Posted:   November 7, 2011

Sunday, Corey was awake before I was, which was a small rarity. He was staring at me
when I woke.  We kissed with open mouths and tasted each other’s morning breath in my
bed with our hands feeling each other's bodies as we kissed. 

“I know this wasn’t your idea of our weekend together,” Corey said, after breaking the
long kiss.

“It was.  We were together the entire weekend.  What more could I ask for?”

“We only had sex alone last night.”

“Corey, you don’t hear me complaining a bit.  Last night you were wonderful and very
loving to me.  We both had high expectations but I’d say we had a full weekend.”

He smiled, “I guess we did.  I was checking to make sure you were okay with it.”

“Thanks, so were you?”

“Oh yeah, Friday night with Scott will be one night I’ll never forget…”

“Me either.”

“So is it a onetime deal?”

“We’ll see but I have to admit it was great fun,” I said.  We rolled out of bed and
remembered we had Reese, Ted’s nephew, as a guest, so shorts were in order. 

We opened the door and found him sitting on the couch in his boxers watching TV.  His
hair was a mess but so was ours.  He did have a cute little flat stomach with a little
treasure trail running down to his boxers along with an overall cute body.  He smiled
when he caught a glimpse of us.

“Man, I can’t thank you enough,” Reese stated.

“Any time,” Corey said. “If you want a real college experience, be here when Kris and
Colt are here.”

“Are they gay too?”

“No but Corey’s right.  You’d get a real experience with those two here,” I replied.

“Like drinking and stuff, huh?  I’m sure Teddy likes to have a few every now and then,”
Reese stated.

“Exactly,” Corey said. “I won’t comment what you said about Ted.”

“I understand that,” Reese said. “I’m starting to lean towards coming here next year
after this weekend with everyone.  Last night was such a blast.  I felt so normal and
not some outcast.  Now I hate going home.”

“I’ll just say you were around a bunch of gay guys.  I’ll warn you that everyone is not
like we are…” I said.

“Yeah, there are assholes everywhere you go,” Corey stated.

“I know that’s right.  Just visit my school.  Assholes don’t come close to describing
those people.  I swear you’d think they’d grow up and stop calling me faggot or queer 
every time I walk down the hall,” Reese said.

“Just remind them who your uncle is,” Corey said.

“I wish.  Like that’d do any good at all,” Reese said. “Just once I’d love to see Teddy
mess a few of them up.”

“Reese, the best advice I can give you is do your best to ignore them.  I know it’s
hard.  Try to find some friends who are gay or who accept you,” I said.

“Matt, I’ll try and see what happens.  I guess part of it is my own fault.  I just have
female friends right now and have shied away from all the guys,” Reese said, looking at
us hard.  “I’d give anything to have a boyfriend that looked close to either one of

“Reese, there will be a guy out there for you one day.  You are really very cute and
have a nice body as well,” I said.

“Nothing like your bodies.  You’re both smoking hot!” Reese said. “I think I may like
coming to college.  Most of the guys I’ve seen are really cute.  My biggest joy in
coming to the games is checking out all the cute college boys.”

“That used to be mine until I met Ted…” I said.

“Well… I do come to see him play.  He’s pretty good, huh?”

“Very good.  In case you didn’t notice last night after the game, there were a few guys
your age that think he’s the shit,” Corey said. 

“I noticed those cute guys, too,” Reese said.

We continued to talk and watch TV with Reese.  Soon Ted came down and told Reese his
dad was on his way to pick him up.  

While Reese dressed, Ted said, “Again I want to thank both of you.  It means the world
to me.”

“We were just being normal and didn’t do a whole lot,” I said. “I do think he enjoyed
just talking with us and being himself.”

“I could tell.  For once, it was great to see him smile and laugh.  It has been so
rough on him,” Ted said.

“He told us he might be coming here next year too after being with around us this
weekend,” Corey stated.

Ted smiled, “My brother will be tickled to death to hear that.”

We sat until Ted’s brother Tim came to pick up Reese.   “Reese, did you enjoy staying
with Teddy?” Tim asked.

“Dad, I stayed here with Matt and Corey.  I really had a great time.  Guess what?  I
think I might be coming here next semester,” Reese replied.

Tim turned to Corey and me, “I don’t know what you did but hearing that made my day.”

