Posted:  December 2, 2011

I looked at Corey and asked, “Are you sure about that?”

“Matt, I heard it with my own two ears. Andrea said Colt was leaving for the weekend to hunt with his bi friend and she’d be free to be all his all weekend,” Corey replied.

Oh my God, not only will Colt throw a fit but Kris will as well,” I said with my hands on the side of my face in disbelief this might be happening again to a great friend.

“I just hate it… I hate it. He’ll never trust another girl in his life.”

“True, but honestly he picks the biggest sluts he can find. Monica did the same thing to him and now Andrea,” I said. “It makes our little disagreement very meaningless. You are so forgiven.”

“Thanks, but I was wrong in talking over you. So, this weekend is ours to do whatever we want when we want.”

“You know a nice date after you get off Friday night would be nice,” I hinted.

He smiled, “I can do that for sure. We do need to go on dates by ourselves, or say with Yancey and Parker just one time.”

“We do, but we’ve had so much going on,” I said sitting there and still gazing at the collection of fit soccer players off in the distance.

“This semester has been some adventure, huh? I wouldn’t have it any other way though. I’ve seriously had the time of my life. It’s been absolutely perfect. I get to spend so much time with you while getting to hang out with all my great friends. This is the college experience I heard so much about and to think my poor ass is living it.”

“Perfectly said. Corey, I think we should keep this to ourselves until we have more proof. Maybe it was a one time thing,” I stated.

“By the sound of it, it’s been going on a while, but you’re right. However, you’ve noticed we haven’t seen Andrea since Sunday,” Corey said.

“We haven’t, have we?”

“Nope. I’m sure she gave Colt a logical reason since he’s been down with a cold,” Corey said and stood. He pulled me up by his strong arms. We wiped the dead grass from our jeans and started back.

Approaching our dorm, we spotted Shawn and Terra outside. We passed them by and could tell it wasn’t a pleasant, loving conversation by the look on their faces. 

Entering the dorm, we heard, “Wait up”. We did and waited for Shawn.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

“Seen better days but glad that shit is over and done with. We’re not officially finished, but unless things change in a big hurry we are,” Shawn said. “I’m not talking about the sex deal either.”

We climbed the stairs to our second floor hall. “Do you wanna talk about it here or inside?” Corey asked. “We’re here for ya.”

“Yeah, let’s go inside so I can relax,” he replied.

“You looked pretty relaxed earlier,” I joked.

“Hell yeah I was. Scott got my ass smoked out, but that high is now gone,” Shawn said, opening the door. Kris and Colt were in the living area and looking at their purchases. Something about a hunter’s orange hat didn’t quite fit Kris. I could tell he was feeling so much better while Colt’s nose was still runny.

“Wassup?” Colt asked.

“Dudes, it could be the end of a nice relationship,” Shawn said.

“Don’t even tell me you’re moving out,” Kris stated.

Shawn laughed, “Not hardly.”

“Whew,” Kris said. “Terra huh? A boy needs some good pussy.”

“I’ve learned to live without that,” Shawn said, sitting down. “It’s way more than that. Since I’ve moved here with y’all, I’m now a horrible, nasty person. I drink way too much. Oh fucking hitting a joint is the worst. My mouth is in the sewer. I dress like a gangster.”

Corey laughed, “No you don’t. You dress like every other guy on campus.”

“Tell Terra that shit. My jeans are supposed to be at my waist with no boxers showing. An occasional dip is so nasty. I don’t study enough. I never go to worship with her. Hell, she told me everything I did wrong,” Shawn said.

“Hmmm, Andrea does that shit…” Colt said.

“Where has she been?” Kris asked. “I figured she’d be down here taking care of you.”

“She said she didn’t want to catch what I had, but I can’t blame her there,” Colt stated.

“Shawn, I’m sorry,” I said.

“Matt, this is not your fault at all. I’m doing exactly everything I want. I love living here, and now I can hang out with y’all that much more if she doesn’t change her tune,” Shawn said.

“So there is a slight chance?” Corey asked.

“Slight chance. We’ve been together a year though so we didn’t want to end it just like that,” Shawn replied.

“So are you cool with it?” Colt asked.

