Posted: November 30, 2011


With the lights out and our room empty, Corey and I undressed to sleep again on the sofa bed. Our room did smell of beer combined with Skoal. As soon as we hit the bed, our lips hit each others since we were anxious to be alone. 

“Damn, do we have the best friends ever or what?” Corey asked, rubbing my abs.

“I’ll say we do. I had the best time ever tonight.”

“Me too. I know it’s so late but if you want, I could stand eight hard inches up my ass.”

“Babe, exactly what I wanted to hear from you,” I said and kissed him while grabbing the back of his neck.

Being we hadn’t had sex in a week, it was no time ‘til I was rock hard and ready to fuck him. The blow jobs were great with Corey deep throating me while I did the same to him.  We were leaking precum like crazy and so ready for this to happen.  Spit was all we had as lube. I spread his legs wide, looked into his beautiful face as my eyes had adjusted and slid my rigid cock in him. 

OOO Matt,” he groaned.

“Are you okay?”

Fuck yeah, never better,” he said with my cock slowly going deeper. “Oh just fuck me, fuck your boyfriend’s ass with that fucking hot dick of yours. Oh God... it feels so fucking good.”

“Corey, your ass feels so good right now,” I said and felt his legs wrap around me. He dug his fingers in my side while I slowly fucked him. The friction was incredible without our lube.

I pulled out and knew without a doubt he wasn’t clean like normal. I found my dark shirt and wiped off my hard cock. I spit on my dick and rubbed it in.

“Sorry for the shit,” Corey said.

“I want you so much it doesn’t matter,” I said and went back inside him. If nothing else the short break caused my cock to calm down just a little. After pushing in ball’s deep, I leaned forward to kiss him. He grabbed the back of my head and kept our lips and tongue pressed together while I moved at a nice pace.

I broke the kiss and got on the palms of my hands to peer over him. His soft moans delighted my ears while his ass was wrapped tightly around my hard cock. After pushing his legs forward, I pulled out and thrust back inside him. 

OOOO fuck yeah!” he moaned. “Fuck me harder! I wanna feel that fucking dick in my gut!”

I began to obey his command and began fucking his ass harder. He screamed and moaned with such pleasure and joy. His head was moving back and forth while my nuts slapped against his skin. The bed was shaking and rattling a little but we didn’t care. 

After slowing the pace, Corey moved to his side. “Matt, I want your cum all over my face or down my goddamn throat.”

On our sides, my cock went back in his hot tight ass. I reached around to hold him and felt him move my hand to his hard thick cock. He threw one leg over mine while I pumped into him. He turned his head for a kiss while I fucked his ass in rhythm with my jacking him off. 

“OOO shit!” he screamed and grunted. I knew he was cumming and pulled out of his ass. He rolled over and deposited his load on his cut abs. When he finished, I straddled his hot body. It only took a few strokes before I groaned and showered his face, chin and neck with one huge load of cum.

I collapsed right there after a powerful satisfying orgasm. 

I got off him and turned on the lights so we could clean up our mess. Cum was plastered all over his face and hair. He wiped it off quickly before we turned off the light. 

“I fucking love you so much,” I said.

“I love you so much too,” Corey said. He rolled over to his side to sleep. “Put your dick back in me. I loved falling asleep the other night when you did that.”

I slid my flaccid cock into his hole. If nothing else, it made us sleep so close together, but we usually did that anyway.

We woke with Kris and Juan coming out. Once awake, Corey and I had to laugh seeing Kris had got Juan to go naked.  Juan was getting pretty hairy now with a big bush downstairs.

Once they were seated and our bed was folded up, I asked, “So when are you due?”

“Felicia is due July 14th,” Juan said and rather comfortable. “Damn, can you believe I’m gonna be a dad? Grandma would be so happy. I do know with a kid a lot changes.”

“Bro, I’m glad it’s you not me. You are ready for that shit,” Kris said.

“Juan, you do look very happy with it and not freaked out. Were you trying?” Corey asked.

“Let’s just say we weren’t using any protection,” Juan said with a grin. “It was mutual that we wanted a child while we were young. I know people think that’s so stupid.”

