Posted:  December 11, 2011

Waking on Wednesday with eight days until Thanksgiving, I was still enveloped by Corey’s muscular arms.  He woke when I untangled myself from his hold where he had slept with me the night before.  A second round of sex wasn’t in the cards.  Instead, he held my naked body tightly against his naked body until we were asleep.  Someday, every night and morning would be like this unless something dramatic occurred.

We showered together as usual with more than normal kissing, touching and petting.  We both didn’t shave and left the stubble on our faces.  Mine was a little thicker than his.  We exited the room dressed in long sleeves and jeans for a very cool day. 

After a rather normal college day, Corey and I were back at the dorm room. 

“You know I just thought of something today.  I work Friday!” Corey said in disgust.

“Ask off or ask to work tomorrow.  Tell them you have a friend in town on Friday.  Surely, they will understand,” I said.

Corey smiled, “How stupid of me not to even think of that?  Here I was about to panic with JJ coming and forgot all about even asking off for work.”

“It happens,” I said.  “Have a great day!”  I kissed him goodbye with the thought of just how great our night had been before.  Kris really seemed to enjoy it so much and did add incredible excitement to our sex life.

After Corey was gone, Kris, Colt, Shawn, Scott and Garrett came into the room.  I was checking my grades online and was pleased with everything but still had work to be done in two classes. 

“Matt, check to see if they have posted the calendar guys yet,” Kris said, losing his shirt and showing his taut body.

“I did yesterday but nothing,” I stated.

“Just check again.  They said it’d be this week,” Colt said.

I found the website with Kris hovered over my shoulder.   My eyes popped open seeing a link to the new calendar. 

“Bros, it’s up now!” Kris said and gesturing the guys over. 

I clicked to see the PDF of the calendar with them trying to see the screen.  First up was January, naturally.

“Look at this shit!” Scott exclaimed. “To me, he’s not even cute.”

“I agree,” Garrett said.

I continued to scroll down the page.  The further I went the more frustrated I became as did the loud rude comments on each guy.  There were a few hotties but they paled in comparison to my five great friends. 

“What some shit!” Kris yelled. “Not a fucking one of us!”

“Pisses me off,” Scott said. “You saw those nasty ass dudes they had.  Seriously they can’t compare to us.  They were all pussies and afraid to show a little skin.”

“They probably didn’t wanna show their guts,” Garrett said.

“Not many are blessed like us,” Colt said, raising his shirt to show his six pack. 

“No one has Kris that makes them go,” Scott joked.

I closed the PDF and saw another link, ‘Front Cover’.  I clicked on it.  It took a second to appear but there before my eyes were the five.  It was the greatest picture I had ever seen in my life, the five standing together shirtless with a different backdrop put in and all five smiling at the camera.  They were sagging a little bit and showing their great bodies.

“Fuck yeah!” Kris screamed and turned to high five each one.

“Look at that shit!  We look fucking hot!” Colt exclaimed.

“I’ll buy it just for the cover,” Garrett stated. “Now there are five smoking hot guys.”

“Damn right there is,” Scott said.

“I guess I’ll buy one too for the cover,” Shawn said.

“Admit we are fucking hot.  Admit it, Shawn!” Kris said and was very excited. 

“Alright… alright, I’ll admit you are hot since you are my friends,” Shawn said and smiled. 

“Bro, we still have work to do on you.  There’s nothing wrong with saying a guy is hot,” Kris said.

“We’ll see but it is odd saying a guy is hot,” Shawn said.

Kris was so excited, “Bros, let’s change and head over to the Rec Center.  I’m so fucking pumped right now it ain’t even funny.”

“I’m too.  Let me call Andrea so she can see it,” Colt said.

“Bros, I’d say that shit right there is worth at least ten fucks to my ass!” Kris said. “Girls will be begging me to fuck them after they see that fucker!”

Shawn laughed, “Now the real reason emerges why you did it.”

