Posted:  November 20, 2011

Leaving out tonight, Saturday before Halloween, it was a rare thing for us. There were more girls, five, than guys, four.  We rode with Holly and Jill in Holly’s nice Toyota to our first stop for something to eat.

“You two lost the lottery, huh?” Corey asked from the back seat.

“We want it this way. Kris is a cool guy but he sometimes thinks girls are for just one thing,” Jill replied.

“Jill, he is hot as hell,” Holly argued.

“You know exactly what Morgan is after. It wouldn’t surprise me if her and Kanae had a nice cat fight over him before the night is finished…” Jill said.

“Kris would eat that up,” I commented.

“We know. It’s why we’re with you two,” Jill stated.

After eating Wendy’s burgers and chicken sandwiches, we were following Colt and arrived at the first house about eight. Being early for college parties, there weren’t a ton of people there. The others waited on us to park before we entered the house. Kris walked in like he owned the place and found some guy. He spoke with him while we stood around and felt out of place.

Kris gestured with his head, “It’s all good, bros, Jake told us to have a good time.”

Corey and I were walking to find something to drink when a muscular guy walked up to Corey. He threw his arm around him and welcomed him and us to the party. 

“He comes to the Rec Center all the time,” Corey stated to me after the guy had walked away. 

“I figured that,” I said with the guy walking back with two orange plastic cups in his hand. It wasn’t beer but some alcoholic punch. One taste told me there was more alcohol than punch but still tasted alright. 

We milled around with Kris going with the four girls. Colt found us and was shaking his head, “Kris was made to be a frat boy.”

“Maybe he was,” I said.

“Look at him. He’s not afraid to speak to anyone,” Colt commented.

“Dude, you should know that by now,” Corey commented.

Colt laughed, as did Andrea. He said, “I should. Hell, he was right in the middle of us last night at the game. By the end, he knew half the fucking crowd there at my brother’s game. Oh well… it is Kris being Kris.”

Walking away, Corey and I spotted a guy and girl who were in our study group. We talked with them for a little while and continued to drink whatever was put in our hand. The crowd began to grow, thus making it harder to walk around. I was always bumping into someone or stepping on someone’s toes. Corey and I retreated out back and waded through the smoke, some cigarette, some marijuana. We found a seat away from the smokers to cool off in the nice night air to enjoy our drinks.

We stayed out there a while since it was less crowded. The big guy found Corey again and brought us more to drink. By then, I was beginning to feel the alcohol flowing. It wasn’t uncommon to see guys stand and unzip for a piss and showing what he had. Corey and I did the same but not in front of the others like some boldly did before heading inside.

Once inside, we ran in to Kris, literally with him spilling his cup all down his jeans. Thankfully it was just Kris so he laughed it off and found more. With another filled cup, he walked back over to us with his jeans wet, “Fucking hot party, huh?”

“Not too bad,” Corey replied.

“I can see Matt is enjoying it already,” Kris commented. “My boy is having a few.”

“Hell yeah, we get ‘em thrust into our hand when they’re empty,” I commented and was feeling it at the moment.

“See, there’s some really cool guys here,” Kris stated with Kanae finding him. Kris put his arm around her. “I was telling Matt and Corey here what a cool ass party this was.”

“It is,” she said. “Lots of really hot guys, too. I’m sure those two noticed.”

I smiled, “There are but I’m with the hottest.” I hugged Corey and kissed him on the cheek.

“Damn what a fucking faggot,” I heard a voice and wheeled around to see who was saying it. Turning, a guy about my height but bigger pointed at himself. “Damn right I said it and I’ll say it again. Two fucking faggots here at our party.”

“Come on, Corey. I’m not in the mood to put up with this shit tonight,” I said.

“I think the fucking truth hurts, huh?” the guy said and was laughing with two other guys. “Bet the big boy there fucks your ass every night.”

“Let’s get the fuck out of here!” I screamed. 

“Yeah, we don’t want any fucking homos polluting our party,” another guy said.

Kris put his cup up to his mouth. In a quick turn, he moved the cup and just missed covering the two with his punch. 

“Oh you sorry motherfucker!” the first one yelled.

“Bring it on, asshole!” Kris yelled with his fist clamped together and ready for action.  The veins in his neck were bulging as were the muscles in his arms.

“I see how this shit is. The little faggot brings his two body guards so he’s protected,” the other one said with short dark hair.

I stepped in front, “No motherfucker I didn’t! I can handle myself!”

“Yeah right,” the first one scoffed. “Get your faggot ass the fuck out of here!”

