Posted:  December 4, 2011

I woke Saturday morning here in November.  Three incredible rounds of sex with Corey and
Scott zapped my ass.  The room had the faint odor of sex still lingering in the air.  Just
after I stretched, Corey opened his eyes.  He saw me looking at him and smiled.  He grabbed
me and pulled me on top of his great taut body.  Our hard morning wood came together as did
our lips.  My lips should be chapped with all the kissing we did the night before. 

“I so love you,” he said.

“I so love you too,” I repeated to him.

“Make love to me.”

“I will ever make love to you,” I said.  

He handed me the lube.  I smothered my cock with it and then his ass.  He lifted his ass
for me.  I guided my cock inside and knew it was easier than most times.  It should be
since Scott and I fucked his brains out in our second go around and had him screaming so
loud.  My ass was last to be taken but I really enjoyed the pounding I got. It was tempting
to attempt double penetration but I thought the better of it.

“Hot damn!” Scott yelled from the couch where he was sleeping.  “More fucking for us.”

I turned my head, “This time it is gonna be just me making love to Corey.  You can watch…”

“I will for damn sure,” Scott said stroking his uncut cock and looking hot as hell in doing

It wasn’t hard for me to make love to Corey with someone watching.  I was used to fucking
in front of others.  There was a tremendous amount of kissing.  We did a great job of
blocking out Scott and were in our own little world on the pullout sofa bed.

"OOO just fuck me, Matt," Corey moaned in ecstasy.

"I will babe," I said and saw Scott moving closer to us.

"Fucking hot as fuck!" Scott screamed with his hard cock in his hand.  He brushed the tip
and tasted his own precum.

Corey moved to his side.  We did our best to continue with Scott right there with us and
watching.  I know he was aching to join us or at least have his cock sucked but neither of
us made any indiction to allow him to do so. 

Scott was first to lose his load and did so on Corey’s abs.   I loaded Corey up with my
smallish load while Corey gave Scott a nice facial.

"I wanna see that fucking creampie you just delivered," Scott said with cum dripping on his

I pulled out with cum on my cock and did see for myself the nice creampie.

"OOO fuck that's hot," Scott said. "You care?" he asked with his tongue extended.

"No, go ahead," I said.

"OOO man that feels so good," Corey moaned with Scott licking his ass.  I moved to kiss him
with lots of tongue.  I motioned Scott and felt his lips on mine.  It was hot to see him
and Corey go at it.

“I’ll never forget last night ever,” Scott said while we were recovering.  “Best night ever
of sex in my book.”

“It rivals my best night but Valentine’s Day could be still at the top,” I stated.

“Damn close if you ask me but last night was pure sex,” Corey said. “So what’s on tap today
other than the game?”

“I guess that’s about it,” I replied.

“Gonna suck like we all did not having a tailgate party.   Kris’s friend will miss him and
be so disappointed,” Scott said.

“True, Mike will be disappointed,” I said.

“I have a lot of respect and admiration for Kris for taking to that guy.  He treats him
like he’s one of us.  You can see it in Mike’s eyes how much he enjoys.  It’s probably the
highlight of that poor guy’s day,” Scott said.  “It’s not something I could do with ease
like Kris does.”

“That is one of Kris’s finer points,” Corey said.

“The finest is the kick ass body of his,” Scott said. “Damn, I loved the fuck out of that
time we fucked. However… it is not even close to last night.  Oh my fucking God, it was
three guys having the greatest sex ever and then to watch two lovers fuck…”

“Make love, goddammit!” Corey said with a smile. “Maybe one day you’ll be able to grasp the
meaning of it.”

Scott smiled, “I did a few times with Hayden…”

“Has the thought ever crossed your mind about maybe…?” I suggested since I didn’t know if
it had since Scott was searching.

“I’d lie if I said the thought hadn’t crossed my horny mind.  I don’t know if either one of
us wanna go down that road again,” Scott replied with us on the sofa bed.  “Right now, I’m
perfectly content with the way things are.”

“Hell yeah you are.  I don’t think your sex is suffering,” Corey stated.

“Nor should it,” I said and laughed. “Boy, aren’t we some horny guys but hey we are in the
sexual prime of our lives though.”

