Posted:  November 18, 2011

Friday here in late October with the weather nice and crisp, I had just bid Corey farewell and was waiting for Kris and Colt.  I was doing some surfing on the internet and found the guy’s pictures were posted on the internet. I beamed with pride seeing how great the five looked. Of course I’m prejudice towards them, but if I weren’t there may have been four others that came close to them in looks and body. My friends were some of the few that showed skin, for I assumed the others had nothing to be proud of.

The door opened with Kris, Colt and Bishop entering the room.  “Whatcha lookin at?” Colt asked.

“Pure fucking shit!” I exclaimed now seeing only Kris had cracked the top 10 in votes and then he was only number nine.  I turned the screen around to give the three a look.

“I knew it would happen,” Kris commented.

“No fucking way are Scott and Alex not at least in the top 20,” Colt stated. “I mean come on people get real here.  There’s nothing but some fat ass frat boys.”

“I have to agree with you, Colt,” Bishop said.

“What can we do?” Kris said with his arms above his head. “They do get to choose four more.”

“Knowing those sorority shits they’ll pick four frat boys.   That’s some fucking bullshit right there!” Colt screamed.

“If Scott’s not swimming today, I’m pumping some iron. Now I’m even more pissed!” I said. “Just look at these fat fucks!”

“Just calm down, Matt,” Kris said. “It’ll work out.”

Scott did come down and was eager for our regular Friday swim. I showed him the results and got him mad as well. We changed and headed over to the rec. I found Corey and told him, but he just shrugged his shoulders while helping out two guys.

We entered and turned to see Yancey putting on his Speedo. It was a nice sight seeing him tuck his big cock inside for I knew the feeling as well. 

“Dude, has Parker ever called you?” Scott asked.

“Parker who?” Yancey replied.

“I take that as a no,” I said. “He lives down the hall for us and would be a great catch for you.”

Yancey smiled, “Give me his number. I’m desperate for someone who looks half decent around here. Where are all the cute gay guys these days?”

Scott laughed, “Hanging in our dorm.” Scott pulled out his phone and gave Yancey Parker’s number along with showing him a photo as well. Yancey liked what he saw and said he’d call him. We told him about the calendar and said he would vote when he could.

After a great swim, in which I went all out but still lacked the staying power of these two former high school competitors, we dressed and exited. Yancey said goodbye and told us he’d call Parker. He grabbed his phone walking out the door. Kris, Colt, Bishop and Alex came out of the locker room shortly thereafter with their hair still damp.

“Matt, Corey was getting really close to this one guy,” Colt stated.

“He’s helping him out the best he can. It’s no biggie,” I said.

“Okay, but don’t say we didn’t tell ya so,” Kris said.

Once back, we used Bishop for our weekend supply of alcohol. He didn’t mind at all and came back with a bunch of it with most being what Kris and Colt wanted. They had to crack open one or two before leaving to go see Chase play his final home game of the football year. They weren’t alone and had Bishop and Alex going with them as well. Shawn wanted to but Terra tied him up whereas Alex said he’d get with his girl when he returned.

I wasn’t alone very long before Scott came down in his faded jeans and tee along with a necklace and bracelet. I offered beer to him but he commented he was tired of beer while trying to piss out his stone. 

“So how’s Trevor been lately?” I asked about his younger brother.

“By the way he tells it, fine I guess. He’s still dating Landon,” Scott replied.

“Are they… you know… having sex?”

“Fuck if I know,” Scott laughed. “They were on my last nerve when I went home a few weeks ago. You do know my rents let them stay the night together and know Landon’s his boyfriend.”

“You told me that…”

“They’d fucking shit if I brought home a girl. That reminds me. When Corey gets off, do you and him wanna go with Brennan and me down to Market Street? We both wanna see if we can get a girl.”

“I’ll ask. It has been a while since we’ve been down there,” I replied. “So you and Brennan wanna get a girl?”

Scott smiled, “At the end of the night, I’m fucking somebody. I would love to get with a girl. I’ve missed sucking a nice tit.”

