Posted:   November 23, 2011

Once Colt and Andrea were awake and stirring along with Corey, the five of us sat around the living area naked. Andrea was so great and didn’t mind it all. She rather enjoyed the fact we were that comfortable around each other naked with very little said concerning it.   Now the novelty had worn off with it being a part of our routine, especially on weekend mornings. 

After we did finally dress and eat, Colt and Andrea went their own way to enjoy the afternoon. I can’t blame them as it was a gorgeous fall day with a light breeze and perfect temperature. Kris left us with the intention of heading to find whoever would go with him to the Rec Center. He did ask us but Corey and I decided to hang out together.

We were sitting on the couch, watching an old movie we had found. I looked over at him, “Corey, for a change, maybe we should do our own thing today.”

“Why? You don’t want to be with me?”

“No, that’s not it,” I replied. “I sometimes feel as though you think I make you spend time with me.”

“No I don’t. I love being with you like we are now. You’re my life if you haven’t gathered that by now.”

“You’re my life as well, but I get the time alone and am able to get away.”

“I went golfing with the guys on Thursday. That’s plenty for me.”

“Maybe go hit some golf balls. Find someone to hang with you.”

“Trying to run me off, are you?”

“No, I’m not. As I said, you need to get out without me and be by yourself without having to pay attention to me.”

He smiled and kissed my cheek, “No sense in fighting about it. I’ll find something to do.”

With him gone, I grabbed my phone and wanted to talk to Mom for a few minutes. She filled me in on her life and how things were with her guy, Vince. She sounded very happy and content with the way things were going so far. I plainly told her about my night at the party. She had mixed feelings about my actions since she was a Mom and didn’t like the fact I hit some stranger. 

Off the phone after a while talking, I stripped all the beds in our suite. Stripping the beds in Colt’s room I did notice a few used condoms in and around one of the small trash cans. I deposited those in the toilet and knew Colt was really getting some action.
While washing clothes and playing a game on my computer, a few guys walked in with their laundry. Their faces were familiar but so were a lot of them as I encountered a lot of faces around the dorm. They openly talked about their roommate and the troubles they were having with him. I sat overhearing their conversation while playing my game. Finally I was able to put two and two together to figure out they were talking about Bishop. It sounded like two very jealous guys but I was biased and never butted in.

I came back to find Kris had just walked in the door with Scott. Both were covered in sweat. Scott walked up to me and patted me on the back. “I’ll be damned if I ever let y’all go out again without me. Here I missed seeing my boy in action.”

I smiled and continued on to make our beds. Scott trailed me so I put him to work. 

“Matt, did you really hit the guy twice?” Scott asked while we made the beds.

“It all happened so fast I don’t know if I did or didn’t. All I know is I was pissed.”

“Well yeah… I would have torn into his ass after getting soaked in beer,” Scott stated.

“I did what I had to do, right or wrong. I wasn’t letting some asshole frat boy think he could run over me.”

“I’m really proud of you. Kris was ecstatic, you know?”

“Thanks, Scott. I’m sure you’d done the same thing. So how’d your night go?”

“Oh okay I guess. Girls are much tougher getting in the sack than guys, but we all know that. Brennan found that shit out too. Overall it was a good night though and I really did like her despite not getting any.”

“That’s great. Now let’s do the other room,” I said, finished with my room.

Soon, Corey was back and had taken my advice to go hit some golf balls. He said he enjoyed it before hitting the books for a while. Colt was back as well after his day and did like Corey and studied. Seeing the two, Kris felt guilty.

After we finished our studying, we went to eat with our regular group. All I heard was about me punching the guy but every comment was so positive after Kris and Colt told their views. Nothing was decided about the night, thus I could see our room being packed to the walls. Walking out into the nice night air, I grabbed Corey’s hand and led him away. We said we’d be back with them later and wanted to enjoy the night.

