Posted:   August 21, 2011

Tuesday, I was sitting around alone and enjoying the peace and quiet.  Kris and Colt were off to the Rec Center with a few of our old friends and a few new ones while Corey was working.  I was kicked back and getting things lined up so I’d be totally prepared for tomorrow, our first day of classes.  A quiet knock came at the door with Scott standing there in his fitted Polo shirt and low hanging shorts. 

“Matt, if you’re not busy, would you care running with me to the mall for a bit?  It seems I got in too big of a hurry and didn’t bring enough undies or any for that matter,” Scott asked.

“Sounds fine with me,” I replied.  I found my wallet and keys for us to head out.   “So how are things next to us?”

“Fine, I guess.  You may see more of me than ever.  Garrett is plain fucking weird,” Scott replied going out the door.  Garrett and Scott were sharing a room while Bryson and Shawn took the other room.

We stopped and let a guy pass us by as he was going down the stairs at the same time we were. 

Scott leaned over to me, “I know that dude from somewhere.”

“Me too,” I said before we headed down the stairs. 

Once in the heat of the outdoors, the guy turned and stopped.  “Hey, how’s it going?” he asked.

“Fine,” I replied but couldn’t place him.

“Dude, not to be rude but you look so familiar,” Scott said.

“I was thinking the exact same thing.  Did you guys have Mr. Compton for history?” he asked.

“No,” I said.

“I know where!” Scott exclaimed. “We saw you at a dance last semester.”

He began laughing, “I’ll be damned.  That’s where I’ve seen you two before.  It’s great to know me and my three roommates aren’t the only gay guys here.”

As he was talking, I too realized I had seen him before.  We introduced ourselves and he did the same with his name being Parker.  “Good to see ya,” Scott said.

“Yeah nice to see y’all too.  I better get off to the mall so I can get back,” Parker stated.

“We’re going too,” Scott said.  “Why don’t ya come with us?”

“Ummm… are you sure about that?”

“Yeah, come with us if you wanna,” I said. 

“Okay but I’ll drive,” he said.  “I have a weird thing about other people’s driving.”

“Fine with me,” Scott said. “Matt, I’ll get in the back.”

We climbed into his car, which was an older Lexus.  Quickly Parker explained it was a hand-me-down after he wrecked his car this summer.  “Finally, someone is nice to me here.  I’m sure y’all know what I mean.”

“Not exactly,” Scott said.

“Once one person knew we were gay, it’s like we were freaks or something.  I don’t get it at all,” he said pulling out of our lot. 

“Actually… our friends don’t have a problem with it,” I said.

“You don’t know how lucky you are, Mike,” Parker said.

“Matt…” Scott corrected him. 

“I know how lucky I am.”

“So is your room the one where everyone has been hanging out?” Parker asked me.

“Yes,” I replied. “You’d have to know my roommates.”

“Kris and Colt are the fucking coolest around,” Scott stated. “So is Matt’s boyfriend Corey.”

“You know I think I remember them.  They are about the only ones that have spoken to us.  Both have great hot bodies with one being rather country sounding.  That blond is hot as hell.  It’s a shame they’re straight.”

“That’s them alright and the best guys you’ll ever meet,” I said.

“Matt, it is a shame you have a boyfriend.  Scott, do you?”

“Nope and don’t plan on having one right now either,” Scott replied.

“Why not?” Parker asked.

“He’s bi,” I stated.

“You can still have one, you know…”

“Do you have a boyfriend?” Scott asked.

“I do,” Parker said. “I don’t know how long though.  Here I thought us living together would be so great.  So far, it’s been a fucking nightmare.  Either I changed or he changed over the summer. That’s why I’m going to the mall.  I need to get away for a few minutes.  I need some retail therapy.”

“I need some underwear since going commando every day ain’t my thing,” Scott said.  We all laughed at Scott’s comment.

