Posted:  November 26, 2011

With the test with Alex, Ted and Mike approaching, my days were set for the next two nights. I studied like crazy and did everything I could to help out my friends with their studying. After the test on Thursday, I was relieved and felt the time would pay huge dividends in the end.

While walking back from my last class, I heard Toni’s voice yell my name, thus causing me to stop in my tracks. I waited while she approached in a jacket on this cool early November day.

“There again all I have to do is mention something to you and it gets done,” Toni said with a smile.

I returned the smile, “I think… no I know Kris said something to him last night. He, I think, got down on Bryson’s level and explained the situation as only Kris can do.”

“It worked like a charm. He came straight over and just held me. Not one hint of us having sex,” Toni said while we walked along.

“If that’s what you want, I’m happy for you,” I said.

“It is…”

“Plus it’ll make sex that much more special,” I stated following my philosophy I had with Corey and my approach.

We kept talking with her following me to my room. We were talking when Kris, Colt and Corey entered the room on this Thursday. Toni walked up to Kris and kissed his cheek.

“What’d I do?” Kris asked with a smile.

“You talked to Bryson for me. What exactly did ya tell him?” she asked.

“Really, you wanna hear that?” Kris said with a laugh.

“Nothing I probably haven’t heard before,” Toni replied.

Kris sat down his things, “Well, I told him straight up if he wanted to keep fucking your hot pussy, as he tells it, he better pull back since he was wearing your ass out. Getting a little pussy is better than getting none at all like Shawn’s ass.”

“I told him the same thing,” Colt said. “Sure, Andrea and I fuck a lot but you need to be aware a girl isn’t wired like a guy. Sure I’d fuck her every night but I know she doesn’t want to every night.”

“It was a little blunt, I guess,” Toni snickered. “Matt said you got on his level but it did work.”

“So how is he in the sack?” Kris asked.

“Damn Kris!” Corey yelled.

“Hey, he claims he’s so good you never want it to end,” Kris laughed. “That’s why I had to ask to see if he’s blowing smoke up my ass.”

“Let me say this; He satisfies me so much and I’ll leave it at that,” Toni said. 

“He basically fucks the shit of you,” Kris laughed.

“No, he makes great love to me,” Toni smiled back. “Matt, I don’t see how in the world you live with these guys.”

“Oh, I’m used to it,” I said.

“He loves us and knows we let him and Corey fuck like dogs,” Kris said.

Corey let out a howl and bark. We all started laughing. Toni said thanks again and left us. 

“Matt, we have a really special visitor for the game this weekend,” Kris said once Toni was gone.

“I know Chase and Tabor are coming,” I said.

“No dude, Jess is coming to visit us, too!” Colt stated.

“That’s awesome, but where will he sleep?” I asked.

Kris smiled and replied, “Scott’s room, where else?”

“You know it still amazes me Scott can be so forgiving,” Colt stated shaking his longish brown hair that was now flipping up.

“Scott likes that dick,” Kris said. “Tell me a dick he doesn’t like.”

“He liked yours,” I said before I realized that I had opened my mouth.

“Fuck you, asshole!” Kris screamed. He stepped back, leaned over and took a breath. “Alright, I got fucked and fucked Scott one night. Now all of you know.”

“So what? Who really cares?” Colt said. “Was he as good as Matt?”

Kris smiled, “Hell no. Colt, one day…”

“Yeah, one day when I get ready to feel a pole up my ass,” Colt laughed.

“Dude, you don’t know how good it feels,” Corey commented, now sitting next to me and throwing his big arm around my shoulder.

“Your fucking ass is used to having a big dick in it,” Colt said.

Kris moved over and put his arm around Colt, “Bro, it’s not that much different than mine.”

“Dude, just drop it. For one, I’m in no way interfering with those two, ever. Matt delivers a mean right jab,” Colt stated.

After a great workout with our regular large group, I wanted and needed to nap for tonight. I had to study with Bryson for a test we had in that class we shared.

I was napping when Bryson came into my room and startled me for a moment.

“Sleepy head, it’s our time,” he said.

I rose and stretched. “Bryson, I hope you’re not mad…”

“Oh hell no, I’m not mad. Toni tried her best to tell me but Kris put it where I got what he was talking about. They were right, a little sex is better than going a month without. Now if she goes that far like Terra, my ass will drop her. I do respect Shawn but I couldn’t do it. Watching porn all the time does lose its thrill and appeal, but how would you know?”