Kris patted Shawn on the shoulder, “Damn right but it wasn’t the main reason but sure ain’t gonna hurt.  Matt, let me see that one more time.”
I held it up so he could see it one more time.

“Kris, just take Matt’s computer and go whack off to it,” Scott laughed.

“I might tonight,” Garrett said and smiled.

Once Colt was off the phone to tell Andrea and the others left, we gathered up the guys to head over to the Rec Center with Garrett with us.  He said he needed to get in shape for the upcoming basketball season after neglecting his fitness all semester.  Before walking over, we had a pact to keep the calendar quiet from Alex.  For Kris, it was a major task since he couldn’t stop smiling.

We entered the Rec Center and walked to check in.  We noticed Corey was manning the desk and talking to a girl.  She turned around and we saw it was Joanie.

“Guys, we didn’t make it,” Corey said.

“Bro, cut the shit.  We’re cover boys!” Kris said.

“What?” Alex said. “You’re kidding?”

Joanie had a copy of the calendar in her hand.  She held it up but it was snatched from her by Colt.  Alex’s mouth hung open in disbelief.

“Actually, Kris made the top 12 in voting,” she said.  “We were thinking about putting the top vote getter on the cover until one of the girls in the sorority saw the five of you together.  It was a nice discussion but I think you see what won in the end.”

“Dudes, the photographer made us each a copy of the picture,” Corey said and pulled the 8X10 picture from under the desk.  I saw the picture and knew where a framed copy of it would sit or hang.  It would be front and center in our living area.

After we each saw the pictures and calendar, Kris almost sprinted to the locker to stow away his things. 

“Christmas came early from him, huh?” Bishop commented.

“I think it did,” I replied.

It took all of us but we finally were able to corral Kris and his enthusiasm.  We hit the machines for our workout with Kris’s voice being heard all over the expansive room.  After a long workout due to the fact we had so many, we showered first and then sat in the hot tub for a few minutes.  Before we left, Kris grabbed the five photos from Corey to take with him back to the dorm.

Back in the room, I headed out on a mission to find some frames for the pictures along with replenishing our supply of nutritional healthy food.  It wasn’t hard to find either one so I was back in no time.  I entered to a vacant room and found one photo sitting on the counter.   I framed it up and found the perfect spot to hang it.

After we ate with Kris finally coming back to earth, he and Colt left the room.  Colt said he was going to be Andrea while Kris didn’t mention where he was going.  Rather than sitting in the room, which wouldn’t be that bad, I grabbed my black hoodie to head out the door.  Leaving, I didn’t know where I was going other than a brief escape.   Rather than drive and waste gas, I started walking.  The night was clear with a quarter moon overhead and a slight crisp breeze blowing.   After spotting some lights on at the soccer field, I walked in that direction.

On my hill, I sat down and gazed at the players in the distance on this chilly night.  It was a nice time to step back and assess my situation.  Nothing was wrong but things and time fly by.  Originally, I thought I’d be here four years and be happy once it was over.  Now with two and half years left, I wanted to put life in slow motion so I could capture each moment before it was gone.  Of course I look forward to the future and being able to support myself but so far this was the best time of my life.  I wanted to scream how much I loved this place, my life, my friends and my boyfriend.

Leaning back on my palms, I looked skyward at a few stars overhead.  I was truly blessed and very lucky.  First, I was blessed in having the ability to grasp all the concepts that were thrown my way in the classroom and recall them at the needed time.  Next, I was blessed by having a loving boyfriend that was my life.  Then, I thanked the stars above for all the friends I had made since coming here and Kris for making me get out of the room.  It started with just me and Kris and grown from there.  Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined being so sociable and loving every second of it.  Also, I began to realize that in a month, I would no longer be a teenager and be turning 20. 

After watching for a while longer, I stood and wiped the grass from my jeans.  I headed back to the room and would eagerly wait to see Corey.  Entering the room, Colt was sitting on the couch naked with a beer at his side while watching TV. 

“Wanna join me?” he asked.

I smiled, “Sure.”

“So where have you been?”

“Oh just out and walking around,” I said and sat next to him.

