Posted:  December 18, 2011

With Rick standing with his hands on his hips, he didn’t look a bit too pleased with our antics of running the halls naked. 

“Wassup?” Kris asked.

“Don’t give me that shit, Kris,” Rick replied loudly. “I can’t believe the six of you.”

“We were only having fun. No one was hurt plus everyone seemed to like it,” Kris said.

“I don’t care if they did. You can’t be out running the halls naked…” Rick stated.

“Excuse us then for trying to have just a little fun,” Scott said.

Rick grabbed Kris by the head, shook it a little and put his ear in Kris’s long blond hair. “No rocks in there plus I can see you’re not drinking,” Rick commented with us laughing.

“What’s our punishment?” Shawn asked.

“Give it to us straight,” Kris said. “I’m at fault more than the others.”

Rick cracked a smile and started laughing.

“You sorry son of a bitch,” Scott said.

“I thought I’d fuck with y’all. Thanks for bringing a little life here to the funeral home. I swear it’s so quiet here and spooky at times. It’s like everyone goes in their rooms, shuts the door and won’t come out for nothing. It took your little turkey week run to bring them out and add just a little life…” Rick said with the door opening.

“Damn that was fucking epic,” Brennan said with Alex right behind him. “Next time, holler!”

“Yeah, it was hilarious,” Alex said. “I know it was all nude boy Kris’s idea.”

“Damn right it was,” Kris said proudly. “So you’re cool with our… yes we have a name for it, Turkey Week Naked Hall Run? It can be a tradition.”

“Whoa there, Kris. It was innocent fun, but don’t even think of making it habit,” Rick said.

“Whatever you do, don’t go to their room on a weekend morning,” Bryson said pointing at us.

“That’s fine if that’s what they want to do, but keep it in the room. One time is okay,” Rick said.

“Damn, here I was about to round up more so we can have some fun as well,” Brennan said.

“Corey will be pissed he missed it,” Kris said. “Spread the word. Tonight at 10, the second run of the Turkey Week Nude Hall Run will commence. What do ya say, Rick?”

“If I hear one complaint, then it’s a no,” Rick said.

“Alright,” Kris said. “You let me know who is the asshole if there is one complaint.”

“We’ll all bust their ass,” Scott said.

After a while and finally dressed, I headed to the room alone and now hated that Corey had missed our little moment of fun. I was shocked at how well it was received and enjoyed seeing the smiles on the resident’s faces. Some of them I don’t believe I had ever seen.

Kris and Colt came back to the room to report the overall support with a few more recruits added to the list of runners. It dominated our evening meal conversation with high expectations for the 10 o’clock run. Afterwards, we had a large gathering in our room to discuss the plan and the execution of it. At nine, Corey came through the door. Kris was the first to tell him about our antics but shared the good news about our run in an hour. 

Since the original began in Scott’s room, it was agreed upon it should commence there again. Fifteen until ten, we were in their room with even some guys I didn’t know.

“Dude, where’s the women?” Bishop asked. “We need a few females to add to the excitement.”

“Get real, Bishop,” Colt said. “You know how fucking hard it is to get a girl to undress.”

A black guy I didn’t know shouted, “I know that shit’s right!”

“We tried but they all said it should be a guy thing,” Kris said.

Scanning the room, I know there were at least 20, if not more, who soon proceeded to drop their clothes. A few weren’t so sure at bearing it all but they knew that before coming to Scott’s room. It was hot to scan the room and see all the limp cocks hanging and the different body types we had assembled.  Some weren’t exactly fit but were here for the fun of it.  I also noticed we weren’t the only ones with ink either with one unknown guy having his back covered.  Five minutes before, Kris cracked opened the door and scanned the hall. 

“Bros, our audience is gathered and waiting,” Kris announced to us. 

