Posted:  December 14, 2011

While walking along with the fallen orange, yellow and red leaves littering the sidewalk after our class together this Friday, it was easy to sense Corey’s uneasiness or nervousness as we shuffled along. His face was blank while he looked at the nearly bare trees with the wind blowing. 

“Everything will be just fine this weekend. I know it will be,” I said to him.

“I sure hope so.” Corey said in his long sleeve grey tee shirt, nice jeans and tennis shoes. His hair was spiked high with his earrings shining.

“What’s worrying you?”

“This is my chance, Matt. This is make-or-break for me with the guys back home.  It means a lot that nothing happens while JJ is here.”

“You have nothing to worry about. Each time someone comes, we treat them just like one of us, or Kris does. I really don’t believe he’d come to scope things out.”

“Man, I hope Kris doesn’t fuck things up. I just know he’ll go off on the tiniest thing,” Corey said.

“If he does, we’ll just say he’s like that. Surely JJ will understand. I know Kris though and he’ll go out of his way to make him feel like one of us,” I reiterated. 

Before going inside, Toni came up to us to ask about the tailgating set for the next day. We said everything was in place since Kris’s parents were attending. She offered to make dip again like she had done before. We entered through the glass door and headed up the stairs to our hall. We said goodbye to her and went to our room. I put away my things and inspected the condition of the room for our guest. I had to pick up a wet towel and toss away a spit bottle, along with making Kris and my bed.

Corey was on his phone when we returned to the living area. He hung up and said that JJ would be here around 3, which was about 2 hours away. Shortly Kris and Colt came in the room and sat down their backpacks at the door.

“Bro, when’s your friend coming?” Kris asked, sitting down his backpack.

“About 3,” Corey replied.

“Perfect then, we can go work out,” Kris said.

“You can but I’m gonna stick around in case he calls for something,” Corey stated.

“Alright then, bro,” Kris said, taking off his shirt. 

Kris and Colt dressed to work out even though we had been there every day.  I informed Scott he and Yancey were on their own today but he understood. After they left, Corey used his nervous energy to make sure our place was spotless, plus it didn’t hurt that we cleaned the bathroom.

I could sense Corey was quite nervous and on edge.  I walked up to him and laid the hottest kiss I could muster. 

“Thanks, I needed that,” Corey said.

“I could do more if it would help,” I said, sliding my hand over his crotch.

“If there was time, we would but just as soon as we were getting hot and nasty, JJ would call,” Corey stated.

I glanced to see the time. “We have about thirty minutes.  I could just give you a blow job to relax you.”

Corey smiled at me and began unzipping his jeans.  I smiled back while dropping to my knees.  I pushed down his jeans and boxers to pull out his thick cock.  I began licking it and watching it grow.  His hands were on top of head while I licked the shaft.  His cock had grown rock hard in a short time.  My tongue swirled around the head.  Glancing up, I could see his head tilted back and enjoying my efforts.  My mouth opened to take a little while my hand moved to the base. 

“Feels so damn good,” he whimpered. “Oh suck my fucking dick!”

I took more of his thick cock in my mouth.  It always stretched me to the limits and made my mouth so full.  I moved up and down slowly to enjoy the texture running against my lips while my tongue was sliding along underneath.  He pushed me further down but I didn’t mind.  I pulled off with my spit streaming from the head of his hard cock to my tongue.

“Feel good?” I asked.

“Does it ever,” Corey said.

I returned with my hand running up his shirt to feel his hot sculpted abs.  My mouth went faster with his moans growing louder.  He grabbed my head and started face fucking me.  Normally I didn't care for getting face fucked but I was really loving it this time.  The feel of his cock sliding between my lips and going deep in my mouth had me so boned.  I slipped down my hand to unzip my jeans and release my hard throbbing cock with his cock lodged in my mouth. 

