Posted:  December 16, 2011

“Oh no!” I yelled. Not five plays into the last home game, Ted was down on the field with his teammates surrounding him. 

Reese had his hands over his mouth, mumbling, “Please Teddy get up.”

We held our collective breath until Ted stood up and jogged off the field. I exhaled and saw Reese do the same with Ted now standing on the sidelines. Reaching over, I patted Reese on the back to see him smile back at me. 

“He looks okay,” Chase leaned across a few of us to say to Reese. “He ran off the field.” 

“I hope so,” Reese said. “He is a tough guy.”

Not three plays later, Ted had his helmet back on and was running onto the field. I nudged Reese in the arm. The next play, Ted was there to meet the ball carrier and slam him onto the turf. Excitement was back in our section with us jumping up and down.

At half time, the game was really close but not that exciting. For some reason, our offense was out of sync with nothing working as planned. It did give us a break to sit down after standing during the entire first half. 

“Having fun?” Corey asked leaning across me to Reese.

“I sure am,” Reese replied. “I’m really glad you came and found me.”

“Me too,” JJ said on the other side of Corey. “Love this shit!”

Reese leaned over and whispered, “Chase and Tabor are so cute.”

“Yes they are,” I whispered back to him and winked.

Kris came up to me, “Hey, did you see Mike?  I hope you told him I was hunting.”

“Actually I didn’t and wondered where he was,” I replied.

“Hmmm…” Kris rubbed the stubble on his chin. “I think I know where he sits, so I’ll try to go see if he made it.”

When the second half started, things began to change for our team.  Whereas before they weren’t hitting on passes or running plays, now it seemed to work to perfection and had us going crazy as ever.  Near the end of the third quarter, Kris came climbing back up. 

“Mike’s no where,” Kris said passing by me.

“There may be a good reason,” I said.

“It would have to be for him to miss,” Kris stated. “Now I wish I had his number but I never got it.”

We continued to dominate and won the game by the margin of twenty four points.  We enjoyed a great season but it wasn’t going to be enough to win the conference.  When the horn sounded our home season was over.  We would miss the tailgating and the games but look forward to another two years.  Now I was beginning to understand the excitement associated with college football. 

Reese thanked us numerous times before heading off to find his dad and mom near the field. We headed for the exits for the last time after standing and gazing at the empty bleachers.

“Wow, it’s over,” Colt stated, standing looking across the stadium. “The football season is fucking over, dudes!”

“Hard to believe that shit,” Kris said. “Now we have to wait ‘til next year to come and do this all over again.”

“Guys, thanks for making it a fun game,” JJ said. “I had a blast and know what it’s really like to go to a real college game.”

“Bro, you’re welcome any time,” Kris said.

Corey, JJ and I were behind Chase and Tabor while we walked out of the stadium with the crowd thinned out somewhat. “Dude, Reese is so fucking gay it’s not even funny,” Tabor said, not realizing we were behind them.

“I know,” Chase said. “I bet Ted is so ashamed of him.”

I thought I was going to have to say something but Kris wheeled around and stopped walking, “What the fuck did you two just say?” Kris asked, looking at both of them with his menacing glare. 

“We were stating facts,” Tabor said. “You saw how Reese acted.”

“Being around us hasn’t taught you shit, has it?” Kris asked. “Ted is not ashamed of him either, Chase. Both of you disappoint me to no end.”

“I don’t get you, Kris,” Chase said.

“Chase, accept him for who he is. Reese is gay, just like Matt and Corey, okay,” Colt said.

“Matt and Corey are different. Reese has gay written all over him,” Tabor said.

“End of discussion,” Kris said and threw up his hands.

We continued on to our dorm in virtual silence while I could see Colt was fuming and giving his brother the evil eye. Once in the room, Colt slammed our door shut. “Chase, you and Tabor need to keep your goddamn opinions to yourself!”

“Tell us what we said that wasn’t true!” Chase shouted.