We strolled around campus with Corey talking about his mom. It wasn’t anything earth shaking but he suspected she had been drinking quite a lot and maybe fighting with Larry too. We found a seat with darkness settling in. We watched a few pass by in their creative costumes while enjoying the night.

“Alright, what’s on your mind?” he asked.

“Well…” I said and cleared my throat. “We’ve been really honest with each other so far about what we’ve done with Colt and Kris, right?”

He nodded, “I have.”

“I found some used condoms in Colt’s bedroom…”

“Are you accusing me?” he asked with a defensive tone.

“Corey, I can tell right there it wasn’t you,” I replied.

“No, you don’t fucking trust me.”

I closed my eyes, “Corey, you answered honestly. I was curious is all. Did I sound upset to you?”

“Not really… a-ha, you think maybe Kris and Colt… no wait, Andrea was there last night. Colt was showing out, huh?”

“I guess he was. Surely to goodness, Kris didn’t…”

“No way Colt would ever… I take that back. There is a slight possibility. By our own example, we’ve shown a third can be involved and not mess up a loving relationship. Why don’t you just ask Kris?”

I inhaled, “Why don’t you ask Colt?”

“Better yet, let’s not ask either one. If they did something with Andrea, so be it. They were very normal this morning.”

“Great idea. Since it doesn’t involve either one of us, it’s really none of our business what they do as long as they’re happy with it. I do have my doubts over whether Kris would even get involved with them.”

Corey laughed, “Hell, I don’t. Kris is one horny dude and will fuck anything that moves now. Remember last year, no telling how many times they fucked girls next to each other. Wouldn’t surprise me one bit if they didn’t swap out girls back then.”

“You’re so right. Who are we to talk about being horny dudes? We fuck all the time and it still ain’t enough.”

Corey kissed my cheek while we sat on the bench. “I can change that if you want more of my ass.”

“Let’s just keep things as they are for now. It does make our time together so special,” I said.

“It does that,” Corey said.

“Hey you gay boys!” we heard a voice and turned to see Hayden walking towards us. “I thought that was you two when I passed earlier. How’s it goin’?”

“Great, and you?” Corey asked.

“Well,” Hayden tilted his head with his hair now grown out to almost his shoulders. “Nick and I didn’t quite work out the way I planned it but we’re still gonna try to be friends, sort of like Scott and I are.”

I smiled under the night light, “That’s great, so you’re now a single man again?”

“I am but oh well,” Hayden said. “I hear Scott has been having some trouble lately. Has he passed that stone yet?”

“Boy, I have no idea but he hasn’t said if he did. I hear sometimes you’d never know since they’re so small,” Corey replied.

We stood to head back, “You wanna walk with us?” I asked.

“Sure, that’d be great. Man, I really miss everyone,” he replied.

“You know where we live,” Corey stated. “Hayden, if anyone talks shit and you need someone to kick their ass, my bad ass boy right here will come to the rescue.”

“Oh thanks a lot,” I said.

“What happened? Fill me in,” Hayden said with urgency.

Walking back, Corey told him all about it. Nearing the split, we bid Hayden good night and continued on to the dorm. We climbed the stairs and spoke with Bryson and Toni for a second before they headed out. We entered with Kris, Colt, Scott, Shawn, Alex, Luke and Ted in our room. 

“There you are!” Kris yelled. “Ted was about to take us out if you two wanna go.”

“We heard you kicked some dude’s ass last night,” Luke stated.

Now I would have to hear from them as well. “Matt, I don’t blame you. I like that you took up for yourself. You had every right to do so when someone is being judgmental like that,” Ted stated.

“Thanks,” I said. “Corey, it’s up to you whether we go with them or not.”

“Yeah, it’s just us guys,” Scott stated.

“Matt, let’s just kick it here. I need to study a little bit and start a paper for next week,” Corey said.

“Damn, he’s rubbing off on you big time,” Colt said.

“No, it has to be done or else I don’t make my grades,” Corey stated.

