Posted:   November 15, 2011

The six of us, Corey, Kris, Colt, Scott, Alex and I, entered the room where the photo shoot was occurring. It was rather crude looking with a white back drop, a bench and a wooden bar stool.

“Hey Corey, I see you brought everyone with ya,” a girl holding a clipboard commented. She had on her sorority tee with flowing blonde hair, but nothing special unless you liked a big ass.

“Actually Joanie, it was his smooth talking that got us all in here together,” Corey said pointing his finger at Kris.

“Alright then, I’m not sure about that, but if works for all of you then it will work for us,” Joanie stated. “Here’s what will happen. Terry will take four photos of you in whatever you deem to be your best pose. All I ask is no nudity, but I doubt any of you would do that…”

We laughed. Colt pointed at Kris, “He would in a heartbeat.”

She laughed, “Anyway, you will choose which photo you think is best. We post it online for votes and the top eight are chosen. Our sorority will choose anywhere from four to six more… maybe a cover picture and a back picture so we get more of you involved. I will say at least I don’t have to do that speech again. I guess it is one advantage to having all you cute guys come in at once. I think Kris Stanton is first here on my list.”

Kris stepped forward, “One question, can we take our shirts off?”

By all means do if you feel comfortable,” Joanie replied.

“We said he’d get naked without any problem whatsoever,” Corey stated laughing.

Joanie moved aside with Terry and another girl doing a little prep work to knock off the shine from Kris’s face. “Corey, all your friends have a great chance. By far, the cutest guys I’ve seen in here,” Joanie quietly commented to Corey with me overhearing it.

“Thanks girl,” Corey smiled.

Kris was such a natural at this it was unreal. The smile on his face was so big when he stood in position against the white backdrop. Terry told him to get comfortable, strike a pose and say when he wanted a picture to be taken.

Kris stood looking at the camera for the first shot which had him wearing his shirt, but unbuttoned half way down with just the hint of his hot pecs showing through. For the second photo he unbuttoned his shirt fully, pulling the two sides apart so his ripped abs were on full display. The third photo had him lose the top completely, brushing his tight, hard abs as he looked at the camera seductively.

For the fourth and final photo Kris went the whole hog. He ran over to a table and grabbed a bottle of water, taking a drink and then letting more fall from his mouth and down his body so his muscles were glistening. He got rid of the bottle and then raised one arm, putting his hand on the back of his head, exposing his pit and flexing his big bicep. With the other hand he ran it down his hard abs, hooking his thumb into the waistband of his jeans and pulling them down enough to show the hot v-shape and just the slightest hint of pubic hair. He looked incredible. With a final look at the camera the flash went off and Kris was done.

When Colt’s name was called next, he commented, “You really expect me to follow that?”

“Go for it and have fun with it,” Kris said, putting his shirt over his shoulders but leaving it unbuttoned.

Colt didn’t seem as comfortable as Kris and almost seemed to not know what to do with himself but he looked really hot, especially in one shot where he pulled up the front of his pullover Polo shirt to expose his abs and with his head down as if he’d been admiring himself, looked up into the camera. He looked almost bashful. I found myself wishing he had worn his country clothes and his cowboy hat because that would have just added that extra something that makes Colt so sexy, but he was still smoking hot.

Scott was next and seemed to have fun with the whole idea, lifting up his shirt for one to show his hot swimmer’s body, and then lying down on his side on the bench for another, propping his head up with one hand and bending one knee. His eyes were almost screaming ‘come fuck me’ and his shirt was riding up just enough to show a hint of the hot body that lay beneath.

Corey followed and showed some nerves until we began making faces to loosen him up. His first shot looked a bit awkward with him looking like a statue, even if it was a hot sculpted statue. He relaxed for his second shot where he undid all the buttons on his shirt but one just below his pecs, showing off his body yet still keeping it covered up. His best shot was one where his shirt was half off, showing both his chest and abs. I couldn’t wait to get him home so I could feast on those.