“It’s not if you were both in agreement and it wasn’t some big surprise,” I said. “You’ll make a great father.”

“I hope so. It will really make me push to get my degree. I’ll have another mouth to feed,” Juan said. “Man, this is so great. I’ve wanted to come visit y’all but with work and Felicia there has never been the time.”

“You know you’re always welcome,” Kris said.

“I really forget what great friends I had made here,” Juan said with Chase and Tabor coming out naked actually with stubble on their young faces.  Chase's nice cut cock was hanging nicely down and was as big as Colt's if not bigger while Tabor had a smallish uncut cock. Juan laughed, “I’ll be damned if you don’t have those two doing it too.”

“If they wanna stay with us, it’s a rule,” Kris laughed.

“Dude, you’ll never believe what we found,” Tabor said.

“What?” Kris asked.

“A dildo,” Tabor replied with my face turning red. “What the hell is that for?”

“That happens to mine and Matt’s toys, you nosey little shits,” Corey said.

“Chase found it,” Tabor said pointing.

“I was looking for my phone and saw it under Matt’s bed along with some other shit too. Nasty if you ask me,” Chase said.

“Just think where those things have been,” Kris said.

“Where?” Tabor asked with Juan laughing while I was so embarrassed.

“Up their ass,” Kris replied.

“Oh shit and I touched it too!” Chase said.

“It’s okay to touch,” Corey laughed. “You know it really feels good.”

“Damn, you two are nasty little gay fuckers,” Tabor stated.

“Please tell me these two guys aren’t the next two to room with all y’all,” Juan said.

“Dude, we wish. This is so sweet, huh?” Chase said.

“I guess it is nicer than what we had last year,” Juan stated with a knock on our door. Kris being the bold one went to answer it.

“What the fuck?” Jess asked with Scott there with him. “Here I wanted to see if Juan was still around before I left. This is fucking weird as hell with six guys sitting around naked.”

“I’m still here. It’s Kris’s rule of the suite,” Juan said.

“Tell me about it,” Scott stated. “Jess, it’s nothing now to find Kris naked. Remember last year when we wanted to his ass naked?”

“Yeah, if you wanna stay, drop em,” Tabor said with a big smile.

“Like I give a fuck,” Jess stated and came out of his clothes, as did Scott. “This is weird, you know, but I know Kris is a certified nudist now.”

“Damn Jess, you have been hitting the weights,” Kris said.

“Look who’s talking. I can see Matt’s still hard at it too,” Jess stated.

We sat around talking before Juan said he needed to be leaving. We finally showered and dressed before taking Juan to his apartment and grabbing something to eat with Colt back as well.

It wasn’t long after we were back, Jess came around to say goodbye and thank us all for a great weekend. Chase and Tabor were still with us. It did give Colt and Chase some nice time to talk about things before they headed home right after dark. 

That night, our room was so quiet after a long weekend of being full of people. We did our own thing for a little time with Corey and Colt studying while Kris was over at the Rec Center doing his thing. I called Mom to see how she and Vince were doing and was asked when I was coming home. At the moment, I didn’t see a really good weekend before Thanksgiving, which was now only two and half weeks away. 

Once Kris was back, I had to twist a few arms but we all chipped in to get our place clean and back to normal once again. It took a lot of sweeping, throwing away trash and scrubbing some nasty ass toilets to have it back to where I was comfortable. If I wasn’t around, I was sure they would live in filth and not care either.

Monday was a nice cool brisk day. We had our first sick person with Kris’s having the beginnings of a cold. We said it was because he was stupid at the game and went without a shirt. It barely stopped him but that night he was coughing and sneezing. He found some cold medicine and was actually asleep by the time I came to bed that night.

Tuesday, I was sitting with Corey while we looked at our grades online. I was very pleased with my scores but still had work to do in Econ and French. Corey was doing pretty well and kissed me on the cheek after we checked his. I ventured over to see how the results were going for the calendar. 

“What some shit!” I said seeing Kris was now 11th with Corey 13th in voting. 

“It sucks but what can we do about it?” Corey asked.

“Next year, if she asks again, don’t you even think about it. This is such an injustice it’s not even funny.”

Corey shrugged, “It was fun though.”