“OOOO fuck!” he screamed.  I could sense the tightening and within a short second felt cum hitting my throat.  My lips clamped tight with Corey blasting in my mouth.  He finished and collapsed on the couch behind him.  I didn't let a drop go to waste and swallow his hot load.

I stood and moved to kiss him with just a little left to share.  It was hot as fuck seeing his cum stream from the end of my tongue to the end of his tongue.  He grabbed my cock and jerked it hard. Within a few minutes of intense stroking by Corey and lots of lip, I screamed and moved to let my load hit our floor.  I collapsed in his arms after getting off.

“My boyfriend knows the remedy,” Corey said and kissed me.

“I do,” I said. “Now let’s clean up and get ready.”

“I feel so much better now,” Corey said and kissed me again with him biting and sucking my lower lip.

We cleaned up my mess.  I went to the bathroom to gargle with mouthwash just in case the smell of cum was on my breath.  I held him close and massaged his arms and neck.

I was holding Corey when his phone began ringing. He got up to see to it was JJ, who was in the area but needed specific directions to our dorm. He gave them and said he’d meet him outside to let him in the secure door. I waited after Corey had left and hoped this brief stay would be a great one for Corey. He wanted to continue to reconnect with his high friends who had shunned him earlier.

The door opened with Corey showing JJ into the room. JJ was dressed nicely in an Abercrombie tee and stylish jeans with a necklace as well. He was giving the living area the once-over with his brown eyes. 

“Very nice, Corey. Not some dump like most dorm rooms,” JJ complimented us.

“Matt’s the main reason it’s not a dump,” Corey said with me standing up.

JJ stretched out his hand to greet me, “Good to see ya again, Matt. I see you’re taking good care of Corey, here.”

“I try,” I said.

“So where’s everybody else?” JJ asked.

“They’re over at the Rec Center and should be back any time,” Corey said before he and I sat together while JJ sat down his duffel bag. “So how are things back home?”

“You know Corey, about the same as always… no wait, there is big news. We’re getting a fucking Walmart built out on the highway,” JJ said.

“No way, a Walmart, for real?” Corey asked.

“They’ve started clearing the land. It’s the old Tucker place,” JJ stated.

“Good for them,” Corey said. “They were about as poor as we were and still are today.”

JJ stood and walked over to the framed picture of the guys, “Damn Corey, what fitness magazine is this for?”

“Oh, it was for a sorority calendar we did earlier this semester,” Corey replied almost embarrassed.

“That’s the cover,” I said with great pride. “That’s Corey and some of his friends.”

“I see you’re not the only built joker around,” JJ stated and sat back down.

They talked about things and people I didn’t know. I sat and listened to their banter before the door opened. 

“You’ll never believe who we ran into today?” Colt said.

“Who?” I asked.

“Bryan,” Colt replied.

Corey and I looked at each other while Kris was going to our room. 

“Who’s that?” Corey asked.

“My old fucking roommate,” Colt replied. “He hasn’t changed a bit and still such an asshole like he was last semester. To think I was best friends with him in high school.”

JJ was listening and smiling. “Colt, this is JJ,” Corey said. JJ stood and greeted him. “Kris, can you come out here a second?” Corey yelled.

“Maybe later, I’m sort of busy right now,” Kris yelled.

“Nice to meet ya,” Colt said and walked to his room.

Corey had the oddest look on his face. He sat down next to me. 

“Now where were we?” JJ asked.

“Dude, I’m sorry but something is up with those two,” Corey stated. “Hold on just a second.” He left and went to his room. Soon with the door opened I heard great laughter coming from Colt. The two walked out with Colt going to the door. He yelled at Kris for a minute before Kris came out. Both started laughing.

“Bro, we’re sorry but we had to fuck with Corey a little bit,” Kris said with laughter and was walking up to JJ. “I’m Kris. It’s great to meet ya.”

“Yeah, we had to get at Corey just a second,” Colt said.

“I was wondering what the deal was since Corey raved about y’all,” JJ said. “You were just fucking with him?”

