Posted:  November 13, 2011

With the door shut and locked behind us on this Sunday one week before the end of October, Corey pulled me in for a long passionate kiss with his big arms wrapped around my neck.  His smell was intoxicating for I knew I was back in his arms. He broke the kiss and said, “God, I love you so much.”

I looked into his blue eyes and lightly stroking his chest, “I love you too, but I need to tell you something before we go any further.”

Corey gave me a funny look and then started smiling, “So, which one was it?”

I couldn’t hold back my laughter. He could read me so well.

“Kris,” I said. “We were sharing a bed and he said you gave him permission.”

“I did,” Corey smiled. “I don’t mind you messing around with him as long as that’s all it is.”

“That was all it was. We agreed hand jobs and blow jobs were okay with our roommates, so that’s where we drew the line,” I said. “Corey, all we did was give each other hand jobs but nothing more.”

“I’m both shocked and a little turned on,” Corey smiled.

“Why shocked?”

“That you didn’t let him fuck you. I know you would have loved that.”

“I would Corey, but it just didn’t feel right and I didn’t want to do anything to jeopardize what we have.”

Corey pulled me in for another kiss. He pulled back with our noses rubbing together.  He kissed me again and was pulling at my lower lip. He stopped though I was really into this. “That’s exactly the way I felt. I was really lonely the first night you were away and really wished you were here or that I was with you. The second night I was working and I saw loads of hot guys who I could have fucked senseless and I was really tempted but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. What we have is too special to fuck it up.”

“It really is. I missed you so much though. I fell asleep in Kris’s arms but I was imagining they were yours, they feel really similar with all the muscle,” I said, running my hand over his bicep.

“Kris just thinks he’s as big as me,” Corey said and flexed his impressive guns with two impressive biceps lunging upward. He started laughing. “We are pretty damn close though.”

“You are,” I said, feeling the size of his impressive arms. 

“So, did you enjoy the game?”

“Let me tell ya that was some game. I just knew we were going to overtime…”

“Me too. I bet that kicker felt like pure crap after he missed it. The announcer on the TV was saying he was like 20 for 20 inside of 35 yards…”

“Not anymore,” I said. “We really had a great time and didn’t do what you would call a whole lot. The house was really nice.”

“I’m sorry I missed it but I’m sure I’ll hear all the stories,” he said. There was a knock on the door. Corey moved over and unlocked it. 

“Damn, you’re still wearing clothes,” Colt said. “Kris, we were both wrong. They ain’t fucking!”

“So did you just wanna check up on us?” Corey asked.

“Nah, I need to put my stuff away and grab a few things before I go down to see Andrea,” Colt replied.

“He needs condoms!” Kris yelled from the living area. “He’s the one that will be fucking then!”

“I better be,” Colt laughed entering the room. He went over to his desk grabbed a can from his dwindling stash from the fair and then stuffed two condoms into his pocket. “Hmmm… I need to hit the store for more but two should do me for now.”

With Colt leaving, Kris came in the bedroom. He grabbed a chair with Corey and me sitting on the bed. Kris started telling stories while I told Corey about Scott and Brennan’s ordeal. 

Corey laughed, “Weird that it wasn’t Kris blowing up.”

“I know,” Kris said. “I’m trying my hardest to keep my temper under control.”

“Have you even considered anger management classes?” Corey asked.

Packing his can and putting a pinch between his lip, Kris replied, “It’s crossed my mind, and I do need it, but I’m trying a few things first.”

“Like what?” I asked.

“Stepping back when I feel that rush and taking a deep breath,” Kris replied and spit in one of Colt’s spit bottles that he kept handy in the room. 

“Sounds okay if it works for you,” Corey said.

Kris didn’t hang around much and left us to be alone.  I treasured our time together with Corey just holding me and rubbing his stubble on my face. 

“To think I would even consider letting a night of sex destroy what we have now,” he stated with his hand on my stomach.

“Thanks for making me feel really bad,” I said.

“Truth be told I bet half the guys on campus has either jacked off with or jacked another guy…”

“Well, probably…”

“I think the route we’re going we’ll be just fine.  We don’t need to cross that line though.”

“I really see little wrong when we’re together and having sex with someone else.   I’ll admit the first time we were with Kris what a rush that was…”

“Yeah, you finally got to see him in action with a guy.  That guy was your boyfriend…”

I kissed his lips, “I was turned on by it so much.”

We lay to for a while to enjoy the moment before we left the room and wandered out into the living area. 