“Matt, Mike and I need you again to study with us for the test Thursday,” Ted stated.

“For sure,” I said. “Y’all have fun and tell us all about it tomorrow cause I have a feeling you’ll be getting back late.”

“Maybe,” Luke said with a big smile.

Heading out the door, Ted said to the guys, “If any of you tell a sole who I am, I’m killing ya.”

“Bro, tonight you’re one of us,” Kris said and patted Ted on the shoulder.

Now with just Corey and me, he left to do the necessary work he needed. I too studied and got a jump start for our Econ test later in the week though I had done some earlier. 

While studying or trying to, I got a text message from Parker: “Whatcha doin.”

Instead of replying, I called him to save us from a string of text messages back and forward. He answered his phone and told me he was with Yancey in his room. I suggested about nine they come down since Kris and Colt were out or Corey and I would go to their room. He said he and Yancey would be down.

Parker was at my door just as Corey had finished with his studies. Seeing Parker and Yancey holding hands did my heart wonders. They came in and took a seat on the newer sofa while Corey and I sat on the other one. Naturally, Parker asked where the others were so Corey and I told them.

“Enough about them,” I said. “I want to hear about you two. Parker, the sparkle is in your eyes.”

Parker smiled, “So far, things couldn’t be going better. We came for some advice from the two experts.”

Corey laughed, “You came to the wrong room then.”

“No we didn’t,” Yancey said. “Parker said you’ve been together over a year now. What’s the secret?”

“There is no real secret,” I replied. “We have our ups and downs, as you know, but in the end, I guess we were made for each other.”

“What a lot of help that is,” Parker stated.

“To me now, it’s being upfront and honest with each other,” Corey said, holding me. “I have someone who watches after me and loves me to death. It doesn’t happen overnight. I fought like hell and said I didn’t need anyone watching me. In reality, I do need someone. I know without a doubt you’d be seeing a drunk who was out of school and working for minimum wage if not for Matt here.”

“Corey, I’ve never really seen you drink though,” Parker stated.

“I do. My mom is an alcoholic and I think maybe my father was, or is, too. I never knew him. At home, like this summer, I really put away some with my cousin. So I’ve spotted the trouble and just avoid it. Not saying I don’t drink, just not that much,” Corey said.

Yancey laughed, “My fucking roommate needs to hear that little speech. I swear it is nothing for him to stagger into our room so fucking drunk. No telling how many times I’ve had to clean up his vomit.”

“Just move then,” I said.

“I am at the end of the semester. Here I thought rooming with another gay guy would be so easy but it ain’t. Hell, you’d think I was his personal little fuck boy even though he has a very cute little boyfriend,” Yancey stated.

“Yeah, his roommate is hot,” Parker said. “Not to be really personal or get into your business, but do you two fuck a lot?”

I looked at Corey, “I wouldn’t say a lot, but yes we do have sex and make love to each other often.”

“Well said,” Yancey stated. “We were just wondering. We said we can be very sexual since we both enjoy it yet maintain a great relationship. We know a relationship is doomed if it’s based purely on sex.”

“Once the excitement of sex leaves, then what?” Corey asked.

“Tell me about it,” Parker said. “I’ve tried…”

“I have more than once,” Yancey said. “You know this is really tight we can talk like this, gay couple to gay couple.”

I smiled, “It is.”

We changed the subject to move away from the sex talk. It was so much fun talking with them since we could relate to them. Not that we can’t with Kris and Colt but this was so different. They stayed around ‘til after midnight with us talking and then watching TV together.

Monday, the first day of November, I woke in Corey’s arms. I looked around the room and didn’t see one sign that Kris had returned. Before we showered, I checked to see Kris in one bed, sleeping face down with Colt in the other.

Corey and I returned to the room. Corey headed off to prepare for work. Since the door was open, I could hear him talking to Colt. Corey came out smiling and said Colt was too hung over to get up. I laughed and said I was surprised Kris was gone but then again he could be out and not in class.