Shawn smiled, “Fuck yeah I am. It’s a crying shame you sorry ass guys are going hunting all weekend.”

“Get your shit and come with us,” Colt said. 

“Hmmm… are you serious?” Shawn asked, rubbing a little stubble on his chin. It was a growing thing here for us not to shave until totally necessary.

“Bro, fuck yeah. I know your ass can shoot better than I can,” Kris said. “We’ll slay ‘em in the morning and be back for the game that Saturday night and go back right afterwards.”

“Sweet, dudes!” Shawn said.

“Shoot us straight here, bro. When was the last time you hit that shit?” Kris asked.

“Man, I think the last time I fucked her was last spring…” Shawn replied.

“Hell fire,” Colt said and coughed.

“I know that’s right. Good thing she didn’t see my computer,” Shawn laughed. 

“Lots of porn, huh?” Corey asked.

“Oh yeah, and good hardcore shit too. If I wasn’t going to get any, I was going to watch it,” Shawn laughed. "My damn right hand is about worn out too."

"Bro, I know what you mean," Kris stated.

If nothing else, Shawn’s problem distracted my mind from what Corey had told me earlier. Our night after that was pretty normal with the normal flow of people in our room, plus it was raining outside.

That night, Kris and I had our usual talk. I let him go on and on about hunting and knew he was excited. Then again, he was a very excitable person along with having one nasty temper. I kept my mouth closed about what Corey told me but wanted to tell Kris in the worst way. 

Friday, after classes here in November, as we were fast approaching the middle of it, I came to the room with Corey. 

“Tonight it’s just you and I. Who knows, we may not even make it out the door,” he said.

I smiled, “That would be fine with me. I’ve been saving up for this weekend.”

“Oh fuck yeah,” Corey said with a big smile. “I better run.  Tell the deer hunters good luck from me.”

“Will do,” I said before we had a nice kiss.

My mind was thinking of romantic ideas that would enhance our weekend. I grew excited thinking of the great possibilities, along with the chance to use our toys in our play. 

Kris and Colt came to the room. “We went to Shawn’s room but he wasn’t there,” Colt said and seemed to be doing better just in time.

“He may have gone to buy some things,” I said. “Don’t worry. He was excited to be going with y’all. I’m glad you spoke up Colt.”

“I had to or else Kris would have. I called Dad and he’s cool with it,” Colt stated. “He knows Chase and Tabor too so it ain’t a big deal.”

As they were preparing to leave, our door opened with Scott in his track pants and tee. “Matt, are we hitting the pool today?”

“Ummm… I guess we could do that,” I said. “I’ve rarely been there this week.”

“Consider it your last break from the Rec Center,” Kris said and must have heard us. “If I wasn’t going to Colt’s, I’d be over there right now.”

I changed quickly and left out the door after saying goodbye and good luck. As we opened the outside door, we saw Shawn walking fast towards it.  

“They’re worried about you,” I said.

“I went to grab my gun and had to miss a class,” Shawn stated.

“Have fun,” Scott said.

“I can hardly wait. It’ll be so much fun to just get away,” Shawn stated.

“Don’t get too drunk either,” Scott said.

Shawn smiled, “I’ll try not to, but you know who I’m going with.”

Entering the dressing room, Yancey was sitting and waiting on us. He smiled when we entered. He said things couldn’t be going better between him and Parker. He moved aside to do some stretching. While pulling his arms above his head, his torso showed every muscle in his perfect swimmer’s physique.

“Fuck, he’s hot. That ass is to die for,” Scott whispered to me.

I nodded, “You’re so right.”

We headed out in our Speedos and jumped in the pool to warm up. I swam my leisurely pace while Scott and Yancey went at it hard. We took a break after a nice long swim. The two raced again with Yancey touching out Scott at the end. It was four laps instead of the regular two, however, but was fun to see the two pushing each other. Scott was a great sport about it and congratulated Yancey on the victory while we headed to shower off the chlorine from our bodies. Showering, we were so comfortable and talked with great ease.

Leaving, I located Corey and said I’d be waiting for him. He said we’d play by ear and see what happened without making a full commitment.