“Bros, one of the girls from the Rec Center just called and wants to see me,” Kris said standing naked with a towel over his shoulder.

“She’ll get an eye full then,” I laughed.

Kris flipped me the bird and walked to shower. Then the door opened and closed with a hard slam. 

“Damn women and their fucking time of the month!” Colt said none too pleased by the look on his face. “No wonder she didn’t have a problem with me leaving this weekend.”

“You better be elated she had her time of the month,” I said with Colt looking in the fridge for a drink.

With a bottle of water in hand, he laughed, “Nice way to put it there Matt. If she didn’t, my ass would be freaking out about now.”

“You can still be with her though,” Corey said.

“She was nuts and all emotional on my ass so I had to leave,” Colt said before downing half the bottle.

It wasn’t long before Kris came out and headed across to his room with his naked muscular ass shaking as he walked. We informed Colt of Kris’s plans with one of the girls from the Rec Center. He laughed and shook his head.

Kris came out of the room dressed nicely in jeans and a tight fitting red Polo shirt with a necklace around his neck. His growing blond hair tucked behind his ears. “Wish me luck… Colt what the fuck are you doing here?”

“Andrea’s on the rag… enough said,” Colt replied.

“Thank God for that if you know what I mean there, bro,” Kris said. “See ya later. Matt, you know where I’m going so don’t worry if I’m not back.” I nodded while we waved goodbye and wished him luck.

That night, we sat around with our room filled but no Kris. For a little change, there were about as many girls as guys with even Alex bringing down Elise and Andrea joining us as well. Kris came in about ten thirty and joined us until everyone left about midnight. 

Once the room cleared, Colt had to ask, “Alright big boy, did your ass get any tonight?”

“Damn, that’s private,” Kris replied, removing his shirt and then running his hands through his long blond hair.

“He struck out then,” Corey commented.

Kris burst out laughing, “I did strike out but it wasn’t for the lack of trying.”

“I knew you did or else you’d have told us coming in the door,” I said, jokingly.

“Hey, remember Tuesday is the day for our big shoot,” Corey said.

“Ummm…” Kris said scratching his stubble. “Oh yeah, for the calendar? Almost forgot about that.”

“Me too, but I don’t know if I’m up for it,” Colt said.

“Bro, don’t kid yourself there,” Kris said. “You may lack the sheer bulk that Corey and I have but damn you’re built with a great chest and really cut abs now.”

Colt smiled, “Coming from you I take that as a compliment.”

“Kris, you sleep in the other room tonight…” I stated, grabbing Corey’s arm or else we’d be there all night.

“I figured I would be. Fuck his brains out,” Kris said laughing.

“No, I’m making hot passionate love to his fucking hot ass,” I said.

“Attaboy,” Colt said. “Give ‘em eight hard inches of love.”

“I fucking hope so,” Corey said reaching his hand to grope me.  We began walking in my bedroom.

Leaving us, I could hear Colt asking, “You really think I’m that built, huh?”

Once inside the room and locking the room, we couldn’t get naked fast enough for each other. It started with great passion and love and continued on throughout the night. There was nothing better in my eyes to make love anally to Corey and hear how much it pleasured him with his deep moans of joy. I hated when it was over but looked forward to being inside of him again. 

In a very rare occurrence, we both were awake about thirty minutes before time to get up. We smiled at each other and knew what was about to ensue. This time, I was on my back and taking his thick cock up my ass while Corey made passionate love to me and filled me with his seed.

Still lodged in me, he said, “We are some horny dudes.”

“No, we’re nineteen years old and in love,” I said and couldn’t think of a better way to begin a Monday.

Corey and I left the room and ran into Shawn in the hall.  “Where’s Scott?” I inquired.

“Oh another episode,” Shawn replied.

“Brennan or kidney stone, possibly?” I asked him.

“Kidney stone. Thank goodness Garrett is still a pill popper for Scott’s sake. Scott said he’s going to see a doctor today if he can manage. The dude was in some serious pain.”

After class and seeing Corey off, I headed next door with the hope of seeing Scott. He came to the door and didn’t look so good.

“You okay?” I asked.

“Let me tell ya if this would have been Saturday my ass would have been at the hospital. You talk about pain,” Scott replied with me finding a seat. “I have an appointment at 2 today to see some doctor here in town.”

“Do you need anyone to drive you? You really don’t look in great shape to be out on the road,” I questioned since he was pale looking.