I laughed and shook my head. Just when I thought I had Scott figured out he changes things up. We were kicking it and catching some TV while deciding on what and where to eat for the night. I heard a soft knock at the door and walked over to open it. Parker was standing there dressed in his button up shirt and low rise jeans while smelling so great.

“Dude, Yancey asked ya out, huh?” Scott asked with Parker barely in the door.

“He did but damn I’m nervous. It’s been forever since I’ve been on a first date. Do I look alright?” Parker asked.

“You look great,” I replied.

“Don’t be nervous. You got this in the bag. He said he was desperate,” Scott stated.

“I’m just as desperate. So is he hot, really?” Parker asked while messing with his highlighted bangs.

“Parker, Yancey is hot…” I started to say.

“Plus he has a big cock!” Scott stated.

“How would you know, or do I even have to ask?” Parker asked.

“We’ve seen him in the shower more than once after we swim,” I replied.

“Man, I know I shouldn’t be like this but my stomach is in knots. Now that I think about it, this is sort of a blind date,” Parker said.

“Not really,” Scott commented. “We set your ass up. You should’ve called him weeks ago when we told ya about him.”

“I know… I know but I couldn’t muster up the courage to do it,” Parker said. “Well… I wanted to stop by and say thanks.”

“Just thank us when you get your ass laid,” Scott said.

“I just wanna have a good time. If I get laid, then great. If not, then I’m not gonna worry about it,” Parker said, standing. “See ya!”

“Text me and let me know how it goes,” Scott said with Parker at the door.

“Will do,” Parker said and left out the door.

“You know I hope he gets laid tonight. They both deserve it,” Scott said.

“I guess so but you were putting even more pressure on him.  He was nervous as it was,” I said.

“He was nervous as hell so I guess it does mean something to him,” Scott stated. “So are we ready to go eat? I’m starving.”

We left, found Brennan and decided going down the stairs to go to the deli shop just off campus for something different. Leaving, Scott suggested we stop by and catch up with Noah and Kendall since they lived nearby. Driving, I headed over there. We climbed the stairs and knocked. Noah came to the door and welcomed us inside. They both were entertaining girls so I felt as though we were barging in on them. Shortly thereafter, I found out the reason why Scott wanted to stop; he was aching to get high. Noah and Kendall didn’t mind and took a few hits as did Brennan but I passed on it for now. We hung around til about eight thirty.

Barely out the door, Scott said, “Can those two not do any better than those two girls? Brennan, if we can’t find shit better than that, we’re fucking each other tonight.”

“Come on Scott. You’re being a little harsh there,” I said.

“Actually he was spot on. I was thinking the exact same thing,” Brennan stated. “They’ve got some cash and should at least find girls without a big roll around their gut.”

Scott chuckled as we got in the car, “Their rolls matched Noah and Kendall’s little guts. Damn, they’re packing on some pounds.”

“I noticed that,” Brennan stated. “Remind me to thank Kris again for dragging us to the Rec Center.”

Back in our room, we waited for Corey’s arrival. I was getting anxious and texted him, something uncommon for me. He was in the room ten minutes later.

“Excuse me, but I was busy,” Corey spurted off.

“I’m sorry but we were waiting on you. It is past nine thirty,” I stated with Scott and Brennan sitting and watching us.

“Dude, we wanna go to Market Street tonight,” Scott said.

Corey broke off a smile, “Man, it’s been forever since we’ve been. That’s a hell of an idea. Let me change and we’ll go.”

“No hurry,” Brennan said. “It doesn’t get jumping til around eleven.”

“Okay,” Corey stated and left to change.

“So you know who we have to call or they will pissed, right?” Scott said, reaching in jeans for his phone.

“Yeah, call em and tell em where we’re going,” I said. “I’d never hear the end of it if we didn’t call Kris and at least give him the chance.”

Scott was on his phone and talking to Colt since Kris’s phone didn’t answer. Scott hung up and said, “You know they will be there.”

