Posted:  December 21, 2011

Monday was the return of classes as my sophomore fall semester was winding down. It was so
hard to believe that the days were zipping by. After classes, we did venture to the Rec
Center to work out.

Tuesday was about the same, except for Corey and I went out together to do some shopping. We
went to the mall in search of parental gifts but came back to the dorm empty handed. Kris and
Colt were gone but soon returned to do our studying before eating.

Wednesday, Kris and I retired to our room after hanging around Scott, Alex, Shawn and Brennan
for most of the night.

“Kris, I’m really sorry but it doesn’t like I’ll be able to go home with you this weekend,” I
said on top of my bed.

“Why not? What’s Corey wanna do?”

“Kris, Corey has nothing to do with it. I haven’t even mentioned a word of it to him. I have
two papers that I have to complete. Trust me, I’ve tried every way to figure out how I can go
but I can’t make it. I really wish I could,” I replied solemnly.

“I thought I could count on you,” he said rolled away from me. “See if I’ll ever be there for
you again when you need my support.”

I walked over to his bed and felt so awful now. “Kris, you’re making this so fucking hard.”
Tears welled up in my eyes. I moved him aside and wrapped my arms around his hot body. “You
know I love you.”

“Just leave me alone. I see where your priorities lie.”

“Kris, don’t be like that…” I said with tears running down my face. I moved my arms and went
back to my bed. I felt awful as it was and tried my best not to cry. I got under my covers
and balled up, facing away from him.

Maybe five minutes later, I felt two strong arms around my neck. “I’m sorry I made you
emotional. I really don’t wanna go either and can see why no one else would wanna go.”

“Colt is going so now I feel like I’m letting you down.”

He saw my tears and wiped them from my face, “He wanted to go since I’ve been home with him
so much.”

“I’ll bust my ass to finish up before…”

“No, you can enjoy a nice weekend with Corey. With him working, you can get a lot done. I
forget sometimes your being here with me for the duration relies on your grades. I’m on the
Walt and Jenny plan and don’t have to rely on my grades, thank God for that shit. I’d be in a
world of hurt if I did. I need to consider the long term. Bro, you stay here so you can get
your grades for us.”

“I will.”

“I love you,” Kris said and kissed me on the lips. I grabbed him and showed how sorry I was.
It was without a doubt our longest shared kiss plus Kris is a damn good kisser. “Okay before
we fuck I better move back over…”

“You better had but that was fire, so you know.”

“Corey’s so fucking lucky. You’re a fucking great kisser, but lots of practice helps,” Kris
said and went over to his bed with his cock semi hard, but his wasn’t the only one in that

Thursday, after my classes, I was returning and ran in to Jacob in the same spot as I had
before. We stopped and chatted for a few minutes about how our Thanksgivings were. He was
still with his boyfriend and sounded so happy. Once back, I waited for the crew to work out
and felt addicted to it as well since the results of a year and half were bearing great
fruit. Never could I imagine of having a nice body that I was proud of. It was nice having a
group of friends that shared the same interest and desire, whereas Kris, Corey, Colt and now
Shawn, were almost fanatical about it.

The week was zipping along with absolutely no drama in our lives. Friday, Colt and Kris did
find time to work out with Kris saying he didn’t want to hit the rush hour traffic on the
drive home. As soon as they were gone, I dove into my studies. My two papers weren’t coming
out as I had hoped. One, I deleted a day’s worth of work and started over.

Corey was running late and came in the door with a sack.  I didn’t need to ask what was in
the paper sack and knew it was a bottle of liquor. “I scored big time.”

“Great,” I lamented, sitting in my shorts and tee.

“You and I are going to kill this bottle,” Corey said, holding it by the neck.

I inhaled, “I don’t think that’s a very good idea.”

“Why not?”

“Because we don’t need it,” I said.

“You might not but I sure as hell do.  Your fucking ass wasn’t working all day,” Corey said.

I threw up my arms, “Fine then let’s be just like our parents.  Hell, every night let’s get
fucking hammered.”

“Fuck you!  I want to drink this shit and get wasted!”