“Dude, I’d be beyond grateful if you would. Now are you sure?”

“I offered so yes I’m sure.”

“You’ll miss your work out with Kris.”

“I can go anytime. Besides missing one day to help out a friend won’t kill me,” I said.

“Thanks, dude. Let me throw on a shirt right quick,” Scott said.

While he was finding a shirt, Garrett walked in the door. “Long time no see,” he stated.

“So how’s it going?”

“Not too bad I don’t guess,” he replied with Scott returning. “Where are you going?”

“To the doctor, where else?” Scott replied.

“I hope they find out what’s wrong with you. You were in some serious pain last night,” Garrett stated.

First we had to stop back by my room to grab my keys. We ran into Colt and Kris just before getting in the car. We told them the situation. 

“We’ll go, too,” Kris stated.

“Kris, it’ll be real boring with lots of sitting and waiting in some small doctor’s office,” I said.

“Well… I would to help out my buddy here,” Kris said.

“I would too but Matt will take care of him,” Colt stated.

“Let us know the results as soon as you find out,” Kris stated with his backpack slung over his shoulder.

“Will do,” I said.

We drove off and found the clinic thanks to Scott’s phone GPS. I was right in that the waiting area was small with a few coughing kids and feeble elderly adults. Once they called Scott back, I was left to sit and wait but did get in a nice call to Mom in the meantime. She filled me in on her and Vince with things going really well for them. I knew they were by the tone of her voice with a renewed excitement to it. 

About 2:45, Scott came out, holding a piece of paper in his hand. “They’re pretty sure it’s a kidney stone. They were able to squeeze me in with an urologist at 3:30. Here’s the name and address.”

“Okay, so we better get rolling then,” I said.

Walking out, he said, “I’m sorry to put you through this.”

“Hey, I volunteered so not another word.”

We found the next doctor’s office with nothing but elderly people waiting. Once they called him back, again I was left to sit and wait. I did call Kris to tell him where we were and the initial diagnosis. He did state how he was glad he didn’t come along. After waiting and waiting, Scott reappeared.

“I definitely have a kidney stone with that fucker lodged in the tube to my bladder,” Scott stated in honesty.

“So what are you to do?”

“He said the best is for me to pass the stone or else I’d have to have surgery. You do know how they get the sucker, don’t ya?” Scott said while pushing the doors to leave.

“Ummm… I don’t guess I do.”

“Stick a tube up my dick and go get it.”

My face drew up, “Ouch!”

“You’re telling me. The funniest thing he said was for me to drink beer since it made you piss a lot.”

“Really?” I said getting in the car.

“He laughed and said since I was a college student that should be easy. Imagine a doctor telling me that,” Scott laughed.

“He was a college student a lot longer than any of us will ever be,” I said.

“The best part was he gave me a prescription for Oxy. Garrett will shit a brick!”

“You better keep good count of them,” I stated.

“Tell me about it,” Scott said.

With a fresh supply of pills to ease Scott’s pain when necessary, we made it back to the dorm in time to eat. Scott waved us on and said he wasn’t up for eating at the moment. We all understood since Scott still wasn’t looking so hot as it was.

After eating, I holed up in my room for a while to study while Kris was out probably with one of the two girls and Colt was down to see Andrea. When Corey came in from work, he entered my room while I was on Facebook for a rare occasion. 

“You know I’m pissed now. I didn’t take my camera with me. I missed some really good photo ops,” I said.

“Speaking of photo ops, I’m rather psyched about tomorrow.”

“As well as you should be. No matter what the outcome I still think you’re the hottest.”

He smiled and kissed me, “It’s just a chance to see what it’s like modeling. They tell me at the Rec Center I should try but I always laugh it off. You hear what a tough business it is.”

“The main thing is to have fun.”

“Kris will be a natural, you know. Just like everything is for him in life,” Corey stated. “The dude’s not scared of anything.”

“Ummm… spiders or snakes if I remember right,” I said. “I’m terrified of mice and snakes.”

“You’re not alone with the snake thing. You have to be some wacko to not be scared of them. That damn Heath will pick them up. I remember as a kid how he’d find these little green snakes and chase me all over the yard until one of our moms told him to stop.”

I was half asleep by the time Kris made it to the room. He did have the courtesy to open the door slowly and check to see if Corey was with me. I rubbed my eyes while Kris got undressed, never a bad sight. He lay on his bed and turned on the desk light.