“You were making fun of Reese. He’s not the most masculine guy, I’ll admit, but keep your mouths shut!” Colt said with great anger. “Not everyone is going to be like you two high school jocks. I’m ashamed of both of you.”

“Come off it, bro. You did that exact same shit when you were a senior. You always made fun of the gay guys,” Chase said.

“I did but it was so wrong,” Colt said. “We’re trying to make you better than us, not the same. Can’t you see that?”

“I did too, and did it to Corey,” JJ interjected. “At the time you don’t think anything about it but it can hurt people.”

“Guys, Reese would have been so hurt to hear you say that he is so fucking gay and Ted was ashamed of him,” I said. “You both were talking to him earlier like you liked him. He’s trying so hard to make friends now. He’s been hurt so much from people just like you who are nice to him one minute then stab him in the back when he’s not looking. So you know, Ted is not ashamed of him and accepts Reese for who he is.”

“Do you see where you both fucked up?” Colt asked.

“I guess so,” Chase replied. “We’ll keep our opinions to ourselves.”

“And accept people for who they are,” Kris added. 

“Cut us a little slack. We’re trying our hardest. I was a dumbass for saying what I did,” Tabor conceded.

“You need to try harder,” Colt said. “I know two guys that want to come here next semester when they turn 18. If I hear any more homophobic shit for you, you can stay at home.”

“I got ya, Colt. I’m sorry and need to learn to be more accepting and not so two faced,” Chase said, hanging his head.

“I am too,” Tabor stated.

“Good,” Colt said. “I’m not trying to be a tough ass on y’all.  The sooner ya get it the better off you’ll be.”

“And you won’t regret things either,” JJ commented. “I can’t tell Corey how sorry I am enough times.”

“Guys, you don’t know how really tough it is. First when you’re young and realize you’re gay, it’s hell,” Corey said. “Then your friends abandon you and start calling you a faggot, cocksucker, fudge packer and shit like that. You tell yourself those are only words, but it hurts. What hurts even more is the feeling that no one likes you. You say it’s your secret but soon word gets out too.”

“One more thing and we’ll drop it,” Kris said. “Say Ted found out you said those things. How do you think he’d feel about you then?”

“I see your point,” Chase said. “Please don’t tell Ted what we said…”

“Yeah, he’s been so nice to us,” Tabor stated. “Now I feel like shit.”

“Me too,” Chase said. “I feel like some fucking punk asshole kid.”

We sat around until Chase and Tabor decided the traffic had lessened enough to make for an easy drive home. Colt did give both a sincere hug and told them to be safe.

Shortly thereafter, JJ gathered his things. It was easy to see he didn’t want to leave us. We tried talking him in to staying another night but he refused. He said goodbye to Kris and Colt before Corey and I walked down with him to his car.

“Corey, I’m glad I came and had the best time ever here,” JJ said at his car.

“I’m glad you came as well. You saw with your own eyes that everything I said was true,” Corey said.

“God, did I ever. I can’t wait to tell all the guys how you do have it made here,” JJ said, grabbing the car door. “Man, you have so many friends, and great ones at that. I’m very jealous.”

“I’ll see ya Wednesday then?” Corey said with a big smile.

“You will for sure,” JJ said. “Matt, you keep taking care of him. You’ve done a great job so far.”

“I will,” I said. JJ hugged me first. The exchange between Corey and JJ brought a tear to my eye. They hugged each other and slapped each other on the back while doing so. Corey didn’t want to end it but I don’t think JJ did either. Corey grabbed me by the hand as JJ headed back home.

“Perfect can’t even come close to describing this weekend,” Corey said. “Damn, I feel so good inside.”

“See we didn’t disappoint at all.”

“No, you didn’t. I hope we don’t have a packed room tonight. I know two boyfriends that might enjoy the night together.”

I smiled and liked hearing that. “Let’s keep our fingers crossed. If nothing else, maybe we can talk them in to going out tonight.”

Entering our room, Kris and Colt had their bare feet kicked up. Once inside the door, Corey grabbed me and began kissing me. He broke the kiss and rammed his tongue in my mouth. I had no objections to the open affection he was showing me in front of our roommates. 

