Posted:  November 9, 2011

The Friday night at Bishop’s lake house seemed to go on forever. We were having a great time
playing cards and having Bishop’s drink. When it came time to catch some shut eye, we divided
up. Two of us were destined to sleep on the couch and in a recliner. I got lucky to have a bed
since they agreed I deserved it since I was the main reason we had tickets to the game. Bishop
had the other one, so it was a fight to see who took the last bed. It was agreed upon whoever
didn’t get the first night had it the second night. A mad round of tossing coins had Scott and
Brennan taking the bed. I took Kris since we were accustomed to sleeping together while Bishop
and Shawn took the main bedroom. There were lots of jokes about who was about to get laid but I
knew without a doubt Scott and Brennan would have crazy mad sex together.

Kris and I were barely in the bed when I heard his light snoring while he slept on his side. I
knew I should be exhausted but sleeping in a different bed took me a while to get adjusted.
Just when I was about asleep, I heard the knocking up against the wall. Yes, Brennan and Scott
were fucking in the room next to us. Now, I wished Corey was here with me as the noise
continued. The temptation to jack off was there since my cock was rock hard hearing the sounds
of sex in the room next to me.

I woke the next morning and checked my phone to see it was just after nine here in October on a
Saturday. After throwing on some clothes, I left the room. Entering the living area, the smell
of fresh coffee filled my nostrils. It smelled too good to pass up so I found a cup and did see
someone outside on the deck. With the hot cup in my hand, I opened the door and saw Bishop turn
his head. Before me was a nice view of the lake with a path leading down to it and an empty

“Good morning,” Bishop said with me grabbing a deck chair. “Nice morning but there is the
chance of rain tonight.”

“I heard,” I said, blowing to cool the coffee.

“Last night wasn’t as bad as I had imagined it would be.”

“Oh me either, but in case you haven’t noticed we follow Kris’s lead,” I said.

Bishop smiled, “I have noticed that. Kris is a hell of a guy. I didn’t know what to make of him
when I first met him. The more I’m around him the more I like the dude.”

“Kris is one of a kind.”

“Matt, I have to apologize to you if I’ve ever offended you in any way. Things just come out
without me thinking.”

“No offense taken. I don’t get too upset since I know it’s not directed at me personally.”

“Speaking of Kris, you don’t know how lucky you are. Last year, I came to school and was
rooming with my best friend. Here I thought it would be so perfect. After two weeks of living
with him we were at each other’s throat every day. Nothing I did was good enough for him. My
clothes weren’t perfect. I never went to sleep when he wanted and vice versa since I’m more of
a morning person. It was a fucking disaster.”

“I hear those kinds of stories and do count myself very lucky. I had a weird feeling that Kris
would leave me and go off but he never did that. He made me get out of the room and be
sociable. We’ve had a few arguments but nothing really major. And as you can see, he won’t let
people rag on me for being gay…”

“You are a little different than most gay guys I’ve encountered. I have a ton of respect for
you and Corey as well. I’ve seen that a person’s sexuality is only one part of a person and
shouldn’t define them. My roommates are a little homophobic and couldn’t believe I was coming
here with you. They are totally different than this group. It is nothing for them to spend all
night playing a video game. They eat pure shit too like Oreos and Reese’s Cups. All y’all are
so damn fit that I’m ashamed to be seen with my shirt off next to any of you…”

“There again, Kris started it last year right off the bat. Last year, I was so skinny you could
count my ribs but now I’m not…”

“I’ve noticed,” Bishop said. “It does take a lot of discipline to stick with it. It’s something
I’m trying to do since I’ve been hanging with y’all.”

I smiled, “You know you opened up a big can of worms in telling them you were 21…”

“My roommates have me buying left and right now. I tried to keep it a little secret so that
wouldn’t happen,” Bishop said. “I really don’t mind though.”

“You better get used to being asked now, but Kris and Corey have been able to buy without much

“So, what’s the deal with Scott and Brennan? Are they gay or what?”

With the words barely out of his mouth, the door behind us opened with Scott coming walking out
in his shorts and displaying his fine taut torso.   He looked like nothing was wrong after a
rough beginning.

