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Corey was about to leave when I heard loud talking in the hall.  Our door opened with
Colt soaking wet and Kris and Scott laughing right behind him.

“Little shits think it’s funny my ass is soaked,” Colt stated.

“Yes, it is,” Kris said loudly and laughing.  “Oh y’all should have seen it.  We double
teamed him with our cannons loaded.”

“The look on his face was priceless,” Scott said.

Colt stated, “I wasn’t expecting it.  All I will say is my laptop had better not be
ruined or I know two mother fuckers who are buying me a new one.”

He opened up his backpack.  A few drops were on it.  He turned it on to make sure.

“See nothing was harmed,” Scott stated.

“Fine,” Colt said. 

“I’ll see y’all later.  I got to run and I mean run,” Corey said.  With a quick kiss
from me, he was out the door.

Colt began undressing and didn’t care what we saw.  Kris was nice enough to go grab him
a towel.  Colt spotted the water cannon sitting near and grabbed it.  Once Kris
reappeared, he caught the last of the water left in the gun.  It wasn’t much but Kris’s
shirt was soaked. 

“We’re even,” Kris stated.

“Not even fucking close, dude,” Colt said.

Kris extended his hand, “Give me a gun back so we can douse some of the others.”

“Not on your life,” Colt said.

Kris lunged forward and missed Colt.  Colt ran off with his ass shining and looking so
hot.  I could hear them screaming as they raced around our small suite.   Scott and I
were laughing at the two.  The laughter ended when I heard Kris scream in an angry tone,
“Goddammit Colt, you fucking ripped my shirt!”

“So I did!” Colt yelled with Scott and I racing to see what the commotion as about. 
Entering we saw Kris had Colt pinned against the wall.  “Let go of me!”

“Fuck no!  You ripped my shirt!”

“Kris, you can get another one,” I said.

Kris turned with fire in his eyes, “You stay out of this shit!”

Scott and I moved in and managed to pull Kris off just enough. 

“See, every fucking time we try to play around your fucking temper gets you!” Colt said.

“Colt leave!” I screamed. “You’re not helping matters!”

They left the room while I cornered Kris.  “Why Kris? Why every time you start playing
does it ends up with you getting mad?”

“Fuck you, Matt!” Kris said and pushed me out of the way.

I followed Kris out.  He found Colt and began screaming obscenities at him.  Colt was
yelling right back, still naked.  Kris headed for the door and slammed it as hard as he

“I swear he has the worst temper ever,” Scott stated.

“No shit!” Colt said.  “We were just laughing and having a good time until I
accidentally reached up and tore his shirt.  I swear I didn’t do it on purpose.  We were
wrestling around.”

“I know.  Let him cool off and he’ll be back,” I said. “In the meantime, some clothes
would be nice.”

Colt laughed, “I guess they would but like you and Scott really care.”

Scott left to leave Colt and I waiting on Kris’s return.  After an hour of nothing, I
began to worry like crazy.  The door opened.  Colt and I stood.

“I don’t have a fucking thing to say to you, Colt!” Kris said.

“Kris, I’m sorry.  Dude, I’ll buy you a new shirt,” Colt said.

“Yeah right… I’m getting my shit to work out.   Matt, do you wanna go?” Kris asked.

“No, I don’t.  Kris, this is fucking stupid the way you’re acting.  If I recall, you
started it with you drowning Colt.  Did he get mad?  No, he didn’t and knew it was a
joke.  Here you were horsing around and you went ballistic on Colt’s ass over a stupid
shirt.  He said he’d buy you a new one,” I replied.

“Fuck it!  I’ll go by myself,” Kris said and turned to walk away.

“Stop right there.  You’re not going anywhere until you are over this for good.  We
can’t have this,” I said firmly and tried to show a little sternness in the process.
“Accept Colt’s apology.  He said he was sorry for what he did even though you started
all of this.”

Kris was biting his lower lip, “Fine, but I’m still going to work out.  Colt, you’re
welcome to come along with me.”

“I don’t think so,” Colt said.

