Posted:  November 6, 2011


Corey and I had such a great time shopping. He wanted some new jeans since he thought his old ones were a little ragged. It was hard finding them for him since his legs were bigger now. We did manage to grab a few pairs that didn’t cut off his circulation. We stopped by Walmart to stock up on a few things, like toothpaste and razors, along with snagging some toilet paper along the way.

We entered our room, which was dark and silent. Corey led me to my room and locked the door after we put away our things.  He led me to my bed and pushed me down. 

“Tonight let’s do something different. Let’s make love to each other by only touching and kissing. No oral or anal tonight,” he said.

“I can go for that. Nothing I hate more than touching and kissing your body,” I smartly replied.

“We take off one piece of clothing and then the other one does the same,” he said and slipped off my shoes. He gently massaged my feet which felt so good.

I reached over and began unbuttoning his nice shirt. I took my time and slowly revealed his stunning body. Once off, I licked and kissed every inch of muscle with lots of time spent on his nipples. He enjoyed that, with his head cocked back while my tongue circled them.

He grabbed my socks and took them off. He began sucking each toe on my size 11 feet. He finished each foot by tongue bathing the soles. Playing with my feet and sucking my toes never felt so good. I couldn’t ever remember any foot play in my previous sexual encounters.

Disappointed he was finished; I removed his tennis shoes and massaged each foot. I knew it wasn’t anywhere near as good as his treatment of mine.

He pulled me close and ran his tongue all over my ears and circled my earrings with his tongue, flicking them with the tip. It did tickle a little but was so enjoyable. He pulled up my arms to remove my gray v-neck tee. He started kissing my chest. He held up my arms and began to lick my pits. Though not a fan of arm pits myself, he did seem to enjoy that with me. He finished off by running his wet tongue down my abs before kissing each star on my tattoed waist.

I had to show deep appreciation after he finished. We kissed for a little while. During kissing and biting his lower lip, my hands slid down and undid his belt. He lifted up and let me remove his jeans. 

“Remember no sucking, just kissing and touching,” he stated.

I smiled and ran my hand over his semi hard thick cock. I kissed the head through the fabric of his boxers and hated that he wasn’t wearing briefs or boxer briefs so I could show him my skills and love. 

He told me to stand. I did so right in front of him. He undid my jeans, which dropped straight to the floor. He leaned over and began kissing all over my boxer briefs. My cock felt the attention and sprung into action. He sensed that and began stroking me through the cotton fabric. He kissed along the length before rising for another kiss.

While we kissed, my hand slid down the back of his boxers and pushed them off the back. With access wide open, my hands massaged his hard, muscular ass. In the meantime, I felt my gray boxer briefs come sliding off. The temptation was there to drop to my knees and suck his hot cock. I pushed off his boxers and grabbed his cock. 

He pulled me to my bed. I was on top when he grabbed our cocks together and began stroking them together. The friction was great. With his free hand, he grabbed me by the back of the head pulling me in for a passionate kiss while continuing to masturbate us both. We stopped kissing and I moved his hand and replaced it with mine so I could relish the feeling of our erect throbbing cocks in my hand. 

While stroking us, I noticed him stiffening up. Every muscle tensed up and showed forth in his taut torso. With a loud groan, he blasted his load between us. His cum hit our bodies and sent me into an orgasm as well. After five powerful shots, I sank onto his body. We lay lifeless for a few minutes until I felt a kiss on the forehead.

“Maybe hotter than fucking,” he commented.

“Same intense feeling too. It was fantastic!” I agreed. Sure anal intercourse with him was always a wonderful experience that never once left me disappointed or unsatisfied but tonight we showed again we didn’t have to fuck to have wonderful fulfilling sex.

We snapped out of our world, cleaned up and got a tad decent. About eleven, we were sitting on the couch and enjoying the night when Kris came in the door.

“Bro, the trip just got better. Bishop snagged his mom’s big ass SUV with a third seat so we can all ride together,” Kris stated with his usual excitement.

