up. It was odd seeing them do so and I only recall seeing Kris smoke one time before.  

As the moment approached, we were near our hotel but on the main street. A crowd of people, which is putting it lightly, was stretched out as far as the eye could see. In unison, the countdown began. When we hit zero, Corey grabbed me for a passionate kiss. Kris grabbed Colt for a kiss then Scott. We weren’t alone as various same sex people were kissing. I stood with Corey’s big arm draped around my waist to view the fireworks. The show was stunning and longer than any Fourth of July spectacular I had ever witnessed. 

With the haze of smoke surrounding us, we began heading towards our room though it was still relatively early. 

“No way are we going to the room,” Kris said. “The night is still young.”

“And girls to conquer,” Scott added.

“Okay,” Corey conceded. 

“If you and Matt wanna go to the room, then go,” Kris said.

“Nah, we’re fine and can hang a little longer,” I stated.

We continued walking. Kris turned up the last of a small bottle, with Colt fighting him for a last drink. So far, they really hadn’t drank that much and were holding up pretty well. Corey decided to stop and not ruin our night later on.

We stepped in the doors of a crowded strip casino without a worry. We walked around and took in the surroundings before Kris pulled out a twenty and put it in a machine. We stood around and watched while he hit the buttons and hoped for the best. Four hits later, he hit something. We were yelling and mixed in with the excitement in the casino. He had won what amounted to fifty bucks. 

“Cash out… cash out,” Colt said. “Take the money and run.”

“Why? I was just getting started,” Kris said and was looking at his machine. “I’ll stop when I get down to forty.”

Kris reveled in being the center of attention. We watched him hit the buttons but to no avail. Down to forty one dollars, he hit the buttons and crossed his fingers. “Fuck yeah!  Another twenty!” Kris screamed. “I could get addicted to this shit!”

“Bro, calm down just a little before we cause undue attention our way,” I said under my breath.

“Matt’s right you know,” Scott said with two very attractive girls passing by. It caught Scott’s attention. The two took a seat three machines down and looked back at us.

“There we go,” Kris said quietly and hit the button again. He did it one more time before Scott was nudging him in the side. Kris cashed out and grabbed his printed ticket out of the machine. “Corey, go cash this out for me.”

“Why me?” Corey asked.

“Come on,” I said, pulling at his shirt. “They have bigger things on their minds.”

We walked away with Corey looking back over his shoulders, “Definitely bigger things, four of them to be exact.”

“That’s what I was talking about,” I said.

Corey cashed the ticket without a problem. We returned to find the three gathered near the girls. Corey handed the cash to Kris, who quickly stuffed the bills in his jeans. We walked away and let them be. 

As we were checking things out, I felt a tug on my arm and looked to see Colt. “Let’s get the fuck out of here before I do some crazy shit.”

“What about…” Corey started to ask.

“Oh they think they’re gonna get lucky,” Colt said, “Fucking Scott of all people.”

“I’m a little worried about them,” I said.

“Hell, they’re big boys,” Corey said. “They can handle themselves.”

“I know,” I said. We exited the casino and made the trek to our hotel. Our room never looked better. We stripped down to nothing.

“Dudes, you have no worries about me. Fuck all you want and ignore me,” Colt said, looking rather hot standing there naked.

“We might do that,” Corey said who is always so damn hot to me when he’s naked. “My plan was to get eight hard inches up my ass tonight.”

“Andrea would be proud of you,” I said.

“I guess so, but why the fuck do I have to have a girlfriend?”

“Look at it this way. You sacrificed one night for many more nights. Not that any of us would have said a word if you had,” Corey said.

“I can be at peace with it,” Colt said. “Y’all know tonight was pretty fucking sweet though, other than the fact Kris rammed his goddamn tongue in my mouth.”

Corey and I laughed. “It was pretty wicked. I’m glad I’m here. It’s just another part of our college life we’ll always remember,” I said.

“We are pretty damn lucky,” Colt said, getting his bed. “Dudes, don’t get too loud over there, okay?”

“We’ll try not to but excuse me if I moan too loud. I just love getting fucked,” Corey said.

“Night,” Colt said, turned off the light and rolled away from us.

