Posted:   November 28, 2011

Corey and I pulled out the sofa bed this Friday night here in early November. We undressed before hitting the lights. I was already lying down when Corey came over for a nice long kiss. I broke the kiss, “I wanna fuck you so bad.”

“Matt, I’m really tired. Can it wait ‘til tomorrow night?”

I moved, “I see how this shit goes. We fuck when you are horny but not when I am. I see.”

He rose up a little, “Are you fucking kidding me?”

“Did I sound like it?”

“Matt, I’m tired. You can fuck me but I don’t know how good I’ll be though.”

“No fucking way now! Scoot your ass over.”

“Look!” he said loudly. “Name me one time when you’ve said you were tired and didn’t wanna fuck. It just so happens I’m not in the mood tonight. Like Kris said just a few minutes ago, fucking sue my ass since I don’t wanna fuck. We stayed up late last night, I’ve worked all fucking day, I’m just a tad drunk and now it’s almost three. I’m sorry, alright.”

“Next time, you’re horny see if I let you fuck me.”

“Matt, this is fucking stupid. If you want, just stick your dick in me and fuck me,” he said. He moved over, kicked off the covers and spread his muscular legs. “Come on fuck me, Matt.”

I stood and moved between his legs with every intention of giving him my best fuck ever. I began jacking his cock to get him hard and surely he would get into it without foreplay. I was horny and needed my boyfriend for the ultimate pleasure. Now with my eyes adjusted to the dark, I saw his face to realize I was so wrong. There was no look of desire or love as there normally is before we have intercourse. He always had that look in his eyes like he was begging me and wanting me in the very worst way. I leaned forward and found his sweet lips. “I’m a jackass for almost having sex with you when you didn’t want to. Sex is a two way street. We both have to want it for it to be enjoyable and pleasing.”

He reached up and kissed me. “I love you. Please don’t hold it against me. I was ready since you weren’t taking no for answer.”

“No, it was stupid of me to think I could fuck you and make you enjoy it. I feel awful now.”

“Don’t be. We can say this is the first time one of us wasn’t in the mood. However… I could use a hot ass naked guy to hold me tight all night so I can wake up in his arms when… oh shit, I have to work tomorrow. Of all days for me to volunteer ‘til noon. Damn!”

“If that’s the case, we better find a phone and set the alarm,” I said. “I’m sorry, Corey. I just love you so much.”

He found his jeans. Inside he found his phone and set it for just a few hours of sleep. Once set and back in bed, I threw my arms around his muscular body. He turned for one last kiss. He wasn’t joking about being tired. Barely turned over, Corey was fast asleep while I held him close and regretted I almost made him have sex with me despite him saying he didn’t want to. I didn’t listen and thought he was kidding at first. Still, I wanted my boyfriend since we hadn’t had sex all week for more selfish reasons than anything.

The next morning Saturday, Corey woke with his alarm still in my arms. I was barely able to open my eyes but did feel his kiss on my forehead when he left me. The next thing I heard was someone opening a bedroom door. I opened my eyes to see a naked hot ass belonging to Kris going to the bathroom. I glanced at my phone to see it was just before 9:30. He came and sat on the couch while bringing a towel to sit on. 

“Another epic night, huh?” Kris commented.

I sat up, “It sure was.”

“Once Jess said what he did about Colt, I just knew sparks were going to fly…”

“Me too but Chase handled it so well. He and Tabor both are pretty mature and open minded for their age…”

“We were too when we were seniors,” Kris said. “You know I’d give my left nut to be able to experience what they are with Nathan. I get pissed when they are here knowing that could have been me. Fuck, I wish Nathan and I could have one time sat having a beer together.” His voice trailed off.

“They don’t know how lucky they are,” I said. 

“Who?” I heard Tabor’s voice.

“Are your ears burning?” Kris asked and perked up.

“I guess so,” Chase said standing in his boxers. Both had great bodies with nice cuts at their waist and still dark from the summer. 

“Bros, if you wanna be one of us, shuck those boxers. We don’t wear clothes in this joint ‘til we shower or go eat,” Kris said.

Quickly, the two pushed down the boxers.  They laughed at each other for second and came walking over with Kris moving to sit with me. “You and your nudity, Kris,” Tabor stated, shaking his blond hair.

“It’s nice to sit around and let the boys breath a little,” Kris laughed with the two taking a seat.

