Mom was busy in the kitchen and was scurrying around like crazy. Watching her made me jittery but I knew she delighted in her cooking and always had, though you couldn’t tell by either one of us.

“Mom, slow down,” I stated.

“Matt, there’s so much to do and so little time,” she said with her nasty apron thrown around her waist.

“Nothing makes you happier than cooking.”

She stopped, “No, maybe having you here while I have the chance. I savor the moments while I can. Besides, I’m prepping a little for our meal tomorrow.”

“I know nothing I can say will change your mind.”

I went to the living room and turned on the TV. I was flipping stations and laughed to myself at how I used to get so mad at Kris for doing the exact thing I was doing, but I was alone so it was justified. I know the stations deliver what the audience wants but every one doesn’t have to have Christmas themes or show “A Christmas Story” or “Miracle on 34th Street” on a continuous loop.

After finding something to watch, I heard a car drive up and glanced out the window to see Vince and VJ getting out the car. I waited and opened the door with Vince’s arms filled with four well-wrapped presents. I took a few from him and together we placed them under the tree. It did make the tree look a little fuller.

VJ, in his black hoodie, sat down on the couch with his head lowered. I continued to watch TV while Vince went to see Mom.  

“How’s it going?” I asked and knew I had to initiate the conversation.

“Same old, same old,” VJ replied in his quiet tone.

“We can watch whatever you want.”

“This is fine.”

We sat with the TV going until Mom announced our meal was ready. It consisted of a beef roast with all the fixings to accompany it. Vince led us in a prayer before I dug in. Vince dominated the conversation at the table but I didn’t mind at all since my mouth was generally full.

After Mom cleaned up the dishes from a fine meal, with Vince chipping in where needed, we gathered in the living room.

VJ found a present and handed it my way. I looked at it before Vince told me to open it. I tore into the box with all eyes glued upon me. Inside laid a nice pair of jeans that I knew were rather pricey. I checked the size and saw they were my size.

“Hold em up, Matt, so we can see them,” Mom said.

I reached in and held up the jeans. Wait… staring at me was an Apple box. My heart skipped a beat. “Oh my God!”

“What is it?” Mom asked with Vince smiling at me.

“No way!” I said and grabbed the new phone. “Vince, this is way too much!”

“I noticed your old phone at Thanksgiving. You need to be keeping up in the world,” Vince said. 

I stood and gave him a very thankful hug. “Thank you so very much.”

“You’re more than welcome. If you have any questions, ask VJ. He knows all about them,” Vince said. “Remember, in a day or so, turn off your old one but you’ll still have the same number.”

“Oh I will… I will,” I said with excitement, but tried to taper it a little to not show how thrilled I was. 

I watched them open the other gifts while trying not to look at my new phone. Mom got some very nice things from Vince. I wasn’t sure if there was some other meaning behind it but could see how thrilled she was with a new mixer and nice jewelry. VJ did crack a smile when Mom gave him her present of an Apple gift card.  

I carried my gift and sat on my bed. Soon VJ came knocking at my door.

“I know who sent you,” I said. “Bro, you are really gonna have to show me all the ins and outs of this bad boy.”

He smiled, “I will.” He took out his phone and showed me the key basics. Quickly I could see many uses for it and it could act as a second camera. “Matt, how come you are gay?” he asked out of the blue.

The question wasn’t a shocker to me. “VJ, maybe the best way I can explain it to you is that I like guys. You like girls, right?”

“Of course, love em.”

“To me they are nice to look at but that’s it. Guys to me are like girls are to you. I love ‘em and am attracted to them. Is that what you meant?” I knew he was sixteen but didn’t want to go any further than that with him even though I knew all about sex at his age.

“I guess so,” he said.

“I take it you don’t have any gay friends?”

He smiled, “Nope, but you’re cool. I really would love to have my ears pierced one day, and maybe get a tattoo too.”

I lifted up my shirt to show my tattoo of stars at my waist. “Like this?”

“Freaking sweet, dude,” VJ said with his first sign of any emotion.