Alex was last and was really great. His body was very nice with a patch of hair on his chest that added to his appeal. He had the boy-next-door look to him.

While looking and picking out the best shots after they had all finished, Joanie came up from behind. “I have a great idea if you guys are up for it. Why don’t we get like Corey and Kris together since they have similar bodies and say Scott and Alex together? Would you be up for that?”

“Of course,” Kris blurted out.

“The two muscle studs will be a great shot,” Terry spoke behind the camera.

Kris and Corey came out of their shirts. They couldn’t decide on a pose until Joanie suggested they look and smile at each other. For the briefest of moments I thought they might kiss.  Terry snapped more than one shot while he was behind the camera. 

“Is there any way we could get Colt to stand between us?” Kris asked.

Colt shook his head with Joanie agreeing. Seeing my three best friends pose with Colt in the middle and their big arms on each other’s rounded muscular shoulders made me so thankful I wore boxer briefs today. If seeing them pose individually wasn’t a woody waiting to be popped, this damn sure was a major hard on waiting to bust open my jeans.

Scott leaned over, “Fucking hot as hell.”

I nodded in complete agreement. The picture with the three of them was so perfect and made me want to ask for a poster size version for myself.

Scott and Alex were next and looked so cute together as they posed sitting on the bench together without a shirt. 

“You know if it’s not too big of a deal, how about all five of us?” Kris asked Joanie and Terry.

Joanie looked at Terry, “I don’t see a problem with that.”

With Kris and Corey taking the ends, the five line up.  First a shot with them fully dressed.  Next shirts began flying into a pile.  Joanie was smiling while I was adjusting my jeans.  She moved over and tugged a little on Alex and Colt’s jeans to show their undies and sag a little like the others.  First was a serious pose with Terry directing the placement of heads.  Then he wanted one with their bright smiles.  The last one was of the five with their arms draped around each other, showing their true friendship.

“Wow is all I can say,” Joanie said with the last photo finished. “Expect more than one of you to be in the calendar if I have a thing to do with this.”

“So when we will know who made the cut?” Colt asked, searching for his shirt as were the others.

“The final results will be posted on the internet right before Thanksgiving. That will be barely enough time to have them printed. Hopefully we’ll be selling them before we leave for Christmas break. Oh yeah, whoever makes it gets a free calendar for sure,” she said.

“Thanks, it was fun,” Kris said, draping his shirt over his broad shoulders.

“Same here. Have a great day,” she said.

It was well past four by the time we walked out the door with about ten left in line waiting.

Kris flung his arm around Corey’s shoulder while we walked to the front. “Bro, thanks for suggesting that to us. I don’t give a rat’s ass what happens. That was a fucking trip for me.”

“I’m just glad it is over,” Corey stated.

“You were nervous,” Colt said.

“I really was for some reason,” Corey said.

“Whatever happens I’m proud to say I have the hottest friends on campus. It’s gonna be a crying shame all of you can’t make it,” I said.

“You know we should,” Scott said, opening the double doors. “We looked fucking hot if you ask me.”

“Hey, I agree even though I’m not like y’all. I looked the worst but there was no shame in that at all. Elise would have been so proud of me,” Alex stated.

They were all excited except for Corey as we entered the dorm. Bryson and Brennan were waiting on us and wanted every detail. Andrea came down and had to hear the stories as well, along with Bishop and Keith once word got out we had returned. 

We did go get something to eat and returned back to the room. Still the talk was mostly about the afternoon.

I had generally kept quiet since I could hardly get in a word. I spoke up, “Let me just say this. I know I’m gay but I saw five of the fucking hottest males on this campus. I really got a boner seeing Corey, Kris and Colt up there posing and looking so sexy. Same goes for when Scott and Alex posed together too. Then a big time boner with all five of ya.  You talk about hot!”