“Goddamn, get a fucking room!” Kris said.

“We will, and we better not be disturbed,” Corey said.

“We were going out tonight and wanted to see if y’all wanted to go,” Colt said.

“We have other plans,” I stated.

“We do, but I can’t thank you enough. Y’all are the greatest ever,” Corey said.

“No sweat there, bro. JJ’s a cool guy,” Kris stated.

“Here you were worried,” Colt said.

“I was, but for no reason. All my friends came through in the clutch for me,” Corey stated. “I really can’t thank you enough.”

“We still couldn’t talk you into going out with us?” Colt asked.

“We’ll think about it,” Corey said before escorting me into my room but I grabbed him to shower first.   We showered and cleansed each other for our encounter.  Our hands were all over each other.

The next forty five minutes or so was nothing but pure heaven.  I was so in to Corey and he was so in to me. I loved the feeling of his thick manhood filling and stretching my ass. It started so beautifully with slow thrusts to our delight and soft moans. We kissed a lot while Corey made hot love to me. When we were not kissing, I loved watching his muscular body fuck into me.  His cock was so hard and hitting the right spot to keep my cock hard.  He culminated our fuck by pounding my ass, pulling out at the precise moment and flooding my face with his juices. My body was covered in cum with his hot facial and my hand’s free blast. I was spent and breathless, yet so satisfied. Corey cleaned me up and then held me close in our bliss.

I smiled and walked over to unlock the door. Kris walked in, smiled and proceeded to undress. 

“I take it you two aren’t going?” Kris commented.

“Nope,” I said.

“I can’t say I blame ya. If I had a lover I wouldn’t be going out either,” Kris said.

“Yes, you would,” Corey said.

“Well, maybe I would,” Kris laughed. He showered, came back to dress and left to go out with Colt and whoever else was game that night.

Corey did treat me well that night with a nice steak dinner at a chain restaurant before we retreated to the room. We didn’t do much other than cuddle whilst watching TV before we fell asleep.

Sunday, I woke alone since Corey had risen earlier for his job. He was always very considerate and never tried to wake me up in getting dressed for his day. 

I went and stretched out on the couch to download a lot of pictures I had taken over the weekend. JJ wanted a few and had given me an email address before he left, thus I emailed him the ones that he was in.

The other bedroom door swung open with Colt coming out, rubbing his eyes and his hair going in every direction. He did his thing and came to sit next to me.

“Kris is gone, but don’t you worry…” Colt said.

“Sammi’s again?” I questioned.

“Dude, I saw her and I don’t blame him one bit. She’s a fucking knockout,” Colt said. “Actually who I’ve always pictured Kris with.”

“The main thing is that he’s happy,” I said.

“Happy fucking that shit,” Colt laughed. “I don’t know how long it will last since we know Kris’s history.”

“I know. Colt, you and Andrea have been together a while now.”

“We have. We understand each other so well. Take last night for example. She wanted to do stuff with her friends and did so while I got to go out with mine.”

“Did you have the entire crew?”

“Well let’s see… I guess we had most. Hell, Toni and Bryson went with us, but Alex couldn’t,” Colt replied. “That Shawn’s really letting his hair down. The dude danced with at least four girls. So did you and Corey just fuck all night?”

“No,” I replied. “We went and had a nice dinner then watched TV together. Actually it was rather nice.”

“Yeah, y’all do need that time alone, just like I need my time with Andrea alone when we’re not going at it.”

The door opened with Kris hauling his tired looking body in the door. “I feel so good now and so fucking normal again.”

“Normal again?” I asked.

“Yeah. You know how a regular average guy should feel and not like I’m changing…”

“I take it you nailed Sammi good?” Colt stated.

“Bro, I’m not telling that shit,” Kris said and laughed while undressing.

“There’s a first,” I said sarcastically. “So you did have doubts?”