“I want you to.  We can talk this over,” Kris said.

I motioned with my head for Colt to go.  Colt grabbed his things but wasn’t sure about
going.  I sensed Kris would be able to apologize once the two were alone.   With the two
gone, it freed me up to do what I deemed as necessary, such as gather up some clothes
and begin washing.  Thankfully, each floor had a nice washer and dryer located near the
kitchen area. 

Once there, I saw Parker heading in with his stuff.  I smiled and knew I would have
someone to talk with while waiting on my clothes along with a few of Corey’s as well
that I threw in to be a good boyfriend.  We were discussing our day when two others
walked up just as we were throwing our things in the dryers.

“Ummm… one of you left your panties in here,” one said, holding a pair of Parker’s wet

“Those are mine,” Parker said and snatched them from his hand to toss in the dryer.

“Dude, let’s get out of here and leave these two alone,” one said.

“Yeah, good idea,” the other said.  The two finished putting their clothes in a washer
and left.

“See how rude people are to us.  You’d think in today’s world…” Parker said.

“You’d think, but there are still those who will never fully accept gays.  It’s a fact
of life,” I said. “Wrong, but true.”

“It still pisses me off.  We didn’t say one word to them,” Parker said.

“Yeah, so how did they know you and I were gay?”

“I know one of those dudes.  Biggest asshole there is.”

“We had a few of those in my last dorm but Rick finally ran them off,” I stated.

“Good for him…”

“It took a while but he finally did.  I could bore you with the story but I won’t,” I
said.  We sat talking and waited until our clothes dried.  While talking with him, I had
a greater appreciation of Corey after hearing his tales of him and his boyfriend. 

I walked back in the room with Kris and Colt sitting on the couch.  “So, are you friends

Kris laughed, “Yeah we are.  The volcano is finished spurting off.”

“It took a little iron pumping for Kris to blow off some steam,” Colt said. “We’re good

“Thank God!” I said and continued on. 

That night with Corey back from work, we gave him the full run down of the drama.  By
now, Kris was able to laugh about it and say how stupid he was.  I was ever so thankful
Kris could blow up and return to normal in a short time without letting it linger over
days.  That night, I told Kris over and over how he needed to get his vile temper under
control.  He said he knew that and would work to keep it from happening again.  We knew
one day things wouldn’t return to normal after a few hours and things would get out of

Thursday, my day started without Corey showering with me.  He had a later class and
could sleep in.  It was nice having Alex in my first class, Economics.  He knew all
about the blow up and had seen firsthand why someone should avoid Kris’s wrath.  After
my next class and buying my books, I walked back to the dorm alone but on high alert as
I neared the building.

After I picked up a little, the three entered the room laughing as they normally would. 
We stood around chatting about our classes before Colt left without Kris for once.  He
said he needed to run some errands around town.  He asked Kris to go but Kris said he
wanted to nap.

The three of us sat to watch a movie Kris had.  It wasn’t long before I glanced over to
our new sofa to see Kris sleeping.  Corey noticed as well and grabbed my hand to lead me
to my room. 

“I want us to make out and see where that leads,” Corey said with a wicked smile.

“You know where it leads, but I have no problem with that,” I said. 

He pulled me to my bed.  Our lips hit instantly.  His hands were running through my dark
hair while we kissed.  “No doubt I have the best boyfriend ever,” I said quietly.

“No, I have the best one ever who I love with every inch of my body.”  We continued to
kiss passionately.  I stopped and got rid of my shirt before resuming our activity. 
Next Corey was out of his.  Seeing his muscular body, my mouth moved to worship it and
taste it.  His nipples were hard while I flicked them with my tongue.  All the while, he
was pushing to get my loose shorts and boxers off.  I stopped and came out of both.  We
kissed more with his hands all over my bare ass.

Our door opened with Kris walking in.  I was naked on top of Corey’s body.  Kris walked
over and flopped down on his bed, his head turned toward us.

“Damn Kris, please!” I said, pulling back from Corey a bit.

“I’ve seen you two fuck before,” Kris said. “It’s beautiful to watch.”