“Go right ahead, mister.  I won’t stop you!”

“Another thing, leave our parents out of this!  We aren’t fucking drunks.  So what I wanna
have a little drink.  I like it and did a lot of it with JJ and Teague last weekend!”

“Good then go home and do it with them!  I’m not doing it!”

He opened the bottle and turned it up.  He wiped his lips.  “Tasted so good.  I think I’ll
just sit and down this whole damn thing.”

I held out my hand, “Give me that bottle, Corey.  We don’t need it.”

“No fucking way!  I need it!”

“Have fun!” I said and went to my room.  I slammed the door for emphasis and was pissed.

Ten minutes later while I was sitting on my bed, Corey knocked and came inside.  “Why are we

“Because you wanna drink and I don’t.”

He walked over and kissed me.  “I love you.”

“I love you too and don’t want either of us to end up like our parents.  We can have a great
time and never take one drink.  We’ve proved it time and time again.”

“True but I wanted to have a little fun tonight.  I really wanted me and you to get a little
buzzed and then fuck each other’s brains out.  I know I shouldn’t drink but I enjoy it.  Have
I ever got really drunk around you? You know like pass out or go crazy out of my head?”

“No, I don’t guess you have,” I said. “I guess a little won’t hurt.”

“Thank you.  Just pretend like you are drinking.  It sucks to drink alone.”

I smiled, “It’s just I’m scared for us.  We know our history.”

“You think you’re scared.  I fucking scared shitless I’ll be just like my mom.  I like it too
much,” he said and kissed me.  “That’s for caring for me.”

We did drink a little but not much.  I was able to get his mind off the bottle with lots of
kissing and attention.  He found he did enjoy that more than what the bottle offered. Once we
were naked and hard as rocks, he grabbed my hand and pulled me back into the living area.

"Let's tear this place up," he said.

I smiled, "Sounds great to me."

It started with me bent over the arm of the couch.  His thick cock felt great as ever inside
of me.  We moved with Corey sitting on the couch.  I rode his cock with such vigor and
passion until he busted inside of me.  Once was not enough for us.  We moved to the floor and
went at there until we were both exhausted and satisfied.  The room did smell of sex and
sweat but it was worth it.

Saturday, after a great night of loving with and from Corey, we hung around the room naked
until Scott came down. He wanted to head to the mall to Christmas shop. Corey and I agreed to
tag along.

As we were driving to the mall, I asked, “What did you do last night, Scott?”

Quickly, Scott answered, “Nothing.”

“Dude, surely you didn’t sit in your room all night,” Corey said.

“Fuck it!” Scott screamed driving. “I had a date, alright?”

“With who?” I asked.

“A guy,” Scott replied.

“Do we know him?” Corey badgered Scott.

Scott slumped his shoulders while driving, “Hayden, okay?  I don’t wanna hear shit about it

“Why? Was it that bad?” I asked.

“No, it was great actually. So y’all don’t care?” Scott asked.

“What does it matter if we did?” Corey replied. “If it’s what you both want, then I’d say go
for it, unless you did it just to get laid.”

“We didn’t fuck by agreement. I called to see if maybe the old spark was still there…”

“Was it?” I asked.

“It could be there. We’re fucking perfect together. The best part was there was none of this
awkward getting to know each other shit. We really had a blast,” Scott stated while we
entered a very crowded parking lot. Scott spewed out a few choice words at two drivers before
we scored a parking spot near the front.

Two stores in the crowded mall, Corey and I figure out the reason we were here. Scott wanted
our opinion on a few things he wanted to buy his brother Trevor for Christmas. After not
really knowing his size, he settled on a necklace that I modeled for them. While we were
there, I combed the store in hopes of something jumping out at me for Dad’s present. Luck was
on my side when I saw a few shirts that looked appropriate, plus a cosmetic case for Gloria.
Dad usually wore the same two shirts when we met. They were not the best but it would do for
him. I had to tell myself leaving it’s the thought that counts.