“Yes, we were. We had to give him a little shit, you know?” Kris stated. “Make yourself at home, JJ. If you need anything, just holler. Matt will get it for ya.”

“Thanks a lot,” I said. “JJ, since he said that, make Kris do it.”

“Oh, I’ll be fine,” JJ said.

“Bro, you want a beer?” Kris asked.

“Now that you mention it, a cold one would really hit the spot,” Corey replied.

“I was talking to your friend,” Kris said.

“I’ll have one since you’re offering. I guess Corey told you I don’t mind kicking back and having a few,” JJ said. 

Kris came back with three beers in his hand and handed them out. 

“Thanks, asswipe,” Colt stated and stood to head to the fridge.

“You didn’t say you wanted one,” Kris stated and sat next to JJ. “Whenever you get ready, we wanna hear all about Corey growing up.”

“Kris, we’re gonna need to make a run if you didn’t notice,” Colt said standing at the fridge.

“I’ve got some out in my car,” JJ said. 

“Holding out on us, huh?” Kris asked.

“I wasn’t sure about the policies around here,” JJ replied.

“We have them but we don’t follow them. Our RA, Rick, says as long as we don’t cause trouble we’re fine,” Corey said.

JJ stood, “At least your RA is not a dick like mine.”

“Bro, you need any help? You can’t shut the door either,” Kris said.

“Sure,” JJ said before they headed out the door.

Once gone, Colt asked, “So how’d you like our little scheme there?”

“I knew something was up. Any other time, Kris would have been greeting him like a long lost relative. I know y’all way too well now,” Corey replied.

“It was Kris’s idea,” Colt said with a smile and taking a drink. “Dude, he fits right in, or at least he seems to.”

“I hope it continues like this,” Corey stated.

I kissed Corey’s cheek for reassurance that things would work out just fine. We didn’t have to wait very long before JJ and Kris were bringing two 24 packs inside the room. Coming in the door it was easy to see the two were hitting it off just fine.

JJ took a seat, “So tell me what it’s really like to live with two guys who are boyfriends?”

“It’s cool as hell, dude. We fight sometimes…” Kris stated.

“JJ, we accept them both for who they are. Other than we’re used to it now, they are pretty much like us. Hell, last semester we got Matt here to try some dip,” Colt said.

“I was wondering what two straight guys thought of this,” JJ said.

“Matt and I have been friends for so long…” Kris said.

“Corey, I wish I hadn’t been the way I was with you in high school. You’re a person like any other but all I could see at the time was a gay person. I’m sorry we treated you like shit. I came here to show you how sorry I am for being a pure homophobic prick…” JJ stated.

“I appreciate that. I really do,” Corey said. “I made it through okay despite people writing shit like fag on my locker.”

“Dude, I didn’t do it but I told em to do it.  We were so bad that we stripped him naked and left him in the middle of the football field.  Any time Corey wore loose jeans or shorts you could count on at one point during the day they be around his ankles,” JJ stated with a beer in his hand. “We were plain mean to Corey but look who is having the last laugh now.”

“I was sorta the same way dude before I got to know them. You have these images in your head when you hear ‘gay’. Matt, Corey and our other gay friends are actually cool as fuck,” Colt said. “You don’t know how thankful I am for Matt. He’s made it so studying is now a habit rather than a chore.”

“I could use that too,” JJ said. “Man, Corey, we missed so much, but never again. Fuck those that can’t grow up and won’t grow up enough to see you as a person. The last time we were home together the thought never crossed my mind you were gay. You were one of us and will keep being one of us if I have anything to do with it now.”

Kris slapped JJ’s knee, “Bro, I like hearing that. If there’s one thing I won’t allow in this room, it’s for someone to come in and be prejudice because of someone else’s skin color, sexuality or whatever. We’re all people here.”

Soon the parade began with Scott and Shawn first to come to see Corey’s friend. Next Alex and Brennan came down, followed by Bishop. Bishop had just shut the door when there was another knock. Bishop opened it with Ted and Luke standing there in their school track suits with headphones around their necks.