“Ask him,” I said.

“Ask me what?” Scott said, taking a seat while I drank some coffee.

“Are you and Brennan gay? I don’t really care if you are or not. I was just asking,” Bishop

“Well…” Scott said, adjusting his sitting position. “I’m more gay than straight, you might say,
since I have been with a few more guys than girls here lately. You know how it is with girls.
You have to charm the pants off them to fuck ‘em whereas if you get a guy who is half
interested his fucking pants are on the floor…”

“I would imagine half interested guys are easier but don’t go trying that shit on me. I’ll
straight up warn ya…”

“No… No… No, Bishop, I would never. It’s wrong to make a guy get with ya,” Scott said.

I was a little taken aback by his statement in that I figured Scott would force himself on
guys. The door opened again with Kris coming out with a cup of coffee in his hand.  He was
naked just like always with his limp cock hanging below his sparse pubs and the sun hitting his
well defined body.   

“You forget something?” Bishop asked.

“No, I didn’t,” Kris stated. “This is me of a morning.  I like being naked.”

“Kris, please,” I said. “I don’t think Bishop is really comfortable with you bare ass naked

“No, he’s fine but I’m shocked he would do it,” Bishop said.

Scott and I laughed. “Dude, you don’t know him very well then. His ass would rather be naked,”
Scott commented and reached to adjust his shorts.

“True, bro, I would,” Kris said.

“If we had time, I’d take you to the nude beach here on the lake…” Bishop said.

“Really? There is one?” Kris asked with an upbeat tone in his voice.

“Just on the other side,” Bishop said.

“Bros, how fucking sweet would that be?” Kris commented and blew on the coffee. “That’s
something I’d definitely be interested in experiencing. Here I thought they were only in

It wasn’t long before the other four were awake. Kris noticed he was the only naked one and did
grab some shorts to put on after Colt gave him a really hard time. 

We kicked it a little while around the house all the while wondering what it would be like to
cruise the lake in a boat. We stated we’d have to come again once the spring rolled back
around. Kris was for sure up for the idea and told the others about the nude beach. We agreed
if there was time we’d be there in a flash but it would really push us for time.

With a six o’clock kickoff, we left the house about two. Most of us had on our team apparel,
which included our free shirts compliments of Ted. First stop was to fill our growling
stomachs. Once filled with food, we headed in the direction of the stadium with small window
flags flying to show our support. Suddenly, the traffic came to a halt in what Bishop said was
a good five miles from the stadium. For the next hour or so we were stuck in traffic. 

A parking space never looked so good and made us all very thankful we didn’t have to endure
that mess for our home games. We parked and pushed down the tailgate with only a few sodas and
water to enjoy. We missed all the great food normally associated with tailgating though could
smell the wonderful aroma of various food being grilled. 

We stood around for a few minutes. 

“Anyone seen Kris or Colt?” Shawn asked.

I shook my head, “No doubt they are out roaming the lot.”

“That’s how I met them, roaming the fucking halls,” Bishop laughed.

“Matt, have you ever in your life seen Kris be shy?” Brennan asked. “Last spring break there
wasn’t a person he wouldn’t talk to.”

I thought about it, “Not that I can ever recall.”

“Bishop, you know whatever you do, don’t fucking piss Kris off. He’s got one of the quickest
tempers you’ll ever see,” Alex stated.

“I’ve heard,” Bishop said.

We stood around and could see nothing but the other team’s fans dressed in the bright blue and
white to support the home team. Out of the crowd, we saw Kris and Colt coming our way. They
were waving their arms and gesturing for us to follow them. We locked the SUV with our tickets
in my pocket.

“Bros, these really cool people just stopped us and asked us to finish their food,” Kris

“Naturally, you accepted,” Scott said.

“Hell yeah, we did. They are some frat boys that go to school here,” Colt stated.

We walked and found the group. There was plenty of food and drinks for us to dive into even
though we had eaten a short while ago. As par for the course, Kris acted like he knew these
people his entire life and mixed right in with them. It did give us a chance to rid the extra
two tickets even though they wouldn’t be rooting for us.