We lined up with Scott putting an Ipod player at the door. He turned it on to blare out “Celebration” by Kool and the Gang with more songs following that were upbeat. We went into the hall in pairs. Going out, I was surprised to see most of the residents were at the door trying to see us with a few cameras in hand. We jogged up the hall. I saw Rick at his door. He stuck up his hand and high fived those on his side. We jogged back down to cheers and laughter. We turned around with Kris saying one more lap.  The next run was even more excitement including a few girls slapping our asses and yelling at us.

Finished with our jog, we shut the door to signal the end of our run. The room was loud as ever with everyone saying what a good time they had.  A few rushed to put on clothes while others took their time. Soon we had various other residents, including Ted and Luke, coming to commend our bravery, along with laughing at us. There were lots of girls who said how much they enjoyed it and weren’t offended by it. Rick was down thanking us for adding a little spark to our otherwise dull dorm.  We did have pictures taken by a few others.  We all wanted them emailed to us so we could remember the night.

Even an hour or so after the hall run, we were still amped up. We returned to our room with Andrea with Colt. Once inside, he stated that the pull out bed was his and Andrea’s for the night.

“You know, I’m jealous as fuck,” Kris said. “I’m gonna be the only one in this joint not having fucking sex.”

“That happens when you don’t have a girlfriend,” Colt said. “Don’t even think you’re joining us either…”

“Or us,” I said.

“I know… I know. I was stating the facts, but I’ll live. I may grab my computer…” Kris said.

“Surely, you can get off there,” Colt said.

“I can but it’s not the same,” Kris stated. “Matt, I don’t think I even have to ask, but are you going to class tomorrow?”

“For sure the first one and then we’ll see. If it’s a joke like today, I’m jetting,” I said.

“And leaving Corey here,” Colt said.

“Hey, I’ll just work and leave. Surely they’ll close early,” Corey stated. “That’s why I said I’d work. Close early or not, I still get paid for my regular day.”

“Kris, are you going to wait up on me or just leave?” I asked.

“I guess I can wait,” he replied. “Hell, I could’ve left today, but damn, I’m sure glad I didn’t.”

It started another round of us going over all the details of our hall run. Andrea stated her one roommate that was left really enjoyed seeing us do it. 

Finally, we called it a night. I was pulling Corey to my room while Kris went to the other room. I locked the door while Corey went over to my bed. I fell on him and began kissing him. It got very hot with loud kisses. It did take longer than normal for us to get undressed but we were enjoying making out. As soon as I was naked, he was kissing all over my body and making me feel so great and special. I loved how he stared me in the eyes before taking my hard eight inches in his open mouth. His progression as a great cocksucker was amazing. He could suck my cock like no other, but he should since we’re together so much and have done it countless times. 

Corey finished and stood up. It was my delight to return the favor and worship his incredible body. Each time I do so, I still can’t get over how this hunk is my boyfriend. It’s like the best dream ever. My mouth opened and fully stretched out. I love making love to this thick cock and enjoy sucking it. I know how he likes it and am keenly aware when I need to pull back. After a good five minutes of sucking and licking his cock, he pulled me up for a kiss.

“I want you inside of me,” I stated.

Corey smiled and kissed me as his answer. With a towel under me, I lay across my bed with my ass out to take him. I felt his tongue and lips as they were kissing and licking my hole. I turned to smile and saw his face buried between my ass cheeks. I moaned and groaned at the sensational feeling of him rimming me.

It stopped. The coolness of lube hit my wet hole. A few moments later, I felt the pressure of his hard cock pushing. I opened my ass and allowed him to go inside. It is so incredible to feel his thick cock filling my ass. “Fuck me Corey,” I moaned.

He lay on top of me and kissed my neck while his cock went further inside of me. Shivers went all over my body with him bumping my prostate. He wrapped his veiny muscular arms around my chest and began pumping his cock in and out of my ass. 

“OOOO yes babe. Fuck that ass!” I screamed and was feeling so much immense sexual pleasure.

He kissed my ear above my earring, “God, I love being inside your hot ass. Feels so fucking good.”