“Matt, you did shock me in how really open you were last night,” Scott said. “I know in the
past how closed off you were to even the hint of someone joining you in your sex life.”

“You’re right.  You saw that I can share Corey with you yet love the hell of him.  I’m
learning that there can be moments where I can enjoy sex with Corey and others…” I said.

“Like Kris… how about Colt?” Scott probed.

“Nothing really to talk about there,” Corey answered.  “Maybe one day…”

“Holler if you four ever have a fucking orgy in this place.  If nothing else, I’d pay money
to see that shit,” Scott said. “I could video it too and make big bucks as well.”

We laughed at Scott since we knew that would never ever happen.  For one, I had no desire
to ever have me on the internet and having sex.  I know people do that in this day and age
but it is not for me.  We did get up and shower for the day ahead.  It was hot with the
three of us showering.  Scott was so playful and loved grabbing our cocks.  We finished and 
dried off to see what the day held.

Kicked back in our jeans and tees, we heard a knock at the door.  Corey went over to see
who our first visitor of the day was.  Standing there were Bryson and Toni. 

“There you are,” Bryson said to Scott.  “I knew you said something earlier about not coming
back but you never said where you were going.”

“I just was kicking here.   They invited me to stay so I did and not interrupt you two.  
So what’s up?” Scott asked.

“Since the ring leader is away, I thought we could still tailgate a little before the
game,” Toni replied. “I’ve made sandwiches…”

“Wait til you taste the pimento cheese sandwiches she’s made,” Bryson stated.  “She’s also
thrown together to kick ass dips.”

“Sounds like we have the makings of a tailgate party to me,” Corey said.

“Have y’all heard if they killed a deer yet?” Toni asked.

“These two shits never keep their phones on so they would never know,” Scott said pointing
at Corey and me.

“Actually, I do have mine on,” Corey said.

I smiled, “Mine is probably dead.”

“How do you four live without your phone?” Toni asked.

“We manage quite well,” I said and laughed. “It’s something I’ve never been that addicted

“I know I’m addicted,” Toni said. “I was thinking about checking to the University
Addiction Center to see about a cure.”

Corey laughed, “If they treat that, that place would be packed.”

“No it wouldn’t,” Bryson stated. “Just like Garrett and his addiction along with Scott and
his weed thing, you first have to admit you have a problem before you can be cured.”

“It’s not a problem,” Scott stated and smiled. “It’s just a remedy to help relax and
unwind.  See if you get to hit that shit again with me.”

“I was joking.  You’re a casual smoker whereas Garrett is a pure addict now,” Bryson
stated. “I never thought I’d ever see the day my friend would be where he is now.”

“Bryson, all of us need to sit him down and tell him.  I can tell you’re very concerned
about him,” I said. “We need to take the right approach however.  It needs to be from our
heart since we are worried about his well being.  By the sound of it, we need to stop it

“Good luck with that shit,” Bryson said. “I tell him every day he needs to stop.  All I get
is he’s not an addict plus he calls of us drunks or pot heads.  Maybe he’d listen if we did
it together out of love.”

“Exactly,” Toni stated.

We sat around and did sample a few of Toni’s great eats and heard from a few others
concerning our tailgating.   About 3ish with a 6 o’clock kickoff, we moved our things out
to Bryson’s vehicle to begin setting up on this overcast November day.  Slowly our friends
began to arrive. 

I looked up and saw Mike and his dad coming our way.  Mike was looking all around for Kris. 
Corey and I walked to him.  “Mike, Kris is not here today,” Corey said.

“Darn,” Mike said and put his head down.

“He’s deer hunting with Colt,” I stated. “You’re more than welcome to join us though.”

“I can’t without my best friend,” Mike said.

“Son, let’s go back then,” his dad said.  They turned and started walking away.  Scott, who
must have overheard us, left and caught up with them.  I had to smile seeing Scott bringing
Mike back. 

“I can’t let Kris down,” Mike said.

“I told him Kris would be here looking for him and would be upset if he wasn’t here,” Scott
said and winked at us.  Since we all knew Mike now, we treated him like any other person.

We were standing around and having fun when Corey wheeled around.  I saw Michael and
Brianna standing behind him and smiling.   Corey gave both a hug and welcomed them to join
us.  It was nice seeing the two and catching up with them. 