“So are you ready to buckle down?”

“Sure,” Bryson replied. “You know I’m excited about Jess coming this weekend. I still wish he was here. Dude, you don’t know how much fun he was on our spring break trip.”

“I don’t guess you are ready,” I laughed.

“Oh sorry about that,” Bryson stated. “Let’s get on it so we’re not here all night.”

Bryson and I studied our work and finished about eleven just as a few visitors such as Scott, Brennan, Keith and Bishop were leaving. We had the plan down just as we said with Jess staying in Scott’s room.

I had to ask, “So does Brennan know their history?”

Kris laughed, “He knows and said he might join them one night. It wouldn’t surprise if the three professed bi guys had an orgy.”

“You should join them,” Colt stated.

“No way, plus like you’ve said, what would Tabor think of me?” Kris asked.

“Good point,” Corey said. “It can be arranged though if you want.”

“Stop it right there!” Kris said. “I’m not into that shit!”

“Since when?” Colt asked.

“Fuck!” Kris screamed. “Just drop, alright! There’s a time and place for everything and this weekend with everyone here is neither.”

“When has that ever stopped you in the past?” Colt asked.

“I said fucking drop it! I’m just about to get pissed,” Kris stated. “I’ve heard all I want about it and being bi, okay?”

“You are,” Colt said. “You told me the other night how much you enjoyed both.”

A few minutes later, Kris and I were in our room as we normally would be. However, I noticed Kris wasn’t being himself at the moment. He sitting up in his bed and staring straight ahead with a dazed look about him.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

“Matt, am I really that bad that now everyone sees me as bi and thinks I’ll just jump into bed with anyone?” Kris pondered.

“You keep saying you’re bi,” I replied.

“I know I do,” Kris lowered his head. He lifted his head, “I am, but fuck I wish the jokes would stop. I’m sick of it. That’s all I fucking hear now.”

“Bro, we joke and kid around with each other. If you notice, we only do it when no one else is around. Sort of like our personal inside joke.”

“I know Corey and Colt think I’m completely bi now and it doesn’t matter to me which sex I fuck. I’m telling you right here, it does.”

I stood and knew of one way to solve this. I walked over to where Corey was on his computer and Colt was sitting his bed. Both were naked at the moment but so was I. “I need you two for a second if you don’t mind.”

“Sure, but what’s up?” Colt asked, getting off his bed.

“Oh Kris…”

The three of us walked back over and entered the room. We sat on the bed with Kris.

“Dude, what’s the problem?” Colt asked.

“I’ll tell you what the problem is… I’m fucking sick of all the bi jokes,” Kris replied.

“You are, right?” Colt asked.

“Yes, but why do you keep bringing up?” Kris asked.

“Hell dude, you were on me earlier about getting with Matt,” Colt said. “We all kid around with each other. Surely you don’t take it serious, right?”

Kris stared hard. I spoke up, “I think he does.”

“Dude, I’m as bi as you are. Hell, we both fucked Andrea last weekend and then I fucked you right in front of her,” Colt said.

“What?” Corey asked while the same exact thought entered my brain.

“We got a little crazy. One thing led to another and we both fucked her.  I fucked Kris too for that matter,” Colt said. “Surely, you’re not regretting that.”

“No, but I just wish the joking would stop,” Kris stated.

“I really can’t believe what I just heard. First Scott and then with Colt and Andrea,” I stated in disbelief. “Kris, what’s the deal then?”

“I just said I’m fucking sick of the jokes,” Kris replied. “That’s all. After a while, they get old and start to wear on a person. You know how it was after you fucked me. These two think it doesn’t matter who I fuck but it does. Guys are my last option when I need sex. Hell, we’re all very sexual nineteen year old college guys and horny as fuck.”

“Kris, I know without a single doubt in this world, you’d fuck a girl over a guy any day,” Colt said. “I’m just like you but you’ve had more opportunities lately since I’m with Andrea. I see nothing wrong with you and Scott getting together.”