“Matt, I came by to tell you Reese is in Section 19, row 26.  He wants you to find him again,” Ted said in his deep voice.

“Hey Ted, Luke, I want you meet my friend JJ. He came here to visit us for the game tomorrow,” Corey said, making a point for JJ to shake their hands. 

“Ted, I’ll find him and may wanna see if wants to join us in the student section,” I said.

“Hell of an idea, Matt. It’ll give him another reason to come here,” Ted said.  He turned to JJ, “Nice to meet you, JJ.  I know with these guys you’ll have a blast.  Corey’s a hell of a guy.”

Luke was next to shake JJ’s hand.  “Alright Ted, we need to get going.”

“Thank goodness Luke is always with ya,” Kris said. “Else you’d be late every time.”

“I know that’s right,” Ted said at the door with Luke waiting. “See ya!”

Bishop shut the door and grabbed a chair. “JJ, did you know who that was?”

“It took me a second but then I realized it was Ted Wilcox. That dude is a monster,” JJ said. “I don’t think I knew the other one, though. Corey, I really thought you were blowing smoke up my ass when you said you knew him. I thought maybe you’d like had said hi to him.”

“No, those two right there are the best,” Kris said. “Hell, they took us drinking Halloween night with them.”

JJ’s eyes got wide, “Seriously?”

“Hell yeah dude, they’re just regular students here,” Alex said.

“You’re one to talk, Alex,” Shawn said. “JJ, he and Colt were so in awe of them the first time we met them. I swear they both jacked off thinking about them that night.”

“You may have, fucker, but we don’t have to do that shit,” Colt said.

Kris interrupted, “Colt and Alex have girlfriends.”

“I see now, but y’all are a real trip. Everything Corey said about y’all is so true,” JJ said.

We talked until our big group headed off campus to eat. As we were returning from eating, while Kris was driving, JJ turned around in his front seat. “Corey, I have a real confession to make now. I did want to come see you and all, but the real reason I came was because we all knew you were pulling our strings about how great you had it. I sort of volunteered to come check things out and hang with you and Matt plus go to the game.  I just knew that you and Matt just sat in the room and did nothing with any real friends. Not that we aren’t friends again and I didn’t enjoy hanging with you, but you know how some people like to embellish things to make them sound better than they really are.”

“JJ, we’re like this every day,” Kris said. “Corey was nervous as hell with you coming here.”

“Corey, you didn’t embellish it enough. Your friends are better than you said they were. I’d die to have anything close to this at my school. I feel terrible,” JJ said with remorse in his voice. “Please forgive me for thinking you made most of this up.”

“I do. I know it’s hard to fathom that I do have all these great friends with the way I was in high school. We’re like family. You’ve not seen all of them yet either, just the main crew. Tonight our room will be jammed packed, and not because we’re drinking, but because we’re just like that,” Corey said.

Shaking his head, JJ said, “Then Ted comes down to top it all off. Corey, I’m now fucking jealous of you more than anything. Not because you’re built like a damn brick shithouse now but you’ve got it made here. No wonder you never come home.”

“I’ll be home Wednesday,” Corey said.

“I’ll be there to brag on all your friends unless something changes before I leave, which I doubt it will. You’re so lucky,” JJ said.

“I’m very lucky. I do have the greatest friends and one hell of a boyfriend too,” Corey said and pulled me close. 

“I can see that too, but I knew that already. Anyone that will put up with you must be something special,” JJ smiled.

“So, you really thought Corey was kidding about everyone here and all he did?” Kris asked driving.

“Yeah, I honestly did. As I said, you know people like to make things sound better than they are when in reality they aren’t. Corey didn’t go far enough by what I’ve seen so far. Kris, I have friends at college, but only about 3 I hang around with all the time. Hell there must be ten of you I’ve seen so far.”