“I’d hate to be cooped with y’all for six hours,” Corey stated.

“Why’s that?” I asked.

“Sure enough, one of them will have gas and be very proud of it,” Corey replied.

“Like this,” Kris said and let one rip.

“Damn!” I exclaimed. 

“Bro, all guys fart around each other. It’s part of our manhood,” Kris stated.

“Hmmm… I missed that part,” I said, waving his awful stench away from us.

“Corey, are you sad you can’t go?” Kris asked.

“Yeah, but I’ll live. I know you’ll have a great time. All that really matters is you better see a victory,” Corey said.

“We will. I have a good feeling about it,” Kris said. “I would ask what you two have been doing but I don’t want hear another story about how you two fucked.”

“Alright then, even though we didn’t, you’re aching to tell us about your night,” Corey said.

“The honest to God’s truth is I really didn’t do shit,” Kris said. “Exactly how many games of Madden can a group of guys play and still enjoy it?”

“You know none of us are really gadget junkies. You see people all the time with a phone in their ear or texting someone. I know everyone here is attached to their computer or PlayStation,” I commented. “We’re not like that really.”

“For good reason, we have shit else to do in life,” Kris laughed. 

Wednesday, we were all late getting into the room except for Corey who had gone to his advisor the day before. Once Kris asked about going to the Rec Center, I told him straight up I needed a day to fully recover. His reply was that I could recover starting Friday. He was so addicted to lifting and the Rec Center it was totally unreal. His body was getting so toned if it wasn’t already. I couldn’t see the progress until someone pointed it out.

That night we were hanging and back to our normal routine with the trip goers in the final stages of planning. In the process, we decided to stay the night after the game since we had a place and Bishop suggested it to start with. 

Corey entered the room as he normally did. He walked over and stood in front of us like he had something important to say. “Guys, you might think I’m crazy but here’s something we definitely need to think about doing.” He unfolded a fancy printed flyer. I got first look at it to see they were holding auditions for guys to model for a calendar for the school.

Kris was next to look at it, “Hmmm… you really wanna do this?”

Colt snatched the flyer from Kris’s hand. With Andrea looking as well, she stated, “I can really see all of you hot guys doing this.”

“Dammit, tell the rest of us what y’all are talking about!” Alex said.

Colt held up and read the flyer. 

“Definitely Kris and Corey, and even Colt for that matter, I can see making great models,” Scott said. “I’ll be first in line to buy one even if y’all don’t make the cut.”

“Let’s be real here for a moment. I see guys coming and going everyday out of the Rec Center. Sitting before me have to be the hottest collection of male bodies on campus. Yeah, Kris, Colt and I are a little bulked up but take Matt and Scott… for that matter Alex and Shawn as well… have great lean bodies that every guy wants and works their ass off for,” Corey said. “I see no reason why we shouldn’t at least try.”

“I agree with Corey one hundred and fifty percent. Y’all are the hottest things walking around campus. Best part of it is you don’t know it…” Andrea said.

“Kris does,” Scott talked over her.

“Fuck you, Scott,” Kris laughed. “Do I ever flaunt it, really?”

“Those tight tank tops…” Scott said.

“Once or twice I’ve worn those,” Kris stated in defense. “I’d like to go and see what it’s about.”

“Me too,” Corey said. “They are holding auditions next Monday.”

Kris looked around the room, “You’re a bunch of chicken shits if you don’t at least give it a try. By the way, who’s making the cash off this?”

Scott looked at the poster, “Some sorority is doing it with money going to Big Brothers/Big Sisters here.”

“Even more of reason we should try,” Kris stated.

“Oh, one more thing, it says voting will be done online with the top vote getters being selected for this year’s calendars,” Alex said reading the flyer.

“Damn. We know all the frat assholes will get the votes but I’m still gonna try,” Kris said.

“That does suck,” Andrea commented. “Who knows once they catch a glimpse of you guys?”