Now we had attention, much to my disliking. I was pissed as hell and ready to tear into this homophobic asshole. All I did was hug and kiss Corey and he started spouting off. 

Corey’s friend walked over to one who was causing a scene. “Jason, is there a problem here?”

“Damn right there is. We have some queers here who think they can hug and kiss on each other like it’s nothin’,” he replied.

“I see,” the guy said and moved to push Corey and I away. He pulled us away from the crowd with Kris following us. Now the others were right there with us. “Sorry that happened, Corey. I should have warned you earlier.”

“We’ll just get the fuck out of here,” Kris said.

“That might be best,” the guy stated.

“Thanks Mikey, I’ll catch you later,” Corey said as we walked away.

I was almost to the front door with our group when I felt beer or some drink hit the back of my shirt. I turned to see the one, Jason, laughing, with his friends laughing as well. With anger and alcohol running through me, I nailed him right in the mouth. I stood there with rage in my eyes as blood started dripping from his lip. My friends were stunned at my actions. “Asshole, you want some more?”

“Motherfucker, I’m gonna kill your ass!” he said with blood running down his chin.

“Jason, you deserved it,” one guy said.

“Fuck that shit!” he said and made a lunge towards me. I stood my ground and threw up my arm to deflect his oncoming fist. He stumbled a little. I reached and grabbed him by the head with such anger like I had never had before. 

Corey’s friend Mikey came running up while I was holding this asshole under my arm and tightening my grip. “You fucking hit me and I’m fucking your face up!” I said to him with my teeth clinched tight with him trying to hit me. He may have got in one glancing blow but I was too charged up to care.

“Fucking faggot!” he screamed.

“Let go of him,” Mikey said. I released him with the guy pulling him back. “I saw the entire thing. They were walking out like I asked. You had to get in one last shot but this guy nailed your ass like you deserved.”

“Fuck his ass!” Jason said with a bloody lip and holding his neck. 

I felt two hands grab me. “Let’s the fuck out of here!” Kris yelled. We sprinted off to the car. It happened so fast I really didn’t know what I had really done. Getting in the car as fast as we could, Kris yelled, “Follow us!”

I was breathing hard while Corey put his arm around me. Jill turned around as Holly drove away, “That was the coolest shit I’ve ever seen in my life.”

“Matt stood his ground and showed you can’t fuck with him,” Corey said. “I was never so proud in my life.”

“I don’t know what came over me but I had had enough of his ass,” I said. “Feeling that beer or whatever it was, I just snapped.” I pulled off my nice shirt to smell it was beer that had drenched me.

“I didn’t know you had it in ya, Matt,” Holly stated, following the other car.

I laughed, “I didn’t either.”

“Yeah, don’t fuck with Matt,” Corey laughed.

Still laughing, I commented, “I’ll fuck your ass up if you do.”

Soon we realized where the others were going. I assumed it was another party but we were back in our dorm parking lot. We parked and saw Kris and Colt racing to our car. They opened the door. 

“Oh my fucking god but if that wasn’t the coolest shit ever, I don’t know what was,” Kris said loudly and hyper as ever. “My best friend has done nailed him some homophobic frat boy.”

“Fuck yeah he did! I’m still trippin’ balls!” Colt shouted with us finally out of the car.

The second I got out Kris gave me a very strong hug. “Bro, I’m so proud of you. I didn’t know you had it in ya.”

Released from the hug, I stepped back, “I didn’t either but something flew all over other than that fucking beer he hit me with.”

“See bro working out has come back to bare fruit,” Kris said.

“Hell yeah it has,” I said and flexed my body.

“Wow Matt! That’s hot!” Holly said.

I laughed, “So what now?”

“We’re gonna kick here unless you’re ready to whip someone else’s fucking ass,” Colt laughed.

“Are you serious?” Morgan asked.

“You knew that,” Kris replied. “We can kick it here without all the assholes.”

The girls minus Andrea huddled together. “If that’s the case, then we’re out of here,” Kanae stated. 

“Have fun,” Kris said, waving.

“Trust me, we will,” Holly stated.

As we were about to head inside, we were about ran over until noticing it was Bryson and Toni returning from wherever they had been. As soon as Kris realized who it was, he slapped the hood of the car while we waited for the two to get out. Just as soon as they got, Kris and Colt began telling them about my night.

“Matt, I’m shocked,” Toni said.

“I had just enough to drink not to think right. Besides, you get beer all over you and see if that doesn’t piss you off,” I stated before we headed inside. 

Kris headed to the fridge for the beer that was still left over and grabbed enough for all of us. He opened the can and took a big drink before holding it high in the air. “Here’s to one bad ass hombre,” he said.