Nearing our normal time to head to the stadium, there was no sign of the hunters.  Without
them, we were still having a great time.  At about ten til five, I shook my head and saw
Kris and his bunch coming across the parking lot. His bunch included two more than expected
with two taller guys who I assumed where Chase’s friends.   Instantly there was a buzz
among us.  

“Alright, who killed one?” Bishop asked.

Shawn slipped up his hand, “I killed a six point first thing this morning…”

“And you’d thought it was Kris that killed it.  He was screaming his lungs out,” Colt said
and laughed.

“I was happy one of us killed one… there you are.  Mike, I came here just to see you,” Kris
said and spotted Mike there with us.  He moved and put his arm around Mike.  Mike was
excited to see him.

In the meantime, Chase did introduce us to his friends, Gavin and Jaime, who had come for
the game.  Gavin was tall and lanky with shortish strawberry blond hair whereas Jaime was a
big guy with a buzz cut of his dark hair.  Both were cute but not as cute as Chase or
Tabor.  Seeing we had extra food, they dove right in to finish up what was left.

“Matt, did you get this together?” Colt asked.

“It was Toni and Bryson’s idea,” I replied.

“Makes sense,” Kris said.  “My boys didn’t let me down though.  I just knew you would be

“Liar!” Tabor said. “The entire way here he was saying that no one would be out here.”

“Kris, are you having fun?” Corey asked.

“You bet I am.  I did see one but never could get a shot at it,” Kris replied. 

We cleaned up our area and headed to the stadium.  Mike was about to leave but Kris
insisted he walk with us to the stadium.  Mike’s parents couldn’t say no and followed in
behind us.  We entered the stadium with a few going to get sodas while Kris said goodbye to
Mike.  Despite losing the week before, there was great excitement in our section or maybe
they had help again. 

As the sun set, things did get rather chilly.   So much so, Kris and the other crazies kept
their shirts on while we did everything possible to fire up our team. 

The game was close at halftime with our team up by ten points.  We were able to sit down
and rest our legs.  The second half, our team dominated the game and killed them.   I was
eager to leave until I remembered I had promised Ted I’d speak to his nephew. 

“Bros, we’re out of here,” Kris said.

“Kris, if Chase and his friends wanna stick around, I do have to see Ted after the game,” I

“Why?” Colt asked.

“I’m doing him a favor,” I replied.

“Matt, can we go with ya?  I told Gavin and Jaime we could see him,” Chase asked.

“Sure, follow me,” I said.

When the horn sounded, Corey and I made our way down the bleachers with Chase, Tabor and
their two friends trailing us while Kris and Colt were behind them.  Arriving at the bottom
rail of the stadium, Corey pointed to Ted.  He was looking for us until seeing Kris waving
his arms.  Ted came jogging down with his helmet in his hand and directed us to the field

When we got on the field, Ted saw Chase and went up to him to say hello.  Chase introduced
his friends while Ted was combing the stands again.   He said he’d be right back and left
us.  We waited and talked to Luke and Todd in the meantime.  Ted came back walking back
with who I assumed was his nephew and brother.    Ted moved and pulled Corey and I away
from the crowd to introduce us to his nephew, Reese.

We walked away with Reese, who was about my size in high school with dark hair combed to
his face and a slight acne problem. 

“What’s it like having a big star for an uncle?” Corey asked.

“Alright I guess,” Reese said.

“He’s really a great guy,” I stated.  “We all think the world of him.”

“He’s cool,” Reese said.

“I guess you know that Matt and I are boyfriends.”

“Yeah, Ted called and said I was meeting you guys.  It is nice of you to do that for him. 
Why he wants me to meet you I have no idea.”

“I guess he wants to show you how normal and average we are despite being gay,” I said. 
“Do you want ask us anything?”

“Yeah, does it get better?  I feel like such an outcast at school.  It sucks that hardly
any one will talk to me.  The only real friends I have at school are girls since the guys
think…” Reese said with his voice trailing off.

“I’ve been there, dude,” Corey said and put his arm around Reese.  We sat down near the
stands on the cushy artificial turf.  “It sucks ass big time.”

“Tell me about it,” Reese said.

“It does get better,” I said.

“My key was finding friends who accepted who I was,” Corey said.