“I agree,” Scott said. “I know my damn jeans were tented seeing those three pose.”

“Y’all really need to see that picture of those three,” Alex said. “I’m not gay, but damn that was something else.”

“Keep telling yourself that, Alex,” Brennan joked.

“Go ask Elise how fucking gay I am, ass wipe,” Alex joked right along with him. We heard a knock at the door and knew it wasn’t anyone important since by now people knocked but then opened the door. Kris standing close by opened the door.

“Look what the cat has drug up,” Colt stated. “If it isn’t Rick.”

“What did we do this time?” Kris asked.

Rick smiled and patted Kris on his bare back, “Nothing, I just came to check in on you to see how things were going and to see how Scott was doing.”

“I’m okay, just a bit tired at the moment,” Scott stated.

“I heard you have a kidney stone. My uncle had them so I know what you’re going through,” Rick said.

“Speaking of, Bishop, I need some beer. Get this shit, dudes. My doctor told me that beer and water was the best way to get that son of a bitch out of my body,” Scott said.

“Dude, Rick is here!” Bishop stated quickly after Scott finished.

“Bishop, there’d be so many here in trouble if I went after the beer drinkers on this floor,” Rick said.

“He’s 21 now,” Kris stated.

“Then run and get your friend some beer. It does help flush the stone out of him,” Rick said.

Scott said he’d pay him later since his wallet was in his room. Kris reached in his pocket and handed him a twenty. “While you’re at it…” Kris said.

Bishop was out the door while Rick stood behind us. “So everything is working okay and no problems here?” Rick asked.

“Not right now,” Corey said. “Our toilet hung up a few days ago but Colt fixed it right quick.”

“Well, two thermostats have blown already and two showers are leaking,” Rick commented. “You’d think they’d last longer than two months. So, any more holes in the wall I should know about?”

“Nope,” Kris said.

“We have one,” Alex said. “Justin got pissed and kicked a hole in our door the other night.”

“Damn dude,” Colt said.

“He’ll see when he comes in the room,” Alex defended himself.

“How?  First you got to get through all that shit y’all have piled everywhere,” Kris said laughing.

“Sorry but we don’t have a maid,” Brennan said and pointed straight at me.

“Hey, I have to keep it clean so we can all hang here, right? No girls would ever step foot in here if we had a trashy room,” I said.

“No, your ass is a neat freak,” Kris laughed, as did the others.

Laughing, Rick stated, “Matt, there’s no shame in that. You need to tutor some people on this floor that there is such thing as a trash can and a broom. I swear these four guys at the other end haven’t thrown away one piece of trash since they moved in here. I don’t know how they can live like that.”

Andrea spoke up, “Guys aren’t alone there either. We girls love leaving our clothes everywhere and trash all over the place.”

“Yeah cause you’re undressing to… I better stop right now,” Kris laughed.

“Trust me, one guy has already destroyed a bed here. He said he was nailing this girl so hard it just collapsed right from underneath them,” Rick said, laughing.

“It happens,” Alex said. “Maybe that gives me something to try for.”

“Me too,” Bryson said.

Rick shook his head, “I swear they must be dispensing Viagra in one room around here with as much as y’all hook up with each other.”

“Who needs that shit, right Andrea?” Colt said, only to have his arm slapped.

“Would someone please show me where the loose girls are around this joint? My ass is trying like hell to get laid…” Keith said.

“Stick with me and I’ll get your ass laid,” Kris joked.

“Maybe together you both can get laid,” Colt joked.

“Before the B.S. gets any deeper around here, I better leave. I just wanted to stop by and check on things,” Rick said and headed to the door. “Scott, drink up and get rid of that sucker, okay?”

“We all will,” Kris said.

We said goodbye and didn’t have to wait very much longer before Bishop came in toting a twenty four pack of beer that was on sale. Kris tore into the box and opened it. Beer spewed out and covered his face and chest. We all cracked up and were laughing so hard.