“We really didn’t do a thing,” Corey said.

“Dad, I know how much you and Teddy want me to go here.  Now that I know there are some
nice people, I might as well.  Corey and Matt are two of the nicest guys you’ll ever

I smiled, “I think the same way about Ted.”

Ted came over and grabbed me, “I’ll never forget this.  Anything you or any of the guys
want, you holler at me and it will get done.”

“Thanks.  I’m sure Colt will take you up on that one day,” Corey said.

“I’ll do it,” Ted said. “Say the word and I’ll do whatever I can.”

“Reese, we need to get on the road back home,” Tim said.

Reese came over and hugged us.  Before he left, we did exchange numbers in case he ever
wanted to talk.  They waved goodbye and left us.  Corey and I sat on the couch.  “Now I
know how Kris feels after helping with Mike,” Corey said. “I have this great feeling
inside of me.”

I smiled, “I do too.  Hopefully we did some good.”

“I think we did,” Corey said.   We grabbed something to eat before doing our laundry. 
While waiting, we were able to get in some studying along with speaking to a few other
residents who came to do the same. 

We had just finished putting away our laundry when the door opened wide.

“We’re back!” Kris announced while wearing a hat and having a three day beard.  He
wasn’t alone as Colt and Shawn were in the same shape.  They came a grabbed a seat
after dropping their things near the door.

“Did ya kill one?” I asked.

“Dude, let me tell ya…” Colt said and was laughing.

“Fucker, it was my first time in a while.  I missed a big eight point first thing this
morning,” Kris stated.

“Shawn, where’s your deer?” Corey asked.

“I left it with them since I wouldn’t have anywhere to store it.  Plus Mom would never
ever fix deer meat,” Shawn replied. “I do have the horns out in Colt’s truck as proof I
did kill one.”

“The main thing is you had fun,” I commented.

“Oh hell yeah, we did!” Shawn exclaimed. “These two combined with Chase and Tabor are
some crazy ass dudes!”

“Yeah, the sad part is we didn’t drink a drop,” Colt said.

“What’s up with that?” Corey asked.

“No use in getting to the stand all hung over and shit.  We didn’t need it to have a
blast,” Kris replied.  “What did y’all do last night or do I have to even ask?”

“Well… we had company,” Corey replied. “Reese, Ted’s nephew, stayed here last night.”

“Huh?” Colt asked with his head cocked a little.

I explained the situation and night to them so they would understand.  Then they
started telling a few stories about their weekend which included them wrestling and
able to get Kris in the cold pond. 

We were about to leave to eat dinner when we had two visitors, Ted and Luke.  Ted
walked over to Corey and me and put his large arm around us.  “Let me tell ya.  These
two are the best guys ever.  Anyone ever say shit to you, you come find me and I’ll
take care of them… though I’m pretty sure Corey can take care of himself.”

“We heard,” Kris said.

“Ted, you made four guys night when you got us in the locker room.  We had to hear that
shit all the way back home.  I swear they were so pumped up it wasn’t even funny,” Colt
said. “Those four have you so high up on a pedestal now.”

“Ah that was easy compared to what these two did,” Ted said still holding us.

“That was easy too,” I said.

“Ted said it was nothing short of a miracle what they did,” Luke said. “I’ve met Reese
before and he barely says a word.”

“I told them earlier.  If you ever need anything from me, just holler,” Ted said and
finally released us.

“Don’t say that.  I’m sure Chase can think of something,” Kris stated.

“I’ll do it if at all possible,” Ted said. 

“We were about to head to eat.  Do you wanna go with us?” Colt asked.

“We’ll go but we just ate at the field house.  They feed us very well the day after,”
Ted said.

“Y’all can go,” Luke said. “I need to hit the books a little.  Game weekends, we really
have very little time to look at our stuff.”

We headed off with Shawn stopping by his room to drop his things plus to grab Scott to
go with us.  Scott was sitting on the couch in his boxers and didn’t look so great at
the time.

“Bro, what’s up with you?” Kris asked.

“Horrible night,” Scott replied. “I had another attack and actually just woke up.”

I walked over and could see he wasn’t doing so well.  “Is there anything we can do for

“Not right now.  Monday, I’m heading back to the doctor and get this fucker gone,”
Scott said.