That night it was quiet but so nice. I was able to accomplish so much without any interference. I even talked to Dad for a few minutes to see how he was doing and what he’d been up to. We did set another time to meet the following week before Thanksgiving. I tried Mom but she was out with Vince so I didn’t talk to her long. 

While waiting on Corey, I wished we were able to burn candles but weren’t allowed for safety reasons. Knowing it was near his time to return, I turned off most lights except for a small lamp in the living area. I had the sofa bed ready with freshly washed sheets but not pulled out. The door opened with me in my boxer briefs.

Scott came inside in his sweat pants and tee. “Whoa, I think I’m interrupting something.”

“No, not yet,” I said.

“Matt, I just saw Andrea with some dude. Please tell me she’s not fucking around on Colt,” Scott said.

I tried to do my best acting job, “Are you serious? Maybe it’s just a friend.”

“I hope you’re right, but the look on her face when she saw me,” Scott stated. “I’ll personally fuck her up if she’s fucking around on him. It ain’t right.”

“Let’s not jump to conclusions here. Scott, whatever you do, keep your mouth shut…”

“I will, but I’m not gonna let her hurt Colt.”

The door opened with Corey walking inside. He said hi to Scott and walked over to me for a brief kiss. He put his big arm around my shoulder when Scott began telling him just what he had told me.

“Damn that really sucks if she is,” Corey said, doing his best acting job. “We really need to make sure before we accuse her of anything.”

Scott smiled, “You’re right, and we probably should keep this among us for now. Each time I see you two together it does my heart good. There’s real love between you.”

“We try,” I said.

“I’m waiting on my special someone, whether it’s a guy or girl,” Scott said. “After seeing the joy Juan had with the big news, it really makes me wanna get married one day and have kids. Seeing how great he was with it sorta changed my entire outlook on that.”

“I’d love to have a child one day, but doubt that will ever happen,” I said. “So you’re changing your tune over there?”

Scott laughed, “Oh not just yet. There’s still lots of time before I wanna settle down. However if the right one came along, especially a girl, I would really consider it.”

Corey stood, “I’m going to shower and be ready for whatever.”

As soon as Corey was gone from my side, Scott moved over and took his position. “You don’t know damn lucky you are.”

“I do know that I’m very lucky,” I said.

“To be with that dude any time you want must be fucking mind blowing,” Scott stated.

I smiled, “It is. So how was Shawn doing? Is he okay now?”

“He was really great especially after Colt asked him to go huntin with them this weekend. Now that I think about it we’re all so lucky. What we have here is beyond special,” Scott said and moved his hand to my leg. He began rubbing my thigh and looked at me. “I’d love to be a part of you and Corey just one time.”

“Well…” I said while thinking. Before another word could come out, he kissed me and pulled me to him. I didn’t fight it and enjoyed his soft lips while his hand moved to grab my cock under my boxer briefs. 

Scott broke the hot kiss, “Something came over me and I had to do that shit. Oh God, I’d love to be with you and Corey just once.”

“Scott, I don’t know about that right now. We had big plans for this weekend to be together.”

“That I can understand. You have this room, alone, and need your time. If not tonight, maybe one day we three can enjoy each other,” he said. “Can you at least ask?”

I stood, adjusted my boxer briefs and walked to the bathroom. Corey was stepping out and reaching for a towel. “Is this the time?” I asked.

Corey looked at me in confusion, “Time for what?”

I cleared my throat, “Time we involved another person… Corey, this wasn’t my idea. Scott came on to me hard.”

Corey kissed me, “Babe, I’d do it in a heartbeat. I know we had big plans but this is our night without anyone here. We can fuck our brains out tomorrow… Are you one hundred percent good with this? I don’t want you fretting after it’s over.”

“Have I lately?” I smiled. “Scott is one great guy and so hot. Imagine what fun this could be.”

“Fucking hot if you ask me, and a world of fun,” he said and kissed me again. “Do we have condoms?”

“You bet, and I bet Scott is prepared as well knowing him,” I said.

Corey wrapped the towel around his waist. “I’m gonna act like I’m pissed.” I nodded before we walked out to find Scott at the counter putting the final touches on a fat joint. 