“You really think it is?” Corey asked.

“Yeah, my best friend fucking his boyfriend is pretty hot,” Kris said. “I know how happy
Matt is having sex.”

“Even happier when we do it in private,” I stated.

Corey pulled me back down in to a hot, wet kiss, not caring that Kris was watching us.
His hand wrapped around my cock, getting it fully hard again as he started to stroke it.

“Corey, does Matt’s big dick really feel good inside your ass?” Kris asked.

“Yes, very good,” Corey replied, smiling and still jerking me slowly. “Why? Do you want
Matt to fuck you so you can see how good it feels?”

Kris’s blue eyes were looking all around, “Maybe one day…  We’ve been friends forever,
but I don’t wanna ruin things for you two.”

“I really don’t care if y’all fucked.  I’ve fantasized about watching Matt fuck you,”
Corey said.  He turned and looked deep in my eyes, pulling me in for another tongue
filled kiss, “Matt, get over there and do what you’ve both wanted to do for years.  Let
Kris feel your big dick in his ass.”

“Hold on, just a second… I don’t know about all of this.  Yeah, okay, so my ass is not
cherry but damn Matt’s big,” Kris said.

I moved over to Kris on his bed, “I’d be very gentle.  If I hurt you, we could stop…” I
leaned down to kiss Kris to reassure him. When I pulled back I turned back to look at
Corey who was still on my bed. “Corey, are you sure about this?  One hundred and fifty
percent sure?”

“Yes Matt, I know how much you wanna do this, get it over and done with,” Corey said. “I
think it’d be totally hot as fuck anyway.”

Kris rubbed his chin, a smile crept on to his face. “Alright then.  Hell, I haven’t had
sex in weeks!” He stood and lost his clothes. 

Corey got up from the bed and lost his own clothes. “Come on Kris, let’s get you ready
for the fuck of your life,” Corey said, leading Kris to the bathroom for prep work.

I found some condoms for if we were really going to do this.  I jacked my cock to its
fullest extent thinking about what was about to happen. Was this real or just another

It wasn’t long before Corey came back in to the room, his hand was wrapped around Kris’
hard cock as he led him over to the bed. Kris was really smiling.

“Corey’s a fucking great kisser,” Kris said as Corey pulled him in for a final kiss,
releasing his dick.

“Yes, he is,” I said.

Kris knelt on his bed on all fours presenting his hot muscular ass to me. It was
incredible. I had waited for this day for so long. I ran my hands over the cheeks
savoring the feeling as I finally had my hands on Kris’s ass. My dick was throbbing.

I licked my lips and just couldn’t resist. I got down on my knees and buried my face in
Kris’s hot ass, licking and probing at his hole. Kris yelped when my tongue first made
contact but he soon got in to it, moaning and pushing his ass back on to my face.

While he was still enjoying my tongue I lubed up my fingers.  I pulled my face back and
inserted a finger in his hot ass.  Immediately I heard a groan.  He turned his head,
“Take it easy on me, Matt.” 

I continued to finger his tight ass, adding another finger to start opening him up. I
doubt Kris’s ass had ever been played with like this. He loved it. Damn, I was really
about to fuck Kris’s ass. 

After more loosening with my fingers, I figured he was ready.  “Corey, are you sure?” I
asked, looking at him with all seriousness. I gave him one last chance to say no.

“I wish I could video this shit,” Corey said, stroking his hard cock as he watched.  My
mind harkened back to my dream last semester again.  I looked around but didn’t see
anyone else so I knew this wasn’t a dream.

I slid a condom over my cock and lubed it up real good. I added some more to Kris’s ass
and rubbed it in with my cock. After one failed attempt that bent my cock almost in half
and lots more lube, I successfully broke past his sphincter and my dick slid inside him. 
Oh my God, I was really about to fuck Kris!

Kris cried out, “OOOO fuck… OOOO fuck!”

“Just relax,” Corey said, moving over to rub his hand between Kris‘s shoulders, trying
to make him relax. “You know once the pain is gone how wonderful it will feel.” 