We kept the site up on my computer until Kris and Colt came in the door with Scott. They too weren’t pleased but said there was nothing they could do about it. Kris was still coughing his head off with his nose running. I knew it was bad when he said he didn’t want to go to the Rec Center. We left if nothing else to get away from him. After we worked out, we headed to the store to stock up on anything we thought could fend away Kris’s cold. 

Wednesday, it was now Colt’s turn to start coughing and have a runny nose. I knew it was coming my way eventually. So far, we had avoided sickness among us but now two of us were sickly. I left the room that night and went to Scott’s room to hang out to stay away. We had a great time and even saw Garrett on the rare occasion. He wasn’t around much and had stayed away in part due to having his boyfriend, Eric, Parker’s roomie and probably to stay away from our harassment over his pill popping. It wasn’t until I saw him that I realized he had been missing from the night before when we had all of the gang together and I felt bad that no one noticed, but then it was partly his own fault too.

I went back to the room to find Kris on one couch under his blanket while Colt was on the other.

“Man, this fucking sucks ass big time,” Colt said and coughed.

“I know. It ain’t stopping us from slaying some deer this weekend,” Kris said.

“Y’all have fun and don’t bring me any venison to eat either,” I said.

“Bro, we’re deer hunting,” Kris said.

Colt laughed, “Kris, venison is deer.”

“How the fuck was I to know? I’m excited about going since you know I don’t remember ever going,” Kris said.

“No, you’re excited when I told you we were camping out and getting shit faced,” Colt said.

“Tell me when y’all don’t,” I stated.

“Weekdays,” Kris said. “This weekend we did get fucking wasted.”

“Hell yeah we did,” Colt said. “That damn Tabor can put away some beer.”

“Can’t he though? The little shit must have had eight Friday and no telling how many Saturday,” Kris said.

“Chase was right there with him,” I said. “We all were.”

Corey came walking in the door after his work day. Colt moved to the chair so Corey could sit with me on one of the couches. 

“So what are y’all doing this weekend since we’re gonna be gone?” Kris asked.

“Fucking and then fucking again and probably fucking some more until my ass is sore,” Corey replied laughing. “My ass is off all weekend too.”

“Hell dude, you do that shit when we’re here,” Colt said. “I heard Chase found your toys.”

“He did,” I said.

“Matt was so embarrassed but it is what it is. It’s not like they don’t know we have sex…”

“Get this shit,” I said. “I got flat turned down for sex Friday night.”

“You did? By who?” Kris asked.

“Me, dumbass, who else?  I was very tired,” Corey replied.

“Too tired to get fucked?” Colt asked. “I hear things like I’m not in the mood or I have a headache.”

“Same shit,” Corey said.

“We made up for it the next night,” I said.

“Hey, I did too and fucked the hell out of Andrea Saturday night after we left here,” Colt stated.

“Damn, I feel so left out now. Fuck I need to get my ass laid… and not by any of you fuckers either. When we get back, mark my word, I’m going on the cunt hunt,” Kris said.

“Speaking of, has anyone heard how Shawn is doing these days with Terra?” Corey asked.

“I saw him earlier. I didn’t ask but I think the shit has hit the fan,” I replied. “He wasn’t around but Scott said something like they got into a big fight Sunday.”

“Hell, I don’t blame him. It’s not bad enough she wouldn’t fuck him but then to jump his ass for getting drunk at the game,” Colt said and coughed. “Andrea better never say shit about my drinking with my friends. I don’t care how much pussy I’m getting. That shit won’t fly in my book.”

“Bro, you’ve got it made over there. She’s so cool with us hanging out. She knows her place in your life,” Kris said.

“His place is between her legs,” Corey laughed. “Just like Matt’s place is up my ass.”

“I hope I mean more to you than a good fuck,” I said smartly.

“You do,” Corey said and kissed me on the cheek. “I was kidding.”

“Bro, you better be or else Matt won’t fuck you all weekend like you said,” Kris said. 

Thursday, while walking to my class, Ted came up from behind and tapped me on the shoulder. I was a little startled since it wasn’t expected. He reminded me about his nephew and how he wanted Corey and I to talk with him. I agreed but was really unsure what I would say. Ted said to meet him on the field after the game.