After mixing with the frat boys and their girls, we headed to the stadium with the clouds
rolling in overhead. We had no idea where to go so Kris started asking around until someone
pointed us in the right direction, which happened to be on the other side of the stadium. We
found the gate and entered. Our seats were near the top of the first level of the huge two
tiered stadium among a few of our fans. We found our seats with me squeezed in between Scott,
Brennan, Colt and Kris. The guy we gave the tickets to and his girl came and sat with us just
before kickoff. They offered us cash for the tickets but we refused since we had eaten some of
their food.

Coming to halftime, we were really quiet. Our team had played awful with Luke as quarterback
and not being able to do a thing. Ted had his usual bunch of tackles but that was about it with
the team down by eighteen. 

Our luck only got worse when it started raining just before the second half. It was a cool rain
that had our stupid asses unprepared. We sat there with the rain falling on us as the second
half began. 

Things did look brighter with the start of the fourth quarter.  We were down by fourteen with
Luke getting his act together and Ted recovering a fumble. Luke hit Jerome on a deep pass to
start the fourth quarter with the rain falling lightly. Now we were soaked to the bone but
excited among the otherwise quiet stadium. Five minutes later we tied the score with a sweet
run by our fast running back. Our guys took the lead on a long field goal shortly thereafter. 

With just over a minute to go, the other team took the ball and went down the field. I could
hear everyone around me saying they could feel overtime coming as the other team lined up for a
short 30 yard field goal with only 2 seconds showing on the game clock. My stomach was in knots
watching as they lined up. The stadium crowd was on their feet. The ball was in the air, hit
the right upper goal post and landed in the end zone, meaning they had missed it and we had
escaped with a big win. We were jumping around and going crazy in an otherwise silent stadium.
Our team on the field was going crazy as well.

“Wow!” Kris stated. “What a fucking game!”

“Yes it was,” Bishop said. “Now we have to get out of here without getting killed. Let’s just
keep quiet and celebrate when we get in the car.”

“Great idea,” I said.

We did a little celebrating with our fans in our section. The guy who had our ticket was very
nice and congratulated us on the victory. Going down the stairs, my phone rang. Corey was
calling and excited about the outcome. 

We made it to the SUV without incident and left the parking lot as a bunch of happy yet very
wet guys. Worse was the odor, smelling like a bunch of wet puppies. Shirts were off left and
right, hair was soaking wet and matted down on heads and jeans soaked to the max. We hated
having to sit in the nice vehicle wet but there was little choice. Kris, being the
exhibitionist he was, got down to nothing since he went commando while the rest of us got down
to our undies, even those were wet.

In the rear seat of the SUV, we headed off to fight the traffic with misty rain falling. All
the talk was about how great a game we witnessed and how we knew we had about wasted a trip.
The outcome had all of us in great spirits.

Once out of the traffic and heading back to Bishop’s lake house and now so thankful we weren’t
driving all night, I noticed Scott being rather frisky with Brennan. 

“I said not now!” Brennan shouted and had every one’s attention with heads snapping around and
pushing Scott’s head from his lap. “Motherfucker was about to give me head. I swear Scott
you’re now the biggest fucking fag I know!”

“Fuck you, asshole!” Scott screamed. “Who wanted us to fuck last night, huh?”

“I did, but damn you wanted to give fucking head here in the car!”

“Here I thought we had something going on…”

“Guess again! I’m not as gay as you are!” Brennan said.

“Matt, switch with me. I’m not sitting or talking to this asshole,” Scott stated with all eyes
glued on the rear seat and drama occurring.

We did switch position with me in between the two. Once I was seated, Brennan leaned across me,
“I keep telling you as much as you want us to be like Matt and Corey, I don’t wanna.”

“I’ll remember that fucking shit!” Scott stated.

Their argument had silenced things considerably. Now all that was heard was the radio playing
country music with the tension being felt between Scott and Brennan. Near the house, Bishop did
stop and grab a few beers so we could have a few to drink for the night.