With Corey dressed, the four of us headed out to Market Street, the only real college oriented street around with a few bars and an all age dance club.

“I’m glad y’all said something about us going,” Corey stated.

“Guess what those two are after?” I said to Corey.

“Pussy!” Scott said. “Not boy pussy but the real pussy!”

Corey shook his head, “I swear you two are something else. Fuck each other like dogs then run off to fuck girls…”

“Bisexual fuckers,” Brennan laughed, driving. “The result is the same; you bust a nice nut and don’t care what sex it’s with.”

When we found a place to park, we walked up to find the club very crowded but not that bad. We paid the cover charge and entered the club. The music was playing loud as ever while our eyes adjusted to the dim lighting. We found a table near the rear and perfect. Since we couldn’t drink, we ordered water and waited for the waitress to return. While drinking it, Scott showed me a text he got from Parker: “Great time… hot guy… date tomorrow… ttyl.”  I smiled to acknowledge the message. 

“Is it me or are there more gay people here tonight than normal?” Brennan asked over the music.

“Good,” Corey replied. “Then Matt and I won’t get weird looks.”

All the while, I could see Scott scoping the area for his prey. Without speaking, he left us and walked up to a girl. Corey grabbed me by the hand and led me to the dance floor. Since Corey and I are in the same league, we tried simulating Scott’s moves on the floor. We gave up and did our thing while drifting away from Scott. I did notice more same sex people dancing together while out on the floor. After three fast songs that had my blood pumping, we retreated to our table for a break. 

We sat and watched until Corey pointed at Kris and Bishop walking around and looking for us. We got their attention and waved them over. Both had on wrist bands, meaning they could drink. How Kris pulled it off was a mystery to us.

“Fucking packed!” Kris stated while pulling off his shirt to be seen. By now, Corey and mine were unbuttoned as well with a lot of guys going shirtless.

“Yeah, it is,” I said. “Did you have a good time?”

“We did but Chase lost!” Bishop said.

Once the waitress came around, the two ordered a beer while Corey and I went back to dance. We were on the floor when the slow song came on. Corey grabbed me for the slow dance and kissed me. We didn’t care what people saw and weren’t the only gay couple on the floor. 

As the night grew later, our dancing slowed with me and Corey being tired as the hour approached two. We were sitting around the table when Brennan and Scott found us. We were about to leave when Kris appeared out of the crowd. 

“I’m ready when y’all are,” Kris said.

“What about Bishop?” I asked.

“He’s trying to hook up with this girl. I don’t feel like having him drop my ass off while he goes and fucks her so I’m gonna ride back with y’all,” Kris stated.

We walked out with my ears ringing. It was a lot of fun and something different. Kris didn’t seem drunk at all as we piled into Brennan’s car.  Once in the car, I could smell nothing but bunch of hot sweaty guys after dancing.

“No luck tonight, huh?” Corey asked.

Scott wheeled his head around, “Not tonight but she wants to see me again.”

“I got a number too so maybe tomorrow night,” Brennan replied.

“What the fuck are you talking about?” Kris asked with me squeezed in between him and Corey.

“They were trying to find women tonight,” Corey replied.

“Oh I see. No luck for me either but I didn’t try that hard. Y’all know if I would have tried, my ass could be in bed with some hot chick,” Kris stated.

“Keep telling yourself that, stud,” Brennan stated.

Brennan and Scott headed to their room while Kris, Corey and I went to ours. Kris flopped down on the couch, “I’m so fucking tired. I don’t even wanna pull that bed out tonight.”

“Just sleep on the sofa,” I said.

“I may just do that,” he said and headed to see Colt and Andrea in one room while walking to grab a pillow from his bed and the comforter.  He returned naked with his nice cock hanging limp between his muscular legs. “Have a good night.”

Corey and I entered my room and locked the door behind.  I grabbed him and had been waiting for us to be together all day and night.  We began kissing passionately.  In the process, clothes began piling up on the floor until we were naked again with each other.  I began worshipping his body.   My wet tongue began exploring the hard body.  When my tongue neared his pits, I raised his arm to lick his pits.  The smell and taste was all Corey and so delightful.  My tongue moved across his body to trace the ridges of his now eight pack.   