“Andrea’s so right,” Scott said. “Let’s hope they don’t vote just because some prick is in this frat and some other prick is in that frat. Those dudes think they rule this fucking place.”

“Why haven’t y’all tried getting in one? All of you’d be perfect,” Andrea asked.

“For one, they wouldn’t take Corey and me,” I said with a few laughs.

“We don’t need a frat,” Colt replied. “For one that shit cost money and lots of it…”

“I know,” Alex said. “me or my parents aren’t shelling out over a thousand extra bucks for me to be in one of those. I did think about it but why? We’re better than any frat here on campus.”

“Hell yeah we are,” Kris said, “Closer too. There’s no faking that you like someone here. The best part is it’s free. Sure they do throw some kick ass parties but why join when you can crash em?”

We agreed and kept talking until past eleven. Kris and I had our usual nightly chat with me dozing off while he was still going on about the upcoming weekend and the game.

Thursday, we all gathered in our room to get our Spring schedules together. Again, I had one class with Corey and one with Scott but that was all I was able to manage at the time. Colt and Kris worked their schedules to have two classes together with Kris and Corey having one together as well.  After finishing, we all decided to head out to be tested other than Shawn since we were all sexually active.   It was nice to see everyone taking the responsibility.

That night was the guy’s last game. They already knew making the playoff round was out of the question. With that in mind, a few decided they didn’t need to show up. Thus the team was short handed so to speak. Try as they might to get me to play I continued to tell them no even if the game didn’t mean anything. Instead, a few of the guys got to play different positions and generally had a great time in winning the last game over another team that didn’t care what happened.

After the game, we got in full travel mode with us packing a few things into small bags before Corey and I were left alone. It was rather easy to see he was disappointed in not being able to go with us with the reality striking home.  

“Matt, I promise I’ll be fine,” he stated.

“I know you will. As I’ve said, if we can’t handle a few days apart, we need to reassess things that much more. Corey, I’m serious as I can be. I don’t want you to be lonely. If the right one comes along, you have my permission…”

“Even Parker?” Corey smiled.

“Yes, even Parker…”

He laughed, “I don’t think so but you never know. Matt, I’m not in the least bit worried about you.”

“Even with Kris, Scott and Brennan?”

“Nope. They are more than friends to me. I don’t think you’d jump one of them to be doing it.”

“No, the situation has to be just right…”

“Same for me. No sense in getting with someone just for kicks. If it feels right, then okay.”

“I agree,” I said.

Friday, my classes couldn’t finish fast enough. I knew most of the others had a later class but then again I knew a few would skip out on them for this. Surprisingly, our room was vacant when Corey and I walked inside. We both anticipated Colt and/or Kris to be there and waiting on me. Corey and I shared a long kiss before Corey headed over to work.  

Kris and Colt came in right after Corey had left. They both were wearing tees and jeans with sandals with the weather almost perfect. Kris wasn’t jumping up and down like I expected he would be.

“Someone says they have a headache,” Colt said.

“Don’t fuck with me, bro. I’m not feeling so hot at the moment,” Kris stated. “Matt, please tell me we have Tylenol or something.”

“I noticed you weren’t saying much at lunch,” I commented.

“I felt it coming on this morning. I get a few aspirin or something in me and I’ll be good to go,” Kris said.

I found our stash of pain relievers. Kris downed them without water which almost caused me to gag with the thought of doing so. 

“If this headache ain’t better before we leave, I may check with Garrett to see if he has any pills on him,” Kris stated.

“He may, but it may cost ya,” Colt said, throwing in a pinch of Skoal.

“I might just pay up,” Kris said, rubbing his temples.

We had our bags by the door with Kris and Colt changed into shorts like I was wearing. “Corey’s gonna miss out this weekend,” Colt said.

“I know but he knows where his priorities are,” I said. “I know he really would love to be going with us but he did sign up for his work study.”