“I’m with Colt,” Corey said. “The three of us know who you really are inside. It started with Matt and I to show you a guy can be pleased sexually by another. You went from there and found that gay sex really isn’t all that bad. People do look at you differently at times when you admit that you do like sex with a guy. I know when people at the Rec Center find out I’m gay they look at me differently. Some accept it and act like they should. I had a guy last week I was helping with on squats. Somehow he found out I was gay and wouldn’t talk to me this week.”

“Kris, I’ve known you far too long not to know you. We laugh, fight and cry together. That’s what makes this entire crazy ordeal work. We’re there for each other in times of need plus I’m sitting with my three best friends in the world naked on a bed at almost one in the morning,” I said. “I wanna see the day when someone outside of us tries to mess with one of us.”

Kris smiled, “I know that’s right. Bros, I appreciate every word you said. I too am sitting on my bed with three of the greatest guys around. I love each of you in a special way.”

“So we’re all good now?” Colt asked. “We’re cool, but you remember that as well when it comes to me too.”

“I will definitely do that since I know the feeling I had inside of me. It was like all y’all thought I was so bi,” Kris said.

We sat around for a little while longer. It was nice just the four of us talking but it did get late with all secrets being laid out on the table including my night with Kris and my foursome with Scott and Brennan.

After Colt and Corey were gone, I sat there with Kris.  "Thanks.  That was tight as hell what you did.  I know how they feel about me," he stated. 

"Kris, whoever gets to be with you sexually is one lucky person," I said and ran my hand over his chest and abs.

"Damn right they are.  Maybe one day I can be really comfortable with being bi or whatever the fuck I am," Kris said.  He leaned over and kissed me on the lips.  He hand ran down and grabbed my cock.  "Fuck, maybe I shouldn't have done that.  Here I just finished talking about hating people thinking I'm bi but I grabbed your dick."

"Maybe I should go to my bed now so you won't be tempted."

"Yeah, I'm sorry."

"Nothing to be sorry about, Kris.  That was a fucking hot kiss."

I moved to my bed and turned to my side.  Kris had the lube out to stroke his nice cock.  While he was stroking his, my hand was sliding up and down mine.  He gave me a smile as we watched each other jack off.  The hottest part was seeing Kris thrust his hips forward with every muscle in his body contracting.  He sprayed hot cum all over his neck and chest.  I had to adjust and let my cum hit my chest and stomach.  We cleaned up and called it a night.    

At the end of my class with Corey on Friday, it signaled another week of college had come and gone. Corey and I walked on this brisk windy day in November back to our dorm with me wearing a jacket for the first time. Corey did his thing and left while I waited for Kris and Colt. 

The door opened with Kris and Colt walking inside with Scott and Jess trailing them. I smiled seeing Jess again with his short hair and did notice he had been spending time in the gym with a new tattoo coming out from under his short sleeve shirt. Jess walked over and gave me a sincere hug.

Looking around, Jess commented, “Wow, this is really nice. Y’all have it made compared to last year.”

The four grabbed a seat with Jess leaving a bag by the door. We caught up on everything in his world while trying to fill him on what he didn’t know in ours. It wasn’t long before Kris had Bishop in the room for his order of beer for the weekend. Jess sounded very happy and content back among it. After a little while, it was as though he never left and was right in the middle of things as always.

It wasn’t long after we returned from eating until Chase and Tabor called and came to the room. Jess spotted the resemblance very quickly and knew exactly which one was Colt’s brother.

“Dude that tattoo is bad ass,” Tabor commented seeing Jess’s tattoo since he was giving us a full view of it and had been aching to show his body. “Definitely getting me some ink when I can.”

“For sure,” Chase said. “Jess, I heard say earlier you left. Why’d you leave?”

“Oh, I was failing and then fucked up big time. I got into a little skirmish with Scott here thinking I could get with his ass…” Jess replied.

“Are you gay as well?” Chase asked.

“No little Colt, I’m bi just like your brother,” Jess replied. 

I cut my eyes to see Colt was getting red faced and looked pissed.

“What the fuck, Jess!” Colt yelled with his arms extended and the veins in his neck about to burst. Kris was about to burst out laughing and squirming like crazy.

“You are. You and Kris have fucked,” Jess said.

“Colt, you have?” Tabor asked with complete silence from everyone else except for Kris withholding his laughter.

Colt banged his fist into the couch. “Damn you Jess! You sorry ass motherfucker!”