Back at the dorm, Corey bolted to his room and left without saying a thing. Scott and I sat
expecting him to return at any moment. With Scott having another date with Hayden, I headed
to Corey’s room. He was at his computer typing. He turned and smiled at me.

“I’m proud of you,” I said, wrapping my arms around his neck from behind.

“Matt, it has to be done. I didn’t want to make a scene and just came here to do what was
totally necessary. Give me an hour and you and I will go out on a date. How’s dinner and a
movie sound to ya?”

“Like a nice date between boyfriends,” I replied. I kissed his cheek and left him to do what
was needed.

“Feel free to ask anyone if they wanna go with us,” Corey stated.

“I might do that, but I do cherish our time alone.”

“Do whatever you want.”

I left and gave it a little thought. Scott hit my head first but I knew he and Hayden needed
time alone to settle things between them.

“You care if I call Parker to see if he and Yancey wanna go?” I yelled to Corey since I did
leave his door open.

“No. It could be fun,” he replied. He came to the door. “Sorry, but I won’t finish with the
door open.”

“Okay,” I said and found my phone. I called Parker to see if he and Yancey would be
interested in double dating. Parker sounded excited and would call me back to confirm the
yes. He called back five minutes later and said it was on.

About six or so, Parker and Yancey were at our door. Both looked hot and really made such a
cute couple.  Parker knew the perfect clothes to wear and always had a great feel for fashion
even if it wasn’t the most expensive brands.

“This is such an honor,” Parker stated.

“Dude, get real,” Corey said.

“No really, we are thrilled you two would ask us. You are what we all strive for, to be
together for as long as you have,” Yancey said.

Corey kissed me on the lips. “I’m one lucky fellow,” Corey said.

Knowing Parker’s unwillingness to trust other’s driving; Corey or I didn’t offer and headed
to Parker’s car. Yancey chuckled saying he never drives.

We found a nice place to have a good sit down meal. It was quite nice being with another gay
couple for a change. We shared good conversation and laughs about our friends and our college
while eating together. We finished up and headed to the movies. Since we hadn’t been in some
time, we let them choose. We entered the theatre and sat next to each other. The theatre
wasn’t really crowded since the movie they picked had been out for a while rather than one of
the Christmas blockbusters everyone else was seeing.

Once back in the room and talking for a while, I suggested, “You know you’re more than
welcome to stay here tonight. Kris and Colt are gone so there’s an open room, or you can use
the sofa bed.”

“We could call that the fuck bed,” Corey said. “There’s been plenty of fucking on it.”

Parker laughed, “If you’re serious, we could. Is that okay with you, Yancey?”

“Beats the hell out of fucking in the dorm beds,” Yancey replied.

“We’re used to it and have down to an art and science by now,” Corey stated.

“You should,” Parker said. “Can I ask you two something about what I hear?”

“I guess so,” I said.

“Do y’all really go naked around here a lot?” Parker asked. “I’m just asking since your
roomies are straight.”

“We do,” Corey replied. “Kris loves it.”

“God, what a thrill that must be for you two,” Parker said.

“We’re used to it by now,” I said. “The novelty of it has worn off.”

“Say, y’all care for a beer?” Corey asked, standing.

“I doubt we have any,” I stated.

“I checked and there’s plenty,” Corey stated.

“We’ll take one,” Yancey said.

Corey returned with four beers and sat down. “Now Parker, were you dropping a hint earlier
and wanna see me and Matt naked?”

“No… no… I saw your and Matt’s fucking hot naked body running the halls last week. That was
crazy!” Parker said.

“I saw it too,” Yancey said. “I ran over when Parker said a bunch of hot guys were gonna run
naked in the halls. Damn that Kris and Colt are two uber hotties, not to mention you, Corey.”

“It was crazy but we’re all a little nuts around,” Corey said and took a drink. “Rick said it
livened up the place.”

“Well yeah, boyfriend. I think the straight guys got a big laugh out of it. Jay almost
creamed his pants seeing so many floppy dicks running down the hall,” Parker said.

“Hell I almost did too,” Yancey stated and took a drink. “Hey, the picture of you looks so
hot, Corey.”