With Corey gone, I walked into Colt’s room. He was sitting up in his bed with the sheet around his waist. “Fuck yeah, I missed class today,” Colt said.

“I can tell that,” I said.

“Don’t you say a fucking word to me. You came in here to fucking boss my ass around. For one, I’m not Corey, motherfucker!” he spewed.

“Hold on just a minute,” I said. “Have I said one word to you about you missing class because you partied too hard last night?”

“No but I can see in your little face. I’m not in the mood to hear your shit, alright?”

“Evidentially you know you should be in class or else you wouldn’t be cussing me like I’m a nobody. That fucking pisses me off,” I said. “I was gonna be nice and ask how your night went but I can see that ain’t happenin.” I turned to walk away.

“Dude, I’m sorry. I assumed,” he said which caused me to turn around. “I know where I should be but there’s no way I could do it.”

“Next time, please don’t cuss at me like that for no reason. Yeah, I was going to say something but I don’t have to. You know where you should be. If this would have been Kris, I’d still be arguing with him.”

“Grab a seat,” Colt said, hitting his bed. “I’m sorry but I just knew what your intention was gonna be.”

I smiled, “I was just going to get a little jab in but there’s no sense in doing it now. So you must have had a good night?”

“Oh dude, let me tell ya. That Ted and Luke are the two best fucking guys ever. They didn’t drink a whole lot but they were right there with us every minute of the night. Kris, on the other hand, got fucking hammered, but who I am to talk.”

“So y’all went to a club and got wasted?”

“No… no… we went there first but it was so packed, dude. We stayed like twenty minutes. Ted called one of his friends on the team and we all went over to this guy’s sweet apartment and kicked it there. Damn, Chase will be so envious of me now. I heard the stories about the team and know just about every detail.”

I smiled, “I know you enjoyed that.”

“You know after I met the dude, the kicker, Todd Barnes, and his roommate, who ain’t even on the team, it was all cool. It was just regular down to earth guys drinking and having a blast. You know Shawn really had a great time with us. He got to drinking him some whiskey and started singing for us. Oh my god, I’ve never laughed so hard in my life. The dude couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket but didn’t give a rat’s ass. We had such a good time. You know Ted and Luke really enjoyed hanging with us.”

Colt just finished when I heard a knock at the door. I went to open it while Colt found some shorts. Luke was standing there with a big smile. “Come to see how Kris and Colt were doing,” Luke stated.

From behind, “Dude, I didn’t make it to class,” Colt said.

“Well hell no, you nor Kris could walk last night when we got home,” Luke laughed. “Is Kris still in bed?”

“No, but where he is beats me,” Colt replied. “Grab a seat.”

“I wish I could…” Luke started to say.

“How’s it going Colt?” Ted stuck his big head in the door. “Matt, your two roommates tore it up last night.”

“I heard they did,” I said.

“Next time, we’re taking you with us,” Luke said. “I heard all about the crazy shit you do when you get drunk. You either get naked or nail some frat boy.”

“Yeah that’s me alright,” I said. I saw Kris coming in. He grabbed Ted by the arms.

In the strong hold, “That has to be Kris. No one else could grab me like that.”

“Fuck yeah,” Kris said, releasing his hold.

“Damn, you look okay,” Luke said.

“I took about five aspirin but I’m okay. Colt’s weak ass couldn’t make it,” Kris said. “Bros, we tore that shit up, huh?”

“We did,” Luke said. “You just wait ‘til the season is over. I’ll drink your ass under the table and so will Ted.”

“Hey, we better run or Coach will lock us out of practice,” Ted said moving to the door.

“Yeah right,” Kris stated. “Like he’d keep Ted out.”

“You don’t know our coach very well. See ya later!” Ted said with him and Luke running off.

“Matt, you talk about the best guys ever. There they were. We had the best time I’ve ever had in my life,” Kris stated.