Corey walked up to him and shoved his shoulder, “What’s this shit about you coming on to Matt, fucker? Huh?”

Scott had look of surprise on his face when he turned around, “Excuse the fuck out of me then.”

“I don’t care for some confused bi shithead to be in here hitting on my hot ass boyfriend!” Corey said with his hand on Scott’s shoulder.

“Yeah, he kissed me against my will,” I said.

“Damn, I don’t know what’s come over your ass,” Scott said, putting a joint behind his ear.

“I wonder where you think you can march in here and kiss Matt! I don’t go for that shit at all!” Corey said.

“Let me just leave,” Scott said. “Fuck!”

“No, you need punished,” Corey said and removed his towel. “Your job is to blow me.”

Scott darted his blue eyes around, “Now that kind of punishment I can handle for sure.”

“You’re blowing Matt’s big dick too. He’s gonna fuck your throat and make you take all of his dick! Am I being clear about this shit?” Corey asked.

“Is this some kind of perverted joke?” Scott asked.

“Fuck no! I need to teach you that Matt is all mine,” Corey replied and was doing a great job of acting.

“Yeah Scott, you can’t come in here and expect us to let you join us,” I stated.

“I wasn’t, goddammit! Yeah, I kissed Matt, but he enjoyed it!” Scott said extremely defensive. “Sure, being with you two hot fucks would be beyond wicked but I guess that’s out of the question, huh?”

“Well… hell yeah it is. You fucked up and came on to Matt way too strong. You thought you could persuade him and I’d just follow along,” Corey stated.

“I’m sorry. One day I would…”

Corey grabbed Scott by the arm, “How would it be if that one day was now? It’d be so perfect since Kris and Colt are gone.”

Scott broke off a huge smile and kissed Corey. “You had me there. I was wondering if you two would like to get high and see how sex is when you’re stoned.”

Corey turned and looked at me, “I guess we could do that and see what it’s like.”

“I’ve wanted to see as well,” I stated.

“Dudes, just wait,” Scott said. “I guess I could get naked if that’s alright with y’all.”

“Hell yeah, it is,” I said and watched Corey do the honors of stripping Scott. Corey grabbed Scott for a long kiss. I was really turned on once Scott was naked seeing him and Corey kiss and really go at it. I was motioned over and did get a little lip action as well with Corey removing my boxer briefs.

We came out of the bathroom after smoking the joint with our cocks semi hard. Corey and I were very high but loving the feeling. We did lots of shotgunning and setting the scene for a great night. We took a seat on the couch with me in the middle. I leaned over to pull Corey’s face to me for a long kiss with lots of smacking.

“Guys, I see the love between you. I want to enhance your sexual experience. If you don’t feel comfortable with something or I go too far, please tell me. The last thing I want to do is interfere,” Scott said.

I giggled after stopping with Corey, “Thanks, Scott.” I pulled Scott’s blond hair and drove my tongue in his mouth. I reached over to feel Scott’s uncut thing of beauty. It was so perfect with the right amount of foreskin covering the head. Breaking the kiss, I kissed his pec, teased his nipples with my tongue, traced his defined abs and V taper and licked his low hanging nuts. Corey was licking all over my back to add to the pleasure. 

My tongue went under the foreskin and went crazy.

“OOO fuck yeah!” Scott moaned with his hands on my sides. I opened my mouth and slid the skin back with my lips. “OOO yes! Suck my dick!”

“Probably like Jess did all weekend,” Corey commented.

“We didn’t do shit,” Scott stated while my mouth went down further.

“Why not?” Corey asked and moved around to access my cock.

“Fucking ask Jess,” Scott replied between breaths. “OOO fuck yeah, Matt!”

Corey moved and found Scott’s mouth. I glanced up with my mouth full of Scott’s hard cock to see them kissing. Seeing and feeling Corey’s cock hitting my cheek, my mouth moved to Corey’s thick cock. I was sucking Corey’s for a minute and moved back to Scott’s cock. 

“Aww man, you’re so fucking good, Matt,” Scott said, running his hand through my hair. “I wanna see you two make love.”

I pulled off Scott’s cock. “What?”

“I wanna see you two make love. I see the love between you but I want to see it in action without any distractions like there have been every other time we’ve fucked in the same room,” Scott said.