“I admire him and know how hard it is for him,” Colt said. “He does love working over there.”

“Who wouldn’t?” Kris commented.

“It is still work and keeps him from certain things,” Colt said with our door opening. Scott and Brennan were there in their shorts with Scott wearing a nice sleeveless tee.

“Let’s go,” Scott stated. “Bishop was expecting you by his vehicle.”

“Hold on,” Kris said. “Scott, do you think Garrett has any pills? My head is pounding like a drum.”

“Come on. If he’s not there, then I know where some are,” Scott said.

We headed down to find the others waiting. We heard the cheers as we approached. With the back almost filled, we threw our things in the main part. I climbed over and around the seats to sit in the third row with Scott and Brennan with Bishop at the wheel. Kris and Scott came jogging out and entered the large SUV.

“Damn, we got the gay boys in the rear,” Bishop laughed.

Alex turned his head, “I guess we do. Now let’s get moving. Matt, you do have the tickets, right?”

“Shit!” I screamed. 

“You’re kidding right?” Colt turned to ask me. 

“Fuck no!” I said in disgust. “Thanks for mentioning it Alex or else…”

“Else you’d got an ass beating!” Alex stated.

I sprinted up and grabbed the tickets. I felt like such a fool but was so thankful Alex said something. In packing, the tickets never crossed my mind. I did count the tickets walking briskly out the door. I raced down the stairs and came running out with the envelope high in the air.

All eight of us, me, Scott, Brennan, Colt, Kris, Alex, Shawn and Bishop were off for the weekend to cheer on our team to possibly a huge win. First, they talked about the game with great optimism. Then, we got on the subject of our classes, with Kris being rather quiet for some reason. Colt turned around and pointed at Kris maybe an hour and half into our trip. Kris was sound asleep and doing the head bob until finally resting his head on the side door. It didn’t look very comfortable but he was out. 

“Let’s fuck with him,” Alex said quietly.

“As much as I’d want to, he wakes up and gets pissed…” I stated.

“All hell breaks loose then,” Colt added. “I’m well aware of the wrath of Kris.”

About six, four hours into our trip, we stopped to gas up and eat since there was a fast food place in with the gas station. Kris woke, stretched out his big arms and announced his headache was gone. We were back on the road faster than I imagined.

With an hour left, Kris was now fully awake and going strong. He said, “Now we need some beer for the night.”

“Damn right we do,” Bishop said. “I’ll stop at the liquor store near our lake house and get us some.”

“Yeah right,” Colt stated.

“Fucker, I’m 21,” Bishop said, driving with darkness about upon us.

“Prove it!” Kris said.

“I turned 21 two weeks ago,” Bishop said.

“Well, fuck yeah then!” Kris exclaimed. “Worse, you’ve been keeping it a secret from us.”

“Dude, I thought you said you were a sophomore?” Shawn said, mystified as I was.

“I am. My rents held me back in the first grade,” Bishop commented.

Even though I knew we would drink, this opened the door that much wider for now and the future. One of our newfound buddies was 21 and could supply our needs.  

“OOOO fuck!” Scott yelled.

“What’s the problem?” Brennan asked with Scott now bent over at the waist and everyone’s attention on him.

“Hell… oooo damn… I don’t know. Sharp pains!” Scott yelled. 

I knew he was hurting and could tell by the expression on his face and trying to get comfortable.

“Maybe it was that greasy ass burger you wolfed down,” Colt said.

“MMM… fuck it hurts!” Scott said and reached to grab his side. “I don’t think it’s my stomach.”

“Just hang on we’ll be to the house shortly,” Bishop said. “It could be gas pains.”

Brennan was rubbing Scott’s shoulder to no avail. I wanted to help since he was in between us. He cried out in pain for a minute. 

“When we get to that house, I’m fucking smoking all this weed I’ve got… ooo fuck!” Scott said.