“It’s cool though, but I don’t think we’d ever do it around our friends back home,” Chase commented.

“They’d think we were fags,” Tabor said.

“Gay, asshole. Get that shit through your head. When you come in the door, fag, faggot, homo and queer are erased from your vocabulary,” Kris said. “It is very offensive.”

“So what’s the plan today?” Tabor asked.

“Glad you said that,” Kris replied. “We need to go grab stuff to tailgate since my parents aren’t coming for the game this weekend. It wouldn’t be a home football game without tailgating.”

“What about next week when we’re at deer camp?” Chase asked.

“Huh?” I asked.

“I’m going with Colt next weekend to hunt on their land. It’s the opening weekend of gun season for deer,” Kris replied.

“Matt, you should go and see if you can kill one,” Tabor said.  “It’s sweet as hell, dude.”

“I’ll pass on that,” I said.

“Next weekend we’re coming just for the game and leaving right after it’s over,” Kris commented. “So we need to get a move on it and grab a few things.”

“Tabor and I will hang here if that’s alright with y’all,” Chase said.

“Ummm… no. Y’all are coming with us. Colt might have some business he needs to take care of,” Kris said and smiled.

“Gettin him some fucking pussy before the game, huh?” Tabor asked with a bright smile on his rather cute face.

“More like making up for last night,” Kris replied. We moved around and did see Colt before we left. I believe Colt had a nice talk with Chase before we headed out.

We took my car since Kris didn’t want to lose his spot in our lot. We did grab something quick to eat before heading to the big Walmart near our campus. The store was crowded with others having the same plans as we did. Kris was being Kris and showed out for the two while in the store. I looked one time and they were passing oranges back and forth before Tabor showed his juggling skills with apples.

Back in the car, Kris turned to the two, “I haven’t heard you say it but I take it you both are still coming here next year.”

“Dude, I am, with or without Tabor’s dumb ass,” Chase replied.

“Hey, I’m trying. Sorry I’m not a fuckin' genius like you,” Tabor said.

“Tabor, it gives you something to work for the rest of the year,” Kris said. “Set your mind to it and you can do it just like me.”

“I’ll try,” Tabor said. “How hard would that suck if I didn’t qualify?”

“Very hard,” I said. “You can be like Kris and me, best friends rooming together.”

“I hope so, but we already hear people say how we’re joined at the dick as it,” Chase laughed.

“Huh?” Kris asked.

“It’s just a saying since we’re always together,” Tabor said.

Pulling into our lot I wasn’t happy having to park so far away from the dorm but there were four of us to carry in our things. Kris went all out and bought a school flag to hang on his SUV while we tailgated. We entered the room with Corey, Colt and Andrea watching TV. Andrea was great and made a lot of sandwiches while I made some dip for our tailgating. Shawn, Terra, Scott, Jess and Brennan were down shortly to hang with us. As expected, we again were crowded before moving out to the parking lot for our tailgating. 

I was prepared with my camera in my pocket, intent on getting some great pictures again. I forget it at times in the rush but had it out for this event. We were hanging around, probably 20 of us before we saw Mike and his dad coming towards us. Kris stood and was there to greet them. Mike was happy to see Kris and greeted him with a hug.

“Guys, since you’ve been so nice to Mike, I have a special treat for you,” Mike’s dad said.

“We’re grilling hamboogers and dogs,” Mike said.

Tabor chuckled, “Did he say boogers?”

Kris approached Tabor, “He did and I don’t wanna hear another word about it.”

“Yes sir,” Tabor said.

Instead of us going to them, Mike’s dad and mom moved their things and put it with ours. His dad lit the grill and began cooking. In the meantime, I was snapping pictures as fast as I could. 

“I’ll be damned!” Colt said with his arm around Andrea.

I looked around and spotted a smiling Juan and his girlfriend coming across the parking lot. It wasn’t two minutes later until Kendall and Noah along with their girls came walking up. Kris introduced Mike and his family and explained our situation before Hayden came walking by. Scott grabbed him and gave him a nice hug. I was ecstatic with all of our friends gathered at one time. Even with the extra burgers and dogs, the food would not go to waste. 

The biggest problem with everyone gathered at the same time was talking to each one. I did everything I could to say hi and talk to everyone. Tabor and Chase fit right in and were in amongst us like they were one of us. I’m not real sure what Mike’s parents thought of us but they didn’t say a thing and were smiling the entire time and handing out burgers and dogs to a herd of hungry college kids.