“Wait ‘til tomorrow when we tailgate,” Kris stated pulling into the lot.

“If it’s just y’all I’ve seen enough to know the truth,” JJ said.

Once parked and out of the car, JJ came up to Corey and hugged him. It was very sincere and left Corey with a big smile. We headed to the room. As the night progressed, our friends didn’t disappoint and showed up left and right. I had my camera in hand to capture these moments. I think a few got annoyed at me but I didn’t care. JJ had stories to tell about Corey, but some weren’t kind. With a lot of regret, he told how cruel they were to Corey in high school. I really felt for Corey but he took it so well. Time is a great healer. 

We were sitting around with everyone there when JJ spoke up again, as he had most of the night. “Corey, remember the time in Mrs. Braswell’s history class in the eighth grade? The time you farted so loud it echoed off those plastic desks.”

Corey laughed, “It was the seventh grade, and how could I ever forget that? I had some major gas and thought I could slip one out to relieve the pressure. It was so damn loud.” We were laughing hysterically now. “You talk about turning red.”

“And it stunk. Oh my fucking God did it stink. She had to stop the class,” JJ said laughing with one of many beers in his hand.

“JJ, I get to tell one on you now,” Corey said.

“I knew this was coming,” JJ said.

“You want me to tell about the time you pissed in your pants in the ninth grade in Mr. Carter’s room, or the time Teague threw up on you at his party?” Corey asked.

“Both are epic,” JJ said.

“We wanna hear about him pissing in his pants,” Alex said with Elise now with him.

“I’ll tell it. It was after lunch, I think I had drunk like three sodas. It was the class right before we went home. Earth science, right?” JJ said.

“It was,” Corey replied and nodded.

“Well about half way through, I thought I was going to die. I raised my hand and asked to use the bathroom but Mr. Carter was such an asshole. He said I could hold it ‘til the bell rung. All I could think about was that I had to piss…” JJ said and had our attention.

“Been there myself,” Bishop commented. “It sucks.”

“I know. I was squirming around and doing everything I could. The bell finally did ring…” JJ said.

Corey was laughing so hard, “He stood up and pissed all in his pants. You talk about give someone hell. He left a puddle right there on the floor.”

We continued to talk with time flying passing so quickly.  With the beer flowing and the heat being on, quite a few were out of their shirts and thinking nothing of it.

JJ said, “I’m sorry but I feel fat as fuck around you dudes.  Look at your asses all cut up like you live in the gym.”
“Bro, we work out so damn hard,” Kris stated.

“Now you know why there are girls here,” Alex stated.

“Damn right,” Elise said. “Nothing wrong with seeing hot guys with no shirts.”

“Hey now,” Alex said.  Elise leaned over and kissed him.

“The only six packs I ever see are the ones coming in my room in a paper sack.  I guess little role was earned though,” JJ stated.  “I see it has hurt y’all one bit.”

“We have to hit the Rec Center after drinking,” Colt laughed with his arm around Andrea.

“Kris does ask us to go but it is now out of habit and how it makes us look,” Scott said.  “I love being fucking shredded.  You saw the picture of us, right?”

“I did and asked what fitness magazine it was for,” JJ replied.

Finally about one, things simmered down with a majority of the people gone. JJ was pretty wasted and doing all he could to stand up. Corey wasn’t far behind with Shawn passed out in a chair. We did wake him and escort him to his room. 

With just the five of us and Andrea, who was intent on staying with Colt, we parted ways. This night we allowed Colt and Andrea to enjoy the comfort of the pullout sofa while we helped JJ to Corey’s room. Corey stayed there while Kris and I went to our room.

“Bro, I’ve never seen Corey so happy in my life… well except for the time you two made up,” Kris said, on his side.

“I know.  Do we have some kickass friends or what?  Every one of them made JJ feel like one of us.”

“I know and to think he thought Corey was full of shit,” Kris stated.

“He knows better now.  Kris, thanks for all you did for me in high school.  You’re not here to make up for lost time,” I said.