“Sammi sure as hell didn’t last night.  I have a little doubt though here and there but nothing major,” Kris said. “Bros, how cool is it that we can sit around butt ass naked and just chill?”

“Very cool,” Colt said.

“Kris, as always, you lead the way and the rest follow you,” I said.

Kris smiled, “I guess I do. People just love me. I can’t help it.”

“Don’t get too full of yourself over there,” Colt stated.

I turned to Colt, “He wasn’t kidding. I tell him over and over how people love him and follow him. It’s not that he makes an effort at it, it just comes so natural for him.”

“Since everyone wants to follow me, what’s the plan for Christmas?” Kris asked.

“I haven’t even thought about it. How about New Year’s?” Colt said.

“You know what would be killer? All of us going to Vegas, baby! Go see Juan tie the knot!” Kris stated.

“Christmas is time for family,” I said. “Kris, can we afford Vegas?”

“We’ll find a cheap room since I don’t figure we’ll be in it long…”

“There again he’s got this all mapped…” Colt said.

“No, usually we do stuff by the seat of our pants like our Spring Break,” I said.

“I was thinking out loud,” Kris said.

“I don’t want to hear your other thoughts though,” Colt said. “I can only imagine those.”

“Fuck you, asshole,” Kris said with a smile. “We can get a cheap room since we won’t be there other than to just sleep, and in Matt’s case to fuck the hell out of Corey.”

“We’re not rooming with them,” Colt said.

“You wanna be alone to fuck the hell out of Kris?” I said and waited for retaliation. I got in the form of Colt hitting me in the leg.

“Dude, you and I could take Andrea and Sammi with us…” Colt said.

“Wow, I didn’t know Sammi was bi too,” I said. “The four of you could really go at it.”

I looked and barely had time to brace myself with Kris coming at me. I tried to cover up since I knew without a doubt what was coming. Kris used his strength to wrestle me to the floor. He and Colt dog piled on top of me. Sure they were heavy but there was nothing like feeling hot naked guys on top of me. I was managing to laugh on the bottom. “Someone’s grabbing my dick!” I yelled with Kris on top of me.

They quickly got off. “Wasn’t me,” Colt said.

“Not me,” Kris said quickly.

“Maybe it was a mistake, but it worked to get you off of me,” I said. Kris looked at Colt and smiled.  I knew then I was in for it.  Kris jumped on me and began grabbing my balls while I think Colt grabbed my cock.  “OOOO!” I screamed in pain but nothing major.

“Okay, someone did grab your dick,” Kris laughed.

“A big one too,” Colt laughed.

That evening, I was in my room with Corey hanging with Kris in the living area while Colt was off with Andrea. Corey came to my door. “Someone is here to see you,” he said.

I saw Ted and Jerome standing in background. “Hey come on in. I was just finishing up a few things.”

“The dumb jocks need your help again,” Ted said with Jerome, a black receiver on the team, coming in behind him.

“No problem at all. Jerome, we really appreciated the tickets a few weeks ago,” I said.

“No sweat,” he said.

Again it was dealing with accounting troubles they were having. I sat down with the two and did the best I could to help them since we had just passed that part in my accounting class. It didn’t take that long before both understood the concept. They were about to leave and putting things in their backpacks. 

Ted walked over to me and put his big arm around my shoulder, “Reese thinks you’re the bomb. He really enjoyed sitting and cheering us on in the student section.”

“It was no problem at all,” I said.

“Ted, who’s Reese?” Jerome asked.

“He’s my nephew who’s been considering coming here next year. Matt’s done a great job of persuading him to come,” Ted explained.

“That’s cool of ya, bro,” Jerome said. “Thanks for all your help.”

We headed out to see Colt had returned with Andrea. Bryson, Shawn and Bishop were there as well and playing a game. 

“Any word where y’all are going to a bowl game?” Colt asked and spit.

“It looks like either Florida or California right now,” Ted answered.

“Both would be sweet,” Bryson said.

“It’s a nice reward for a long tough season,” Ted said. He turned and introduced Jerome to the guys.