“Your day will come. Most of my friends in college have them,” I stated.

“I have two friends that have them, but Dad won’t let me,” VJ said.

“That’s understandable.”

Finding a little common ground we were able to carry on a conversation. It was nice hearing him talk for a change. We talked and played with my phone until Vince came to the door saying it was time to leave. I thanked Vince again and told him how much I appreciated it. Once they were gone, Mom found me playing with my phone. She said it was all Vince’s idea that she signed off on. She too was amazed with all it could do with just the basics.  

After Mom left me for the night, I called Corey to chat with him. I told him about my phone but didn’t brag about it. He was happy for me and was sure I would use it. We talked and finalized our plans for the next day. He was coming after eating with his family to spend time with me. I fell asleep that night after transferring my numbers to my new phone.

I woke about 8:30 on Christmas morning. Mom smiled seeing me come out in my boxers. “Matthew, I can tell how much you’ve grown up. Even as a teenager, you’d wake me up so you could open your presents.”

“I’m still pretty excited about Christmas,” I said and kissed her cheek.

As tradition, we wrapped each gift individually as to spread them out and give us more to open. I remember one year buying her a cosmetic kit and wrapping each thing separately. I did have my new phone to try out the quality on the pictures. I took a few with us opening gifts. I did the best I could for her and didn’t have a clue what she needed. She did so awesome for me with some new undies that were a little sexy along, with some jeans and two shirts. She threw in a few gift cards at places to eat that were near our campus. She waited until the end to give me a nice Apple gift card so I could download music and apps, along with a case to carry my new phone in so it wouldn’t get damaged.

After opening our gifts, she went to the kitchen to make strawberry pancakes and bacon, another Christmas tradition. I loved the pancakes and ate plenty. I did help cleaning our mess until she shooed me away. 

In my room, I began trying on the two shirts. I could tell they were a little tight but really looked hot on me. Then came the new undies. They were bikinis with the sides missing. I tried them on and delighted seeing my bulge accentuated in them. I snapped a picture for Corey to see even though he would probably like them better off me. I returned wearing a new shirt and jeans to show Mom.

“They’re a little tight on you, don’t you think? We can exchange them,” Mom said.

“No, they’re perfect to me. They really show my body off.”

Mom chuckled, “Never thought you say that, but it does show off your handsome body.”

“Exactly, Corey will love it.”

“He loves everything about you, Matt.”

“Just like Vince does with you… Mom, how serious are you getting with him?”

Mom sat me down, “Matt, I’ve really been thinking he’s very serious about us. I just don’t know…”

“Mom, whatever you do, forget that I’m in the equation. You look so happy with him…”

“I am, but I know any day…” she said.

“Just remember how long you were single. If you think in your heart that he’s the one, then by all means go for it. You have my full approval.”

“There’s more than your approval. We both have kids. I still have you to worry about.”

“In three years, I’ll be on my own. I can sacrifice a little between now and then to have you happy and content. I’ll manage no matter what happens. I actually was able to talk with VJ last night.”

“I may be putting the cart before the horse.”

“Maybe you weren’t. You wanted my approval when that day comes and he pops the question.”

She smiled, “I guess you’re right. There’s no way I’d even think about it if you didn’t approve. Sure I may be in love with Vince now, but you’ll always be first in my life, just as VJ is first in Vince’s life. That’s what happens after a divorce.”

After we talked a little more, Kris called me. He had the bright idea of Mom, Corey and I coming over for dinner. I knew Mom wouldn’t be thrilled with the idea after having stuff ready. He insisted on talking to Mom so I handed her my phone. Kris must have put on the charm for Mom liked the idea. We could combine meals as one.

I was beginning to grow impatient waiting on Corey. He did call about half way but still I longed to see the face of my dear boyfriend. Hearing a car about 5:30, I raced to the door and saw his car. I ran out and greeted him with a kiss.

“That’s a great present,” Corey said.

“You being here is my present. Christmas is about being around the ones you love,” I said and clung to the arm of his new jacket.