At the house, we unloaded bodies with Kris not caring that he was naked. All I wanted was a dry
set of clothes, as did the others. As I was drying off and putting on clothes, I heard more
shouting in the room next to us. Kris jumped into action and had to separate the two with
Brennan on top of Scott. I wasn’t sure if any punches were thrown but it wasn’t pretty.

We came out to the living room and watched Sportscenter to catch highlights of various games. I
had zero interest in it and could see Brennan and Scott giving each other the evil eye while
sitting far apart. Once they showed highlights of our game, all focus was on the television and
hearing what our coach had to say about the game. 

Brennan stood after the highlights were finished, “Matt, Kris, would you please come with me
and Scott? We need to resolve this right here and now.”

“Oh fuck no we don’t!” Scott said. “You’ve made it perfectly clear I’m gay as fuck!”

“Scott, I think he wants to resolve this,” Kris said.

“You’re one to talk big guy! All you do is fight with your roommates!” Scott stated.

I grabbed Scott and pulled him outside.

“What the fuck, Matt?” he asked.

“I know you’re probably deeply hurt and angry, even pissed off but I think Brennan doesn’t
wanna fight and ruin what is supposed to be a great night. Just give him a chance.”

“Damn right I’m pissed. Last night, he repeated over and over how much he loved me…”

“He may love you but doesn’t want a relationship. You’ve said you didn’t want one either if I

“I do now though, with Brennan. We are so perfect for each other. We made fucking love last
night for two solid hours. Even with Hayden, I’ve never felt that much love in my entire life. 
It was just so perfect.  I can feel he loves but is too chicken shit to admit it.”

The door opened with Kris and Brennan coming outside. “Scott, I’m sorry but I’m not ready for a
relationship with a guy just yet. I do love you so very much though.”

“I guess I was wrong too for trying to suck you off in the car. Actually it was quite stupid of
me after you told me no,” Scott said quietly.

Brennan moved and grabbed Scott, “Dude, you mean so much to me. Last night wasn’t a joke
either. We made great love to each other. I wish I could let go and admit I wanted to be in a
real relationship with a guy but I can’t do it. I’m sorry I called you a fag. Hell, I’m as big
of a fag as you are.”

“Brennan, one day we’ll both be totally ready to commit to each other. Until then, we’ll keep
having fun,” Scott said and kissed him. Brennan didn’t want to stop and kept kissing Scott.

“Bros, keep telling yourselves that you don’t want a relationship but I think I see two hot
guys that are deeply in love with each other like I witness every day and night in my room,”
Kris stated.

“I’m sorry again for making such a big scene,” Brennan stated.

“I’m sorry as well for not listening and being a complete jackass,” Scott said.  The two kissed
extremely passionate and had me wanting Corey here to do the same.  They broke the kiss and
went for more while Kris stood and watched with a huge smile across his face.

“Hot, very hot,” Kris commented. “Keep telling each other you’re not in love.  I saw pure
fucking love in that encounter.”

We headed inside after it was finished. I was glad there was a quick and easy resolution but I
was pretty sure they were boyfriends even though they were both in denial and enjoyed playing
around with others.

“So I take it the non boyfriends are back together?” Colt said with a dip in his lip.

“We’re all good now,” Scott said.

“I don’t see how y’all like dick so much,” Bishop said shaking his head. “Whatever floats your
boat is good with me.”

We did some drinking but then again not as much as I thought we would. Alex was the only one I
would say that got drunk but he was a quiet drunk. He passed out on the couch before we called
it a night.

Kris and I were back in our bed.

“Whew, I just knew Scott was sticking to his guns,” Kris said.

“Me too but he’s as much at fault as Brennan. Brennan was right in getting pissed at him, I
guess, once he told him no.”

“No doubt they’ll have fun really making up…”

“No more fun than they had last night, though,” I stated.

“Matt, I’m really proud of you. You’ve made it just fine without Corey.”

“Yeah but I really wish he was here and would have got to see the game in person. That was an
awesome experience. I get the excitement that college football brings to so many people now.”

“You don’t miss fucking him?”

“Kris, I can make it two days without fucking him. I made it longer all summer.”

Kris moved closer and reached to grab my cock. I was a little startled. “Corey told me to take
care of this hot fucking dick if I wanted to.”