“What do you say?” Corey asked, looking down at me.

I smiled up at him. “I agree, so long as I get to make love to your hot ass.”

“I was just about to say the same thing,” Corey said, smiling as he pulled me to my feet and kissed me.

Corey climbed onto the sofa bed, positioning himself on his hands and knees while I got the condoms and lube ready. Scott had seen us fuck bareback before but with him joining in I didn’t want to give him the wrong impression so for tonight Corey and I would be using condoms.

As I rolled a magnum down my cock and started rubbing the lube up and down the length, Scott got down on his knees to bury his face in Corey’s ass, probing it with his tongue and really getting it wet, opening it up ready to take my hard cock.

I pulled Scott up and kissed him, tasting Corey’s ass on his lips. Placing Corey’s legs on my shoulders I slid my hand down so my slippery fingers were probing Corey’s ass, working one and then two fingers in to really get him moaning.

OOO Matt, just fuck me, babe. I need your cock inside me now.”

I smiled and pulled my fingers out, pushing forward with the head of my dick slipping easily into Corey’s hot ass. I could never get tired of feeling his as squeeze my cock as I started to move it in and out of him, picking up the speed until I was fucking him at a nice pace.

OOO yeah! Fuck my ass, Matt. Feels so good inside me.”

I pushed Corey’s legs apart so I could lean down to kiss him, still moving my hips to thrust into him. When I pulled back I looked into his eyes and could see the love but I needed to say it too.

“I love you, Corey.”

“I love you too, Matt.”

“That’s it right there!” Scott exclaimed, stroking his hard cock. “Fuck I can’t wait to have that with someone, it’s so special and so fucking hot!”

I continued to fuck Corey’s ass good, turning my head every 30 seconds or so to see Scott watching every move as if it was the most amazing thing he’d ever seen. Then suddenly he left the bed. I didn’t know what he was doing but I was too caught up in fucking Corey’s ass to care.

It was only a matter of seconds before I felt Scott’s breath on my ass and wondered what he was doing. His hands made contact with my calves, making me shiver. They ran up my legs, over my thighs until they came to rest on the cheeks of my ass.

With me leaning down to kiss Corey, when Scott used his hands to pull my cheeks apart it fully exposed my hole and he wasted no time in diving straight in, using his tongue to drive me crazy with me still fucking Corey while being rimmed.

“OOO fuck Scott!” I screamed and felt my cock jump in Corey, making him scream too. The feelings in my cock, mixed with those in my ass and the effects of the weed to totally overwhelm me.

“Feel good, huh?” Scott asked, barely pulling his face from my ass before going back for more.

I had to stop moving inside Corey because I felt like I was going to blow and it was too soon, Scott really was working me over good and I was moaning as Corey held me.

“Hey, Scott,” Corey said. “Stop eating Matt’s hot ass and get that mouth up here to suck my cock while Matt fucks me.”

The second the words were out of Corey’s mouth Scott pulled back from my ass and jumped on the bed. I rose from my position over Corey and took his ankles in my hands so he was spread eagled, slowly pulling my dick out of him and then pushing back in as Scott leaned down to suck his thick cock.

Scott was working Corey’s cock like a starving man, licking up all the precum that had been leaking from it. I kept up my pace on Corey’s ass as he slowly started moving Scott around until they were in a 69 position with me still fucking Corey.

They sucked each other’s cocks, Corey’s moans from what we were doing to his cock and ass were muffled by Scott’s dick being deep in his throat. Scott was really fucking Corey’s face until Corey pulled back and grabbed Scott’s hips, pulling Scott’s ass down onto his face so he could eat Scott’s tight little hole.

“OOO shit!” Scott screamed, pulling off Corey’s cock and leaning back to get the full benefit of Corey’s talented tongue. “Fuck! One of you needs to fuck my ass!”

“We’re both fucking your ass tonight, Scott, so we’ll let you choose who gets to tap that ass first,” I said, slowing down my thrusts into Corey.

“Damn Corey, I want you to fuck me first so I can feel that fucking thick ass dick slammed up my ass,” Scott stated.

