Posted:  December 9, 2011

Corey came to the room about his usual time on this Monday with just over a week to go before our Thanksgiving break. It was just me, Kris and Colt sitting around actually with clothes on. Quickly I noticed Corey wasn’t right so we adjourned to my room. I shut the door and knew the two would think we were having a problem.

“It’s been on my mind since I saw you,” Corey said. “How are we going to break the fact that Andrea is fucking around on him?”

“I think we should do it together,” I replied while stroking his arm. “We need to show and express our concern for Colt so he doesn’t blow up right there.”

“This really sucks but needs to be done and soon,” Corey said.

“Let’s do it right before we go to sleep. That way Colt can’t do much about it tonight.”

“Then he won’t sleep a wink,” Corey stated with great concern. “We’ll do it tonight. In the meantime, I really have got stuff that needs to be done.”

“Good luck concentrating,” I said.

We left the room with Corey going straight to his. Both cut their eyes to me.

“Alright, what’s the problem?” Kris asked.

“He had a bad day at work is all and needed a few moments alone with me,” I replied.

“He does know about Garrett, right?” Colt asked.

“He does, but we really don’t know much yet,” I replied.

Kris began switching channels left and right. Finally Colt got frustrated and snatched the remote from his hand. “I’ll find something to watch rather than seeing five fucking seconds of a show and then your hyper ass turns the channel.”

I laughed, “He used to be worse.”

“Now you see why we really don’t watch much TV. Honestly, there’s not shit on and we’ve got 65 fucking stations,” Kris commented.

“You know not a one of us really watch much. Kris and I have a TV in our room and I betcha we haven’t had it on more than ten times,” I said.

“We’re not glued to our phones either. I swear Andrea has that thing attached to her hip,” Colt commented.

“Hell, your brother is the same way,” Kris said. “All four of them this weekend couldn’t leave them alone long enough for shit. I finally jerked Tabor’s out of his hand one night. You’d have thought I’d pulled his dick off with the way he bitched and moaned.”

We sat there watching some old movie that caught Colt’s eye. We watched until Corey came out of the room and asked me to proof a paper he’d been working on. I went to read it and edited out just a little before we emailed it to his professor. 

“Let’s get this over with,” Corey said. “I’ll go get them now.”

Soon the three were back. Corey was on my bed with Kris on his with Colt.

“Alright, we know something is definitely going on,” Kris said.

Corey looked at Colt. “Colt, you’re one of my best friends ever… but there’s something you need to be aware of right now.”

Colt’s blue eyes looked around, “Okay what?”

“I’ve been seeing Andrea with another guy,” Corey replied.

“What?!” Colt yelled. “Are you sure about this shit?”

“Colt, I saw them today, and Scott saw them Friday as well,” Corey said.

I looked at Kris and knew something was up. He was now holding his pillow over his face.

Colt stood and stomped around the floor for a few seconds before sitting back down. “You’re such a goddamn kid, Kris. This shit ain’t even funny!” Colt said.

“The fuck it ain’t!” Kris said and burst out laughing.

“Kris, this is not in the least bit funny,” I said and looked at Corey.

Colt started laughing as well, “Alright… alright… I’ll tell ya. You saw her with Blaine. He and Andrea are best friends from high school and I knew they were hanging out this weekend together. He just had a nasty breakup with his boyfriend here recently.  I know everything that is going on between them.”

“Now I feel like such a fool,” Corey said.

“They thought…” Kris started to say but couldn’t stop laughing. 

“We did… What would you have thought if you’d seen Andrea with some cute guy?” Corey asked.

“It’s cool, dude. I appreciate the concern you have for me but it’s nothing at all,” Colt said.

“Colt, you said… someone would think Andrea was fucking around on you if they ever saw the two together,” Kris said with tears rolling down his face.

“Kris, this is not even funny,” I said. “Hell, we were concerned for Colt. Give us a break!”

“Okay,” Kris said and tried to gather himself. “I see what has been so quiet around here.  Before, secrets were hard as hell to keep.”

“Now that is out of the way, we do have a major concern on our hands,” I said.