It was now a race to get Scott to Bishop’s lake house. He sped up and was making me nauseous with some quick curves. Scott was holding on yet still in pain. The liquor store was passed as Bishop raced to his house. We pulled in the drive. We didn’t care about our things and escorted Scott into the house. We laid him on the sofa and stood around him. 

“No telling what it could be,” Shawn stated with all of us standing around.

Alex was on his phone and surfing the net. Scott gave his symptoms with Alex looking at his phone. “Says here it could be gas, appendicitis, gall stones or kidney stones,” Alex read from his phone.

“If it’s gall stones your ass is fucked,” Alex said. “My mom had those and had to have emergency surgery.”

“My guess is appendicitis,” Colt said.

“All I know was he was in some pain,” I said. 

“I know. Great job of getting us here in a flash,” Brennan stated.

“The only problem is we didn’t stop for beer,” Kris said.

Bishop laughed, “I can run back and get it with no problem. So what’s everyone drinking?”

We gave our orders and produced cash. Bishop and Kris headed out the door while the rest of us attended to Scott. He sat up for a minute.

“Are you okay?” Shawn asked.

“You know call me weird or whatever but I do feel way better,” Scott said. “I’ve never felt anything so intense in my life. It was like knives shooting in my side.”

“I’m not Bryson but I’ll lay money he has a kidney stone.  I remember my dad having them. He’d go crazy!” Shawn said.

Scott stood and started laughing, “All my weed is in my bag in Bishop’s ride. I was about to go get really smoked out. I do feel better though.”

“Just sit back and relax,” Brennan said. 

“That was scary,” I commented. “So are you okay now?”

“Really I’m okay right now…” Scott said.

“Until the next attack hits him,” Shawn stated.

We now were able to check out Bishop’s family’s nice lake house. It had a nice size living area with a newish kitchen off to the side. We went back to find three bedroom with the smell of new carpet filling our nostrils. There was only one bathroom that we could find but we agreed we’d manage.

We were walking back up front when the door opened. Shockingly, they were toting a complete liquor store with them.

“Dude, where’s all the shit?” Colt asked Kris.

“Hey, I decided that there was no sense in getting crazy drunk and going to the game tomorrow with a nasty hangover,” Kris replied.

“Really? Of all people Kris is the last one I thought would have sense enough to think a day in advance,” Brennan laughed.

“Scott!” Kris yelled. “What’s up now?”

“He’s says he’s okay,” Alex said.

“I’m fine now but boy twenty minutes ago I thought I’d die,” Scott said.

“Dude, you were just faking it for attention,” Bishop said.

“No, he was in pain,” I said.

“Yeah, our best guess is a kidney stone. They do come and go,” Shawn stated.

We exited out the door to grab our bags and bring them inside. Scott barely had his bag on the ground before lighting up a joint. 

“Dude, go outside to smoke that shunk shit,” Bishop demanded. “I don’t want this place to smell.”

“My bad,” Scott said with three of us trailing him. Once outside, we sat on the big deck that I assumed overlooked the lake but it was dark. After Brennan took a hit, it came my way. I took a long hit and enjoyed feeling the drug enter my body. I passed it to Shawn. After another round of hits, Colt came out and took his turn. 

Returning after a nice smoke, we could hear a blender going. Kris said Bishop was mixing up a drink for us. After mixing the drink, we gathered around and were anxious to give it a taste. He said it had two kinds of rum, some schnapps and pineapple juice. I tasted it and liked the combination of flavors.   

Now with a little alcohol in my system and weed, I was ready to see what the night brought forth. Before I did though, I snuck off and had to call Corey to let him know we made it and to check up on him. He answered it on the third ring. We talked a few minutes before I hung up and returned to join the rest of them.

“Is Corey making it without you?” Kris asked, shuffling a deck of cards.

“I think so,” I replied.

“You can’t fucking leave for two nights and not worry about him,” Colt stated. “He’ll be perfectly fine.”

I shrugged, “I wanted to tell him about Scott. I know he’ll be okay.”


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