Corey leaned down and kissed Kris and then he moved to me, kissing me deep.  I couldn’t
move with Kris’s tight ass gripping my cock.  I grabbed the lube and applied more to my
cock.  Corey slapped Kris’s ass and moved to kiss him again. 

I waited and waited while glancing down to see a few inches of my big cock buried inside
him. Just the sight of that was enough to make me cum so I knew I had to wait until we
were both ready.  I moved and heard a groan. 

“Fuck his ass, Matt!  Make him feel that big dick of yours that I love so much,” Corey
said. He was really into this; I don’t think I’d ever seen his dick so hard.

“I don’t want to hurt him.  I want him to enjoy this,” I said.

I moved a little deeper until my eight inches was balls deep in his ass.  Kris groaned
loudly and was breathing heavy as ever.  “OOOO… fuck… how much more?” he asked between

“I’m all the way in,” I said and leaned over to wrap my arms around his hot body,
kissing him between his shoulder blades.

Corey took a look, “Fuck yeah, he is.  Fucking hot!” Corey stepped back and put his
hands on my ass, trying to push me deeper in to Kris, but I was all in.

I could sense just a little that Kris was relaxing.  I began to slowly fuck him, feeling
his tight ass gripping my cock. It felt so incredible. I was fucking Kris! With each
push, I heard a moan but it didn’t sound like a painful one.

“How’s it feel now?” Corey asked, rubbing Kris‘s back.

“Better… Corey, you’re a fucking man!” Kris said and was still breathing hard.

I took it ever so slow.  His ass was so tight but felt so good.  I grabbed his hips and
moved a little faster, moving in and out of him much easier.  Kris’s moans were louder. 
Pleasure was shooting throughout my body, I‘d never felt anything like it. 

I pulled back too far and slipped out. Before I could push it back in he turned around,
grabbed my arm and threw me on to the bed until I was laying flat on my back.

He straddled me and leaned down to kiss me, another deep, tongue filled kiss. I looked
over to see Corey watching with a smile on his face as he was stroking his cock. Kris
wrapped his hand around my dick and gave it a few strokes before lifting himself up.

My eyes just about popped out of my head at the sight of Kris lowering his ass down on
to my big cock, which sunk inside him with surprising ease.

“Fuck!” Corey screamed. “That’s the hottest fucking thing I’ve ever seen. Ride that
dick, Kris!”

Kris whimpered again as my dick slid back inside him, and I bottomed out with him
sitting down fully on my cock. He needed to get used to the feeling again so he leaned
over and kissed me before moving his lips to my neck which he gave a playful little bite
as he started sucking on it. I didn’t care if he left a mark because Corey was there
watching us and I wouldn’t have to explain it later.

Slowly Kris leaned back and starting raising himself off my cock before sitting back
down on it, starting to ride me, forcing me deep inside him. It was so intense seeing
his hot muscular body actually riding my cock, his abs tightening with every move he

I had to run my hands over his amazing body as he leaned back and picked up the pace,
riding my cock up and down, fucking himself on my big dick. The sight itself was enough
to make me blow. I couldn’t believe this hot stud that was my best friend was riding me.

He moved forward and leaned over me again so he could kiss me as he rotated his hips and
kept working my cock with his tight ass. I grabbed on to his cheeks and started to fuck
up in to him making him moan into my mouth as my cock started running over his spot.

CLICK! The door behind us opened.  Kris and I froze.  “Hollllly fuuuuck!” Colt yelled.
“’Bout time you fucked his ass, Matt!”

“Fuck!” Kris screamed, jumping up off my cock. The look on Kris’s face was priceless. I
had lost my erection and slowly got up from the bed, knowing we had been caught.

“Hey, don’t stop now.  I wanna watch this shit!” Colt said, losing his clothes in record
time.  “Go on.  Fuck his ass!”

I stroked my cock with a little help from Corey, who had moved behind me and was
stroking my cock as he kissed my neck, getting me hard again, before he stepped back.