“Fucking waste of some good beer if you ask me,” Kris laughed with his face soaked. “Shit burns when it gets in your eyes.”

Scott grabbed one and started drinking as well, which was rather uncommon.  We each grabbed one and were sitting around when Ted came knocking at the door. 

“Bro, wassup?” Kris yelled.

Ted smiled in his gray shirt stretched tightly over his big muscles and a hat turned around backwards, “I just came to see how the regular guys on campus were doing.”

“The game was fucking tight,” Scott said.

“I appreciate that but I came to escape my football world,” Ted stated.

“Bad, huh?” Colt asked.

“I love it but damn…”

“Yeah we got a little taste of it today.  He could barely make a move without someone patting him on the back,” I said.  “I know you don’t care but the five did a shot for a calendar today for a sorority to benefit Big Brothers/Big Sisters.”

“That’s sweet.  The five, huh?  I know without a doubt Kris did it and maybe Corey…”

“Colt, Alex and Scott as well,” Kris added.

“Matt, where were you?” Ted asked.

“Well… they were so into it that I didn’t wanna step up and steal all their votes.  They would have been pissed seeing all the votes I’d get,” I said very sarcastically.  I heard laughter all around.

“You’d done alright,” Alex said.

“Bullshit, he’d done great,” Corey said and pulled me close.

“I can’t wait to see the calendar.  I’m sure you did well,” Ted said.

“Have you ever modeled?” I asked.

“Not what I call modeling but I did a few photo shots for the media guide and programs.  I hated it.  Now turn this way… no this way… move the chin strap,” Ted stated.

We did our best to not mention football.  It wasn’t too much of a problem when we mentioned Scott’s stone.   Then we got to hear the assortment of aches and pains Ted was having but nothing that would keep him sidelined.  He did drink a beer and bummed a dip off Kris during the course of our night. 

When Ted called it a night, the others followed right behind him. There was just the four of us since Andrea too said she needed to do a few things before calling a night. Being just past ten, we settled down and studied.

As midnight approached, Kris shut off his computer and slammed his books shut. He stripped down and jumped on top of his bed. I knew it was a signal for us to talk so I did the same.

“Bro, I had a blast modeling today. The shame of it is I don’t think any of us will get the votes necessary,” Kris said, looking at his body and rubbing his abs.

“It will be a crying shame but what can we really do? Even if we did put out the word, we know the frats have way more people in them, plus they’d get their sorority sisters to vote as well.”

“You do know that Colt and I are going to see his brother’s last game this weekend?”

“I heard you mention it earlier tonight,” I replied.

“You really should go with us.”

“I don’t think so. I don’t mind hanging around here at all.”

“It’s because you’re scared of what Colt’s dad will do or say.”

“A little bit, but why press the issue? We saw how he feels. Some people won’t ever change.”

“After that is Halloween,” Kris commented. “I wanna do it up right this year.”

“If I remember right, it was about this time Corey and I made up,” I stated.

“Whatever you say. We’re partying big time Saturday and Sunday. It fucking sucks ass that Halloween is on Sunday but I’m getting royally fucked.”

“By who?”

Kris laughed and grabbed a pillow at my smart comment. He acted like he was going to hit me with it but put it back under his head. “Hopefully a good friend like Jack Daniels or Jim Bean.”

“Not Colt 45 Malt Liquor?”

“Oh that does it,” Kris said and jumped on me. I was trying to cover my face but was laughing way too hard, but Kris was too.

“Alright, stop it Kris!” Corey screamed and ran up to us.

Kris rolled off me and could see we were both laughing. 

“Corey, I was being a smart ass,” I said with Colt walking in the room too.

“I told your boyfriend here I was getting fucked Sunday night since it’s Halloween but he said by who. I let the first one slide by saying Jack Daniels or Jim Bean. Then the little asshole asked if it was Colt 45 Malt Liquor,” Kris said.