I reached back and did my best to pull him deeper. He leaned up and started fucking me a little harder. The joy of being fucked took me over with my head moving side to side and moaning with each push.

He pulled and pushed me over to my back while standing. He gave me a big smile while applying more lube. My legs were high before he rested them on his thick shoulders. He slid back in me with a gentle push. I relished in watching his muscular body fuck me as well as enjoy the great feeling permeating throughout my body with my cock rock hard. 

Staring into my eyes and breathing hard, he said, “Goddamn, I love you so fucking much!”

I reached to pull him deep, “OOO Corey, I love you so fucking much too!”

He moved to get on the bed and stayed in me deep. My legs wrapped around his waist. His thrusts became harder and excited me to no end. He leaned down to kiss me. Our tongues waged battle with him steadily fucking me. He pulled back, “Your cock was poking me.”

I smiled, spit on my hand and began stroking my throbbing erection. He continued to fuck me with deep long thrusts. I could feel cum boiling inside. I groaned, “OOO fuck yeah!” Cum shot out of my hard cock and drenched my chest with one forceful shot hitting my chin. “Corey, I want your cum on my fucking face!”

He pulled out and moved to where his cock was even with my lips. I closed my eyes and stuck out my tongue. “OOOO I’m cumming!” The first shot hit my tongue while the rest hit my face or hair. He collapsed after firing off his load. His lips hit mine. He broke the kiss and lay his head on my shoulder while we reveled in our bliss. 

“I truly have the best boyfriend,” I said quietly.

“I do too. One who puts up with my shit.”

“You don’t give me much shit, Corey. I’ll miss seeing your gorgeous face.”

“I will too but we’ll survive,” he said. “Now let’s clean up.”

We cleaned the drying cum from our bodies with a wet, warm washcloth. We lay snuggled together with the covers pulled over us. We talked just a few moments before he was having a hard time staying awake. He grabbed me and held me close to his naked body. 

Tuesday, my classes were quick but I did come to the room. Colt was up with Andrea now gone. I had seen them sleeping as Corey and I did before I left and enjoyed the sight of it. It looked to be love. Kris came out of the bedroom a few minutes after I returned. We talked about our plans to follow each other home before he headed to shower. While he was showering, Corey came to the room. He gave me a long wet kiss before heading to work.

It wasn’t fun trying to stay behind Kris on the way home. He was driving crazy until I called him on his phone and something like driving 90 wasn’t ideal. He did slow down and really did when we hit rush hour traffic near our home.  

Mom was in her chair when I came through the door. She stood and met me with my arms filled. “Matt, it’s so good to have you home.”

“It feels good to be home. The traffic was hell out there.”

“It can be at times,” she said with a smile.

She hugged me and kissed me on the cheek. I headed to my room and deposited my things. I came out and sat down on the couch. “Mom, I’m washing my clothes tomorrow so don’t even think about doing them tonight. I can do them.”

“Wow, you are growing up, and so fast, Matt. It seems like yesterday you were leaving for college. Everyone is right. I sent you away a scared timid boy and now have a handsome young mature man.”

“Thanks, I appreciate you saying that,” I said. We talked a minute about what was happening in school. I did tell her about our hall run and saw the usual parent look until she gave me a big smile. Then she informed me about Thanksgiving with Vince and VJ coming over for the traditional meal. 

That night, I stayed around the house. Corey did call and tell me he had safely made it home, along with saying JJ and Teague had already called to hang out together. I was happy to hear both and was glad he could have fun with his hometown buddies, even though they weren’t so great earlier in his life.

Wednesday, I did like I said and did all my laundry after sleeping in. To no surprise, Kris called with something for us to do for the night. Our old high school friends were meeting at Tanner’s, thus we had something to do. I knew what Kris’s intention was when he asked me to drive us there.  

We did make it to Tanner’s and went to his garage so he could show off his car, though not much progress was made since the last time I was there. All it did was give them an excuse to open some brews and sit around drinking. Tanner’s dad knew what we were doing and didn’t mind if we didn’t get out of hand. He was shocked to see all the beer Tanner had stashed in an old fridge in the garage.  