We kept talking but not about Parker’s trouble.  We found great common ground about school and our new dorm.   We parked at the mall and headed inside.  Parker was intent on getting Scott some hot underwear to show off his nice body.  Scott was like me and felt comfortable in boxers.  Parker wouldn’t have it and insisted he at least try a pair of trunks and low rise briefs.  Nothing doing Scott had to try them on even though I don’t think you were supposed to.  He summoned us back to show off.  He looked incredible in the low rise briefs.

“Scott, my damn mouth is watering.  You look so fuckable in those.  They show off your incredible body,” Parker stated.

Scott laughed, “I do don’t I?  I’ll take ‘em and a few more too.  Matt, what do you think?”

“I like ‘em on ya and can’t disagree with Parker one bit,” I said.

“Alright Parker, your ass is next to try a pair on,” Scott said.  “I know it is weird.”

“You don’t have to ask me twice,” Parker said.  He had a pair in his hand.  He did change in another room before calling us in.   I stepped in to see the tight trunks on his body.  He had a nice treasure trail down his flat stomach.  Parker looked great in them.

“Nice dude.  Nice bulge too,” Scott said.

“Nothing compared to yours,” Parker said.

We stepped out to let him change back to his button up shirt and shorts. Scott commented he thought Parker was very cute and loved his dyed blond hair that was parted in the middle with the bangs hanging down on both sides to his cheek. 

We continued shopping after the two paid for their undies.  Parker was fun to hang with and loved his fashions.  I would as well if I could afford them.  We left the mall and headed back to the dorm.  When we got there, I invited him inside but he said he needed to see how his boyfriend Darin was doing.  I entered the room while Scott went to put away his purchases.  It was vacant but I did see signs that Kris and Colt had been back.  Their work-out bags were sitting near the door.

Scott returned after stowing away his things.  “So what did you really think of Parker?”

“He was nice…”

“Damn fucking cute if you ask me.  It’s a crying shame he has a boyfriend,” Scott said.

“It doesn’t sound like he will for long, but why would you even care?”

Scott laughed, “Hey, I said I was bi.”

“And the choices endless,” I snickered along with him.  “No more confusion then?”

“Not right now there’s not.  Just one time I want you to fuck a girl and see the difference.”

I shrugged, “Maybe, but I’m not sexually attracted to girls the same way you are…”

“Yeah, no shit.  Seriously the thought of fucking a girl has never crossed your mind?”

“I won’t lie, it has.  I’d like to see the difference.  Knowing my luck she’d end up pregnant,” I said.

“Take the right precautions and it’s not a worry,” Scott stated.  “So, would you fuck Morgan?”

“No! I have zero feelings for her…”

“Dumbass, just for casual sex?”

“No, Scott!”

“Even if Corey wasn’t in the equation?”

“No.  One final time, no, I won’t.  She’s not someone I would want to get with.”

“Then who?”

“Drop it.  I’m gay.  That’s my final answer!”

Shortly Kris and Colt were back in the room.  Scott got them started so I had to endure their badgering. 

“If I remember correctly part of our initial agreement was if I was to get fucked or suck a dick, you would try a girl,” Kris stated.

I knew this was coming and did remember that.  I expected before now for Kris to throw this in my face.

Colt smiled with a big dip, “I think I know our goal this semester.  It’s to get Matt some real pussy!”

Kris gave Colt a fist and said, “Hell yeah it is.  It shouldn’t be that hard with his big dick.  Girls will love it.”

“Matt, promise us you’ll take a picture of you stretching that shit wide,” Colt said. “You take pictures of about everything else.”

I smiled, “All but you two lover boys in action.”  I could see Kris and Colt looking at each other.  Soon the two were attacking me.  Kris’s plan was to tickle me while Colt gave me an old fashion knuckle rub on the head.  Corey walked in on the middle of our battle.  “Help me, Corey!” I pleaded but not convincingly.

Instead of helping, he jumped in and joined the other two then Scott joined in the dogpile.  I was outnumbered for sure.  I began screaming like a girl until they finally got off of me.  Corey stood in amazement and asked what was the cause.   We had to explain things for him to understand.