“Damn Matt, that is fucking funny as hell,” Colt stated, laughing.

“Dumbass, he was insinuating you,” Kris laughed while Corey was bent over laughing.

“I know and appreciate the good humor,” Colt started laughing. “Who knows, Colt 45 here might fuck your ass up,” he grabbed his cock while saying it.

All that did was allow them to linger in our room. We did discuss in detail about Chase’s game but I wasn’t going. Then we talked about the next two nights. Kris reminded Corey what I said about it being the night we made up a year ago.

Wednesday, was the normal classes on a rainy dreary day. The temperature was falling as well making it feel cool for a change but it was time for the temperatures to start falling.  

After maybe an hour of hanging with everyone, I retreated to my room. I was in my room and finished talking to Mom that night when Corey came in. He moved me over and kissed me on the cheek. 

“One of those nights, huh?” he commented.

“I was taking a short break and catching up on a few things,” I stated.

“All you do is study…”

I looked at him, “Maybe I do but my scholarship depends on it. This weekend, I won’t unless they pop something on us unexpected.”

“You’d think by now I could follow your example but I can’t bury myself in my studies when so much is going on around here.”

“I know you’re not like me and I don’t expect you to be. Go have fun and enjoy the others. I’ll be okay.”

“Well… are you sure about that?”

“I said it! Now get!”

He leaned over and kissed me before leaving me be. He was barely gone before Kris came in the room to grab his can of Skoal. “We’re watching wrestling if you wanna join us?”

“I’ll get up right now and join you. Nothing better than watching that,” I smartly replied.

“At least I asked, I thought you might be interested, some of those guys are hot as hell, you should see the body on Randy Orton,” Kris stated, but I wasn’t going to take the bait. “Is something the matter tonight, or is it one of those nights when you’re sick of us?”

“The latter,” I replied. “Not sick of you but needed a little time alone you might say.”

“Just checking,” Kris said leaving and packing his can as loud as he could.

It was one of those days where I felt everyone and everything collapsing in and around me. No one event brought on this feeling. There are times when I needed to be away for everyone and everything before I snapped. The pressure to succeed was high but it was self-imposed. My friends were the best and I loved each one of them but I was an only child and grew up alone at times, so I felt the urge to withdraw and gather my thoughts by being alone. Thinking about it, a nice long walk with nothing but my thoughts would have been more appropriate but I would have gotten wet. Maybe the rat race around here was taking its toll on me for I felt tired and was asleep I suppose by the time Kris came to bed that night.

Thursday, after my classes, I was sat watching TV while Corey was studying for a test the following day. Kris, Colt and Scott came into the room.

“With such a great day outside, us three are hitting the links,” Kris said. “So where’s Corey?”

“Studying,” I said and gestured with my head to his room. 

Colt went to ask. “Bro, are you sure you’re okay? The spark is missing,” Kris asked with concern.

“I’m fine, really,” I replied. I could hear clubs hitting together and knew Corey was going.

“Matt, I need to get out,” Corey said with the bag over his shoulder. 

“I didn’t say a word, did I?” I said.

“No, but I know you by now, babe,” Corey replied.

“It is a nice day outside so I don’t blame you at all,” I stated.

“Before he changes his mind, let’s get out of here,” Kris stated with his clubs in hand. They left out the door and headed off on this sunny crisp fall day in late October. 

With them gone, laundry needed to be done. I gathered up Corey and my dirty clothes and linens to begin. After starting a big load of laundry, another student came to start hers. I sat quietly and played on my computer. Neither one of us said much but she couldn’t since she was texting and talking on her phone the entire time.

I returned with my basket filled with clean clothes and waited patiently for them to return from a round of golf. The door opened with the four entering the room. The smell of beer hit my nostrils the second the four came inside. 

“Who drove?” I asked.

“I did,” Corey replied though I could smell he had been drinking as well.