“Yes, we do. Even though we haven’t seen Garrett much this semester, he’s still one of us,” Colt stated. “We should have intervened months ago when we saw there was a problem.”

“We should have but hindsight is 20/20, y’know,” Corey stated. “Would he have listened to us though?”

“I doubt it but we still could have given it a try,” Colt replied.

We talked more about the situation before turning our attention to this last weekend of football. Kris was certain his parents would be attending thus meaning a big blow out to end what was a great season. Each one of us truly hated to see the football season come to a close.

After Corey and Colt left to head to their room, Kris and I did our thing before getting in bed.

“Here you thought…” Kris said, turned to me on his elbow.

“Well yeah, wouldn’t you?”

Kris smiled, “I guess so. You gay boys and your gossiping.”

“What the hell is that suppose to mean?” I asked.

“You enjoy gossiping before finding out the real truth.”

“Kris, we’re no different than you or Colt in that regard. We didn’t gossip and really just kept to ourselves. You noticed we did it just among us. We’re very concerned. Say it was a repeat of Monica.”

“Colt would have come unglued,” Kris stated. “It is nice you think that much of him. I’m sure he appreciates and I guess I would too if something would have been happenin’ like that to me.”

“We’re family now and always have been from the way I see it,” I said. “You and I started it…”

“Me then you…” Kris said with a smile.

“Then I added Corey and later we added Colt. Bro, we’re close as any four people here. Don’t get mad, but we’ve had sex together and love it. That should tell you something right there.”

“We’re four horny motherfuckers,” Kris laughed.

“We are that…”

“Speaking of, boy do I ever need to get my ass laid this weekend. I can’t remember the last time I had sex with a girl. I think Shawn and I need to go on a hunt this weekend.”

“Okay, but what if we have visitors?”

“Chase and Tabor’s little horny asses will for sure understand.”

“No, you won’t be able to pull yourself away long enough to find anyone,” I said and broke off a smile.

“You are so right there,” Kris laughed.

We concluded our talk with a discussion about Garrett. We were glad in a way it wasn’t Scott that got busted but said his day could come at a moment’s notice. 

The next day, Ted was still bubbling over what Corey, Scott and I had done for his nephew, Reese. I told him Reese called me and talked for a little while the night before to make sure we’d be at the game. We talked until the professor started our class.

After my next class, I ate a little something and walked back to the dorm to wait on the others. Corey was first to arrive but strangely he was talking on his phone. I assumed it was his mom he was talking to.  

“Guess who that was?” Corey asked, shoving his phone in his old jeans with his hair spike up and his earrings shining.

“Your mom,” I replied.

“No, it was JJ.”

“Really? That’s cool of him to call.”

“He was calling to see if he could come visit us this weekend. I opened my mouth when I was home last time and told him he was free to come,” Corey said but not excited.

“I don’t see any problem with him coming, unless you don’t really want him to come.”

“I do but I know Chase and Tabor might be here as well,” Corey said. “I know Kris would love it but really we can’t have that many here. We only have so much space.”

“We’ll see. Something always works out with us.  If nothing else we’ll have a full room with Kris loving every second of it,” I said with Scott coming in the door in his hoodie and low rise jeans.

“Guess who just came back?” he asked.

“Garrett?” Corey and I replied almost at the same time.

“How in the hell did you guess?” Scott asked. “He wants to talk to us when we all get back from class.”

“That’s cool,” Corey said.

“Oh by the way, the guy you saw Andrea with was a friend from high school,” I said. “He’s gay too so it was nothing at all.”

“Thank God for that, but Garrett’s ordeal is something,” Scott said.

We didn’t have to wait long before Colt and Kris came in the room. We told them what was going on and headed next door. Scott opened the door with Garrett sitting between Bryson and Eric. Garrett had swollen red eyes. He raised his lanky body to greet us. We each hugged him. We waited until Alex, Brennan and Shawn came to their room. They were greeted with a hug as well.

“The floor is yours, big boy,” Scott said and gestured.

“Guys, I don’t know where to start, but you know by now yesterday was the absolute worst day of my life. I thought coming out was hard but nothing like calling your parents to tell them you’re sitting in jail because you were arrested for buying drugs,” Garrett said and inhaled deeply. 