Once back at the dorm, Kris was doing better and was primed to go deer hunting. As soon as they came to the room, Kris and Colt were off to the store to buy things, including licenses, for their weekend in the woods.

“Matt, one day I would love for you to go deer huntin,” Corey said.

“I wouldn’t. It sounds boring if you ask me. You sit, wait and hope something with horns comes your way. If not, you’ve wasted an entire day, plus got up early.”

“Not to mention it’s gonna be cold this weekend. I hear temps will get down to 40 Friday and Saturday night,” Corey said. “Still, just one time to see what it’s like.”

“Oh I’m sure Kris will tell us all about it.”

“Just imagine if Kris happens to kill one.”

I was shaking my head, “We’ll never hear the end of it. What do ya do if ya kill one?”

“Gut the sucker and let all the blood run out,” Corey replied.

I held my hand over my mouth with that image stuck in my head. “No way!”

“I’ve seen a few. All the guys in high school hunted and told stories. That was when they would talk to me,” Corey said.

“Were you serious last night when you said what we were doing this weekend?”

Corey smiled, “I was dreaming and hoping. You know we aren’t alone here much at all. Why do you even ask?”

“I was checking your expectations…”

“Hold on just a second there. I think you were the one Friday night…”

“Damn, let me finish!”

“Excuse the fuck out of me then!” he said defensively.

“Stop right there. Let’s just stop for one minute. You wanna argue with me when you didn’t know I was gonna say I loved your comment and would be ready for a great weekend of sex.”

“You’re just saying that to make me feel like a total ass. I know you too well, Matt.”

I stood up, “Get your coat or whatever. We’re going to take a nice long walk.”


“Remember our last fight we agreed we’d take a long walk and solve any troubles we had. I’m getting a coat since it’s chilly out there,” I stated.

“Fine, I’ll get mine,” Corey said.

With our coats on, we exited out the door. We saw Scott, Shawn and Bryson coming up the stairs. The smell of marijuana hit my nostrils.

Scott asked with a grin, “Where are you love birds headed?”

“We’re going for a walk since it’s a nice day,” Corey replied.

They laughed and continued on as we did. 

“They reeked,” Corey commented.

“I agree completely,” I said.

“I don’t see why we’re leaving though. We could have settled this in the room.”

“We know that someone, such as those three pot smoking fools, would come busting in and nothing would ever get resolved.”

“You’re right there,” Corey said, opening the door. 

“You know this could have been resolved so easily if you’d just let me finish, but no, you had to talk for me,” I stated as we headed down the sidewalk.

“Matt, this is so fucking stupid and we both know it. I’m sorry, okay?”

“I accept your apology, but since we’re out here, let’s just keep going,” I said and reached for his hand. We walked in the nice autumn day and went over to the hill near the soccer fields. We took a seat and looked out to see a few playing around on the field.

“Matt, so you really are serious? You want us to fuck all weekend?”

“Let’s do what comes natural for us. Corey, I’d rather be naked with you and having sex with your great body than anything in this world. I’m addicted to the wonderful feeling it gives me every time we make love. I’m sorry too for insisting we have sex Friday night. I wasn’t listening to you then.”

“We’re even. I wasn’t wanting to listen to you in the room either. This is really no excuse but I have had a lot on my mind today,” Corey said and looked me in the eye.

“Like what?”

“Well… I know we shouldn’t keep secrets from each other,” Corey replied.

I reached and grabbed his hand. I squeezed it tightly. “If you did something with Colt, I understand. However if you did something with someone else other than Kris or Colt…”

“I’m not that stupid. It doesn’t involve me. I’ll just leave it at that, but it’s hardly an excuse for us bickering.”

“Corey, then it must not be a big deal. I won’t ask again then,” I said and stared out at the guys playing soccer. A couple had their shirts off and gave me a minor thrill. Even though I see my fair share of hot shirtless guys in our room and dorm, it is still nice to admire others who care about their bodies or are just plain lucky.

“Okay, I’ll tell ya since I figure you’ll know soon enough,” Corey said.

“What is it?” I asked.


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