Once I was finished, he returned the favor and starting kissing, licking and sucking various regions of my body.   My head was thrown back to savor this and not disturb his intentions.  Nearing my cock, he stopped and kissed my lips. 

“You wanna 69?” he asked in a sexy tone.

“Well… yeah,” I replied.

We changed around with his thick cut cock in my face and my cock in his head.  We started licking the shafts with me getting to enjoy a drop of precum that was on his cockhead.  I tasted the precum before wrapping my lips around his thick cock.  Feeling it stretch my mouth was a thrill.  I heard him moaned before taking my cock between his lips.  I was sucking and licking while he had one hand at the base of my cock and his mouth covering a few inches. 

“Feels so damn good.  You care if we just get each other off like this tonight?” he asked.

I stopped to reply, “Sounds great to me.”

We went back down on each other.  My hands found his hot ass while my mouth worked his hard throbbing cock.  His hips began bucking slowly while he was sucking me.  We were enjoying this greatly with the sound of us slurping each other’s cocks. 

He began to move faster.  He let out a groan before cum flooded my mouth My lips wrapped tight to catch all he could give with his cock pulsating while he blasted his load in my mouth and down my throat.  Once finished, I swallowed and felt my nuts about to bust.

OOO fuck!” I screamed feeling the dam about to break.  He released my cock from his mouth just as I was exploding.  My body shook all over with cum hitting his face and tongue.  Once the wave concluded, my cock and entire body went limp.  I moved around as he was wiping his face.  I spotted a few missed spots and licked them off.

We held each other close with our noses touching in our bliss.  We didn’t speak and stared into each other’s eyes with such love.  He reached to the back of my head and pulled me in for a very long kiss.  Our night concluded with me curled up next to my lover with my ass right up against his thick soft cock. 

Waking the day before Halloween and a Saturday, I was alone since Corey was working so he could go all out tonight without the worry of working the next day. Being just after 10 or so, I went out of the room in my boxers and heard the TV going.

“What are you doing up?” I asked a naked Kris.

“Remind me next time to pull out that couch. You talk about uncomfortable as hell,” Kris said and sat up.

“Fill me in on today’s schedule,” I stated.

“First we’re watching the game, though I don’t expect it to be much of a game. The team we’re playing has won one game all year,” Kris said. “I figure that’ll be a nice start to the day. Tonight, we’re crashing some frat parties for damn sure.”

“Crashing?” I asked.

Kris smiled and pushed his hair from his face, “I shouldn’t say crashing but going to. Jake Walters and Felix Monterro did give me an invite to some parties this weekend.”

“Who are they or does it really matter?”

“Oh they are some guys I know in my classes. Jake’s been on me to join his frat all semester. I act like I want to so I can go to their parties but you know there’s no way in hell I’m forking over the cash to join one of those,” Kris replied with Andrea and Colt emerging from his room. Both were dressed.

“We’re out of here,” Colt said, passing us.

“Bro, the game,” Kris said.

“Andrea knows and we’ll be back at one,” Colt said before the two left out the door.

“Damn she really must have put out last night for him to leave this early,” Kris stated.

“Tell me when she doesn’t,” I commented.

Kris chuckled, “Good point there but I’d be in the same position too. Hell, Corey will do shit with you when you ask because he wants some later.”

“I hope it’s because he wants to and enjoys being around me…”

“He does that. He has that look in his eyes whenever you’re around, that look of pure love.”

“I hope I have it, too,” I said. “So are we expecting a crowd?”

“I don’t know, but probably,” Kris said. 

“Well then, let’s pick up first and then go grab a bite before they get here,” I stated.