“Were they pissed?” Colt asked.

“A little… more disappointed I guess. I’m disappointed in myself as well. I started taking the pills and before I knew it I was hooked,” he said. “I realize some of you tried to talk to me but I wouldn’t listen. Bryson, I’m a total fuck up.” Tears welled in his eyes. “Fuck, I stole money from… my damn roommates…” The dam burst with tears running down his face.

Eric and Bryson stood and held him. The sobbing continued as I had to wipe my eyes as did Corey.

Eric wiped Garrett’s face. Garrett spoke again, “There’s money on your dressers. I’m sick… but starting tomorrow…”

“He’s going to seek treatment at the Addiction Center here on campus,” Bryson spoke up. 

“Please… please don’t get to the point… where I was…” Garrett sobbed. “Get help if you need it.”

“So what’s next?” Kris asked.

Garrett wiped his nose, “I really don’t know much right now. I was told if I do go to treatment, which I am, then maybe I can get off with probation. Still, I will have a record.”

“That sucks,” Alex said.

“That’s the price I have to pay, Alex. In a way, I’m lucky it happened before it ruined me. My grades have slipped a little,” Garrett said.

“Bro, we’re all here for ya. You know you’re always welcome to join us with Eric,” Kris said.

Garrett looked at Eric, “We’re going to start doing that for sure. I need them.”

“We can do that,” Eric said.

“Yeah, we are one big family here. I was telling Matt that last night,” Kris stated. “Alex, any further word on Justin and Drew?”

“Oh they’re goners for sure,” Alex said. “They said they just couldn’t fit in with us.”

Bryson laughed, “It’s not hard. They never really tried. Hell, Garrett and I did last year without any problem.”

“I did too, plus they have other friends they wanna live closer to,” Alex said.

“Their loss,” Colt said.

We hung around for quite a while. Most were very candid with Garrett and told him how he had changed. He said he was going to do whatever it took to return to normal.

We returned to our room and did our regular studying that was now a habit before we journeyed off to eat. Just before leaving, Corey said, “Colt, are Chase and Tabor coming here this weekend?”

“Yeah they are,” Colt said.

“Okay then,” Corey said.

“Guys, one of Corey’s old high school friends called him today and asked if he could come stay with us…” I said.

“Just for Friday night since it’s an early game,” Corey said.

“It is?” Kris asked. We nodded yes. “Fuck, I hate early games. It cuts into our tailgating.”

“I think it starts at 2,” Corey said.

“Still way too early in my book,” Kris said. “Now, what’s the problem with you having a friend coming? We’ll make it.”

“Corey, I’ll tell ya what. Chase and Tabor can either stay just Saturday night or their little asses can wait,” Colt stated.

“So who’s your friend, Corey?” Kris asked.

“It’s JJ. We weren’t friends at all during high school really but the last two times I was home, that one time with Matt and then the other, we hung out together and a great time. Kris, I think you’ll really like him,” Corey said.

“Or not,” I said. “He reminds me a little of Kris.”

“Is he fucking bowed like this shit?” Kris said and showed his biceps.

“Get the fuck back,” Corey laughed and flexed his muscles in both arms. It was really quite impressive when Corey did show out with his arms popping.

“Two fucking pussies right there,” Colt said and popped his that was really close to Kris and Corey’s big stacked biceps. One area Colt could best them in was his incredibly defined triceps. “Alright Matt, you’re next.”

I rolled up my sleeve and was able to produce a nice little muscle. “I’m gonna catch all of y’all before we graduate.”

“In your dreams,” Kris laughed. “Let’s go grab everyone and get something to eat to fuel these big boys.”

We did grab a vast majority of our friends along with most girlfriends and a few extra girls to grab something to eat. Garrett was with us along with his boyfriend Eric. At first, no one mentioned the arrest until Kris asked how the city jail was. Garrett told us in a few words and was back to being rather quiet, which was normal. It was easy to tell too he was off his pills with a little color back in his face and his eyes weren’t red like they had been all semester. 