Now, it could be a while before I could live this night down. Without a single doubt, they would remind me of it for quite some time. It was out of character for me but as I told Toni, I was pissed. I was astonished that I hit a stranger but I didn’t regret it one iota. In a funny way, I was proud of the fact I didn’t need Kris or Corey to defend me. 

Kicked back with Corey’s arm around my bare shoulders, I began listening to each separate account of the quick encounter. Kris had to stand and give a full recap of exactly how he saw it unfold while I sat with my arm around Corey.

“Dude, promise us one thing. Tomorrow you won’t be sorry,” Colt said.

“Right now, there’s not one part of me that is sorry for what I did…”

“So what if you see him, say here on campus?” Kris interrupted.

“I don’t believe he’ll remember me…” I said.

“Don’t you dare apologize to him either,” Colt said. “If it had been any one of us he’d have got the living shit beat out of him. We were leaving not to cause any more problems.”

To change the subject for a moment, I asked Kris, “So are you upset that Morgan and Kanae left you?”

“Hell no,” Kris replied with a beer in his hand and his shirt now long gone. “Tell him what they said, Andrea.”

“They said they were surprised that a little fag like you beat up on a cute frat boy,” Andrea stated.

“Fuck them!” Kris said. “It was all I could do not to bitch their ass out.”

“I know, and I was waiting for you to do it,” Andrea said. “The two of them just went on and on about you, Matt, but not in a good way.”

“See if I’m ever friendly to them again,” Kris commented.

“If they only knew…” Andrea commented.

“Knew what?” Colt asked.

“Oh, that Kris and you aren’t as straight as people think you are. I, on the other hand, find it so hot,” Andrea replied.

“Let’s keep it that way, too,” Kris said. “I know more and more are finding out. I don’t like it but it’s who I am…maybe.”

I was glad I changed the subject but was disappointed by hearing what I had. Colt and Kris stopped drinking long enough to enjoy a dip while we turned on the TV to see what was on at this late hour. We turned off most lights to catch a movie that was on. I held Corey close while watching it. 

At the end, I stood, emptied out the last of a warm beer and grabbed Corey’s hand to call it a night about two. We said goodbye and went to bed together. 

After doing a few things, I passionately kissed Corey. He could feel the love and began moving his hands all over my back while tongues darted in and out of each other’s mouths. We broke the long wet kiss and stood. We lost our clothes. Corey grabbed me and kissed around my neck, sending chill bumps all over my body.

“You turn me on so much, Matt, especially tonight. I was so proud of you for standing up for what was right,” he said softly. “I love you.”

“I love you too,” I stated, with him kissing down my body. He used his tongue to flick each nipple before using it to run down my abs. On his knees below me, he began licking my cock with great long strokes while holing it in his hand. 

Corey moved to lick my nuts and suck each one. I stood with my hands on my ass and adoring the attention. His mouth opened to take my hard eight inches. He started very slow with his tongue swirling around on the head. He rose and kissed me to share a droplet of precum that had accumulated on his tongue. The taste was divine. He returned to his knees and took a lot of my cock in his mouth with a hand at the base and the other stroking my thigh. 

Getting a little tired of standing, we moved together where I was sitting on Kris’s bed while Corey was sucking my cock with such love and affection. I could hear him slurping it up while my breathing increased. My hand moved to his head. My fingers ran through his stiff hair while he sucked and licked my cock. 

OOOO,” I moaned and looked down to see my cock causing his cheek to bulge. He pulled off, took a loud breath and returned. He slowly worked his way down with my breathing getting louder. I could feel my cock deep in his mouth and throat. I glanced down to see his nose in my sparse pubes. He pulled back after moving up and down a few times and rose for a kiss.

“Fucking love sucking your hot dick,” he stated.

“That felt so great,” I said and kissed him again.

He moved to my bed and got on his knees. “Now just fuck me, Matt!” he spoke with such lust.

I moved over and kissed all over his hot muscular ass. My tongue extended to taste his skin and ass before licking my way to his hole. I licked it quickly and moved to his balls that were hanging below. On my knees, I was licking his balls and licking down the length of his thick hard cock. Opening my mouth, I took his hard cock in. The taste was all Corey and one I loved. My tongue massaged underneath while enjoying sucking his cock from a different position. 

Stopping, I moved to kiss him. I slapped his ass playfully before diving into his hole. With my nose in his crack, I began eating his ass out. He began moaning and shaking with my tongue darting in his clean hole. Now, I knew what took him so long earlier in the bathroom. Moving back, I spit loudly and landed it perfectly. Moving behind him, my cock ran up and down his ass. I continued to use his ass as a cock massager and leaned to kiss his cross tattoo on his back. 