Kris was a little reluctant at first but looking at us all he started to smile and
walked over to his bed. He laid down on his back, threw his legs high in the air and
presented his ass to me. His eyes actually looked like he was pleading with me to fuck
him. I looked down to see his cock was hard as a rock against his abs. He was as turned
on as I was!

Corey moved in to kiss me before I moved forward in to position and put Kris’s muscular
legs on my shoulders. He reached his hand down and wrapped it around my cock, giving it
a quick stroke as he lined it up with his ass. I slipped back inside to hear Kris gasp. 
We stared into each other’s eyes for a moment as I sank deeper until I saw Corey and
Colt stroking their hot cocks as they watched us.

“Damn!” Colt exclaimed.

“Fucking hot as hell if you ask me,” Corey said while I was going even deeper.

“You good with this?” Colt asked Corey.

“Hell yeah I am.  Nothing hotter than seeing my fucking hot ass boyfriend fuck another
hot fucking stud like Kris. And I know how good friends they are.”

“They look more than good friends,” Colt said. 

Kris had pulled me down for a hot, wet kiss. It was maybe the most passionate kiss I’d
ever had with anyone as my dick was fucking in and out of Kris’s tight ass. I broke our
hot kiss and pulled Corey to me so I could kiss him while I was fucking Kris with long,
deep thrusts.  I swear sparks were flying like never before.  My body was shaking with
such ecstasy at that moment. 

OOO fuck me!  Fuck me Matt!” Kris moaned.  I fucked him harder but no more than I
thought he could handle.  Corey had moved back to give me time alone with Kris. One hand
was stroking his own cock while the other was taking care of Colt’s throbbing cock, they
even shared a hot kiss. 

I reached down to run my hands over Kris’s amazing body that I had admired and wanted
for so long. His muscles were so hard. I wanted to remember this moment. I had dreamt
about sex with Kris so many times over the years and I always knew it would be good, I
just never knew how good. Just knowing my dick was actually inside Kris’s ass was almost
enough to make me blow.

With Kris’s feet pressed against my chest, I fucked him at a nice pace, I was moving
really easily inside him now, sliding in and out, really fucking his ass.

“Fucking great ass, huh?” Colt asked.

“Hell yeah, it is.  Nice and tight,” I said and reached to stroke Kris hard cock that I
felt throb in my hand.

Kris was breathing hard as ever. “OOO… fuck… fuck the cum out of me!”  I swear Kris was
pushing his ass back on me, wanting more of my cock.  “OOO fuck!” he moaned with his
body tensing up.  Cum erupted out of his cock.  Spurt after spurt shot into the air with
his body quivering.  My cock had slipped out so I threw off my condom and with just two
strokes exploded on his cut abs. Corey followed me and stepped forward using Kris’s
chest as his cum deposit.  I thought we’d have to wait but didn’t with Colt blasting his
load all over Kris as well.  We couldn’t help but laugh seeing Kris’s muscular body
plastered with four loads of fresh cum.

“Someone get me a fucking towel,” Kris said.

“How was it, big boy?” Colt asked with Corey grabbing a towel.

Kris took the towel and starting wiping his body, “Actually not bad, not bad at all once
the initial pain and discomfort was gone.”

“So much for y’all going totally straight,” Corey commented before wrapping his arm
around me.

“That’s some bullshit!” Colt said.

“Exactly.  Matt and I did it.  It’s over with and done.  Now it’s time to forget about
it and move on,” Kris stated.  Kris stood finally.  “I hope I can walk tomorrow.”

“You will,” I said with a little laugh.

Kris headed to the shower while Colt put his clothes back on.  Corey and I moved to my
bed.  “Thanks,” I said.

“No problem.  It was hot to witness and be a small part of,” Corey said. “So do you
think it’s over for them?”

“Time will tell, but it is over now between Kris and I,” I answered.

“Fuck yeah, it’s over for all that shit,” Colt piped up and left the room. 

After that was as normal of a night as they come, Kris and I headed to our room.  He got
in bed and didn’t say a word.  I stayed quiet while we looked at each other.