“What gone?” Ted asked.

“Kidney stone,” Kris replied.

“Oh Scott, I feel for ya man.  Thanks for all you did last night.  Reese had such a
great time,” Ted said.

“Oh, it was nothing.  You know he’s really a good kisser,” Scott said.

“What?” Colt asked.

“We gave him the experience of kissing a guy since he said he’d never done it before,”
Corey said.

“That better be all he got to experience,” Ted said sternly.

“Oh hell no, dude.  We popped his cherry and gang banged his ass.  He loved that shit,”
Scott said and cracked a smile.

“He’s kidding, Ted,” I said.

“He better be but…,” Ted started laughing. “He did say he had the best time.”

“Let’s get before I starve to death,” Colt said.

We grabbed Alex and Brennan along with stopping to get Bishop as well before we headed
across campus to dine.  I think Ted enjoyed being with us with barely a mention of
football during the entire time we ate and walked back and forth to the dorms.  It was
mostly about the deer hunting along with what the rest of them did over the weekend. 
Ted did mention he’d enjoy going hunting with Colt some time after the season.  That
lit up Colt’s face.

Before we went to our room, Ted said he needed to study as well and thanked us for a
nice time.  We came to our room and kicked back.  Colt threw his normal dip of Skoal
tobacco in his front lip. 

“Colt, when are you going to see Andrea?” Kris asked.  “I heard you tell her you would
when you returned.”

“Fuck, I did.  I will after I finish this dip,” Colt said.

“You talk about going through some cans…” Shawn said.

“Hell yeah we did,” Kris said.  “I dipped more than I ever had.”

“That’s part of huntin’,” Colt said and spit. “Chase will shit a brick if Ted was to
come huntin on weekend with us,”

“Don’t tell him and surprise him one weekend,” I said.  “I’d love to see the expression
on his face when he sees Ted with y’all.”

“Great idea, Matt,” Kris said. “It would also keep down all the people wanting to see
Ted too.”

We talked a while before Colt was gone to see Andrea.  I really wanted to tell Kris
about her being with another guy but kept my mouth closed.  Even though it was later
than usual, Kris need to spend some energy and suggested we head over to the Rec Center
for a while to play basketball or volleyball.  We agreed since there wasn’t much else
happening that night.

Before calling it a night and weekend, Kris and I crawled on top of our beds after
spending time with our great friends as well as doing the necessary studying. 

“No doubt you had a good time this weekend,” I started off our nightly talk.

Rolled on his side and propped up on his elbow, Kris said, “I loved it.  We really had
such a great time and really got Shawn’s mind away from Terra.”

“Is there a chance they could get back together?”

“He’s not completely ruling it out but things will have to change.  I’m not talking
about the sexual aspect either.  He said he wants her to accept his faults and stop the
nagging and whining,” Kris replied.

“I never realized it was that bad.”

“Shawn said she does it under her breath when they are out or in private.  Like last
weekend, she went on and on about him drinking at the game.  Then she started on his
mouth,” Kris said. 

“I can see his point,” I said.

“Matt, not once did I think about sex while I was there.  Colt and I did sleep together
but the thought never entered my mind…”

“Are you trying to tell me something?” I asked.

“Just stating a fact.  There’s a time and place for everything and this weekend sure
wasn’t one of them.  Plus, we were exhausted by the time we went to bed.  We barely
talked before one of us was sound asleep,” Kris replied. “I really wish Nathan was
around.  We missed so much together.  I see Colt and Chase together and am so damn
jealous of them.  I guess that’s why I’ve taken up with Tabor so much.”

“And you’re alike as well.”

“We are.  All those guys really looked up to us this weekend.  You could see it in all
they did.  Sure, they are seniors in high school but I could tell.  We could barely get
out of their sight before they were right there with us.  It was nice since they
weren’t annoying or anything except I did have to make them stop calling each other
faggot or queer more than once, especially Gavin and Jaime.  I know it’s slang but it
really gets on my last nerve,” Kris stated. “So, did you get enough of Corey this
weekend to last ya or did y’all have interruptions?”

“We had interruptions,” I replied. “It was nice though.”

Kris laughed, “Basically you didn’t get fuck all weekend.”