He gathered his things out of the back before we headed inside. Mom walked up and kissed him on the cheek with our arms full. He sat down a few presents even though we had agreed not to overdo it. 

“Kris wants us all to eat over at his house,” I stated.

“Not surprising,” Corey commented with a chuckle.

“So shall we wait to open gifts?” I asked.

“We can do it now,” Mom replied. “It’ll only take a few minutes.”

“True, but we know Kris,” I stated.

Corey handed me two small boxes while I handed him my present. Together we opened our gifts. His gifts to me were a bracelet and some underwear. My gifts to him were sexy underwear and lifting gloves. We laughed seeing how we had given almost the same gifts to each other. Mom’s gift to Corey was a nice long sleeve tee while he gifted her with a bath gift set. Corey removed his shirt and pulled Mom’s gift over his head while I put his bracelet around my right wrist. I noticed some new earrings adorning his ears when he did so. Mom was gathering our food and walked in on us sharing a long wet kiss. 

“That never gets old seeing my son showing love to his boyfriend,” Mom commented.

“Thanks Linda. I do appreciate it,” Corey said. “Now let us carry out that stuff. We didn’t bust our butt with the weights for nothing.”

Corey and I grabbed our food and headed out to the car. I drove us over to Kris’s house.

Kris was in a workout shirt with the sleeves and sides removed when we drove up. He greeted us with a Merry Christmas before helping out. We carried in the food and saw there would be plenty to feast upon. 

“Let’s eat. I’m starving!” Kris stated.

“Give us just a second while we set it up, son,” Jenny said. “You guys can exchange gifts while we wait.”

Corey dropped his head, “Kris, I didn’t even think…”

Kris patted Corey’s shoulder, “No worries, bro, like I give a shit! Matt, what did Santa bring you?”

“Oh, you know, the normal stuff,” I said.

“You got a phone!” Corey said. “You haven’t even shown it to me.”

I pulled it out of my pocket and showed it to them. 

“Great! Really great, now we won’t be able to tell the difference between your phones,” Kris said. “I got an iPhone too.”

“Man, I feel so left out, but I know what I can buy with all that cash I raked in this semester,” Corey said.

Kris handed me my gift while I handed his to him. My gift was another Apple gift card where I got Kris a workout shirt, shorts and gloves. He laughed seeing me open mine and said a little birdie told him what I needed. Kris’s gift to Corey was a nice shirt.

The adults beckoned us to eat. We didn’t need to be told twice and walked quickly to devour the ham, potatoes, corn and beans. After having a few desserts, Kris wanted us to go to his room where we could be alone. We opened the door with stuff scattered everywhere but did get to see all his Christmas presents. He reached around and pulled out a big bottle of whiskey.

“Kris, I’m driving tonight so not a drop for me,” I said.

He found some plastic cups and poured some in two. He handed one off to Corey. “Sorry you’re driving,” Kris said. He turned it up and downed it in one drink. He wiped his lips. “Good shit right there. Matt, has Corey mentioned…”

“No, I was waiting until tonight,” Corey said quietly and looking at me.

“You know I went back to school last week? Corey was there and it just happened, bro,” Kris said, looking at me.

“You two fucked?” I asked.

“Not technically,” Corey smiled deviously.

“What does that mean?”

“We used our toys instead of our dicks. Kris looks so hot with a dildo in his ass,” Corey smiled.

“Oh, I know,” I smiled back. “I saw him do the same thing just before we left for the holiday.”

Corey moved around and threw his arm around me, “It was hot, but you know who really loves you.”

Kris laughed, pouring more in his cup, “Well, Corey did a little role playing toward the end where he got Colt’s cowboy hat and pretended to be Colt while he rode me, using my dick as the reins!”

I laughed thinking about that image, “I’m cool with it,” I said. “Is there anyone else, Corey?”

“No! Fuck no!” Corey said.

“Hey, it was just oral, right? To me it’s no biggie,” I stated.

“Yeah it was. Thanks,” Corey said and kissed me.

“Guys, I’ve been fucking nuts though these past few weeks. I really am thinking I’m seriously bi,” Kris said.