“I know he did but let’s think about this for a moment,” I said with Kris’s hand leaving my

“Great,” Kris said. “Lay it on me.”

“Kris, I’d love to get with you…”

“Yeah right, bro.”

“No... I would but why should I ruin over a year with Corey for one stupid night with you.  I
know he wouldn’t say much about it since he may be doing the same.  Also… you struggle so much
with your sexuality.  All I would do would be putting more doubt in your head…”

“Fuck, why do you have to be so goddamn rational about shit?” Kris said.  I wasn’t sure if he
was serious or not.  “You’re so right.  If I was to be the cause of another fight between you
and Corey, I couldn’t live with myself.  You know it sucks fighting.”

“It really does.”

“I do really stupid shit all the time that confuses my pea size brain that much more.  Damn, I
fucked and got fucked by Scott not that long ago.”

I tilted my head, “He is a great fuck.”

“So you’ve fucked his hot ass too?”

Remember last year?” I said.

“Damn, here I wanted to get some dirt too,” Kris said. “You know we haven’t heard them yet.”

“Well… It’s Colt and Alex tonight. I heard plenty of Scott and Brennan last night though,” I

Oh well,” Kris said.

“Thanks for understanding.”

“No problem at all. However, would you see anything wrong in us jacking each other off?”

“Ummm… I could go for that.  Hell, it’s pretty common with no harm.”

“Yeah common for us here lately,” Kris said and wrapped his strong hand around my cock.  I
moved a tad closer and wrapped my hand around his cock.   We lay there stroking each other off. 
He did want to kiss a little but it wasn’t anything big.

He moaned and groaned just before the explosion.  My eyes focused on his incredibly ripped body
as it tensed up.  He began firing hot cum from his cock.  The first shot hit his chest followed
by two that penetrated the creases of his ripped abs.  His kiss that followed was more
passionate.  He broke the kiss and moved to finish me off.

“Fucking flood my face with your hot nut,” Kris stated.

“Close your eyes,” I said with my load about to burst forth.  I groaned and watch a nice stream
hit his face.  He jerked back and moved.  The other hot creamy shots landed on my body. 

“That was fucking stupid of me.  Burns like a motherfucker,” Kris stated while trying to wipe
his eyes.

I smiled seeing my cum splattered on his face, “Maybe but you look so fucking hot right now.”

He reached to find a shirt and wiped us clean.  I reached over and kissed him on the cheek.

We moved around, getting ready to sleep. I moved close to him and felt his arm drape across my
body. I fell asleep in Kris’s arms but it felt the same as Corey’s big arms.

As set forth by agreement from the previous night, the second one up would wake the rest so we
could get back to school. I woke and left the room in my boxers. I looked on the floor to see
Scott and Brennan snuggled together as they slept with used condoms on the floor. I searched
around for only a minute to see Bishop in the kitchen starting to make coffee. 

“Let’s give em a few more minutes. Besides, it’s just past nine,” he said.

“Yeah, let’s finish a cup and then wake their sorry asses,” I said.

“Matt, thanks a million for the tickets last night…”

“Thanks a million for this sweet place,” I said.

“Not to be rude or anything but I get the feeling none of y’all are too well off,” Bishop said.

I shrugged my bare shoulders, “No… we are not what I would call well off.”

“That’s cool though. It doesn’t matter since y’all are one hell of a group of guys. Sure there
is drama but I can’t think of seven other better guys on campus. Just let me know if you need

“Don’t say that too loudly,” I laughed.

“Did I see condoms in the floor?”

I chuckled, “I think you did.”

“Oh well… to each his own,” Bishop commented.

After finishing a nice cup of coffee, we woke the others up. We cleaned everything possible so
it would look like we hadn’t been there. We threw the trash in the rear along with all of our
bags with a few spilled over. Scott and Brennan seemed to be just fine with Scott being his
normal self.

The ride back was relatively quiet especially to start with since most were back asleep. We
arrived back on campus about three and emptied Bishop’s SUV.

I opened the room door. Corey jumped to his feet to greet me. After a short kiss, I took his
hand and led him to his room.


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