We did wait until we heard Colt breathing very hard in a deep sleep. Once we were in the clear, we did our very best to remain quiet. I knew the only sure way was to have my lips pressed on his while we made love. Something about fucking in a new environment did make it hot and special. Even though we couldn’t let out our feelings aloud, it was still great being inside of Corey’s hot ass and making love to him as long as I could withhold the onrush of my intense orgasm.   

Once complete with Corey shooting off down my throat, we lay and enjoyed the bliss of our sex. He wrapped his arm around my bare waist and grabbed my flaccid cock. He whispered, “Give me something big to hold while I sleep.”

“It’s all yours, babe,” I whispered before we kissed one final time for the night.

I woke the next morning with the sheets barely on my naked body. I glanced over to see Colt staring back at me.

“Y’all were so quiet,” Colt said.

“We were,” I said.

“Did you even get ya some of Corey?”

“You bet I did,” I said.

“Damn, the shit I’d do if Andrea was in the fucking bed with me right now. You’d see some love making… no just straight out fucking,” he chuckled. “Now I wonder if Kris and Scott got laid last night.”

“Oh I’m sure they’ll give you all the details,” I said with Corey waking and kissing me on the neck.

We lay there for a few minutes talking. Colt did make his way to the bathroom giving Corey and I a chance for some morning lip time. Colt was no more out of the bathroom until we heard a banging on the door between rooms. Colt walked over and opened it. Kris was standing there naked with Scott right behind him.

“Get your asses up. We play in an hour,” Kris said.

“Yeah, we’re hungry,” Scott said. “We can’t live on all that pussy we ate last night.”

“I know that shit’s right,” Kris said and high fived Scott.

“Dudes, I don’t wanna hear about your night,” Colt said.

“Fuck that shit, bro. You are and can be the only one here to appreciate the good hard fucking we gave those two fine ass ladies,” Kris stated.

“Colt, Angie was all over Kris’s ass…”

“Yeah, Dedra wanted her some Scott dick last night,” Kris said.

“Really?” I asked. “I think I smell a pile of bullshit!”

Kris jumped up and down. “Fuck! I told you, Scott. Matt always knows when I’m lying.”

“I have my keys, but I’ll keep them to myself for now,” I said, but knew Kris never looked anyone in the eye when he was lying or, in this case, joking with us.

“Hey, it wasn’t for the lack of trying,” Scott said.

Colt smiled, “So you two struck the fuck out?”

“We did, but we tried like hell,” Kris said. “I just knew I was gonna start the year off with a bang.” He made a fucking motion with his hips with his cock flopping as he did so.

“About the only bang you’d got is from Scott,” Colt said.

“Hey, at least I didn’t have a threesome with Matt and Corey,” Kris fired up.

“The fuck he did,” Corey said.

“What did y’all do, pass out?” Kris said.

Corey made me move and pulled back the sheets to reveal a huge cum stain. “Does that answer your question?”

“Fuck!” Scott exclaimed.

“Matt, you get dressed and run grab us a bite while we get ready to watch some football,” Kris demanded.

“If you’re hungry, you run and get it,” I said.

“We’ll go,” Corey said.

Then we all argued, if you want to call it that, with Kris and Scott leaving in the end. Colt turned on the TV while Corey and I went to shower for the day. We returned with Colt jumping in the shower while he had the opportunity. Kris and Scott returned with some food, mostly chicken sandwiches with the beer we still had to wash it down.

We sat watching and enjoying a cold one on the beds. We cheered when our team did well and cussed when things didn’t go just right. With about five minutes to go in the first half, tragedy struck. The cameras showed a player down grabbing his right knee. 

“It appears to be All American linebacker Ted Wilcox,” the television announcer stated. 

“Come on, Ted, get up and run off the field,” I said hopeful.

“Damn,” Kris said while we watched teammates carry Ted to the sidelines. “There goes that.”

“We have a chance if they will step up,” Colt said. “This really sucks though.” It was no more out of his mouth when his phone started ringing. While Colt was talking to Chase, they announced Ted was being carted off to the dressing room. My heart sank when they showed my friend in pain being taken to the dressing room.

Our team didn’t react well to Ted’s injury and let the other team score right before halftime. We were down ten and had played very well against stiff competition. 

Before Kris could take control of the remote, Colt’s quick move grabbed it. Kris was in a playful mood and jumped on top of him to try to wrestle the remote away from him. We watched them wrestle around naked on the bed until Kris jumped off with sweat running down his face.