We did so and picked up a little around the living area along with making sure our fridge was stocked full. We made a quick trip to eat and returned with thirty minutes to spare before kick-off.  Kris was back in his shorts and a cut up sleeveless tee. He and I had just sat down when Scott, Brennan, Shawn, Bryson and Toni came to the door. Alex, Drew, Keith, Bishop, Kanae (Toni’s roommate) and Morgan were next to arrive. Then Colt and Andrea came in the door with Holly and Jill following them. Strange but I hadn’t seen much of Holly and Jill since the first day. With over fifteen in our room, it was packed to the walls with little space to sit until we moved the seat back as far as they could go so people could sit in the floor. We used every pillow and chair possible for the occasion.  

Just before kickoff, Colt spoke up, “Bryson, what’s the line on the game today?”

“We’re favored by 28,” he replied before bumming a dip off Colt.

“So who’s your money on?” Alex asked.

“Fuck off… our team of course.”

“Dude, I wish I had the cash to blow like that,” Alex said.

“Blow? My ass is doing okay. Hit every game last weekend and the one Thursday night,” Bryson said.

We had the ball after the kickoff. We booed at the TV when Luke didn’t start but it was expected. We drove the ball down the field with ease and scored on a short pass to Jerome for a touchdown. 

“Damn that was too easy,” Bishop said. 

“Look who they are playing,” Colt said. “Chase’s team could score on that team.”

By halftime, the game was a blowout with our team up by 24. This fact had Bryson smiling along with the beer now in his system. We used the chance to stretch and have a few snacks. Just before the second half, Corey came in the door. 

“What are you doing home so early?” I asked.

“No one is there so I took off early,” Corey said and headed to the fridge. He grabbed a beer and sat next to me. 

“That bad, huh?” Kris asked.

“There may have been twenty or thirty people there when I left and that’s counting us workers. I did get in a good work out though,” he replied.

By the end of the game, there was only one interested person in the game, Bryson. The rest of us were talking and cutting up. 

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me!” Bryson yelled at the TV. “Let the other team fucking score right before the end of the game. Thanks for fucking me over!”

“Chill Bryson, you said you won last weekend,” Kris said.

“If they don’t score then, I’m raking in a Benjamin!” Bryson screamed.

“No wonder you’re pissed,” Brennan stated.

“You see what I have to put up with when his team doesn’t cover the spread,” Toni said. “If they do, then it’s all good.”

Before everyone departed, we held a sort of conference to have a plan in place. Some were tied down such as Brennan, Scott, Alex, Bishop and Shawn, whereas the rest of us were free including the girls. The four girls, Kanae, Morgan, Holly and Jill, were excited and wanted to go out with us. They said goodbye and would see us later for sure. Colt kissed Andrea goodbye as well to leave just us.

We were kicked back and discussing our plans when someone came to the door. Colt opened it with Parker standing there. 

“Hey, come on in,” I said seeing him.

Parker didn’t seem too comfortable but did walk over and grab a seat. 

“What’s up?” Kris asked.

“Oh nothing much. I came to tell Matt about my night last night,” Parker said.

“Looks like you’re telling all of us,” Kris stated.

“Are you sure about that?” Parker questioned him.

“Yeah, we know you’re gay but who cares?” Colt stated.

“So did you really have a good time?” I asked. “He had a date with Yancey,” I said talking to Kris and Colt.

“So how did it go?” Kris asked.

“Man, he is just the cutest thing ever. His picture didn’t do him justice. He was just as nervous as I was. We went to eat then off to a movie…” Parker said.

“Did you get any Yancey dick is all we care about?” Kris asked bluntly.

Parker smiled, “He gets right to the point, huh? No Kris, we kept our clothes on. Things may be different tonight.”

“You hope,” Kris smiled.

Parker stood, “I just came by to tell you face-to-face plus some people never turn on their phone.”

“We’re all guilty there,” Corey stated.

“See ya later,” Parker said, leaving.

It wasn’t long before we headed to dress for the night. While dressing, Kris asked me, “So which hot girl should I let have my dick tonight?”  He was cupping his cock in his hand.

“Well you do have quite the selection, big boy.  Whoever it is will be lucky,” I replied and slapped his ass.

“Yeah, they sure will with even more at the parties," Kris stated.


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