Kris and I left about midnight to head home. Kris had a nice buzz going as I could see. 

“Bro, tell me. Is it us or them that have changed?” he asked.

“You know, I noticed something was missing,” I replied driving us home safely. “We’re not around them every day like we were in high school to keep things going. At college, we see them every day, but still have so much to talk about.”

“Yeah, we do. I see your point though. When you’re not around someone all the time, you lose just a little of that connection like we have with Colt, Corey and the gang. Not that I don’t consider them friends, but it’s not like it used to be.”

“No or will it ever be. We’ve made new friends that I feel will be our friends forever.”

Kris stuck up his hand for a high five, “Fuck yeah, we have. It could be they are so jealous of us. You heard Tanner brag about all of our friends. Damn, we have such a great group.”

“Yes we do,” I said. I got him home safely and wished him the best for his Thanksgiving. He did mention something about having an aunt or uncle over for their traditional meal.

Thanksgiving, I woke, showered and shaved a little but left a bit on my chin after seeing how Tanner looked with his partial goatee. Around ten, I came out in my boxers and athletic shorts to smell the beginning of a delicious meal. I wrapped my arms around Mom and showed her my great appreciation for all she did for me. 

“Alright, what did you do this time?” she asked.

“Nothing at all. I didn’t drink… well just one… last night but it was very early. Can’t I show you a little love and appreciation?” I replied.

She stood back and was eyeing me up and down. She shook her head, “I can’t get over what a really handsome man you are now. You are so muscular with a stomach I could do laundry on.”

I smiled, “I have to keep up with Kris, Corey and the rest of the guys. I do admit I love the way my body looks.”

“As well as you should since it doesn’t last very long. You and your friends keep drinking and you’ll lose those flat tummies.”

“Do you think all we do is drink now?”

“Well… I know it is part of college life.”

“We don’t drink all the time. Yeah we throw a few back after a tough week, but as you can see, I bust my butt at the Rec Center, plus my grades, minus one class, are right where they should be.”

“Alright then. I need to finish up in here. Vince said he’d be over around 11 with VJ.”

Vince and VJ were right on time. Vince was his usual friendly self while VJ didn’t utter a word. We sat watching the pro football game even though I could see VJ had no interest in it. I didn’t mind now since I knew what was going on and some of the rules of the game. Mom announced our meal was ready. We sat down at the table with Vince leading in a short prayer of thanks. Mom had gone all out with a nice turkey, green beans, mashed potatoes, some broccoli dish, along with two pies, pumpkin and apple. By the end, I was stuffed, but enjoyed the meal greatly. 

Vince left with VJ saying he was taking VJ to his ex wife’s home for the night but would return.

After Mom cleaned up, she came and sat next to me. “Matt, is it alright that Vince stays the night with me tonight?”

“Why are you asking me that Mom? Of course it is perfectly fine with me. I’d be such a hypocrite if I said I wasn’t since you’ve never once denied Corey staying with me.”

“I was just checking to make sure, plus to let you know.”

“Mom, I can see how happy he makes you. Thus I’m very happy. We both have great boyfriends, huh?”

She laughed, “I’ve never thought of it that way but yes we do.”

Friday was a total waste of a day. I did very little but it was nice. I saw then how easy I could return back to my old ways, but sure wasn’t fond of it after being a social bug for a while now.

Saturday, Kris called and invited me over to watch our team’s final game of the season. I accepted and looked forward to seeing the game, though I heard we should win the game easily. After doing little of nothing, I dressed and headed over to Kris’s house on a cold nasty November day. Kris greeted me at the door in his athletic shorts and sleeveless tee shirt, showing off his body. Entering, I could smell something good filling the house and was told it was chilli to enjoy during the game. We grabbed a seat in the living room.

“Where’s everyone else?” I asked.

“Just Tanner’s coming over. Fuck the rest of them,” Kris stated.