Parker stood and gave it a good look, “Damn what some hot guys!  So when are the calendars on

“I don’t know but should be here shortly,” Corey replied.

We kept talking for a while before I think Corey faked a yawn. We did pull out the bed.
“Ummm… do you have condoms we could use?” Parker asked.

“I’m sure we do,” I replied. I went and first looked for Kris’s stash but didn’t find them. I
found my Magnums and returned while Corey offered our bottle of lube that we kept in his
room. They laughed seeing how big the bottle was while they were down to their hot sexy
designer underwear.

The next morning, Sunday, I woke alone with Corey gone to work at the Rec Center. I found my
boxers to use the bathroom. Yancey’s cute naked ass was protruding from under the blanket
while he was sleeping holding his lover. I did spot two used condoms on the floor and knew
they had enjoyed a great night of passion.

They woke later and said goodbye. Now I wondered when I would see Kris and Colt coming
through the door. They barely beat Corey and arrived ten minutes before he did. I did have to
hug Kris but he seemed to be okay after his weekend.

After Corey came home, we sat and talked together before Scott came in the room without so
much as knocking.

“You think you fucking live here or what?” Kris asked.

“I wish I did,” Scott replied. “I came down to see if you were interested in going over to
Juan’s place tonight. We’re all going to see him get married in Vegas, right?”

“News to me,” Colt replied.

“Are you serious? You want us to go all the way out to Vegas on New Year’s Eve just to see
Juan get married?” Kris asked.

“Excuse the fuck out of me for asking then. I thought that was settled last week,” Scott said

Kris and Colt laughed, as did Corey and I. We did a few things before we were off to see Juan
and get our plans straight for his wedding.

Juan opened the door and was thrilled to see the five of us. He showed us around but Kris and
Scott had been there before. He didn’t have to offer twice if we wanted a beer. 

“Guys, I was so excited that you’d go all the way to Vegas to see me get married,” Juan

“Good excuse for something to do New Year’s Eve. I hear Vegas is fucking crazy then,” Kris

“It is,” Juan said.

“How’s Felicia doing these days?” Colt asked concerning Juan’s pregnant fiancé.

“Great, she has her days,” Juan said.

“Know what it is yet?” I asked.

“We can’t decide whether we want to know or not. It could be fun if we didn’t find out,” Juan

“So what are the big plans?” Kris asked.

“Well, we’re going to be married at the Little Chapel that all the famous celebrities do
about noon New Year’s Eve, have a small reception, then I know for sure we’re partying,” Juan

“You might since your ass is already 21,” Scott stated.

“Damn, we’ll think of something. Like that’s ever stopped us before,” Juan said.

We got the details of where he was staying and would check in to the rates of staying there
as well. It was rather exciting to listen to the discussion about the city and what could
occur. My only fear was something would be ruined by one of us getting crazy.

“Juan, I have news too. I started dating Hayden again,” Scott said after we finished
discussing plans.

“No shit!” Kris yelled.

“Thanks, Kris,” I said.

“No, I’m shocked. If Scott’s happy then the hell with what anyone else thinks,” Kris said.

“I’m starting to feel that way too, Kris. I want someone since Brennan won’t even go out on a
fucking date. Is it too much to ask since we have been fucking?” Scott questioned.

“Scott, if that’s what you want, go for it,” Juan said.

“Thanks,” Scott stated.

We stayed a while longer and had just a couple of beers. Juan hated to see us leave and
walked with us out the door. We returned with all the conversation centered around Scott and
Hayden. Even that night, Kris couldn’t get over the fact but he understood and was about to
that point as well of wanting a relationship. I did call Dad after we returned to set
something up so we could meet for our Christmas time. It would be early but it would have to

With Monday upon us, it was time to prep for our semester tests. My classes were devoted to
that very thing. I knew we would have two days of classes, a dead day and then our semester
tests. I began feeling the pressure and knew in Econ I needed to score well.

Tuesday, Corey and I dressed to head to my Dad’s house on a rather cold night. The days were
fairly warm but the nights had been rather cold of late but it was now December.