Normally an hour before kickoff, we were at the stadium and getting ready for the game. This day was different. Not a one of us wanted to leave. Before we did leave, Kris wanted a full group picture. Mike’s dad was gracious enough to take the shot. We did have Mike in one but his dad made him move so we could capture this moment.

“No one is leaving after the game,” Kris stated. “Come to our room so we can keep this up!”

“I will,” Mike said.

Mike’s dad grabbed him, “Son, Kris was talking to his friends. We have to leave right after the game.”

“I’m Kris’s best friend though,” Mike said.

Kris moved and put his arm around Mike, “You are. Maybe some other time you can come and kick it with us.” I had to get that picture for sure. 

Before heading to the stadium, we had to grab jackets and coats with the temperature falling as the sun set. It was forecast to be the chilliest night so far of the fall. We met back up with all of our friends and headed to the stadium as a group. With so many people, Corey grabbed my hand and took it. No one noticed or cared that we held hands while making the trek to the packed stadium. A few ventured to the concession lines while the rest of us made our way to our seats with all of us packed in a few rows like sardines. Once the sodas arrived, I saw why they bought sodas with bottles being pulled out all around me. However, the smell of the student section was always one of strong alcohol. Our deal was we weren’t intoxicated yet like a quite a few were around us. 

Rising for the kickoff like we always did, coats, jackets and even shirts were being removed. It was warmer among all the bodies but not that warm. I glanced to my right to see Kris, Colt, Chase and Tabor without their shirts, jumping up and down and yelling at the top of their lungs. I pulled out my camera to get a few shots. We stayed on our feet and watched the opponents drive the ball down the field for what looked to be an easy score.

The early score didn’t dampen our spirits. We weren’t loud during our first offensive possession and managed three points. The noise level increased when the other team got the ball. My lungs were burning trying to cheer on the defense, but mostly Ted. I found his number 48 before each play and focused in on him. Trying to talk back and forth was nearly impossible with the noise level when our guys were on defense. We could say a few things when our team had the ball. 

By halftime, I was already exhausted. Worse was the fact our team was down by eleven. I sat down and grabbed Corey’s soda to quench my thirst. It was so strong but felt good on my sore throat. I wasn’t paying that much attention to him and didn’t know he had poured whiskey in his drink. Shawn, Alex and Brennan went for more drinks at halftime.

When the second half began, we were back on our feet. The half started well with our team scoring on a nice run by our quick powerful back. The kickoff was a disaster with the other team running it all the way back for a touchdown. You could feel the excitement leave the stadium but the student section continued to cheer the guys on. 

Starting the last quarter, we were within a touchdown. The third play of the quarter, Ted leveled their quarterback on what I heard was a blitz. The ball came loose and we recovered it in great shape to score. Jerome, Ted’s friend, missed what I thought was an easy catch. I could hear the cursing in all directions. We did kick a field goal by Todd, who Kris and Colt knew from Halloween. Our defense held them the next time so we took the ball and scored on another running play. I tried to watch Mike’s (Ted’s teammate in our Econ class) play but it was hard in the crowd at the line. Anyway, we were ahead by four with four minutes left. My stomach was in knots just like it was for the away game we went to. It was only a few plays later the other team scored on a long pass over the middle. We had time, 52 seconds, to maybe get close enough for a field goal and tie the score. The first play, Tim, our quarterback, was sacked. The next two plays got us enough yards for a close fourth down play. Tim faked the handoff and dropped back. He had Jerome wide open. Jerome leaped in the air but only got a finger on it as the ball sailed out of bounds. We lost the game and hung our heads in disappointment.

“Fuck!” Kris yelled along with many others in the crowd.

I was highly disappointed like the rest of the student section. We began filing out of our section with a few barely able to walk. Thanks to Terra, she caught Shawn before he went tumbling down the bleachers. Alex was clinging to Elise as well. Jess was staggering and had Brennan and Scott to hold him upright. Chase and Tabor weren’t feeling any pain either. I don’t know how they managed to get blasted but they did. I did see many liquor bottles littering the student section before we left.

“Kris, are we still partying in your room?” Kendall asked.

“Damn right we are to forget that shit right there,” Kris replied.