“No problem,” Kris said and yawned. “See ya in the morning.”

Waking on this Saturday before Thanksgiving, I looked to my left to see Kris sleeping on his stomach with his beautiful naked ass and back showing my way. Knowing Colt and Andrea were in the living area, I was trapped, but quietly walked out to find them holding each other while they slept. After a quick bathroom trip, I grabbed my camera and computer to download pictures. It brought a smile to my face seeing the candid shots of our college days. Kris woke earlier than usual and scooted me over to view the pictures with me. 

“One day we’ll look back on all these and know we didn’t miss out on a single thing in college,” Kris commented.

“We will, won’t we? Once the six packs have faded, we can have proof we were once fit works of art,” I said.

As we were sitting and talking, Kris’s phone started to ring. It was his parents telling him they’d be here in about forty five minutes. Kris jumped to action and began waking everyone up. I grabbed Corey for a quick shower to see JJ staring at us.

“Man, y’all don’t care what anyone sees around here, huh?” JJ stated.

“Nope, we usually sit around in the nude until we dress,” Corey replied.

“All of you?” he questioned.

“All of us, including Andrea,” I said. “We enjoy it, so why not?”

“Another reason I can add to why y’all are utterly amazing,” JJ commented while trying to wake up in Colt’s bed. “My roommate thinks it’s a sin for me to even see his ass, whereas y’all are so comfortable with it.”

“We need to make it quick, Matt. Kris will be hollering at us any minute now,” Corey said.

After the fast showers and dressing along with numerous trips to take aspirin, there was no avoiding seeing each other naked including JJ for a brief second.  We were dressed in the nick of time to help out Kris and his parents for the early tailgating. 

Soon, our friends began coming out of the woodwork to partake in our tailgating. Jenny and Walt had out done themselves with a huge spread of various foods. Toni chipped in with her amazing dip and it wasn’t long before Juan and his expecting girlfriend were there to join us. Next, Noah and Kendall came across the lot with their girls as expected since Scott called them last night. We looked across to see Chase and Tabor come running across the lot to join us, but found they were just coming for the game only. In the mass of people, I could see Kris looking around and wandering away from our group. JJ was in pure amazement but really having a great time. I didn’t interfere and allowed Corey and JJ to enjoy this time together.

Kris walked up to me as I was taking more pictures. “Something is bad wrong. I can feel it. Usually Mike has found us by now.”

“Kris, don’t worry. He’ll show up as he always does,” I said. Walking to talk to some others, Corey grabbed me by the arm and pulled me away from our group. “Matt, is there a reason you’re avoiding me?”

“There is…” I said and let it hang there a second. “I’m letting you and JJ have your time. I know what this means to you. I want you to enjoy this to its fullest. When he leaves, I’ll still be here.”

Corey kissed me on the cheek, “I love you and thanks. Here I was thinking you were maybe jealous.”

I smiled, “Not in the least. Now get out of here.”

Walking back, I stood around. Walt was in the middle of our group, “Kris, are you coming home for Thanksgiving?”

“Of course I am Dad,” Kris replied.

“Well son, you haven’t been home this entire semester. Your mom and I were wondering what scheme you had this time,” Walt said.

Kris laughed, “I don’t guess I have been home. You know I didn’t realize it.”

Walt smiled, “We know you Kris, plus it’s not like we haven’t seen you.”

With no sign of Mike, we headed to the stadium on this sunny November day to enjoy the last home college football game of the year. It signalled the end to our tailgating and to our hours of fun. 

For once, I remember exactly where Ted said Reese would be sitting. I walked away from our crowd after saying to save me two seats. Going in the section, I began scanning the crowd of older supporters. Out of the blue, I saw Reese stand. He waded through the people to find me. I asked if he wanted to join us in the student section. His big smile said he did before he yelled at his dad and mom where he was going.

Reese and I found my friends with two spaces saved in the midst of the crazed students. 


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