“Fuck yeah, I will fuck your ass so damn hard,” Corey said as I pulled out of his ass and removed the condom. 

Trying to catch a breath, I leaned down to kiss Corey and then Scott. “I wanna see you two hot fucks go at it.”

Corey smiled and got up, walking toward my bedroom. “Just let me get something. You two can have fun for a minute.” 

Scott smiled at me and pushed me down on the bed. He kissed my chest and licked my abs. He was paying a lot of attention and had my cock aching to be sucked. He licked up and down the long shaft, coating it with his saliva. I ran my fingers through his blond hair before feeling his mouth encase my cock head. I involuntarily moaned with the feel of his mouth. My head went back while Scott began slowly moving up and down with his hot mouth. 

“OOO yes babe,” I moaned and saw Corey coming back with our toys. He came over and kissed me while Scott was running his lips on the underside of my rock hard cock. 

Scott stopped, “Oh fuck yeah, a fat dildo to fuck my ass before the real shit. You are some hot nasty fuckers.”

“Just hot and horny as fuck right now,” Corey said. 

Scott returned to my cock while Corey moved behind Scott. He began kissing Scott’s ass before taking his first taste of him. I knew it must have felt so good when Scott jerked. His mouth moved off my cock, “OOO fuck Corey!”

Corey inserted a finger. Scott groaned loudly and grabbed my hard cock. He continued to suck me while Corey was finger fucking his ass. Scott was lightly moaning while sucking me.

Scott stopped sucking me while leaving a trail of spit from the slit to his mouth. I moved to taste my cock on his breath. Scott moaned into my mouth as Corey began to slip the large dildo inside him. I moved to kiss Corey while he was slowly guiding the dildo in and out of Scott’s ass. He was moaning louder and breathing harder with each push. 

“Just fuck me, Corey! I need a real fucking dick buried in my ass!” Scott screamed like he was so desperate. 

I grabbed a condom and slid it on Corey’s thick hard cock. I also did the honors of lubing it up. The temptation was too strong that I had to tongue Scott’s hot ass and finger it before applying the lube. My quick actions did garner a little shiver from Scott.

Scott was leaned over with his ass in the air. I moved back to view this. Corey moved behind Scott and pushed down on the small of Scott’s back. Corey placed his hard covered cock at Scott’s hole and pushed in. I watched as my boyfriend penetrated my great friend. The sight of one thick cock filling and stretching a hot ass was so incredible. 

“OOOO Corey, your cock feels so fucking… good!” Scott moaned. “Fuck me! Fuck me, Corey!”

With my hard cock in my hand, I said loudly, “Goddamn, this is so fucking hot!”

Corey reached and grabbed my hard cock. He pulled it to his mouth and opened wide while slowly fucking Scott. My head was spinning like a top with the combination of weed and sex. Corey pulled off and slapped Scott’s ass.

“Treat me like a fucking whore!” Scott screamed. “I’m nothing but a cheap motherfucking whore!” 

“Whore, take my fucking dick!” Corey screamed and pushed hard as ever. Scott jerked his head up. I moved around to see his face. His expression was one of pure delight from the hard fucking Corey was now administering to his ass. He was moaning while skin slapped hard together. He reached for my cock and took it deep in his mouth. He was trying to suck me but Corey was nailing him so hard. 

Corey stopped, wiped his face and pulled out, “Matt, come fuck this hot ass. The weird thing is I’m not even fucking close to busting a nut.”

I moved quickly, found the Magnums again, ripped open the wrapper in record time and unrolled the condom down my dripping hard cock. I poured the lube on and moved behind Scott. Now Corey and Scott were kissing. I looked down to see Scott’s hole wide open and ready for the taking. 

In a flash, Scott moved to the couch before I got in him. I suppose he grew tired of the position. He sat with his legs open wide. I moved over and threw his hot semi-hairy legs on my shoulders. My hand guided my cock and went inside Scott’s fucked ass. 

“Fuck me, Matt! Fuck me with that big long fucking dick of yours!” Scott screamed.

“Your ass is so fucking hot!” I yelled and pushed his legs near his face. I began fucking his ass so hard that the couch was moving. Scott was screaming and moaning while Corey was watching us. I eased up after an intense hard beginning. Corey kissed me first and then Scott.