“I think a few won’t remember what just happened as it is,” Juan laughed.

We did manage to make it to the room in one piece. We piled into our room with a few going to their rooms to leave a coat or a purse. The nicest part was Kendall, Noah and Juan were coming to join us while Hayden left us to go back to his dorm. We moved back the furniture, brought out every possible chair and threw down pillows on the floor along with opening up the doors to our rooms for overflow. 

With Colt packing his can for a dip before everyone showed up, Chase yelled, “Colt, toss me that can there brother.”

“Since when did you start dipping?” Colt asked before packing his lip and tossing his brother the can.

With the loud thumping associated with packing a can of dip, Chase replied, “There’s lots of shit you don’t know about me.” He filled his lip and passed it to Tabor. Kris saw them and went to grab his stash.

“At least it will keep them from drinking as much,” Colt commented.

We cussed and discussed the game for a minute with Kris mad about how it went. Our door opened with Juan coming in with a fresh 30 pack. It was greatly welcomed since our supply was almost down to nothing. 

“Juan, where’s your fiancée?” Kris asked.

“Oh she didn’t wanna hang and let me have a night with my boys,” Juan commented, taking out a beer.

Kendall and Noah were next to come with Bishop, Dave and Keith right behind them. Bishop was toting his supply for the night which included some Jack. “I know a bunch of people that are getting fucked up tonight after that shit,” Bishop said. “Here I just knew we would win.”

“They were good, really good,” Corey said.

“Every team in our conference is decent,” Keith stated with Scott, Jess and Brennan coming to the room. They were followed by three girls, Jill, Holly and their roommate Rachel who were here the night before. 

We were waiting when our door opened and was slammed hard. “Goddamn motherfucker!” Shawn screamed and seemed to have sobered up a little. “I have just a little fun and Terra chews my ass out! Fuck her!”

“You wish,” Scott laughed.

“That’s another fucking thing! Is it too much to ask your girl to give up that pussy after we’ve been dating for a fucking year?! I’m not talking every night but once a fucking month would be nice! Fuck!” Shawn said and was as angry as I had ever seen him.

“Excuse our friend but I think he’s ticked off just a little,” Kris said to the girls.

“A little? The dude is fucking pissed,” Tabor commented.

“You think?!” Shawn ranted. “I bet these high school boys get more pussy than I do.”

Chase held up his hand, “I do.”

“Dude, don’t try to act like a big guy,” Colt said.

“Dude, we both do,” Tabor said.

“See what the hell I’m talking about,” Shawn continued. “Even high school boys get more shit than I do.”

“I can see why they do. They’re so cute,” Jill said.

“Ha,” Chase said in Colt’s face.

“I wish you wouldn’t have said that,” Colt laughed and spit in his bottle.

“They are,” Rachel said with Toni and Bryson entering the room. 

“Bro, how much did you lose on that game?” Kris asked.

Bryson smiled, “Won a big one. I took the over in the game. I fucking hate betting against our team but the over/under was only 37.”

Alex and Elise were the last of the regulars to make it. 

I looked to see Juan making his way to the middle. He stood in front of us, “Guys, it looks like I won the race.”

“You did alright,” Kris said. “You’re the first dumbass to get hitched.”

“No… I’m the first one of us to be a daddy,” Juan stated and broke out a huge smile. “I found out Tuesday for sure and knew this would be the perfect time to tell all y’all. Dudes, I’m going be a daddy!”

“Are you cool with it?” Scott asked. “I know you feared it might happen.”

“I’m so fucking cool with it. I’m actually excited and hoped we’d win so it could be one hell of a celebration,” Juan said.

“Now we have something to celebrate!” Kris shouted.

Those of us who knew him had to walk over and give him a congratulatory hug. It was nice to see how at ease he was. Even the girls gave him a hug. The most touching was seeing him and Scott embrace. I watched Scott walk away and wipe tears from his eyes. Once we finished, Juan pulled out his phone to pass around a picture of his unborn child. 

We were chilling with the noise level fairly high since everyone was trying to talk while I took pictures. Our door opened again. I turned around to see Rick standing there.

“I was just checking up on the party room. I’m cool with this as long as no one says a word to me,” Rick said. “Well, I’ll be damned. All the crew is here.”

“Hell yeah we are,” Jess said. “We got the good news just minutes ago. Juan’s going be a daddy.”