“I meant join me,” Colt said and gestured at his cut naked body.

“Oh yeah,” I said and lost my clothes.  After tossing them in my room, the beer looked enticing so I went to the fridge to see a fresh 24 pack sitting there.  For a change, it wasn’t the cheapest beer around.

“I had Bishop grab us something nice to celebrate the day,” Colt said.

After opening and taking a drink, I sat next to him.  “What an exciting day, huh?”

Colt put his arm around me, “Yes it was.  Matt, I don’t think we’ve ever been alone like this before.”

“Well… I don’t guess so.”

“I’m not trying to make a move on you.  Andrea has already satisfied me for the night.  I want to thank you for everything.”

“Exactly what would that be?”

“One, without you, my grades would suck, I mean fucking suck.  Dude, they are half decent for me all because you started making us study every night.  At first, I thought it was lame but it ain’t.  Two, for showing me there is such thing as love in this world.  You and Corey are two very hot lovers…”


“You’ve shown me without a doubt,” Colt said and took a long drink.  “Men should be able to marry especially you and Corey.  You should have that right.”

“One day we might tie the knot for good,” I said and took a sip.

“Weird as hell but Kris will be your best man and I’ll be Corey’s best man.  How’s that sound to you?”

“Like a dream to me,” I replied.

“Without you and Corey, I doubt I’d ever got to experience again the joy that comes with being with a man sexually,” Colt said and leaned over to kiss me.   He grabbed me by the back of the head and kissed me so passionately.  “I love you, Matt.”

“Okay but I have Corey, remember?” I said and was a little shocked by his actions. It did catch me off guard somewhat since he never had done it before.

Colt laughed, “No, you know like you love Kris.   I wanted to show you I feel the same way about you. Maybe I went just a tad far.  Never ever would I think of interfering with you and Corey besides I’m in love with Andrea as far as romantic love goes.”

“You had me for a second there.”

“Matt, I know I’m bisexual but not to the point of Scott or even Kris.  I see nothing wrong with having sex with a guy especially Kris.  Man, he’s so fucking hot and such a great fuck. We do it for the experience and excitement of sex.  I know I better now before my ass is married…Damn, look this shit.  I get fucking hard thinking about sex,” he said and pointed to his hard cock.

“Colt, would you fuck Kris more if you weren’t with Andrea?”

“MMM… probably since we’ve only done it twice this semester.  I’m glad Andrea is around to satisfy my needs,” Colt replied.

“I hope she means more than sex to you,” I stated.

“She does mean way more than sex to me but nothing like you and Corey.   Dude, he loves you so much it ain’t even funny,” Colt stated with a knock at our door.

Rather than get up, Colt yelled, “Who is it?”

“Scott!” We heard from the other side.

Colt walked over with his cock now softened.  He opened the door slightly to allow Scott inside in his shorts and tee shirt to be comfortable.

“What the fuck is going on here?” Scott asked.

“Matt just finished nailing my ass,” Colt said, jokingly. “Nah, we were just talking. Care to join us?”

“I’m here, aren’t I?” Scott asked.

“No, lose the clothes,” I replied.

“Sure, I don’t mind at all,” Scott said and stripped off.  I actually think he did it slowly to tease us.  He sat naked on our other couch showing his nice uncut cock resting below a small patch of pubes he kept trimmed.

“How’s Garrett doing?” I asked once Scott was seated.

“Good.  Tomorrow he’s starting his program at the center,” Scott said.  “Hey you care if I grab a beer?”

“No, there’s plenty in the fridge but you usually don’t drink,” Colt said.

Scott stood, “Garrett’s incident was more or less a wakeup call for me.  I know damn well that could have been my ass in jail for buying weed.  I’m not stopping but damn sure cutting back.”

“Like how cutting back?” Colt asked.

Scott grabbed a beer and opened it, “Like only on special occasion plus too that shit’s expensive now days.”  He sat back down and took a long drink.  “Man, was Kris ever excited today.  I was pumped as hell but I didn’t want to show with Kris going all ballistic like he did.”