“Like that’ll ever happen,” Reese said.

“I felt the same way but it did.  Reese, be yourself more than anything in the world.  It
does get better and I’m proof it does,” Corey said.

“Thanks,” Reese said. “Maybe one day I can have a really hot boyfriend.”

“You will,” I said. “You’re really cute and would be a fine catch for a young guy.”

“So is it bad here at college?” he asked.

“You know there are still those who are not nice but you will find more accepting people at
college and maybe you’ll get lucky like I did,” I said.  “It is getting better every day. 
Reese, are coming here next year?”

Reese smiled, “Ted and Dad think I am but I’m not really sure.”

“If you do, they have a great gay organization here even though Matt and I don’t ever go. 
We did go to a few things last year and had a blast.”

“I might,” Reese said with Ted’s brother walking up.

“Reese, are you ready?” his dad asked.

“Just a minute and I will be,” Reese replied. 

“Okay take your time,” his dad said and walked away.

“How does he and your mom take it?” Corey asked.

“At first, they took really hard but now it’s all good.  They support me and are there for
me on the tough days,” Reese replied.

“That’s great,” I said. “My mom is the same way.  Ted also supports you too.”

“He does and has been really great,” Reese said.

We continued to talk before Ted came walking up.  “So how’s it going?”

“Not too bad, Teddy,” Reese said. 

“So did Chase and them leave?” Corey asked.

Ted smiled, “Not hardly.  I’m getting them in the locker room and wondered if y’all wanted
to come as well.”

“Sure,” I said while we started to walk.

“First, you’ll have to wait outside while Coach talks to us then I’ll come get ya,” Ted

We made it to where Kris and the others were standing.  I could see the excitement in Chase
and his friend’s faces but Colt was excited as well.
We followed Ted to the large field house which was behind the end zone.  We saw others
waiting and stood while Ted entered the locker room. 

“I don’t care if we get back at midnight,” Colt said. “This is worth it.”

“Dang right it is,” Gavin stated. “Chase, you did know him.”

“I told you I did,” Chase said and was so proud.

In the crowd, I lost sight of Kris and wondered where he had ventured off to.  Colt walked
up to me so I ask where Kris was.  I looked to see Kris and Reese talking. 

Finally, just males, probably 30 of us, were let inside the enormous locker room with music
playing.  Ted was waiting on us.  The place was amazing with big TV’s on the wall and big
lockers where the players could sit down.  Soon I realized why no females were allowed with
some guys parading around in the nude among us.  Ted did show us around a little before he
excused himself to hit the showers.  While Ted was showering, we talked with Luke for a
minute since he was already dressed. 

We didn’t stay that long but Colt had to drag his brother and his friends out the door. 
All four were excited and had plenty of pictures to show from their experience.  We said
goodbye to the hunters and wished them luck before Corey and I headed to the dorm.   We
talked about the unique experience and were glad we got to enjoy it.

Scott was virtually waiting on us when we got back.  We had to tell him all about it.  We
were kicked back and watching TV when we got a knock at the door.  Corey yelled it was
open.  Ted and Luke walked in the door with Ted smiling.

“Y’all the greatest ever,” Ted said.

“It was really nothing,” I said. “We really enjoyed going in the locker room.  I’m sure you
made a lot of people’s day by doing that.”

“Matt, Corey, I hate to ask this but Reese is on his way here.  I think he enjoyed talking
with you.  He’s wanted to stay with me so he asked and I said he could.  So can he hang
around you a little more?”

“I see no reason why he can’t,” Corey replied.

“Thanks a lot,” Ted said.

“Dude are you sure you want your nephew hanging around us?” Scott asked.

“Of course,” Ted said. “I want you to be yourself.  If you wanna drink a little, do it. 
Reese needs to see how great this is.  Maybe he’ll wanna come here to college next year.  I
know Tommy really wants him to come here as well.”

“So you can keep an eye on him,” Luke said.

“I will do that shit for sure,” Ted said.

“Ummm… don’t tell him that though.  He won’t come for sure,” I said. “He probably doesn’t
want to come here to get away from you watching his every move.  He might wanna go
elsewhere so he can be himself.”