“Next time call me. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t have,” I said.

“We made it so everything is cool,” Kris said.

“I can see that but what if something did happen? I’m not talking about a DUI either,” I stated.

“Don’t get your fucking panties in a wad. We made it just fine,” Kris stated.

“I’m not, but it was plain stupid. If I wasn’t around, we have enough friends that would have gladly picked you up,” I said.

“We will next time,” Corey said and put his arm around me. “It just happened. We got a few beers, you know, and were having a great time. We didn’t play worth shit…”

“I know. I sucked,” Scott said.

“Okay but please… I’m begging you… don’t do it again. I’m not mad because you drank but because one of you drove after having a few,” I said. “I’m concerned is all.”

“So are you doing okay today?” Colt asked. “Corey was worried sick about you last night.”

“I’m fine now. Just one of those days,” I said. “Scott, have you had any more problems?”

“Nope, knock on wood,” he replied. “Maybe the sucker is gone.”

“Dude, wouldn’t it hurt like hell if you pissed it out?” Colt asked.

“The doctor said that is the easiest part. The pressure will push it and I won’t even feel it there. The pain is when it travels down my tubes to my bladder and scraps the side of the tubes,” Scott replied.

“Alrighty then,” Corey said. “Enough medical science for me today. Matt, wanna join me for a shower?”

I smiled, “I don’t mind if I do.”

“I don’t guess he’s mad after all,” Kris commented with Corey and me walking to the bathroom.

After smelling his combination of beer and sweat, I was rather turned on, or maybe I was horny and needed him. I pushed off his khaki shorts and boxers and grabbed his thick cock while he pulled off his tee. He pulled off my shirt and took off my jeans and boxer briefs. With the water heating up, we kissed with our hands cupping each other’s ass.

“God, I love you so much,” he said.

“I love you too,” I said.

We entered the steamy shower to wash each other’s body. We scrubbed with one hand and stroked each other’s cocks with the other. I could feel the magic and energy with the water flowing down my back and his hand grabbing my hard cock. Our lips met in the steam.

I broke the kiss and stared into his eyes, “Fuck me, Corey!  Take me!”

“I will,” he said in a very sexy tone.

Spinning around with the water in my face, I reached behind to open my ass up for his taking. His cock head was at my spread hole and entered my ass. His hands grabbed my waist. My hands hit the tiled wall with a smack. 

His hard thick cock filled my hole. Waves of pleasure erupted in my body feeling him fill me up so gracefully and with ease. My cock stayed erect with such desire to be used by him. “OOO fuck me! Just fuck me, Corey!” I moaned with ecstasy.

The tempo was so perfect. Our wet skin was slapping together with his strong hands holding me in place. He pounded my wanting ass with our moans and grunts ringing off the tiled walls mixed with the sound of running water. 

Leaning up, his hands moved up my body. With his cock deep in me and fulfilling my wishes to be fucked, my head turned for a battle of our tongues. Breathless, I spoke, “Goddamn, I fucking love this.”

“Babe, I love fucking your incredible ass,” he said and kissed my neck. He pushed me forward with his cock leaving my body. He pushed it back inside me with my hands back against the wall. He grabbed around my waist and pounded me hard. It felt so invigorating and thrilled me to no end to be used by my hot lover.  

Soon, his tempo raced to a fever pitch. We were moaning, groaning and screaming at the excitement and joy of sex. “OOO fuck!” Corey screamed and pushed hard and deep in me, his cock pulsating inside me. My cock released its load as he was dumping his steamy load in my ass. 

Corey’s lips found my neck with his cock leaving me, limp and lifeless. We held each other and kissed before I expelled his cum from my body. We managed to dry off and exit the bathroom.

“Nothing like a good shower fuck, huh?” Kris commented, seeing us naked with big smiles.

“I loved every fucking minute of it,” I replied. “And yes, I’m fine and even better now!”


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