“I was too.  Did we look fucking great or what?” Colt asked.

“Yes you did,” I said and pointed.  “There’s proof right there.”

“Dude, it looks great,” Scott stated.

“Actually, I bought five frames so both of you can frame your pictures,” I stated.

“Dude that’s fucking sweet as hell of you,” Scott said. “Remind me to grab one on my way out.”

We continued to talk until the door opened.  Corey saw us sitting in the nude and smiled.  I walked over to him and put a great kiss on his lips.  We didn’t want to stop though we were being watched.  Corey had his hands all over my bare ass while we kissed.

“That is fucking real love right there,” Colt said.

“It is,” Scott commented. “And hot as fuck if you ask me.”

Soon Corey joined us by stripping down and enjoying a cold one.  We sat on the couch while Colt moved to sit with Scott.  We talked a while about the calendar and enjoyed having a cold one.  Corey did state that he had things worked out to be off Friday for his friend JJ.

Just as Scott was about to leave, Kris came in the door.

“Damn, am I that influential on y’all?” Kris asked.

“I guess you are,” Colt replied.  “I started it when I was here alone then came Matt.”

Kris was losing his clothes and tossed them in our room.  He saw we had beer and grabbed one to join us.   We did have to ask where he’d been but he was quite vague with his answer.   Scott did leave after staying another hour with us. 

When we called it a night, I stood and said, “Kris, do mind but I would really love some alone time with Corey tonight.”

“Not at all,” Kris said.  “Colt and I will have our alone time even though I don’t need him tonight.”

“Why’s that?  Did you get laid?” Colt asked.

“Yeah,” Kris said but quietly.

“Dude, what’s the deal?  Here you said you needed to get laid,” Colt said.

“Who, Kris?” I asked.

“Sammi,” Kris said almost under his breath.

“Who the fuck is Sammi?” Colt asked.

“The girl I fucked that night when I got in that bar,” Kris replied.

“Was she as good as the time before?” Corey asked with a smile.

“Oh fuck was she ever.  Best fucking pussy I’ve got.  It wasn’t my original intention, honestly to fuck but wasn’t going to deny that shit if she offered.  I wanted her to see my picture… fuck, I left it at her place,” Kris said.

“It gives you another reason to hit that shit again,” Colt said.

“Nice excuse there, Kris,” Corey laughed.

“Trust me, I didn’t expect it but damn was it fucking hot though.  She knows what buttons to push,” Kris said.  “So y’all are cool with it?”

“Why wouldn’t we be?” I asked.

“I just thought maybe you wouldn’t like the fact I went back to Sammi the girl I fucked up with and caused us to fight,” Kris replied.

“Who cares if she’s a good fuck,” Colt said.

“Damn straight she is,” Kris said.

“See ya tomorrow,” I said and felt Corey’s hand grab mine.

Curling up next to Corey after he made love to me was great.  Plus it was cold in the room due to the fact I had three roommates that didn’t keep the place very warm.  If nothing else, it could offer me an excuse to sleep close to him which I did enjoy after sex.

Thursday, Corey came in the room in a flash after his classes.  “Matt, tonight I will work later than normal then I have one little thing to do.”

“No problem.  Have a good day.  I’m sure we’ll see ya later,” I said and got a short kiss on the cheek.

Once Kris and Colt were back, we headed over to the Rec Center to work out just a little and then play around a little either basketball or volleyball.   Our weight work was short and to the point before we moved to play volleyball on a vacant court.  Kris was looking all around and didn’t see the girls he had met the time before.  With just six of us with Scott staying back and saying how he needed to catch up we started playing but it was rough.  Then two guys came walking in and watched.  Kris invited them over to play and said he didn’t care how good they were.  We introduced ourselves to Reed and Mateo.  Reed was lanky with stylish blond hair that swept towards his face.  Mateo looked Hispanic with jet black hair that was straight.  At first, both were hesitant about joining us.  Before they did, they threw their shirts along the wall where ours were to show both had cute slender bodies with Mateo have bigger pecs.