“Congrats Juan!” Rick yelled to him.

“Bros, we need a group shot now of all of the second floor thugs from last year,” Kris said after Rick went around to speak to Jess, Juan, Kendall and Noah.

“It’ll be so fucking sweet,” Alex said. “Elise, take Matt’s camera and get a picture of us.”

We stood together before Elise said she couldn’t get us all in the picture. We moved around and got the shot. 

“Hold on just a sec,” Kris said and whispered to us his plan. He said aloud. “We need another shot that is so fitting of us. On three, one… two… three…”  We all dropped our pants, Rick included, mooning the camera. I’m sure it was nothing but white asses but we had a great laugh over it.

Rick was laughing, “I swear you get crazier as time goes on.”

Kris grabbed Rick, “Crazy, plus a little alcohol doesn’t hurt either but you still love us.”

“I do since you’re the least of my worries,” Rick stated. He stayed a little while longer before leaving to make sure the others on our hall were doing okay.

Even though Shawn had said his thing to get the frustration off his chest, he was downing the drinks. He wasn’t alone though as many people had curtailed the drinking a little.

It was just before midnight when we had another quiet knock at the door. Keith opened the door to find Ted, Luke and a smaller guy standing at the door. I looked around to see Chase and Tabor’s face light up.

“Sorry about that pure shit out there tonight,” Ted said in his deep voice. I couldn’t help but notice the scratches on his arm.

“You did your part,” Kris said. “Hey Todd, how’s it going?”

“There have been better days,” Todd replied as it dawned on me that he was the kicker. 

“Did you stop by so we could return the favor?” Colt asked.

“Nah, Ted said something about your brother,” Todd stated.

Ted walked over and gave Tabor and Chase high five, “I would ask how it going but you two seem to be doing okay.”

“We were until the game,” Tabor said. “I wanted us to win so bad.”

“You weren’t the only one,” Ted said. “Sorry I disappointed you.”

“It wasn’t your fault,” Chase said. “You almost killed that quarterback. Matt, can you get a picture of us with them?”

“Luke, Todd, get your ass over here,” Ted said.  “Drop the beer too. The last thing I want is to hear about pictures on the internet with y’all having beers in your hand.”

I snapped the picture with Ted in the middle. Juan and Jess wanted one as well since they were willing. After the brief picture taking, Kris handed Ted a beer. 

“Matt I would hand you one… oh fuck! Everyone listen up!” Kris said. “We haven’t had the chance to tell you about Matt here.”

“Oh great,” I lamented for I knew what was coming.

“What?” Jess asked.

“He decked some homophobic asshole frat boy last weekend,” Scott interrupted. Kris, Colt, Corey and Scott combined to relive the tale.

“Nice story but you made that shit up,” Jess said.

“Tell em, Matt,” Scott said.

“I don’t know about the two punches but I was pissed as hell,” I stated and continued to tell a little more of what I remembered.

“I’m glad I was here to hear that shit,” Kendall said.

“Me too,” Juan said.

Ted grabbed me around the shoulder. His hold was so strong. He said quietly to me, “One weekend when you have the chance, my nephew needs a minute with you and Corey.”

“Next weekend would be perfect. Kris and Colt are just coming for the game and going huntin’ at Colt’s. I’ll be free then,” I said.

“Perfect then. I’ll let you know the plan then this week,” he said before raising his voice. “Not only does he have a great punch this dude is smart as hell.”

“Tell us about it,” Jess said.

“Without him, I’d be failing two subjects,” Ted stated. Corey took our picture with Ted holding the beer behind his back. He released his hold while I checked out the picture.

Now, I was wondering when, if ever, our room would clear out. I didn’t mind at all since it was a rare opportunity with our old dorm friends with us. Everyone was drinking and having such a great time. 

Finally at just before three, our room began to clear. We had a small problem since Juan had no ride home and no one was able to take him. Corey or I could have but it wasn’t worth the risk. Juan said he’d find a place to sleep since his fiancée knew this could happen, plus she was working the late shift. Colt stepped up and said he’d go to Andrea’s room so Juan could have his bed for the night. The other option was to let him sleep on someone’s couch. Our old friends took the longest to leave with not a one of us wanting the night to end. Jess and Scott were last with Scott getting in one last hug of congratulations. 

Just before the clock hit four, the lights in our room were turned out.


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