“I’m actually glad we fucked and got it out of our system,” Kris spoke after a long

“Kris, it has affected me more than I thought it would to be honest with you.”

“I noticed you wouldn’t let Corey out of your sight tonight,” he said.

“Maybe…” I stopped.

“What, Matt?”

“I was going to say maybe we shouldn’t have done it but I’m too am glad we got out of
our system,” I replied, leaning on my elbow. “It’s done for good now.  We’ve had the

“You’re lucky to have Corey and don’t ever forget it.  I know some people in this world
get off watching their lover fuck another person but he was cool with it.  It was like
he wanted us to fuck.”

“He and I both, I have to admit, as much as it hurts me to say.  Hell, we’ve been
friends for years now and come really close a few times in the past…”

“Yeah, I guess today was as good of time as any.  Now, I have to find a girlfriend or my
ass will go slap crazy.”

“Finding one shouldn’t be a problem for you.  You’re hot as hell, Kris.  Now keeping
one… that’s a whole other story…”

Kris laughed, “Yes, it is.  It’s like a buffet out there for me.  So many choices to
choose from.  I try one and think I should have tried this other one.  One day the right
one will come along… or at least I hope she will.”

“One day just the right one will come along…”

“Now I’m almost scared that I’ll pick the wrong one out of desperation.  You heard Colt
say the same thing.  You know the first one that puts out will have us by the balls,”
Kris stated.

“First, find one you really like before having sex with her.  Base it solely on

“My luck with that is I’ll find one that wants to wait ‘til marriage,” Kris laughed.

“Today, those are few and far between.  You can charm the pants and panties off them…”

“I hope so.  What a fucking day, huh?”

“One I won’t soon forget,” I said.

Kris stood and walked his naked body over to me.  I didn’t know what he was doing.  “I
forgot one thing,” he said and kissed me passionately, taking my breath away.  “I love
you… you know, like a brother.”

With Kris standing above me, I pulled him down and initiated another hot kiss, full of
love and tongue.  “I love you too.”

Back in his bed with a sheet barely covering his body, “Let it be written, it is now

“Yes it is,” I stated.

It wasn’t long until Kris was lightly snoring in his bed.  My eyes were wide open with a
million thoughts dancing in my head.  I wasn’t the type to have all out sex with someone
and forget about it.  I knew when it started I thought I could brush it off as an
overdue experience, especially with Corey’s encouragement, but I haven’t been able to. 
Of course it was blazing hot and even hotter with Corey and Colt stroking their cocks
watching us.  It is something I don’t think Kris and I will ever do again.  However, I
have my doubts whether our fuck was his last with a guy.  No doubt he enjoyed it, thus,
between the guys he’s experienced he knows the pleasure of sex with a guy.  Coming to
college last year, I’d lost a ton of money betting Kris would never experience a guy let
alone three or four or who knows who else he’s been with.  The cure would be for him to
find a great girlfriend who he could balance his time with. The last number I remember
seeing was 3:05 on the clock.

My phone alarm went off far too early with me having trouble falling asleep.  I glanced
over at Kris and smiled before heading to a waiting Corey.  He knew as soon as I opened
the door I didn’t sleep well.  He too knew what the cause was.  During our shower, he
was so affectionate and assuring. 

Walking out the door, we again encountered Shawn and Scott walking down the hall.

“Wassup?” Corey asked.

“Same shit, different day.  Ain’t that right, Shawn?”

“Yeah, one of us is fixing to kill a roommate of ours.  Not sure yet which one it will
be since we’re all fucking sick of Garrett’s shit,” Shawn stated in disgust.

“Matt, maybe you could talk some sense into his head,” Scott said.

“I’ll try and see if I can get to the root of this ordeal,” I stated.

“I sure hope you can,” Shawn said.

“Is everyone ready for a killer weekend?  I know I am.  I actually feel like drinking,”
Scott said.

“I do too,” I replied.

“Let’s just hope it turns out better than when you came to my house,” Scott laughed.

“I doubt it could get worse,” I smiled.


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