After another night of a packed room, we separated.  Kris and Corey stood looking at each.  “Go ahead, Kris.  I can live without his big dick in me every night.”

“The question is can Colt take Matt’s place?” Kris asked.

“Dude, one night with me and Matt would be history… ummm… that is if I wanted to go gay again.  That shit ain’t happening right now,” Colt stated.

“Come on Matt.   Let’s go make Corey insanely jealous,” Kris said before throwing his veiny, muscular arm over my shoulder.  I did laugh when Corey did the exact same to Colt. 

With the door barely closed, we stripped down and got in our beds.  “Hmmm.. feels just like the other one,” Kris commented.

“It’ll be weird not waking with Corey,” I said. “This is something we agreed upon.”

“I’ll change with him in a heartbeat.”

“No, I’ve missed you, Kris.  I’ve looked forward to this moment.   We know each other so well and can freely talk about things…”

“You don’t do that with Corey?”

“I do but our time is completely different,” I replied.

“So what do you think of everything so far?”

“I will say it has been really great but I do cherish my alone time.  I know you don’t understand that but it’s me.   I spent all summer alone in my room when you or Corey weren’t there.  It gave me time to think everything over and make rational decisions.”

“Nice pile of shit, Matt,” Kris laughed.  He stood and moved his bed to where it was now directly across from me.  “That was bugging me like you wouldn’t believe.  Now what’s this about that new guy you and Scott met today?”

“Nothing at all.  We did have a nice time at the mall,” I replied.

“Matt, are you trying to make Corey jealous?”

“Of course not.  He’s another friend just like you… well, like the others.  No one will ever be like you ever in my life.”

“I’m one of a kind,” Kris stated.

There was no telling what time we ended our talk.  I know that Kris had business to take care of after the lights were out.  I turned and watched in the dim light.  It was simply the hottest thing to watch Kris stroke his hot cock.  Naturally my eight inches responded.  He smiled at me seeing I was jacking off with him.  Light moans were heard with us pleasing ourselves.  Kris lifted up his hips and shot his load onto his torso.  Seeing him bust made me bust that much harder. 

“Best friends can do that shit,” Kris commented, wiping the cum off his body with a towel.

“I know and not say a word either,” I stated. “So do you and Colt do anything?”

“Ummm… we jack off, but not each other.  Last night, we had a contest to see who could shoot the furthest…”

“Who won?” I said, wiping off the cum.

“Colt did.  Don’t get any ideas.  It was just for fun,” Kris said under his sheet.  “We’re going to try and never fool around again, with each other or any other guys for that matter.  There are way too many girls around here for us to stoop to those measures.”

“Kris, I think you liked it though,” I stated.

“I did, but it wasn’t me at all.  You know how I was so conflicted about it.  We both figured a little restraint would stop those feelings.  I don’t see where jacking off together hurts a damn thing especially since we never touched each other.”

“I agree.  See ya in the morning or should I say later in the morning?”  I rolled over and was soon fast asleep.

Waking the next morning, Wednesday, to the sound of my phone going off in my ear made me regret staying up so late.  I rolled out of bed and stretched my body.  Seeing my reflection in the mirror did make me realize I wasn’t that bad looking at all.  I loved how the stars made my waist look small.  I hated to admit it but seeing how nice my body was did bring a smile to my face.  

An even bigger smile was on my face seeing Corey’s incredible naked body when I opened the bathroom door.  I didn’t have to wake him for he was waiting on me in the bathroom.  Our long morning kiss woke me.  With the shower warm we stepped inside together.  Corey took his sweet time and lather up my entire body.   In the process, my cock had other ideas but Corey didn’t help matters by stroking it as he claimed he was washing it.  I scrubbed Corey’s hot body and gave him the same treatment.   We were stroking each other with our lips locked.  The water was flowing over my body. 