“It is the fucking truth!” Jess said.

“Chill Colt,” Chase said.

“Chill my ass, Chase!” Colt yelled standing.

“Dude, it’s not that big of a deal,” Chase said.

Colt left in a huff and went to his room. We sat and looked at each other.

“Jess, Colt never wanted Chase to find out,” Kris said and had stopped his withheld laughter. 

“Now I feel like pure shit,” Jess said and went to the door. He opened it and went inside. Chase followed behind before the rest of us went too. Colt was sitting on his bed and staring at a wall.

“Colt, I said I don’t care if you are bi or what,” Chase said.

“Chase, I’m not fucking bi. Get that in your head,” Colt said.

Kris spoke up, “Look guys, it happened, alright. We were curious. Some people never act out on it but we did. Most guys are curious, right?”

“Not me,” Tabor said.

“Dude, we’ve jacked off together more than once,” Chase said.

“Chase, are you curious?” Scott said.

“Not really about doing with other guys but it’s not that big a deal,” Chase replied.

“See Colt, we’re all in the same boat,” Jess said. “I’m sorry and had no idea.”

“Use your head next time,” Colt stated. “Chase, are we cool?”

“Yeah we’re cool,” Chase said.

“Don’t ever say one word to Dad about this shit either,” Colt said.

“Don’t worry.  He’d shit a brick,” Chase commented.

We had to fill Jess in on Colt’s Dad. With the little excitement, we had forgotten about the cold refreshments until hearing the door open. We had to tell Bishop the ordeal.

“Chase, part of the reason why I haven’t been cool with y’all staying here is the fact you’d find out I’m not totally straight. I didn’t wanna disappoint you or make you think Kris and I fuck all the time. Now that you know just keep here. Don’t go get on the phone and start telling everyone you know. That goes for you too, Tabor. Word gets out and I hear, your visits here are fucking history. Like the commercial says, ‘What happens in this dorm, stays in this dorm’,” Colt said.

“You don’t have a worry there, Colt. There are still games left and this spring too,” Tabor said.

“Same here,” Chase said.

“Let me get this right,” Kris said. “You two jack off together?”

Tabor smiled, “We have but I’m not fucking his ass like Colt does you.”

“You sorry little fuck!” Kris said. I knew what was coming next and moved so Kris would have a clear shot to tackle Tabor. He did and sent him to the ground. Colt being a friend joined in to tickle Tabor while Kris held him. 

Once the lopsided match was complete, we returned to the living area with Kris handing out beer. It wasn’t very long before our room was like Grand Central Station at rush hour.  People were coming and going left and right. Corey came in at his usual time and sought out Jess to say hi even before greeting me. 

With the some of the unknown visitors gone, we were able to kick back and enjoy the night with good friends and good laughs about the time we had spent together. With the proverbial cat out of the bag, plus the help of a few beers, Chase and Tabor got their ears filled with lots of stories. I could see them taking in every word with a big smile across their faces.

“Jess, so how are you doing in school now?” Brennan asked.

“I’m doing pretty well for me. I’m trying to catch up,” Jess replied with a beer stuck in his hand as it had been all night.

“Catch up?” Corey asked.

“Let me tell ya. Every day I wish I was here with all y’all, especially after seeing what I’ve seen tonight…” Jess replied.

“Yeah, lots of really hot girls,” Tabor interrupted.

“Boy, those are women,” Colt said and had been doing his fair share of drinking. “You and Chase are fucking high school girls. Wait ‘til you get some real shit.”

“I’m glad Andrea decided to leave,” Scott said. “This could get deep.”

“Why did she leave, bro?” Kris asked.

“Oh she knew it would be just us guys shooting the shit,” Colt laughed.

“You better not let her ass slip away,” Bishop stated.

“As I was saying before jackass back there interrupted me,” Jess said. “I don’t know Bishop but the rest of you I do. Don’t blow this chance. Not a one of us have wealthy parents…”

“Bishop does,” Kris said.

“Good for him,” Jess said. “This is your chance to make something out of yourself and I’m speaking to me. I’m fighting like hell to get back here since the first time I didn’t think my grades were that important. Don’t y’all let me down. Sure it’s fun as hell partying like tonight, and I’m pretty sure Matt keeps the hammer down in here…”

“Fuck yeah he does,” Colt said. “You heard about the big fight.”