We split back up when we returned. Colt went to be with Andrea when he told her about what Corey, Scott and I thought was occurring. It was just Kris, Corey and I in our room for the most part with a few coming here and there for details about the weekend. Corey did call JJ to let him know everything was good for Friday night. Kris wanted details so we gave him all we knew about Corey’s friend. 

About ten or so, Corey and I slipped into my room. He wanted to check the results of the calendar but it wasn’t posted just yet. Actually, the running results were taken down as well. We wondered when now they would announce who made it. 

I pulled Corey to me, throwing my arms around his neck as his big arms slipped around my waist and held me close after we finished with the computer stuff. Our lips met in a passionate kiss, our tongues battling. Without breaking the kiss we reached forward to undo each other’s pants as we both wanted each other at that moment. I had a hold of Corey’s shirt when he sank to his knees to slide my pants and boxers down, allowing me to pull his shirt up over his head revealing that hot body that I just couldn’t get enough of.

My cock was throbbing as Corey gave it a quick lick. I moaned and reached down to pull him up in to a kiss. He pulled my shirt up but didn’t quite pull it off when he started kissing and licking my nipples. I couldn’t see what he was doing but I felt his lips on me as his hand slid down my stomach until it was wrapped around my cock, stroking it softly.

I struggled out of my top and pushed Corey down to the floor, gripping his pants and pulling them off roughly until he was naked. Corey had a big smile on his face as I got down and straddled him, rubbing our hard cocks together as I attacked his mouth with mine, his hands all over my back and ass.

We humped against each other for a minute and then I slowly started kissing down Corey’s hot body, focusing on his firm pecs and chiseled abs. His thick cock was rock hard and leaking as I took it between my lips, running my tongue around the head and loving the feel of it in my mouth.

I continued to work Corey’s cock, my head bobbing up and down, taking as much of him as I could in to my mouth, deep throating him a few times making him howl and buck up in to me as I had him pinned to the floor.

He pulled me up in to a kiss, telling me I almost made him cum. He rolled us over and mimicked my earlier actions by kissing down my body. I was amazed by how hot he really thought I was, the working out had really paid off and I was so proud of myself. When he reached my big cock he dove right on it and swallowed it down, loving every bit of it.

“OOO fuck, I need you in me, Matt. Fuck me!” he said after bobbing up and down on my cock for a few minutes.

As I got to my feet Corey pushed me backwards until I was sitting in my desk chair. He crawled between my legs and sucked my dick back in to his mouth, really going to town when sucking me, getting me as wet as possible.

He pulled back and spit in to his hand, rubbing it on his ass, then he straddled me, his legs over the arms of the chair on either side of me, positioning his ass directly over my hard cock.

I held my dick up so Corey could sink his ass down on my bare cock. It sunk inside him, feeling so good as the warmth enveloped my big dick. He wrapped his arms around my neck and kissed me as he started lifting his ass up and then lowering it down, pulling my cock almost completely out of him only to force it back inside, fucking him deep.

I rotated my hips and started pushing up slightly as Corey found a great rhythm where he was riding my cock with ease, really enjoying it and working my cock with his tight ass, which he kept squeezing, making me moan. He was so good.

“OOO fuck! I love you, Matt. Your big dick feels so good inside me. Fuck me, baby,” Corey moaned, leaning over to kiss me.

“Fuck yourself on my big dick,” I panted. “Oh, God, I love you, Corey. Your ass feels so good around my cock.”

Corey continued to ride me, rocking back and forth, his abs tightening with every move driving me crazy as I looked down at them and saw a bead of sweat run down the length of his body, racing between the creases of his hard abs.

All of a sudden the door opened and Kris walked in. Why did I always forget to lock the door?

“Holy fuck!” Kris screamed, closing the door behind him. He looked like he was mesmerised. “That is so fucking hot! I can see all of that big dick moving in and out of Corey.”

“Kris, do you mind?” I asked, wanting him to leave so I could have Corey all to myself.

“Not at all,” Kris smiled, rubbing himself through his athletic shorts.