After the drive and directions again, I pulled in Dad’s dirt drive. He and Gloria were
waiting on us. Corey and I entered the small house to smell something cooking.

“I hope you’re hungry. I have a big pot of vegetable soup and grilled cheese sandwiches for
this cold night,” Gloria said.

“Sounds great to me,” I said.

Corey did seem a little nervous and didn’t know what to expect. We sat together while Gloria
brought us a glass of tea before we ate. Dad asked how were doing in school before wanting to
know all about our trip since I told him Sunday night about it. We didn’t know much at the
time other than Juan’s wedding plans.

We ate the hot soup and enjoyed the sandwiches. Corey and I both ate the entire bowl. He
complimented Gloria and said it was better than his mom’s soup.

We sat around in the living room. I started by handing them my presents that I brought in
Christmas bags. Gloria liked what I got Dad and said he really did need some new shirts. Dad
laughed and said I must have noticed him wearing the same ones each time we met. Gloria also
said she liked her gift and would be able to use it.

Dad reached under the small artificial tree and handed Corey and I two small boxes. We opened
them together and saw wallets.

“It’s for all the money you’ll bring back from Vegas,” Dad stated.

“Dad, we’re not 21 just yet, but knowing our friends I’m sure we’ll sneak in and pull a few
slots,” I stated.

“Thanks, I really needed a new wallet,” Corey said. He reached and showed his old ragged

“Boy, you did,” Dad said.

I opened mine and saw three one hundred bills. I was so thankful and knew Dad didn’t have
much money. I gave him a big hug of thanks. “I’ll use it for sure on my trip.”

“You dawg,” Corey said, seeing my cash.

“You work,” I said and pushed on his big shoulder.

We stayed as long as we could and enjoyed our time. I said I’d call Dad as we left out the
front door.

Returning to our dorm, our room was empty but there was no telling where Kris and Colt had
gone. After sitting around an hour or so, I really began to wonder. I knew it was useless to
call their cell phones so instead I called Scott. He said they were gone to some party with
Ted and Luke. I knew they would be happy.

The next day, dead day for studying, I woke next to Corey. He was working his regular
schedule. We rose and began studying in my room after Corey saw that Kris and Colt were in
his room sleeping. As Corey left for work, Kris and Colt were still sleeping. They finally
woke about two. I got to hear all about their night with Ted and Luke. It wasn’t long before
we dressed to go to a very crowded Rec Center.

We did our thing but it took longer than normal. We returned to our room but Kris was barely
there ten minutes before he was gone out the door. Colt, on the other hand, stayed behind and
went to his room.

Kris finally returned just in time for us to go eat. He was dressing in our room while I was
sitting on my bed.

“So when exactly do you think you’ll find time to study?” I asked.

“Bro, don’t start that shit with me,” Kris said in a very defensive tone.

I got out of my bed and approached him. “Kris, remember what you said about us for the long
term. That means you as well.”

“Don’t fucking preach to me, bro. I’ll get around to it.”

“Fine with me,” I said and turned to walk away. I turned back around, “Kris, I don’t mean to
preach to you but I worry about you…”

He took a deep breath, bent at the waist and straightened up. “Thanks Matt. After we eat,
I’ll hole up in here until my fucking brain explodes. I’ll do it for us. If not, I could be
in serious trouble. I know I need to study ten times worse than you.”

“Kris, I’m more than willing to stay up every night so you make it. I can’t imagine me here
without you. For that matter, I can’t see me here without you, Corey or Colt. Y’all are my
life right now. I’d be devastated if any one of you left, or any of my good friends left for
that matter. I love all of you from the bottom of my heart. All of you make every day worth
waking up to, especially you Kris. We’re gonna do this shit or else.”

Kris gave me a big hug. “Thanks for caring about me. We are going to do this shit if it
fucking kills us. Then we’re fucking partying our asses off New Year’s in Vegas.”