“Why’s that?”

“I’ve been with both recently. Hell, since coming home for some fucking odd reason, my ass has been horny as fuck,” Kris said. 

“You’re bored without all of us around you. Idle minds do stupid shit,” I said.  

The door opened. Walt poked his head inside, “Are y’all okay?”

“Yeah dad, we’re perfectly fine. We’re talking about our trip next week.”

“Good thing Matt is going with ya or else I’d be leery with you and Colt,” Walt said.

“Dad, thanks for the vote of trust there. I appreciate that,” Kris said smartly.

“Well, you’re welcome to join us,” Walt said.

“We might later,” Kris said with Walt closing the door.

“Do we know the guys you’ve been with?” Corey asked with Walt now gone.

“Maybe… I just get so horny and whether it’s a guy or a girl, if I’m close with someone, right now I just feel like I wanna fuck them,” Kris replied.

“Kris, are you going crazy?” I asked.

“Matt, I may be. Bros, I’m begging you right here and now don’t let me do anything stupid on the trip. Yeah we might drink but I really don’t need to get with Colt. Hopefully one of us will pass out before anything happens.”

“Kris, you really need to show a little restraint there,” I said.

“I know that but I can’t fucking do it. I try and my damn dick has other thoughts. Fuck, I love me some sex and now with both.”

“We love sex too,” Corey said and held me close.

“You two are different. I wouldn’t worry one thing about it if I was in a relationship. Seriously, my goal next semester is to find a girl… hopefully not a guy… that my ass can be in a relationship with. I need to settle down and grow the fuck up.”

We kept talking and could see Kris’s indecision about his sexuality and how it was tormenting him. I guess since he had time alone his mind began working in overdrive to confuse him that much more, whereas I thought we had the issue settled for good at school. It didn’t help that he had others willing to get naked with him and go at it like animals. He was pretty irresistible with his great looks and his personality. 

We left the room and joined the adults. Walt bragged on Kris’s grades. He wanted to thank me but I told him Kris put his mind to it and did it. Kris wasn’t thankful I said that since it did show he was capable of more than what his grades shown. I did tell them I missed all A’s again but it was French where I got the B. Corey managed a respectable 3.0 which made him rather proud. Walt and Jenny did speak of Nathan more than I had ever heard before and stated how smart Nathan was in school. Kris seemed at ease over the discussion and talked about his love for his brother, along with showing Mom their picture.

We listened to the concerns about our trip but they began to rationalize that we weren’t kids anymore. We started joking about the next year, when in succession, we’d all turn 21. Walt and Jenny didn’t even want to think about that, but Kris was excited that the day was approaching, even though he had experienced a lot before the magical age of 21. 

Kris and Corey went for more food and ate a little more while I had another dessert. We left around 10ish to head home. It was really a fun time and ended up working out so well to have us as one big group.

Once home, we wished Mom a final ‘Merry Christmas’ and could see how tired she was. She hugged and kissed us both on the cheek before leaving to go to her room. I grabbed Corey by the hand and led him to my room. 

We began kissing and slowly removing each other clothes. Naked, Corey stopped and moved back. “I want the truth now that we are alone. How did you really feel about Kris and me?”

“I’m fucking naked with you now and plan on making love to you if that answers your question,” I said. “One day, when we’ve been together 10 or 20 years, we don’t wanna look back and regret that we didn’t mess around just a little bit. Say we do split up, then there’s more regret. Hell we’re still exploring and discovering new things every day. I don’t think we’ve really overdone it…”

“No, but we do have second thoughts,” Corey said.

“True, we do, but I know there’s no one else for me in this world but you. I know being open is not for everyone but it has worked a little for us. We’re not out fucking some stranger just to get off. You and Kris are friends and enjoyed a messing around with each other.”

“Yeah, but you haven’t with Colt…”

“Maybe one day I will when it’s right. Then it will be complete in my book. Now I’m ready to give you one last hot steamy present,” I said and grabbed his thick cock.

“Babe, I love getting presents,” Corey said, grabbing my cock and pulling it toward his mouth.


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