“Kristopher! The language!” Jenny said loudly.

“Get over it, Mom,” Kris said. “It’s hard to come home and censor myself. I’m a grown guy now if you haven’t noticed.”

“Being built like you are, son, doesn’t make you a grown man,” Walt said. “When you respect us and where you are, then we will see that you’re a grown man.”

“Alright then, tell me other than a few times when I’ve busted out a few choice words,” Kris said. “I’ve helped you clean out the garage this morning…”

“It was all your stuff,” Walt said.

“I’ve picked up the yard and did everything you’ve asked. I drop one f-bomb and you go off on me!” Kris said with his voice getting louder and the veins in his neck protruding outward. “I’m not perfect, you know?”

“We know,” Jenny said. “Far from it.”

Kris stood and started walking around the living room, “I’m sorry that I’m not perfect. Yeah, I drink and enjoy it. Yeah, I cuss like a sailor. I’ve been with women, and a few guys, so you know just how imperfect I am. I rather enjoy being a sexual being…”

“Kris, we’ve heard enough!” Walt shouted. “Sit your ass down and chill.”

Kris sat down in a huff. “See the shit I put up with around here?” he commented to me. “We’re leaving early tomorrow so I can get out of here.”

“I swear your temper one day is going to be your ruin,” Walt said.

“It may or may not be. I just want you to accept that I’m not in high school anymore,” Kris stated.

“We accept that Kris. See if we remain silent after you come home drunk again,” Jenny said and left the room.

“Son, we do know you’re not in high school,” Walt stated after Jenny was gone. “Now, what’s this about being with guys?”

Kris looked at me, “My big mouth.”

“If you have, then it’s okay since we accepted Nathan. I’m a little shocked…”

“Don’t worry that I’m gay. You’re lucky you don’t have a few grandkids running around here,” Kris said and seemed to be calmed down.

“Just like your old man. I was lucky I just had you and Nathan. Something about college women makes it hard to keep it in your pants,” Walt said.

“My dad, a stud too. Hard to believe,” Kris said.

“Between us men here, I nailed so many girls that I lost track of them,” Walt said and smiled at us.

Kris reached over and high fived his dad, “Fuck yeah, Dad! I’m trying my best to make you proud in that regard. So you’re cool that I’ve tried guys?”

“Of course, variety is the spice of life. Not that I would ever do that, but in this day and age I can see where it’s okay to check out both sides. So how is Matt in bed?”

My face grew so red. Kris grabbed me around the shoulder, “He’s the best and taught me so much. For one, now I’m not afraid to admit whether a guy is hot or not. He and Corey have proved to me two guys can be in love.”

“Thanks,” I said.

“You know I’ve always wondered if you two ever hooked up since you are such good friends…”

“Curiosity got the best of me. Dad, so you know, it’s really only been one real time, if you know what I mean?”

Walt laughed, “I get ya, son.”

Jenny came out and announced we would be ready to eat as soon as Tanner showed up. Kris stood and walked over to his mom. He wrapped his big arms around her and gave her a big hug. He apologized but asked she be a little lenient with the game getting close to kick off. Tanner arrived in his jeans and hoodie just before kick off. 

Jenny served the chilli while we began watching the game.   The game wasn’t very exciting since our team dominated from the very beginning. The only good part was watching Ted destroy the other team.

I returned home about ten or so. Mom was curled up with Vince while they were watching a movie. I smiled and didn’t say much before going to my room. I grabbed my phone and talked to Corey for the next two hours. He had been out with his friends but came home early. 

Sunday, I was ready to leave when Kris called and said he was ready. Mom gave me a big hug goodbye but knew I’d be back home within three weeks.

Arriving back at school, we unloaded and went to our room. Corey stood when I entered the door. He walked over and gave me a long kiss.

“Whoa, someone missed his boyfriend,” Kris commented.

“Damn right I did. It was great being home, but I sure missed seeing his cute face…” Corey said.