With warp speed, I grabbed our large bottle of lube and gave a quick thought of pulling out our dildo. Squirting some lube on his ass made him shiver slightly. I coated my cock and was ready to fuck my boyfriend. Feeling my slippery cock at his hole, he reached behind to open his tunnel for me. I pushed in and heard his familiar groan of initial penetration. 

OOO fucking give me that hot fucking dick,” he moaned. “Fuck my hot ass you fucking stud!”

My cock slid in deeper to please us so greatly. My hands found his hip and pushed the final three inches deep into him. He grunted while gripping the comforter of my bed while I was still standing to fuck his hot ass. The lust we had was undeniable as it always was. My only wish was that I could last forever inside him. It was so warm and made me feel so great.

My movements quickened with Corey moaning in rhythm with each movement. Leaning over, my arms wrapped around his torso, my dick buried inside of his hot ass and on his back, I started fucking him at a great pace. 

“OOO fuck me! Fuck me, Matt!” he shouted with such desire in his voice.

I whispered while fucking him, “I love you so much.”

“I fucking love you too,” he said with our breathing becoming labored. 

Pulling back, my cock escaped his warm hole. I shoved it back in with a little help from his hand. Leaning back up and grabbing his hips again, I started fucking him a little harder. His moans combined with my grunts rang off the dorm walls. When I was pushing forward, he was pushing back and fucking my cock with his ass. No matter how much we had sex, I loved it to death. This act of love never grew old or boring but why should it? We loved each other and loved sex so much, a great combination.

We changed positions to missionary so we could look each other in the eye while having great sex and with a towel under us not to stain my bed. I went back inside him with his feet pressed against my chest. Pushing forward, his knees were near his face while my cock moved in and out and wiggled a little in him. With his legs collapsing and soon wrapping around me, I moved closer while maintaining a pleasing pace. It was just hard enough to hear our skin popping together. Our breathing continued to be labored with sweat bursting out on my forehead. 

Suddenly, I felt the urge in me. I stopped and covered his mouth. He broke the kiss and smiled since we knew what was occurring. I pulled out to see my cock leaking so damn much precum yet still rock hard. Sliding back inside, I kissed him with hands all over my ass. He was pulling me deeper until my pace quickened with my hand now stroking his hard cock.

OOOO fuck… fuck… shit,” I moaned trying to withhold the rush of cum.

“Fucking give me that nut! I want to feel it so goddamn deep in my ass!”

“Fuck!!” I screamed with cum blasting inside him.

At the same time, his ass clamped around my cock. He screamed, “OOO fuck yeah! We’re cumming together!”

“OOO fuck!” was all I could say with the last blast going in him.

He pulled me close and kissed me so hard. My cock was resting in a warm place yet deflating. I broke the long kiss and rested my head on his shoulder. He ran his finger through my hair and kissed my ear. 

We decided a shower was definitely in order. The TV was still on when we entered the living area to go to the bathroom, just behind it, but the room was empty.

“Surely Kris is not sleeping while Colt and Andrea are in there?” I commented.

“With him, you never know what is up,” Corey said.

We showered and returned to the room. He didn’t even think about sleeping in Kris’s bed and came to bed with me. We spooned together with me behind him. I wasn’t sure but I think he put my cock in his ass just before I dozed off.

As normal, I was up before anyone else was in the room. I did wonder where Kris slept since he wasn’t in the living area, but assumed Colt didn’t get any action or maybe he gave Kris a show. Kris did appear about an hour after I had been up. His hair was a complete mess with an unshaven look. Finished in the bathroom, he came and sat next to me. We were both enjoying the morning nude.  

Kris grabbed my leg with a tight grip and leaned over to kiss me on the cheek, “How you feeling, bro?”

“Great actually,” I replied. “You?”

“Oh the normal after a good night of drinking but nothing I can’t handle. Matt, whatever you do don’t you dare say you regret what you did last night…”

“I won’t since he provoked me,” I stated.

“I wanna hear you keep saying that. I’ll kick your ass if you start to feel remorse about it,” he started laughing. “Damn, I had no idea your fists were that quick.”

“Me either but was I ever pissed,” I said. “Let’s not talk about it. I know once the others hear about it I’ll be hearing it all day.”

“Okay by me.”

“Fill me in. Are we doing anything tonight?” I asked.

He chuckled, “Hell if I know, but I’m sure we’ll find something. Don’t we always? Wherever we go, I’ll need my bodyguard with me.”

I pushed on his tattooed arm and laughed. We kicked back to enjoy the morning.


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