“Colt told me all about it after he cussed me out,” I said.

“Dude, I said I was sorry,” Colt said in his defense. “And no I’m not sucking your horse cock to prove it either. Kris, I just knew he was going read me the riot act for not going to class.”

“You didn’t? I’m ashamed you, Matt,” Kris said.

“I didn’t have to say a word. He knew he was wrong,” I commented. Then I heard more stories about their night and sounded as though I really missed an epic time but also realized sometimes their stories do grow in time. Kris was eager and ready to journey to his favorite spot. Colt wasn’t so Kris decided he’d be my trainer for the day. Once there, Kris pushed me hard while working hard as well. We know each other so well we know the right buttons to push to make the other obtain their goals.

Before leaving to eat, we got word our test results were on our email from a few weeks ago.  I always held my breath when opening the email.  I released a sigh of relief seeing I was negative.  Word spread around with all of us in great shape.  We talked about the responsibility of testing and its necessity if we were to continue our current lifestyle, especially Corey and I though Kris had been with multiple partners. 

That night while in my room while Colt was with Andrea and Kris, there was a light knock at my bedroom door. It was odd since normally it was opened without warning. Toni was there when I opened it. 

“You’re dressed…” she said, relieved, “that’s why I knocked.”

I smiled, “Now Kris might be a different story. Girl, what’s up?”

“I need to talk for just a minute,” she said. 

We walked over to sit on my bed. “Bryson, huh?”

“Sort of and sort of not,” she replied. “Now every time we’re together he expects sex and gets pissed if I don’t deliver.”


“It’s partly my fault for starting it in the first place, I guess. I have urges just like a guy but not every night. Honestly, he’s one hell of a lover if I do say so. He’s really very attentive and very loving, but just not every time we’re together.”

“You want me or one of the guys to drop the hint again?”

“I’m just venting is all. I should do that and needed someone to talk with that understands us both,” she stated.

“Have you told him that? Not every night?”

“Just ten minutes ago and I got the ‘you don’t love me’ speech. I actually do but there’s more to love than us hopping in bed. Here I thought he was different.”

I sat looking at her while thinking of a suggestion. “Toni, I’m at a total loss right now since you told him. Maybe get in the moment still dressed and tell him you enjoy cuddling and kissing him without getting naked. I’m really one to talk though.”

“It’s great when you’re agreeable. I’m sure guys don’t ever deny the chance at sex. I said I enjoy it as well. He has to also consider the consequences just in case something goes wrong. Being gay, you’re lucky you don’t have to even consider that…”

“Toni, it is one of the upsides and downsides as well…”


“Corey and I can never have children. I’d love to have at least one some day. We can’t do that without lots of help,” I replied. “One day I will have a child, whether through adoption or insemination.”

She smiled, “You’d make a wonderful daddy, Matt.”

“Thanks,” I said and reached across to hug her. We talked and talked until Corey came and joined us after working. He did kiss me on the lips when he entered.

“There’s true love right there,” Toni stated after seeing us kiss. “I see nothing wrong with two guys being in love like you two are. More people like my roommates need to see that right there. They say they are in love after one hot night and the next day they don’t wanna see them ever again…”

“Gays are no different, Toni, if not worse, since most guys in general are up for sex at any time,” Corey stated.

“Matt and I were just talking about that,” Toni said. “I heard Kanae say the other day how no two guys can really be in love like a guy and girl. I argued up and down with her by using you two as a prime example. There’s so much love between you two. I can see it and feel it. So when are you two ditching Kris and Colt to live by yourself?”

Corey and I looked at each other. We smiled and I replied, “One day but not any time real soon. Things are great just the way they are. I know we would do just fine…”

“We would but we’d miss all the others,” Corey said. “I never thought I’d say this but I have a special bond with each guy here.”

“That is so awesome. I can see it as well. You may fight but in the end you stick by each other,” she stated.

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