Once the second half started, our team decided to come out and play with the news on Ted not being great. We tied the score before the end of the third quarter and went on from there to win by two touchdowns. Needless to say, the victory made us very excited, plus a few brews in us didn’t hurt either.

“Matt, call Reese and have him call us with the first word he hears about Ted,” Colt said.

“I could do that. I know he’s there at the game,” I said and grabbed my phone. He answered his and was excited about the victory. He didn’t know a thing yet about his uncle but promised to call when he or his Dad got word. I told them what Reese said to satisfy their curiosity about my conversation.

We left the room and were intent on making it a full night since it was our last one here. The weather couldn’t have been any more perfect with Corey and Scott wearing shorts for the night. 

We walked down the street and went back inside the first casino we found. I walked with Corey and found some machines that looked to be winners. Corey had a big smile on his face, as he had the entire trip. We deposited our bills in the machines while the other three were walking around. Before I knew it, Corey had hit on his slot machine. It was for fifty bucks, while my luck was zilch. It wasn’t too long before my twenty was given to the casino. Corey was still playing and really enjoying his luck. Once he got to sixty bucks, he cashed out, being a forty dollar winner. We walked around until finding the three stuck back in a corner at some poker machines. It was funny seeing Kris smoking while he was playing the machines.

“Dudes, I hit the big time, forty fucking bucks!” Corey stated.

“Wow, with that much, you can buy us dinner,” Kris laughed.

“It’s better than losing,” Corey said.

“I know that shit’s right. I fucking quit!” Scott said. “I haven’t hit shit here.”

Once Kris and Colt lost all their money, we headed back onto the street. We turned and went a different way to see a few casinos we hadn’t seen before. It was still amazing to view these buildings and admire the size of them. We took our time and did play a few slots while in one, with Scott finally winning a little money to appease him. 

As we were on the strip, Reese did call and give us the news.  He said Ted had just twisted his knee and would be okay.   We were all relieved and happy to hear it wasn’t that bad.

That night I swear we must have walked five miles. We took in everything there was to see. I got lots of great pictures along the way with my camera and phone. At midnight, we decided to call it a night with the long drive home staring us in the face.

Walking back, Corey spoke up, “Hey, I would sure appreciate it if Matt and I could be alone tonight.”

“That didn’t stop your ass last night,” Colt said.

“True, but please… I’ll start the driving in the morning,” I said.

“You’re doing that anyway since you’re the early bird around here,” Kris stated. “I guess we could let you two have one night alone.”

“Thanks,” I said.

“Scott, don’t get any wild ideas,” Colt said.

Scott smiled, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas…”

“So far nothing has really happened,” Corey said as we neared our hotel.

“Not yet,” Scott smiled.

We bid them good night and did have the room alone. After a shower to really get us in the mood for romance, we came in to the vacant room. Corey tossed me playfully on the bed. “Babe, tonight is all ours.”

“It sure is,” I said.

We took our slow sweet time with each other and enjoyed kissing, licking and touching each other all over. Finally, I was on my back with my legs wide open after lots of oral sex and one fine rim job. Corey slid his thick cock inside me and made me shiver all over with the thrill of having him fuck me. We started out slowly and enjoyed the sensation of our sex. I began moaning and groaning with each deep plunge until hearing their bed hit the wall. It was just once and didn’t stop us from continuing. 

I rolled to my side while Corey wrapped his big strong arms around me. He began fucking me with such passion. Our lips meet and continued to stay glued together until I shot my load hands free. The pleasure of such a great orgasm caused Corey to bust deep inside of me. We felt so close and loved each other.

It wasn’t our only sex of the night. Corey wouldn’t be happy unless I was deep inside of him. He was becoming such a fantastic bottom, but should be with as much as we enjoyed sex. Once we finished, we commented on how quiet the three guys were. It wasn’t long before we both fell asleep in each other’s arms. 

I was awake at seven but knew we needed to hit the road. I showered the fastest I ever had before waking Corey. I did have to knock more than once to get the three up. Finally we checked out of the motel with me manning the wheel. I was the only one awake when I saw Vegas fade in to the distance but was smiling. It had been a fun trip and would add to my great memories of my days in college.  

I hope you enjoyed this chapter.   There will be a few more stories by Big D and Andy before the next semester begins.  Hope everyone will have a great 2012!!!