Soon Corey moaned, “OOO fuck!”  I felt his load hit my body.  I grabbed him by the back of the head for a kiss while my cock exploded all over his taut torso.  We broke the kiss and looked at each other.

“Hot way to start the day, huh?” I stated.

“Fuck yeah,” Corey replied.

We dressed in a hurry and met back in the living room.  We exited our room with Shawn and Scott coming out of theirs at the same time.  We waited and walked with them. 

“I swear I’m gonna fucking kick Garrett’s ass before the week is over,” Scott stated.  “He’s really on my last nerve.”

“How so?” I asked.

“Nothing is good enough for him it seems right now.  He’s always bitching about his knee and popping a pill.  Once those kick in, he’s a fucking beast…”

“So that’s what the deal is?” Shawn asked.

“Yeah, I swear the dude is taking four a day and they aren’t aspirin either.  They’re Hydros,” Scott said.

“Whoa, that’s some strong shit,” Shawn said.

We continued to walk and changed the subject to remembering last year at this exact same time.  Last year, I was so nervous and had no idea what to expect.  Now, I was at ease and looked forward to the year ahead.  This was my ticket to a better life.

We went our separate ways at my building.  It took a minute to get my bearing for my first of three Monday/Wednesday/Friday classes.  My first was French.  I entered the large classroom and took a seat near the rear.  I looked around and saw a face or two I knew until spotting Toni two rows up.  I moved and sat next to her. 

“Hey Matt,” she said.

“Hope you don’t mind.”

“No, I’m thrilled to know someone in here.  So how’s your French?”

I smiled, “Nil but I’m up for the challenge.”

She smiled back and looked really great, “I guess I am as well then.”

After enduring the first class, I said goodbye to Toni and headed off to find my next class in the herd of students.  My eyes were going crazy but trying my best not to stare at all the hot guys.  After finding my next class, I sat and saw Bryson enter the room.  He found me and threw his backpack down with a thud. 

“Crazy as hell out there, huh?” he commented.

“You might say,” I said.  “So what’s the deal with Garrett?”

Bryson rubbed his hairy chin, “Dude, I’m at a total loss right now about him.  All he wants to do is bitch about everything, that is, when he says anything.  The boy needs to find a boyfriend in a big hurry.  He’s making the rest of us miserable.”

I wanted to ask about the pills but didn’t.  Instead, I asked, “So how’s Shawn working out for ya?”

“Great.  Really cool guy actually.  I’m sure you’ve noticed that big smile since day one.  I’ve never seen someone so excited about this.”

“In case you forgot, I live with Kris.”

Bryson laughed, “Oh yeah, Mr. Social Bug.  Is he like that back home?”

“Ummm… a little but he’s kicked it up a notch so far.”

I’ll say.”

After a short class, Bryson and I headed to the Union in search of the others and to find something to eat.   With the maze of people, it was useless looking so we grabbed a deli sandwich and took a seat.   I was about finished when I saw Corey walking my way.

“Where have you been?” he asked.

“We tried looking but you tell me how in hell would we ever find ya?” Bryson asked.

“Well… we’re in the same spot as last year,” Corey said.  “We’ve wondered where y’all were.”

We grabbed our things and really didn’t look too hard at our old spot.  Kris, Shawn and two other guys from our dorm were sitting at the table.  We sat but didn’t get to hang around long for Corey and I had a class together to close out my day. 

We were near our dorm when I felt a stream of water hit my head.   I looked and saw Corey was drenched as well.  We looked around in amazement for the suspects. 

“Gotcha!” Kris screamed while jumping out from behind a tree.  He was toting a toy water soaker.  Scott was bent over laughing. 

“Damn you!” Corey said.

“Hey, hang tight.  Colt should be by shortly,” Kris said. “I’m drowning his ass!”

Corey and I continued on to the dorm and didn’t want to hang around.  For one, Corey was due at work plus I considered their antics very childish but needed a way to get Kris back.


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