From that point forward I saw a dedication in Kris like I had never seen before. Each night,
I was asleep while he was studying for a final. Every day he came back, he had a big smile on
his face. Saturday in between we all let us loose for one night and had a great time. Our
room was packed, but I didn’t care. Besides hitting the Rec Center, we were a bunch of guys
and girls letting off stress caused by the desire to succeed at college. Corey and I did find
time to have great sex and did so that Saturday night. I don’t know when we stopped fucking
but I was so satisfied, as was he. We started Sunday with another great fuck not knowing when
we would have the chance to be together.

Tuesday was my biggie and the last test before the break. The night before, Ted, his friend
Mike, Alex and I stayed up until 2 in the morning going over everything possible. When I
returned to the room, Kris was in bed but not asleep.

“Bro, I can see the finish line,” Kris stated.

“I’ll say that tomorrow at noon. Kris, I can’t tell how proud I am of you.”

“I needed someone to kick me in the ass and you did. It’s not just about me it’s about all of
us. Sure, we have a hell of a good time, but we’re here to get that diploma and better
ourselves in the real world. Hell, this is just playtime considering what we face next. If I
didn’t get my shit together, it may have come sooner than I want. You talk about catching
hell. Mom and Dad would not be happy at all.”

“So what do you think you’ll pull this semester?”

“Maybe a 2.75, at the worst a 2.5; for me I think that’s pretty good,” Kris replied.

“Kris, if you put your mind to it, you could have a 3.5 or higher.”

“Fuck that,” he chuckled. “I could if I really got serious but I’m having way too much fun
other than this last fucking week. I’m so ready for this to be over.”

“Yeah and it starts all over again in January,” I stated.

“Hell yeah it does,” Kris said.

We said goodnight and rolled over in the cool room. I was up in plenty of time for my test. I
went there nervous as could be but knew I had done everything possible. 

When the test was over, the four of us from Econ stood around for a minute. Mike thanked us
for all the help while we walked back with Ted. He went to his room and said he’d be right
back. I opened the door and found Kris, Colt and Corey waiting. I collapsed on the couch with
such relief that it was over.

Ted walked in the door with a box. “Here.”

“Sweet as fuck,” Colt said after pulling out a bowl tee shirt from the bowl in Florida where
they were going.

“Bro, thanks,” Kris said and patted Ted on the shoulder.

“I wish you could be there, but it is a trip,” Ted stated.

“Chase and Tabor will be so excited. Now I’ve got his Christmas present,” Colt said.

Ted took our thanks. He pulled me aside. “Matt, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate
everything you’ve done for me. I really appreciate what you’ve done for Reese.”

“Any time,” I said. “He has called a few times.”

“I know,” Ted said. He walked away from me. “Guys, have a great Christmas and I’ll see ya in

“After a bowl victory,” Colt said.

“We’ll try our hardest,” Ted said and waved goodbye.

After we packed, Corey asked me to his room. He shut the door and kissed me forever. “God,
I’m really going to miss you so much.”

“Corey, you said you were coming for my birthday this weekend, then for Christmas. We’ll be
together from Christmas ‘til after New Year’s. I know you’ll be here some to work and I’m
glad Rick has worked that out for you. Maybe next week, I could come for a few days like I
said I would.”

“I’ll still miss you so much. I love you so much!”

“I love you too!” We kissed again for a while until Kris came to the door and poked his head

“Hurry the fuck up,” Kris said.

“Fuck you,” I said with a smile.

“Hell, why don’t you just stay here and fuck him all night?” Kris asked.

“Hmmm…” I uttered. “Let me call Mom and tell her I’m gonna be a day late.”

“Damn,” Kris said.

“No Matt, you go on. I’ll make it just fine. Besides, we’ll be together so much over the
holidays and Linda is expecting you today.”

“Corey, I’ll stay.”

“No, go on.”

Corey came with us to say goodbye in the parking lot. We exchanged long hugs with the reality
of the end. Corey kissed me passionately while I was thinking seriously about staying one
more night.

I pulled away from Corey and tapped on Kris’s window, “You go on. I’m staying here with

“Have fun, and be careful driving home,” Kris said with a smile. “You just can’t leave that

“I can’t leave the one I love,” I said.


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