“I’m satisfied and have been getting more than you,” I said and smiled.

“You should be.  Hell you two have been together for over a year now.  Bro it’s fucking
hard to believe that you and Corey have been together over a year now.  Are you bored
yet with him?”

I smiled, “Not in the least and may get better each time.  We are so in tune with each
other and know exactly how to please the other.”

“That’s true love right there when one says it gets better each time,” Kris stated. 
“It’s crying shame jacking off doesn’t get better each time.”

“Good night Kris,” I said and rolled over. 

Kris turned off the light and returned to his bed.  He made no bones about the fact he
was jacking off.  It is so hard to stay turned away, so I did roll over.  I could hear
his breathing increased while he pounded his cock on top of his bed.  He let out a nice
moan when he ejaculated.  He knew I was watching and smiled while looking straight at
me with his fresh load sitting on his defined abs.

Monday, it was back to our regular routine.  I did have to wake Corey up that morning
or else he’d been late or even missed his classes.   He didn’t complain and was glad I
did so.

Arriving in my class, I sat next to Toni and thanked her again for all she did to make
the tailgating a success.  She said it was the least she could do with all we had for
the previous games.  We talked briefly about the next game which was home as well but
would be our last game of the year.  It would be followed by a road game on
Thanksgiving weekend. 

While walking back from class, I was with Corey and saw Jacob walking just ahead of us. 
I walked faster and called his name.  He stopped and waited for a brief moment for us
to catch up.

“Matt, how’s it going?” Jacob asked in his black long sleeve tee and low rise jeans
with his piercings showing.

“Great, how are things with you?” I replied and asked.

“Oh about the same.  Coming here was the best decision of my life.  I’ve found a great
boyfriend and just love it,” Jacob replied.  “Corey, can’t you lose him?”

“I’ve tried,” Corey joked in his reply. “We seem to gravitate back to each other.”

“Matt is one hell of a guy,” Jacob stated.

“Thanks.  We need to move along since Corey needs to head off to work,” I said.

“Same here.  I had to get a job as well.  It sucks but that’s just part of life,” Jacob

We said goodbye and continued the journey to our dorm.  “I’m proud of you for not
holding a grudge against Jacob for what he did last spring.”

“Jacob is really a good guy.  Don’t take this wrong way,” I said while we walked among
the other students. “He was my first real love and taught me a lot.”

“Remind me to thank him next time then,” Corey smiled.

After putting away my backpack, I said goodbye to Corey and went down to check up on
Scott since he did mention that he was going to the doctor.  I knocked on their door
but didn’t get an answer.  I went back to find my phone and called him.   He was
already at the doctor’s office and was waiting to be see him.  I said call me if he
needed anything.

While watching TV and waiting for Kris and Colt to get back from class and head to the
Rec Center, I was eating the last of our protein bars when Kris, Colt, Shawn and
Brennan came busting through the door.

“Oh my God, you missed it!” Colt shouted.

“Missed…” I was about to ask.

“Garrett got his ass busted not twenty minutes ago.  We saw them putting him and a few
others in back of a cop car,” Kris said.

“I really hate that and I knew we should have acted before something like this
happened,” I said with them taking a seat.

“It wouldn’t have done a damn bit of good,” Shawn said. “Last night, I knew Bryson
talked to him about his addiction but all Garrett did was blow up.”

“It still sucks,” Kris said.

“You said he wasn’t alone?” I asked.

“We heard it was kind of a sting operation by the undercover city cops,” Brennan said. 
“Thank God Scott wasn’t around or else his ass might be there with Garrett.”

“I think they were doing the pill poppers by what I heard,” Colt said.

“We need to tell Bryson,” Kris said.  He reached in his pocket and texted him to come
to our room.  Less than five minutes later, Bryson was in our room dressed in his work
out stuff.

“Bad news, Garrett got busted by the cops,” Shawn said.

Bryson shook his head, “Doesn’t surprise me in the least.  Maybe now he’ll stop it. 
I’ve tried and tried to get him to seek treatment but all he could do was throw our
drinking in my face along with Scott and Shawn’s smoking.  I fucking hate it.  Garrett
is my friend…”  His voice trailed off with sadness.  “What now?”

“Wait, I guess,” Kris replied. 