“Okay, you don’t have to tell me. I know you got laid,” I said by seeing his face.

“Weird, but I didn’t. I saw both Patricia and Nicole tonight. I can’t fuck one of them without fucking the other one. Since they are roommates they’d get really jealous,” Kris said. “Instead, I got to meet all their friends. It’s amazing how we’re all alike yet so different. The guys were cool as fuck to me but I swear not a one of them had even seen the Rec Center. They have some really cute girl friends too.”

“They are bi, too? You did say girlfriends, right?” I asked.

“No, I meant friends who are girls. How do I pick one without hurting the other one’s feelings and causing trouble there?”

“Boy, I don’t know. Maybe one will eliminate themselves and clear the way for the other one.”

“They remind me of us. They are best friends from high school and cheered all the way through. I think Nicole is pushing Patricia to get out there just like I do you.”

“Just the opposite of Bishop, huh?”

“I don’t know. What about him?”

“He came to school with his best friend from high school. He said after two weeks they were ready to kill each other. I think the other dude transferred,” I replied.

“I was wondering how you two would do? I know he’s not as cool as the rest of us are about you and Corey.”

“He said he was trying. That’s all I can ask.”

“Hey, you don’t think I could get a repeat of Saturday, do ya?” he asked pointing at his cock.

“Not tonight. I was about asleep before you came in the door,” I replied.

“It never hurts to ask,” Kris laughed.

Tuesday, I walked with Alex to our class and caught up with Ted as he was heading in that direction.  

“Hell of a game,” Alex said, patting Ted’s back.

“Come on Alex, I’ve heard enough about that damn game. Drop it,” Ted said.

“Sorry,” Alex said moving back.

Ted cracked a big smile and grabbed Alex by the shoulder, “Dude, I was fuckin’ with ya. You should have been on the bus ride home. A bunch of crazy ass dudes.”

“Whew, I was scared there for a second,” Alex said.

“We all appreciated the tickets,” I said.

“Matt not near as much as I appreciate all your help,” Ted stated. A few students passed us and waved while two others stopped to shake Ted’s massive hand. “Now you see what I deal with daily, but it could be worse.”

“A good ego boaster though,” Alex said.

“It is,” Ted stated. “Now, it’s time for the real world.”

“Like your ass will ever work a day in your life,” Alex stated entering the building. “I’d die to be your agent.”

“It may happen, but just in case you have to be prepared. Things happen like a blown knee or concussion,” Ted said while taking two more pats on the shoulder.

We entered with Mike, his team mate, and a lineman, sitting down. “Alright Superstar it’s time to get down to business.”

Ted leaned over to Alex and me, “See the shit I have to put up with.”

“I need to tell the equipment guy to get a bigger helmet for your head. It’s getting bigger every day,” Mike joked.

“You do that after I snag All American while your sorry ass cries cause you didn’t make All Conference,” Ted joked.

“How can I make All Conference? Your press corps can’t see me pancake all those D lineman ‘cause your ass is over there gloating over one tackle and shining the light on you while I do all the dirty work,” Mike stated.

Ted grabbed Mike, “I love you for it too.”

It was nice to see how they did rag on each other without a hint of getting mad. Class began with an unexpected pop quiz. Thankfully I read up a little the night before. It was short and didn’t count much towards our final grade.

When entering the room, I could sense Corey was a little nervous being the day he was to try out for the calendar. It was a good thing to me he was nervous for it meant he cared and wanted to do well. We both went to find Scott and see he was doing much better and even dressed very nicely, which meant he was up for the shoot and much better. 

With the three of us in our room, we waited for Kris and Colt to appear. They looked at us for a second before it hit them what the day was. Corey was dressed in his nicest jeans and button shirt with his hair spiked high. Kris ran like crazy to get ready and came out in shorts and a button up shirt, half unbuttoned though. Colt was undecided and used our advice to wear a bright blue Polo shirt and tight jeans. Alex came down and announced he was giving it a shot, though he didn’t think he stood a chance. I, on the other hand, decided against even trying since I’d rather see my friends succeed in this especially since they wanted it more. I took a little grief for that.

We entered the Rec Center and walked to the rear where we encountered about five other guys waiting. Kris walked up to two and started talking like he knew them to find out where to sign in. We began the long process of waiting and watching more arrive. 

When they called Kris’s name first, he stepped up and said something to the girl manning the table. He smiled and began waving us all back.

“I told her we were in this together,” Kris said.

“Only you could talk them into that,” Colt said.


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