“Keep up your grades, then party like a motherfucker when there’s no studying to do. Else, you’ll be right there with me, but even further behind. Don’t let me down and use me as a prime example of what happens when you fuck up and think the grades aren’t important,” Jess continued.

“Chase, did you and Tabor hear that shit?” Colt yelled over to him.

“I did. Did you Tabor or are you too fucking drunk to remember that?” Chase asked and quickly got a finger from Tabor.

“Dudes, I’m serious. Don’t waste this chance of a lifetime. I hear so many say that they can finish college whenever but most don’t. It’s hard as hell, but keep going,” Jess said.

“Jess, you need to give that speech to my other two roomies. They don’t party but I swear Justin and Drew never study,” Brennan stated.

“Sorry to be a real downer like that but I needed to say that so you won’t fight a good friend as your way out,” Jess commented and headed to the bathroom. I know our toilet had a fine workout tonight for sure.

“Jess still regrets that fight with me. Every time we’re together he apologizes to me,” Scott said.

“At least, you’re forgiving,” I said. “There’s a lesson we could use too.”

Once Jess returned, we changed the subject to discuss the game. I sat with Corey and listened to their analogy of how things should play out. Our opponent was good and right behind us in the conference standings so it had great promise to be a good game. 

It was well after one and closer to two before our room cleared out. The six of us were finishing what was left and picking up empty beer bottles and cans. We had one minor mishap with Colt spilling a bottle of dip spit but he cleaned it up.

Before we split up, Colt called us to the living area, more specifically Chase and Tabor. “Dudes, did you learn anything tonight?” Colt asked, looking at his brother and Tabor.

“My brother has some really cool friends, but I knew that already,” Chase replied.

“I learned not to fuck up in college,” Tabor said.

“I learned earlier my brother likes dick,” Chase said before covering his head since he knew what might be coming.

“Don’t joke about that,” Kris said.

“He’s serious,” Corey stated. “We had a long talk about that last night.”

“I’m serious as a heart attack here. What you heard or saw doesn’t leave this building. Not to your girlfriends, not to your best friends and definitely not to our parents,” Colt said.

“Dude, I know… I know. I say one word and I’ve seen the last of this sweet place. If you haven’t noticed, me and Tabor love coming here. Hell, we passed up at least two sweet parties tonight and missed a chance with our girls. That should tell you enough right there,” Chase said.

“Yeah dude! I count the days ‘til we get to come. Y’all are a trip and let us drink. You treat both of us like we’re one of the guys. No way are we messing up. No telling how many of our friends beg us to ask to see if they can come and get the chance to hang with Ted and Luke,” Tabor said.

“Hey, just let em come,” Kris said.

“Dude, these two are enough as it,” Colt said.

“I have to agree there. If it was up to you Kris, we’d have twenty people sleeping in every corner of this suite,” I commented with the others laughing.

“I’ll sleep on the floor if I have to,” Kris said.

“Kris, they are right. It’s hard enough with everyone here. I heard it was a zoo earlier,” Corey spoke up.

“No it wasn’t,” Kris said. “It was friends having a good time. There wasn’t that many here.”

“The fuck there wasn’t. We had people sitting everywhere at one time. Andrea counted 18 people in here and I didn’t know a third of them either,” Colt said.

“Well excuse me but some just showed up,” Kris said.

“Don’t kid yourself over there. You knew everyone that walked in the door,” I said. 

“Alright fucking sue my ass because I like crowds. It’d be fucking boring as fuck if we didn’t have twenty motherfucking people up in this fucking place,” Kris said. By now, he was barely able to keep his eyes open.

Tabor laughed, “Damn Kris, you are drunk.”

Kris threw up his hand, “Drunk as fuck, bro.”

“Tabor, you may have learned some new uses of fuck,” Chase laughed.

Tabor laughed, “He ain’t got shit on me when I get pissed.”

“Yeah, y’all should have heard him at the last game. He got the wind knocked out of him but kept saying fuck with every breath,” Chase laughed.

“Before we all pass out, I’d say we hit the hay,” Colt said. “Kris, I’m talking about you.”

“Fuck you asshole,” Kris said with his eyes closed and raising the bird.


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