Jerome was nice as expected, but began laughing. “Bishop, Hell, I knew you as Frankie in junior high.”

“I know, but I like Bishop better,” he said.

“Seriously? I never knew that was your last name, but see why you go by that instead of Frankie,” Kris laughed.

“You know Matt said something about you getting us tickets but I never put two and two together to realize it was you,” Bishop said to Jerome.

“We moved off before my ninth grade year…” Jerome said.

“And hit a hell of a growth spurt. You were tiny in junior high,” Bishop said.

“I was,” Jerome stated. “It’s good seeing ya. Nice to meet all of you.”

“Later, guys,” Ted said before they both headed out the door.

Monday, to begin a very short week, it was easy to see some had taken advantage and left for home. We decided to hang around like usual after Corey said he’d be working until we left. My first class with Toni was a breeze if there ever was one. In my next class the professor didn’t even show up so I was left on my own with Bryson skipping out as well.

After our short last class, Corey and I journeyed to our dorm. To me, going to my classes was a total and complete waste of my time. I changed, bid Corey goodbye and waited for Kris and Colt to enter. They did enter a short time later and we were off to the Rec Center with Scott, Shawn and Alex. We bitched and moaned about the worthless school day heading over in the cool November weather. 

Once we were back in the room, Kris stripped down and headed to the door with Colt and me sitting on the couch to relax. 

“Where are you going?” I asked.

“Don’t you worry,” Kris said with a smile and his nick cock hanging freely between his muscular legs. “I’m going over to Scott’s room and then who knows where.”

“Good luck,” Colt said.

“You know I could use some company there, bros,” Kris stated, holding the door knob.

“Not hardly,” I said. “This is your idea.”

“You’re on your own there partner,” Colt said.

“Wusses!” Kris said and actually did walk out into the hall bare ass naked. The door shut and he was gone.

Colt and I sat looking at each other and started laughing. “Should we be the least bit surprised?” I asked.

“I’m not. The dude is fucking crazy, but I don’t think many are left by what I could tell earlier.”

We waited and waited. I know I fully expected the door to open back up but it didn’t. Ten minutes passed, then fifteen. Colt stood with me right behind. We had to go see the reaction. We opened the door and scanned the hall for the sight of a buff naked guy but saw nothing. We went next door and entered, with Kris sitting like he normally did.

“Didn’t think I’d do it, huh?” Kris asked.

“Seriously, the fucking shock value is gone now Kris,” Scott said. “But you should have seen the look on Shawn’s face when he opened the door.”

Shawn was laughing, “I didn’t know what to think.”

Kris smiled, “Hey, I was just having a little fun. Not many are left around here so I decided to do this shit. Better yet, we’re trying to think of something crazy to do without getting arrested.”

“Such as?” I asked.

“Running up and down the halls, but the only problem with that is no one would hear us since this sucker is so sound proof,” Kris replied.

“Not if you knocked on doors and got them out in the halls,” I said.

“Oh my God that is brilliant!” Kris said. “Now who’s with me?”

The silence was deafening. We sat looking at each other. “You know, fuck it. We’re only in college one time. Let’s do something really crazy that we’ll remember,” Shawn said. “Kris, I’ll do it.”

“Damn, I guess I will, too,” Colt said.

Then Scott and Bryson agreed. I was the final holdout. It was stupid and rather juvenile but Shawn was right we’re here for one time in our life. We’re just young enough and foolish enough to do it. Kris gathered us around for our plan. We proceeded to strip and were out the door, but left it open as our escape route. 

We began by knocking on the doors of people we knew. It didn’t start out so well with the six of us running naked down the halls until one by one we began having an audience. Soon we were jogging up and down with people staring in amazement and then laughter mixed with cheers as our hall woke up. We made a final pass and headed towards the open door.

We shut the door. We were giving high fives all around and laughing at each other.

We were putting on our clothes when we got a knock. Kris opened the door with Rick standing there. He stepped inside with a stern look on his face and slammed the door.


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