Corey never stopped riding my cock, even when Kris had come in to the room or now that he was watching us. He pulled me in to a kiss, squeezing his ass a couple of times, making me forget all about Kris watching us. Then I felt a hand on my shoulder. It was Kris. He was naked and had a huge grin on his face.

I returned my attention to Corey, a little annoyed that Kris was trying to join in, but Corey leaned down, still riding my cock, to swallow Kris’s hard dick as it throbbed in the air next to us.

“OOO yeah!” Kris screamed. “Suck that dick, Corey. Feels so fucking good.”

I let Corey suck Kris’s dick for a little bit before I pulled him in to a kiss. I could taste Kris’s precum in Corey’s mouth, it was so fucking hot. Any anger I had for Kris was forgotten as Corey kept working my dick with his ass. When I turned my head again to look for Kris I couldn’t see him. Then I felt his hands on my thighs and my entire body tensed up, not knowing what he was doing.

“Holy shit, Matt, I wish you could see what your big dick looks like fucking in and out of Corey’s ass… you’re in the perfect position, I can see everything… so hot!” Kris said.

I almost told Kris to grab my camera to take some photos, wishing I could see my dick as it fucked in and out of Corey’s ass, but Corey was working my cock so good I could hardly speak. Corey smiled and kissed me deep. I yelped in his mouth when I felt one of Kris’s fingers trace up the length of my cock until it was gently rubbing the exact place where my cock was plunging deep in to Corey.

“OOO fuck, Kris. What are you doing?” Corey asked, pulling back from the kiss and trying to look back over his shoulder.

“So hot…” Kris breathed.

The next thing I felt was Kris’s finger run up the length of my cock again but it didn’t stop when it reached Corey’s opening, instead Kris pushed the finger up inside Corey’s ass, running it right along my cock until it was brushing against the head of my dick and running over Corey’s spot at the same time.

Corey screamed louder than I have ever heard him scream before. His ass clamped down on my dick as Kris’s finger quickly pulled out. Corey arched his back and shot load after load of his hot cum all over my chest and stomach without ever having touched himself.

The feeling of Corey’s ass squeezing my dick and the earlier feelings of Kris’s finger against my cock while it was still inside Corey sent me racing over the edge. My cock exploded inside Corey’s ass, shooting one of the biggest loads I can ever remember shooting, filling him up so much my cum started leaking back out of his ass.

Corey collapsed on to my chest, his head on my shoulder, holding me tight as we came down from our incredible orgasms. Then I felt something I never thought I’d ever feel. As the cum I’d shot inside Corey’s ass was leaking out and running down my cock I felt Kris’s tongue lick it off my shaft.

I grabbed Corey as tight as I could and muffled a scream against his neck, almost cumming again from the incredible feelings. Kris licked my cock a few more times and I felt Corey jump against me, Kris had given his ass a quick lick too.

Kris then stood up so I could see his grinning face over Corey’s shoulder. His dick was rock hard and he had a total look of lust in his eyes as he stroked his cock and shot a nice load all over Corey’s back.

“That was fucking incredible!” Kris said, panting in the afterglow of his orgasm.

He went over to lie on his bed. It took Corey and me another few minutes before we could move, with Corey pulling himself up off my cock. We barely made it to my bed before collapsing in each other’s arms, still not really able to believe what just happened.

We started kissing with Corey biting my lower lip along with using his tongue. We glanced up to see Kris standing there by us. Kris leaned over and found Corey’s lips. Corey broke the kiss and moved to stand. I watched as the two shared a really hot kiss with their hands all over each other’s firm muscular asses. Corey moved aside and gestured me to stand. Kris barely waited and laid a hot kiss on my lips. His hand slid down and fondled my flaccid hanging cock.

“Okay, enough,” Corey said.

Kris stopped, “Are you getting jealous?”

“No more than you were when Matt was fucking my ass,” Corey replied.

“Damn right I was jealous. I’m jealous as fuck that Matt can fuck you anytime y’all feel like it,” Kris stated.

“I really think someone really needs to get laid,” I stated.

Corey and Kris both laughed. “I know you’re talking about me cause Corey just got that ass of his laid.”

“Hell, I could go for round two,” Corey said.


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