We played a few games.  By the end, the new ones were laughing at and with us since we weren’t taking it very seriously. 

Finished with our games, we stood around. 

“Tell us you’re always this crazy,” Mateo said.

“We are,” Colt stated.  “We’re all fucking crazy as hell.”

“You can’t tell me y’all are all live in the same dorm.  That’s not possible and get along like this,” Reed said.

“We’re in the new ones just down the street.  Come visit us sometime,” Kris stated.

“Like you’d want us,” Mateo stated.

“Hell dude, Kris thinks the more the merrier,” Alex stated.

“We may just do that some time, Mateo,” Reed said. “Sure beats sitting around our dorm and playing video games.”

“We’re in Room 204,” Kris said. “You’re welcome to join us anytime.”

“Okay then,” Mateo said.  “We’ll grab your number and call first.”

They followed us to the locker room where they kept their phones locked up.  We undressed like any other time even though they were there.  Kris gave his number along with mine.  We asked if they wanted to shower but they said they didn’t bring a change of clothes.  They said goodbye to us and left the locker room.

“Doubt we see them again,” Colt stated, standing naked after he had stripped down.

“Hmmm… we might,” Kris said.

Back in the room, I glanced at my phone to see I had a missed call from Dad.  I practically slapped myself in the forehead remembering we were getting together tonight.   I called him back to find out he would be late since Gloria, his girlfriend, would be getting off work late.

I dressed normally before heading out.  Kris, Colt and Scott were in the living area and playing a video game.   They said they were bored and wanted to do something a little different.  I said goodbye and was off to meet up with Dad.

Dad and Gloria were right on time and greeted me when they entered our usual restaurant. 

“Where’s Corey tonight?” Dad asked.

“He had to work tonight.  When I talked to you before he was off but went today so he could be off tomorrow with a friend coming in,” I explained.

“Son, you’re lucky you don’t have to work,” Dad stated just as we were shown to our table.

“I know I am,” I said walking.

We took a seat at the table with Dad asking me about my grades then he asked about where I saw myself in five years.

“Dad, I hope to have a great job and be with Corey.  I know a lot could happen between now and then for us but I can still hope.”

“You can, Matthew.  If you are happy, then I’m happy.  I know you’ll be a huge success in whatever comes your way.  You have that drive in you to make things happen.  Something I had earlier but it fizzled out later in life,” Dad said.

“What happened for you to lose the drive?”

“Life happened.  I had a beautiful son and a wife but then I tried to cope with the added pressure by turning to the wrong sources.  Matthew, stay away from the bottle and drugs.  They do you no good in the end.  I’m living proof,” Dad said.

“Plus he sees my son as well,” Gloria said. “Just the other night he commented how he never worried you’d ever get in trouble and do stupid stuff,” Gloria commented.

I smiled, “I do stupid stuff but so far, knock on wood, I haven’t been in trouble.  Dad, I do stuff I know I shouldn’t…”

“I understand.  Sometimes no one can tell you,” Dad said as we were interrupted to order our dinner.   He continued after we placed our orders.  “As I was saying, I think it’s nice you’re getting the chance to experience life on your own and out from under Linda’s control.  I can see she raised you correctly though, which I’m so thankful for.  Every time, we’re together I regret I was stupid and wasn’t around for you earlier.  I too realize nothing I could have done would change you if you know what I mean.”

“Matthew, he now realizes nothing he can say or do will ever change the fact you’re gay plus he sees how content and happy you are with it,” Gloria said.

I reached over to Dad sitting next to me and hugged him.  “Thanks.  Now we can move and grow like a father/son should.”

“Yes we can son.  Hard to believe next month you’ll be 20.  It means I’m getting old too,” Dad said.

While eating, I happily shared a lot with him that I hadn’t before.  I enjoyed hearing him and Gloria laugh at some of the things we had done during my time at college.  I had a great feeling all over when the night was over. 


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