“Man, you are so right.  I never thought of it like that,” Ted said and reached in his
pocket to answer his phone.  “I’ll be right back.”

“I will too,” Scott said and left out the door as well.

We talked with Luke for a minute about the game before Ted came back inside with Reese.

“Reese, just kick back and enjoy yourself,” I said.

“Okay,” Reese said and took a seat. “Teddy, you don’t have to stay if you don’t want to.”

“I told them I would,” Ted said. “If you don’t want me to, I can leave.”

“Ummm… you can do whatever but I’ll be fine,” Reese said.

Scott came back in the room with Parker, Yancey, Eric, Garrett and Jay. 

“Scott?” Corey asked.

“Hey, Reese can meet all the gays here,” Scott replied and introduced them to Reese, Ted
and Luke.  Luke did leave after meeting them.

“Ted, if you wanna go, I think I’ll be okay,” Reese said.

“Alright,” Ted said. “Now if any of you even touch Reese…”

“Dude, we’re not complete dumbasses,” Scott said and laughed.  For the first time I saw
Reese laughing.

“I was just checking.  Matt, send him to the room when you finish,” Ted said and headed out
the door.

“See ya, Teddy,” Reese said. 

“Reese are you comfortable with all of us?” I asked.

“I guess so.  There’s just so many of you.  I never knew there were this many gays here at
this college,” Reese replied.

“There are lots of us here,” Parker said.  “So what exactly are we doing here by the way?”

“Oh, just be yourself and act like Reese is not even here,” Corey replied. “We’re gonna
show him being gay isn’t so bad.”

“I see now.  Reese is gay like us,” Eric said.

“Not all of us,” Scott said.

“Oh come off it, Scott,” Jay said. “We know a gay guy when we see one.”

“Dude, I still fuck pussy too,” Scott said. 

“Scott,” I said.

“You said be ourselves,” Parker said. “Scott is being Scott.”

“Don’t mind me.  I think I might enjoy this,” Reese said.

“So do you know what it means to be bi?” Scott asked Reese.

“Come on Scott.  He’s not stupid,” I said.

“You like both guys and girls,” Reese said. “Whereas the rest of us only like guys.”

“See,” I said.

“Reese, have you ever kissed a guy before?” Scott asked.

“No but I really want to,” Reese replied.

“Take your pick.  Who do you want to kiss you?” Scott asked.

“Ummm… since Matt and Corey are boyfriends, I’ll take any of you!” Reese said.

“Alright, who is going to do it?” Corey asked.

“Hell, I will.  He is cute,” Eric said.  “Is that cool with you, dude?”

Reese smiled, “I guess so.”

Eric stood, adjusted his jeans and walked over to Reese.  Reese’s eyes got big.  Eric
kissed Reese on the lips but it was rather quick.

“Fuck Eric, let me show your ass how to kiss this hot dude,” Scott said.  He walked over.  
We watched Scott and Reese kiss.  Scott did move his hand up Reese’s shirt while they
kissed for a while.  “Damn, for a rookie, you’re fucking awesome.  The dude’s got a nice
little six pack going as well.”

Reese blushed, “You were great too.  Can we do that again?”

“Only if you will use your hands this time,” Scott said.  Scott moved and kissed Reese
again.  This time Reese did use his hands and moved up Scott’s shirt.  They broke the kiss
but Reese wanted more. 

“Damn look this shit,” Yancey said. “He’s really into Scott.”

Scott stopped and smiled, “Boy, your ass needs to find a boyfriend.”

“Tell me about it,” Reese said.

Scott stayed seated next to Reese.  We talked about our lives as gay college students and
heard a little about Reese’s life in high school.  Corey, Parker and Eric said they could
really relate to him and knew what trouble he was going through.  Slowly, Reese was
relaxing and seemed to enjoy being around us.  We continued talking about various things
and our things around college. 

It was about one when we heard a knock at the door.  I knew it was Ted, which it was.  He
was checking on his nephew to make sure everything was okay.   This time, Ted stayed with
us and enjoyed telling talking with us.   About two, everyone left but for Corey and I
along with Ted and Reese.  We offered to have Reese sleep in Corey’s room since Ted only
had a couch.  Reese jumped at the opportunity to stay with us. 

We bid Ted goodnight as well as Reese before we headed to my room. 


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