“And that big fucking dick!” Colt said.

“Fuck yeah he did,” Kris said.

“I missed you,” I said looking in to Corey’s eyes.

“I missed you too,” Corey said back at me and kissed me again. His hands slid down the back of my jeans while we kissed.

“Go fuck him, Matt. He wants you,” Kris said.

“No more than I want him,” I said. Corey grabbed my hand and led me to my bedroom. We locked the door and did our thing.  I don’t know was more excited.  It really made for one hell of a fuck.

Everyone sure seemed thrilled to be back. That Sunday night our room was packed with everyone talking about their Thanksgiving weekend. Bishop had to brag a little about where he went, but caught hell from the rest of us for being the rich kid. He took it so well and laughed about it.

Kris and I were in our room and ready for our nightly chat. We were stripped down with Kris sitting on top of his bed while I was underneath for the warmth.

“Boy, I think everyone missed each other,” I commented.

“I think so too. I know Corey really missed you. I’ve never seen him be so clingy to you. You must have fucked him so good.”

“We’re not all about sex, you know?”

“Bro, then why the hell, not ten minutes in the door, were you in here fucking his ass?”

“Because… we were fucking horny,” I said and giggled.

“No shit, Sherlock. Bet you didn’t have sex during your vacation, did ya?”


“Bro, I need to tell someone that I got my ass fucking laid Friday.”

I sat up a little, “By who?”

“Oh some girl I sort of knew in high school, Shannon Winfred.”

“Hmmm… I don’t guess I know her.”

“She was a year behind us. I saw her at the mall. She came up and began bragging about how hot I was. Well, I caught the drift that she wanted me so I followed her hot ass home. I basically fucked the shit out of her twice,” Kris stated, now lightly petting his hard cock. “Even thinking about what I did makes me hard.”

“I can see,” I said.

“Bro, she was so fucking wild. Get this shit. She wanted me to fuck her up the ass, so I did.”

“Alright, which is better, fucking a guy up the ass or a girl?”

“Wow that’s a real toughie there… boy I really don’t know since both are blazing hot. Damn, I really need to bust a nut now.”

I watched Kris jack off and enjoyed the show. He really got into it and even more than normal by fingering his ass while he stroked his cock.  

“You want the dildo?” I asked.

“Oh fuck yeah!” Kris said and stopped.

I was stunned he did what it and found the big dildo.  I handed it to him with a big smile.  He eyed it for a second before pouring the lube on it.  He moved it down and placed at his ass.  He grimaced when the large dildo entered his ass. 

“Just take it slow,” I commented with my cock growing hard  and standing nearby.

He just looked at me and moved the dildo slowly.  He pulled it out and applied more lube.  “Fuck this thing is big!” he commented and slid it back in his ass.  He worked it deeper and deeper while groaning and breathing hard. 

I was stroking my cock and loved seeing this show Kris was performing.  I looked to see his eyes closed while the dildo moved in and out of his hot ass.  The dildo was stretching his ass to the limit and looked so hot in him.  He looked lost in his world with him moaning and breathing hard. 

“OOOO fuck!” Kris screamed.   He tensed up and began firing off his load.  The look of pure pleasure was on his face with cum hitting his chest and ripped abs.  I couldn’t hold off any longer and shot my load in my hand. 

“Felt good, huh?” I asked and watched him pull the dildo from his red asshole.

“Fuck yeah, it did,” Kris replied.  He lay there a minute with his arm spread wide.  He stood with cum dripping down his torso and walked over to clean his mess from his body.  “Hey, do you wanna run home again with me this weekend?”

“You’re going home again?  I thought you hated it.”

“Yeah, I promised I would,” Kris said and got quiet. “I’m going to the cemetery to lay flowers on Nathan’s grave. He passed away seven years ago next weekend. Colt is going with me.”

“I’ll see what comes up before now and then,” I said.

“I understand,” Kris stated.  He came over and kissed me before returning to hit the light. “See ya in the morning.”


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