“Damn this is incredible!” Corey stated.

“Fuck yeah it is. I’m getting fucked by two hot guys!” Scott said. 

I picked up the pace and enjoyed this beyond words. This was nothing but hot fucking gay sex between three hot college guys. I cared so much for both and loved them so much, naturally Corey more, but I still loved Scott.

Scott pushed me back. “I’m so fucking horny right now. I wanna try something.”

I stopped but my cock was still balls deep in him, “What?”

“I want both of your fucking dicks in my ass,” Scott replied. “Matt, pull out. I think I might be able to do it if I rode one.”

“Sounds hot if you ask me,” Corey said.

I pulled out slowly, moved to sit on the couch while Scott walked around. I spread my legs wide after putting more lube on. Scott came and sat on my cock reverse cowgirl. He went down slowly while Corey was putting on his condom. 

“Scott, are you sure?” Corey asked, eyeing us in this position. “Your ass may not be able to stretch that wide.”

“Fuck it. Just try!” Scott yelled.

Corey moved close. He pushed my legs further apart. His cock touched my balls while Scott leaned back as far as possible.  “I don’t know about this,” Corey said.

“Just do it!” Scott said.

Corey’s hard cock began pushing against mine while he tried to enter. I wasn’t sure but I think he got the head in. 

“OOO fuck… fuck… fuck!” Scott screamed in pain.

Corey was moving very slow but I could feel his cock sliding against mine. It was a rather odd feeling yet quite exhilarating. Scott was groaning in pain and trying to look down. 

“OOOO fuck, I’m in you!” Corey said.

“No shit!!” Scott yelled. I reached to hold him tight and could feel Corey sliding in deeper. “OOO fuck! Oh fuck yeah! I can feel both fucking big dicks in me!”

I dreamed of double penetration before but never imagined it would happen. Corey moved so slow with Scott groaning in pain. It was hot just knowing me and Corey were both inside Scott at the same time. It was something most couples would never experience. There was no possible way I could move but Corey was fucking him ever so slightly.

Without warning, Scott screamed a loud pitched scream. His ass clamped tight around our cocks. I could barely see his cum being blasted on Corey. Shot after shot was sent flying. Scott turned into a rag doll with us buried deep in his ass. 

Barely able to breath, Scott said, “OOOO fuck… was that… not fucking great.”

Corey pulled out as slow as possible. He threw off his condom and began jerking it hard. Scott opened his mouth and took Corey’s cum. Corey collapsed next to me when he finished. “Incredible.”

Scott moved off me with cum on his face. He removed my used condom and went straight down on me. It took a minute or so before my body tensed up and let loose one huge load of hot cum down Scott’s eager throat. It was a very intense and powerful orgasm. I was lifeless afterwards with Scott crawling to sit next to us. We sat revelling in the bliss of great sex. I kissed both.

“Epic, wicked, bad fucking ass, insane can’t come close to that shit that I just experienced,” Scott said with his arm over my shoulder.

“Sex stoned is fucking awesome,” Corey said.

“I don’t know if it was the weed or what, but that was off the fucking charts in my book,” I said.

Corey moved over and kissed Scott before kissing me. 

Scott stood, “Well, I’ll leave you two alone…”

I grabbed Scott’s hand, “The hell you will. We’re just getting started here.”

“Yeah Scott, in ten minutes, I’ll be ready for round two,” Corey said.

Scott smiled, “Well fuck yeah!”


Okay, you can breathe now...LOL.   Hope you enjoyed the latest chapter in the continuing saga of "Rooming with my Best Friend".  I can't take all the credit for the ending of the chapter however.  Big 'D' had a small hand in the end if you couldn't have guessed it by now.

The fall semester is racing towards the finish with the spring coming as well!!  I've been pitched some great ideas for the spring.   Actually could use a prank or two if you've thought of any.  It keeps the story light in places.  Still if you think you have the talent and want to try your hand at this, please don't be afraid to do so.   I enjoy reading the different writing styles.  Big "D"'s first attempt at gay erotica was 'The Night' and so was Andy's first step out with "Before They Roomed".  You can email at:

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