“Let’s head over and work out in the meantime,” Bryson said. “I just knew that was what
you wanted.  After we work out, we need to hit the courts a little while and sharpen up
for basketball season at the beginning of next semester.”

“Great idea,” Colt said.

While they dressed, I attempted to get a hold of Scott but didn’t get an answer.  I
assumed he was seeing the doctor.  We found Alex, Keith and Bishop before we walked
over to the Rec Center on this cool November day. The discussion was centered on
Garrett and his troubles. 

Entering we showed our ID’s and were on our way to stow away our things when Corey
spotted us.  He said hi.  We told him about Garrett before he pulled me aside.  The
others continued to the locker room.

“I saw Andrea again with that guy when I left to come over here,” Corey said.

“Great,” I lamented. “First we have Scott with his stone, Garrett with his arrest and
now this.  What else could happen on a fucking Monday?”

“I don’t know,” Corey said. “Matt, I’ve got to tell Colt.”

“Let’s do it together tonight before this goes too far,” I stated.

I walked away and found them waiting on me.  We headed to the free weight area to do
our work out.  Lifting was a nice deterrent from all that was going on.  While lifting,
I noticed Shawn was really into it and pushing to keep up with Kris and Colt.  Along
the way, Colt had made great strides and was almost bench pressing as much as Kris.  I
too had come a long ways and was pressing more than ever.

I was whipped after the work out as the bundle of energies headed to the basketball
court.  There, I chased down the errant balls and watched the guys shot baskets. 
Bryson was as sharp as ever and didn’t miss many shots.

We showered together which is always a delight to me but now we are so comfortable
around each other, especially Kris in this setting.  I’m sure a few who came to shower
off didn’t know what to make of us while we were talking and joking under the shower
heads and in the locker room.  Very few were as bold as we were in letting it all hang
out.  It was nothing for us to sit down and continue talking before dressing to leave. 
It was easy to see what I had missed in high school by not being involved in a sport. 
The camaraderie built in a locker room setting had to be something special and went
towards making lots of close friends.

Exiting the Rec Center, we waved to Corey, who was assisting a fellow student.  It was
a part of his job I could see he was really enjoying.  This particular person was
rather large but we saw Corey taking his time to possibly help.

Once back at the dorm, I went next door and hoped to find Scott.  Bryson opened the
door with Scott sitting on their sofa.  Seeing us Scott broke off a huge smile.

“The doctor really thinks I passed the stone,” Scott stated.

“Man that is great,” I said.

“Dude, Garrett got fucking busted today,” Bryson said before removing his shirt.

“Fuck!” Scott screamed. “So that’s why you called me?”

“It is,” I replied. 

“In a crazy way, I’m glad it happened,” Scott said.

“Me too,” Bryson said. “Scott, I’m not sure but last week I think I was missing twenty

Scott turned, “I thought I had gone crazy.  I know I put about fifteen on top my
dresser not that long ago.  Bastard was stealing from us!”

“I think he was,” Bryson stated, now down to his shorts.  We sat around and talked
about what could happen but we really didn’t know until we saw Garrett.  We talked a
minute about the possibility of Garrett not returning.

While we were talking, Toni came to the room followed by Shawn.  Bryson and Toni didn’t
hang around very long with us and went to Bryson’s room.

“Have you even heard from Terra?” I asked.

Packing a can which now was a growing habit of Shawn’s, he replied, “Nope and honestly…
don’t care if I do.”

“Matt, it did get a little nasty at the end,” Scott commented.

“I see but you were together so long,” I said.

“We were but I should have dropped her ass last spring.  Before I met all of y’all, I
was clinging to her because she was one of my only real friends here.  I say it right
now.  If I hadn’t met y’all, there would be no way I’d still be here.  She was the only
reason I was still here.  I fucking hated it here because I was so alone,” Shawn said
and filled his lip.

“Now look at your ass,” Scott said and laughed. “You’re picking up nasty habits,
drinking and cussing with every breath.”

“We are a bad influence,” I said, rather sarcastically.

“No, I’m being who I really am now and not someone Terra wants me to be.  Like this
past weekend, I had such a great time.  It didn’t matter whether I killed a deer or
not.  Being with and around Kris and Colt was such a blast as I knew it would be,”
Shawn said.


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